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Morning people,  it’s  the 22nd of January, we’re 22 points off the top and 19 off the bottom. Bad times all round. This hasn’t been the January I’d dreamed of in December. We’re 7 points away from Spurs and our game in hand is tomorrow night against West Ham. They’re no push overs and Fat Sam is world class at sniffing out Arsenal moments of weakness. However, if we do the job and take the maximum points from the game, we’ll be 4 points off Spurs. I’m not sure what the deal was this time last year, but I’m pretty sure we were further away from them than we are now… All this mind the gap nonsense I’ve been getting via text seems a bit ridiculous. If it was 10 points, I’d get it, but come on… Spurs aren’t known for the their bottle through the home stretch and Arsenal are more than capable of putting in a strong finish.

According to the Daily Hill-wood, Arsene has held crisis talks  with the team. Apparently he’s asked for more leaders on the pitch. I’m not sure how you ask for that? It’s not easy to interpret those instructions is it? Arsene Wenger shouldn’t have to ask people to stand up and be counted. He should build a squad of players who are those leaders. For me, he should pick a captain that has the trust of the squad and the fans. I’ve not been told anything about Thomas Vermalen, but I’ve got to say, if I was being led by someone who was putting in poor performances on a regular basis, I think I’d feel a bit flat.

Whatever Wenger says about the captaincy lacking importance is totally wrong. You need a leader out on the pitch. For me, that should be Arteta. I know Jack is the guy who shows the most heart out on the pitch… but I think by giving him the armband, we’re giving him too much too soon. He needs to earn the greatest honour on the planet, so when he gets it, he’ll cherish it. Too many armband’s have been dished out over the years as an emotional bribe. Sure, he’ll get it one day, sure he has the ingredients to be one of  the greatest, but let him develop first… let him make the mistakes he’ll make… then when he’s one of the best players in the league, hand it over to him. We all saw what the pressure of the captaincy did to Cesc, let’s not make the same mistake twice.

The rumour mill has been going into overdrive. David Villa has reportedly told Barcelona he’d like to do one. So, that basically opens the door for Arsenal to walk in and snap up a deal. If we could get him for under £10m, he’d certainly give us a much needed option up top. I’m still not sure his size suits the league, but the simple fact is, his movement and world class finishing could really push us on. We haven’t had a player who can convert half chances this season… that man can. What’s the cost of dropping out of the Champions League? A lot… if he can kick us on, he’d be worth it even if we only had him for the rest of the season.

So, here’s some sleuthing… Valencia have defaulted on an £65m loan. Who’s the guarantor on that loan? The local government of course! So basically, the council are running the club. Now, here’s the thing people… Spain are broke. I mean, seriously broke. So here is what I’m thinking… their best players are there for the taking. I don’t watch a lot of Spanish football, so I put it out to Twitter yesterday and their two best players are 1) Banega, who after much research looks like a tough central midfielder with and eye for a pass, a mazy run and the odd goal. He’s 24 and he’s a central midfielder, he looks in the same mould as Arteta, he’ll have that Argentinian spirit and he’ll give the boss the option to bring in some quality when rotating players.

The second player I insist we look at is Roberto Soldado, he’s 27 years old, he has pace, he looks like a bit of a fighter and he bangs goals in for fun. This year, he’s scored 21 goals in 27 starts including 3 for the Spanish national team. He’s scored 93 goals over the last four seasons and his fitness record looks impeccable. Technically gifted as well as being quite creative with the types of goals he scores.

Two players who we could easily sign. Arsenal are Europe’s contractual security blanket… there’s a big opportunity to take advantage of Valenica’s problems… and we should do it. I’m sure both those players would cost a fraction of what David Villa would and they’d fit perfectly into Wenger’s ‘I LANDED A GREAT DEAL’ category of signing.

Jeez… I’m so good at scouting players.

There are noises around certain players… including stories about Florian Thauvin. I can’t even be bothered to Grimantube him. A £4m signing from Bastia isn’t going to save our season. I don’t care how many stepovers he can do over 20 metres. He’s not now quality and he’s a million miles away from being proven.

