Cazorla out left, Coquelin holding and Jack in the hole please

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It’s a big day and an early kick off for Arsenal fans. We’re taking on the erratic talent over at the Bridge and anything less than 3 points will be a disaster in the race for the top 4. It still pains me that I have to talk about top four as our main goal these days.

Team news is hard to come by, as far as I can tell, there’s not much to talk about. Podolski might not play which I think is great news if it involves keeping the same line up as the other night. Cazorla works well out wide, and a midfield trio of Jack, Diaby and Coquelin has a balance and discipline we’ve missed most of the season. I really love having Diaby back, even if it’s only for a month. I still can’t believe we don’t possess another midfielder with similar traits…

Giroud will suit a game like Chelsea as the central striker, but the midfield and widemen have to give him ammo. Good delivery into the box is essential of we’re going to make an impact of any sort today. Hopefully we can see a clinical game from the aggressive Frenchman. His fortunes are certainly due a turn… He’s starting to play a more pivotal role in our game, I’ve certainly noticed his involvement levels increase over the last few games he’s played… even coming off the bench.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Theo can do today. He played a shocker last week against Swansea…. will he lose his confidence and have another bad game or will he show some maturity and justify the big boy wages he’s been granted?

Wenger has called for aggression. Something he’s made a habit of stamping out of the side over the years. Teams aren’t scared of us and referees certainly don’t worry about us playing up. That gives bully boys an advantage. I don’t think we get knocked around as easily as we did a couple of years ago, but we certainly don’t have a winners nasty streak about us. You can inject that if you have an aggressive winner manning the ship. Or you let Steve Bould have a say… Little things like crowding out the ref or defending your team mates in packs have a massive impact on decisions. It’s not nice to watch, but why do you think all the best sides do it?

I’ve no idea what to expect today. If we win, kiss goodbye to any dreams of inbound players. If we lose, don’t get your hopes up.

Either way, enjoy it and I’ll catch you for the write up tomorrow.

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  1. Ric

    Harry RedknappJanuary 20, 2013 15:32:43
    “i actually think bendtner was a better player when he left us that giroud is now”


  2. Keyser

    Yeah, but can’t you go do it on a Spurs blog then.

    Just tell them you’ve fell out of love with Wenger and Arsenal, they’ll understand.

  3. bergkamp63


    We don’t even need to cheer Spurs on, all we need to do is hope Wenger stays.

    He will take care of business for us !!

    RVP scores, what a shock !!

  4. Max85


    I’m no happier than you, or anyone else, at the current state of our club. But the only consequence of finishing outside the CL places is that Wenger has a(nother) bona fide excuse not to spend any money. Plus we will probably need to sell someone else to compensate. Wenger is not going anywhere until he chooses to, and that won’t change.

  5. Keyser

    Lol what do you want now ? Spurs loss.

    It’s win-win United win, you can moan about us losing Van Persie.

    United lose and Spurs are 3 points further ahead.

  6. Ric

    Arsenal 1886-2006January 20, 2013 15:58:06
    So RVP leaves for £22 million, his goals last season were worth £30+ million in CL money for this season. This season his being sold to Utd could cost us £30+ million in lost revenue next season, couple this with Girouds transfer money and we will have lost £20+ million just because of somebody’s short sighted greed.
    Sustainable and well run my arse.


  7. Jeff

    It’s relentless isn’t it. Week in week out; like clockwork or film script; van Persie can do no wrong. Another goal another knife goes in. Thank you Mr Wenger. Thank you very much. That’s the nicest thing that anyone’s ever done for him.

  8. Gunner2301


    RVP deserves to be in such a team like Henry belonged at Barca so did Cesc.

    We offer nothing to ambitious players so we end up with those who have no ambition which suits the manager because he doesn’t have any himself.

  9. Arse&Nose©

    If RVP is a legend for those reasons then Nasri is surely a super-super-class
    LEGEND because he has already won something after leaving us.

    When I said RVP was not a legend, I meant an ARSENAL legend. For most people an Arsenal legend has to contribute to the success of the club. Giving us a couple of good seasons and highlighting flaws in our club does not make RVP a legend.

