Arsenal dish out their first Hammering of the year

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Regardless of form, West Ham tends to be a game I only look forward to on a bragging rights front. The hammers were out of sorts, Arsenal were out of sorts, it was unclear what the outcome of the evening would be.

West Ham set tongues wagging by sticking star performer Diame on the bench. Arsene worked around his midfield nightmare by dropping Ramsey into the holding role supported by Wilshere and Cazorla. Up top returned the familiar trio of Podolski, Theo and Giroud.

The game didn’t start with any real purpose for either side. It was end stuff with no one taking control. West Ham sought to change that with a goal. Giroud cleared a corner as far as the edge of the box, no one in our midfield was sharp enough to close Collinson down, he let rip and his shot passed our keeper with relative ease. Am I the only one who thinks beating Szceney from distance is a pretty simple task?

Arsenal upped it a gear and started creating chances. West Ham were so loose at the back, it was clear we’d score. It didn’t take long, Jack slipped Lukas in with a little chip, the German looked up and fizzed a shot past Jussi from 30 yards! What a goal.

Gibbs and Lukas played a lovely one two minutes after, but the finish wasn’t there second time round for the German. Down the other end Carlton Cole found his way into the box after a Bacary balls up, he chipped Szceney but Rambo was sharp to it and cleared it over. Forget that he killed Vermaelen in the process.

The second half started with a bit more spice. Theo nearly forced a West Ham own goal seconds after the restart. He turned provider in the end when he duffed a corner near post that Giroud moved well to turn in.

Giroud played a massive hand in the third when he chipped the ball over the hammers back line, Podolski brought it down and cut into Cazorla who turned it in with a sweep of his back foot.

Theo was having a stormer outwide, his control and delivery was good but the luck wasn’t there. That was until Podolski found him with a superb ball, our £100k man smashing home with ease.

Things weren’t over, the German had one more assist in the locker, this time for Giroud who fancied a bit of back foot sweep action. What a treat!

After that something nasty happened when Sagna clattered Dan Potts. It added 12 minutes of time which made for exceptionally cold feet! Hopefully the lad is ok.

Anyway, the game finished with 5 goals on the clock and there was little to complain about. All you have to hope for is that Wenger doesn’t look at that and feel confident we’ll play that well every week.

What can you really report back on with a rout like that? When we’re given time and space… and we actually fancy turn up we can really play good football. Not many people will come out of last nights game frustrated, but I am. What’s the problem? What’s with the erratic form? Why can’t we be mentally charged like that every week?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the result… but that nagging feeling it was a blip gets me…

With regards to individual performances last night, I’m handing out massive applause to Aaron Ramsey. I thought he had a very solid game. He engined away iln the middle of the park all night, he kept his discipline and he made sure his passing was simple and accurate. Amazing what a bit of time in the middle can do for a centre midfielder!

Jack Wilshere was his usual self from the off. He’s starting to find confidence running with the ball. He’s a funny player to watch, he doesn’t have much grace about his game, he kind of smashes his way through blockades of players with a manly rugged style of combative midfieldery.

Cazorla had one of his better games, he buzzed in and out of the game making telling passes where he could. His dead balls are the best at the club, I’m not sure why we’re still letting Theo take them now he’s signed da ting?

Up front I had a lot of time for Giroud. Last night was the first time I’ve seen him enjoy himself on the pitch. He played with freedom and he looked assured with everything he did. His link up play is a major attribute considering he looks like a slick cart horse. It’s a shame we don’t have a two striker system, I’m sure he’d have far more assists if we did…

Finally, the first clinical appearance since Newcatle a month ago from Lukas. He was superb. When he’s on it, he’s a different gravy when it comes to efficiency. 3 Assists… 1 goal… a man of the match appearance if we’re talking deliverables. He needs to find his game more often, if he did, perhaps we wouldn’t be looking at so many upsetting results.

The gap is now 4 points. Liverpool up next in the league. A outrageously huge total to over come if you’ve spoken to any Spurs fans of late. The task for Arsenal is to mount an attack of sustained form. Do we have the squad for that? Based on the opening half of the season, no. But we’ll see…

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  1. goonerjake

    Johnny 5

    Cheers buddy, i do understand your views, and if you were ever stood next to me while watching the games you would probably move to the other end of the stadium or call the boys in white coats to take me away, such is my vitriole against the team manager board and indeed everything im watching, however afterwards i get a overwhelming objectivity, I cant help it, I am a huge wenger fan. I think he has done briliantly even in recent years with the restrictions the club have placed upon him.. I hope you wont hold this against me as i dont hold anything against you for your views, varying views are what makes footy great.

    all the very best, goonerjake

    I have to go now


    I recommend we take Mr Wenger into a Helium AirShip,hovering above the Emirates,celebrating his top 4 finish@ the end of the season & pop it……

    Now that would be qualideeeee..


