Players not working for the manager | The manager not working for the club… he’s working for himself

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Arteta steps up for the second

Well, well. Beaten again. Wenger’s worst points total up until this point in a season ever. It’s getting easier and easier to write these posts because dissecting Arsenal isn’t a challenge anymore. A 14 year old school boy could manage it because our approach to games is so basic, predictable and easy to work around.

Chelsea weren’t particularly impressive yesterday, which made the defeat even tougher to digest. We lined up with the strongest line up we could. Arteta was missing, but he’s hardly been a rock this season. My thinking was that Coquelin would probably suit the game better than the ex-Evertonian because he has the energy and pace which you need to take on a Chelsea midfield packed out with fast moving technically gifted players.

Well, things didn’t really work out how I’d expected. Within a 5 minutes we were a goal down. Giroud was slipped in on goal by Theo, he had found acres of space, took aim and let rip wide of the far right post. A terrible miss for a Premiership striker. It didn’t take long for the ball to make its way down our end, Coquelin managed to pick up possession in the middle of  the park, he went on a bit of a dribble, Ramires crunched his ankle, the ref should have called a foul, the ball made it out wide to Hazard, he looped a ball to Mata who had  ghosted into the box in front of Sagna and behind Mertesacker… the Spaniard stunned the ball with his first touch and roofed it with his second. A real shambolic goal from start to finish… how can two internationals be so unaware of who is around them? Also… notice that two players we should have signed help work the goal?

Both teams failed to get to grips early on, Arsenal had chances, Cazorla fired a swerving shot at Cech but it was tipped wide. Lampard found himself free in our box after a corner, he wrapped his volley against the post but was adjudged offside. He wasn’t offside, once again, the Arsenal players had their minds on other things.

The next major incident came in midfield. Mertesacker played a ball into Diaby, the Frenchman turned into danger and lost the ball to Ramires, he set Torres free… at this point Ramires made his way into the box, Sagna didn’t track his run, Coquelin didn’t look behind him… Torres played the ball to Mata who pass across goal to Ramires, the keeper came bounding out of his box and spread for the block with his legs wide, Ramires fell over him on purpose and the penalty was given.

No one sees Ramires...

Terrible defending. Whether Ramires dived or not is not the point. If you come flying out of your area like that, you open yourself up to that type of trickery. Watch the replay back, when Ramires is played in, the Arsenal players all stand and watch, they pretty much give up, there’s 4 of them all in a bunch like an under 11s bottom division game. Lampard stepped up, struck his penalty the opposite direction of the Chesney dive and made it 2-0 after 15 minutes.

After that, there was no reaction from the Arsenal players. There was no game plan. They had no clue what they were doing or wh0 they were playing for. It was abundantly clear no thought had gone into a game plan. I understand that teams can find themselves a couple of goals down early on, that’s not what bothered me, the total lack of effort to rescue the game is… The worst culprit was Bacary Sagna. I love him as a player, by my oh my how he’s regressed since these botched contract negotiations. He looked like he was sulking at one point, pottering around like an old lady in haberdashery. How many more terrible performances does he have to drop before Jenkinson is given a go?

Our system is supposed to be built upon pressing the opposition off the ball. We don’t do it. So unless my assertions about how our Barca type set up is supposed to work are totally wrong, the players aren’t doing the basics. We literally sit back and let the play come to us. Occassionally if we’re up for it we’ll close down. But again, if no thought has gone into how you press, it’s kind of pointless. I can accept that we don’t have a team dripping in quality, most clubs don’t… what I can’t accept is that you can’t get pretty good players to play with fire in their bellies. You don’t need to be world class to play with passion. That comes from the top. That could come from Steve Bould if he was given responsibility for anything more than picking up the cones and cutting the half time oranges.

The second half, as expected, had a little more about it. Mertesacker fired a shot from the edge of the box straight at Cech. Walcott found space down the right and forced a good save with a low drive. Giroud added to his woes when he missed a pretty good chance to head home from a Sagna cross. Maybe it was a tough chance with all the shoving that was going on, but still, I expected a little more.

