Arsenal dish out their first Hammering of the year

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Regardless of form, West Ham tends to be a game I only look forward to on a bragging rights front. The hammers were out of sorts, Arsenal were out of sorts, it was unclear what the outcome of the evening would be.

West Ham set tongues wagging by sticking star performer Diame on the bench. Arsene worked around his midfield nightmare by dropping Ramsey into the holding role supported by Wilshere and Cazorla. Up top returned the familiar trio of Podolski, Theo and Giroud.

The game didn’t start with any real purpose for either side. It was end stuff with no one taking control. West Ham sought to change that with a goal. Giroud cleared a corner as far as the edge of the box, no one in our midfield was sharp enough to close Collinson down, he let rip and his shot passed our keeper with relative ease. Am I the only one who thinks beating Szceney from distance is a pretty simple task?

Arsenal upped it a gear and started creating chances. West Ham were so loose at the back, it was clear we’d score. It didn’t take long, Jack slipped Lukas in with a little chip, the German looked up and fizzed a shot past Jussi from 30 yards! What a goal.

Gibbs and Lukas played a lovely one two minutes after, but the finish wasn’t there second time round for the German. Down the other end Carlton Cole found his way into the box after a Bacary balls up, he chipped Szceney but Rambo was sharp to it and cleared it over. Forget that he killed Vermaelen in the process.

The second half started with a bit more spice. Theo nearly forced a West Ham own goal seconds after the restart. He turned provider in the end when he duffed a corner near post that Giroud moved well to turn in.

Giroud played a massive hand in the third when he chipped the ball over the hammers back line, Podolski brought it down and cut into Cazorla who turned it in with a sweep of his back foot.

Theo was having a stormer outwide, his control and delivery was good but the luck wasn’t there. That was until Podolski found him with a superb ball, our £100k man smashing home with ease.

Things weren’t over, the German had one more assist in the locker, this time for Giroud who fancied a bit of back foot sweep action. What a treat!

After that something nasty happened when Sagna clattered Dan Potts. It added 12 minutes of time which made for exceptionally cold feet! Hopefully the lad is ok.

Anyway, the game finished with 5 goals on the clock and there was little to complain about. All you have to hope for is that Wenger doesn’t look at that and feel confident we’ll play that well every week.

What can you really report back on with a rout like that? When we’re given time and space… and we actually fancy turn up we can really play good football. Not many people will come out of last nights game frustrated, but I am. What’s the problem? What’s with the erratic form? Why can’t we be mentally charged like that every week?

Don’t get me wrong, I loved the result… but that nagging feeling it was a blip gets me…

With regards to individual performances last night, I’m handing out massive applause to Aaron Ramsey. I thought he had a very solid game. He engined away iln the middle of the park all night, he kept his discipline and he made sure his passing was simple and accurate. Amazing what a bit of time in the middle can do for a centre midfielder!

Jack Wilshere was his usual self from the off. He’s starting to find confidence running with the ball. He’s a funny player to watch, he doesn’t have much grace about his game, he kind of smashes his way through blockades of players with a manly rugged style of combative midfieldery.

Cazorla had one of his better games, he buzzed in and out of the game making telling passes where he could. His dead balls are the best at the club, I’m not sure why we’re still letting Theo take them now he’s signed da ting?

Up front I had a lot of time for Giroud. Last night was the first time I’ve seen him enjoy himself on the pitch. He played with freedom and he looked assured with everything he did. His link up play is a major attribute considering he looks like a slick cart horse. It’s a shame we don’t have a two striker system, I’m sure he’d have far more assists if we did…

Finally, the first clinical appearance since Newcatle a month ago from Lukas. He was superb. When he’s on it, he’s a different gravy when it comes to efficiency. 3 Assists… 1 goal… a man of the match appearance if we’re talking deliverables. He needs to find his game more often, if he did, perhaps we wouldn’t be looking at so many upsetting results.

The gap is now 4 points. Liverpool up next in the league. A outrageously huge total to over come if you’ve spoken to any Spurs fans of late. The task for Arsenal is to mount an attack of sustained form. Do we have the squad for that? Based on the opening half of the season, no. But we’ll see…

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  1. goona!

    Still think the result papers over the cracks! We still need players, the squad is way to thin. Good result though!

  2. maroc

    he said he has signings to make. . . well sort of. . . he ended the press conference early bcos he had signings to make, i think he needed the bog and just made an excuse to leave

  3. Jeff


    Of course it papers over the cracks. We are 6th and 4 points away from fourth place. The trouble is that most of us on here don’t think that finishing fourth yet again is enough anyway but realistically that is all we’re likely to achieve. We’ve been through this before in this season with Newcastle and Southampton. On another day West Ham could well beat us. That is the kind of frequent up and down cycle we are following.

    It is entirely likely that we’ll go to Brighton and get beat; then what? What do we put that down to? How do we explain Reading scoring all those goals against us and Bradford dumping us out of the League cup? Was it all just a freak accident? Consistency is the name of the game.

  4. Dale

    Ramsey was solid. So happy about that.

    It must be noted that the dm position in our system is probably the easiest to play when we are not under pressure from a team that equals or betters us. Regardless, stoked for the guy.

    Santi is better than Jack in the advanced role at the moment. I was one who thought moving him out wide would work but he is by far our most technically sound player and we need him in those areas more often.

    Come on Wenger, sign someone.

  5. Thorough

    May be he was running to catch up with Diame before he enters the bus. And if we are in for Hummels, I hope this is not another spin, then we are heading in the right direction. Despite all our attacking frailties cum lack of a conventional finisher, who wouldn’t be glad if by end of January we have added Hummels and Diame?

  6. Santos

    They always have a way of making ypu over they moon with victories like this . Just wait for twitter to go gaga over the rumoured signing of Fellaini

  7. Englishmik

    What a fucking negative post after a feel good performance and result. We are 4 points behind spuds. We have already played City home & Away We have played Chelsea home and away We have played United away. The rest of our games should be easier and we will definately make up that 4 point gap on Spurs.
    So this year we wont win the title, we were never even expected too?
    Our financial restrictions are easing, we have a squad that includes some major English talent. We have an academy brimming with talent and this year no mercenaries holding us to ransome.
    Please do not disrespect the name of the great Dennis with such negative posts. He wouldn’t have.

