Players not working for the manager | The manager not working for the club… he’s working for himself

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Arteta steps up for the second

Well, well. Beaten again. Wenger’s worst points total up until this point in a season ever. It’s getting easier and easier to write these posts because dissecting Arsenal isn’t a challenge anymore. A 14 year old school boy could manage it because our approach to games is so basic, predictable and easy to work around.

Chelsea weren’t particularly impressive yesterday, which made the defeat even tougher to digest. We lined up with the strongest line up we could. Arteta was missing, but he’s hardly been a rock this season. My thinking was that Coquelin would probably suit the game better than the ex-Evertonian because he has the energy and pace which you need to take on a Chelsea midfield packed out with fast moving technically gifted players.

Well, things didn’t really work out how I’d expected. Within a 5 minutes we were a goal down. Giroud was slipped in on goal by Theo, he had found acres of space, took aim and let rip wide of the far right post. A terrible miss for a Premiership striker. It didn’t take long for the ball to make its way down our end, Coquelin managed to pick up possession in the middle of  the park, he went on a bit of a dribble, Ramires crunched his ankle, the ref should have called a foul, the ball made it out wide to Hazard, he looped a ball to Mata who had  ghosted into the box in front of Sagna and behind Mertesacker… the Spaniard stunned the ball with his first touch and roofed it with his second. A real shambolic goal from start to finish… how can two internationals be so unaware of who is around them? Also… notice that two players we should have signed help work the goal?

Both teams failed to get to grips early on, Arsenal had chances, Cazorla fired a swerving shot at Cech but it was tipped wide. Lampard found himself free in our box after a corner, he wrapped his volley against the post but was adjudged offside. He wasn’t offside, once again, the Arsenal players had their minds on other things.

The next major incident came in midfield. Mertesacker played a ball into Diaby, the Frenchman turned into danger and lost the ball to Ramires, he set Torres free… at this point Ramires made his way into the box, Sagna didn’t track his run, Coquelin didn’t look behind him… Torres played the ball to Mata who pass across goal to Ramires, the keeper came bounding out of his box and spread for the block with his legs wide, Ramires fell over him on purpose and the penalty was given.

No one sees Ramires...

Terrible defending. Whether Ramires dived or not is not the point. If you come flying out of your area like that, you open yourself up to that type of trickery. Watch the replay back, when Ramires is played in, the Arsenal players all stand and watch, they pretty much give up, there’s 4 of them all in a bunch like an under 11s bottom division game. Lampard stepped up, struck his penalty the opposite direction of the Chesney dive and made it 2-0 after 15 minutes.

After that, there was no reaction from the Arsenal players. There was no game plan. They had no clue what they were doing or wh0 they were playing for. It was abundantly clear no thought had gone into a game plan. I understand that teams can find themselves a couple of goals down early on, that’s not what bothered me, the total lack of effort to rescue the game is… The worst culprit was Bacary Sagna. I love him as a player, by my oh my how he’s regressed since these botched contract negotiations. He looked like he was sulking at one point, pottering around like an old lady in haberdashery. How many more terrible performances does he have to drop before Jenkinson is given a go?

Our system is supposed to be built upon pressing the opposition off the ball. We don’t do it. So unless my assertions about how our Barca type set up is supposed to work are totally wrong, the players aren’t doing the basics. We literally sit back and let the play come to us. Occassionally if we’re up for it we’ll close down. But again, if no thought has gone into how you press, it’s kind of pointless. I can accept that we don’t have a team dripping in quality, most clubs don’t… what I can’t accept is that you can’t get pretty good players to play with fire in their bellies. You don’t need to be world class to play with passion. That comes from the top. That could come from Steve Bould if he was given responsibility for anything more than picking up the cones and cutting the half time oranges.

