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Arteta steps up for the second

Well, well. Beaten again. Wenger’s worst points total up until this point in a season ever. It’s getting easier and easier to write these posts because dissecting Arsenal isn’t a challenge anymore. A 14 year old school boy could manage it because our approach to games is so basic, predictable and easy to work around.

Chelsea weren’t particularly impressive yesterday, which made the defeat even tougher to digest. We lined up with the strongest line up we could. Arteta was missing, but he’s hardly been a rock this season. My thinking was that Coquelin would probably suit the game better than the ex-Evertonian because he has the energy and pace which you need to take on a Chelsea midfield packed out with fast moving technically gifted players.

Well, things didn’t really work out how I’d expected. Within a 5 minutes we were a goal down. Giroud was slipped in on goal by Theo, he had found acres of space, took aim and let rip wide of the far right post. A terrible miss for a Premiership striker. It didn’t take long for the ball to make its way down our end, Coquelin managed to pick up possession in the middle of  the park, he went on a bit of a dribble, Ramires crunched his ankle, the ref should have called a foul, the ball made it out wide to Hazard, he looped a ball to Mata who had  ghosted into the box in front of Sagna and behind Mertesacker… the Spaniard stunned the ball with his first touch and roofed it with his second. A real shambolic goal from start to finish… how can two internationals be so unaware of who is around them? Also… notice that two players we should have signed help work the goal?

Both teams failed to get to grips early on, Arsenal had chances, Cazorla fired a swerving shot at Cech but it was tipped wide. Lampard found himself free in our box after a corner, he wrapped his volley against the post but was adjudged offside. He wasn’t offside, once again, the Arsenal players had their minds on other things.

The next major incident came in midfield. Mertesacker played a ball into Diaby, the Frenchman turned into danger and lost the ball to Ramires, he set Torres free… at this point Ramires made his way into the box, Sagna didn’t track his run, Coquelin didn’t look behind him… Torres played the ball to Mata who pass across goal to Ramires, the keeper came bounding out of his box and spread for the block with his legs wide, Ramires fell over him on purpose and the penalty was given.

No one sees Ramires...

Terrible defending. Whether Ramires dived or not is not the point. If you come flying out of your area like that, you open yourself up to that type of trickery. Watch the replay back, when Ramires is played in, the Arsenal players all stand and watch, they pretty much give up, there’s 4 of them all in a bunch like an under 11s bottom division game. Lampard stepped up, struck his penalty the opposite direction of the Chesney dive and made it 2-0 after 15 minutes.

After that, there was no reaction from the Arsenal players. There was no game plan. They had no clue what they were doing or wh0 they were playing for. It was abundantly clear no thought had gone into a game plan. I understand that teams can find themselves a couple of goals down early on, that’s not what bothered me, the total lack of effort to rescue the game is… The worst culprit was Bacary Sagna. I love him as a player, by my oh my how he’s regressed since these botched contract negotiations. He looked like he was sulking at one point, pottering around like an old lady in haberdashery. How many more terrible performances does he have to drop before Jenkinson is given a go?

Our system is supposed to be built upon pressing the opposition off the ball. We don’t do it. So unless my assertions about how our Barca type set up is supposed to work are totally wrong, the players aren’t doing the basics. We literally sit back and let the play come to us. Occassionally if we’re up for it we’ll close down. But again, if no thought has gone into how you press, it’s kind of pointless. I can accept that we don’t have a team dripping in quality, most clubs don’t… what I can’t accept is that you can’t get pretty good players to play with fire in their bellies. You don’t need to be world class to play with passion. That comes from the top. That could come from Steve Bould if he was given responsibility for anything more than picking up the cones and cutting the half time oranges.

The second half, as expected, had a little more about it. Mertesacker fired a shot from the edge of the box straight at Cech. Walcott found space down the right and forced a good save with a low drive. Giroud added to his woes when he missed a pretty good chance to head home from a Sagna cross. Maybe it was a tough chance with all the shoving that was going on, but still, I expected a little more.

Our chance came after some good work from Cazorla in the middle saw the Spaniard slice a beautiful through ball to Theo who took one touch and banged his shot into the top corner. We were back in the game.

We didn’t have enough in the tank after our 15 minutes of fight. Most of the good chances fell to Chelsea. Torres hashed up his afternoon with some terrible finishing and Demba Ba showed  us all how rubbish he is when he rounded Chesney and had his shot saved off the line by Thomas Vermaelen. Giroud summed up our afternoon when he found his way to the byline, he cut back, but no one had the forethought to make their way into the dangerzone.

The tie finished 2-1… Arsene Wenger once again showed himself up…  our squad too good Arsene? Really?

Today  the newspapers and people in the know are saying we’re in for M’Villa and a host of other players. Why does it take a couple of bad results to confirm the obvious? If M’Villa is coming in now, why didn’t we have him this summer? We’re too reactive. If we’d won yesterday, no doubt we wouldn’t be in for anyone. When you’ve got £70m in the bank, you shouldn’t be waiting for the late January sales… especially when so many of the important games have come at the start of the month.

We’re now seriously staring down the barrel of missing out on the top four. I’m not going to get too despondent, this is a poor league this year. Win 5 games on the bounce and I’ve no doubt we’ll be sitting in in the top four. However, this strategy of hoping we’ll improve by being the team to regress the least is utterly ridiculous. There’s no fight in that squad. That’s not because there’s no fight in the players, that’s because we’re a shambles and the manager has lost the faith. People fight for Mourinho, Pep and Ferguson… why aren’t they doing the same for Arsene?

Our bench was embarrassingly poor yesterday. No striker, no midfielder who you could count on. This mess isn’t going to be solved with new players, the problem goes way beyond that. The club is rotting, it’s just such a shame the only way we’ll see an improvement is if the manager leaves… or we get to the end of his current deal. He’s built up too many credit points with Stan Kroenke to lose his job even if he finishes 8th. What a terrible way to run a football club? Arsenal need to be careful they don’t let the rot go too far… without the Champions League you lose appeal which makes it hard to snap up players like Cazorla. Hopefully it won’t come to that, but I can honestly say I’m seriously worried. I’ve never seen a Wenger team so unresponsive. A combination of bad management and average players.

Time is running out on the transfer window and we need a massive kick up the back side. The very fact that Wenger has taken so long to remedy the glaring problems shows you how deeply he’s slipped into power mad arrogance. He’s doing it his way, regardless of how obvious the outcome is…

10 days left to make an impact on the transfer window. Keep them crossed Wenger lucks out and we bring in the type of quality that can work without instruction…



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  1. Bush Gooner

    Agree totally Pedro.