  8. Terry Patrick

    As you say, let’s hope that this doesn’t give Wenger the excuse he needs not to spend and to continue putting his fingers in his ears going la, la, la can’t hear you!

    We very obviously need reinforcements of proven quality because results like this are the exception rather than the rule which is something you should never be able to say when a team has scored 5 or more so many times in a season! Incidentally, what is that all about?! How can we have scored 5 or more so many times yet still be in a position where we can say this?!

    Anyway, great result, great blog as always but do not be fooled into thinking the squad is as strong as Wenger would have you believe!!

  9. Rohan

    Giroud’s second goal was an absolute scorcher of a finish. Not many players are as adept at that.

    Ramsey showed how important it is to have some athleticism and mobility in midfield. It might be worth trying him out there more often.


    Not being funny,but reading your post’s over the year’s bears an uncanny resemblance to that of a tabloid journo!

    I hope you’re not part of the “Gutter Press Glitterrati!”

  11. gazzap

    sill can’t defend simple long balls or set pieces. as long as Arsenal regularly concede soft goals we will lose games. 4th is going to be tough. We need to hope spurs are worse than us.
    Giving the occasional team a good thrashing and then losing the next game is the hallmark of Arsenal’s season.

  12. Oms

    Good game to watch yersterday as a true Arsenal fan, seeing my team dorminate and score goals for fun made great tv viewing last nyt! Tiki-Taka Total Football? We not there yet.. Missing 3 players!!

  13. useroz

    Two observations, noting that we had a good game.

    * if only we kept Robin…

    * Podi goal was from 25.5 yards out, not 30. 😉

    Wenger still needs to go.


    The West Ham game takes away the slight pain,for now.

    Bit,like a heavy night of drinking.
    One rejoices in the moment,only to wake up the next day,with an over reaching hangover.
    Saddled up to a woman,not particularly blessed in the beauty department& facing the grim reality of life.

    That of the daily grind of work,commuting,bills,family problems & Arsene Wenger!

    One is caught in an ever vicious cycle,with no escape,other than to pack one’s bag’s & disappear to a new life.

    Let’s take each day,as it come’s folk’s.
    Rejoice at the win’s,wince at the losses.

    As they say,enjoy in haste,repent at leisure.
    So long Le-Grover’s for now.

    Kind Regards
    Alfred Hitchcock

  15. boomergooner1727

    someone correct me if i’m wrong but i believe the last time rambo and jacky boy started in midfield was the last time that we beat manure. i’mnot saying that was the reason but i think their high work rates go well together.

    we really have had some inconsistent results but as careful as i am to avoid overstatement, i really do think jack is coming into his own. even though he only had 1 assist to his name, he set up podolski on his assist to theo and was dominant in midfield and didn’t stop chasing the ball when we took the lead. his attitude might be rubbing off on his teammate, which is exactly what we need. however, as much as i love his stamina we can’t keep running him all 90 but clearly need him on the pitch.

    2 signings needed. fellaini (or a non-cup tied dm) and a striker. as useful as he could be i’m not sure i want villa as he would be ineligible for europe. jovetic please.

  16. anto

    theo duffed a corner for the 2nd goal? i think if you watch it again you will see it was a well worked BFG make the run to leave the space for giroud and also try to cheekily block girouds marker.

  17. Paddy got up


    Yes it’s true folks, we have blown our rivals out the water this transfer window!
    Stan the Syrip came, saw, and done the deal.
    No messing, when you need it you go and get it my son!!!
    So relax Gooners, The Syrip knows what to do. It’s January so you buy 2 shopping centres.. Yeh Haa Cowboy!!!

  18. Nasri's Mouth

    Good game, good result. I thought we played well in both halves. We just need to take that performance on to our next game, and the next one etc.etc.

  19. Yippee Kai Yay

    One win does not change a thing, the same way one defeat does nothing also. As I mentioned yesterday any team who takes our worst striker in decades on loan has to be desperate and have a pretty shit squad.

    Let’s see where we are after the first week in March. I expect a win against Brighton, but liverpool, stoke and sunderland will all view their games as ones where they could snatch a point. villa should be a gimme, even after the Bayern game.

    But then it is the NLD, anything can happen in that game, and it is one where the result actually matters more than the performance. And then Everton the following week.

    I’ve given up on transfers tbh, and it is far too late to change for this season, but that doesn’t mean the pressure for change should stop just because the timing is wrong, it just focuses the mind towards an early summer change where plans can be made.

  20. Cesc Appeal

    Good result.

    Theo and Lukas were a different class last night, Poly reminded me of Bale a lot last night, great charging runs, dinking balls into the box and letting rip with heavy shots from distance.

    THAT’S what we need from him most weeks, granted he can’t perform like that every week but he needs to find consistency in a decent level of performance with occasional magnificent games like that one!

    Reports say we’re in for Ashley Williams, I was banging this drum months ago, some don’t think so on here but I think he’d do a job for us next to Vermaelen.

    Hummels is a nonstarter. £25 Million for a defender….as if Wenger would.

    Williams, Diame and Villa from January and that’s…alright I suppose, for Arsene.

    Giroud has a very very good game last night, but with a nimble little striker like Villa being able to change up in there we could’ve had a few more.

    That’s the one area we seriously lack having sold the best striker in Europe.

  21. Sam

    A few things:

    -I don’t think you can blame Szchezny for not saving their goal – it was from close range through a group of players.

    -I left feeling slightly deflated, which is ridiculous given it was a 5-1 win. By injury time it felt like half the crowd had already left, and I can’t help thinking that Man u would have put another 5 past them in that 20 minutes after the injury.

    -Did anyone see who got the captain’s armband when Vermalen went off? I know it doesn’t really mean anything these days but I’m interested.

  22. Johnny5

    Great result but spend some fucking money wenger! Build on this bring in some quality players that when we eventually pick up injuries or the players get knackered we’ve got a decent bench to choose from who are going to push for a starting place. I feel that when a team picks itself like it does at arsenal right now then complacency sets in.

  23. Josip Skoblar

    Fat Sam is a tactical genius! To change from defending deep in the first half to holding a high line at the start of the second… He must have learned that when he was managing Real Madrid…

  24. Lordbergkamp

    >>sigh<< AKBs having a field day…. They need to watch the game back. Hammers had 2 cast iron chances to take the lead and equalise.