    Arsene trying to buy a prostitute
    AW….how much
    Whore…..50 bucks
    AW…..i’ll offer 20 and cab fare
    Whore…sorry go else where
    AW….At least i tried
    later that night sex for free at home…….
    ahhh saved $$$$$ what good menteeeel qualideeee i have


    The battle for 4th begins in earnest…

    As Man Utd & Man City,fight tooth & nail for that elusive & illustrious trophy the EPL..

    Battling not only on the pitch,but off it with quality signings..

    Neutral Commentator:-
    “Heavens blow me down John Motson,who would have ever seen that curve ball.
    With Man Utd counter-attacking the opposition, on the blind side & stealing RVP from their former rivals..”

    “The fans,are dumbfounded.
    There is silence in the stands..
    The fan’s are mute.
    I think they’ve gone into shell-shock”

    “No wait..The Arsenal bench are in uproar,they dispute the goal scored by RVP for Man Utd.
    They say,it was an own goal by their very own team.”

    “Wenger is remonstrating with the referee & the linesman.”

    Neutral Comm.
    “What is he saying Motti..?”

    “If I can read lips,Wenger is saying to the ref,it was an own goal,an own goal,it was me.I sold RVP to them,so I take the credit..Okayyyy..

    Neutral Comm:-
    “Have you ever seen such scenes Motti?”

    “Not since,well Hitler shot himself in the bunker.Invoking memories of 1945.
    A new era,a new dawn”

  5. HumAnimal

    The ballboy was 17, hardly a boy diving on the ball like that should be illegal. Imagine u were hazard, 2-0 down in a cup semi final and this 17 yr old is dicking around with the ball,
    he did well not to kick him in the face

  6. Nasri's Mouth


    Think you’ll find it’s up to the ref and his little posse to police the game not the players

  7. DaleDaGooner

    Nasri’s MouthJanuary 24, 2013 14:24:25
    So when we win a game and play well you can pretty much guarantee certain comments on here1) We’ve sunk so low people are happy with finishing 4th
    2) All the AKBs think everything is fine now we’ve won 1 game
    3) The opposition were really shit
    4) Great! Now we’ve won a game Wenger wont sign anyonePersonally I’m just pleased we’re 3 points better off than 24 hours ago, and hope in a weeks time we’ll be another 3 points better off


    Amen to that, don’t understand why spuds fans are on here complaining.

  8. Lurch LeRouge

    good read.

    fine performance.

    Girouds first – teed up by Walcott – was an intentional set play. Mertesacker running his man to the back post opening up the slot for Olivier suggests it.

  9. sam

    its not the players, we have players that can win things
    its wenger who only plan to motivate them this time of the season to keep him on the job. tottenham n everton don’t have that big squad to fight till may n wenger knows it. he’s only asked to deliver champions league place. he’s a crafty conman n doesn’t want any pressure of challenging for silverwares.
    we brought 2 european goalscorers in the summer we shouldn’t be struggling


    The cake is a quarter baked & that’s being extremely kind to Mrrrrrr Wengerrrr.

    Servings so far for Breakfast:-
    Rotten Mannone eggs,dressed up as Swiss French D’Jorou Omlette


    L’escarshite,dipped in Chamakh sauce

    Expensive Roast Walnuts,served with a nice helping of Kouskous(Kosc) pig rectum.

    A fat bill on a silver platter,with Monsieur Wenger,smiling to the paying customer..
    “Now that’s what I call qualideee service@ premium prices”

    Let’s see what delicious servings Monsieur Wenger has for us in store,at the end of the season.

    A la Carte Horse Manure-No 1!!

  11. JJ

    The goal Giroud scored from the corner almost made it look like we practice corners!

    Kroenke must have designed the play as it was a basketball move. M’sacker went and set a screen on Giroud’s defender. It allowed Giroud to run unmarked to the front post. Nice work Stan!

  12. zeus

    Just seen the ‘bad’ angle of the Hazard kick. Its a really good kick I have to say.

    Too bad that is gonna follow him for the rest of his career. Whatever he does from now on, he will always be the guy that tried to murder a ball boy.


    Any chance of seeing Schweinsteiger,who’s been on our radar since 2010,in our line-up?

    Villa,would prove a nice addition,WC&Euro winner & all.Still has what it takes at top level?

    What about Kaka?
    Maybe not the same player,but sure can pull a fair few trick’s out of the bag,now & again?


    Definitely prove useful

    Oops gone..

    Oops gone..

    Demba Ba?
    Oops gone..

    Oops gone..

    Oops gone…

    Oops gone..





    Oops,in our wildest wet dreams..!!

  14. Ash79

    Nasri’s Mouth
    January 24, 2013 14:24:25
    So when we win a game and play well you can pretty much guarantee certain comments on here1) We’ve sunk so low people are happy with finishing 4th
    2) All the AKBs think everything is fine now we’ve won 1 game
    3) The opposition were really shit
    4) Great! Now we’ve won a game Wenger wont sign anyonePersonally I’m just pleased we’re 3 points better off than 24 hours ago, and hope in a weeks time we’ll be another 3 points better off


    NM – what do you expect? season in season out we have games like this but the BiG PICTURE is always failure. i dont want to be a ‘spud’ and celebrate occasional big wins every season. I expect and demand more from my team. You should too.

