Cazorla out left, Coquelin holding and Jack in the hole please

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It’s a big day and an early kick off for Arsenal fans. We’re taking on the erratic talent over at the Bridge and anything less than 3 points will be a disaster in the race for the top 4. It still pains me that I have to talk about top four as our main goal these days.

Team news is hard to come by, as far as I can tell, there’s not much to talk about. Podolski might not play which I think is great news if it involves keeping the same line up as the other night. Cazorla works well out wide, and a midfield trio of Jack, Diaby and Coquelin has a balance and discipline we’ve missed most of the season. I really love having Diaby back, even if it’s only for a month. I still can’t believe we don’t possess another midfielder with similar traits…

Giroud will suit a game like Chelsea as the central striker, but the midfield and widemen have to give him ammo. Good delivery into the box is essential of we’re going to make an impact of any sort today. Hopefully we can see a clinical game from the aggressive Frenchman. His fortunes are certainly due a turn… He’s starting to play a more pivotal role in our game, I’ve certainly noticed his involvement levels increase over the last few games he’s played… even coming off the bench.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Theo can do today. He played a shocker last week against Swansea…. will he lose his confidence and have another bad game or will he show some maturity and justify the big boy wages he’s been granted?

Wenger has called for aggression. Something he’s made a habit of stamping out of the side over the years. Teams aren’t scared of us and referees certainly don’t worry about us playing up. That gives bully boys an advantage. I don’t think we get knocked around as easily as we did a couple of years ago, but we certainly don’t have a winners nasty streak about us. You can inject that if you have an aggressive winner manning the ship. Or you let Steve Bould have a say… Little things like crowding out the ref or defending your team mates in packs have a massive impact on decisions. It’s not nice to watch, but why do you think all the best sides do it?

I’ve no idea what to expect today. If we win, kiss goodbye to any dreams of inbound players. If we lose, don’t get your hopes up.

Either way, enjoy it and I’ll catch you for the write up tomorrow.

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  1. Toli83

    Diaby was shit today. He must think he can walk on water as he just strolls into team. Coq will be out for a while now, so is Arteta, Diaby is a time bomb, cazorla is knackered and Walcott limped off at the final whistle.

    Jenkinson needs to come back in, I don’t care what anyone says, experienced or not he puts a shift in and works his bollocks off, a gooner fan. Sagna can fuck off.

    Our starting XI has so many issues its unbelievable. I’m going Brighton away next weekend and not sure how we will fair…

    That’s one place I won’t go dressed as a hooker kwik fit!

  2. SDE

    I look forward to Wenga,Wonga’s press statement’s..

    More entertaining,than the performance’s on the pitch..

    I expect his next statement before the close of the Jan transfer window,to go along the lines of…

    I will wade through the bush fires engulfing Southern Australia & their 45 degree heat,to find exceptional,exceptional talent..

    Only to try & tap up Emile Heskey for a free from Newcastle Warriors,or whatever they are called..

    With OGL, saying..
    ” I can make you great & a hero,back in London,England..
    For Michael Owen,we have hot-shot Walcott..”

    With Emile’s response being..
    “F..k Off OGL ,I’m already a hero here in OZ…They think I’m Pele here…!!”

    “What,you want too destroy me,by signing me up for Arse FC..?!!
    Do one fella”

  3. Dannyboy

    Ivory, lets hope he’s not allowed to spend anything and is sacked very very soon. Maybe a home defeat to West Ham would do it?

  4. Arsene's Nurse

    kwik fit January 20, 2013 17:37:38


    Rumours (Via ArsenalAction) Wenger is due to fly out to Germany, for a “Meeting”
    Could be a new shrink perhaps
    Nope, he’s off to get Djourou back!

  5. SDE

    “I have great news to announce to fans of AFC…Major new signing..I’m pleased to announce..I have signed a new 10 year contract,tying me to the club till 2024..”

    “Fee Undisclosed”

    Now that’s what you call Mental Strengthzzzzz & Exceptional B/S Qualideeeee…!!

  6. IvoryGoonz

    we are not likely to lose against WestHam home, more likely a draw like againt Stoke home if we keep this way of playing, Wenger doesn’t care winning or even making 4th anymore. But Liverpool are going to be the tough one of the 3 to not lose, they play us first then City, and they want the points to come back on us more than we can defend. All in all, likely to be even with ‘Pool end of the month….

  7. Rocky87

    Cannot believe he used the same old ” we showed we have great quality and spirit” again today after another defeat.

    If I told my directors my team were fantastic, but they kept failing, they would say there was only 1 answer, I must be a shit manager.

    Surely this is the only conclusion the Board at Arsenal must come to, or else they just don’t give a damn!