The second half, as expected, had a little more about it. Mertesacker fired a shot from the edge of the box straight at Cech. Walcott found space down the right and forced a good save with a low drive. Giroud added to his woes when he missed a pretty good chance to head home from a Sagna cross. Maybe it was a tough chance with all the shoving that was going on, but still, I expected a little more.

Our chance came after some good work from Cazorla in the middle saw the Spaniard slice a beautiful through ball to Theo who took one touch and banged his shot into the top corner. We were back in the game.

We didn’t have enough in the tank after our 15 minutes of fight. Most of the good chances fell to Chelsea. Torres hashed up his afternoon with some terrible finishing and Demba Ba showed  us all how rubbish he is when he rounded Chesney and had his shot saved off the line by Thomas Vermaelen. Giroud summed up our afternoon when he found his way to the byline, he cut back, but no one had the forethought to make their way into the dangerzone.

The tie finished 2-1… Arsene Wenger once again showed himself up…  our squad too good Arsene? Really?

Today  the newspapers and people in the know are saying we’re in for M’Villa and a host of other players. Why does it take a couple of bad results to confirm the obvious? If M’Villa is coming in now, why didn’t we have him this summer? We’re too reactive. If we’d won yesterday, no doubt we wouldn’t be in for anyone. When you’ve got £70m in the bank, you shouldn’t be waiting for the late January sales… especially when so many of the important games have come at the start of the month.

We’re now seriously staring down the barrel of missing out on the top four. I’m not going to get too despondent, this is a poor league this year. Win 5 games on the bounce and I’ve no doubt we’ll be sitting in in the top four. However, this strategy of hoping we’ll improve by being the team to regress the least is utterly ridiculous. There’s no fight in that squad. That’s not because there’s no fight in the players, that’s because we’re a shambles and the manager has lost the faith. People fight for Mourinho, Pep and Ferguson… why aren’t they doing the same for Arsene?

Our bench was embarrassingly poor yesterday. No striker, no midfielder who you could count on. This mess isn’t going to be solved with new players, the problem goes way beyond that. The club is rotting, it’s just such a shame the only way we’ll see an improvement is if the manager leaves… or we get to the end of his current deal. He’s built up too many credit points with Stan Kroenke to lose his job even if he finishes 8th. What a terrible way to run a football club? Arsenal need to be careful they don’t let the rot go too far… without the Champions League you lose appeal which makes it hard to snap up players like Cazorla. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but I can honestly say I’m seriously worried. I’ve never seen a Wenger team so unresponsive. A combination of bad management and average players.

Time is running out on the transfer window and we need a massive kick up the back side. The very fact that Wenger has taken so long to remedy the glaring problems shows you how deeply he’s slipped into power mad arrogance. He’s doing it his way, regardless of how obvious the outcome is…

10 days left to make an impact on the transfer window. Keep them crossed Wenger lucks out and we bring in the type of quality that can work without instruction…



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  1. Ikki Badwal

    You guys wouldnt have been saying LFC’s future is looking brighter than ours when they were 5th from bottom…

    And now all of a sudden they have a better future?? LOL!!!!
    Henderson, Downing, Carroll…and they have a bright future?? LOL… and wait until Suarez leaves… even Gerard has admitted they wont be able to keep Suarez

  2. Johnny5


    When we drop out of the top 4 were gonna need a new manager who will need to heavily invest over the course of two seasons or so to get us back where we need to be. If Liverpool hadnt sacked Benitez and just reinvested they’d now be a million miles ahead of us but due to buying the wrong players and bad management they’re just about getting back to where they need to be to relaunch themselves. We’re going to go exactly the same way as Liverpool did but it will be longer and harder to get back where we need to be if wenger isn’t sacked ASAP.

  3. TitsMcgee

    I knew we’d lose the second I found out we’d be playing in the snow.

    Ian Wright tweeted it best “That’s the difference ! Giroud gets a chance and misses ! Mata gets a chance and scores! #getwhatyoupayfor ”

    He’s right and I uttered the same thing as soon as Mata scored.

