Arsene upsetting the fans in the press conference | Diame to sign? Or are we just unsettling him?

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Morning Grovers, I have to smash through this post quickly today, so no interrupting my mad flow.

First up, Arsene Wenger had a bit of a nightmare in the press conference yesterday. His first clanger was when he suggested the current player might be more committed than Big T and TH.

“These players care as much [as the likes of Adams, Henry], maybe even more.”

Ouch. Arsene, the only players with commitment levels on those levels are Jack Wilshere, Jack Wilshere and Jack Wilshere. Don’t give me they care the same as two of our greatest servants, because it’s quite clear they don’t. Thierry Henry might have acted like a princess on occasions, but the man cared for the club deeply and put his all in even during the darker days. Tony Adams… well… jeez… he has a statue outside the stadium. Nobody complained about that happening. Why? Because the man bled Arsenal in every game. 100% commitment to the cause, immense pride to wear the shirt and a drive so determined, we’d be lucky to see it again.

People say that Arsene was pushed into a corner with that question… perhaps he should have just ignored it? Or turned it on its head? I mean, the guy is a bit long in the tooth to get drawn into making ridiculously inflammatory comments that upset the fans. No sooner had he said that, he was slamming the players commitment in the big games…

“You want to win your big games and turn up with a committed attitude,”

“Last year we could win big games and on Sunday you come out of the game and think ‘what is happening?’ They want to do well and are focused, but maybe a bit too respectful in the big games with other teams.’

What the hell does ‘too respectful’ mean? That’s a cop out. Since when does playing with no heart equate to too much respect? Those boys don’t show enough respect for the shirt they’re wearing and the job they’re supposed to be doing. Anyway, you said two minutes ago they were as committed if not more than Tony Adams and Thierry Henry? What happened? Those guys turned up for the big games.

This next quote is the one that really gets me…

“It was a fantastic opportunity this season,”

“To catch Manchester United is out of sight at the moment. We have to get closer to the people in front of us before we can think that. United is far, but there is no untouchable team in the country.”

Firstly, it was only last week that he admitted to Amy Lawrence he knew he was giving the title to United when he sold them Robin Van Persie. Blame the players all you want, but giving the second best team in the country your best striker, then blaming the players for not catching them is a bit rich. I understand why we sold him to the only team who bid for him, but actually, the second mistake was assuming you could replace him on a budget. If you sell the best striker in the world, you need to replace him with someone who has the ingredients to be world class. That, or bring in world class. Which is expensive, but you wouldn’t have gone far wrong with Cavani, Demba Ba (£7.5m is outrageously cheap) or even someone like Lewandowski.

The point is, we finished a million miles away from the top last year, sold our two best performers, bought in a few potentially good players… and expected to make up a 20 point gap? What planet does Arsene live on where he thinks he can constantly defy the laws of the transfer market by buying cheap players to replace top, top quality. Sure, you can get away with it sometimes, but you can’t pull off miracles every summer. United finished level points with City, then went out and spent £50million. Bayern finished second and remedied that by spending £70million. How arrogant do you have to be to finish third and think you can catch the teams ahead turning in a transfer surplus?

If anyone is at fault for the shocking season we’ve had, it’s Arsene.

Tonight, we’re in trouble again. Coquelin and Arteta both miss the game through injury. There are also late fitness tests for Podolski, Chamberlain… and you guessed it…ABOU DIABY.

I mean honestly, what a joke. Two games back from injury and we’re already talking about him being out or needing a rest. Wenger knew this could happen, in fact, he didn’t just know, it was a straight up guarantee, yet he’s still not done anything about replacing him? He’s talking about Diame, which is positive, but I feel he’s only looking at him because he’s available for £3.5m (and the unsettle him). It’s price tags before usefulness everytime with Arsene Wenger. Fellaini is available for £22million. Arguably, a far better player who is in much better form. Why aren’t we looking at him? Why aren’t we knocking down the doors of every major club that has financial difficulties in Europe and seeing what we can muster up? Sevilla are in massive trouble, Valencia have defaulted on a loan… that can’t be the last of the clubs dying on their ass. What about the Italian league? What about the Dutch league? This lack of action when Europe is suffering the rainiest year of all time is truly illuminating.

Yesterday’s scouting mission wasn’t about those guys being right… it was about an amateur spending 10 minutes on the internet and identifying a 27 year old capped Spanish striker who has bagged 96 goals in 4 seasons currently playing for a club that is being bankrolled by a local council. It was finding an Argentinian international midfielder with caps who can control games, pass the ball and get stuck in. I’m not a paid scout, but I can name plenty of players we could pick off. What is our scouting network doing? Why have they returned zero this month? It’s startling. Our manager says he hasn’t been shown anyone who can improve our squad.

Are you joking?

It took a number of years to get to this point, but finally, the curtain of excused have been ripped down. What’s left? An Arsene Wenger totally exposed. He has money, the players are available… and he’s still not making moves. Do people think this has been the first year he’s had cash available? I hope not. He’s had funds available for at least 4 seasons now, it’s only this year it’s become obvious that he’s banked £200m without reinvesting in the squad. Now he’s in trouble, but Stan owes him credit points, so we might have to suffer another 18months of this.