    For the 1st goal Mert was ball watching and did not cover Sagna who was caught badly out of position.

    Wholesale changes are needed and rapid and we all know what players are needed. This window will be the defining moment this season as the “4th place title” is slowly slipping from our grasp.

  2. gambon

    “If we’d won yesterday, no doubt we wouldn’t be in for anyone. ”


    No Pedro, completely wrong

    The second half performance will be more than enough to convince Wenger we are fine.

    The first half? He’ll just write that off and assume it wont happen again, until it happens again next week, then he’ll write it off and assume it wont happen again, until the week after, then he’ll just writ…….you get the idea.

    Wenger has been ignoring our problems for fucking years, going back to 2005 when it was clear we missed Vieira.

    Hes not about to change.

    The worse thing is that despite his poor management he always “had the dressing room”, for half of last season and all of this season he has lost it, and once that happens its all over.

  3. Arsenal Buddha

    First time posting.
    I had always been a pro Wenger fan. Appreciated the effort he has made to make us into what we are today (Academy, Scouting Network & Financially).
    I firmly believe, A manager went up to the boardroom to decide on the new stadium, a business director came out from that meeting. Where the manager went, i am lost on that.
    Le Prof has lost all sense of coaching, tactics & most of all, Man Management. Sir Alex Is not tactically special. If Sir Alex had a player with an 75% quality, he’d make that player play averagely 70%. We have players at 80% even 90%, but under Wenger, they put in 40% if not less. That is the difference. No heart.

    Apologies for the long rant.

  4. azed

    Sagna played liked sh*t yesterday but in fairness to him, for both goals he had pushed up high and our midfielders lost the ball in areas they should never lose.

  5. Johnny5

    Great post pedders,

    Although I don’t think we’re in for anyone the stuff in the papers is probably just your typical wenger post loss during the transfer window shit if not it might be too little too late. A player I would like to see us sign though is bacary sakho from wolves he’s a great player on his day and way too good for wolves if we take him and loan them frimpong again I think we’d be stronger for it. But we need a proper striker desperately with a decent finisher we’d have won the game yesterday by a good couple of goals. All yesterday proved to me is that we desperately need a midfield enforcer and we need a quality striker because theo is not bad but should be an impact sub and giroud is pure gash. Also I think we clearly need to get rid of sagna this transfer window he’s clearly not interested whatsoever

  6. Catherine

    Well written, you summed up our frustration ! Especially by saying the words ” power mad arrogance ” sad but true 🙁

  7. Alexander

    Other Alexander… We’re not going to get cavani! 50 mil, seriously?

    Wenger isn’t going to go before the end of his contract, so another 18 months?
    It’s probably going to be the best part of a decade between silverware.
    I’d love us to get a cup, but can you see us keeping our bottle in a final?

  8. Reza

    Do we really still need giving Sagna a new contract? He was walking on the pitch last night not giving a flying rat. Not a single cross. Our bench was laughable. What was Arshavin doing on the pitch? What happens if our half decent striker gets injured? Does anyone here blame RVP for leaving for Manu? Anyone?

  9. ardentgooner

    Diaby was poor all game and also lost the ball that lead to the penalty.

    And he was supposed to be our saviour?

    Also, has anyone thought about practicing set pieces at training? We rarely get anything out of it. Most of the time it is straight into the wall or first person heads out at the corner and we are prone to a counter attack.

  10. Jed

    Chins up gooners.
    Sooner or later it will dawn on Kroenke that his investment will start to go down in value as we drop down the table. He will then listen to offers from the Usbek.
    Then we’ll be able to taunt the Chelski fans that our billionaire is richer than theirs.
    The joy of it.

  11. Doublegooner

    I can’t take much more of this lying useless fraud of a ‘manager’.

    Lose or draw on wednesday & what is everyone going to do ??

    They won’t let us demonstrate inside the ground.

    They cant stop us rallying outside …

  12. follow the money

    the fundamental difference between Wenger and Pep/Jose/Fergie is that their players fear them. They either fear the hairdryer (Fergie) or they fear they’ll get dropped from the starting lineup if they play like we do. Our players have nothing to fear. Wenger has seriously gone totally insane if he believes just because he gave these players big contracts they’re gonna play their guts out for him. That’s just not human nature. We haven’t evolved enough and are still driven best by fear

  13. Guns of Hackney

    Well I for one couldn’t be happier that we were beaten again. That does not make me any less of a fan and before you self righteous clowns start bitching about being ‘plastic” – think before you type, because I will tell you to fuck off.

    Chelsea couldn’t believe how easy it was, hence they lost concentration and gave us a way back into the game. 2-1 flattered us, make no mistake about it. As for was it, wasn’t it a penalty – who cares? The way I see it, after the penalty was given, Chesney was lucky to be on the field…so I think we were actually let off with just the PK.

    Once again, no real evidence of tactics, both in an attacking sense and a defending sense. I loved Bould as a player…but as a coach? Having said that, I’m sure Arsene is doing his utmost by keeping Bould under his command – let it be known, I am NOT condemning Bould.

    Giroud is not a forward. Theo scored, but did precisely nothing except the goal – some might say, well he’s a striker and goals are all that counts…no. His all round play is abysmal – £100k PW?

    I’m still convinced we’ll get forth because it appears that every week, the surrounding teams, equal our results. In theory, we should be 10 points adrift of forth, but Spurs and Everton do tend to choke when the pressure is on.

    Last point…and I leave you with Arsene’s immortal words, surely up there with the inspiring Churchill’s ‘fight them on the beaches’ speech.

    “the table is the table” – Arsene Wenger, January 21, 2013.

  14. Afc53

    He needs to spend that 70m to have any chance of top four but we all know arsene!!!!

    We need

    CM – Fellaini or M Villa
    CB – M Biwa
    ST – Cavani or Higuain/Suarez

    I can see us getting nothing

  15. Zimmerdine Zimdane

    Fear not ” You Know Best`s “, this is a one season blip and normal service will be resumed next year then followed by seasons of competing at the top, regardless of whoever is in charge !, UTA

  16. Simon

    The team is a reflection of the manager , all niceties and as the French would say very effete . No top manager would put up with Diaby and for that matter Ramsay , and I do not need to go in to the narrative that concerns their respective injuries . This now is a manager who carps about the support giving some sort of edgy atmosphere , we are paying over the odds for tickets to watch half a team that is over the hill . If a Leopard never changes its spots why should Wenger , the pacing up and down and the throwing of the water bottles is now an every weekend occurrence , he is now a parody of him self . ALL VERY SAD .