Our chance came after some good work from Cazorla in the middle saw the Spaniard slice a beautiful through ball to Theo who took one touch and banged his shot into the top corner. We were back in the game.

We didn’t have enough in the tank after our 15 minutes of fight. Most of the good chances fell to Chelsea. Torres hashed up his afternoon with some terrible finishing and Demba Ba showed  us all how rubbish he is when he rounded Chesney and had his shot saved off the line by Thomas Vermaelen. Giroud summed up our afternoon when he found his way to the byline, he cut back, but no one had the forethought to make their way into the dangerzone.

The tie finished 2-1… Arsene Wenger once again showed himself up…  our squad too good Arsene? Really?

Today  the newspapers and people in the know are saying we’re in for M’Villa and a host of other players. Why does it take a couple of bad results to confirm the obvious? If M’Villa is coming in now, why didn’t we have him this summer? We’re too reactive. If we’d won yesterday, no doubt we wouldn’t be in for anyone. When you’ve got £70m in the bank, you shouldn’t be waiting for the late January sales… especially when so many of the important games have come at the start of the month.

We’re now seriously staring down the barrel of missing out on the top four. I’m not going to get too despondent, this is a poor league this year. Win 5 games on the bounce and I’ve no doubt we’ll be sitting in in the top four. However, this strategy of hoping we’ll improve by being the team to regress the least is utterly ridiculous. There’s no fight in that squad. That’s not because there’s no fight in the players, that’s because we’re a shambles and the manager has lost the faith. People fight for Mourinho, Pep and Ferguson… why aren’t they doing the same for Arsene?

Our bench was embarrassingly poor yesterday. No striker, no midfielder who you could count on. This mess isn’t going to be solved with new players, the problem goes way beyond that. The club is rotting, it’s just such a shame the only way we’ll see an improvement is if the manager leaves… or we get to the end of his current deal. He’s built up too many credit points with Stan Kroenke to lose his job even if he finishes 8th. What a terrible way to run a football club? Arsenal need to be careful they don’t let the rot go too far… without the Champions League you lose appeal which makes it hard to snap up players like Cazorla. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but I can honestly say I’m seriously worried. I’ve never seen a Wenger team so unresponsive. A combination of bad management and average players.

Time is running out on the transfer window and we need a massive kick up the back side. The very fact that Wenger has taken so long to remedy the glaring problems shows you how deeply he’s slipped into power mad arrogance. He’s doing it his way, regardless of how obvious the outcome is…

10 days left to make an impact on the transfer window. Keep them crossed Wenger lucks out and we bring in the type of quality that can work without instruction…



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  1. d3180y

    Its really sad to see the club and the fans going through this difficult period in our history.

    I have been Pro- Wenger throughout but even I am seeing his crown slipping. Its an open question to the floor, what can the club do to change the status quo?

    There must be a tangible reason why money isn’t being invested in the squad, why players neither have the confidence or desire to play to their best and why we are so tactically bereft of ideas.

  2. andy1886

    Palace say a deal with United for Saha ‘has not yet been struck’, which is code for he’s just about on his way but we’re holding out for another million.

    Can’t say I’m bothered, last thing we need is another teenager who may come good in 5 years time.

  3. Arsenalone

    You should ask people to contribute towards a gesture payment to cover your FOC shifts you put in to le grove.

    The herd site ask for a donation,they don’t demand they ask.
    If you don’t donate you end up with a cockerel spurs looking thing above your username

  4. Arse&Nose©

    The middle column of Gilles Grimandi’s expenses sheet has the title “GAME”
    There are notes in each row for this column which could reveal which French targets are actually being tracked.

    Unfortunately the image pixelates when you zoom in to read the text.

    Any experts out there who could extract this information from the image? -or does that only happen in the movies?

  5. Pedro

    Arsenalone, that’s a great idea… but I don’t want to beg. I like running the site, I just can’t be on here all the time.

  6. HerveDeNerve


    Gambon was, as much as i like some of his views, sometimes someone comes on here and posts with an african connotation to their name and then he instantly pulls out the racist card and starts going on about jungles, monkeys and trees.