    The commentators were even mentioning that they didn’t see any tactical change from us after going down 0-2.

    Wenger has plan A and plan A only. When that doesn’t work it’s all over.

    …but I suppose we’re supposed to hope that they nick 4th place because “that’s what true fans do”….

    This January is going just like anyone with two eyes saw it going. City, Chelsea are quality and showed us what real squad depth should look like.

    West Ham next? If we win or draw we’ll get to hear TVM say the tide has turned and Wenger say we’re building our way back up blah,blah,blah.

    To think that BA was there for the taking at DIRT CHEAP prices and OFM still passed.

  4. Jamal

    The 1st half performance yesterday shows how much of a cunt Wenger is.

    No Motivation – “Just go out there and enjoy yourselves”
    No Organisation – The defence was a disgrace
    No tactics – No pressing what so ever, we just allowed them to move the ball around – this was highlighted on MOTD.
    And the substitutions were just pointless really.

  5. Bush Gooner

    Who would want to come and play for us when

    A) We have no CL football 2013/2014 season
    B) Out of Europa league competition
    C) A maniac of a manager at the helm

  6. Oguntuase Amos

    It is very funny that all I read are abuses, insults and condemnations, no single word of advice, none for encouragement. I strongly think the greatest of Arsenal’s problems are the fans. They are very critical, shortsighted and unimmaginative. Admittedly, 7 years without trophies are not what we want, but the years had not been without positives, the stadium, the training centre, the medical facilities, the establishment of a financially independent and stable club and the annual presence in Europe. I believe that words of encouragement and practicable suggestions would have added to the team motivation. As it is now if I were the players and manager I would care less since all I would receive from the fans whether I performed well or poorly are abuses and insults. Nobody wants to give them a chance. Of all the teams being tutored about, how many of them had surpassed Arsenal in the last few years except United and Chelsea? City is a new entity with heavy finances but only when they repeat their performances over a period of at least 5 years can one conclude that they have come to stay. Despite all struggles and noise making in the last 10 years, Tothenham has never outperformed Arsenal. Who are Everton, Norwich etc to be compared to Arsenal, unless they remain top performers over at least 3 year. Let the fans stop all these abuses and insults, they are destroying the morale of the players and manger. Enough is enough. Encouragement and practicable advice are what the team need at this point.

  7. Bush Gooner

    Oguntuase Amos

    When your club sell your best players and they replace them with average , is that the fans fault?

    When the manager refuses to strengthen the side, is that the fans fault?

    When the players put on the shirt and they dont perform is that the fans fault?

    Answers on a postcard!

  8. andy1886

    All this fourth place CL bullshit drives me mad. The ONLY reason the club want 4th is for the money, end of. Win it? Not if it means investing first.

    And just what do we get out of CL football exactly? Two games against a decent side and four more against other teams who would probably be in the bottom half of the EPL. Then we finish second (to the only half decent team in our group) and get knocked out and often embarassed as soon as we draw anyone any good. Well whopee!! isn’t that great. What a feckin waste of time year in, year out.

    And that is why I don’t give a flying toss if we finish 5th or lower.

  9. SDE

    Oguntuase AmosJanuary 21, 2013 12:19:05

    Surely your post,is the biggest wind-up post I’ve ever seen on Le Grove..

    You were joking right..?!!

  10. bergkamp63

    Oguntuase Amos,

    You are completely right of course,

    Let’s give Wenger another 10 years and get behind him,

    Cunt !!

  11. Guns of Hackney

    Breaking News:

    Arsenal look to retrieve the fat pasta muncher, Niklas Bendtner from his pasta nightmare in Juventus. Sources say, “he just loves sauce”

  12. Ash79

    Seriously fuckin hacked off being hacked off. Its all too annoyingly boring now.