  8. IvoryGoonz

    here’s the fuckin joke/
    01/01 Southampton 1-1 Arsenal English Premier League
    01/06 Swansea City 2-2 Arsenal English FA Cup · Third Round
    01/13 Arsenal 0-2 Manchester City English Premier League
    01/16 Arsenal 1-0 Swansea City English FA Cup · Third Round
    01/20 Chelsea 2-1 Arsenal English Premier League

  9. Toli83

    No one sang sack Wenger today, although the Chelsea fans were singing we want you stay at arsenal which was probably worse.

    Today is another example of his lack of availability in motivating players for big games. Meet said in paper they were all scared of city, today we were startled in first half.

    Giroud pissed me off today, should have scored in first half. He’s to focused on whining and going down, taking ages to get back to feet etc. one of those players who does a pose for the cameras just after he misses.

  10. IvoryGoonz

    “‘The team has to believe more in its quality'”

    on an improved second-half performance…
    Tactically we changed some things. Psychologically I felt we were more on the front foot. We had a similar start to Man City last week – didn’t really go for it, didn’t really defend well and gave too much room to Chelsea. On top of that, I feel we were a bit unlucky because it was a free kick on the first goal and it was not a penalty on the second goal. We were a bit unlucky. We didn’t play well in the first half. In the second half we came out with a different spirit, a different attitude and were much more dangerous and dominated the whole second half. Unfortunately, we didn’t come back. We didn’t make enough of our corners and free kicks and didn’t make enough of the chances we created. That’s why we lost the game. It’s very damaging for our position in the league and very difficult to swallow.

    on the difference in first and second-half performances…
    It’s similar to last week. After you discover that a team has fantastic quality and spirit. We come into the game when we’re 2-0 down. That’s worrying of course, because in the big games, once you start at 2-0 down, it’s very difficult.

    on the first-half performance…
    Chelsea played well and I feel we were not well positioned on the pitch. We were too stretched and individually gave them too much room to play. We didn’t defend tight enough. We were always allowing them to play when they wanted.

    on the foul on Coquelin…
    The referee gave many free kicks today. Some were much less than the Coquelin one. It’s frustrating. It doesn’t mean that we should have conceded the goal, but it’s frustrating because in the big games, these kind of decisions have big importance.

    on the penalty…
    He could have given a yellow card to Ramires as well.

    on explaining the first-half display…
    We had a physical problem to get going today. In the second half it was much better. When you play every three days, it’s difficult to know. There’s a psychological ingredient in there for sure. I felt that in the last two games that we didn’t really go for it from the start.

    on being six points outside the top four…
    The table is the table. We have lost two big games in the last week and that’s very damaging for us. We cannot afford to drop points anymore if we want to be in the top four. It’s a concern.

    on if there is a leadership issue…
    There’s a great spirit in the team. There’s great quality in the team. The team has to believe more in the quality we have. You could see with 10 men against Man City and today again that we can be dominant in the games. We have to [do that] from the start.

    on critics saying the team can’t challenge for titles…
    I wouldn’t like to comment on every opinion of people. What is important is that we focus on giving our best in the next game and our next game is on Wednesday.

    on potential signings…
    We’ll see what we can do. We are not close to signing anybody tonight or tomorrow morning.

  11. Thomas

    Sagna looks really disinterested as of late. Sell him. Seriously what a bunch of losers Wenger has assembled. How is that cunt paid £7.5m / year? Worst manager ever.

  12. IvoryGoonz

    Tell me Arsene; you seem to know where it all went wrong, so how can it be you can never make it right upfront?
    And no, we can’t challenge for PL or EPL title with that team and manager, but certainly, most of the mistakes come from the manager. More corners and freekicks training than long fitness sessions maybe? More trainings against real people and less against dummies?
    less bullshit and more pro-activity than a shit layback attitude?

  13. SDE

    Why anyone is surprised by our result &performance today..Really beat’s me…!!

    The writing was on the wall from 2008..

    The major defining moment of OGL’s tenure,
    will now be the sale of RVP to Manure..

    With every defeat we suffer,with every point lost as a consequence,with every point gained by the Spud’s& with every goal scored by RVP for ManUre…

    The final screws on OGL’s tenure will be tightened with increasing ferocity…

    Even the AKB’s in unison,at some tipping point will scream & say
    “Enough is Enough-You’ve gone too far OGL”…

    & OGL’S Defence..

    “Diaby…New Signing..10 yr £100k contract”

    “F**K You..!!”

  14. Cesc Appeal

    United approached the game against Spurs today with a lot more fear than they approach us with…that’s telling.

  15. kwik fit

    I give you a super quality player guys, one Florian Thauvin of wait for it Bastia. Keep up the good work Arsene !!!

    PS Toli83 perhaps we could go together and offer each other moral support …you know what I mean 😉

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Oh, no more youngsters Arsene for fuck sake.

    It’s just plain embarassing now.

    Though I suppose the conveyor belt of young talent churned out for £££ resale has to continue.

  17. kwik fit


    But he’ll be just what we need in two years when were fighting against the drop.
    You can’t deny that Wenger doesn’t think ahead. He’s a man ahead of his time.