    If it aint that then he’s wishing death or ill health on Wenger. Take yesterday for example, i can remember off the top of my head some reference he made to whitney houston being found dead in the bath and wishing it was our manager instead.

    He goes way too far. I would imagine that there are a fare few youngsters that read this blog too.

  7. Ash79

    Any experts out there who could extract this information from the image? -or does that only happen in the movies?

    Dear me, look at what we’ve resorted to, look at what Arsene has done to us.

    Mate, does it matter, GrimandiTube is awful.

  8. HerveDeNerve

    To be honest, i dont think we are really that far off, the 2nd half against both Swansea and Chelsea shows that. It just needs 2 big signings and we’ll be fine.

    Where he really fucked up was selling RVP to ManU. You should never sell to your direct rivals. He should of offloaded him to Spain, Italy, Germany, just anywhere really except up the M6!


    My comment was not for you in particuar,but for those who believe that,”no harm was done”.I do understand that you can’t catch every deragatory comment, but the old saying still stands ,heavy is the head that wears the crown.

  10. Joppa Road

    Herve, it may be wrong but I love Gambon for it. I love his made rants and comments. I am as liberal as they come but I just think people are old enough to look after themselves on here without running to Pedro. The blog will be a far worst place without him.

  11. Arse&Nose©

    Ash79-it’s a slow news day.

    I’m sure we can learn more from Grimandi’s scouting expenses than we do from a month on twitter.

    Pedro- put it out there-this could be a clue that helps le-grove break an exclusive signing.

  12. HerveDeNerve

    ArsenaloneJanuary 21, 2013 15:09:44

    Thats a really dim comment. Why don’t you do something constructive like join Black Scarf and air your views that way. Do something, get off your backside if thats how you really feel.

    If what you said really happened, you’d feel ashamed and embarrassed that you said it.

    Stop being so childish

  13. Arsenalone

    I don’t consider man utd a rival any more,our rivals are Liverpool.everton and the retards down the road.

    Also believe we need more that 2 players,just my opinion of course.

    Look at the points difference ATM,mate we are not in the same league as city or utd.

    I bet Munich are shitting their selfs.

    We are playing like a top 6 team and will end up in the Europa league

  14. Joppa Road

    Pedro, I demand Gambon be unmoderated. In line with the sanctions imposed by FIFA and the FA (Terry case) the equivilent ban for Gambon should of been 30 minutes which I believe he has now served.

    I thank you.

  15. Iffy Da Goon

    Wenger would love nothing more than to show the fans up for thinking they know better than him. He’d love nothing more than to stick his nose up at the fans and have them never question his authority again by qualifying for the champions league this season,….forgetting the fact that he’s struggling to do so against teams with a third of the budget that he has at his disposal. That’s the type of person i think he is

  16. Guns of Hackney


    I don’t think being liberal has to come into it. I wouldn’t class myself as liberal at all, but casual (R) acist comments are just cowardly and ignorant.

    Please tell me why, of all the things Gambon could have replied with, did he resort to racism???

    I don’t think anyone is ‘turning’ to Pedro for help…but Pedro runs the site…and there was (R) acist comments being made…that looks bad for both the host and the site should action not be taken.

    Anyway, enjoy your hate everyone. Fuck yourselves you sheep following bastards.

  17. Kola

    Guys you are all annoying me now. Why do you all fail to see the positive that our darling manager see….
    Diaby didnt get injured and he is having the chance he deserves because he doesnt drink or smoke LOL

    If i am absent from work for half of the year through sickness but i dont smoke or drink, i wont have a job anymore talk less of getting more money.

    Guys please behave!!!!!!!! and see the positives LOL

  18. kethees

    Van Persie:
    “I am seeing things again which I haven’t seen for a long time. When I first went to Arsenal years ago I saw things from [Dennis] Bergkamp and [Thierry] Henry that I had never seen in my life before. Now I am seeing those things again and that makes me happy.