    This cunt wenger doesnt want to buy anyone, it just looks as if all this deliberate, as if he is doing this to just annoy us. I think he is mentally unwell. Its no laughing matter, there are several places where he can get help, Arsenal Football Club isnt one of them. Think about it, people his age do start to suffer from issues, he isnt exempt.

    Mental issues aside, someone needs to eject this fucker quickly.

    It hurts and it hate that we
    -never wake up until we are losing
    – we always have to chase a game
    – we bent over backwards for Theo. Should have given him the 100k 18 months ago when he first asked. Would have saved the drama.
    – we use fuckin zonal marking when repeatedly it fails
    – we take a ‘fuck it’ approach to set pieces
    – when chasing a game we throw ramsey on (not ramseys fault we just dont have a squad)

    FOR FUCK SAKE I WANT ARSENAL BACK. GIVE IT BACK!! There’s a storm coming Arsene. Ivan take heed.

  13. mystic

    ‘I have no concerns at all about the attitude of my players. There is great quality in this squad and I think the team have to believe in themselves more.’

    In other words: Why would I want to buy anyone, there is nothing that needs to be improved except self belief.

    FFS has he not been watching the same games as the rest of us?

  14. AC Gooner

    Gambon, this is getting to be a chicken and egg discussion: Wenger vs Board.

    But for this argument you need to make one major assumption – and that is:

    A Top Flight Football manager has ambition to win.

    Then they would automatically spend their full budgets, and even ask for more. It is the CEO and Board job to give him the amount to compete without going bankrupt.

    As we know, our dear Gaffer would rather play smartsy fartsy socialist mind games with the club, win the fucking nobel prize in economics, be known as Indiana Wenger (always discovering young superstars), and generally show that he is smarter than everyone else.

    He is the problem. No doubt.

    An ambitious owner and board would not tolerate that and toss his ass out onto the hard concrete.

    The problem is twofold: he is a completely insulated, delusional madman. The owner thinks he pulls cash flow rabbits out of his hat and indulge him with his experiments.

    Neither one of them thinks for one second about the supporters.

  15. fuckit4thwilldo?


    i guess you struggle a little with the meaning of a question mark.

    I’ll break it down for you Fuckit4thwilldo? is basically me questioning that 4th place is good enough. tricky i know.

    Ok you guys have broken me, so going by your logic the only way to progress is as follows,

    1. hope we loose every game
    2. hope the above results in us dropping out of the top 4
    3. hope that this is the final nail in Wenger’s coffin
    4. protest about us not competing (which previously i had hoped for, see 1+2)

    If all the above goes to plan we can hopefully see ourselves 4 years down the line where Liverpool are now….

    Liverpool are now on the same points as us but played 1 game more and are 3 goals worse than us.

    Do Liverpool have a better squad than us ? I think they do.

    Do Liverpool have a better Manager than us ? That’s obvious !!

    Have we won more than they have since 09/10 ? Nope.

    Liverpool have a £20m less wage bill than we do.

    Then you will be happy right?

  16. SDE

    You keep spelling “lose ” wrongly in all your posts…

    It’s “lose”,not loose..& “losing”..not loosing..

    So annoying..

  17. Paddy got up

    The storm is coming. We’re all saying the same thing now.
    I really can see these fuckers falling very soon.
    Brighton away lets here us call for his head!!

  18. andy1886

    Willdo – without a dramatic change in our fortunes (i.e. no CL cash) nothing will change. Only when the board get hit in the pocket will they actually wake up and actually DO SOMETHING.

    As for Liverpool, look at the trends (like any responsible organisation does). Theirs is on an upward cycle, our is going the other way. Pretty soon those two lines are gonna cross unless SOMETHING IS DONE. Never mind about the past, it means NOTHING now. The ONLY THING that matters is which way we are heading, the fact that we aim for 4th rather than winning shows the only place we are going is DOWN THE SHITTER!!!