    All this positive talk of "making 4th" and "only 4 points behind them" is really getting me riled.

    It's the 4th trophy mindless brainwashing coming out. It's not a trophy.

    It's downright depressing, we are now officially so bad that we are hoping for a late season push to catch 4th? How low are people's expectations.

    It and they are pathetic.

  25. Bush Gooner

    Squad is still very thin and replacements are needed. Because of the hammering the hammers got last night Wenger will have an excellent excuse not to buy. Had we had a striker with pace and skill the score could have been more.


  26. T

    I was really happy after the game. Mainly because the players were highly motivated and didnt budge when small lapses occurred but kept going again and again! I hope the manager can kick them on with that drive on most nights in the coming months, then we will have no problems finishing 3rd or 4th 🙂

  27. Josip Skoblar

    Punny Pedro…
    I’ve always liked West Ham. It’s a real London (cockney) club – not a show-biz venture like Chelsea – and they dislike Millwall and Spurs! They have traditions and a popular fanbase (although I remember that there was a lot of hooliganism back in the 70s-80s, notably their away fans were real thugs). They’ve had remarkable players over the years (a lot of mavericks). Several World Cup Winners played for West Ham. They try to play positive attacking football. Even Fat Sam seems to have adapted – well, to some extent – to the West Ham style of play.

  28. Ash79

    Said last week I think Rambo can play the holding role. Suits him better given his lack of pace etc appreciate its west ham but given the form we are in, well done to the lads, keep it going.

    Arsene you’re still a cunt, go and buy some much needed quality. These guys are knackered.

  29. goonersfury

    pleased we turned up last night. wenger should sign cabaye and jovetic but swanseas ball boy would be biggest signing.priceless:)

  30. Kurt F

    Great win, but all these people getting excited because “we’re only 4 points off fourth” – honestly, have a look at yourselves. Where has the winning mentality gone? Would Fergie, Guardiola or Mourinho be so smug when their team was sixth in the league? It’s largely because a majority of the fanbase accepts fourth as a trophy that we haven’t won a real trophy for eight years.


    3 point’s was always on the card for Arsenal.

    Was never in doubt.
    If Monsieur Wenger,delivers the Holy Grail of Top 4.

    Well in the word’s of the Beatle’s Famous Song……………
    “I Get By With A Little Help From My Friends”.
    Surely rings some tinkerbells!

    Best Wishes
    Fred Astaire

  32. Josip Skoblar

    It’s true, Hazard should have turned to the referee instead of trying to retrieve the ball himself. But his team were seconds away from losing the tie on aggregate and it’s a bit easy for armchair pundits like us to blame Hazard for his instinctive reaction.
    When you watch the replay in slow motion, you see that Hasard kicks the ball underneath the ballboy and not the ballboy himself. What few underline is that it was incredible unsporting behaviour on the part of this 17-year old (!) ballboy. I’ve never seen a ballboy behave like that. I loath Chelsea’s team in general, but here I don’t think Hazard deserves the blame he is getting today from the media which typically have blown the whole story totally out of proportion (“Hazard lashes out at a ballboy”, etc.).

  33. goonerboy

    This angst about the AKB- its misplaced. We have just beaten a tired looking West Ham side- big deal. We don’t have to lose every game to prove Wenger is a dud.
    We haven’t at anytime this season looked like we could turn over a top side playing well- without the help of the ref. This result I will take- but am not getting carried away over.

    The AKB specialise in selective vision and memory- and are world class exponents of wishful thinking. Take them for what they are-wrong. Two years ago Untold Tony told us that Liverpool were bankrupt and we about to go out of business he also went on about how Wenger was producing a production line of top youth talent that could just be slotted in after the sale of Henry and Fabregas. Yeah it has.

  34. Paul Simon

    Okay. Good win. But we still need to buy at least a striker and a defensive midfielder. We controlled the game last night cuz The Hammers were not pressing enough to unsettle Ramsey and Wilshere. I’m sure Brighton will play a much aggressive game against our midfield this weekend.
    Please, Mr Wenger. Sign some quality players. Spend some money. And please, we don’t wanna hear you saying we can’t find the players we need/it’s not much time to get players in such short time/we don’t buy quality players cuz it would halt the progress of the young players. The time is NOW.

  35. Nasri's Mouth


    I’m no fan of the untold boys, but Liverpool were bloody close to going bust. Would it ever happened to such a club. Who knows, but Gillett and Hicks took them to the brink.

    Anyway, lets just celebrate a great win last night and look forward to saturday

  36. Gun_1

    Amazing isn’t it….a cracking win and there’s nobody here to chat about it.

    You’re supposed to be Arsenal fans…not ‘Wenger out’ fans.

  37. Josip Skoblar

    Podolski (superb goal and overall performance), Giroud (his second goad was great), Wilshere and… Ramsey played really well yesterday.

  38. The Dalston Pirate

    Amazing, full of hubris and bravado, spectacular, awe inspiring, intelligent, belligerent, and quite simply, the greatest ever.

    Enough about me…Arsenal were fucking lousy and Arsene just needs to go away.

    Come on you Scouse Shleppers!

  39. Honest Bill

    I was impressed by Ramsey too. He’s fine when he actually moves the ball on quickly. It’s when he dithers and holds it that he’s a liability/.

  40. Lordbergkamp

    Bill – it’s ironic that t took an injury crisis for Wenger to play Rambo in his best position, central, rather than on the wing!

    I agree he looked ok as a holding midfielder…

  41. The Poldi Prince

    Good win.

    Add Hummels, fellaini, sneijder and llorente/soldado and we are suddenly pushing for top 3.

    Add a keeper and we would be legit.

    Ramsey might just be a footballer yet. Gibbs will be the best LB is Europe one day. Once he learns to concentrate for 90mins..

  42. maroc

    arsene gots to buy. . .but he always buys these weird ones. . . if he does buy it’ll probably be luis fabiano or sum no name hungarian and a defender from cambodia

  43. marcus

    Wenger is a master of deception..