  10. Al

    RVP scores but look how many people United had in the box….5 man united players in the box….half the outfield players inside the box……thats the difference

  11. Arben

    £24 million scored again , this investment will bring them in one another £48 million next year.
    £ 24 million will bring us 5% interest which is in one year £1.2 million.
    This is top investment from Gazidis. Motherfucking penny pincher.

  12. Gunner2301

    At least well see what RVP is truly capable of in this team. He said at the end of last season he had more goals in him and I believe we’ll see that this season.

  13. Leedsgunner

    What an utter con artist Arsene is. On the one hand he says he will only sign the players of superior qualities, but when these so-called players don’t work out he has the audacity to say that we need to give them time… Am I the only one to see these two comments as directly contradictory? Surely if the players are truly superior quality they would work out the box?

    Giroud – he may have been leading scorer in Ligue 1 last year – so far he seems nothing special to me. Hard worker, squad player. Mata so should have been ours… He’s a SUPERIOR player. Thanks Wenger for nothing!

  14. bergkamp63

    Gap currently 24 pts to Man Utd with 15 games to go,

    Where are those people who laughed at me when I said that 19 pt gap from last season would widen.

    The gap will be more than 30 pts this season.

  15. Gunner2301


    I think RVP is a legend for exposing the lack of ambition at the Club. If he hadn’t confirmed it Wenger would have way more supporters. So I’d say he is a legend in our quest for change at the Club.

  16. on-the-edge

    are u sure every time RVP scores Wenger gets a kick with a boot filled with muck on his face? first time i ever heard of this phenomenon. good. i am happy. coz that guarantees at least such kicks week in, week out

  17. Jeff


    I don’t begrudge Van Persie his success. Players always want to achieve more and they go where they have a better chance of doing it. Even if Van Persie is the greediest and the most ungrateful person on earth, it is his right and privilege to play for a side that will give him not only more money but a greater chance of glory.

    With us, nobody at the club can be bigger than Wenger; not even the club. That is what hurts. He puts his own ego before everything. It has to stop.

  18. Arben

    Wenger is urging us to support any ex Arsenal player who play for any club just because they still owe it to him.
    This Mutherfucker is taking us down. He is mentally ill .

  19. Spectrum

    Max 85 – ( On Wenger not going till he chooses to ) – But if results keep going bad, and we finish further down the table, the atmosphere at the club gets worse, the fans turn against Wenger, the board feel the pressure on them becoming intolerable, e.t.c. then Wanker might just see the hopelessness of his situation, become disillusioned earlier, and be tempted to escape the pressure cooker that Arsenal had become. Then he might just fuck off to Paris Saint Germain for example. And we’d get Ancellotti in a swap deal for him* ( * see the latest news story on it ). All still hypothetical at this stage, but I’d take ANYBODY over Wanker.

    Like Gazidis said, it’s only the fans that can get Wenger to leave, that and poor results on the pitch. There is some hope, you see ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  20. Arse&Nose©

    It is easy to over simplify the RVP sale in retrospect.
    It was not a simple case of saying sell or keep.
    The man demanded signings that he had approval of.
    His own physio and trainer.
    No player in the world should have that power over a club. He knew Arsenal would say no and come out looking like the bad guy, truth is he was speaking to man utd and city for a while, and this was our club captain.

  21. Spectrum

    Each of Robin’s goals is like him sticking pins into a voodoo effigy of Wenger. Love it !

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  22. MuddyGooner

    Like I’ve said so many times before, Sagna is always involved at the crucial part of an Arsenal attack and subsequently fucks it up with his wayward crossing. Giroud is never going to score by depending on Sagna for service.
    He should just stick to defending because he making too many errors in that too.
    Can’t believe Wonger doesn’t see this, the senile old fool.
    With Arteta out injured, where the hell are Rosicky & Eisfield ?
    With Arshavin on, I felt we were a man down.
    We were better in 2nd half, but it was too little too late. So very very poor from Arsenal.

  23. gambon


    So what did Robin do wrong?

    Most players dont demand signings cos their managers arent mentally ill.

    Most players dont demand their own fitness trainer cos their manager doesnt run them into the ground

    He was 100% right, and 100% right to leave.