  17. gambon

    people that think Kroenke is just gonna sell to Usmanov are fucking deluded.

    Probably the same morons that buy 10 lottery tickets per week and convince themselves this is gonna be the week.

    He has NEVER, repeat NEVER sold a stake in any sports team he has bought into.

    His teams in the US dont compete but he doesnt sell.

    Kroenke isnt the problem. He hasnt taken a penny out of the club, we have £70m to spend but arent spending it.

    The manager is 80% of the problem at Arsenal.

  18. Guns of Hackney

    A quick update on the ‘Mental-o-Meter’ which was destroyed last week.

    Superman has been dispatched to the far reaches of the galaxy to track down a material that can handle the madness that Arsene brings…I haven’t heard from Superman for a few days so I am getting worried that even the Man of Steel can not find a material strong enough to contain Arsene’s mental-ness.

    Updates will follow shortly.

  19. Colonel Mustard

    A few point on yesterday.

    1. Diaby appalling before penatly – meek, slow and dithering
    2. Its sad when a 21 year old is telling pro what to do.
    3. Sagna is in a huff and should be dropped.
    4. Giroud nice guy but what is the difference to Bentner?
    5. Not signing Demba Ba was another mistake – Mata, hazzard and Ba should be Arsenal players with some ambition.
    6. The board are now my main problem, Wegner we know has lost it but they sit on their hand. If this was Chelsea Wegner would have fired nine times over.
    7. Its Jan 20th – the brinkmanship deals only get you so far. I doubt there is any top stars that Arsenal would appeal to now.
    8. Any abuse of Rvp is duff. He absolutely made a correct decision to leave.

  20. Arsenalone

    We look to be 6 class players short of competing.

    Sorry state of affairs,7years of selling all,our best players.getting tired of saying it.
    Mr Wenger is driving our club down the toilet

  21. Globalgunner

    Yesterdays performance cannot have been unexpected. This is a team that has put in insipid displays against the mighty Swansea and Norwich, not to mention Bradford. Wenger still believes in his own legend and each year for the last 8 he has managed to sneak into CL positions while making the team progressively worse. After some time you get to a tipping point where the crap gets shown up as crap. This time next week we will probably be looking up to see the magnificent Pool ahead of us. No Cl for us next year i`m afraid

  22. mystic

    ‘The refusal – and that is the only word I can use this morning – of the manager to improve his squad in January is costing us points.’

    That is as close to a critical comment that I have seen on arseblog.

  23. Walking Wounded

    Mornin’ all

    Been too depressed with this shower of ***** to post recently, but you typed the one word which sums up this shambles and that is “reactive”. No one in the club it seems, grabs the club by the lapels and forces the issue. Both on the pitch and off it. The game yesterday, we seemed to wait to see what Chelsea were going to do, and letting that dictate our play. Behind the scenes, it is the same, let all the big spenders dictate the market, and then we pick up the dregs.

    The transfer window is seriously p*s*ing me off. We have been weak all season, and this January, with money in the bank, we have let squad strength go (Chamakh and Djourou) and not replaced them. That bench with Arshavin the ONLY attacking option is shocking and proves that Wenger has lost the plot.

    Why are we waiting for the transfer window to close? We should be proactive in the market and dictating who we want. Here are some of the players that would have served us well who have moved this January.
    Pato, Remy, Holtby, Sahin, Ba, Debuchy, Sturridge and I am sure there are loads more.

    Who is there out there that we can now seriously afford, would seriously want and are legitimately available?

  24. Colonel Mustard

    Guns of HackneyJanuary 21, 2013 10:45:27

    Theo did what he had to do, scored a cracker and forced the keeper to work. Now why you are quite down on him when others were appalling yesterday is beyond me. He is one shining light.

    You have to think what he would do with better players around him.

  25. Rhj

    Sagna’s has gone from the best right back in the league to a total liability. Another example (as if one were needed) of mis-management by Wenger. How much longer can this go on before Gazidis or the Board take note – if only for fear of their own heads rolling.

    I really thought we could do them yesterday. How disappointing. Dog shit.

  26. Leedsgunner

    If we buy anyone this window it will be 2 unproven youngsters because W buy superstars we make them — CORRECTION — we sell them. Even if we buy proven talent they’ll be either overplayed or placed him out of position or both. Don’t hold your breath – we’ll only be lied to again.

  27. nelson

    Great post Pedro. As always, you are bang on the money. Your blogs are superb. Arsenal are indeed rotting. It is now obvious to anyone with half a brain that Wenger does not want to strengthen the squad so as to maintain huge profits, and that in turn enables him to PERSONALLY earn huge sums of money. AKBs (if any still exist) do not realise the huge personal fortune that Arsene is making out of this strange philosophy of running a major club.

    You mean Arsene can’t find any players who can strengthen his squad? Yeah right! One point out of three January league games, and yet Wenger picks up a 140,000 pound per week pay check for all his “efforts.” Please try and work out how much Arsene has personally earned in 8 trophyless years. As Pedro put it, the way Arsenal are being run is a very selfish way of running a football club. What a shame! What a great shame!

  28. Doublegooner


    The Spuds are improving under a new young manager

    Liverpool are fast improving under a new young manager.

    Everton are improving & outperforming their annual wage constraint with a good manager.

    Arsenal FC are sliding downhill so fast that it’ll take 2/3 years to get us ready to challenge for the top 4 again let alone challenge for a title.

  29. Mike

    Don’t let Wenger spend any money!

    Even if he bought Cavani he would be rubbish by the end of the season. He doesn’t make players anymore, he breaks them.

    Get rid of the manager.

  30. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    “He’s built up too many credit points with Stan Kroenke to lose his job even if he finishes 8th.”

    Im going to disagree with this sentiment Pedro. I don’t think that’s necessarily the case. The club is getting stronger and stronger financially and weaker and weaker on the field.

    When once in sync they are now moving in opposite directions. Is there an owner or board in the history of football that does not eventually react to this situation?

    The club have added 50m to the wage bill in recent years and seen the points gained for that reduce. It cannot all be blamed on City/Chelsea. They are not complete idiots! They are also seeing the Bradford/Swansea/Stoke/Norwich results.

    I don’t think he’s in danger of being fired any day soon. However, I think he’s much further into his overdraft facility than we give them credit for!

    And we simply don’t know how much discontent there is in the dressing room? If there is, you can be sure it will reach the boardroom also.

    He will, most likely be given an opportunity to rectify it.. But I feel it will be his last opportunity.