  18. SDE


    & at the start of the season,after the Chelsea defeat..

    “The team is fatigued/tired..””

    Not even a 3rd of the way through the season@that point..

    Comedy Gold..

    Keep’em coming..He’s feeling the pressureeeee this season..

    Recall RVP Sale…..

    Let’s see him exude exceptional mental strengthzz…

  19. Toli83

    I’d appreciate that kwik fit . I’m keen to carry the protest on but that attire in Brighton is like throwing a lamb into the lions den.

    Giving today’s events, what will Wenger without coq for a month? A lot of pent up tension will build up…

  20. Rocky87

    If anybody thinks we are going to spend any serious money this transfer window you must be mad.

    We got ripped a new one today by 2 players Wenger admired, and could, and should have picked up on the cheap, Mata and Hazard, but we are always looking in the pound store!

    The only transfer rumours I ever believe are those linking us with young, unknown players from the French league’s.

  21. Toli83

    Yeah he is. In this weather as well its not the best of ideas.

    If it is a month, unlikely Wenger will see coq again , could be the straw the broke the camels back which results in him leaving.

    A coq starved Wenger is an unhappy Wenger.

  22. Paddy got up

    I so wish our fans would of been singing for that cunt to go today, but from what I hear they weren’t just the Chavs taking the piss out of us.
    Again just can’t watch this team play, I get so worked up. My kids go out if I start watching Arsenal as the say I get so angry!!
    For the sake of my health FUCK OFF WENGER, & THE SYRIP
    We want our ARSENAL BACK.

  23. Arben

    I tell you what guys, even if we buy someone this transfer , I think we are done, I don’t see us getting in top 4 this year, if still somebody think we can win FA Cup or Champions league I think you guys should have a health check.
    I don’t give a fuck anymore, as much as have felt ashamed in front of my friends on the past few years, now I feel relieved.

  24. Ines

    Arsenal will (deservedly) play the Europa League, probably next to Everton and Liverpool. Wenger is stubborn miser and the proof of how economics graduate is curse in his field. All the times he is driven by market principles and defiance, does not spend half as much income, does not follow trends in salaries of top players, doesn’t sign contracts with players over 30 years. He has respectively, definitely lost touch with reality.
    And the reality is, you have to pay a player who is worth and offer him naughty salary and long-term contract, because otherwise he goes to another club where he will win trophies. And then you economize, add and subtract you bloody economist!

  25. Paddy got up

    He will be disapointed that he won’t be able to see his Coq play in Brighton
    But he soon will be back hard and up for it!

  26. Keyser


    They’re not even that hard puns to make, come on, you got that completely wrong.

  27. Toli83

    Was that aimed at me Keyser ? I thought my puns were coq on?

    Hard to see what happened from where I was kwik fit.

    I just know the facts which were, Wenger pulled coq off with roughly 25 mins to go… Not very motivating for the others to witness.

  28. SDE

    OGL is the Lance Armstrong of Football..

    He moans about the financial doping of the Oligarch’s & Sheikh’s..

    But enables them with the sale of


    All for a fancy dan fee of about £100 million..
    Whilst he-OGL collect’s his bonus,behind the scene’s..
    For a job well done..
    Player sales that I talk about,as opposed to performances,on the pitch & winning trophies..

    Incessantly talks about a level playing field..
    But aid’s in skewing the playing field..

    Blames the skewed playing field for our mishaps..

    Whilst collecting a whopping £7.5 million..
    for not winning anything of note,even against B’Ham in 2011 CCC-Final..

    Or may I add Bradford,assembled together for a total cost of £7,500.00..

    Woo is me indeed..& it is an unfair playing field.

    & enhancing his bank balance,through consultancy project’s,such as “Castrol” as an example & Japanese endorsement’s all under false pretense’s…

    Attempting to play-some sort of Emperor-“The Great Samurai”.
    When he is far from the warrior of previous years.
    Simply a senile guy that takes a blunt knife,to a gun fight..!!

    Continuously moans,about woo is me..
    But every rational fan can see through his b/s..

    Play’s the sympathy card,when in actual fact his bank credit has run out..

    In fact the sale of RVP, has had the Bank Manager next door to him,banging ever furiously,asking for OGL to repay his humungous overdraft,that’s 4 years over due…

  29. Steve

    Coq made a forward run then pulled up and signalled to the bench to come off immediately – classic hamstring injury. Pity really he was the only one showing any balls.

  30. Paddy got up

    Toli mate, sorry your Chelski luck run out today, think Brighton next week could be the opportunity to start to voice that we want this cunt out now.
    I can’t even see us beating them!!

  31. HerveDeNerve

    Ferguson “If you look at our away programme we have been to Everton, been to Liverpool, been to Chelsea, been to Manchester City, been to Tottenham,” he said.
    “We have been to all the top teams away from home”

    Says it all really

  32. SDE


    Is our bet still on..?
    From the end of last season…
    When I said RVP will be sold & we will not finish within top 4?