  19. gambon

    Ogaboga Amos

    “but the years had not been without positives, the stadium, the training centre, the medical facilities, the establishment of a financially independent and stable club and the annual presence in Europe”

    – How long are you gonna use the stadium as an excuse? We moved in 7 fucking years ago. Guess who else have just moved stadium….Bayern Munich, flying at the top of the league

    – The training centre? The one that was built 14 fucking years ago?

    – Financially independent? Yeah, as long as we sell all our top players and reinvest that back into bullshit contracts for cunts like Gervinho

    – Annual presence in Europe? Whoopie doo! That puts us alongside Bate Borisov, Shakthar Donetsk and Celtic as teams that play in the CL without a hope of winning

  20. Mike adamski

    We are so ordinary these days we don’t even have to worry about hoping we lose . We lose anyway .
    Every big game is the same story .
    Wouldn’t be shocked if a well drilled west Ham pinched a point off us midweek .

    We are going to get pasted by Bayern

    I’m even worried about Brighton !

  21. SDE



    LOL..LOL..FKit8thwill do..!!

    January 21, 2013 12:51:00
    Ogaboga Amos
    A bit below the belt their, with the Tarzan & jungle comments..

  22. fuckit4thwilldo?

    bergkamp63January 21, 2013 12:35:11

    I’m on board, us losing to Brighton is the first step to us hitting the heights of Liverpool in the last 4 seasons….


    Come on Bergkamp63 don’t loose the energy now i’m fully on board with the “hope we loose plan”

    SDE – I tried really hard with my spelling and grammar there, just for you.

  23. Joppa Road

    This years top comments:

    1. “Pedro can still be insightful once in a while but all I read here now is hatred filled nasty talk which will fit pretty well in the era when blacks were treated as slaves and Jews were being sent to gas chambers.” SGGooner

    2. “You should stick to watching games in the jungle with your mate Tarzan and his monkey.” Gambon

  24. andy1886

    B63 – I think I prefer Ebola, couldn’t cope with the deformed cranium that you get with the Gerbola virus. Never mind he wears a magic hat – it’s an e-bowler hat now!!!

  25. bergkamp63

    Joking apart, it’s highly unlikely but still possible that Liverpool could be above us on Wednesday night with the same number of games played.

    Arsenal 0 West Ham 4

    Food for thought !!

  26. Joppa Road

    West Ham could pile the pressure on (that’s if Arsenal let the game go ahead). Probably pull out some more health and safety bollx just like the primary schools do.

  27. Joppa Road

    This years top comments:

    1. “Pedro can still be insightful once in a while but all I read here now is hatred filled nasty talk which will fit pretty well in the era when blacks were treated as slaves and Jews were being sent to gas chambers.” SGGooner

    2. “You should stick to watching games in the jungle with your mate Tarzan and his monkey.” Gambon

    3. “Come on guys, stop comparing Wenger to Hitler” Pedro

  28. bergkamp63

    Walcock “I always wanted to stay at Arsenal”

    No way !! Totally shocked as nobody would have guessed you were just holding out for a bigger pay packet !!

  29. Confidentgoner


    You made solid points, but again you are so childish that you desperately needed to put your racial stamp on your post with the last paragraph :” You should stick to watching games in the jungle with your mate Tarzan and his monkey.” You are really are sad guy.

    This is the kind of comment that Pedro and Geoff should ban from this site. I personally think your arguments are spot on, but am disappointed you still have not grown mentally and you think you need to use such racially charged innuendos against a guy who has expressed an opinion, no matter how silly his opinion is.

  30. Jamal

    “You should stick to watching games in the jungle with your mate Tarzan and his monkey.”
    Hahahah qualideee right there

    Gambon knows his shit.

