Cazorla out left, Coquelin holding and Jack in the hole please

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It’s a big day and an early kick off for Arsenal fans. We’re taking on the erratic talent over at the Bridge and anything less than 3 points will be a disaster in the race for the top 4. It still pains me that I have to talk about top four as our main goal these days.

Team news is hard to come by, as far as I can tell, there’s not much to talk about. Podolski might not play which I think is great news if it involves keeping the same line up as the other night. Cazorla works well out wide, and a midfield trio of Jack, Diaby and Coquelin has a balance and discipline we’ve missed most of the season. I really love having Diaby back, even if it’s only for a month. I still can’t believe we don’t possess another midfielder with similar traits…

Giroud will suit a game like Chelsea as the central striker, but the midfield and widemen have to give him ammo. Good delivery into the box is essential of we’re going to make an impact of any sort today. Hopefully we can see a clinical game from the aggressive Frenchman. His fortunes are certainly due a turn… He’s starting to play a more pivotal role in our game, I’ve certainly noticed his involvement levels increase over the last few games he’s played… even coming off the bench.

I’m looking forward to seeing what Theo can do today. He played a shocker last week against Swansea…. will he lose his confidence and have another bad game or will he show some maturity and justify the big boy wages he’s been granted?

Wenger has called for aggression. Something he’s made a habit of stamping out of the side over the years. Teams aren’t scared of us and referees certainly don’t worry about us playing up. That gives bully boys an advantage. I don’t think we get knocked around as easily as we did a couple of years ago, but we certainly don’t have a winners nasty streak about us. You can inject that if you have an aggressive winner manning the ship. Or you let Steve Bould have a say… Little things like crowding out the ref or defending your team mates in packs have a massive impact on decisions. It’s not nice to watch, but why do you think all the best sides do it?

I’ve no idea what to expect today. If we win, kiss goodbye to any dreams of inbound players. If we lose, don’t get your hopes up.

Either way, enjoy it and I’ll catch you for the write up tomorrow.

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  1. Harry Redknapp

    remember a couple weeks ago merte got done for pace by that cone ,or whatever his name is, now its verms turn twice in a minute lol

  2. Paulinho

    Games like this make you wonder what might have been if Diaby was fit all season.

    We could’ve been in the relegation zone.

  3. Northern Gooner

    Chelski to offer £50m for Jack to replace Frank Wankhard !! if they did you just know these cunts would snap their fuckin hands off !!

  4. Bubble

    Lmfaooo… Vermaelen stopped that like a boss tho. What was Ramires trying to do? Give him some step-overs? Funniest moment of the match so far mehn………..

  5. Al

    seriously Giroud is non-existent out there…what i cant see what he offers…target man that can’t really win that many headers? and top of that he is slow and cumbersome

  6. Bubble

    Problem with chelsea is that they can’t keep up a 90 min performance.. We really should be winning this game if we were up for it..

  7. NoMoreCesc

    A 2-1 scoreline will accomplish nothing. Wenger will moan about the ref and injustice and will spew the usual speereet, mental strenz, and unlucky not to win. And we will be back into “I believe in this squad, yada, yada, yada”

    Either get something from this game or lose big.

  8. Dannyboy

    NoMoreCesc, exactly what i said 20 minutes ago lol, He will say ‘wiss a fair referee, we would have won zis game 1-0’ then will say we have a good team spirit and the 2nd half performance was ‘encouraging..’

  9. Paulinho

    Against a shaky Chelsea in a pretty irrelevant game in the worst premier league season ever Cech hasn’t even had to make a decent save.

  10. LeMassiveCoq

    Again Gibbs and JW our two best players.
    To be fair to Ramsay, hes done ok in the middle since coming on.
    Cazorla, Theo, TV done ok.

    Merteslacker is waaay too slow.
    Diaby is pure pony.
    Arshavin is shot/shit.