    I hasten to add,you were at the end & beginning of this season, adamant we will finish within a top 4 place?

    Still confident?

    Or now,jumping the Grand Aintree fence..?

    Pray tell…!!

  33. Toli83

    Coq must be fucking worn out mate. Wenger and Bouldy plus the physio all wanted a piece.

    Just getting pulled off in public will be psychologically damaging for the kid. Hopefully he’ll come back firmer and ready.

    Paddy got up, if could think if a song which involves the word, cunt, Wenger and sack. Ill get the lads to belt it out. Ill need to know what kind of tune you want it sung to as well.

    Gutted about Chelsea today, a team full of stars but have a soft centre and if we had a decent striker we could have beat them.

  34. SDE

    HerveDeNerveJanuary 20, 2013 20:16:02

    No longer a threat,even for Bradford..

    & may I add..’lil cosy arrangement…(Ahemm..)

  35. Truth

    IG quote from Oct 6th 2011.

    where he claims we’re not dependent on CL football.

    Speaking at the Leaders in Football Conference at Stamford Bridge Gazidis said, “We would rather qualify for the Champions League, but we have a really stable model that can cope [if they don’t qualify]. And we could not only cope, we could do well and compete. It would be very foolish to build a business model that relied on being in the Champions League for perpetuity. I don’t think any clubs do that, and if they do then they probably aren’t being run as responsibly as they should be.”

  36. Alex James

    Wenger is off to Dortmund to do a swap with their manager. This statement is no worse than the other transfer rubbish we have been fed. Perhaps he will get snowed in for six months.

  37. SDE

    if we had a decent striker we could have beat them.

    Missed Transfer:-
    “The below will kill Giroud..”
    Demba Ba..£7.5 million

    Out Transfer:-
    “The below will aid Gerpooh &now Walpot”..
    RVP..£24 million..

  38. midlandgunner

    if we dont qualify for champs league ivan has a plan b its called the 70m or so that we thought was for transfers for a rainy day will be used to cover it,we are about to fall from grace the way liverpool did and it could be a long time before we get back

  39. follow the money

    It’s embarrassing. I didn’t watch the game, because we are boring now, and also I knew Chelsea would win. When was the last time we knocked off a top team? It was in 2008 or 9 when Samir Nasri took down Man U with two brilliant goals. When Wenger talks about team spirit and mental strength etc it’s beyond a joke. What our current predicament proves is that the previous Wenger teams basically managed themselves. There was no need for motivational speeches because Paddy and TA etc were men and professional footballers. This bunch we have now are not, bar Jack and a couple others. Wenger can drone on all he wants about spirit but the world is the way the world is (ruled by money) and to pretend it’s not is insane. For years now (Wenger’s doing) we have been losers in the transfer market and it has translated into being losers on the pitch. The transfer battles we do win are for kids, who need some true winners to guide them. I’m not a fairweather fan btw, I just can’t watch Arsenal suffer the same problems year after year, watch OGL move the goalposts from the League title to 2nd place to CL qualification. Fans like me don’t demand we win trophies all the time. But we do demand that our team not be a joke. And that’s what it’s become, and why I can’t watch anymore

  40. Toli83

    To the tune of come on Eileen.

    Wenger you cunt
    Oh Can you fuck off
    We all want you to leave
    Cos your goinng senile (stretch out going and senile in high pitch harmony)….

  41. kwik fit

    Why is Wenger smiling in that photo. Does he not care that his team are floundering in the league and his coq has been pulled and is now injured for nigh on a month.
    We the owners of Arsenal should not take anymore of this laissez Faire attitude of our manager. He needs Deballed post haste!!!

  42. SDE

    kwik fitJanuary 20, 2013 20:34:42
    Wenger on his way to Germany looking for a bit of Frankfurter;

    Hopefully,he will go through Checkpoint Charlie in Berlin..
    The American side of Check-Point Charlie & get apprehended for:-
    “War Crimes Of Managing A Stazi Institution , AKB Indoctrination & Youth Trafficking”

  43. mics

    This is just getting embarrassing. The worst Arsenal team since the 90s, and the senile Professor insists that nothing is wrong. Our bench is threadbare, our striking options are laughable, and our defense is virtually nonexistent. Bye, Champion’s League.

  44. Paddy got up

    Right Toli mate let me think!!!
    Here goes
    To the old magic hat tune

    Arsene once was magic
    No one can deny that
    But now he’s destroyed everything
    And really needs the sack!

    To the great escape tune( think that’s the film)

    Tony Adams, Liam Brady
    Now we’ve a manager who’s crazy
    We had Bergkamp, we had Henry
    Now we’ve Gervinho and Ramsey!