    Opportunity = what’s left of this window and the Summer window..

  31. Austin

    Giroud is not supposed to be playing for arsenal,he lacks even basics.What has happened to Lucas Podoski he is our best finisher whether Wenger likes it or not.His countryman has failed at arsenal.

  32. kay

    I tell you this again..

    win against west ham and everything will be forgotten..

    But I am sure we will drop out of top 4 this season.. I want us to..

    short term pain Long term gain.. happy days ahead folks..

  33. Guns of Hackney

    Colonel Mustard

    …and there we go. Theo did what he should do, correct. But football is a team sport. This “I’m alright Jack” attitude doesn’t really work within a team sport scenario. So player A scores 2 goals but his team get beat 4-2 because player A gave away a PK, didn’t defend and was sent off…but that’s ok because he scored?

    Wrong attitude. Theo was, is and always will be fucking garbage.

  34. gambon


    We dont pay a premium, clubs dont care where the money comes from if they selling

    Wenger has just become an incredibly bad judge of player.

    We are all starting to see that he just got very lucky between 98–04

    He had no idea what kind of player Henry was, he just got lucky.

  35. Colonel Mustard

    Thomas, it’s up for grabs now..January 21, 2013 10:55:44

    I agree, but the problem as we all know now is club has to be reactive rather then like Red nose proactive. Put us on backfoot.

  36. max

    The manager says we started the Citeh game too slowly and lacked aggression, We start the Chelski game even slower, and my grandmother’s more aggressive that that midfield. The team reflects the manager, forget finances and bringing in new players, its all about coaching and attitude.

  37. goona

    Spot on with everything you say.

    I have been saying for a while now that this squad has no leaders in it, no one, that when their up against it will roll up their sleeves, dig deep and find that little bit extra. No player that will get stuck in.

    If Tony Adams and Co were in the dressing room at half time yesterday, half the current team would walk out after half time sucking their thumbs or crying after the bollocking. We have to many boys in the team and not enough men. Until we get some steel in the team to go with the infrequent displays of technical ability I seriously can’t see us stringing a decent set of results together, and therefore will not be anywhere near the “prize” of 4th spot.

    I used to look forward to the fixtures, looking at who we would trounce and turn over next, how many goals will we score etc…. Teams used to fear playing us home or away. I honestly don’t believe ANY team in the league fears us now.

    How the fuck can the manager honestly turn round and say this squad is strong? The bench yesterday was shocking, how many of them would get anywhere near the squad at another premier league team? Wenger has become a laughing stock, and subsequently so has Arsenal.

    We aren’t one or two players short of a good team we are six or seven. If Wenger does buy a couple of players that are left from the scraps in the transfer window it won’t make a blind bit of difference, Wenger will coach the flair out of their game the same as he has to everyone else,

  38. The Legend That Is Dennis Bergkamp

    Via BBC:- Montpellier defender Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa is scheduled for a medical at Newcastle on Monday ahead of a £6.7m move… –
    This is the sort of player we should be signing. I bet our scouting network have never heard of the chap.

  39. fuckit4thwilldo?


    If you’re glad we lost again, why do you go to the effort of writting 7 paragraphs of drivle that anyone who watched the game yesterday would already know? If you really would rather we loose why not just not bother, I get the criticism of Wenger, he has to go, but wanting your team to loose just seems weird.

  40. jay

    Sagna will continue looking shit every week as long as theo drifts in field cos he believes he’s a center forward..sagna was basically tracking oscar and ashley all by himself yesterday..even wilshere was tracking on that wing more than theo did..

    Giroud is a decent player but not that player that you start with if you wanna finish in the champions league spots..was it only me that noticed that theo has started looking like his old/normal self..he isn’t a 100k a week player or a CF

    i fear for arsenal..increasingly looking like europa league for us..and don’t forget liverpool is just low key gaining points and no one is noticing them..theyre on 34 points with us right out for them!!

  41. Walkpass

    Admittedly the team is poor. But I am displeased with the ref as well. He was just behind the two alleged incidents, and could have seen the foul and dive… He did nothing… I believe this sicko was the one behind the 4-4 draw with Newcastle…

  42. kapslock

    Awful first half, thought we got into much more in the second. I really like Giroud but I don’t think he can be our main striker, he’ll never be world class but could be effective coming off the bench. We need someone with his build but with pace and power.

    Gazidis really needs to start putting pressure on Wenger to spend. Even the purist AKB’s are beginning to change tune. I don’t think we’ll make top 4 but then I don’t think Spurs or Everton are that much better then us.

  43. Colonel Mustard

    fuckit4thwilldo?January 21, 2013 11:02:14

    Unfortunately to be fair to “Guns” ….it seem losing is the only thing that can stir the club from this stupor. You know deep down no fanswants a loss. but the fact is it “seems” they have heads so much in the sand we have to shout louder to affect any change.

  44. fuckit4thwilldo?

    And anyone who thinks we will start bossing it if we fall out of the top 4, look at Liverpool! as Pedro says in the post, it’s a lot harder to attract top players if you can’t offer champions league football. We don’t spend big anyway, what planet are you on thinking we will spend big if we have less money coming in, Wenger in charge or not.

  45. andy1886

    Arsene wont buy – at least no-one over eighteen anyway.

    The team is fine, it was the referee’s fault, we actually won the game really, so no need to panic. In fact we’ve never deserved to lose any game we’ve played under Arsene. Once we revise results through the ‘Wenger Fair-O-Meter’ we see that we have been winning trophies every season, we’ve just been too dumb to see what OGL has been pointing out to us!!

    So it’s really our fault.

  46. kay

    Dont want the team to lose — No!!

    Empty the Stadium — No!!!

    Protest — No!!

    how the fuck are we going to get our Arsenal Back??? Sit and Pray???

  47. T Bone


  48. JonnyTechno

    Sagna needs cover up front and a well deserved rest. People forget how he’s been one of our only soldier for years! A few bad games is all he’s had which he can be afforded after YEARS of solid performances.

    Theo et al did NOTHING on the wing to help him & whether or not it was at the managers request/formation (pmsl) it can’t be blamed on Sagna!

    Do you not remember jenkinson bolting the wrong way down the pitch because he couldn’t get round the LB? (Swansea @ home in PL I think)

  49. mystic

    Thomas, it’s up for grabs now
    2:8 at Utd / 3:4 at Blackburn, unfortunately if he wasn’t sack able then I doubt he will be.

    Money, not points, is the driving factor for those above Wenger and as long as he keeps them happy financially he is regrettably safe in his job.