    Cahiil you cunt. Why didnt we sign you.

  11. bergkamp63

    I stand by my prediction from the start of the season, Giroud will not make double figures in the PL this year.

  12. LeMassiveCoq


    Cunt out.

  13. reggie 57

    You can dress it up anyway you want we aint good enough and it wont change until Wenger the cunt leave’s…..

  14. Jeff

    It is so funny how Wenger tortures himself and then walks away from each game lost as though “it’s someone else’s fault”. It’s laughable.

  15. Paulinho

    Really missed Diaby. What a difference he makes to balance of our midfield. He compliments Arteta’s immobility with even more immobility, and a nice dollop of standing on the spot like he’s suffering from malaria.

  16. Arsene's Nurse

    Why can’t we put the fight in from the first minute? We’d have battered them if we’d gone all guns blazing.

  17. Lee Pace

    So basically we forget how to play football for 45 minutes and sit back an let Chelsea dominate 1st half, then we remember how to play in second half and almost draw.

    Not good enough, half game wasted.

  18. gambon

    So i hear we were very good in the second half?

    You know what that means

    Wenger: “The second half convinced me i dont need to buy”

  19. Keyser

    Theo was pretty poor, he managed to break the offside trap once, he scored, he’s the quickest player on the pitch, give it half a yard ffs.

    Vermaelen had to make the last ditch open goal clearance, because he knows Mertesacker if slow as fuck and dropped two yards deeper than our offside line, he plays Demba Ba onside and then recovers his mistake because he doesn’t trust him.

    Gibbs was excellant in the second half, as was Cazorla and Wilshere, Ramires was probably the difference but then he should’ve given away the foul that led to the first goal.

  20. Al

    I think we learnt 4 big lessons today:
    1/ Giroud is not the answer for us, to slow not dominant enough
    2/Sagna needs to be dropped
    3/ Diaby is not the answer…As talented as he maybe he clearly is not AGRESSIVE enough and thats why id prefer Coq ahead of him as he is agressive, nasty and battles for the ball
    4/ Jack and Gibbs need to become the dominant personalities in the team because those 2 get it….they dont like losing and battled and drove the team forward for 90 minutes

  21. kev

    slightly better second half display but still shit to be honest. some of those players have no business being at arsenal football club. bringing on arshavin – a player who clearly has no future at the club shows just how desperate we are.

  22. tippitappi

    This is a very poor squad but the problems go way back these kind of inconsistences started befor Nazri and Cesc left there a rotten undercurrent in this club that will only be remieded when wenger anb the board go and they both will go as one can’t survive without the other and that includes old wiggy. Another mid table performance today with all the usual problems

  23. Lordbergkamp

    This is the insane bit: EVERYBODY can see we need a couple of signings, we’re slipping down the table, losing key games.

    Wenger can’t see it. The board can’t see it.

    Who is in the parallel universe?

  24. NoMoreCesc

    OLG: “Considering the difference in cost to assemble the Chelsea squad compared to ours, I would say that 2-1 is a great result. If you look at our performances versus the top three this year, we have done not too bad. Our closeness of results to transfer spending ratio is the best in the league I believe. If anyone thinks they can do better, I wish them good luck.”

    Interviewer: “Then what about the Southhampton result on Wednesday?”

    OLG: “I did not see it”

  25. K.C.

    Everybody wave bye-bye to fourth place and Champions League football. This team is a disgrace. Wenger is getting what he’s paid for. The real question becomes what happens to Wenger when we miss fourth place? Obviously the man has no shame, so we can’t expect him to step down and walk away from 7 million a season. But what will Kroenke the investor do when he starts losing money? I think he’ll sell his shares before he gets rid of Arsene.

  26. gambon


    We needed a couple of signings in 2008.

    Now we need about 8 good players to ever compete again.

    If Spurs win thats our season over. We cant catch Chelsea now.