  19. Iffy Da Goon

    Arse&Noseno way that’s wenger’s office. Look at all those chargers by the door n stuff. Just because there are magazines with his picture in front doesn’t prove anything…besides what would arene be doing with so many copies of the same magazine anyway….specially when it’s not an official arsenal mag……

  20. Joppa Road

    Guns I love all the commenters on here. I go off on one now and again but I take plenty of shit back too. It’s why I like this blog. Even Keyser I would buy a beer!!!

  21. bergkamp63

    I don’t drink (only at Christmas) or smoke and have lost 4 stone which makes me slimmer than Santoss & Sagna, does that make me good enough to play for Arsenal ?

    Of course it does !!

  22. michael

    His report prob says
    To which wenger replys
    We tried we lokked at these players

  23. Cesc Appeal


    Well put article.

    The rot has been festering for a long time, only now are Arsenal fans waking up to it.

    Chelsea dominated us in the first half and you could sit there and think they STILL have players like Moses and Ba to come on who can hurt us, youngsters like Marco Marin and Ryan Bertrand (whom I’m a big fan of).

    That was what was telling yesterday, our bench. Abysmal.

    Even with a Cavani and a Fellaini type buy we still wouldn’t win anything, Wenger has a laissez-faire attitude to management, he’s gutless and has forgotten how to win (yes it is possible to actually forget).

    I’ve never seen a manager need the sack so bad.

    My two choices are David Moyes (could easily get him, his loyalty to Everton is admirable but the lure would be too great) OR Jurgen Kloop (harder to get, from BvB to us could be seen as a step down.)

  24. sam

    please calm down dudes!

    here is an african say: If a mad man steals your clothes and you run after him naked then you are both mad.

    gambon is an attention seeking hypochondriac, just hold your nerves and pretend you are reading his mentally disturbed he will behave. he loves to say outrageous things to provoke your reaction and there is no need to ban him.

  25. Kushagra

    I believe just like Jaguar Gambon needs to be banned even for a few weeks . I admire his analysis but more often than not he is the instigator , wishing Cancer Aids African Asian etc

  26. Arse&Nose©

    The pictures are real, they are part of the set of pictures released that revealed Wenger’s fines to players.

    “The list was one of about 20 images taken by a friend of club doctor Gary O’Driscoll, who was given a tour of the facility. Arsenal have confirmed that the pictures are genuine and told The Sun: “The manager was made aware of the picture being published and we are very disappointed. We will review our procedures.”

    The paper says the club is “furious”, but it has generated much amusement in other quarters. ”

    Read more:

  27. Kola

    Wenger stop fucking trying….. Do your job.
    If i told my boss that i am just trying to make the Software work and i still cant get it done, he will fire me.

    I remember when i first left college way back and the internet just started, my boss asked me to fix something on his laptop and i looked at it for hours and i couldnt get it done. I returned it to me and the guy of blessed memory sent me back to my cubicle to find a solution. His words that day was…THERE IS ALWAYS A SOLUTION TO A PROBLEM.

    Wenger bloody sits on his ass all summer and o nothing except to comment on every bloody topic.

  28. Kushagra

    IMO Gambon needs to be banned for a few weeks just like Jag(u)ar more often than not he is the chief instigator . I admire his analysis but he keeps on crossing the line

  29. Kola

    Gambon crosses the line but please we need him. This place will be boring without him LOL.
    Up Gambonista…………

  30. mystic

    Err is this an Arsenal blog or a Gambon one?

    Nothing in particular against the twat, it just seems to me he likes being centre of attention – well done all you moaners he has achieved success again.

  31. TitsMcgee

    One only needs look around the league for players we should have been in for.

    Why not Dembele?

    Why not Ba?

    Why not Berbatov?

    All 3 were there for the taking at bargain basement prices.


  32. Paddy got up

    Seems like its quiet in The lefty Islington Council offices again!!
    Freedom of speech. Leave this Gambon geezer alone
    If he’s seen through Wengers lies and spin he’s one up on you people

  33. bergkamp63


    Agreed, but if we all got banned for losing our rag over what has happened to our club there wouldn’t be any Arsenal blogs on the internet ?