    A week ago he goes out with the ridicules statement that he “likes” Cavani.. Everyone with half a brain realize that this is utter BS but the media who is craving stories and the AKB’s run with it. Keeps them occupied for a week while Wenger sits at home doing fuck all.

    Now the news of Cavani is fading away and Wenger feels he has to ignite the spark again. A few carefully phrased words at the press conference after the West Ham game and the circus is at it again. Media is reporting every single twitter-rumor going around and AKB’s are discussing possible targets.

    It’s all a smokescreen to deflect attention from Wenger, the team and the club.

  44. Jonas

    Were all the empty seats season ticket holders not bothering to turn up or people who had bought tickets for the original date but couldn’t go…..or both?

  45. ZARgooner

    Also must concur that Gibbs has been impressing of late… there are certainly lapses in concentration but I really think we have an asset in Gibbs… He is very good going forward… still raw though

    Ramsey’s performance is only being promoted given that it wasnt his normal horrific self – that being said I think he is fine as a squad player as a CENTRAL MIDFIELDER

    Why Podolski doesnt get a chance to play upfront i have no idea (the mad man has tried Arshavin and even Gervinho)

  46. Spectrum

    An expected win last night, and if you look at West Ham’s away form, you’d have expected them to get thrashed, even if we played for our usual 45 minutes ( this time for a change, we didn’t ). The Hammers had only scored five goals away, up to this match, so going purely on statistics, they weren’t likely to score many, if at all. So it proved. Their record was pretty poor, so if we can’t win matches like this, we don’t deserve to even be where WE ARE in the table. Liverpool will be a better test. But regardless of our results in coming matches, our season was realistically over a long time ago. That is what needs to be borne in mind. I couldn’t care less if we win our NEXT TEN games in a row, because other teams will also pick up points, and the best we can do is finish the same as last season. Which means failure yet again.

    On the other hand, we could stay inconsistent or even get worse, thus finishing lower and out of the four. This is the best option for us, as it offers some hope that something might change somehow.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  47. Raz

    Nice post! I would just like to say though:

    “The second half started with a bit more spice. Theo nearly forced a West Ham own goal seconds after the restart. He turned provider in the end when he duffed a corner near post that Giroud moved well to turn in.”

    I think you’ll find that was straight off the training ground. Sure you may not have had the benefit of replays etc but that was definitely a training ground goal – watch Mertesacker in the replay, gives it all away.

    Secondly – you totally missed out mentioning Santi’s goal!! Oh well!

  48. LeMassiveCoq

    The AKB’s are creeping back out of the woodwork I see. One good performance and they raise their stupid, brainwashed “we can finish 4th and above the Skids” heads over the parapet.

    Yes we did play some good soccerball last night, but we need to be doing that game in game out.

    Credit where it’s due though, Ramsay does look more comfortable in the middle of the park and had a good game. Although I expect our masterful tactician of a manager will soon have him out on the flanks again soon.

    Poldi and Santi had good games, JW was awesome again. Giroud had a good game. Gibbs for me is rapidly turning into one of the best attacking FB’s in the prem. Feo was pretty decent.


    Sagna is shocking and couldn’t cross a road.
    Santos is still fat and shit.
    Merteslacker still has the turning circle of the Titanic.
    TV looked tired and made mistakes.
    Shez is not the WC keeper we hoped he might be.
    Koscielny is prone to getting sent off and giving away pens, scoring own goals.

    So basically, other than Gibbs our defence is shoddy at best.

    Wenger out.

    Oh and the fact that the Syrup has just bought a couple of shopping centres for £35m and a ranch for ~£80m, speaks volumes.

    AFC = A Fucking Cashcow

  49. Paulinho

    Ramsey looked half decent because West Ham sat back and just let him have the ball most of the time. He picked out a few nice passes but didn’t really do anything. Wilshere was a class above again.

    Ramsey will get found out again once we play a proper team that presses our midfield and force him backwards. He has no answer when a team does that.

    Incredible how open Allardyce teams have become in recent years. It really is a myth that his teams are defensive.

  50. Kurt F

    I think everyone can be happy with the win (I know I am, especially as I had Theo and Giroud in my fantasy team) – but pretending one win suddenly eliminates the problems that have dogged this team for several seasons is ridiculous. We still have a ridiculously weak bench and players who simply aren’t of sufficient quality to go toe to toe with the very best in the Premier League and Europe – as this is the board and manager’s stated intention, then we need to buy top quality players right now, or next season we may not be in a position to attract them.

  51. Hitman49

    Brilliant result….
    The mad man will def not buy now !
    NO NEED…..
    Brilliant…..just brilliant..

  52. Nasri's Mouth


    Ramsey may well struggle against better sides, but what was nice to see IMO was the way he kept things ticking over, didn’t overcomplicate things. In the last couple of games he’s played he’s done that. Looks a player who’s more comfortable because he’s playing in the right place and knows what to do.

    I’m still not sure that was his best position, (I suspect he’d be better a bit farther forward) but he looked a look better playing in the centre of the park than out on the wing.

  53. Cloggs

    Great win, always good to see fat sam’s face when he gets hammered. 🙂
    The bigger picture remains though; We’re competing with the spuds and the scousers for 4th . zzzzzz… zzzzzz…

  54. Johnny5

    Last night I saw a glimpse of Ramsey of old before he was injured when him and wilshere were thrown in the deep end hopefully wenger has seen it too and will stop playing him out wide he’s should be coming on at about 60th min to keep carzola and wilshere fit. Agree with the over optimism from the AKB mugs, they’re crazy as fuck and let wanker off the hook too often last nights win should be the start of a turnaround as long as we bring in some new blood of top quality so that at the very least once wenger has gone we won’t be left with a weak team out of the running for any honours.

  55. Paulinho

    Nasri’s Mouth – There have been signs he’s getting better, but then he generally does do that when he’s restricted to sub appearances and the odd start. It’s when he starts games consistently that he begins to fall apart. He looked far better at the start of last season.

    Thought he was poor against Chelsea when he came on in a deep position as well. He had the ball in deep positions and nearly lost the ball every time dawdling on it and he’s seemingly unable to do the most basic things like and think and move at the same time. He’s like a quarterback that gets sacked because it’s like he’s glued to the spot. Rabbit in the headlights.