    We are not dealing with football fans but bank balances. Maybe, just maybe, when his contract is up Wenger will give a fuck about the mess he has created and we will see the back of him – I fear that management changes will not occur before then, unless there is a total clear out of the bankers (feel free to alter the 1st letter) above him.

  50. Johnny5

    Wenger admitted in the press conference that he’s worried we won’t make the top 4. It’s simple really mr wenger.


    And not on shite cheap players but proper players lets get cabaye and Fellani so we have plenty of midfield options lets but hulk or Cavani and really make a statement lets nick mbiwa to shore up the defence. That would be a good start also what would make a lot of difference really would be playing poldi up front with giroud and using Walcott as an impact sub or use cazorla on the wing he seems more than capable of doing a decent job their. Also we need to drop sagna immediately get jenks back in who in fairness should never have been dropped in the first place.

  51. Maureen

    Morning folks,

    Have to agree with Gambon and Guns 100%. We will buy absolutley nobody or at least not the calibre we need. The second half yesterday buys the old c&nt even more time and excuses.

    This that were on here the evening of August 31st last year cast your minds back to the posts and conversations taking place that night till midnight. This window is going the same way and the conversation will be exactly the same come midnight Jan 31st.

    Prepare for more disappointment because its just a few days away and history repeating itself again and again and again…..

    We will win nothing this year and will be humbled by Bayern in the UCL but by then it will be too late and he will have the familiar excuses to fall back on about Diaby and Co. being injured.

    I hate that c&nt so much, you get much more respect when you stop blaming others for your own short comings and put your hands up and say you were wrong.

  52. Guns of Hackney


    You have got to look beyond “just wanting my team to lose”, and try and see it as a far bigger concept.

    Wenger is finished. The longer that man is at Arsenal, the worse Arsenal FC will become. I am suggesting that we need to hit the bottom to shake the board and the remaining AKB’s from their apathy, and actually do something that means AFC can begin to rebuild. The longer we remain in the status quo, the worse the damage will be.

    Quite simply, losing and slipping out of the CL might be the only thing that will enable AFC to move forward with a completely new manager/direction etc.

    I’ve supported Arsenal for 30 years and I would never have thought I’d ever want my team to lose, but Arsene has destroyed the club I love. One wouldn’t want to see a loved one in pain…Arsenal is no different and sometimes bad things have to happen to move forward.

  53. Kenyangunner

    I’d rather watch Jenks and Coq commit stupid errors than see those players we consider ‘mature and experienced’ being the source of our problems. But as long as the Moron is in charge, there is no pressure. Do you remember Nani costing ManUre the win in their game against Chelshit? Do you remember Fergies reaction? If Wenger did that, I’m sure we could have seen a team that gives a fuck not to loose and make stupid defensive mistakes. I think complacency has crawled into the club; from Kronke, Wenger and now players. Those who question the system (E.g. RVP) are illustrated as villains and are turned against the fans. RVP is still banging them in on his way to the title while wenger is yapping about a ‘good squad’. We used to laugh how shit Liverpool are, guess what? We are level on point!

    I get so fucking sick every time Wenger and the players say: “We need not to drop more point now” Then they repeat playing shit the next game


  54. mario

    You are 15 years to late with your comments he has always been lacking in these departments he just had very good players before to play his brand of playground football.

  55. AC Gooner

    The Coq was very impressive yesterday. Best man on the pitch for us.

    Poor Sagna. He is no longer then man for us.

    Giroud, as I have said several times is too wasteful, can not be relied on to hold up the ball. How often we lose the ball from him? He should be our number two striker. WE NEED A PROPER STRIKER!

    Jack and Diaby were both trying too hard to show that they are strong – both were dispossessed of the ball a few times. Diaby once for a goal. Jack, dont read the fucking papers, dont start believing all the crap. You are a great player and will get better and better, but keep it on the ground.

    How can anyone expect AA to come on and do anything. Hasnt been in a match in 13 years or so.

    During warm ups saw Frimpong with his huge smile laughing like he was at a schoolboy birthday party. Saw Mata and Cazorla laughing and hugging. We need a Roy Keane to tell them to wipe those grins off their faces or risk being smacked silly.

    It is exactly this careless attitude that cost us so many goals so often.

  56. Kurt F

    Everyone who defends Giroud lists his 9 goals and 9 assists – but think how many chances he’s had. He’s a decent option on the subs bench perhaps, but he’s simply not clinical enough to be a main striker at a top club. As numerous posters have pointed out, Giroud is worse than Bendtner – a young striker with undoubted skill, premier league experience, and who’s wages we are still paying. With no strikers on the bench yesterday, Wenger should be seriously considering recalling Bendtner – hell, he could even claim he was like a new signing!

  57. Reza

    Arsenal’s website before next game …
    Vermaelen: We need to stick together …
    Mertesaker: Now it’s time to show how good we are …
    Wenger: The attitude of this team is incredible …

  58. mystic

    Can someone please explain to me why a disinterested, out wood bound Sagna is getting in the team ahead of an inform Jenkinson?

    When both at their best absolutely no question that Sagna is the better, but recently he just hasn’t seemed to have his heart in playing – I don’t particularly blame him, but his insane manager should have the bollocks to drop an under performer.

  59. Johnny5

    Can we please stop with the ref bashing I think he got both decisions spot on was a defo penalty and chezzer was lucky not to get a red and the Ramirez tackle wasn’t all that bad I’ve seen a lot worse tackles not given as free kicks the phrase clutching at straws springs to mind when I hear muppets saying it was a foul etc

  60. Guns of Hackney

    Johnny 5

    That referee cost Arsenal a Champions League place!!!

    Or so the insane AKB’s will have you believe.

  61. sam

    Its amazing wenger didn’t why we lost to chelsea last time.
    it was ramires harrassing arteta and cazorla, he did it again yesterday with coquelin and diaby, they were like newbies they didn’t know what hit them. wenger should have given them instruction to prevent it from happening n
    ramires manhandling them both led to both goals.
    I don’t believe we have a bad team, just a stupid clueless coach

  62. gambon

    “I change my mind from day to day on whether we need to strengthen”

    This is the man you want to lead our team?

    Widow: “Doctor, why did you let my husband die, why didnt you operate?”

    Doctor: “I kept changing my mind on if i needed to operate”

    Widow: “He had a gunshot wound to the face”

    Doctor: “I am not listening to someone that hasnt worked one day in medicine”

  63. Jed

    Love the polemic.
    Wenger is a big part of the problem (and a sane manager could have dealt with most of the issues for free 4 seasons ago).
    BUT by the time he goes/gets sacked we will be so far in the shit that it will take major cash to get back to being competitive.
    It is too tragic for words, the reason its got to this point is an absence of leadership at owner/board level.
    I agree that the priority needs to be getting Wenger out but its deluded to think that any team owned by Kroenke is going to win anything.