  34. Johnny5

    Fucking hell some of you melts are right sensitive little bitches. I for one don’t care if someone’s says a rac ist sexist or homophbic comment I don’t care if they call people the n bomb, fag, cunt, wanker, re tard or whatever. I just care about arsenal and gambon and the others contribute to the debate. I think people need to stop being little girls and grow a set.

  35. Arsenalone

    It appears gambon is more liked than not.

    this site would be boring without him,he’s always got interesting facts about stuff,
    The peodifle talk is a bit near the mark,we have had to put up with that stuff from the window lickers down the road.

    Bring him back pedro

  36. Guns of Hackney

    Do the supporters of that cunt, Gambon suggest that it’s okay to physically attack someone because of their beliefs or colour of their skin?

    If it’s okay to r-acially abuse someone online (not r-acist apparently), why not show real conviction and do it on the street?

    Or is that going ‘too’ far?


  37. bergkamp63


    I think it started with some African coming on and giving us stick for not backing Wenger.

    Given our track record with African players it’s not surprising the frustration gets the better of us now and then ?

    I don’t condone it but am willing to forgive transgressions in light of our situation.

    Let’s forgive and forget &move on !!

  38. swinner

    How can “Players not working for the manager | The manager not working for the club… he’s working for himself” be anything else but sack Wenger.

    About time this very good blog started saying that regularly. Something aloing the lines of:

    Wenger has to go: Players not working for the manager | The manager not working for the club… he’s working for himself

  39. Bush Gooner

    “Catalan daily Sport says David Villa has asked to leave Barcelona in this transfer window with much interest from Premier League clubs”

    He wont be coming to us. He is the wrong side of 15m…

  40. bergkamp63

    I for one regularly e-mail with links to negative comments from news stories in the national papers or sky sports online in protest.

    Most will think I’m wasting my time but at least I am trying to actually do something about the situation.

    The more fans do so, the more likely it will have an effect, they may be taking more note than you think and it’s better than nothing ?

  41. Johnny5


    Noone is saying its right bud but in life there are just some cunts who can’t see past colour, race, religion, sex but life goes on mate besides karma will catch the cunts eventually the likes of gambon will probably end up in jail for some white collar tax avoidance scheme or a dodgy hedge fund and no doubt they’ll get raped by a seven foot 20 stone black guy with a monster cock. Let it go what goes around comes around.

  42. Cesc Appeal

    Diame £3.5 Million

    M’Vila £7 Million

    M’Bwia £6 Million

    Villa £15 Million

    £31.5 Million TOTAL.

    That means you’d have £40 Million-ish left over, with the £30 Million from the new sponsorship deal in the summer it’d be back to £70 Million by July.

    Time then to asses what we got and whether we can then launch a bid for Cavani etc

    But I think we’ll get nothing.

    If Diaby breaks again Wenger will offer for Diame because he’s a bargain.

    Our luck, Diaby will break February 1st…and all the AKB will say ‘it’s not Wenger fault he thought that a player who averages 13 starts a season and has had over 35 separate injury issues in 6 years would be able to play for the season.’

  43. salparadiseNYC

    In all to doom surrounding this Arsenal side, i’ve chosen to look back to last seasons performance at Stamford Bridge, the Van Persie hat trick, John Terry’s brush with greatness bringing him to his knees and that lovely scoreline.

    I can’t help but wonder what Wenger is thinking? Every replacement he’s made has not matched up in quality, supposed money to spend is ignorantly hoarded, waiting for the current line up to ‘gel’. All to stubborn to admit defeat and press on for the betterment of the club.
    Obvious assets lacking, foremost a world class finisher which Giroud is not, could of been such a different outcome had he put the first chance away.
    In a room is a financial team crushing numbers on potential money spent and probability of making top four and the financial gains that comes with it or the flip side, spending nothing and accepting a future without the champions league and its perks.

    Its all going to come to a boil soon.

  44. Spectrum

    Hey guys……We could very easily do the Double by missing out on top 4 AND be knocked out of the F.A. Cup by Brighton. Yessssssssssss !!!!!