  56. Rhj

    Love the way Wilshire runs at players as if he’s in the pub and got a broken bottle in his hand. Top player. Would not like to get a kick in the plums from Podolski. He hits the ball soooooo hard. Even Ramsay looked good, not being played out of position for a change. Great game.

  57. Honest Bill


    I agree that’s a fair description of Ramsey. It’s the mental side of his game which is lacking in high pressure situations, he doesn’t have the nerve at the moment..

    and people though we’d never find a replacement for Song? Ramsey is the Welsh Song..

  58. Josip Skoblar

    I like Barton’s tweet. 🙂

    Didi Hamann @DietmarHamann
    What has the game come to if you tell your ballboys to slow the game down…. Football is watched all over the world #Rolemodel

    Michael Owen @themichaelowen
    I’m not saying Hazard isn’t in the wrong but I hate to see a person who instigates a situation then cry foul for next to nothing.
    Both the kid and Hazard were in the wrong. Not having Hazard tried to hurt him though. He just tried to toe poke it out of his grip.

    Robbie Savage @RobbieSavage8
    If the ballboy gives the ball straight back and does his job properly that doesn’t happen !

    Steven Pienaar @therealstevenpi
    I’m not saying its the correct thing 2 do but when in the heat of the moment u just want the ball

    Stan Collymore @StanCollymore
    Hazard deserved red(violent conduct rule). Kid is a prat. Ball boy job is to give ball quickly .End of. Is that enough of an opinion?

    Gareth Bale @GarethBale11
    Unbelievable decision by the referee to send Hazard off but congrats to Swansea. Who’d have predicted this final?!

    Joseph Barton @Joey7Barton
    After reviewing last nights footage, I’ve come to the conclusion that the games gone. Ballboys aged 17, time wasting, then rollin round like ..they’ve been shot. Games gone. He was actually claiming to be best time waster in the world on twitter yesterday! WTF’ that all about? … Hazard only crime is he hasn’t kicked him hard enough…

    Rio Ferdinand @rioferdy5
    17 year old ball boy….is that a wind up!!? Is being a ball boy now a career move??

    Pat Nevin Radio 5 Live
    “I was very disappointed with the way that the ballboy acted. He must have been watching footballers with the way that he rolled around and pretended to be injured. He’s only got one job and his job is to go and give the ball back. What does he do? He keeps the ball. I have to say I was absolutely amazed this morning to find he’s 17. Not 12. Not 13. He should know what his actions should be in that situation. His behaviour was disgraceful.”
    Asked whether he would have kicked the ballboy, Nevin replied? “I would have kicked the ball out from underneath him if he was behaving like that, 100%.”

  59. Joppa Road

    Who knows what is going on with Arsenal this season. Sublime one night, subdued the next. Well done to the team last night though. Probably won’t be up for Brighton in the Cup at the weekend though. Think I’m joking? Only have to look at the Bradford result to see I’m not.

    Take each game as it comes.

  60. Bouldy's Left Testicle

    bergkampsaJanuary 24, 2013 08:12:19

    Haha, don’t be such a hypocrite 😀

    I probably would have thrown that little shit in the stands, a f t e r rubbing his ugly little face in the grass first.

    The little turd announced on twitter he’d be timewasting – and he’s the son of the Swansea chairman (or something).

    Kicked in the stomach.. hah. Hazard (regardless of cuntyness) kicked the ball, and the shitstirring little ballboy squeels like the little pig he is.

    Funny that Hazard is looking at a ban for this 😀

  61. mystic

    I said yesterday that I think people are falling in to Wenger’s mind games.

    Arsenal will attain 4th again this season, that is all the pressure that is on Wenger from SS. AW is a crafty bastard and will tout reaching 4th by the end of the season as a ‘what a clever man I am’, but it was preplanned – why do you think that the team keep turning up in the 2nd half of games (even last night they were nothing special in the 1st half)?

    Under Wenger we can kiss the PL title a distant goodbye. Why would he create title winning expectations below, when he is not under any pressure from above.

    Wenger upwards all need to get the hell out and let the club once again concentrate on football and not profits.

  62. Nasri's Mouth

    Ballboys often time waste when their time is winning. It’s nothing new.

    The problems is that players get frustrated by it. They have little or no idea whether the ref is adding time on, and whether he does or not, the disruption in play makes its harder for them to keep the flow of attacking going.

    I guess the FA could make the ballboys neutral, or punish the club when they time waste, or make it more transparent when time wasting is being ‘added on’ at the end. Could even add 1 min of injury time for every incident of time wasting.

    Anyway, whatever, Hazard was out of order, and whatever his level of frustration shouldn’t take matters into his own hands and deserves his punishment

  63. TitsMcgee

    Good result for the boys but I think everyone here worth their salt will realize it’s just a one-off.

    We are pretty consistent at being inconsistent.

  64. El Tel

    Wonder what reaction those cunts would have given if an Arsenal ballboy had done the same thing. Or even worsenif an Arsenal player had kicked out at an opponents ballboys?

    Fucking hate football.

    It is so easy to put right. Let all matches have a seperate time keeper just like Rugby does. It would stop this bollocks straight away.

    The Chavs were playing for time against us in the last 30 minutes last week.

    Two faced tossers.

    Like someone said on the radio last night, if that ballboy got up and smashed that little weasel Hazard in the chops what would have happened to the lad?

    Yep, He would have got nicked.

    Fuck Hazard and the fucking shit cunt Club He plays for. Lets hope justice is done and He gets what He deserves.

  65. El Tel

    So it makes a difference that the ballboys Father is a board member now does it?

    What a load of bollocks.

    The young lad was pushed over then kicked in the ribs.

    Was it a Chav corner or a goal kick ?

    Would the cunt have kicked the goal keeper if he had dropped onto the ball?

    Of course not, because the keeper would have splattered his nose.

    These over paid prima donnas want their cake and eat it.

    How that shittiest of all cu ts Barton can get away with his latest Twitter cock up is beyond me.

    Would love to have seen Barton play against players like Tommy Smith, Ron Harris, Bremner and giles, the legend Peter Storey, Billy Bonds and even Vinnie Jones.

    The little wanker would shit his pants.

    Fucking typical snidey little scouser shooting his mouth off.