  64. gambon

    Newcastle have lodged a bid for Gouffran.

    How comes we are the only team in the league than arent trying to strengthen?

  65. Eddie Mcgoldick


  66. MattJ

    Last season Wigan were in deep shit Roberto Martinez changed the formation had victories over man u and usand guided his team to safety, thats what a good manager does when his backs against the wall, ours is too arrogant and stuck in his ways to change and would rather stick to his principles than swallow his pride and adapt. I truly believe he would hold out for the slim chance of us finishing 4th and be able to tell us all so in his smug manner than change his ways and manage us to a respectable finish in the league. I fully agree with Pedro’s point that we are predicatble and easilly found out. Wenger needs to go now its embarrasing how poor we have become, The biggest problem is when he goes who does Gazidis and Kronke replace him with I dont think either of them are qualified to choose a suitable replacement and will probably turn to wenger for advice. AFC will not change until they all go.

  67. wanger-wenker

    all routes of blame lead to wankger. Obviously some fans argue that players are letting down the club, but some of those players are just not good enough to start with. Giroud is a lump of a striker….only good in very small patches and has one good use of charging bravely into the 6 yard box. I like the guys attitude, but clearly he is way down the list of strikers currently impressing in the prem. Gervinho is another championship quality player. As for many of the others, they look disinterested in grafting to get the ball back. This attitude stems from not having motivation that comes from a manager. Wankger is the least capable of motivating players…he hasnt much in the way of tactics or advice to players; preferring to gesticulate and whinge on the touchline.
    wankger wont buy in the window based on his “belief in the players” comment after the chelsea game. This is good for arsenal as he wont be able to patch up the team with a few quality signings and make that coveted 4th spot. This then exposes him to a bit of significant criticism. Ideally 7th or 8th may be enough to remove him, however it will be wankgers choice if he does leave.
    Such is wankgers luxury of past reputation that every critic of him in the media opens up with the line “wengers done great things for arsenal” or as GG said today “hes been the best arsenal manager of all time”.
    This praise befor the inevitable criticism just dilutes that criticism. It would be far better if critics just gave wankger an appraisal based on the past 8 years. Tell it how it is…..that wankger 2013 bears no resemblance to the manager that was “apparently” instrumental in our past success.
    I say apparently as i believe that success was largely down to inherited players, (adams and co.) and wankgers lucky connection with world-class french players, although i must give credit to wenger for making a cohesive team withan exhilarating attacking philosophy.
    Its strange that the fans were focusing their disatisfaction on gazidis….although he appears to be doing nothing spectacular, he isnt the man to blame for this mess; that finger of blame should be pointing at wankger.WENGER OUT and evenTHE BRADFORD MANAGER IN. (haha)

  68. gaz the gooner

    no passion, no commitment, no ambition.

    we are not signing anyone, more lies we are signing this person and that. empty words from man who values the business instead of beating the opposite 11. bad times.

    Wenger Out!!!

  69. Northern Gooner

    Did you all see Jack W trying encourage the players to close down Chelski on many occasions yesterday, it shows how bad the team has sunk when one of the youngest players on the pitch has to chase up senior pro’s who should know fucking better!!! hat Wenger and his yes men are destroying our club !!

  70. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Wenger was never going to be fired on the basis of those results! Way too early.. However what has followed since then has seen the club going in one direction and the team in another.

    Gazidis has said we are going to be competing with the best next year. So, slumming it down with the spud/Everton/Pool/West Brom’s does not match that ambition. 4th would dress is up a bit but not enough.

    Even snatching 4th will not see him waterproof! Just like we gaze at and analyse the table they (board) do the same. 22 points is as clear to them as us.

    Gambon is correct. The money is not spent by decision of Wenger alone. All the evidence points to the money, however much it is, being available to him. They are not interested in stockpiling money. They are interested in generating it and not going into a loss situation. And repeatedly we have heard them declare “the money is available to the manager.” If that’s not the case someone is telling major porkies.

    We need to win 12 of our remaining 16 games even to finish on 70 points like last year. It’s unlikely.

    Finishing in and around those teams I’ve mentioned is not in the game plan. Whether that is 4th/5th/6th to me is irrelevant. On that basis I’m saying they are losing patience.

    How much? I don’t know! Just saying he’s not bullet-proof and we are nearing the end-zone unless we see a massive turn-around!

  71. Richaldo

    Whilst massively disappointed with the result, I was slightly encouraged by the second half – or to put it bluntly: Glad we didn’t concede any more goals!!!!

    The Ox etc may have been missing… but when you consider we have Bentner and Chamak out on loan… surely at minimum ONE striker must be brought in now…??? To have not one on the bench for such a crucial game, mid way through the season is nothing short of a scandle. .. .

    All top clubs: ManUre, City, Chavski have four top level ‘forwards’ – our most succesful period under Wenger we did the same (Bergkamp, Henry, Kanu, Wiltord – and before that Wrighty, Bergkamp, Hartson / Anelka)

    The simple fact is that the teams above us can chop and change for specific matches, or during the game… we can’t….

    RIchaldo – dreaming of just finishing above T**Tenham…….. : (

  72. kethees


    Pedro: “It still pains me that I have to talk about top four as our main goal these days.”

    Arsene: “We cannot afford to drop points any more if we want to be in the top four. That’s a concern.”

  73. fuckit4thwilldo?


    So because i don’t want us to loose i’m part of the problem? and as Bergkamp63 puts it, i have the IQ of a carrot. So applying your method we’re better off as a club if we all sit at home praying for us to loose? If i felt that strongly i just wouldn’t bother even reading an Arsenal blog. I’m guessing you think all those fans that travel away and sing for 90 minutes are just a bunch of mugs and if they were to all just sit at home behind a keyboard keeping their fingers crossed that the team loose we would be in a much stronger position as a club?

    Danny boy,

    Would you say Liverpool are in a better position now and reaping the rewards having dropped out of the top 4 in 09/10?

  74. LeMassiveCoq

    Honestly dont give a shit about results until the senile cunt is gone. Hopefully Brighton will knock us out of the cup and that will hopefully seal the cunts fate.

    Sad times.

  75. mystic

    Thomas, its up for grabs now, were it early in his Arsenal career I could understand the lack of dismissal, but we are talking about 16 seasons in, that far in it cannot ever be too early in the season to sack someone.