I love the homepage. It really fails to connect with the fans. Traffic to a football website is unconditional, so there’s no baseline for what’s good and what’s bad. People will always go to the homepage, hits will always be high and the bad content or headlines will get ignored. Look at the above… Who cares if this has been Theo’s best season? Who cares if he’s earning plaudits? This is our worst season under Wenger in 16 years. How is ‘It’s vital we beat West Ham’ even a headline? It’s vital we win every game. The only thing missing from that group of headlines is the Johann Djourou ‘We will improve’ gem that pops up every week.

There she is! After conceding 5 goals in his first game...

Theo Walcott reckons the players don’t believe in themselves. Which is alarming. I’m not surprised, they get outsmarted most weeks by the opposition. Perhaps if we had more of a game plan and players had strict instructions on what their roles within the team were, they’d have a little more belief. The whole point of having great technique is that when things aren’t going well, you can fall back on good basics. I  think the same can be said of preparation. If the team isn’t in a good run of form, knowing how the opposition generally set up can give you an extra 5%. Knowing how team takes set pieces also gives you that little bit of extra confidence and that split second you didn’t have before. Having a system to fall back on when you’re two goals down can act as the spring board to help you consolidate and kick on.

… but I guess at the heart of it, a lot of the players aren’t good enough. Wenger can tell his babies they’re the greatest until he’s blue in the face, it doesn’t change the obvious facts… they’re not. Which is why they need help. Which is why they need to be drilled tactically. Which is why big names need to be dropped if they’re not conforming. If Diaby can’t track runs, drop him. If Podolski won’t give protection to his left back, put someone in who will. If anyone looks like they’re not giving 100%… put someone in who will do. Trouble is, Wenger doesn’t give himself the squad options to activate that without killing our chances of winning games.

Therein lies the problem…

Anyway, lots of words for you today. Enjoy and play nice in the comments.


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  1. Dev_Gooner

    I doubt he will ever leave arsenal to go manage in france… He’s a greedy mofo and the fact that the French are now taxing a bomb to these rich mofos would hardly appeal to someone who is hell bent on only making money for himself.

    I agree with a lot of the above. I was one of those who hated anyone who said wenger out. So much so, that I even nearly got into a fight with my uni teacher coz he was taking the piss out of him! but now that I actually invest in the club (fanshare scheme) I can get access to info like financial statements and its there to be seen. We are a lot healthier financially than we were say in 2006-7 when we moved to the emirates. Profits rising every year! So all AKB’s who say we dont have the money to compete with City and Chelsea are fucking delusional and dont have an ounce of common sense. Yes we are not a club that will splash out £30-£40m on one single player like citeh of chelski (though we can if we want to, Cavani, Goetze, hummels to name a few), but we can definitely spend money on players that are talented and proven. Yann M’vila (£9m), Demba Ba (£8m), Yanga Mbiwa (£7m), Fellaini (£22m) Salgado, Sneijder (£10m) all affordable top class players. And just think that if we had signed few of the above, we would be competing! Not just for “4th place trophies” but for actual trophies! But no wenger has to do it his way with “project youth” or “project britain” as it is now and we will continue to slide down the table.

    Wenger leaving isnt the end of arsenal fc. Its the end of Arsene FC! he brought all this anger/name calling on himself by his ridiculous decision making!

    Arsenal Till I Die!
    Wenger OUT

  2. Yippee Kai Yay


    I think we were talking at cross purposes at one point.

    I was referring to the ‘structure’ and ‘irony’ of my post at 15:30. At no point did I think you had the ability to comprehend the post at 14:35 (hence why i suspected your response was to the 15:30 and why the use of ‘hollow’ was so apt).

    And btw, I still don’t.

    Now, can you answer a straight forward question, or are you going to sit on your fence making crap similes and analogies which don’t make any sense to anyone who even vaguely speaks English?

    Arsenal FC, will they finish in the top 4 this season?

  3. Keyser

    Yippee – No mate, you might have been at corss purposes, your post at 14:35 or whenever it was, at least the one with the Classic le Grove standpoint “because no-one had the balls to make the change” has been answered.

    If you respond to mine at 16:15 I might, and I enphsize might respond to your attempt at obsfucation.