    Love the way Jason Cunty on talk shite defends a fellow Chav cunt then they roll out Kerry Dixon on SSN.

    Why not have John Toshacks view or any Welsh players other than the money seeking Gareth the Ape Man Bale who probably wants to go to the Chavs for the cash.

  66. mystic

    Hazard kicked out in frustration, much the same as some players do when they hoof the ball.

    Those players often get booked, but Hazard was out of control when he kicked out and rightly got a red card. This trying to get the ball back is bollocks, if you go to do that you poke your foot, not swing it.

    The police has said they are not taking further action against Hazard, why? He visibly assaulted someone, it is irrelevant whether he intended to or not, that should only be a mitigation regarding the seriousness of the charge (i.e ABH rather than GBH), not whether or not to do so.

  67. El Tel


    It is not a one off though is it. We have had more high scoring games this year than in the past four seasons.

    It is the inconsistency and silly bollocks tactics and poor team selections which have fucked our season.

    These players would be very good indeed if Managed properly.

  68. Joppa Road

    Storm in a fkin tea cup (Hazard). Both were in the wrong, he shouldn’t of reacted the way he did. He got sent off. It’s a game of passion, sometimes it spills over.

    El Tel – why does it matter about Hazard and Barton? Concentrate on Arsenal’s deficiencies of which there are many right now.

    Fck me, have I turned into the voice of reason today Pedro?

    Much Love

    JR x

  69. El Tel

    Agree Mystic.

    Well described.

    He had no right kicking out at the ball boy.

    They are a Club who act like spoilt brats. Just check out their Captain and it shows you the type of Club they aspire to be.

    Big miney wannabees who will always be jealous of the historically big Clubs.

  70. El Tel


    I wish you would turn into the voice of reason Pal instead of having a one eyed view of our Team.

    I want Wenger out as much as all of you but never ever want to see our Club beaten or taking a turn for the worse.

    It is the Arsenal not Wenger FC

    Ate him by all means but celebrate the team when they win.

    If you cant be happy at a 5-1 win v the Shammers then when will we be happy?

  71. S Asoa

    The result of Hammers game was predictable and a lesson that Wenger will never learn because of a sado masochist instinct . The players for once were placed closer to their position . I say closer because Theo is too slow for a central striker and maybe Podolsky should come center and Theo move into his wing . Actually Wilshere has the intelligence and persistence to play a false 9 . Sagna needs time off and the couch to settle his confusions.
    But Wenger needs the thrills so await another roller coaster next time .
    Wenger will continue destroying his diamonds by putting them in wrong positions ,like he did to Arshavin and doing to Ramsey and Cazorla .
    The call is still W-out

  72. Joppa Road

    El Tel. I’m neither happy or unhappy. I think for example getting 4th will be yet another smoke screen and failure of a season Arsenal’s part. When we make it Wenger will feel like he has achieved his goals and nothing will change.

    I’d support Arsenal if they were in the Championship. That’s not the point. The point is they are not fulfilling their potential as a club. And it is more like Arsene FC than Arsenal FC and that has to change.

  73. Nasri's Mouth

    Mystic: The police has said they are not taking further action against Hazard, why?

    Apparently they interviewed the ballboy and he didn’t want to take it any further.

  74. mystic

    ‘It has emerged on the TalkSport website that Roma are lining up a move for back-up stopper Vito Mannone in the coming days as they look for a replacement for the departing Martin Stekelenburg.’

    TS does come out with a lot of shit, but on this occasion I wonder if there might be some substance. Mannone isn’t good enough to budge the young pole, Stekelenburg has fallen out of grace at Roma, it would cost tight-fisted Wenger nothing in transfer fees.

  75. mystic

    Nasri’s Mouth
    It was in public, therefore the ball boys decision not to press charges is only one thing that the police should be considering, again it then comes down to ABH or GBH.

  76. Johnny5

    El tel

    ‘If you cant be happy at a 5-1 win v the Shammers then when will we be happy?’

    When we win 5-1 at old Trafford to win the premier league. Beating west ham by that margin at home isn’t a great feat. We should be aiming higher we should be pushing teams like inited and city till the very last day of the season.

  77. marcus

    El tel.

    You need to widen your focus, you have absolutely no strategic thinking.

    If the main goal is to get Wenger out of arsenal, as we all more or less agree with, then the most likely way that is going to happen trough is poor results and a poor league finish, leading to lower revenue and less/no profit.

    If you realize that this is the path, you can definitely wish for arsenal to lose as it will further the cause of getting arsene out and make place for real improvement.

    If you can’t see this short term pain as a nessecary “evil” to achieve an end goal.. Then maybe you should stfu…

  78. El Tel

    My ratings against the Shammers

    Chesser. 5 not much to do but one of the few shots on target ends up in the net and from long range again. Another effort beat him and was cleared off the line by Rambo.

    Sagna. 5 if only we had a decent right sided wing back. He was better than in recent matches but wasnt tested by the Shammers and their supposedly tactical genius of a Manager who obviously has not watched him play in recent weeks.

    Gibbs. 7. This Boy gets better every game. One of my favourite players. He cares about the Club and is technically great. When he gets decent coaching about positional play He will be another WC player like Cashley.

    BFG. 7 fed up with listening about him being slow. He organises things at the back and is a clean tackler. A good CB partner can cover for his lack of pace.

    TV 5. 7 had onemofhis better games against a giant slug in Carlton Cole.

    Ramsey. 8 Rambo had one of his best games last night, he linked well with Willshere and Cazorla.

    Willshere. 9 jack takes the game by the scruff of the neck and runs past players with ease. If this Boy had not lost a year of his football life we would be looking at a possible footballer of the year. he is a modern Brady with a touch of Pirlo.

    Cazorla. 8 played centrally and buzzing around the pitch again, I think He was happy to have his buddy Poldi back again. I think they really get on well together and link well on the pitch.

    Walcott. 8 Theo looks stronger than He has ever been and when he gets fying it looks like it is harder to knock him over. Very powerful display from Theo. he still needs to look up more and pick the right pass.

    Podolski. 9. I think Podolski is the Boy in the camp who everyone likes. He was playing with a smile again last night and in typical German efficiency did a gret team job. When He hits the ball it has power and accuracy. He should shoot more often. I am glad we have Poldi in our team.

