Arsenal dish out their first Hammering of the year

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Regardless of form, West Ham tends to be a game I only look forward to on a bragging rights front. The hammers were out of sorts, Arsenal were out of sorts, it was unclear what the outcome of the evening would be.

West Ham set tongues wagging by sticking star performer Diame on the bench. Arsene worked around his midfield nightmare by dropping Ramsey into the holding role supported by Wilshere and Cazorla. Up top returned the familiar trio of Podolski, Theo and Giroud.

The game didn’t start with any real purpose for either side. It was end stuff with no one taking control. West Ham sought to change that with a goal. Giroud cleared a corner as far as the edge of the box, no one in our midfield was sharp enough to close Collinson down, he let rip and his shot passed our keeper with relative ease. Am I the only one who thinks beating Szceney from distance is a pretty simple task?

Arsenal upped it a gear and started creating chances. West Ham were so loose at the back, it was clear we’d score. It didn’t take long, Jack slipped Lukas in with a little chip, the German looked up and fizzed a shot past Jussi from 30 yards! What a goal.

Gibbs and Lukas played a lovely one two minutes after, but the finish wasn’t there second time round for the German. Down the other end Carlton Cole found his way into the box after a Bacary balls up, he chipped Szceney but Rambo was sharp to it and cleared it over. Forget that he killed Vermaelen in the process.

The second half started with a bit more spice. Theo nearly forced a West Ham own goal seconds after the restart. He turned provider in the end when he duffed a corner near post that Giroud moved well to turn in.

Giroud played a massive hand in the third when he chipped the ball over the hammers back line, Podolski brought it down and cut into Cazorla who turned it in with a sweep of his back foot.

Theo was having a stormer outwide, his control and delivery was good but the luck wasn’t there. That was until Podolski found him with a superb ball, our £100k man smashing home with ease.

Things weren’t over, the German had one more assist in the locker, this time for Giroud who fancied a bit of back foot sweep action. What a treat!

After that something nasty happened when Sagna clattered Dan Potts. It added 12 minutes of time which made for exceptionally cold feet! Hopefully the lad is ok.

Anyway, the game finished with 5 goals on the clock and there was little to complain about. All you have to hope for is that Wenger doesn’t look at that and feel confident we’ll play that well every week.

What can you really report back on with a rout like that? When we’re given time and space… and we actually fancy turn up we can really play good football. Not many people will come out of last nights game frustrated, but I am. What’s the problem? What’s with the erratic form? Why can’t we be mentally charged like that every week?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the result… but that nagging feeling it was a blip gets me…

With regards to individual performances last night, I’m handing out massive applause to Aaron Ramsey. I thought he had a very solid game. He engined away iln the middle of the park all night, he kept his discipline and he made sure his passing was simple and accurate. Amazing what a bit of time in the middle can do for a centre midfielder!

Jack Wilshere was his usual self from the off. He’s starting to find confidence running with the ball. He’s a funny player to watch, he doesn’t have much grace about his game, he kind of smashes his way through blockades of players with a manly rugged style of combative midfieldery.

Cazorla had one of his better games, he buzzed in and out of the game making telling passes where he could. His dead balls are the best at the club, I’m not sure why we’re still letting Theo take them now he’s signed da ting?

Up front I had a lot of time for Giroud. Last night was the first time I’ve seen him enjoy himself on the pitch. He played with freedom and he looked assured with everything he did. His link up play is a major attribute considering he looks like a slick cart horse. It’s a shame we don’t have a two striker system, I’m sure he’d have far more assists if we did…

Finally, the first clinical appearance since Newcatle a month ago from Lukas. He was superb. When he’s on it, he’s a different gravy when it comes to efficiency. 3 Assists… 1 goal… a man of the match appearance if we’re talking deliverables. He needs to find his game more often, if he did, perhaps we wouldn’t be looking at so many upsetting results.

The gap is now 4 points. Liverpool up next in the league. A outrageously huge total to over come if you’ve spoken to any Spurs fans of late. The task for Arsenal is to mount an attack of sustained form. Do we have the squad for that? Based on the opening half of the season, no. But we’ll see…

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    & as for Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith..

    She’s as bad as the lot of them..Just like’s playing the victim..

    Think of the “Peril’s of Penelope Pit-Stop..”
    Everytime in a sticky situation,she screams “help,help,help..”

    Coming out with a mountain of cash & a title of VP,to boot…

    The Victim Guru…Help,Help,Help..
    I’ve just squired away £120 million & being made Hon.VP of AFC…HELP,HELP,HELP…

  2. Cesc Appeal


    It’s not happening. Don’t get your hopes up.

    That guy Ice who use to be on here always had ‘insider’ info.

    He said that before the summer window shut his ‘source’ had told him that we would sign Schweinsteiger!!

    You might as well pour their ‘source’s’ over your chips for all they’re worth



    Unfortunately in footballing circles,thinking & course of action,runs counter to the fan’s thinking..