    Otherwise I’ve dealt with your post, I’ve tried to explain how ‘hollow’ all of this communication could be, and all-in-all it simply brings us back to the irony of your first point.

    “because no-one had the balls to make the change”

  4. Arsene's Nurse

    Keyser’s Mum: Have you seen Keyser?
    Keyser’s Little brother: I think he’s in the bathroom?
    Keyser’s Mum: Still?
    Keyser’s Little brother: Yep, been in there 5 hours now.
    Keyser’s Mum: Right I’ll get him.
    Keyser’s Mum: (Knock knock) Keyser darling, are you in there?
    Keyser: Yeah.
    Keyser’s Mum: You’ve been in there a long time, shouldn’t you come out now?
    Keyser: No,
    Keyser’s Mum: I hope you’re not masterbating in there.
    Keyser: No. I’m arguing with the man.
    Keyser’s Mum: What man?
    Keyser: The man outside the window.
    Keyser’s Mum: What window? There’s no window in the bathroom.
    Keyser: But he keeps arguing with me.
    Keyser’s Mum: That’s the mirror again poppet.
    Keyser’s Mum:(Murmurs to self) God this is the third time this month I’ve had to call the ambulance, neighbours are beginning to talk.

  5. Cesc Appeal

    M’Bwia’s gone to Newcastle then, £7 Million….sigh .

    Wenger the liar strikes again, last week he was chasing Zaha, today he was never interested.

    Boring, Boring Arsenal.

    Same shit, different season.

  6. mystic

    According to skybet Arsenal are 5:1 favourites to sign David Villa – mind you Swansea are 2nd fav at 16:1 and I know which I think the more likely!

  7. Keyser

    AN’s mum – ‘What are you doing darling?’

    AN – ‘I’m reading someone argue on a football blog against someone else’

    An’s mum – ‘ffs I thought you were doing something normal like having a wank’

    AN – ‘Oh I am mum, don’t you worry’

    *Credit Joppa*

  8. Cesc Appeal


    I’d love to see Villa at Swansea, outside of Arsenal I really do like BvB and Swansea.

    Mind you if I’m saying things I’d love to see No.1 would be Jurgen Kloop at Arsenal…


    Jennifer Lawrence’s boobies because…i mean…my God those thing’s look fantastic.

  9. Dannyboy

    CA, did you know she goes out with that ugly little goofy cunt that was in About A Boy? Fucking hell…

    Haha onto Arsenal related news, Adam Szalai has said he is happy at Mainz, amid interest from Arsenal. Fucking hell even the nobodies don’t wanna join us!

  10. Cesc Appeal


    You’ve literally destroyed my world with that.

    If i was her boyfriend she’d get into bed look at me, sigh, ‘go on then.’

    I’d grab a handful of her boobies and swaying them around sing ‘my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard and they’re like…it’s better than yours, damn right, it’s better than yours I could teach you, but I’d have to charge.’

    Kiss her on the forehead ‘night princess.’


    Would actually have to be Wenger the tit out, I would get the same amount of pleasure and would probably touch myself all the same in ecstasy.

  11. Keyser

    It’s like being attacked by Snow White’s minions it’s cool.

    I definetly would like a Pasty, the man in the mirror never gives me his.

  12. Cesc Appeal

    To the tune of Blondie I touch Myself.

    I’d love, anybody else. When I think about Wenger I shoot myself, shoot myself….

  13. Dannyboy

    CA, if you was her boyfriend you certainly wouldn’t ever be writing on this fucking blog that’s for sure! Infact, I doubt you would actually do anything other then eat, take a shit and then get back into bed with her, and out again for the obligatory occasional shower.

    Have we signed anyone yet???

    We should sign this guy looks the real deal to me.

  14. Yippee Kai Yay

    I have no idea what a ‘corss purpose’ is, but I’m pretty sure the urban dictionary has it listed under ‘iincapable of making a point’.

    I have no idea what the hell you are on about Keyser, even less so than usual.

    And clearly I am not alone in thinking that, judging by the comments.