    And finally to the tune we all know
    Good old Arsenal
    We’re proud to say that name
    Now we’re run by crooks
    For there greedy gains!

    I may think of more. Hope they help mate?

  45. Paddy got up

    Good luck Toli
    Am tempted to join you if I can blag a ticket. Think next week could be the fans fight back mate

  46. George

    Wenger/the board have fucked our club right up. £’s are more important that success to them but they will come unstuck as attendances will drop (just as they did against swansea last week) which will reduce match day revenue, failure to qualify will further reduce income and any attraction that AFC has or had for top players will go out the window. Unlike shitty we cannot tempt top players by offering them zillions per year so all in all the downward spiral will continue until they (the board) realize they are fucked. We are nothing more than a mediocre side in the EPL with no bollox for a scrap (except for Wilshire). Won’t be long before he sees the light. Whilst we continue with the likes of Mertesaker, Ramsey, Diaby, Gervinho etc we will continue to get fucked. Can’t stand Ramsey, a nothing player, Gervinho, a headless chicken, Mert, the tallest cunt I’ve ever known that cannot jump to head a ball and Diaby who is just fucking clueless…there are others but I’ve lost the will to carry on writing. WENGER OUT, KRONCUNT OUT……bring in USMANOV & DEIN .. they can’t do any worse

  47. Dannyboy

    Also isn’t it funny how Sneijder was 3/1 just today to go to Galatasaray, even though it was pretty obvious he was on his way there.. Where as we are 13/8 to sign Cavani still, even though there is more chance of me playing for Arsenal than him…

  48. gambon

    Love the Man Utd song!…

    Van Persie…ooooooohhhhhh
    Van Persie…ooooooohhhhhh
    He had to leave the scum
    Cos Wenger touched his son

  49. Lee Pace

    Arsenal post 2005 under Wenger must be like watching someone you love slowly destroying themselves with crack.

    You love them and want them to change but your helpless, unable to stop them doing what they’re doing.
    You throw Mephedrone in front of them to help wean them off the crack, they refuse to take it, stick 2 fingers up at you and continue using the crack regardless of what you say or how you feel. Arsenal have money to spend, but just like the Mephedrone they refuse to use it.

    They do not want to cure the problem and are in denial.

    Wenger, Gazidis, PHW, Kronke and CL football are what you could call: The Crack In Arsenal. Arsenal have been a crack club for over 5 years now, addicted to CL football, not competing for trophies and the selling of our best players.

    But now something is wrong, very wrong, The crack has become shit, our suppliers are fucking us over. It’s become cheap and stale, no ideas, the quality has gone. We no longer have any world class players to sell to help us finish top 4 and the lack of crack is causing us to drop further and further down the table. But we still remain in denial and refuse touch the methedrone (spend).

    We are at that low point were we start flirting with the Mephedrone, but the effects are not the same as the crack because we have not commited ourselves to it, ie flirting and being linked with players but not commiting to use the money stashed in our crack vault

    We the fans (the majority being AKB’s) cannot bare seeing our loved one suffer like this so even though we know we shouldn’t, we give them money to go out and score all the while praising and giving them words of encouragement, convincing them everything is just fine.
    They continue going to games praying for a miracle, injecting money into the club becoming part of the problem.

    As a result we witness poor performances again and again and while at the same time mourning the inevitable demise of our loved one, our club. 🙁

  50. Doublegooner


    I fuckin pray our conman signs no one.

    I hope RVP cunts him off one day.

    RVP would have to be mentally deranged to stay & listen to Wenger talking that shower of shit Diaby.

    A bigger cunt in an Arsenal shirt now Song has gone, I’ve yet to see.

  51. reality check

    Well ill be damned SDE!

    Shocking list there, I wonder..

    If you done a list with every single wenger buy since he came. How many great buys compared to complete cack.

    Thumbs up. Thumbs down
    ———— —————
    RVP. Chamack
    Henry. Gervinho
    Overmars. Walcott

    And so on. If the wenger supporters actually saw a clear list of his transfer dealings since the start, I think they’d understand why so many on here think he’s finished. When they think of wenger, alls a blur, and in that blur they see trophies, but if you actually pin pointed his dealings, the ratio between great players and shit. Its indefensible over a 16 year period.

  52. Paddy got up

    Why is he in Germany anyone know?Talking about ratio of bad buys
    Remi Garde
    Stephan Maltz
    Pascal Cygan
    Igor Stepanovs
    Nelson Vivas
    Oleg Luzhny
    Manual Almunia
    And everyone else he has bought in the last 3 years.
    Sure there are many more

  53. Paddy got up

    Danny Boy you watching the snooker?
    Don’t know what Selby does to players, all week that Robertson has been smashing them in from everywhere, tonight he’s scared to have a go.
    Bit like Arsenal!!

  54. bazza

    @Pedro & Geoff

    I would seriously consider banning a whole bunch of contributors to this site.