  15. AC Gooner

    boomergooner1727 @ 08:59:57

    you be right about JW and Aaron Ramsey – they play better together.

    Ramsey and Arteta – doesnt seem to work out.

    And otherwise, whatever, we won yesterday. Me mega late here today as I got mega westhammered last night in the pub. Crawled home at 4 me thinks?

    I thought Poldi was superb last night. Love him for my fantasy footie. Ramsey had a great match too.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    I read that Arsenal are already in negotiations with BvB for Hummels and will be asked to pay £17.6 Million for the CB.

    Can’t help but get excited even though I fear it will never happen.

  17. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    It’s not really ignoring the big picture! Most of those who enjoyed last night are still aware of the Big Picture!

    Many of those who took some pleaseure out of last night still want AW out and are aware that we are still in a shit position. The original meaning now of an AKB has shifted it seems.

    There is a trend emerging, which was once heresy, that some want Arsenal to lose, for the greater good. This, I fully understand, More and more are subscribing to it. Fair enough.

    However, as a fan of long-standing, and fully aware of the big picture and how awfully managed we are presently, and totally numbed to bad results… somehow I found myself getting some small pleasure from seeing goal 4 and 5 go in. It’s an emotional reaction and one that comes from a love of the club and something I could not control consciously. I just found myself saying: ‘Yes, get in.. Up yours Fat Sam!”

    This recent ‘we need to lose in order to progress’ is understandable. But it is a difficult and emotionally charged bridge for many to cross. Now we have a whole new battleground.

    Instead of creating a whole new divide, the AFC fans need to stay united with one message. We want Change.. and we want it now… Celebrating a win here and there or a good result does not change that. It may swing a few back the other way but fuck it..

    If you are in the desert for 3 days and wandering without water and someone offers you some muddy water, you’ll drink it.

    Last night we got some muddy water.. but it tasted good. Now let’s find a way out of this fucking desert! 🙂

  18. Cesc Appeal


    I wouldn’t be complaining.

    Don’t know if M’Vila has gone yet but that’s a bargain. Diame should just be a must for £3.5 Million.

    If Hummels is dreamland then as I said before I really like Ashley Williams.

    You could get

    Williams £8 Million
    M’Vila £7 Million / Wanyama £12 Million
    Diame £3.5 Million
    Villa £10-12 Million

    Bargain stuff, quality players each adds their own bit to the side and we look much stronger.

    Spurs might still have the better star player in Bale, but we’d have the stronger squad.

  19. Ash79

    Thomas, it’s up for grabs now..
    January 24, 2013 16:34:07
    Completely agree with what you say. We should be happy when Arsenal win, that should be an automatic reaction led by emotion not the head. All im saying is that there are too many people who now criticise those that will consider the big picture. I dont criticise an AKB for being happy about last night, I was happy about last night but the issues remain and sadly we are operating under this cloud and difficult period where the club and Arsene prey upon the AKBs and exploit these games to paper over the ever widening cracks. I remember after the 7-4 Reading game, the comments section went hysterical “fuck you doom and gloomers” etc…how do you expect a realest to react?

  20. Cesc Appeal

    All the AKB’s

    ‘Typical doomers, when Arsenal win it has nothing to do with Wenger, when we lose it’s his fault.’

    Well turn that around on yourself

    ‘When Arsenal win you think it’s Wenger’s doing, when Arsenal lose it’s the players, the officials, the grass, the other teams tactics (they actually blame that), Manchester City, Chelsea or even the fans….but never Wenger.’

  21. Nasri's Mouth


    I was simply commenting on the general theme of cliched comments on here every time we win a game. Nothing more than that.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    If Stekelenburg is going for £4 Million as well we should jump on that.

    The team you could have for £46.5 Million….


    Sagna Hummels Verm Gibbs
    Cazorla Wanyama Wilshere
    Walcott Villa Podolski

    Stekelenburg, Diame, Diaby, Giroud, Mert, Arteta, Chambo

    Even less if you bought Williams instead of Hummels and M’Vila (if available) instead of Wanyama.

  23. Ash79

    Nasri’s Mouth January 24, 2013 1
    6:52:43 @Ash79
    I was simply commenting on the general theme of cliched comments on here every time we win a game. Nothing more than that.

    Agree, works both way mate.

    Anyone read the tny Adams interview in the papers last week? Said he has approached Wenger on two occassions to work at the club, he has never had a response!

  24. the_real_andy

    jj regarding your comment about our corner goal …

    we don´t practice them. reality is giroud waited 2 or 3 corners on the far side to receive a good ball and head it in. all 3 corners came nowhere near him and mainly didn´t beat the first defender … so what does an intelligent guy do? two possiblities:

    first he runs to the corner flag and give walnut a headnut and tell him to fu** off – that would be an action for less aerial talented guys like caz or even pod

    secondly – he tries to get in front of the first defender – what he did.