    Btw, If you ever find yourself contemplating what your purpose in life is I can answer that one for you.:

  15. Cesc Appeal


    I’d probably just spend all day drooling looking at that chest, don’t want to sound like a perv or anything but those breasts are incredible.

    To think I didn’t find her attractive at all in The Hunger Games.

    She came across as quite mannish, though I suppose that is exactly what she wanted to achieve.

  16. Dannyboy

    Keyser, embedding isn’t really that necessary, just right click the link and open it in a new window…

    CA, I’ll second that, hopefully her career takes a nosedive and she makes a porn film. I would appreciate that greatly! 😉

  17. Dan Ahern

    I wonder if Pedro is as serious about racism as the FA. If so we probably won’t be seeing gambon on here again for another 10, 15 minutes.

  18. kwik fit

    Hummels, Gotze & villa to arsenal by the end of the transfer window.. If that came true I swear I would kiss wengers bare arse in the dug out just before the next home game.

  19. kwik fit


    Your right thats me of the hook then!

    Please don’t tell me Diaby is out off tomorrows game!!! WTF!!
    Thats Ramsey in the middle.
    No arteta/Diaby/Coq/Rosicky

  20. Adam Bucci

    I agree that poldolski has to cover more in defense but look who he’s covering – a left back who spends more time up front playing winger than his assigned position in the Swansea replay Sagna was out on the left at one point covering for Gibbs.

    As for Sagna, resign him or start playing Jenks.

    And is arshavin even on the team sheet anymore – diaby’s seen more time on pitch this season than him or rosicky.

  21. mystic

    Dannyboy January 22, 2013 18:26:18
    Mystic, 30 seconds with Jennifer Lawrence, or Messi to Arsenal on a 12 year contract?.. choices choices…
    Hmm a hard one, both would bring great joy – on the basis my wife would kill me, I’ll have to say Messi.

  22. Cesc Appeal

    We’ve lost out on Ba, Remy and M’Bwia…all bargains.

    There are still some to be had though Wenger get a move on!

    M’Vila £7 Million.

    Diame £3.5 Million.

    Lescott £5 – 8 Million.

    Sinclair £5-8 Million.

    Villa £10-15 Million.

    Could easily afford all of them. And have bundles left!

    Sagna, Lescott, Verm, Gibbs
    Diame, M’Vila, Wilshere
    Walcott, Villa, Cazorla

    With Sinclair, Arteta, Podolski, Koscielny/Mert, Diaby, Giroud, Shea/Mannone/Flappy

    £30 Million worth of additions.

  23. Evan

    Arsenal 1886: Lol Make up is a compete bitch,
    AN: Hero comment
    Tomorrows game will see the master tactician/Walrus out smart Le Senile again. Expecting Sam to park the bus and attack us on set pieces. draw or loss expected

  24. TitsMcgee

    It is a big ten days now for Wenger, who must squeeze some winners through the remaining lifetime of January’s transfer portal, and this time players like Park Chu-young just won’t cut it. It would be churlish not to let Arsenal’s last high-profile departure have the final word, so here is RVP again: “If you look at the past couple of months, I think that explains why I left Arsenal.” Ouch.


    Hi,all first time poster..

    But having been following the great
    Le-Grove for years..

    Many poster’s on here are just simply fab..

    Le-Grove,brighten’s up those dull cold winter months..

  26. Ric

    Hey TitsMcgee is the notion that Arsene bought Park Chu Young only in order to spite Monaco too far a stretch?

    Initially I vawed it off myself as being too petty even for him, but…

  27. Evan

    Who came up with the rent a blimp “In Arsene we rust idea?? Friggin genius, I would happily have me a piece of that action and make a donation.

  28. follow the money

    Ronaldo, Mata, Cahill, Smalling, these are just a few of the transfer targets we have lost out on. Until we start winning battles in the transfer market we will continue to lose battles on the pitch. It’s not rocket science

  29. Cesc Appeal


    I too would.

    Even if it was a tethered balloon anchored in someone’s property so no one could touch it but that was viewable from the Emirates….that would be priceless.

    Could have it 24/7 floating.

  30. TitsMcgee

    Bordeaux forward Yoan Gouffran announces on Twitter that he will join Newcastle tomorrow per Sky Sports

    Pardew going the way of the OGL.

