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Good morning everyone! Are you snowed in? Has this national disaster affected your morning Tesco run? I hope not… I pray to god the Hovis is ultra fresh for you this morning.

How fresh? As fresh as the ink on the new Theo Walcott deal. He’s signed up for some serious cash. Finally. It kind of works out nicely. Wenger can pretend that deal was what prevented him from doing two things at once this January!

Theo seemed very postive and said what many had reported… including us… that he didn’t really want to go anywhere.

“I am very happy to have signed a new contract here at Arsenal. Thanks to everyone for their continued support, especially the manager, everyone at the club and most importantly the fans. I have made it clear from the start that I wanted to stay at Arsenal so I am pleased we have agreed a deal that everyone is happy with. What’s important now is for the team to realise its potential and win trophies.”

Now we have a settled UK core it’s time to see what they can do. Do the have the same quality as the last bunch we tried to tie down or do we still need an injection of outside quality to take us to the next level? I’m suspecting the latter. We’re still a million miles away from where we need to be squad wise and most importantly… preparation wise.

Next up… Sagna. We need him tied down to a contract he deserves.

Wenger went on to spew out his thoughts on why Abou Diaby deserves a career at the club.

“Diaby has a very serious life, he doesn’t drink, doesn’t smoke, doesn’t go out, and is very conscientious in training. So you always feel sorry for him, so you always touch wood it will go well for him. Honestly, what he has gone through is unbelievable.”

This is part of the problem, Wenger takes too much sentiment into football. The key statistic is that over his 6 years at Arsenal he’s averaged 13 starts a year. He’s costing us a fortune and he’s road blocking a Fellaini type replacement. How long do you persist with the long term deals before you call time on your loyalty? Amazing we took a long term punt on a crock but pull the one year extension on Sagna.

One player he took time out to champ up was Coquelin. He had some nice words to say on the centre midfielder.

“What Coquelin is doing is quite good. His qualities help the team to defend better. He has that ability to fly into people and win the ball back, and that’s something important.

He also took time out to say this, which I felt was kind of contradictory to his normal actions…

“When the player comes back, he has experience and knowledge and you don’t have to suffer for the mistakes of a beginner. It gives you more comfort to play him. I never felt that it was finished for him here. I always thought that that’s a learning process of the top level.”

Anyway, a short post today… I’ll be back with a more in depth look at the Chelsea game tomorrow.

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  1. Jamal

    Yanga Mbiwa to Newcastle for 6.7mil
    . An absolute bargain there.

    Ba went for 7m
    Debuchy for 7m
    M’vila available for 8m
    and now Yanga Mbiwa for 6.7.

    These playerrs would definately improve us. These 4 for less than 30m.

    Wenger is a cunt.

  2. kwik fit

    Distant fond memories incesc.

    The current team (ex Jack) aren’t fit to lace the boots of those players.
    A fool could have managed that team . Wait a minute…….

  3. Donald

    All Diaby has to do is play 3 good games and he will get a new contract.It worked for Rosicky last season

    What a way to run a club.Under Fergie both these injury prone tossers would have been driven out of the club

  4. NoMoreCesc

    Interesting that Chamakh looks like a different player at West Ham. He is making a proper nuisance of himself in the QPR box. Says a lot about OLG not getting the best out of players.

    Diame looks a monster BTW.

  5. Lee Pace

    As it stands Liverpool are level on points with us, even with our games in hand I really can see them overtaking us. Just shows how much points we’ve dropped this season.

  6. Dannyboy

    thought the weekend was getting off to a good start and fucking Huddersfield Town let me down for £200 off a 10 game btts accumulator… There 3 strikers had 96 minutes to score past Manuel fucking Almunia… and they could not do it. They need to retire promptly.

    Lets hope we can win tomorrow… HAHA I SOUND LIKE WENGER!

  7. LeMassiveCoq

    Does nobody else think the timing of both Diaby and LeCoq’s return is a guilt edged excuse for Wonga not to spend a penny on a DM in the transfer window?