    I know I may well be a little bit over critical regarding our new 100k guy but WHY IS HE TAKING OUR CORNERS/FREEKICKS?

    once again I have to say – although he played quite well, had an assist and a goal he still upsets me regularly during a game with his stupid decisions and technical inability – did you see the chance we ran 3 on 1? walnut wasn´t able to pass the ball 5 yards to caz (I think he was there but maybe I´m wrong) or cross the ball anywhere near giroud – no he passed the ball ………. to the only defender left

  25. Ash79


    its beyond belief isnt it. Even someone who has never watched football could watch Santi and Theo for 30 minutes and probably deduce that Santi would be far more suited to delivering from a dead ball situation.

    dont get it – Wenger’s sanctioned it and if he hasnt, he is by letting it happen.

  26. reality check

    @nasri mouth

    Its ok now. I don’t think there will be the same amount of cliched comments now. Many regulars have gone for some reason and anyway, who cares. Also, your comment was on the money.

    We’ll have flashes of brilliance. Amazing score lines. But in the end,
    Same circus diffrent clowns.

  27. Radio Raheem

    For the 4th is a trophy gooners out there.

    Win the next 4 matches and we’ll be 4th in the league. I bet you your wife’s thong that spuds will drop 4 points in the next 4 matches.

    Looking at RvP’s replacements – Giroud and Podolski – and from a purely stats perspective you could argue we have adequately replaced his goals and assists. The other side of his game like passion, leadership, play making etc. we have failed to replace…

  28. Radio Raheem

    Turns out Everton were the other mystery club interested in M’Vila.

    Been saying on here for yunks Wenger was never interested in M’Vila we’d have had him if he was.

  29. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Yes, mate, there’s criticism flying in both directions! One saying; fuck you for wanting us to lose, and the other saying; fuck you for wanting us to win.

    This is an unnecessary divide. If an Arsenal fan, died in the wool, cannot bring himself or herself to wish for a loss, then this should be accepted. If someone wants us to lose, because they see it as a quicker route to change, then difficult as this may be to accept, I don’t have a problem with it. I don’t subscribe.. but I have no problem with those who do. I just cannot sit down and watch The Arsenal and openly say come on you cunts lose! It’s not in me and never will be!

    My own opinion is that it matters not a fuck if we finish 4th, 5th or 6th.. We are so far off the pace Ray Charles and Stevie Wonder can see the problems. (Lennie Peters too if anyone remembers him!!! 😀 )

    We need to win 11 of our 15 remaining games to reach 70 points.. same as last season. This will still see us changing tires in the pits as Utd/City take the chequered flag. The winners are going to be up around 90ish points.

    Now 70 points against 90 is still not good enough IMO and I would agree that a run of wins like that, 11 out of 15, will swing some fans back and we’ll listen to the usual of.. we’re close, this team will challenge..1 or 2 signings..

    But there you go.. I think the board are not as completely stupid as we make them out to be. I don’t think they will see 70 points as being one of the biggest clubs in the world. Like I said a few days ago on the same theme.. they won’t fire him next week but I simply cannot see Gazidis et al, being comfortable with the decline as they deliver the increased resources to ‘compete’. 70 points against 90 is not competing. You and I know it, most on here know it and I cannot believe the board are accepting it going forward.

    They are seeing Wenger’s frailities and his teams lack of consistency. same as the rest of us. They do NOT want 150m in the bank and 70 points. They want a successful team, enough money in the bank for meeting our obligations and some contingencies. It cannot be any other way. Unless Kroenke has ordered No spending. I don’t believe this.

    Time after time we hear them trot out.. Money is available.

    Events will take their natural course. Wenger’s in terminal decline barring him discovering the next Messi. Firing him today is not an option on the table whether we win or lose our next game.

    Do I want us to lose to the spuds on Sunday March 3rd? Not a fucking chance in hell. Never ever will I want that. I don’t care what the impact is of that. Beat those fuckers and beat them well. It might be more muddy water but I’ll gulp it down!


    Wengers Plastic BottleJanuary 24, 2013 17:16:10
    Are Newcastle the new Arsenal
    Arsenal have now become the new Liverpool,of recent years.

    Soon to drop out of a CL place.
    Playing Europa League& having a succession of inept manager’s,along with a warring faction in the Boardroom..

    Stayed tuned………

    Maybe the only thing missing is a loyal Captain,staying to the bitter disastrous cause/end.i.e.A Gerrard type figure..


    Where art thou?

    Your club needs youuuuuuu…

    Helpppppp…we are sinking…..

  31. mystic

    marcus January 24, 2013 12:48:48
    If the main goal is to get Wenger out of arsenal, as we all more or less agree with, then the most likely way that is going to happen trough is poor results and a poor league finish, leading to lower revenue and less/no profit.
    I know what you are saying but,
    1) Kroenke won’t give a toss about results, such things are inconsequential as fans of his teams in America will testify (example being the letter I nicked from another blog and posted here yesterday);
    2) Arsenal have already got a number of commercial deals in place that are so much higher than before that profit would be sustained no matter what drop happens in merchandise sales;
    3) Even if overall profits some how plummeted all the club would do is use the transfer chest (which never gets spent) to subsidize and therefore no effect would be felt for at least a year.