    The comments have reached an all time low. and seem to have been taken over by some of the scum of the earth. It has gone beyond anything approaching reasonable debate when they wish physical harm on players and the manager.

    There are lots of us that enjoy the well thought out and reasoned articles but the comments section has now been abandoned by serious supporters and it would appear that mob rule reigns. It is also truly boring to listen to the same abusive nonsense over and over again.

  55. leon

    that top 4 place has never been in more jeperdy than this season everton,liverpool totenham all have great chances off getting that 4th spot i think wenger already knows this but he realy needs to dip into the market badly. most of arsenal are good but the very best but far from the worst the only players that are realy top class are carsana wilshire posiski may and maybe thoe and thats not enough. they clearly lack leaders and top finishers

  56. Daniel

    You know there is a problem when you are called an AKB for even hoping for an Arsenal victory. Or, when you are called a Spud fan for not rooting for Tottenham. Fuuuuuuuuuuuuck. Also, SDE doesn’t deserve the ability to post. That guy is dumber than dogshit and he spends half of his time here denigrating Pedro, the guy who spends his own free time writing a post every single day.

  57. Dannyboy

    Paddy, yeah I’m watching it, was expecting a real thriller of a final, been very poor though, don’t think there’s been one century break!

  58. Dannyboy

    Daniel, in SDE’s defence, he makes those comments, because he has a severe Le Grove addiction, and has begged Pedro to ban him, but he refuses to assist in SDE’s troublesome recovery from his addiction, so he is trying to force his hand..

  59. Goonergaz

    Looks like we are going to get Yanga-Mbiwa. It’s our type of signing.

    Newcastle will be so pissed if that happens!

  60. Paddy got up

    It’s not mob rule mate its just people have had enough of the lies and spin that we are constantly fed by con men. Sorry if our vocabulary offends you but it ain’t poxy Islington council here fella!!
    I can have a rational debate with anyone over Wenger and the board and accept that certain fans may still support the French one.
    You say people on here are not real fans.. That’s out of order also fella
    As for me home and away since the 70s won’t step foot now inside the place, and still have my season ticket. Do I qualify as a fan?

  61. Dannyboy

    Goonergaz, MYM would be a good start but that’s only the beginning of where we need to be active in this window. He can play centre back and DM equally well so could be good there, we defnitely need a big time striker, so hoping we could be getting Lewandowski if Wenger is really in Germany.


    We lost,we will lose again,next stop 8th place , helloooooooo LOSERVILLE.Yes fuck it i’m tickle pink.Heeheeheeheeheeheeheehee i’m dancing on rainbows covered in clouds strumming a harp i’m so fuckin happy.I hope AW disappears with his fuckin legacy.Take the fuckin job offer and fuck off,man i only wish you can read this.Ending up in 10th place would be sweeeeeeeeeet.

  63. bay area gooner

    Is anyone else here getting a little pissed off with Giroud and his histrionics???? The dude throws a fit whenever HE misses easy goals. He almost wants to demonstrate every time something HE does does not go right. Hands up in the air. [pained face, slow to get up. This guy needs to fuck off. Go back to France please. Ba would school Mr Giroud. I hate you Arsene WEnger. You are an asshole who has failed to improve when we need it time again. Leave ass. Someone spray pain the Emirates again with WEnger out please.

  64. USAGunner

    For those of you that still hold a hope that Wanger will add some much needed players, read this:

    “The Frenchman hinted that he will be active in what is left of the window but conceded that new signings are not imminent.

    “We’ll see what we can do,” said Wenger.

    “I told you many times, we are not close to signing anybody tonight or tomorrow morning.”

    It’s not a long article. Here’s the link:

  65. Cesc Appeal


    Yeah, look at the Fly Emirates, all squashed on one side…someone isn’t very good at photo shop…or was extremely anxious to let everyone know it was an Arsenal shirt

    One would have thought the actual Arsenal badge would be enough…but then if you listen to AKB’s, you can believe fans would be THAT thick

  66. Spectrum

    Dannyboy – “Anyone have ‘quality’ and ‘spirit’ on their Arsene Wenger post match interview Bingo card? full house ” !
    – Ha-ha. I like it !

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  67. Cesc Appeal


    I said yesterday that was pretty much the worst result we could have hoped for.

    Lost, and in the second half we gave him an excuse (as if he needed one) to see positives and not spend.

    I’m waiting on the ‘my squad is 92.3476588 % there, the last 7.6523412 % is belief’ quote!

  68. paul mc daid

    We are a laughing stock,Stan the Wank,Ivan the Clown,Mr 1%,The board and Wenger the Wimp have all got to be removed before they destroy our great club

  69. Jeff


    What is the point of Wenger spending when we all know like the back of our hands what he will do with any new player? The only thing that spending in January can do is secure fourth place and keep Wenger in the job. Is that really what you want? There is “some” chance that he might go if we drop out of the top four.