    I just hope Jack goes to the board and says “either wenger goes or i hand in a transfer request”

  24. Gunner2301


    I doubt that much. Welbeck was on 15k in his breakthrough season last year and he’s a striker so I don’t believe Cleverly will be on more than that.

    Contrast that with the 80k we supposedly are giving JW. There are big problems at Arsenal.

  25. dave


    We did nothing to keep RVP but allowed ourselves to be dicked around by Walnut. One is a 25 goals per season top top player, the other ……

  26. AJ

    gambon January 20, 2013 16:39:52

    I just hope Jack goes to the board and says “either wenger goes or i hand in a transfer request”
    lol. That will be Jack sold to united then.

  27. Arse&Nose©

    correct that the club gave him good reasons to make his demands
    he in turn gave the club good reasons to sell him, knowing full well that they would not bow down to his demands- they both knew what they were doing and the result was inevitable.

    He was ballsy, brave, ambitious, head strong -yes, but not a Arsenal legend because he didn’t do it for the club-he did it for himself. If his actions help change the direction of the club, which I doubt they will , then it is a happy consequence.

  28. Simbo

    When is Wenger going to take responsibility for this shit team we have. He buys the players he pi ks the team yet he always blames someone else. Today the ref. yes decisions did not go our way but this is always what we hear. We were shit in the first half no spirit did not close them down.

  29. Dannyboy

    Max85, you are mental if you think that Robin went because we ‘had no choice’ as wanker so eloquently puts it. He went because Wanker refused to match his ambitions and would rather pay out 200k a week on chamakh, gervinho and arshavin than van Persie, because the first 3 are all good little boys who worship him and do as he says.

    van Persie would have been sold regardless of whether he had 1 year left or 5 years left after his comments about ‘ambition’

  30. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Looking at the fixtures we play Utd on the 27th April, they could well clinch the title that day if they open a slightly bigger lead on City.
    RVP will be beaming, but more importantly it could even cause some of wengers minions to start asking questions.

  31. Just William

    We’re sinking like a stone. Struggling to even reach mediocrity now. Shameful, that these cunts pick up their wages week in and week out. Don’t know why I’m surprised though, our manager is a bank manager more interested in profit than winning games. Depressing days. Sick of these wankers fucking up my weekends. WENGER (and half the team) OUT.

  32. Arben

    Mid-table team with mid table management
    Soon will be looking at West Ham as our new opponent from now on,
    Tottenham is out of reach, they are in different level .

  33. Max85


    The pressure is already massive on Wenger, more so than it has ever been – and he’s never looked further from walking away. He will refuse to walk away until his approach has been vindicated in some way, which obviously will never happen. He’s the most stubborn twat in the world, we know this, and he won’t leave on a downer.

    As for him being accountable to the fans (according to Gazidis), what a joke. Stan and the BoD are perfectly happy as long as the club is in the black, there is absolutely no driver for change while we are still making money. The only thing that might escalate things is if there was a systematic boycotting of games, which is the biggest money-maker for the club. That will never happen as there are always people who will snap up tickets that others give up.

    Honestly, we can only hope that the club isn’t in complete tatters by the time Wenger leaves, and he leaves some kind of foundation for the next manager to build on – that includes CL revnue to spend.

  34. Toli83

    Just got back from the bridge.

    Again our away support was great. Everyone was against Wenger today, a few Gazidis songs going round.

    Mata is class, why oh why one those cunts didn’t tie the deal up ill never know.

    Sagna needs to be dropped, Diaby doesn’t look match fit and coq looked to be leading the charge today with jack.

    Gibbs man of the match for us, second half was phenomenal.

  35. Max85

    Dannyboy January 20, 2013 16:45:47

    Max85, you are mental if you think that Robin went because we ‘had no choice’ as wanker so eloquently puts it.

    Where the fuck did I say that or even imply it? Think you were looking at someone else’s post mate. Of course we had a choice, selling him was the biggest mistake OGL has ever made.