  76. Guns of Hackney


    Lets agree to disagree on how best we see Arsenal moving forward. We’re both fans, but my view is more radical.

    Either way, we both agree that Arsene is finished as our manager.

  77. Yippee Kai Yay

    Colonel MustardJanuary 21, 2013 10:49:56
    A few point on yesterday.

    4. Giroud nice guy but what is the difference to Bentner?

    And there you have it in one sentence, the damning indictment. Wenger’s transfer policy of ‘recent history repeating itself’ in one fell swoop.

    Could be worse mind you, he could have been the ‘new shitmack’.

  78. useroz

    Wenger’s two french boys screwed up basically…

    Coq overran with the ball and got tackled (fouled whatever) and led to the first goal.

    Diaby simply got robbed big time and the second goal eventually scored by his robber!

    We must not be paying for Wenger”s indulgence anymore…get the hell out of Arsenal and take your kids with you.

  79. TOLI83

    Charlton send back Frimpong from loan, as he wasn’t up to their standard.

    Yet he’s good enough to be on the bench for Arsenal away at Chelsea…

  80. Matchy

    arsenal defence will always be in trouble and leak goals because they play a high line defence system.

    always put the emphasis on tony adam and bould and etc and famous back five … its craps. but then these guys dont play a high line d. they sit back and wai for players to come at them.

    The problem with the current arsenal Defence is right at the very top end.

    You have the top three who doesnt do their bit. Then you have the middle who are based and reliance on the

    messiah from god (wilshire) …
    The moon man (diaby)
    young french man of the year (coppy)

    Chelsea just walked through the arsenal midfield as if they didnt exist.

    Hence the arsenal defense is constantly under pressure.

    Then you have the top end.

    Walcot (well lets forget about his defending)
    Giroud (he is big and powerful)
    Carzolar (another midget)

    Arsenal had 4 midgets in the most crucial part of the team.


    And then you have the aging super over rated Sagna.

    Then only reason Sagna has done well at arsenal because the rest of the guys in the defence is shit.

    The guy after 20 years in the team cant cross the full. Cant get past a player.

    Whats the purpose of giroud if you cant have players who can cross a ball?

    Sagna with no pressure zip how many balls from to the corners of the far post? He cant even get a ball into the goal square.

    Arsenal team and play is based on movements. Players constanting moving with our without the ball. Guess what? The team yesterday just stood still in the cold. So the players with the ball will always be under constant pressure. He has no option to pass the ball.

  81. Johnny5


    ‘Would you say Liverpool are in a better position now and reaping the rewards having dropped out of the top 4 in 09/10?’

    Time will tell if thy beat us to 4th won’t it or if they beat us to 5th or 6th

  82. Johnny5


    ‘I can’t see how any mistake by the referee is relevant to the inability of the defence to do their job?’

    Exactly but if also add to that the midfield seem to think its beneath them to track back when sagna and Gibbs get forward it up to the midfield to provide cover but they don’t and were left exposed time and again.

  83. AC Gooner

    gambon @ 10:48:32

    I have heard he has never sold one of his ventures in the US. But has he ever been chased by a big rich Russian with billions and billions for any of those shitty Colorado franchises?

    Yeah, Wenger is 80% at fault for all our failures – at least, but with another board and chairman he would be put under a lot more pressure, forced to use his resources more.

  84. fuckit4thwilldo?


    We do both agree on Wenger out, i just think we’re up against it as it is, we have a manager who’s past it, teams around us strengthening, whilst we dither, our best players sold every year which must fuck morale within the team, the last thing we need to do as fans is turn on the team and start hoping we loose. I think at the moment we’ve just about got enough about us to get back up there if we get a new manager in and starting spending on quality. Drop out of the top four and it can be a long way back.

  85. Rob The Goon

    Good post as usual…

    Mental strength is definitely needed when writing these blog posts each day during these tough times!

    I would have stopped a while ago!

    Ive said before, I dont want wenger spending any of OUR money!

  86. Yippee Kai Yay

    As a stark contrast to this fixture last year (and raising I point I made a while back) RVP’s goals directly contributed towards points, a RVP hat-trick was the difference between 0 points and all 3.

    And the club in its infinite wisdom has now chosen to pay the new striker more than the last, for fewer goals and ultimately fewer points.

    Are the fans supposed to be happy that ‘Feo’ has 15 goals now? That the each successive increase in season ticket prices are going to pay the wages of players who do not deserve them (even taking into account today’s standards).

    This club has gone well past ‘taking its fans for granted’ and is treating them collectively like mugs.

  87. Buckagh

    2-1 was flattering no doubt and Chelsea weren’t particularly impressive.
    No game plan apparent, no leaders on the bench, when top players cross the white lines they adapt to what is required, not the case with the current Arsenal team.
    Set pieces either attacking or defending are a joke and have been for years.
    Don’t know where this famed good spirit is because for me compared to other teams there is no fight and most of them look as if they couldn’t give a fuck.
    Wenger era is in the endgame, but deserves better than this

  88. nepGunner

    Wenger talking shit after a game (win or loss) and blaming everything and everyone else infuriates me more than loosing a game these days. Sadly he’s gone beyond repair now.

    But again, Theo getting 100K a week deal and Wenger boasting he knew he was shifting the needle on Manure’s favor by gifting them RvP tells you everything you need to know about Arsenal these days.

    In short – “Penny wise, pound foolish”.

  89. gambon

    The board shouldnt have to force Wenger to use his resources

    Ive said this so many times now, and ill say it again:

    If you give every manager in world football £50m to spend, they would all ask for £60m, and you can guarantee theyll spend the whole £50m.

    Arsene Wenger would buy 2 kids from France and give £45m back

    He has extreme & severe mental illness, and one day we will all look back and realise this was the case. Much like Reagan etc.

  90. reggie 57

    Did’nt Wenger say a few year’s back that if he was given £100mill (to spend) he would give it back as he has’nt earned it?

    There’s your fucking answer it’s not the board it’s the cretin in charge

    Wenger out!!