    Arsenal’s only hope at the moment is for Kroenke to fuck off, ironically it might require Arsenal to do well for that to happen – a decent enough rise in his share value might make him think about cashing in and realizing the profit. He is a business man, buying and selling to make a profit will almost certainly run in his blood.

    With Kroenke gone hopefully his replacement would make expectations that, assuming Wenger couldn’t match (I think we all agree he can’t do sod all) would see the door being opened to a replacement.


    charlesbronsonJanuary 24, 2013 17:14:06
    If M’Vila was so good and a bargain, then why has no one else gone for him?
    Same with Remy, although I read he had a heart condition or some kind of problem?

    I believe Demba Ba had a chronic knee problem,for well over 3-5 year’s or so..

    He’s still banging them in

    & Oops..Megabuck’s Chelsea signed him!


  33. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Im really mystified as to what Kroenke’s intentions are?

    I think Gambon mentioned recently that he has never sold any of the ‘franchises’ he bought. (I hate that word associated with a sports team!)

    The best I can bring myself to say about him it that he seems to be a hands off owner and I see no evidence of him taking any money out of the club. Of course he may have a longer term view to sell and make some bucks..

    Do I want him to fuck off? Yes! Sell? Yes.

    I don’t care if that’s Usmanov or somebody else that comes in.. surely he/they will want to see success on the pitch and be active in achieving that.

    I just cannot predict what his philosophy is.. But I’d go with what you say there.. there is a greater chance of him selling at a higher price than not.


    Breaking News…

    From an impeccable source,within the club
    & verified by a respected sport journalist that work’s for a broadsheet paper..

    Check Skysport’s people in the coming hour(s)..

    Wenger is due to announce his departure@ the end of the season…

    He’s resigning..!!

    Oh my gosh,I’m about to faint..
    Where are the smelling salts..!!



    As I said,I’m in total shock..

    I’m convulsing..Incredible..

    If confirmed,best news since, well England last won the WC in 1966!

  36. Rocky87

    Evening fellow grovers!

    Another concise post Pedro, keep up the good work.

    My 2 main observations from being at the game last night, apart from the plaudits given already are:-

    1. This zonal marking is going to absolutely kill us. In the build up to the WH goal, they had a free kick, and Vermalaen was left marking Cole, who is about 6 inches taller than him, and Merts was left marking Vaz Te. Cole won the header, they got a corner, and scored, where nobody was marking anybody.

    2. I agree that Ramsey had a good game last night, but he was still found on the wing about 10 times in the second half in front of me. I want my holding midfielder to be just that like Makele. I want this great big alarm bell to go off in his head telling him he is way out of position! Petit was like that, and we are screaming out for somebody like that who does not want to be the hero!

  37. Joppa Road

    Vix says:

    “I recommend we take Mr Wenger into a Helium AirShip,hovering above the Emirates,celebrating his top 4 finish@ the end of the season & pop it……”

    Just as long as that airship is called the Hindenburg.

  38. mystic

    @Thomas my guess is that all his teams are doing crap and therefore the share prices are dodgy, thus he holds on to them as there is no profit to be realized and he doesn’t desperately need the cash in hand.

    However. everything seems to suggest he is a business man and should the share value rise dramatically in any of his teams (lets be honest any team can get lucky – Swansea v Bradford CoC final) I think he will sell to see the realization growth of profit.


    Pedro,how did you miss that golden nugget?

    This is dynamite.

    The bombshell of all bombshell’s.

    Life is great,Life is good.Life is just sooo beautiful..

    Come on press release,make it official..



    I have no idea..From what I’ve heard the reasons are being kept secret…

    Just stayed tuned to your screen in the coming hours..

  41. El Tel

    Reading earlier comments about our result being against a shit team. The same shit team who were unlucky at Mancunster last week. The same shit team which drew with them a couple of weeks ago. The team with a Manager who hates the Arsenal.

    I also read a comment that Ramsey had a good game against a shit team and how so called AKBs were over rating him but how Jack on the other hand was outstanding. Jack played the same shit team as Ramsey last night.

    I know we have had a crap season and the last few years have been horrible but I am an Arsenal fan who hates losing. I can never want our team to lose.

    I also love it when we win, it lifts me up and makes me happy. I am not going to let people on here with an hidden agenda fuck my mood up.

    I see our fans leaving with a smile on their faces last night and against Swansea. I see their anger and unhappiness when we lose. I talk to lots of them and their opinion regarding Wenger is slowly changing against him.

    Iread some bollocks about the traitor ifting our players last season. This is not what I saw in the team. I saw lots of players playing for themselves.

    What I see this season is Podolski and Cazorla playing with a smile on their faces and the other players gelling with them.