  36. Jeff

    I think we sometimes miss the point with regard to Van Persie. You see, he wasn’t the first one was he? It goes all the way back to Van Bronkhurst and Vieira. You have to ask yourself why these important players all left us. Why did they want to go? They had even less incentive before because we were actually winning things.

    Here we are 8 years on and not only have we won nothing but we keep boasting about it. Top four is not what it’s about. Champions League football is nothing but a money spinner. The writing has been on the wall for nearly a decade now and yet we still continue to flog the corpse of a dead horse.

    With Van Persie it is so glaring because he’s in our faces every week banging them in for Man U when he could have been banging them in for us. We got £24m for Van Persie which is probably going to be paid over God knows how many years. But what is the cost? It very much looks like the cost will be CL money. Was it worth it? Why then does this not compel Wenger to change his policy? Any normal human being would admit it’s not working and for the sake of the club change his ways. But not Wenger; he will carry on until he last drop of blood is spilt and when there is no last refuge left for him to hide behind.

    How any reasonably person cannot see the crisis we’re in directly because of one man is completely beyond me.

  37. The Poldi Prince

    Bloody awful.

    For whatever reason, sagna has become an awful player. It’s clear that if Wenger stays he will keep putting up these terrible performances. What is sagnas cross completion rate?

    He was amazing not that long ago, but his spirit is broken. Poor bloke.

  38. Arben

    Van Persie left because he was so tired of teaching donkeys basic things of football . Donkeys never learn they still donkeys. stop fucking blaming him , blame the penny pinchers

  39. Spectrum

    Gambon – Totally agree with you on Robin. He gave Wenger and the board plenty of time to prove to him that the club had the ambition he ( and us ) expected them to demonstrate. They made the choice not to , despite knowing that the odds were he’d leave if they didn’t. I think he would have preferred to stay, but we left him no alternative.

    And I don’t believe it was the money factor that drove him to leave. City and Juventus offered higher salaries than United, but he chose United. Because they’re WINNERS and we’re not. He’s been unfairly maligned.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  40. mystic

    Gambon you are clearly more an RvP supporter than an Arsenal one. Frankly Wenger is a twat and those above his are a fucking farce. The fact that RvP left is one thing, the fact you are so much on his side about it actually says something about you.

    I actually couldn’t give a shit whether he wanted silverware of not, he was allowed to get out of his contract and that just shows that certain people at Arsenal were more interested in the money that any chance of success.

    You can cream yourself all you like about Jack doing a RvP, but it is extremely unlikely to happen, not because of any lack of desire to win silverware, but because the chance to play for your local boyhood heroes can out-weights such things.

    RvP was an Arsenal fan when young, but being from overseas his affinity was less than a local boy. Nothing weird in that, nothing sinister in it, simply a difference in intensity.

    Arsenal need to get rid of that French prat. and his supporters above him. Silverware won’t follow immediately he is replaced, but at least it will be a step in the right direction. Maybe then Arsenal won’t need to simply rely upon local allegiances.

  41. Dannyboy

    Max you said if we finish outside top 4 we will ‘need to sell someone else to compensate’ – this is wrong, as we have plenty of money in the bank, and don’t ever sell players because we need to, (apart from nasri because he had a year left and wasn’t very good.) We sell them because Wenger chooses to.

  42. Bubble

    I just hope Jack goes to the
    board and says “either
    wenger goes or i hand in a
    transfer request”

    haha. Jack will be an absolute legend if he did that. LEGEND!!!

  43. Charlesbronson

    Wengers biggest mistake was not signing any decent players to replace the ones he sold.
    Looking back on the fabergas and van Persie sales, it’s just downright embarrassing.

  44. GUNNER786

    Pep’s challenge: Guardiola wants Liverpool striker Luis Suarez at Bayern Munich

    Spanish boss is back in business and has a £40m bid for the Uruguay striker as one of his landmark signings in Germany


    Guardiola – Hasn’t even joined Bayern but already planning for the future.

    Wenger = Hasn’t won a trophy for 8 seasons but not doing anything about it.


  45. Steve

    If Wenger won’t go before the end of his contract can we not start a whip round to buy out the remainder of his contract ?

  46. Max85

    Danny – I meant that it would provide justification enough to the board to sell as opposed to us having to sell to balance the books. Should have phrased it better.