Anyway, let’s hope Arsenal magic up three points so we don’t lose sight of Spurs this evening.



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  1. Jeff

    It’s not like Sam Allardyce to play an open game. He probably thought Arsenal are rubbish now so we don’t have to park the bus. He got caught out; I think.

  2. Arsene's Nurse

    Why take Podolski off? Surely you want him to get a hat-trick and smash it. Why not save Jack or Cazorla’s legs when we know it’s in the bag?

  3. Paulinho

    Yeah AN, what is that senile old cunt doing?

    Gibbs, Cazorla, Wilshere should be first off. Unless the rests Wilshere for the Cup match, which I can’t see him doing because “We can’t afford to lose games”, according to the prick who is too cowardly to do pro-active squad rotation.

  4. maroc

    johnny 5,AW is still senile, but i think were too harsh on our 1st team, shit sub bench puts more pressure on dem makin them play more, be more tired, and play shite.

  5. useroz

    Giroud must have been studying some RVP videos…

    Double digit goals for 1st year is good but imagine we kept Robin……

  6. HerveDeNerve

    Eden Hazard gas assaulted a ballboy at Swansea, the kid is lying prostrate on the ground, its all kicked off!!!!!!

  7. LeMassiveCoq

    just seen the Hazard incident. Absolute craziness. He tried to kick the ball away from underneath a ball boy and got sent off!

    Come on Danny Potts, good luck son.

  8. Arsene's Nurse

    Keyser January 23, 2013 21:17:13

    incesc – Do print screens ever 10 minutes and create a flipbook, you could watch the game back in a few months.
    lol – fuck me are you feeling alright Keyser?

  9. Keyser

    The ballboy was one of those fat cocky ones, could be completely off, looked like he rolled on the ball so Hazard couldn’t get it.

  10. Arsene's Nurse

    Keyser January 23, 2013 21:23:08

    The ballboy was one of those fat cocky ones…………….
    Now we know where Gambon moonlights!

  11. Johnny5


    We’re only too harsh because they have been so poor so far. Individually a orrery talented few players collectively against strong opposition they piss themselves

  12. Al

    Ramsey has played really well today…energetic performance in the middle.. I hope he kicks on from this and gains abit of confidence and most importantly….i Hope WENGER stops playing him on the wings

  13. Cowleygooner

    Alex Ferguson has said the Swansea ball boy is lucky to be alive.



  14. LeMassiveCoq


    Poor old Sags, all that money and a super hot wife…and he still cant put in a decent cross.

    Get Jenks in (his mrs is a munter)

  15. HerveDeNerve

    Can you fucking believe this tweet from the absolute scum filth that is Chelsea

    Chelsea FC on Twitter: “Has football gone mad? Hazard is sent off for kicking the ball under a ball boy attempting to smother the ball rather than return it.”

    What c u n t s

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    Thomas January 23, 2013 21:51:49

    We should have gone for more goals. 5-1 up in the 57 minute and then 11 vs 10. Why stop playing?
    Game is already won. There’s no point in going for more. I’m surprised that Santi and Jack were kept on past the 60th minute, Best to rest them considering how short we are in the centre.

  17. Gunner2301


    The ball boy did make a meal of it though. What business does he have smothering the ball like that? Fair result Hazard sent off but the ballboy should get an Oscar.

  18. kwik fit

    ‘ Overall I feel we played with passion and commitment. We showed tonight that we a have a strong squad. If you look at the players to come back I think you can agree. Why should I listen to those fuckers on LG and buy players ‘ Wenger

  19. scott q

    Good to see the players taking some responsibility tonight.
    If they had played with that amount of spirit throughout the season we would not be as far down the table.

  20. HerveDeNerve

    Gunner2301January 23, 2013 21:58:06

    If that ballboy was mine or your kid we’d go mad at Hazard.

    If it was Gambon’s we’d be egging him on!!

  21. Marko

    I’m in stiches reading about the Hazard incident through the comments. Can’t wait to see it. Is Sagna’s Mrs the Chelsea physio? I’d sign her before I’d sign Torres.

  22. St Freak

    Like i keep saying:
    The problem is not ability
    It is mentality.
    When these guys really want it,
    when they click
    they will beat the shit outta any team any day.
    even theo’s moments of zero intelligence are reduced
    Go Arsenal

  23. zeus

    Is Eden Hazard gonna get crucified?

    I’m glad CHelsea lost, but if that kid wants to play games, he has to beprepared to get his teeth kicked in. Hand the ball back. Twat.

  24. HerveDeNerve

    Wenger – “You want to be at your best every single game but we have many new players and it takes some time to get to know each other very well and I think that understanding is getting better.”

    Ha ha! “We have many NEW players”

  25. kwik fit

    Wenger on signings: ‘No [I’ve not to tell].That is why I have to shorten the press conference,because I have to do some work!