  27. Dplanet

    We’re so sadly deluded we’re congratulating ourselves for ‘dominating’ the second half. Loser mentality is everywhere at Arsenal these days.

  28. Goonergaz

    The fact that we bring Arshavin on tells you EVERYTHING you neeed to know. If Spurs win today then I can’t see us getting top 4 UNLESS we sign 2 or 3 quality players.

    Not going to happen is it!

  29. Paulinho

    AA23- Diaby’s made about five or six surging runs in six years so he’s automatically the missing piece of the puzzle.

    Absolute cretin of a player and so are those who keep referring to him as some sort of saviour when he’s injured.

  30. Arse&Nose©

    Who are these prats on twitter supporting man utd and RVP to beat spurs today!?
    Call yourself Gooners?!
    Am I the only one who won’t stoop so low as to support either of those scummy teams. I don’t care about 3rd place, 4th place or the Champions League there is no way I am supporting the enemy(ies)

  31. El Tel

    The difference today was at both ends of the pitch.

    We have Almunia mark 2 and they have a decent goal keeper.

    We also played with 9 men yet again with both Sagna and Diaby on hte pitch. They are both slow and both shit players.

    The second half saw us get on top because He changed Santi to centre midfield and matched them in midfield, we also saw Theo get closer to Giroud and Gibbs pushing on the wing.

    The over rated Hazard died after 30 minutes and so did Mata and Oscar too. They were hopelessly hitting long balls up to Torres and Ba second half as they ran out of gas.

    I thought htey would be a better team than that but they are really no better than us.

    We are a keeper and a tasty striker away from being a good team although we really do need to get a replacement for the hopeless Sagna.

    If He can get us a decent keeper and spend the big bucks on a great CF add a winger and a RB and we will be ok.

    By the way, the Referee did fuck us over today on both their goals. Whether he points this out or not it is a fact.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    That was pretty much the worse result we could have hoped for.

    A loss.

    But able to draw positives all about mental strength, character etc.

    So we have to swallow yet another loss and then hear our squad is 99% there.

  33. kwik fit

    Wouldn’t be surprised if spurs won today and we”ll be 9 points of 4th.
    That’s NINE fucking points and Wenger still won’t buy.Wenger really is a prize tool!!!

  34. Goonergaz

    Reggie, 2 or 3 signings would be enough to get top 4 IMO, plus Spurs aren’t world beaters!

    But to challenge like you said for the league, champ league etc, I don’t think 6 is enough, more like 10 signings.

  35. gambon

    “I thought htey would be a better team than that but they are really no better than us. ”

    Cant agree with this

    Theyve played us twice, and beat us twice.

    The only person that can honestly believe we are ‘just as good’ is Wenger, who seems to think having 51% possession makes you the better team.

  36. kwik fit

    “I feel happy again, when i first came to Arsenal i was so amazed with Bergkamp & Henry, I missed that for a long time”. Rvp.

    Wenger really is a prize tool.

  37. Alex James

    Only Bayern and Liverpool to come. But don’t worry, just hold our breath for another 12 months, when plan Gazidis comes to fruition, and we become one of the wealthiest clubs in the world. No problem attracting top talent like the Gervinhos and Girouds I wager! Our glass is almost full – but what with? Answers not required, as most of us on this site already know.

  38. bergkamp63

    We can all look forward to tomorrows statement from one of the players.

    “We have to stick together”

    Odds on which player will come out with it.

    Wilshere 10/11
    Verm 5/2
    Gibbs 3/1
    Cazorla 9/2

  39. Arse&Nose©

    RVP is not a legend, he has won nothing yet. He could break his leg, city could still win the league, unlikely yes, but no reason to celebrate on his behalf yet.

    After hearing him beaming and gloating in that sky interview I am tempted to support spurs to break his legs and beat utd.