    For sure we are losing far to often and it needs sorting out but talking of the bigger picture. I see a team being built which will be much stronger if we keep them together.

    As for Wenger. I couldnt care less if he leaves as He has let us down for many years now.


    I know Storey was one of ours Mate. He was an hero of mine.

    Good shout on the rest of the Leeds team which I missed out on. They were real dirty bastards back then.

    How about adding Souness to the list and that scumbag Graham Roberts of the Spuds.

    Who was the dirtiest player you have ever seen?

    Mine would be that c..t Roy Keane, a slag of a player who dished it out with Referees protection to assist him.

  42. Dannyboy

    VIX AFFAIR, stop drinking.

    Really annoys me when we play like last night as it makes us look much better than we are. We have the 3rd highest goals scored, 4th best defence and 4th best goal difference. But we are not the 4th best team at the moment. Nowhere near it. Just hope that Wenger doesn’t view these stats as reasons not to spend as we will not get as lucky as last year!


    From my source’s,apparently there is some connection with him going to PSG in some consultancy role.

    Whether this year,or next year,who know’s?

    But it’s definite he’s off this year..

    Has anyone,checked Auclair’s twitter account for any leaks?

  44. El Tel

    It makes sense if true that Wenger is moving on. The lack of spending could be because of this plus PSG have apparently offered him a job.

    If/When he leaves lets hope true Arsenal fans do not cunt him off as some on Le Grove tend to do.

    Let him go and thank him for the early years.

    We should move on to bigger and better things.

    Now that is the bigger picture.



    Heard it on good authority,from a senior level member of staff @AFC..

    & 2 respected journo’s who work for broadsheet’s,that I personally know have confirmed it.

    Can’t say,Le-Grove does not break new ground?!

  46. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger has never broken a contract and he as a whole season after this one left…wishful thinking guys, that’s all it is

  47. Lurch LeRouge

    last I heard from Auclair from a french mate on twitter, he’d listened to an interview on french radio in which Auclair said he was expecting R&W to make a purchase offer to KSE by April.

    This was 2 days ago, and surprisingly the interview hasn’t landed in UK press yet.



    He’s off..Unofficially..

    The whole OGL to Germany for a player was a smokescreen,was to earmark his successor…

    Just think, not Goetze,but JK?!!
    I’ve said a bit.

  49. Nasri's Mouth

    Radio Raheem: Turns out Everton were the other mystery club interested in M’Vila.

    I read that too. What interested me was why they were after him, suggested to me that he might have been cover for loss of Fellaini



    Talk about time lag…

    Well no-one,over here in the UK,really know’s that Del Piero is mightily fobbed of with Sydney FC & want’s out..

    Hardly play’s,come’s on as a sub & is completely disillusioned with the whole OZ affair.Right..?

    To maybe talk less,of a power trip with the manager?

    Whose finger is on the pulse..
    The name of the game..

  51. Nasri's Mouth


    Kroenke is currently adding value to his investment. With the large cash reserves the club have built up he would make a bigger profit if he sold.

    Will he sell ? Well he’s not the selling type, but I believe (and I may be wrong here) that Arsenal are significantly bigger than his other purchases, so that might not be a brilliant pointer.

    I’d be interested in someone with more financial knowledge than me as to whether his investment is likely to continue to increase in value if we dropped out of CL for several years, but continued to increase cash reserves or similar.


    Okay,from what I hear,part of OGL’s shift in stance,is in the direction of the club.

    With Gazidis pushing for more of an ambitious project under Arsene’s timewatch,that matches the potential revenue stream of the club.& having a platform to attract WC player’s to a WC Stadium.
    With the Emirates,being the focal point,if not the Mecca of all relevant sport’s entertainment,within the City of London……

    No mention of SS..

    “Apparently PSG,have offered Arsene, an incredible assignment,to assist with their project of becoming a dominant force in European & World Football..”

    “They believe,with his contact’s,nous, experience & respected profile that spans all corner’s of the globe,he will be able to drive the club forward under the current continental manager & deliver the stated long-term objectives of the club on schedule.”

    That’s the gist I’ve got so far…

  53. jlp

    Wouldn’t that make Wenger the biggest fucking hypocrite in the world?
    If PSG isn’t a ‘financial doping cheat’ then who is?
    The only credibility the donkey has left is he has stuck to his ‘economic morals’.

  54. jlp

    Would be an almost welcomed slap in the face to all the staunch ‘Wengerites’ of the world though but I for one can’t see it happening.

  55. Honest Bill

    ITKs are all the same… Don’t believe this guy, he’s winding you up.. Or it’s Pedro trying to spice things up hahaha.


    More nugget’s

    Apparently Leonard Araujo,the current PSG director of football,is due too step down,from his position at the end of the season,to return to AC Milan & occupy a similar role that he inherited in 2008 as Director of Football.

    PSG have seen how Man City,have acquired the services of Ferran Soriano & Txiki Bergiristain,who served under the FC Barca President Joan Laporte.