  31. Dan Ahern

    CA — It’s reported that Rubin Kazan bid £9.5m for M’Vila.

    Would YOU pay Gervinho-level prices for a young experienced DM?

    Didn’t think so.

    But for real, his choices are currently QPR or Russia. How easy is it to secure his signature right now?

  32. Leedsgunner

    “In Arsene we rust” blimp – better yet have it tethered and anchored in the middle of the communal gardens at Highbury Square — at least the residents will have something interesting to look at for an afternoon — over Bobby Pires prancing around flicking his lustrious hair around everywhere… 😉 It also has a sad poetic ring to it somehow.

  33. Evan

    Just emailed a Blimp Company for a quote, once I get a rough idea, I will get some competitive pricing and post costs. I stipulated location, weekend Sat/Sun dependent on fixtures, to rent between 14:00 – 18:00pm match day, non offensive comment.

    It’s time to get some media coverage. In terms of how we make donations in a safe way, I haven’t got a clue, but I’m willing to throw some money at it

  34. Cesc Appeal


    On one side

    ‘In Arsene we Rust…WWOAB.’

    Other side

    ‘We decided to save our money and not come to your ‘games’ and buy this blimp!!’

  35. Royal Bludger

    Evan – I’m good for 50 quid (as long as the message isn’t offensive and states any of the many widely held sentiments).

    Some Suggestions to get the ball rolling: “Time to Go”, “Leave your Legacy Intact”, “Fuck Off You Arrogant Senile Cunt”.

    Easy to set up a paypal account, no?

  36. Alex James

    Calm down everyone. The 2014 date lauded by Gazidis is only 11 months away! Then watch us take off, straight to the Championship

  37. Gunner2301


    Spite Monaco?

    He was going to Lille for 1.8mill and we ended up paying 2.6-3mill plus a few mill extra when he was exempt military service.

    Wenger basically scuppered any possible move for Hazard by pissing off Lille whilst helping out his cash strapped former Club Monaco.

    Proof of the matter Park has played about 10 minutes on a contract till 2015. So the money to Monaco was basically a gift.

    Funniest thing is Wenger got away with it.


  38. Dannyboy

    Bludger, them first two are a bit offensive to me… Last one’s a bit light aswell, doesn’t really get your point across! 😉

  39. Dannyboy

    Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa officially unveiled at Newcastle on a 5 1/2 year contract, for £ 6 million… Wenger didn’t even consider him. Didn’t we pay twice that for Koshitny?

  40. Dannyboy

    Kwik, I’d like to use a certain word to describe Pardew, but the word is on the banned list so i’ll substitute it for what is apparently a more acceptable word…….

    WHAT A CUNT!!!

  41. Dannyboy

    haha Kwik, I tried to count in my head the number of managers in the Premier League who are generally worse than Wenger… Pardew was in the list. Can’t think of many others which is a big concern. Possibly Lambert and that’s about it.

  42. Johnty79

    Wenger is. A fucking cunt who I hopefucking. ????l. Mbiwa is big black and strong. Everything that one titles on 2002-2004. Not signing him and holtby is a disgrace.

    Arsenal fans just give up and support spurs. At least they treat fans with respect.

    Wenger, Hillwood, gizadas, Rowley, kronke a cancer of the club. West ham, Liverpool,Stoke, Sunderland. 6 games we won’t win that I hope ends in wengers

  43. kwik fit

    Not at all sure about this Diame Gezzer. He blows hot and cold If you ask me. He wasn’t a permanent fixture at Wigan and no one really knows his best position.
    But Wenger likes a bargin no matter how good they are. He likes the old adage ‘ never mind the quality feel the width’

  44. Dannyboy

    Kwik, I’m a big fan of Diame and wouldn’t be against him coming in. The worrying this is though that rather than chucking the 3 million West Hams way for his buyout clause, wenger is waiting for Diame to smash us tomorrow night before deciding if he’s seen enough of him to make a bid. So cheap.

  45. kwik fit

    What chance has poor Ramsey got against the force that is Diame. Answer…..None.
    I think Wenger mentioning him today in the presser can only work against us. If wenger had a brain he would be dangerous.