    There really is no future for us with this manager. There just isn’t. He’s proved that to us over and over again. Nothing he says or does any more has any meaning or effect. It’s just meanderings of an old man who’s lost all credibility but outsiders don’t know it yet. WE know and WE care and hope that anything that helps his removal has to be priority. So do not be worried that he won’t spend. I for one don’t want him to spend. I want him to do the honourable thing. It’s all very well him sticking to “I won’t leave before the contract is due” but it’s not worth it if all he’s doing is destroying the club.

    If he was willing to change and start us on the right road fine but he’s not and it doesn’t look like he ever will be so what else are we supposed to want?

  70. El Tel

    No matter what all you Guys migt think of this I would hate it if we had that snide pissed up gangster Jock as myteams Boss.

    The man gts away with saying and doing whatever he likes and is never punished.

    It is fucking scandalous that He and his team are allowed to do whatever they want.

    He is quoting a lino making a mistake in matches years ago and says the lin had a poor match because he didnt give them any decisions.

    This cunt of cunts would die of heart attack if he managed a Club like ours who are constantly fucked over by his pals at the FA.

    Nothing would please me more than for someone to come out and discredit this cheating mobster cunt.

  71. Doublegooner


    We share many opinions.

    I’ve said for a while he must not spend this month. None of his buys over the last 2 years have performed to a high standard.

    We need a new man with new ideas.

    The players actually need a man with new ideas & new disciplines.

    It drives me mad when people say who do you replace him with.

    There are many managers worth trying.

    I am so impressed with Laudrup. I’d bring him in & give him a 5 year plan.

    Problem is, Gazidas, (via Stan) will offer Wenger a new contract as it’s their safe bet.

    After going annually for 46 years, for many, home & away, I’ve said if Wenger is here next year, then thats it for me until he’s gone.

  72. Leedsgunner

    The only reason Diaby strolls into the team is because we have a wafer thin squad — but still Wenger refuses to spend. Oh well he’s more or less drowning in his own mediocrity.

  73. Dannyboy

    Apparently Cashley’s new contract is worth 200k a week… not bad if you can get it for being a past it defender..

  74. Bush Gooner

    So Mapou Yanga-Mbiwa is having a medical at Newcastle today and were “apparently ” interested. Same old transfer rubbish. were in for no one. Same stale tactics and same spin and I know the players are sick of it.

    We need new manager with fresh ideas and a hard backbone to tell the crap players that your off and good riddance.

  75. Taxi for Wenger

    Wengers magic died years ago doesn’t he realise that ?? He’s after match comments are getting worse by the week.Now concerned we might not make 4th? How about 22 fucking points behind Utd !! Bollocks to 4th place
    WENGER please leave I can’t stomach anymore

  76. Bush Gooner

    Thats what happens when you sell your best stiker to your rivals and replace with an untested striker who is not of the same calibre. He could have bought Ba. That would have solved our striker problem. He was even touting himself to Arsenal but they refused as there was no resale value in him.

    THE LOT OUT!!!

  77. Spectrum

    Cesc Appeal – I see what you’re saying. But although quality signings would help to some extent, don’t you think the problems run much deeper than that ? We all know that Wenger himself is THE problem. A new manager, ANY new manager has to be better at tactics, man management, motivating, and in a host of other personal and professional qualities, that Wenger simply doesn’t possess anymore, if he ever did.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  78. John Gee

    The vitriol poured out at Arsene Wenger is disgusting. It shows so little understanding of football today. The lot of you should be ashamed of yourselves and yes, do stop going to matches, the Club does not need clowns like you criticising. You all need lessons in the the meaning of the word supporter, and that means thick and thin. Cheap jibes at “Le Coq” just about sums it up.
    If it is that bad go join the Spu*s; nothing for donkeys years and will still finish behind Arsenal this season.

  79. Dannyboy

    John Gee, ‘nothing for Donkeys years’ sounds like you should be supporting them seeing as you are more than happy to not win things for years and years…

  80. Bush Gooner

    The passion for winning has left the club. Average signings, crap players on whopping salaries, cannot sell the dross, ineffective tactics, greedy board, lack of investment…

    I’m done.

  81. bergkamp63

    John Gee,

    As a former 35 year ST holder, the only thing I am ashamed of is that we still have supporters like you who advocate what is going on at the club,

    The fact that this Manager has been allowed stay in his job on £7m a year when Managers like Adkins gets the sack for nothing is embarrassing.

  82. fuckit4thwilldo?

    bergkamp63January 21, 2013 10:13:27
    John Gee,

    As a former 35 year ST holder, the only thing I am ashamed of is that we still have supporters like you who advocate what is going on at the club,

    The fact that this Manager has been allowed stay in his job on £7m a year when Managers like Adkins gets the sack for nothing is embarrassing.

    How is any of the because of fans like John Gee, he didn’t mention wether he wants AW there or not, all he’s stated is that he supports the team through thick and thin. Fair point.