    & believe by acquiring the services of Wenger & his so-called team,as Director of Football.
    Not only will he duplicate the glory years of the invincibles,but his vision for the long term beautiful game will remain intact.

    “It is a vision,that compliment’s our long-term strategy.His ability to attract young talent,develop them & provide a viable academy,will sustain our long term objectives.

    “His philosophies of the game,make’s him a truly wonderful candidate to have on board…He is a very charismatic gentlemen & a proven winner”

    “This is a union,that is heaven sweet.”


    Sorry the quotes apparently attributed to a source close too the Qatari’s & the President of a world know TV Station.


    Can’t wait for this …

    My bones are tinkling..
    I think this is better than winning the 1989 League title against Liverpool…

    Oh the nightmare ends…


    Barca bought Song of us.

    PSG end the nightmares of all nightmares..

    Right,where’s the missus..Good times ahead..Whopee..

  59. jlp

    Yep I got it was a load of shite when ol’ VIX here wrote about someone at Arsenal knowing extensive knowledge of internal affairs of another club when most at Arsenal obviously don’t have the first clue about the affairs of our own club.


    How do you explain Arsene’s presence in Germany..?
    Certainly was not too buy Goetze@£30 million..Give me a break..

    Work it out…
    & my sources are usually on ball.

    Take it,or leave it..
    Just don’t have a heart attack,when it becomes official.

  61. Nasri's Mouth

    Vix: & my sources are usually on ball.

    mine are normally on the side of the plate. Mayo for the chips, and red sauce for the steak.

    You’re either making it up in which case you could at least try to be a little more imaginative, or you believe someone else who’s made it up in which case try to be a little less naive

  62. Zacharse

    Arsene says he worries that the team feels inhibited…
    I wonder why, the captaincy of the team is informally with jack, one of the much younger players and one of the few thats come up thru the program and hasnt journeymanned the way some have. The chemistry between him and his teammates who arent used to winning the big games is probably a little off. How many of the current first team played for AFC when we beat barcelona less than two yrs ago? I dont see big game players out on the pitch for us, and the ones in the squad i do consider, chambo sagna and jack, clearly cant influence the overall mood on the pitch. They bleed afc and the others are professionals imo. Thats not enough heart. Maybe for the west hams and blackburns, but not to beat barcelona again, or Bayern since we play them in 2 wks

    Maybe however it is arsene’s personal response to gambon as to why he hasnt brought in any teenagers this window.

  63. Josip Skoblar

    El Tel
    Good shout too! Dirtiest player ever? Hard to tell . But dirtiest team ever: Leeds Utd in the early-mid 70s. No doubt about that. Dirtiest foreign player: a certtain Raymond Domenech in his playing days for Lyon. He was a LB and broke so many legs…

  64. Honest Bill

    Oh El Tel? Isn’t he the guy who worked as a steward and hated Almunia?

    I was wondering the other day what he makes of Szczesny.. As far as i can tell, this boy does absolutely nothing.. One penalty save against Udinese and that’s it…

  65. mystic

    Do your sources have any news regarding Nani – according to Skybet the chances of him coming to Arsenal in January have come in from 5:1 to 5:2

    I love the fact there are people out there with so much money to waste.

  66. Josip Skoblar

    Reggie 57
    Agreed, what a Chelsea batard, this Ron ‘Chopper’ Harris! He was on my list in an earlier post today.



    I don’t care about Nani..Though I would prefer him over walcoot anyday..

    All my source(s) said is a major overhaul@ the end of the season.
    Arsene leaving,announcing his departure.

    Arsene,running the rule over of Klopp,as a successor to him,rather than signing a player.

    Leonardo to AC Milan& Wenger taking some of his personnel with him to PSG,in a director of football capacity role/consultancy!

    Quite simple really.

    Oh & Beckham,might be destined for UAE.

    His missus,want’s to target the Sheikh money over there,with her fashion range & plus,it’s only 7 hours by flight.

    A different continent for the Beckham’s, brand to conquer,untapped for them!

    There’s another nugget..

  68. Paddy got up

    Vix mate if your on a wind up you are playing with people’s emotions!
    Would love to believe you but doubt it now somehow.
    If your lying you need to speak up fella, or as Liam Nielson in that film said ‘ I will find you and I will kill you”

  69. CowleyGooner

    The problem with people who prentend to be in ‘the know’ is when the statements they make dont come to fruition we never hear from them again?
    As much as i want to believe it its too good to be true.

  70. Royal Bludger

    OK Folks – I’ve been given the good oil on Vix Affair by someone closely associated with his entourage … and I’ve been given this info on the very strict condition that I keep it solely to myself … Nudge nudge, wink wink, say no more …

    I’ve got it on impeccable authority that in his position as a front line, consumer-facing, burger flipper at McDonalds – that he overheard some teenage clients (shall we call them “agents”?) ordering a cheeseburger and some “fucking french fries” – and deduced that the smart money was on Wenger breaking his contract and going to PSG where they speak proper English and observe FFP.

    Vix Affair – a man in the know.