  46. Dannyboy

    haha Kwik you nicked that off @arsenalaction didnt you you little perv!
    Fucking hell though if they have that sort of view at the gym I might have to sign up to one!!!!

  47. Dannyboy

    Diame looks like a Ramires sort of player to me, never gunna be a double figures goals/assists sort of player but he gets from box to box with ease, he’s basically what people imagine Diaby would be if he wasn’t permanently injured..

  48. Northern Gooner

    The French Fuck mentions players only in the hope that other managers will go buy the fuckers saving him the bother !! but enabling the cunt to say we tried to sign them !! TWAT
    Wenger Out

  49. Samir

    Newcastle have REPORTEDLY bought Yoan Gouffran, Moussa Sissoko, Massadio Haïdara, and Yanga-Mbiwa for £12.46m

    GREAT business…Where were we?

  50. kwik fit

    Guilty has charged your honour;
    With her in the gym however one would find it extremely hard to get on with one’s exercise’s. Does one know what one means?

  51. LeMassiveCoq

    Dr. Mr. Wenger.

    Why are Bradford City, both better at: taking and attacking corners than Arsenal? Why do they show more commitment and enthusiasm, more fight and determination? You could buy and pay their whole team with Squillacis wages for a year.

    Go now, you silly, senile cunt.

  52. SpanishDave

    Diame it is cheaper for poundstretcher Arsenal. Highest prices, lowest priced players how embarasing. Next year lets have our shirts sponsored by Dollar general. We are now the pits with Wenger. Scrapyard tossers

  53. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    No doubt it will be a last minute panic buy spree picking up the players no one else wants… More dross that we will be burden with for years? We are a badly run FOOTBALL club but a well run accounts company … We should have an AFC ad agency!

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Not even a well run Accounts Company.

    £145 Million wage bill?

    If I was a shareholder I’d be asking this ‘accounts company’ to justify that

  55. Toli83

    I really don’t want diame…

    I mean had this really what’s its come to. He’s a poor mans dembele and he’s average to good player himself.

    Shame both would stroll into our team.

    One team iv got my eye on is AC Milan. The average age of their team is 23 now,they’ve cleared out the stars and starting with a young team with emphasis on the youth model. They have promised fans trophies in two seasons, similar to Arsenal 8 years ago. Be interesting to see how they get on with there new model similar to ours…

  56. Paddy got up

    My money is on him buying no one. Sense says he will buy a couple of no ones to take the pressure off. However he now actually hates the fans as much as we hate him, so it’s now personal.
    Also how can Steve Bould just sit there and put up with this shit? I thought he was a bit mad and does what he wants. SPEAK UP STEVE

  57. mystic

    FUCKING HELL Sneijder a £8.4m move to Galatasaray – there is absolutely NO logical excuse why Arsenal didn’t get in there. One of the top 5 players in the world has moved for practically nothing and we weren’t even in the running.

    I am totally, utterly devastated. Fucking hell, losing RvP would have been a little blip had Arsenal got Sneijder.

  58. mystic

    Just not behind Arsenal’s closed doors. Absolute farce.

    You can divide the PL teams in to 3 categories regarding Sneijder:

    1) top clubs who could afford him, but probably decided they didn’t have space to fit him in the team;

    2) vast majority of the PL clubs that would have loved him had his wages been cut by about 75%;

    3) Arsenal, who needed him, could have afforded him (if Theo is worth £100k per week, christ Sneijder is worth double), but couldn’t be arsed to even fake interest in case the club suddenly found itself under intense expectation from the fans.

  59. Paddy got up

    Sneijder would of fitted perfectly in with us. He’s a money grabbing little toad aswell.
    He was going Manure last year and kept moving the goalposts demanding more and more. When all his personal demands were met he demanded that the Mancs buy his house in Milan off him!
    He would of been management material at the Arsenal.

  60. Arben

    Double gooner
    It all went tits up when he let Bishboff go
    It all went tits up since he start beginning to think he was the holy grail.
    All medias fault, poor man now he is back and shattered.
    But he made a hell of money for himself, he screw the fans over just for the sake of greediness .