  47. Thomas


    Never since he never takes responsibility for anything. Nothing is ever his own fault. Always something else. Such a self loving cunt.

  48. Ric

    mysticJanuary 20, 2013 16:56:07
    Gambon you are clearly more an RvP supporter than an Arsenal one. Frankly Wenger is a twat and those above his are a fucking farce. The fact that RvP left is one thing, the fact you are so much on his side about it actually says something about you.


    Are you going to say this to all of us?! I EFFING DARE YOU!

  49. Ric

    mysticJanuary 20, 2013 16:56:07

    I’m an over seas supporter that has stayed true to arsenal since I first saw them play, In your oppinion then I should go support City, Chlski or United then because they are winning? C*NT! UTTER CUN*!

  50. bergkamp63


    Mystic & Keyser only come on here for laughs,

    They are both Spud supporters who come on for a wind up.

    Just ignore them.

  51. Dannyboy

    Wenger post match – The team has fantastic quality and spirit, but we come into the game when we’re 2-0 down. At the moment, that’s worrying. In the big games, once you start 2-0 down it’s very difficult.’

    Anyone have ‘quality’ and ‘spirit’ on their Arsene Wenger post match interview Bingo card? full house!

  52. Keyser

    bergkamp63 – You’re the one calling out the away fans, you should just stand outside the ground and call every one of them a cunt for going in, see how far you get.

    You CHOOSE to do nothing, that’s upto YOU, just accept it for what it is a choice.

    Defoe is just shit.

  53. Scott

    Wenger the egomaniac has to go now. Sagna has beenshocking of late but the people calling for Jenkinson are as worrying as the ones on here cheering Arshavin earlier.
    Think we will finish 30 points behind champions this may. If he stays on after that its a disgrace.

  54. Gunner2301


    RVP could have left and said nothing, but he didn’t he said exactly the right thing without going into details. He already knew he’s be going to United so really he could have just been silent and got on with his life like many others who have left for glory. At least he’s not sucking Wenger off like Henry even though he left because of the se reasons. For that RVP is a legend for the cause.

  55. NoMoreCesc

    If Spurs lose, they will only be 6 points ahead with one more game played. In OLG’s mind that would mean that we still have a good chance to make top 4 with the current squad. A big gamble but we know how much he loves to gamble. I guess it’s easy to gamble when it’s someone else’s money.

  56. Keyser

    It’s even funnier when you sit there calling others Spurs fans when you’re willing a loss.

    But I suppose that’d be fucking obvious to most sane and non-mong peoples.

  57. mystic

    Ric & bergkamp63 – I assume that the two of you find it difficult to comprehend that a club is greater than a player.

    I really couldn’t give a shit about how an individual player feels, quite why the two of you have such an affinity with one is a shame. The club comes first not a player and not a cunt of a manager or owner or BoD.

    One day that wanker Wenger will have gone but as things stand it would seem you will be more interested in whether individual players are happy or not with developments.

  58. Ric

    bergkamp63January 20, 2013 17:22:51

    I’m an easy target today, fucking chavs has a bench that would walk straight into our team, and that is the lesser of our problems. Supporting this team is an everlasting torment, its like a stamp seared into your flesh by Catholic priest during the spanish inquisition… “Arsenal”… Support Arsenal. Wenger the hooded man operating the vice strapped around your genitals.
    And you just know its not about all the other things; winning, money, power… no that would be too mundane. Its the thing right there that gets him off, him tightening his grip and us whimpering silently because of the gag, while he looks us straight in the eyes smiling before he squeezes a little bit tighter, just a tad more. Always dancing on the edge of what we are physically able to take, leaning us perilously over before hurriedly dragging us back in, just as we have said our final hail marys.

    Fuck it I’m ready to jump!

  59. Max85

    bergkamp – Agreed, we should be building a wheelchair accessible ramp from changing room to pitch for our summer arrivals!

  60. bergkamp63

    January 20, 2013 17:37:13
    bergkamp – Agreed, we should be building a wheelchair accessible ramp from changing room to pitch for our summer arrivals

    We already have one for Diaby & Risicky !!