  91. davi

    Mistakes by the referee do matter. If Chelsea are allowed to get lucky by scoring off of bad decisions then why aren’t we allowed to get lucky by getting away with bad defending?
    I hate writing that because we shouldn’t be defending this poorly, but it is true. Had we controlled the game as Chelsea largely did and come away with a 1-0 defeat, what would you have said of us then? It would generally have been negative and Chelsea that could have been a reality for Chelsea were it not for a couple of bad decisions.
    Anyway, that’s just one game. The real issue is the way we have been so abysmal in the 1st half of games recently. I’ve been saying for ages now Mbiwa is a MUST BUY. If he really is available we have to get him. He is everything Vermaelen is supposed to be: a true leader, a great defender and a talented footballer. Vermaelen is a talented footballer but neither of the other things and should be tried in midfield or moved on IMO.
    I think Giroud will prove to be a good signing, but probably not by the end of this season, and so we’ve made a major cockup by not signing Ba who could have made an immediate impact and got us back into the top 4, THat ship has sailed and so the next forward we get will probably be more expensive and from outside the PL, bringing the same risks as the GIroud signing.

  92. Kurt F

    With Man Utd 5 points ahead in the league, Fergie is still buying players to make them better. Arsenal are over 20 points behind and yet Wenger claims our squad is good enough. Madness.

  93. fuckit4thwilldo?

    Johnny5January 21, 2013 11:39:33

    But do you think Liverpool have benifitted and flourished since dropping out the top 4, four seasons ago. Do you think we as fans should be hoping we don’t finish in the top 4 for the good of the club? The mentalitty on here seems to be drop out the top 4 then we’ll definately start bossing it. I’m not so sure, you do realise that when Wenger goes it’s going to be down to the board, not you to find the right man for the job, i’m not sure what they have done so far that makes you so confident in their ability to make this club great again.

  94. bergkamp63

    ‘Would you say Liverpool are in a better position now and reaping the rewards having dropped out of the top 4 in 09/10?’

    Let’s examine this question:

    Liverpool are now on the same points as us but played 1 game more and are 3 goals worse than us.

    Do Liverpool have a better squad than us ? I think they do.

    Do Liverpool have a better Manager than us ? That’s obvious !!

    Have we won more than they have since 09/10 ? Nope.

    Liverpool have a £20m less wage bill than we do.

    You decide !!

  95. dennisdamenace

    10 days left to make an impact on the transfer window. Keep them crossed Wenger lucks out and we bring in the type of quality that can work without instruction…

    For me, we have ten days to hope the fraud doesn’t spend a penny. No more sub-standard Wenger purchases please, he’s made his fucking bed, let him lie in it….

  96. Ric

    So that’s the jizzt of it nothing changes until the man in charge either drops dead or retires… I was hoping for the latter for 5 years but now I’m liable to be found in the former camp.

  97. fuckit4thwilldo?

    bergkamp63January 21, 2013 11:56:33
    ‘Would you say Liverpool are in a better position now and reaping the rewards having dropped out of the top 4 in 09/10?’

    Let’s examine this question:

    Liverpool are now on the same points as us but played 1 game more and are 3 goals worse than us.

    Do Liverpool have a better squad than us ? I think they do.

    Do Liverpool have a better Manager than us ? That’s obvious !!

    Have we won more than they have since 09/10 ? Nope.

    Liverpool have a £20m less wage bill than we do.

    You decide !!

    And they have all this just because they dropped out of the top 4. They would have none of the points mentioned if they had played in the champions league for the past 4 seasons? Are you honestly trying to convince me that dropping out of the top 4 is a good thing?

  98. Arben

    To bring the best out of players and managment, or make them feel more responsible, i think they must have clauses on their contracts
    for example if a palyer/ manager are underperforming they must be hit with heavy fines as much as their 50% of their salary.
    If wenger had this clause in his contract, now i could be thinking, fucking hell we are winning all these trophys, it’s getting boring.

  99. Ikki Badwal

    What is the biggest shame is that I don’t even see the arrival of two new world class ‘special, special talent’ players changing the fortunes of this side. And that is sad.

    I cant put my finger on what the problem is, It is too easy to blame Wenger. Some blame should rest with the players. They just dont look like they are even remotely interested. Even with the signing of 2 world class players + Wilshere wont be able to turn us into a winning team.

    Wholesale changes are needed. We dont have the players to play the formation we do. I am in complete despair about what is happening to our football club. And everyone at the club is to blame – from the board, to the managers, to the players.

  100. bergkamp63

    “And they have all this just because they dropped out of the top 4. They would have none of the points mentioned if they had played in the champions league for the past 4 seasons? Are you honestly trying to convince me that dropping out of the top 4 is a good thing?”

    Since they dropped out:

    Fans protested
    New Owners
    New Ambition
    New Manager
    New Players

    What fucking planet are you on ?

  101. Ric

    fuckit4thwilldo?January 21, 2013 12:00:29

    Are the scousers better off than us…?

    Well… Their immediate future is definitely looking alot brighter.

  102. Rob The Goon

    And another thing…Arsene FC is run by pussies…all that “theo will sign before christmas” talk was complete bollocks.

    Theo forced arsenal into a corner and paid him what he wants.

    How the hell is theo holding the club to ransom. A massive club bending over for theo fuckling walcott…dont get me wrong, hes a good player but he still has a lot to prove but fuck me…arsenal have no balls anymore

  103. Bush Gooner

    Arsene: “We cannot afford to drop points any more if we want to be in the top four. That’s a concern.”

    What are you gonna do about it Arsene? I tell you what your gonna do, absolutely f**k all as the sqaud you have does not need strengthening as that is the best team you have worked with….!!

  104. Ramsey's backpass

    The senile old man thinks his zonal children has psychological issues
    who’s fault is that?
    who gets paid 7+ odd million doing nothing?
    Can’t the old man do something about it?

    I dont even want him to spend money this january cos he might buy a giroud type player

  105. Egemannen

    A good friend of min visited a lot of clubs in England a couple of years ago, while he was studying to be a football coach. Today he works at Strømsgodset, the club that came second in the Norwegian league last season.

    He told me last weekend that he is not surprised by the amount of troubles when it comes to set pieces both defensively and attackingwise.

    When he visited Liverpool, Everton, Arsenal, Machester City among others…Arsenal were the ONLY club that had NO training involving set piece. The only time they had something smiliar to set piece training, was when it became corner during a game at the trainingfield.
    Shocking to hear…but im not surprised.

  106. Relieable sauce

    Yeah lets not drop out of the top 4, otherwise we won’t be able to attract all of these top players we’ve been signing recently : /


  107. bergkamp63

    Rob the Goon,

    If you look back to late October you will find my comments here stating Walcock would drag it out til late January because he knew he had the club by the bollocks.

    There is only 1 person responsible for this situation !!

  108. bergkamp63


    Yeah, wouldn’t want to not sign the likes of Squillaci & Park & Chamackh & Santoss & Gervinho.

    Where would we be with an extra 250K a week !!