    Le Senile out.

  8. Marko

    Liverpool were the preverbial joke of the premier league but to be honest there’s nothing stoping us from taking over that mantle unless reinforcments are brought in.

  9. Toli83

    We really need a fucking win tomorrow.

    Need a strong performance. I’m hoping I witness coq getting bigger in stature tomorrow and dominating things…

  10. Dannyboy

    If chelsea beat us by the 4 goal margin some of us are expecting, then we will drop down into 7th… DOOOOOOOOOOM!

  11. Lee Pace

    If we lose tomorrow I can see Wenger getting some serious stick from the away fans.
    It’s the thought of Liverpool from out of no where catching up with us and possibly overtaking us in their next game. That combined with Wenger’s refusal to spend on this shit, inconsistent squad in this transfer window and the constant promises and lies he makes are what will set people off.

    Which Arsenal will turn up tomorrow?

  12. dave

    It’s gonna be painful but we’re getting what we wanted. Going down the table, being overtaken by Spuds, Liverpool, Everton. Dropping out of Europe. Shame it’s come to this but I really think we need to go through this to get to the other side, complete change at club

  13. Dannyboy

    Toli how does Wayne Bridge do it? he has a face like a fucking Oak tree, he was fuckign some gorgeous french bird who cheated on him with JT, so he thinks ‘ah well, i’ll go otu and get a bird even better..’ and he fucking does aswell. He’s like Crouch!

  14. SpanishDave

    The game tomorrow will probaly be cancelled due to snow which is forecast.
    We are two points behind our same week last year, and we went on a 7 match winning run, it aint gonna happen this year. Wenger is really in the shit, and its gonna hit the fan

  15. Royal Bludger

    Wenger’s ‘Us vs Them’ strategy:

    Us: Wenger + the Board + the (absurdly overpaid) players.

    Them: The supporters.

  16. Dannyboy

    Did anyone see Cesc’s face when he was subbed tonight when Barca were reduced to 10 men? Looked sick to the stomach. Reminded me of Robin last season when he screamed at Wenger for subbing the Ox…

    Shame that Barca are a proper football club though, as they would request his actual transfer value if we wanted to buy him back, rather than give us the 50% off bargain deal we gave them cos they asked so nicely..

  17. Dan Ahern

    Dannyboy — Saw it. And he thought Puque was his friend, tut tut…

    Haha, don’t get your hopes up though. You’ll notice Cesc came off because he was starting, as he’s a midfield fixture under Tito.

    He’s becoming more and more integral to the team, not less as us AFC fans would hope…

  18. Dannyboy

    haha classic pun there Dan. We could never sign players like Cesc Fabregas or Robin van Persie, they are far too valuable to their clubs, only a complete fucking re—-tard would sell players of that calibre…

    Oh wait…….

  19. Paddy got up

    Just a reminder that aswell of needing about 6 players this prick is responsible for all of the following that we can’t get rid of
    And that poxy Diaby!!!
    Wonder how much they take home collectively a week??

  20. Dannyboy

    probably about 500k a week’s worth of ‘talent’ there paddy… shameful mismanagement from Inspector Clueless.

  21. CowleyGooner

    if any of you wankers are on twitter add me, Deant75Dean. Thanks.

    OH and wenger is a cunt by the way. #frenchjimmysaville

  22. Dannyboy

    Cowley, don’t do twitter mate, too much fucking hashtagging and retweeting for my understanding! 😉

    Paddy, I know mate it’s so frustrating the amount we waste on literally nothing, we have at least 10 players in the first team that Wenger clearly doesn’t trust, but pays them massive money to sit in the stands. We could easily get £25 million for those players you just listen, cut 25 million a year off the wage budget in the process, and bring in 3 or 4 absolute world beaters…

    But Wenger doesn’t want to.

  23. CowleyGooner


    get on it mate. just spent the last half hour telling joey barton what a complete and utter cunt i think he is.
    think im blocked now though????