  40. Spectrum

    I mentioned before we’re a team of two halves. EVERY match without exception – the same pattern manifests itself. We play like shit in the first half, then we come out in the second like every player of ours has been injected with amphetamines. Look back over any match this season, and the same thing happens. Doesn’t matter who the opposition is., Why don’t / can’t we show the same fight, workrate and committment in the FIRST half that we ( invariably ) do in the second ?

    Our problem therefore, is largely psychological. The Michelin Man can’t get them motivated for the FULL 90 MINUTES. Because of this, we’re often behind and have to battle in the second half to get anything out of the match. We make it harder for ourselves than we need to. Why are we paying to watch a team that only turns up for 45 minutes each time ?

    The next few league matches are easier for us. West Ham, Liverpool and Stoke. Under normal circumstances, we’d expect to win two out of three of those, and a draw at least with Liverpool. But if we keep playing for 45 minutes only, then we don’t deserve anything. Fingers crossed we don’t make the top 4. As long as the teams around us keep picking up points, it won’t matter what we do.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  41. gambon

    RVP is a total legend.

    On course to win the PL, best player in the PL, finally free of the kiddy fiddler that ran him into the ground.

  42. Goonergaz

    We need:

    Top GK with Chez 2nd choice.

    Top RB, with Jenks 2nd choice, Sagna can fuck off.

    Top CB, I’m not sure if Koz, Mert or Verm is any good, if I had to keep one it would be Verm, because Mert is a snail and Koz is an accident!

    Squad LB, I’m liking Gibbs performances of late, but he is always injured.

    That’s just the defence, No point going through the whole team, that’s how short we are.

  43. LeMassiveCoq


    no RVP is not a lege for footballing reasons (yet)..

    but he is for exposing the stupid senile cunt we have in charge for what he is.

  44. Gunner2301


    I agree but not even Bendtner was good enough for us really. Had we kept him and played him consistently in his right position he would definitely have been our main striker.

    Sad really that we have lowered the striking quality to a point where we are clamouring for our third choice player.

    Lets see how much quality the Spuds have over us. It’s getting beyond a joke. I expect a United win and RVP to remind us of the fuck up we’ve made.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    I’d already have got M’Bwia, M’Vila and Diamie, £17 Million for the lot! Then look to one big signing this window before setting your sights on more early in the summer.

  46. wenger leave

    If Giroud was the leading Ligue 1 scorer last year, then I am convinced that that is the shittiest league ever. He is fat, slow, and simply not good enough as a starter on this team. Coquelin is a crock. Forever hurt. Arshavin was completely out of sync. This team is on its last legs. TV while being so so this year, did ok today. He dropped back knowing that Merts is slow as mud.

    Wenger must buy 2-3 players right now or there is no chance for 4th place. He will not. We will not make it, and he will stay in charge, to “fix” the problem. he will continue to do the same things and keep wondering why whywhy….

    This team is just not good enough. Sagna is mentally not focused. What was he doing for the first goal??????

    I fucking hate Ramires that cheating bastard

  47. Bubble

    11points difference. They’ve won us home & away, & someone still comes up with.. “I thought htey would be a
    better team than that but they
    are really no better than us.” ……………..LOL. You’ve just gotta love arsenal fans mehn.

  48. bergkamp63

    Does any other club in the PL have a worse record this season against the top 3 after 5 games ?

    1 pt from 15 could be the worst of the lot ?

  49. Cesc Appeal

    Not getting Ba for £7.5 Million is just lunacy! Look what we could have got this window:

    M’Bwia £7 Million

    M’Vila £7 Million

    Diamie £3.5 Million

    Ba £7.5 Million

    £25 Million!

    Sagna, Mbwia, Verm, Gibbs
    Diamie/Diaby, M’Vila, Wilshere
    Walcott, Ba, Cazorla

    For £25 Million!