  31. Ash79

    Confidentgoner January 21, 2013 13:09:53 Gambon,
    You made solid points, but again you are so childish that you desperately needed to put your racial stamp on your post with the last paragraph :” You should stick to watching games in the jungle with your mate Tarzan and his monkey.” You are really are sad guy.
    This is the kind of comment that Pedro and Geoff should ban from this site. I personally think your arguments are spot on, but am disappointed you still have not grown mentally and you think you need to use such racially charged innuendos against a guy who has expressed an opinion, no matter how silly his opinion is.
    sums up Gambon, some excellent points but gets lost in the wankerness

  32. Arselona

    Your Comment Here Sagna gone. No plan A or B. Giroud a french Grant Holt.
    AA23 our game changer, fat and not match fit.
    Manager negligent and power mad.

  33. gambon


    Very very good point.

    I would like to apologise to everyone out there for my comment.

    What i said was completely wrong….

    Tarzan had a chimp, which is an Ape, not a monkey.

    I can only apologise again.

  34. Confidentgoner


    Ha ha, ha…. Again you are taking the mickey! Thank God for the internet, at least everyone stays anonymous.

    I have a principle: I don’t write on an anonymous site what I cannot say openly in public. I think this site does not need these stupid comments. Stick to the brilliant analysis, but don’t overdo it.

  35. bergkamp63


    Arsenal finally wins Silverware !!

    Arsenal Football Club’s award-winning Double Club Languages programme picked up another accolade recently when The Chartered Institute of Linguists awarded the 2012 Threlford Memorial Cup to the Club’s pioneering community initiative.

    Yay !!

  36. TitsMcgee

    Every time we lose he comes out and says “we can’t afford to lose anymore points”

    Wow. We’re 22 pts behind and he still won’t admit he was wrong about the squad. Still won’t spend any money and upgrade the squad.

    The funny thing about it is all of US who watch he team could tell that we didn’t buy enough players to improve the squad before the start of the season. As a matter of fact we went into the season much weaker than the previous year.

    If it weren’t for RVP playing with his hair on fire last year and going bonkers we’d have finished well out of 4th. Probably around 6th.

    We all saw it and he still refused to replace him with anyone.

    Re-cycled players and teenagers is all he’s concerned about signing.

    i.e CHEAP

  37. Joppa Road

    The present Arsenal situation is like being 7 years into a 10 year voyage on the Titanic with one exception – this time around everyone knows the iceberg is out there and going to hit sooner or later. In our case it will be at some point in the next three years.

    Now the AKBs will tell us “No, impossible, the Titantic is unsinkable, it cannot happen” and the band plays on.

    But when the iceberg does hit, just like history tells us it will, hopefully just like the real ship the whole lot are sunk without trace. Or could it be that the board at Arsenal are already shuffling their way towards the lifeboats in anticipation? One thing is for sure, just like on the Titantic it will be the average Joe who is hardest hit and sunk without trace; no doubt the board will already of sold up of a healthy profit as the ship goes down.

    One can but hope Capt Edwards shoots himself beforehand.

  38. SDE

    Some of the comment’s on here & in the past bordering on racial slander/abuse,are just way off..

    A guy expresses an opinion on here albeit,against the vast majority of people on here..& get’s told to go back to the jungle& swing with Tarzan & his chimp..

    Bang out of order..
    I’ve seen kiddy-fiddler references..
    Racial slandering of African,Asians..
    Attacks on Muslims..

    Personally I can’t stomach this anymore..

    Pedro,you are fast becoming a fornicating joke..

    You don’t ban people for the above slurs

    But you ban people,who question your ties/closeness to the club..Or your 3rd is progression..

    At least we all know where your priorities are & what you stand for!!

    If you do know nothing now..
    You are nothing more than a spineless sheep..
    An enabler & a faceless coward..!!

  39. DaHustler

    Im confident we can make top four, we only have spuds (away) liverpool (home) and UTD (not sure where) left to play from the big boys, i reckon we can push on and make 3rd, but Arsenal need to pull their finger out!!!

    Villa, Mvilla and Mbwia will do for me, add those and we’d be dangerous!!

    As for wenger….hes gotta go!!

    Shout out to all my Arsenal people, keep the faith 😀 United we stand!!