  71. Nasri's Mouth


    Of course he’s winding you up. He hasn’t got the slightest idea about any of it, but if he talks about it like it then he’s gets noticed.

  72. mystic

    Right last comment regarding skybet – never looking on that site again; David Villa to Arsenal has come in from 5:1 to 11:8.

    Guessing it is AW putting on a couple of bets, makes the odds fall and gets some people excited, much cheaper than actually buying the player.


    Cowley Gooner

    I know believe me,when I first heard it…

    I laughed & laughed & laughed…

    But the man,looked me straight in the face & said,”when have I ever given you information,that was not double-checked,verified & false..?”

    At the point,I stopped laughing & started crying..

    Crying tear’s of joy..
    He meant what he & a few other’s said..

    He’s off…Period!!

    Just read into the Guy’s more kamikaze statement’s with each day..

    He’s leaving reluctantly,with bitterness at certain actors within the club..

    For sure,he’s lost the dressing room..
    They see him as the mad grandfather.
    Sadly he’s become a figure of fun..

    & certain people above,have become aware of this.

  74. CowleyGooner

    I follow around 40 AFC accounts on Twitter also football journo’s and european newspapers, not one has even made a mention of this ‘Breaking News’

    I smell bullshit!!!

  75. CowleyGooner


    Have you by any chance stumbled across ‘Caughtoffside’ on the internet and mistook it as a mecca of insider info??


    Cowley Gooner
    I suppose you also follow the news & various word’s on the street info,for stock tip’s..?

    Trying to make a punt,after the event has happened…

    Finger on the pulse son…!!

  77. kwik fit

    Razor Ruddock said he can take Rylan to any London football club but then said ‘arsenal, can’t get into arsenal’
    I can get you into West Ham, Qpr , Tottenham but not Arsenal….Wonder why Razor.

  78. CowleyGooner


    Surely some one would have got a sniff of your info. Stock tips would’nt do me any favours as i work on London Underground, my knowledge of stocks and shares is up up there with my knowledge of Greek mythology??

  79. Higz

    Fabregas booked for diving. Gutted. It’s hard to hate him cos deep down he cared and showed passion. I’ll never forget him winding up mark Hughes etc, fighting lampard.


    Gambons mumJanuary 24, 2013 21:46:35
    VixIf this announcment does happen I’ll let you split me in half!
    I’ll even let you cum up my bum x
    Sorry mate,not my style..

    I’ll let Pedro do the honour’s..

    I’m guessing he like’s the back entrance.
    But with one caveat,he like’s to be the receiver,not the doer!!

  81. Royal Bludger

    Source to Fix: ”when have I ever given you information,that was not double-checked,verified & false”

    “Not double-checked,verified & false”.

    i.e, ”when have I ever given you information,that was not … false..?”

    If you were funny, maybe, but you’re not. You’re just a fucking wanker who has nothing else to do in their life.



    Cowley Gooner

    Beck’s off to UAE,unless QPR make him a stupendous offer..But not likely..

    His wife,wear’s the trouser’s & it’s about the VB Brand..Taking it across the Globe..

    What’s the odds on Beck’s going to the UAE?

    High Odds?

    Place it mate & then come & thank me,once you’ve collected your large winning’s…


    Cowley Gunner

    Wenger does not do “The Art of War”by Sun Zu…

    You should know by now, he does the life & times of Wenger 63 & 3/4’s,still fantasing over his golden child-Henry(not Pandora).


    Royal Bludger

    Would love to see your reaction,when Wenger step’s down this season..?

    Just love it…Ohhhhhh I can’t waitttttttt…

    Just luvvvvve itttt..

    By the way I’m popping champagne corker’s,as we type…Wohoo..

    Enjoy the taste mate…Ever lasting long..

    Feel like I’ve won the lottery..
    Wenger is going..HAHAHA!!

    See you in May Bludger,celebrating together..

  85. marcus

    It’s easy to claim you know something that can’t be proven. Just look at religious leaders, they have been doing it a long time.

    By the same logic I know that religion is BS I know that you are talking BS. You simply cannot know, and by saying that you are sure you are in fact proving that you are either nuts or a liar. Which one is true…I don’t really care..



    Maybe I’m nut’s…

    But these are very highly respected people,we are talking about..

    I’m not claiming to know..In fact this info shared to me,was revealed a few week’s ago..It needed a 2nd & 3rd confidante to validate such rumour’s..

    Anyway decide for yourself..

  87. CowleyGooner

    oh well suppose i better go to work. Hope the Wenger rumour is true but i can see that cunt signing a new ten year deal.

  88. Toli83

    People lie vids you should benefit if the doubt to. It is 22:52 and surely he would have something better to do than make up a load of tosh and post it at this late hour…. Right vix?…

    It would make sense for him to step down, it’s all getting a bit much. I can see how he would see it as a witch hunt, I can also see how he is now starting to see how his plan has failed…

    Thing is … Him and pep talk, pep has links at arsenal so if Wenger is going then why wouldn’t pep have waited for us. More attractive proposition in my book.