    Giroud. 8. This fella is an unsung hero. He looks a bit cumbersome at times but he keeps defenders on their toes and scores the front post goals that Arsenal have rarely scored before under Wengers Management. I think He will score twenty this season and do even. Etyer next season. I still think we need another striker to assist him and for rotational or injury purposes but the new Boys have settled very quickly.

    Subs. I cant mark the Subs as they came on late as usual and the injury to you g Potts took the flow out of the game.

    A good performance no. Atger that the Shammers are shit away. We need to be consistent, we need a tighter defence and for me a Keeper is a must in January.

  79. Cloggs

    Nasri’s Mouth J 12:07:24

    Reminds me of that frustrating and pathetic: “handing out the towel to Rory Delap” ritual.
    Ballboy has to deliver the ball as quick as he can, if he doesn’t on purpose he’s interfering with the game and can expect a reaction. On the other hand Hazard should have vented his frustration towards the ref.

  80. Joppa Road

    Well said Johnny5. Was thinking exactly the same thing and it’s not like you and I agree.

    Re. Hazard. Who honestly gives a fck. The hysterical reaction from Arsenal fans is truly embarrassing. Focus on our own club.

  81. Nasri's Mouth


    Without the backing of the defendant, the police would be wasting their time. They’re overworked and underpaid as it is, and those fake witness statements just don’t write themselves you know

  82. Bush Gooner

    Santi needs a rest as that maniac is playing him to death ffs!

    Strength and depth Wenger, STRENGTH AND DEPTH!!

  83. Bade

    Sum it up well Pedro

    Few points that I noticed as well

    He’s starting – at fucking last – to remind us of the hope we all yearned. I think he was superb most of the game yesterday & his link up play with Poldy is just great, when both are on their day.

    He’s struggling but yesterday he showed glances of how good he can be, despite his part of that “almost goal” from Cole. We should just give him a good 3 years deal, or two years with an option to 3rd & show him we want him with us. I like Jenko, but when both are on their day, I’d pick Sagna at least this season & the next one.

    Of course he’s struggling with long range shots, but to be honest yesterday’s goal was hardly his fault. Not many goal keeper, if any, would have had enough responsiveness to parry the shot away. It went through a blockade of player with vile combination of power & accuracy. So I wouldn’t fault him for this goal, but in general he’s really need to work out on his shocking distribution as well as his long range shots blocking abilities

  84. Radio Raheem

    and people though we’d never find a replacement for Song? Ramsey is the Welsh Song..

    Nah until he makes those chipped assists and becomes a mainstay in the team I’d hold my gun on that one…

    In other news Chelsea has overtaken Arsenal in the money league!!!

  85. El Tel


    Of course you would know better about a strategy. Like all the other FM players on here.

    In reality Wenger will still be here no matter what results the team gets. Neither you or I have the power to change this.

    I never want to see Arsenal lose and never will. Ow can any true supporter wish their team loses.

    There is no gain from dropping down the League just pain in trying to get back up it.

    A massive Club like Liverpool have been trying since 1990 to win the League.

    I agree we should be fighting the Mancs but beating them by 5-1 isnt going to happen.

    We beat Westham in a London derby. Anyone who knows their history will tell you that. Arring the tiny Totts, Westham are our London rivals. The Chavs were always our third enemy in London derbies.

    Most people I spoke to. Efore the game. YES I go to the games. Said they thought a draw would be a good result.

    If Potts had not got injured I think we would have scored more goals. We looked in the zone up to that point and goth sets of players look to have seized up a bit after spending around 15 minutes not 10 standing in the freezing cold waiting for the lad to get sorted out.

  86. Bush Gooner

    “Reading say they’ve spoken about Andrey Arshavin, but no chance of a deal this month. Arsenal willing to let him go for small fee.”

  87. goonerjake

    Finally the boys are listening to what wenger has been saying. Finally they are showing belief, the same belief wenger has in them.

    when someone does something right they deserve praise, just the same as critisism when things go wrong.

    Well done Arsene, Well done boys

  88. El Tel

    The thing is Chesney is letting in almost one in three shots on target. I am guessing this of course but someone will be able to check the facts for real.

    Forget all the shots flying high or wide. He is letting shots on target go in. It isnt just yesterdays match it is all the matches where the opponents strikers are taking pot shots from distance.

    This happens when the Keeper has been sussed out and it is seen as a weakness.

    His positioning is very poor and he reacts way to late.

    Yes it was a good strike from Collison. But he did have a view of it as nobody closed the shot down. He is just a keeper who is caught on the back foot way to often and gets beaten every week.

    It cant always be the defenders fault.

    Sagna. Well what a waste he is. You see young Gibbs linking up with Poldi but Sagan links up with nobody.

    He is truly shit at crossing and always has been, he never beats a man on the outside and is positionally poor. He can tackle and head the ball reasonably well but more often than not lately is losing this skill too.

  89. Josip Skoblar

    El Tel

    Not bad your list of ‘mean boys’, but your forgot some very very mean ones: Nobby Stiles, Norman Hunter, Jack Charlton, Peter Storey (played for us) and worst of all, Ron “Chopper” Harris (Chelsea), a complete brute who always got away with murder.

  90. Gunner2301

    Pedro great post and even better result yesterday.

    I still believe we will struggle for 4th and the result is a blip. There’s more up and downs for us on this roller coaster.



    Instead of kicking him in his chest he should have given him a swift kick in the ass, 17 and acting like a 5 yr can also see he wasn’t hurt,all that fake rolling around,watched to many games i think.Before you all start,don’t act like you havn’t given a son or male family member a boot for being rude,or even condoned a rude teenager getting his ears clipped.

  92. roaaary

    Anyone else think alou diarra looked a rock when he came on. He broke up countless attacks and was the last man time and time again. Hes unhappy n would be a wenger esque signing

  93. Bade

    Now this is where I really disagree with you.
    He had a decent game against a woeful side, yes. He made a vital clearance, also yes. But he’s still far behind the quality we should be looking at.

    It’s truly amazing how the desire of many fans to see Aaron succeeding had lowered our expectations & demands of the guy. He’s having a reasonable performance after a series of awful display & he’s praised. Then we complain about mediocrity. I mean he’s been enough time with us to shine, he’s far from it though. Why the praise then?