    Hence why it’s called a zero-sum game..

    You as the fan pay & they as the club collect..

    Very simple really..

    Not rocket science..

    Very tired now…


    Zen warrior

    Indeed..Certainly..& she’s playing the fans,with the woe is me malarky..

    The kingmaker,who managed to position herself very well within the club’s hierarchy…

    Help,Help,Help…PHW is waving his 1/2 inch winkle at me!!

    PHW..Shut up you silly cow..I want your shares..Either way,you’re not my type!!



    I’ve heard of SDE,but he is not me..

    I have sources,does he?

    Where is Big Geoff these days?
    Valerie Le Gooner?
    Even The Mighty Gambon?

    Banned,or Self-Imposed Exile’s?

  6. Gunner2301


    You sound like SDE, but lets say we’ll maintain your cover. 😆 I was wondering myself what happened to Geoff but I haven’t had any answers yet.


  7. Spectrum

    Vix Affair – If your claims about Wenger are true ( and it’s a big “if” ), I will personally fly over from Australia and tongue kiss you. I will give you until say, June. If no announcement has been made by then, I will hire a Mafia hitman to track you down wherever you are.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  8. Ash79

    press conference

    1. John Cross ‏@johncrossmirror
    #afc Wenger says unfair clubs like Newcastle can make wholesale changes. Unfair on clubs who have already played them twice
    #afc Wenger: “it’s a wrong market. The only clubs who sell are in financial trouble and players who move are unhappy. It’s unfair.’
    Radio reporter asks Wenger if Walcott is like Henry. Follow up question: ‘Is it unfair to compare him to Henry do you think?’
    #afc Wenger says ball boy’s job is to return ball asap and says Hazard not violent player. Says just take red card and move on.
    #afc Wenger didn’t enjoy being pushed on Villa or Diame – interesting? But played them all down and says no-one coming in from France…
    #afc Wenger is taken right through the list on transfer targets and shuffles uncomfortably. Says not been in contact over Diame
    Wenger on Villa: ‘We have been linked with Villa, but there’s nothing concrete there. We’re not on the case.’ Dismisses Belhanda, Hummels
    #afc Wenger dismisses Schalke rumours. ‘I have a contract here and I always respect it.’

  9. goonerboy

    Some times you have to just take what you can get- and it was good-very good- and I loved it-Podolski, Giroud can they do this against better teams?
    So far its only part of the same pattern thats been afflicting us all season- a pattern that sees us hammer poor teams at home, draw with ok teams and lose consistently to the top 3. Those latter games-we play catch up to in every one and in 5 out of the 6 so far- we don’t catch up. These are very good reasons not to get carried away.

    Its not just down to not having some more world class players- I don’t think we can play top sides without the ball- yet we have defenders who are better in midfield than in the penalty box.
    As an ex defender myself, I am embarrassed watching Vermaelen and Koscielny at the back- they cannot provide the positional compass for Gibbs and I am surprised that Sagna knows what they are going to do from one game to another.

    Both Kos and especially Vermaelen could play as holding mids.
    In reality we need a new back 3- 3 penalty box defenders and a striker. We would not need to re-mortgage the ground to do this- oh and a new coach- that is a coach and not a philosopher in charge. What I am talking about is a manager and coach who can establish a balance between defence and attack. A team that can actually defend? Thought we had that at the beginning of the season- then Wenger asserted his authority.

    Incidentally Ramsey’s next game against Liverpool he will be crap-he has never played 2 good games in a week. Give him a rest, play him in the middle once per week and we might see him progress.

  10. Ash79

    “The gamble is much bigger than during the summer. The number of players you are allowed to sign should be limited.” ———- why???? Cos you wont sign anyone so no one else should either? Stop trying to change the fcking game and rules!

    “[Ramsey] has a good performance [against West Ham] in a position that I think is made for him..” — so why the fck don’t u just play him there, why have you thrown him on the wing!!??? You are one frustrating cnt!!!

  11. GaryC

    So even though Newcastle are heading towards the abyss, they are not allowed to sign players that they think can help stop that slide?

  12. Ash79

    No Gary, newcastle should not be allowed because Arsene wont spend any money, why should others spend money? its not fair. will make players unhappy.

  13. Ash79

    charlesbronson – got no problem with loaning ramsey (and others) out, get their mistakes and errors out of tehir system at other clubs, not ours. We should not be in a position where we are deploying someone like Ramsey on the wing.

    What internal resources is Wenger talking about? Eastmond, Frimps, Gnabry?? – they should all be loaned too.

  14. Gunner2301

    Pedro slept in?

    Wenger always talks shit I’m tired of listening to him. His team should be doing the talking that’s the only talk the fans are interested in.


  15. Bush Gooner

    What happens when Fergie’s players don’t perform ? He buys replacments.

    What happens when Wengers players do not perform ? Rewarded with new contracts in the hope that they become good and stay loyal.