  40. Confidentgoner

    One thing is fairly certain from reading through the Arsenal blogosphere. The nickel has dropped -finally. What we moaned about 4-5 years ago is now fully appreciated by most posters. When Yogi Warrior and co start writing about an end to the Wenger era you know for certain that the AKBs have finally got the message. Except for Untold almost all bloggers out there know its about time we turned the chapter of Arsene.

    Question is when will the Board do it?

  41. bergkamp63


    We still have Everton, WBA away, Swansea away & Newcastle away as well as Stoke to play. These are our big boys now too !!

  42. Evan

    POW has the Mighty Gambon gone too far?

    BAM will SDE get Le Grove Ban
    Tune in about 3/4 hours time after work, friggin love Le Grove

    Racism out

  43. SDE


    I swear to God,I hope I do..

    I’m calling Pedder’s out on this..

    If he does nothing ,he’ll have zero respect from me & a lot of rational minded people &I’ll be away from here..

    This is his chance to address the issues on here,that have long plagued this website

    It’s gone too far..
    All these racial attacks
    Kiddy fiddler references
    Attacks on religion..

    Show some moral backbone..
    Or are you so far removed from reality,that you think racial slandering is acceptable & a bit of banter..?

    & people questioning,or having an opinion about your views on football & AFC,are met with bans?

    What a joke..

  44. Guns of Hackney

    It’s not just that idiot, Gambon – there’s loads at it.

    Anti-Semite remarks about Spurs fans – for the record, some Arsenal fans are Jewish and don’t like to be referred to as a Kike.

    There are plenty of websites to vent your racst views, so why subject us to your pathetic attempts to garner friends?

    As for Gambon being banned? He’ll send Pedro a personal email and everything will be okay again.


  45. Rob The Goon

    “You should stick to watching games in the jungle with your mate Tarzan and his monkey.”

    Great comment Gambon…

    Its a shame we cant air those views outside brixton station

  46. Vintage Gun

    Pedro , you have to take decisive action to stop the rot! Im giving you until midnight 31st of Jan

    Shape up or im demanding Geoff replaces you at the healm

  47. Lordbergkamp

    Everyone needs to calm down….

    We’re all arsenal supporters here. Apart from Gambon who supports manure…

    Play nicely!

  48. SpanishDave

    The whole point of playing football is to win matches. Wenger has almost forgotten this, and the team goes through the motions knowing that they will continue to be picked each week no matter what. Yersterday on numerous occassions the players were ball watching and chasing the same ball.
    At one time all three midfielders were together almost tackling each other!!!!!!
    When we attacked all the Chelsea players were in formation man marking forcing us back.
    Wenger is now bereft of ideas, he buys on the cheap hoping something will suddenly happen. After 7 years down this road he blindly goes on. Arrogance and ego wont allow him to manager properly and the board sit back take their wages and allow him full contol. No other premier club acts like this why are we so diferent?
    He knows all of this, he knows we are shit look at his body language during the matches. He has no respect for our club.Why has our country a 1000 years of history fighting the French? Now you know why.

  49. Pedro

    Jamal, ‘nigga’ isn’t banned because that’s not how you spell it. That’s how you’d spell it if you were retarded.

  50. Guns of Hackney

    Pedro January 21, 2013 14:15:05

    “Guys, stop acting like children. Fuck me, you’re all adults”

    There’s everyone’s answer.

    Carry on Gambon and the rest.

    Bye Le Grove.

  51. Pedro

    Gambon… that crossed the line in a massive way.

    Guns of Hackney, your outrage is noble… but I’ve been here two minutes. You are aware being a comments moderator is not part of my job. If I don’t see something, that’s because I’m working.

    SDE, cheerio, as well.

  52. Pedro

    Jamal, why don’t you put together a blacklist of words and I’ll add it in. That word is in the list spelt correctly.