    I feel like Slim Pickens riding the bomb in ” Dr. Strangelove ; or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Arsene”……….YEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HIIIII !!!!!!

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  45. salparadiseNYC

    “I feel like Slim Pickens riding the bomb in ” Dr. Strangelove ; or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Arsene”……….YEEEEEEEEEEEEE-HIIIII !!!!!!”

    Rocking reference!

  46. Dannyboy

    Look at Cardiff, top of the championship, and signing a good Premier League proven striker to guarantee them promotion.

    Imagine if we were top of the Premier League now, Wenger would sell Walcott and Cazorla and say the rest of the squad had ‘the beleeeeeeef of champions’

  47. Bush Gooner


    Thats a no brainer. We clearly cannot carry on with only one striker and he is available. He has come back from a serious injury and has already netted for Barca

  48. Bush Gooner

    Wenger’s gonna string Barca along till 11:59:30 on deadline day to try and knock off a couple of million of Villa. Then will turn around and say they didnt need him as this is the best squad he worked with.

  49. bergkamp63

    Bush GoonerJanuary 21, 2013 16:23:02
    Wenger’s gonna string Barca along till 11:59:30 on deadline day to try and knock off a couple of million of Villa. Then will turn around and say they didnt need him as this is the best squad he worked with.

    You’re probably right as it closes at 11pm !!

  50. Spectrum

    sam – ” gambon is an attention seeking hypochondriac.” I think you may have meant “megalomaniac”. L.O.L.

    But agree Gambon is out of order on occasions. The tragedy is he has so much wit and talent, and articulates his views in such a concise and sometimes humourous manner that does entertain us so much. It’s such a pity he can’t temper his more objectionable personal remarks, or better still cut them out altogether.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

    P.S. Guns of Hackney – I see his comments affected you badly, which is perfectly understandable of course. But I hope you aren’t serious about leaving the site. You’re entertaining too. We need your passion.

  51. Dan Ahern

    A&N – In general that’s just CSI shit. You can’t add more data to the image, only try to guess from what’s there.

    That said if you could get your hands on the actual picture (original file) it could help. This one’s posted to the web, where shit displays at garbage resolution. The original will likely be much much higher quality.

  52. Rrobbins

    Depressingingly déjà vu. The manager is to prepare the team first and foremost. From the early miss. To their first goal it was not working. Never does he change tactics during a game. No pitch leadership. The 24m he got for selling rvp to our rivals would have been better not taken; keeping rvp; staying in champions league to attract star quality to replace him. If he went for free, we still would be in champions league. The board just does not care or is incompetent.

  53. Spectrum

    If you haven’t seen “Dr. Strangelove” on DVD, try to . Made in 1964 I think. It’s set in the “Cold War” period of the late fifties / early sixties, and is basically a satire. Also stars Peter Sellers who plays the lead character. Funny in its eccentricities.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  54. Arse&Nose©


    I thought it might be 24/CSI shit.

    The pics were posted by a mate of the club doctor. Apparently he was given a unofficial tour and snapped these on his phone. He’s probably got into hot water over it so I doubt we will be seeing any high-res copies.

    One thing we can take from the images is that the offices are terrible, no wonder we act like a small time club.

  55. AC Gooner


    a newbie came on here telling everyone to take it easy, look on the bright side, etc. He had an African sounding name.

    Gambon gave him both barrels and mentioned things like going back to the jungle to watch Tarzan and his chimp run around.

    It started off a RRR-ascist round of comments. I guess he is in the cool box for now.

  56. Ash79

    Dan Ahern January 21, 2013 16:35:33 What happened with gambon? Don’t have time to read through all the comments. Thanks.

    he is no longer with us R.I.P, poor bloke.

    I know he wont mind me syaing that, it would only be in keeping with his style and this moment of irony

  57. Hitman49

    The double g’s
    Guns of
    The only real reason to read this shit !
    And Joppa………..
    Ha ha ha
    Belive that then your as mad as the better !

  58. Hitman49

    That should have been hatter …..
    Drunk already !…..what’s the time ????