    Fucking right you do Wenger!

  26. Gunner2301


    She doesn’t charge we meet up now and again kind of a casual thing 😆

    Herve I understand where you’re coming from but he’d have done better to just get up after the ball was kicked from underneath him. Instead he rolled around like he was really hurt. Could he be looking for an out of court settlement? There’s a thought.

  27. Gunner2301


    He’ll get someone to kick him in the ribs when he gets home and then go up to casualty. The plot thickens.

  28. Marko

    The arse on that one gunner. Kwik did Wenger really say that after the match? He shouldn’t be involved in negotiations anyway or a very small part in it. If those Hummels rumours were true I’d shit myself he is the best centrehalf under 25 in the world and one of the best with a lot to improve on too.

  29. Thomas

    Arsene’s Nurse

    Something called goal difference. It could very well make the difference in the end. It’s gonna be tight for that 4th spot.

  30. Leedsgunner

    Great result on the night — bad result for the club as the so called manager will use this result to justify not spending. Car crash television – Arsenal Football Club it is really is. Plaster over the gaping wound. We all know how this is going to play out don’t we? As soon as the transfer window shuts the wheels will come off the bus.

  31. Gunner2301

    I still cant believe Mbiwa parading his barcodes shirt. He’s exactly the type of player we need. Had we’d have signed him Sakho, Vertongen and Samba how solid would our defence have been?

  32. Incesc

    We scored some corners tonight

    Giroud is much better with low crosses than ones aimed at he’s head

    We still need an explosive striker though

  33. Gunner2301

    Wow, we actually looked good as I’m watching the replay. I’m happy for the team but it’s a pity it won’t last. Wenger will never buy in the next week now, which is better actually as it will hasten his downfall.

  34. Royal Bludger

    CowleygoonerJanuary 23, 2013 21:44:40
    Alex Ferguson has said the Swansea ball boy is lucky to be alive.




    Fucking hilarious!

  35. salparadisenyc

    GQ Man of the Year

    Celebrity ball boy, honorary JG mayor of Swansea.
    Currently plying his trade at Ole Trafford, on 60k a week.

    CowleygoonerJanuary 23, 2013 21:44:40
    Alex Ferguson has said the Swansea ball boy is lucky to be alive.


  36. Royal Bludger

    Now we can understand better why Gambon was such an obssessed Eden Hazard fan – they’re both underhanded cunts.

    Seems like it’s red cards for both Gambon and Hazard – hahahahahahahahaa!


    I will give credit it’s due we were the bomb B ,damn good game.Girouds position is to play behind the striker,he has a soft foot and an eye for that deft pass..I don’t see him as an out an out striker.

  38. Lee Pace

    Adrian durham’s tweet.

    ”arsenal battering a below average prem side. Been doing it for years. No trophy. No guarantee top 4. Just a decent night before reality hits”


    Football fans are there to be had.
    There for the taking.

    The multi-billion£/$ money making industry of the modern day era,is what it is.

    To provide entertainment & nothing else.
    Expect nothing else,for your white knuckle ride.

    Roll up,roll up.
    The most expensive ticket in town provides you a rollercoaster of amusement rides & arcades,courtesy of AFC..

    Roll Up,Roll Up..

  40. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Whoop-dee-doo! Arsenal finally shows up and produces goals against a hapless West Ham squad. Where is this type of performance against ManCity and Chelsea? Too little way too late in my books. If any of these guys have any balls left they’d play it out for pride alone, 4th is not going to happen.

  41. Zacharse

    Arsene says he worries that the team feels inhibited…
    I wonder why, the captaincy of the team is informally with jack, one of the much younger players and one of the few thats come up thru the program and hasnt journeymanned the way some have. The chemistry between him and his teammates who arent used to winning the big games is probably a little off. How many of the current first team played for AFC when we beat barcelona less than two yrs ago?
    Maybe however it is arsene’s personal response to gambon as to why he hasnt brought in any teenagers this window.


    Long time reader on this blog,at least for the past 3 years.

    Many interesting poster’s on here,that makes a wee man,chuckle ever so slightly.

    I wonder what happened to Big Geoff?
    Conflicts of interest?

    Where is Lurch,these days?

    Or Valerie Goner?

    Come to think of it,where is Gambon?




    All banned,or silenced?

    If so,how has it come to pass?

    The West Ham game takes away the slight pain,for now.

    Bit,like a heavy night of drinking.

    One rejoices in the moment,only to wake up the next day,with an over-reaching hangover.
    Saddled up to a woman,not particularly blessed in the beauty department& face the grim reality of life.

    That of the daily grind of work,commuting,bills,family problems & Arsene Wenger!

    One is caught in an ever vicious cycle,with no escape,other than to pack one’s bag’s & disappear to a new life.

    Let’s take each day,as it come’s folk’s.
    Rejoice at the win’s,wince at the losses.

    As they say,enjoy in haste,repent at leisure.

    So long Le-Grover’s for now.

    Kind Regards
    Alfred Hitchcock