  53. Rob The Goon

    So now were acting like children because we dont respond well to remarks with racist undertones

    keep up the good work gambon


  54. Pedro

    Bade, Jamal tried that comment with it spelt correctly, it got spammed, so he tried it with a different variation

    I can’t get every variation of racial slur sadly…

  55. HerveDeNerve

    What is wrong with you lot?

    Great post today Pedro but can you please ban some of the idiots on here please!

  56. 9jagunner

    PedroJanuary 21, 2013    14:15:05
    Guys, stop acting like children.Fuck me, you’re all adults…

    What a spinless twat you are!!!

  57. Bade

    Indeed Pedro you can’t & should not

    Really some people on here embarrass themselves with stupid web-bully behaviour

    This blog is the best place to talk & debate Arsenal.

    Keep this way. If someone is offensive just ignore, you won’t really “taught him” or tutor him

  58. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Fuck me it’s getting hot in the kitchen today!

    Pedro runs a great site and provides the platform for us to vent our spleen without the heavy hand of censorship and you don’t have to agree with his views.

    Many posters here would not survive more than 2 posts on most blogs.

    Appreciate the platform and regulate yourself!

    Cunts! 😀

  59. HerveDeNerve

    Good Pedro, and I know you are busy with work etc but another thing which grips my shit on here is people wishing ill, death, disease and all manner of other unspeakable things on Wenger.

    Its crass and ludicrous and is not becoming of a true Arsenal fan.

  60. Pedro

    Herve, I don’t disagree with you.

    If I could monitor this all day, I would… too many people on here forget this is just something i dedicate about 3 hours of everyday to… for pretty much free.

    If I miss stuff, it’s because i haven’t seen it… not because me and Nick Griffin are using this as a BNP recruitment ground.

  61. sam

    so the skinny brazilian will overrun our midfield next time we meet chelsea again with no one to stop him?
    wenger is really useless, we will never win anything with him in charge

  62. Ash79

    Peds, shut the site down for a week. See how people feel then.

    gambon would have to go outside then and talk to people, maybe even jungle people.

  63. jwl

    What kind of players are attracted to Arsenal’s pay structure? Any player who is ambitious, wants to be rewarded for playing well and winning trophies, will not come to Arsenal while Wenger is in charge.

    Pedro writes about how players are not fighting for manager but I don’t think our players have fight in them. Top players who are ambitious avoid Arsenal like plague, only middling players who are happy to earn big cheques while not really competing for trophies are attracted to Arsenal now.

    Arsenal are big club with money but our manager is small town cheap who looks for timid players who he can buy for bargain.

    And why do Arsenal fans rarely talk about Chesney – he is woeful. I don’t believe Wenger is even remotely trying to win anything and our half assed keeper is good example. I don’t care how many players Wenger buys this January, it is all for nought if we don’t get a proper keeper.

  64. Pedro

    Carts, if I had a penny for every time someone says that then comes back, I’d be able to afford 24 hour moderation of the site.

  65. Joppa Road

    I didn’t see any r-acism from him. Just light hearted banter between fellow Gooners. (insert crazy emoticon here).

    And not one comment on my brilliant Titanic reference. People should be moderated for not giving me the credit I deserve for writing it.

    Fck me I said he was getting like Stalin.


    I do believe that what ever the particular debate or opinion of the moment is can be met head on and dealt with.To brush it aside,especially if it is of a sensItive nature like racism in my opinion negates it,thats why the Jews will never let the world forget what happend in WWII.

  67. HerveDeNerve

    bergkamp63January 21, 2013 14:54:33
    I flipped my laptop round but could still not read it ?

    Berg, that post it says ” Boss, Can you sign off for Gilles, thanks”

  68. Arse&Nose©

    The post-it says :

    can you sign off for Gilles

    Behind the post-it are what appear to be expenses for December.

    ‘Gilles’ -could be referring to Gilles Grimandi who is in charge of our French scouting.