  61. Royal Bludger

    “Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger admits this season will go down as a huge missed opportunity to end his side’s wait for the Premier League title”.

    This season will go down as a huge missed opportunity.

    It’s beyond belief.

  62. Arben

    He knew what the consequences would be and he knew very well that you never win anything with kids, but he had a dream and that dream was to sell the players for a big profit,in return they paid him well in return. Greedy French Cunt.

  63. paul mc daid

    It all went belly up the day Dein got fired,that left us with a board that knew nothing about football,Wenger then took total control of the club and bought into the myth that he was some kind of a genius when the truth is that without Dein taking him by the hand,without the players he inherited and without an owner who demanded success Wenger has been exposed for what he really is,an overpaid,lying,gutless,pathetic,career loser incomponet fool living in a fantasy world.

  64. mystic

    “It was a fantastic opportunity (to win the league) this season. To catch Manchester United now is out of sight at the moment.”

    WTF only recently he was confirming that he knew Utd with RvP would win the title!

    @Paddy. agree that Sneijder has some insane demands, but he is 1000000000 times better than most of the midfield donkeys that currently turn out / sit on the bench.

    @Paul, DD has continued to voice his support for AW, his judgement at times is questionable.

  65. Monkeyjeffrey

    Have you guys seen this
    Now his telling the fans to mind there own busines
    He couldn’t give a fuck about the fans

    ARSENAL boss says he never wanted to sign Zaha – days after claiming he DID want the ace
    Wenger also launched a bizarre rant at the Press — pulling the drawbridge up on Arsenal’s London Colney HQ by claiming fans should only be told what happens ON the pitch.
    He added: “I do not talk about what happens inside. You live in a world where you do not have to come into our sleeping room to know exactly what happens.
    “We have to inform you but do not forget that first your job is to judge us and assess us on what we do on the football pitch — not every day on what’s happening on the inside.
    “I think it becomes a little bit ridiculous now that every single moment in a football club has to become public and has to be explained.
    “We have to stand up for our bad performances but not for everything we do inside the club

  66. Gunner2301


    He’s obviously forgotten who pays his wages. Cunt. He’s getting as bad as Hill-Wood and I don’t mean Pedro 😆

    Talk about a manager that’s been left behind by football, Twitter, Social Networks spreading things like wildfire and everything else in the modern age.


  67. Gunner2301

    It would be funny if the players Newcastle have bought allow them to pip us for the 6th spot. A mere rumour that Colicini wants to leave and they bring in an equal if not better defender before he’s even gone. We just get rid of players and don’t replace them or replace with vastly inferior quality.

  68. Evan

    “I think it becomes a little bit ridiculous now that every single moment in a football club has to become public and has to be explained”

    When the fans stop going to watch the best squad ever assembled, will the fans have to explain, will the club actually listen. How dare Arsenal fans have an opinion and show an interest in something they love, shame on you all

  69. dennisdamenace

    “I think it becomes a little bit ridiculous now that every single moment in a football club has to become public and has to be explained”

    Unfortunately you fucking fraud that comes with the territory, you are accountable to the fans, and basically if you don’t like it fuck off elsewhere, and when you get there fuck off some more….

  70. goonerboy

    Yet another great post from Pedro. We go on about signings and money all the time- and for good reason- but the fact is Chelsea and Man City regularly pay over the odds for anyone. We don’t have to pay a fraction of what they have done to achieve the same results.

    We all saw Hazard at the weekend- yeah he’s good but he sure as hell does not look worth 32m plus 200k per week- possible half that by todays standards.
    For years now- the AKB have tried to justify irresponsible under investment by holding the profligacy of Chelsea up as the only alternative.

    Its a fake argument- and its irrelevant-people on here have given a list of players as long as your arm who would improve this squad who cost very little and Pedro has added 2 more even better players but Wenger won’t buy anyone that will improve this team. Not because he can’t- but because he is a weird French eccentric that does not behave logically. He would be fired in any other business on the planet- except perhaps Stan Kroenke’s Arsenal- which is immensely frustrating and sad for us.
    It is the case that they will learn the hard way that persevering with Wenger will come at an immense cost in our fan base.