  83. gambon

    Absolutely fucking disgusting that Spurs are now a better team than us, and Everton & Liverpool are our equals.

    Not because they have improved massively, but because we have sold all our good players and fallen below Spurs, and down to Everton & Liverpools level.

    We are literally the worst run club in Europe, there is no doubt about that.

    We sell RVP, Nasri, Cesc, Clichy & Song in a 14 month window and what do we fucking expect.

    In the last few years:

    Mata was available……we were too cheap
    Hazard was available…..we were too cheap
    Cahill was available……we were too cheap
    Lloris was available….we werent interested
    Vertonghen was available…..he would rather kill himself than join such a shit team
    Dembele was available…..Arsene decided we didnt need him as Diaby is amazing
    Parker was available….Arsene decided defensive players are a waste
    Cabaye was available….Arsene wasnt interested
    Ba was available (3 times),…..Arsene decided Chamakh/Park/Giroud were better
    Yanga MBiwa was available…..Wenger hates defenders
    Cesar was available….We were too cheap

    This club is in decline that will see us become a mid table team in the next few years.

    This season is over already, we cant possibly beat Spurs & Chelsea to 4th cos frankly they are just better teams than us.

    Wenger is completely finished. We’re talking about a cunt that said yesterday he is “concerned” that we wont finish top 4.

    Yet “people that have not worked one day in football” like me, DDM, Joppa et al have been saying for YEARS & YEARS that this was the inevitable outcome of our pathetic policies.

    People love to talk about “we cant compete with City” well guess what, neither can Utd, and look where they are?

    So lets talk about if we can compete with Spurs, West Brom, Liverpool, Everton???

    As things stand we are behind Spurs, Everton, and level on points with West Brom & Liverpool, and one ahead of fucking Swansea.

    This isnt a blip, we are 22 games into the season for fuck sake.

    So lets look at the wage bills of these amazing competitors:

    Spurs – £91m
    Everton – £63m
    West Brom – £19m
    Liverpool – £129m
    Swansea – £17m

    So lets put this into perspective.

    We are spending £52m pa more than Spurs, £1m per week, on wages, to be 7 points behind them.

    We are spending £80m pa more than Everton, £1.5m per week, on wages, to be 3 points behind Everton

    We are spending £15m pa more than a resurgent Liverpool to be level with them, and yet we love proclaiming they are in crisis.

    We are spending £120m more than Swansea & West per year for nothing this season.

    What the fuck has happened to this club?

    No doubt we will read numerous “we must fight to put it right” utter bullshit stories on Pravda in the coming days, all Wengers overpaid minions keeping up the illusion that we even want to compete.

    The biggest problem, jack will be leaving before long, its not a case of if, but when.

    Talk all you like about him being a gooner, so what, gooners support Arsenal, this club is no longer Arsenal.

    Tony Adams knows it, we all know it.

  84. Dannyboy

    Isn’t it shameful that Arshavin was the only option yesterday. A man Wenger has outcast for over a year. You could tell when he came on last night that he hadn’t even played football for months, never mind competitively, Never seen someone look so unfit and unmotivated.

  85. gambon

    John Gee

    Youre a deluded cunt

    Wenger is using Arsenal for his own Mengele like experiments into football.Whats worse is he is the only manager in world football who gets paid £7m pa to tinker & experiment into pathetic solcialist football ideas.

    He isnt even much of a man, let alone a manager.

    Hes a cunt and he probably wants to touch your kids.

  86. sam

    we were shit but we still lost the game because of arsene wenger’s ignorance.
    last time we lost because ramires had the role of harrassing our midfielders n stopping them from playing and guess what? the same thing happened that led to both goals and we lost again.
    diaby n coquelin are like new he should have instructed them better. I don’t believe we have a bad team, just a stupid coach with stupid tactics

  87. gambon

    Yeah, no doubt a 13 year old West African/Asian that goes on Sky Sports and comments on Arsenal stories

    “By glory of God Wenger make this team winner, days are coming to deliver great glory”


  88. Dannyboy

    HAHAHAHA, I bet his job is to be one of those callers you get from an Indian Call Centre saying ‘ello, dis is Frank, may I speak to the owner of the household…’

    ‘Frank?.. what’s your surname?’

  89. bergkamp63


    How is any of the because of fans like John Gee, he didn’t mention wether he wants AW there or not, all he’s stated is that he supports the team through thick and thin. Fair point.

    Try reading his post first before making comments !!

    He doesn’t like all the Vitriol against Wenger and WE should be ashamed of OURSELVES !!

    That’s rich to say the least !!

  90. fuckit4thwilldo?

    what did this John Gee say that warrants being called a cunt twice in the space of 3 minutes?

    I saw the whole “i support Arsenal through thick and thin” stuff. What was he thinking….on an arsenal blog….crazy stuff. Massive cunt.