    Compare him with Jack, that sat out more time than him. This will give you the best benchmark to how insufficient his form is at the moment. Ok, the display is encouraging, but this is still far below the needed Arsenal standard. And a “far below the needed Arsenal standard” shouldn’t be applauded in my humble opinion.

    Make no mistake, if we had him against one of the better sides as our holding midfielder, then we’ll be battered.

  94. Burny

    Can’t fault the lads yesterday, there is the makings of another decent team emerging. Unfortunately, with the senile desperado still knocking about we will never see it blossom.

    Wenger out!


    I’ll say it again,buy a real striker and play Giroud behind him,damn i forget we already had a real striker at our club.Giroud to me dosen’t have the killer instinct to be world class,and i can’t stand those pained expressions when he flubbs an oppertunity.I will admit he really has some nice touches,but still has some way to go, feed him some raw meat or something.
    I bet Arshole feels vindicated,although we’ve seen it before 5,6,7 in someones ass today 2 or 3 in ours next game.

  96. Johnny5


    Put your dick back in your trousers son the players deserve the praise not wenger. How do you even know the shit they did was wengers doing chances are it was more likely bouldys influence.

  97. pliget

    I was struck by Englishmik’s comments earlier so I thought I would have a look to see how his comments stacked up (with thanks to arsenalarsenal’s excellent stats).

    Firstly, on a positive note, we had 37 points this time last year, exactly the same as last year, just before going on a run of 7 wins.

    If one compares the actual fixtures we have played this year against the same matches last year the story is very different however. Last year’s fixtures against the teams played this year earned us 50 points vs the 37 we have now. If we succeed in matching the remaining results (6W-2D-7L) we will end up on 57 points and likely out of Europe altogether.

    To equal last year’s total of 70 points we have to win 10 draw 3 and lose only 2 of our remaining matches (or 11-0-4) gaining 33 points out of a total of 45, a 73% ratio, compared to our existing 53%.

    Basically therefore, all we have to do is match last year’s run-in, albeit against rather harder teams. Oddly enough, I find myself rather buoyed by the figures. The optimist in me thinks why can’t we do the same as last year; with a squad that surely should be gelling more over time. The realist thinks maybe not and reckons we may end up playing in Europe on thursdays if we are lucky.

    I still think our club is run very feebly and we should be competing for 1st with our resources rather than with clubs with half our budget. And I still think it would be nice for our board to stop milking the club and our manager to grow some balls – maybe we could drop some from this blimp/plane I see being vaguely discussed?

  98. Thomas

    lol all the other clubs keep making moves and Arsenal aint doing shit. Embarassing. How many players have we missed out on now?



    Quite sad,that Gooner fan’s no longer talk about winning the Premiership,or getting to the final of the Champion’s League Tournament.

    Not even talk of winning a FAC,or a COC,for that matter.

    Our standards are now eagerly focused on a Top 4 Finish.

    How the mighty have fallen!

    & all talk is now centered on the Hazard vs Ballboy incident.

    Where has our Arsenal gone?

    Or have we all been massively indoctrinated into the club’s spin?

    Is Tom Baker of Dr Who about?
    Need to step into his tardis,for a time travel back in time.

    “1989…L’Pool 0-Arsenal 2-
    Please stop there Tom Baker-Dr Who,
    what a splendid job achieved..
    After that victory,one could have cosmic orgasms for centuries head.”

    The Galeks,”We will destroy,We will destroy,you need to step forward to 2013,Or we will destroy you”..

    “Party Pooper’s”

  100. Johnny5


    Opologies sir. One would like to take the opportunity to tell you arsene wenger is a really deplorable person and manager and in all honesty believe wenger had little if anything to do with last nights win and think the players deserve the plaudits not arsene wenger

    Many thanks


  101. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Some good posts today. Tommy Smith was some bit of work too eh?

    El Tel,
    The bellboy tweeted before the game he was going to time waste! Both Hazard and the bellboy wrong.

    In the big scheme of things.. A small time club like The Swans have a ballboy

  102. Yippee Kai Yay

    One thing which has been lost by the final result. it was 1-1 at half time. It still could have gone either way at that point.

    So really we are praising 45 minutes of football (plus the second half of the Chavs game so lets make that 90 minutes) from the whole of the 540 minutes played in January so far.

    That is what the AKB’s fail to see, the bigger picture, the context that a one off game in isolation (good or bad) does not equate to either a successful or indeed a failure of a season.

    But I guess that maybe their lot in life though , so perhaps we should not be too hard on them. Maybe they are just not capable of seeing the bigger picture. I often imagine them to be a bit like ‘brick’ from Anchorman tbh.

  103. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Fucking iPad….. A ball boy to help them and a wagebill of 20+m against the Chavs.. Still an uneven playing field so fuck the Chavs is right. The should do the job on the field and not whine over a bellendboy wasting a few seconds over the course of 180 mins.

  104. zeus

    When asked whether there were any updates, he confirmed: “No [I have nothing to tell you]. That is why I have to shorten the press conference, because I have to do some work!”

  105. K.C.

    I’m sorry did I miss the part where we are supposed to be in awe about playing one good half of football yesterday to beat a terrible Hammers side? Our expectations have declined to ridiculous levels.

  106. Leedsgunner

    AW and minions have such short memories –one decent result against poor opposition and everything is ok now? What about the poor result against Man City and Chelsea?(and that’s just in January). Who will we have to fall back on when Diaby injures himself shortly?

    Honestly this club is so exasperating! No ambition at all!

  107. Josip Skoblar

    January 24, 2013 14:05:42

    Cheers mate. You’re right. Tommy Smith, the “quarried” lad from Liverpool was another “hard man” in the old First division. He grew a Gipsy-style handlebar moustache in the 70s and really looked scary.


  108. Nasri's Mouth

    So when we win a game and play well you can pretty much guarantee certain comments on here

    1) We’ve sunk so low people are happy with finishing 4th
    2) All the AKBs think everything is fine now we’ve won 1 game
    3) The opposition were really shit
    4) Great! Now we’ve won a game Wenger wont sign anyone

    Personally I’m just pleased we’re 3 points better off than 24 hours ago, and hope in a weeks time we’ll be another 3 points better off