  50. Arsenal 1886-2006

    So RVP leaves for £22 million, his goals last season were worth £30+ million in CL money for this season. This season his being sold to Utd could cost us £30+ million in lost revenue next season, couple this with Girouds transfer money and we will have lost £20+ million just because of somebody’s short sighted greed.
    Sustainable and well run my arse.

  51. Cesc Appeal

    Could’ve have had that side with the RVP money…doubt people would have complained as hard then…that is a solid solid side with Ba, M’Bwia, M’Vila and Diamie added….alas

  52. Dannyboy

    Never thought I’d say this, but I hope Spurs win today, as much as I hate the cunts, Here are a few reasons why.
    1. they have a good young aspiring manager, we have an old cunt who is mentally ill
    2. They sold there 2 best players from last season in Modric and VdV, also lost King to retirement, they instantly replaced them with Dempsey, Dembele, Vertonghen, and almost got Moutinho on deadline day. We sold our 2 best players from last season and replaced them with… no-one.
    3. They have a manager who says things like ‘we want to win the league’ (however insane that may sound). We have a manager who says things like ‘We want to win this game in order to get back into the top four…’

    I also want United to win the league as van Persie deserves it, as much as I dislike him as a man…

  53. Spectrum

    If we don’t make the top 4, we’ll see it as official that Wenger and the club are in decline. But with the A.K.B.S we just can’t win. They’ll say it’s because The Michelin Man is only human after all, and that to finish outside for once, still proves what a fantastic record he has – 16 C. L, seasons out of 17 ( or whatever it is ).

    In the event he is sacked or resigns, if our next manager achieves success, they’ll say that it was due to Wenger ‘s efforts in putting everything into place for him, and that will give them more reason to grovel at his altar.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Agree. AKB’s win either way.

    New manager does nothing…see grass isn’t always greener.

    New manager achieves…due to Wenger’s foundations.

    Wenger gets top four…greatest manager in the world with this squad…they casually leave out the part where he assembled this dire squad.

    Wenger doesn’t…it’s all Citys fault AND negative fans.

  55. Arsenal 1886-2006


    That’s true. It is shocking really that a club that calls itself a super club sells it’s best players to make larger profit’s then waste’s that profit on shit players, we really are a shambles on the personnel side.

    And on RVP, I want him to lift the title and rub Arsene’s nose in it, the problem i see is that wenger will take the credit for Utd winning it. And the AKB’s will proclaim that Utd only won because of wenger and his superior coaching methods that made RVP what he is.

  56. kwik fit

    Piers Morgan ‏@piersmorgan
    Hey Arsene – give Sir Alex a call and see if he fancies selling us back Van Pursestrings for ‘footballing reasons’.

    Wonder will Arsene tweet back?

  57. Max85


    Get a grip and remember who you support before coming out with that kind of shit.

    It’s one thing to want Wenger out (which we all do) but any supposed gooner who wants the scum to do better than us just because of the senility of our manager needs their head examined. We could finish 10th this season and Wenger wouldn’t be sacked, so it’s pointless to want us to do badly.

  58. Dannyboy

    Max, we are so uninspiring at the moment it’s shameful. Jack and Ramsey were the only players out there giving 100% and even they were only 6/10’s.

    Are you seriously telling me you could sit there and watch the inevitable ‘we showed gweat spiwit and mental stwengz’ and still want us to scrape through the season and nick 4th and watch it all continue next season? 2-1 was the absolute worst possible result today. Maybe Rafa knew that and told his players to ease of in the 2nd half, because he didn’t want to lose Wenger his job…

  59. Spectrum

    We realists want to finish out of the 4, for obvious reasons, so the best result for us would be for Spurs to win today. A United win is meaningless in the context of our situation. They’re already out of sight. Same with City and almost certainly Chelsea. So it’s to our advantage to cheer for Spurs, however bizarre and sacriligeous that sounds.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  60. CowleyGooner

    Is there REALLY anyone left who can oppose Wengers departure after watching our recent performances??
    Surely no-one is that deluded??