  61. Ric

    mysticJanuary 20, 2013 17:34:04
    Ric & bergkamp63 – I assume that the two of you find it difficult to comprehend that a club is greater than a player.

    Ha ha thats rich coming from the last one to buy a ticket for the “get wenger out” train.

  62. Scott

    Wenger has no idea who he needs to buy and in which position. Yet every man and his dog can tell.
    £7.5m a year and he hasn’t got a scooby doo.

  63. Dannyboy

    Kwik, he doesn’t want him back for his defensive capabilities, he wants him back because he is feeling sad and needs a JD hug, and also needs someone to say nice things about him on Arsenal Player so the fans don’t hate on him too much.

    1 point further ahead for Spurs…

  64. tippitappi

    matches like spurs & mu are hard to call for us to finish behind yids will be hard to take yet more chance of that bellend walking and have always loathed mu pre red nose though it don’t matter a rats arse to Arsenal if mu win lose or draw its spuds who need to drop points unless we don’t mind finishing behind them yet………………..whats best to see the back of cuntlugs ? its a conundrum

  65. Ric

    mysticJanuary 20, 2013 17:49:23
    Ric, when did I buy that ticket?

    The same day you got hair on your balls, It*ll happen son we’re all rooting for ya.

  66. SDE


    All sold..

    As Mastercard would say priceless…!!

    As most Anti-Wenger fans would say “Spineless”..!!

  67. mystic

    Ric I suggest you look back more than simply recently.

    The one thing I do maintain is that simply getting rid of Wenger isn’t the total answer – Kroenke has to go as well otherwise a simple change of manager will have no effect on the situation.

    Wake the fuck up, players being allowed to jump ship when under contract will make it so much harder for any incoming manager to succeed – but then do you give a shit about that?

  68. GUNNER786


    Are you a Spurs fan?(Dont give a shit if you are)

    I’ve noticed that you only seem to come on when Spurs win or get a draw against a top side.

  69. Keyser

    Haha, Gary Neville letting the Manchester United mask slip. Lovely insight there to what’s been drilled into him ove the years.

  70. tippitappi

    I think the sleeping bag is the least of his problems every time I see him he’s looks more and more like an old swinger

  71. SDE

    Richard Wright

    In the words of most Gunners over the years in hindsight..

    Face palm moments in retrospect..

  72. Cesc Appeal

    It’s frightening watchin Spurs.

    AVB will spend money, Levy has no problem spending.

    If I’m them I look a my squad, look at Arsenal and say ‘we can get 4th easily.’

    Then when we get the £35 Million at the end of the year go for guys like Moutinho and another striker.

    GK – Spurs win

    RB – Walker and Sagna having a shit off, both out of form. Probably give it to Bacs for sheer experience.

    CB- Caulker/Kaboul

    CB – Verm

    LB – Vertonghen

    LCM – Wilshere

    CDM – Sandro

    RCM – Dembele

    RW – Lennon

    ST – Adebayor

    LW – Bale

  73. SDE

    Wenger worried about finishing outside the top 4,half way through the Jan transfer window…


    Sitting on a £70 million warchest..

    Demba Ba


    Loic Remy

    Bayern Munich..

    Pepe Guardiola..New Signing..
    Arsenal Transfers In…

    Gibbs..New Signing
    Ramsey..New Signing
    Oxo-Chambo..New Signing
    Wilshere..New Signing
    Jenkinson..New Signing..

    Diaby back for start of Jan Window..New Signing..

    Rosicky..Imminent recovery..New Signing

    & drummmssss plzzzzzz..

    Major Signing…

    Theodore Walcott..Major New Signing…!!

    £90k p/w..3 year contract & a massive Wenga Wonga loyalty bonus,chucked in for added measure..

    What a tragic comedy of a club,we have become..!!

  74. SDE

    The indoctrination is in overdrive…

    Starts with IG @AST 2 seasons ago(2011) to paraphrase..
    “We have budgeted for Europa…No panic”

    Roll forward Jan 2013,half way through the Jan Transfer Window..
    & Wenga,Wonga says..

    “I worry,we might drop out of top 4″…
    (No panic)..