  59. Joppa Road

    See to me that Arse&Nose comment is just as r-acist as anything Gambon has said. Gambon has never said he hates black people ever. Why would he say that? How can anyone hate someone purely based on skin colour – utterly silly.

  60. leon

    the problem as i see is that most of the players are ok far from the best but far from the worst good but not the very best only 1-2 players would call top class but this season i dont think wenger can get away with that, everton,totenahm leverpool are all hunting for that spot.

  61. bergkamp63

    Contract talks distracted me from job of playing for Arsenal, says Walcott.

    He’s starting to sound more like Wenger each day !!

  62. bergkamp63

    When I saw Liverpool against Utd I knew they were getting closer, they look like they could be a major problem for Spurs or Everton for that 4th spot.

  63. Liquor & Poker

    Good post. Covers my sentiments exactly. The worrying issue being we need more than one player! Our problems run far deeper than those that can be solved by just the one world class signing. That therefore presents a huge problem, we will be lucky to see one signing let alone two.

    Obviously we are looking at the prospect of a finish out of the top 4. I may be wrong but I am fairly certain the Emirates deal has a clause that our financial benefits will be decreased accordingly if we don’t continue to be in the champs league. It’s a vicious cycle – its like Wenger is scared to sign anyone as to commit to wages is a “risk” in case we don’t make top 4! But without the signings we won’t make it anyway! All very pessimistic!

  64. bergkamp63

    Lick her & Poke her (I like that !!)

    So that 24m we got for RVP doesn’t look so good when we lose 40m for not making CL football + less commercial revenue as a result.

    “footballing reasons”

  65. Keyser

    Probably been posted, but this is great.. Oh wait a minute could all be a Wenger ploy to give the impression of control.

    Though the real reason I posted it, is because it’s connected to this.

  66. Liquor & Poker


    Exactly! Id like to know where the petit and overmars funds are, let alone the clichy, adebayor, Henry, cesc, nasri, song and RVP funds! All joking aside though, how many of our current lot would make the Invincibles team sheet!

  67. Arsene nose best

    Well what do you know, the doomers have been right all along, fuck off wenger and take these muggy a.k.b slags with you, you are an embarrassment.

  68. wolski

    If anyone thinks Wenger is going to spend any decent amount of the “warchest” this January .. I think you will be disappointed. He has now come out and said that 4th is going to be difficult now… so without the champions league cash next year he will need to keep that money nice and warm in the AFC bank account. I do not see him spending big and still risking losing out on the CL. He needs a quality Centre Half who knows the game, orgainises the back four and they wont come cheap… and a very talented CF.. 1 in 2 type player… again not cheap. My friends.. we are going to suffer these up and down performances right through to the end of the season.

  69. Liquor & Poker

    It’s almost an irreversible situation. Even if Arsene decided to spend £30m (which he won’t), who would we sign! It still won’t be enough, too many players with a lack of passion or desire.

    The warchest doesn’t exist, it never has. It’s more like a shoebox under Kroenkes bed, full of blue movies.

  70. JJ

    Too much Sagna bashing. His form has dropped since the club started indicating they are not going to renew his contract. Add that to the fact that whoever is supposed to be protecting him from right midfield is always going AWOL moving centrally. That makes him have to play wing also. He has been doing way too much work and that is why he is tired and not performing up to his usual high standard.

    Stupid to say he is crap without analyzing the game.

  71. Gunner2301

    Pesto great post again

    I don’t know what’s going on with all the needless r-acist shit. Ban the lot of them. Is it no surprise it’s now returning to the terraces? There’s no need everyone should be able to discuss and debate without referring to someone’s race and the rest of it.

    Rant over


  72. goonerjake

    Victory Through Harmony, boys… sticking together in support is the only other way we will accomplish our other motto FORWARD. Forward does not mean neccessarily mean trophies it means working along with the ideals most of us once had…. does anybody remember what we sang at chelski and where they could stick their russian mony? Come on boys we dont want to just buy a trophy. if so you may just as well go down your high street and buy one.

  73. Kurt F

    Surely if Wenger is worried about us not making the top 4, it would make sense to sign top quality players now while we are still in it and can still attract them? ( and this would also instantly improve our chances of being in the cl next year)

  74. mystic

    All this Gambon talk is taking away from the real reason for this blog, Arsenal.

    Pedro if he is banned let him back on, at the moment he is proving to be too much the centre of attention.

    FFS this site should be bemoaning the crap that has been visited on the club and the horrendous way in which it is being mismanaged. Posters should be focusing on the lies, denials and insanity of the madmen ruining the club for their own gains, not on what has happened to a commentator with diminished responsibility.

  75. luke

    This arsenal squad is so far away from where it needs to be.

    GK- Schezney is a pretty weak 1st choice GK for a club like us and we have no good enough backup.

    RB- Sagna is getting worse and worse IMO, and Jenkinson needs a loan.

    CB- We only have CBs capable of starting for us.

    LB- Gibbs is the most injury prone and positionally awful LB. When he gets injured, our backup lb santos is not capable of starting so vermaelen moves there, leaving us with only 2 CBs!!

    CM- we have no defensive midfield, cesc still needs replacing, Arteta does not have much longer, Diaby is diaby, ramsey is shit, rosicky is injured or mediocre…

    RW- theo is not good enough to start on RW, Ox is too young to be expected to start. We need some proper experienced wingers to teach the young lads.

    ST- Giroud is not good enough to start for us, theo lacks a brain,

    LW- arshavin… podolski needs competition and IMO cant really play LW all that well.

    By my account we need:

    1 GK who is as good or better than schezney
    1 RB to replace sagna and teach the Jenks.
    1 top class CB
    1 LB as good or better than gibbs
    1 top class CDM
    1 top class CM/box to box
    1 top class CAM
    1 top class RW
    1 top class ST
    1 top class LW

    Clear out flapianski, santos, squid, arsh etc. It’s not like 1 signing in January is going to fix this team.

  76. Jeff

    Once in a while, in the life of some unfortunate club, you get a rare situation where a manager comes in, storms to unbelievable success and then withers away because they have tried to fix what was never broken.

    When Wenger first arrived at Arsenal in 1996 he had ambition, he had drive and he wanted to win. He also had the foundation of a great team and he knew then how to add to it and get the most from it. Between the years 2005 and 2007 something happened and he stopped being a football manager. Instead he became the focal point of all that was Arsenal and that included getting involved in financial matters. His motives and loyalties were no longer club success but to an ideal. He wanted to change the world of football; not just Arsenal.

    He wanted to influence things beyond Arsenal. To do it, he had to prove that his ideas would work and so he embarked on what he thought was a pioneering quest to change the face of modern football. This idea of paying everyone roughly the same isn’t meant to be just for Arsenal. He wants it to be taken up by all the clubs because he believes that is the way it should be. The idea that nobody should pay any more than a certain amount in transfer fees is Wenger’s way forward for everyone; not just AFC.

    Of course, his dream has not been realised and in fact he’s looked upon by all the others as a foolish old man; they just don’t say it to his face. I don’t mind people having ideas and dreams but carrying them out at the expense of a club such as Arsenal is unforgivable. We will see this nightmare end in a rude awakening, because as with all sport, the results are all that matter. That is why this manager has to go and if he doesn’t go now, he will go later; there is absolutely no question about it. His career will end in disgrace and failure. You cannot tell other people how to run their clubs. You cannot dictate to other managers how much to spend and how much to pay. That is what he tried to do and it has been a cataclysmic failure. What a price we’ve had to pay.

  77. mystic

    Is it true that Villa has put in a transfer request?

    If so, surely a Wenger type buy – if Arsenal write off much of what they are owed for Cesc / Song (which I doubt Barca want to cough up under the circumstances in Spain) and take Villa in exchange.

  78. Keyser

    I don’t really know why you bother posting stuff like that Jeff mate, it’s pretty wide off the mark, like saying we sold Henry, Vieira and the likes too early or whatever for a profit. You’re obsessed with Wenger and it clouds your judgement.