  24. Dannyboy

    haha i know i’d end up addicted to tweeting if I went on it mate, facebook’s enough for me!

    Joey Barton is a pure scumbag, however we need someone like that in our side (definitely not that cunt though)

  25. CowleyGooner

    Fellani. i know it, you know it, every mother fucker on here knows it.

    just a shame the twat with £100m in readies dont. CUNT!!!

  26. Royal Bludger

    Wenger won’t get rid of the dross because then he had to admit his mistakes and poor judgement.

    So we have to cough up 126 GBP for a ticket to see the Liverpool game to pay for his mad incompetece.



  27. Toli83

    I watched the Juve game this eve. Watch the goals if you can, that pogba that left Man U to join Juve scored two absolute screamers.

    They’ve let a gem go there. He could turn out to be a great player.

  28. Paddy got up

    Never done twitter but the thought of winding up a piece of shit like Barton sounds fun.
    Wonder who the spin doctors at the club will link is with tomorrow, or maybe they wait to Monday after the Chavs have spanked us?

  29. Dannyboy

    great game of snooker on bbc2, 2 real characters going head to head,

    Cowley, Stekelenberg is a funny one if true, Wenger turned him down for years so why would he buy him now?

  30. Paddy got up

    Love your sense of humour Danny Boy. Watching the snooker also fuck me it’s dull!!
    Fancy Ronnie o Sullivan to do them both even if he is coked out of his nut each night!

  31. Dannyboy

    Paddy, Ronnie didn’t even get an invite for the tournament, think he’ll be packing it in soon, such a shame, he’s better with his cack hand than 95% of pro’s on the circuit…

    HA you see that shot from Graeme Dott? seems he’s had enough of the tippy tappy game!

  32. CowleyGooner

    What happened to boys like the ‘Whirlwind’ the ‘Hurricane’ the ‘Nugget’. Even Dennis Taylor and John Virgo had a bit of charactor.
    Its like wathing Cliff fucking Thorburns love children these days.

  33. Dannyboy

    the final will be good if Selby wins, it’s just graeme dott is an entertainment vacuum, just sucks all the fun out of everything…


  34. Dannyboy

    This sites not as busy when ‘the mighty one’ isn’t here… needs to get his fat arse out of the 24 hour KFC and back on here!

  35. CowleyGooner

    Gambon has to turn his lights off at 9pm. Has to be up early to empty his bucket in the morning before all the normal prisoners get up.

  36. Paddy got up

    Didn’t know Dott was a sweaty…
    Did you see the black bloke in the crowd asleep just now .. Sums it up
    Anyone going tomorrow???

  37. Dannyboy

    ah I see, it was infact ra-cist that was banned, that’s annoying…

    Cowley, comments like that will bring out Gambons angry side… be prepared for some vitriolic, perhaps ra-cist abuse, hope you can take it pal.

    Was offered a ticket for Chelsea but turned it down, 60 quid to sit in a bus stop when i’d have to pay for train fare on top of that? no thankyou.

  38. Paddy got up

    Lets hope you keep your record up Toli
    Great night in the FA cup there in 2003. Proper mad night won 3-1 was loud as fuck, and even ripped there plastic seats out. Can still see Lauren scoring and running straight into our end.. Quality!!

  39. Incesc

    “I’d take Ancellotti over Wenger ANY FUCKING DAY!”

    I’d take Wenger as manager of arsenal forever over having a beer with you

    And iChate wenger

  40. Royal Bludger

    Insesc – I don’t remember offering to have a beer with you. You’re one of the brain-damaged juvenille’s groomed by gayboy.

    Go away little boy – and don’t respnd to my posts. I’m not talking to you.


  41. Paddy got up

    Thank fuck that snooker has finished and that Dott lost.
    Apparantly he is knicknamed Dott the pot!
    Fuck me that’s like saying Wonga is knicknamed
    Wenger the trophy winner!

  42. Dannyboy

    nah he’s the pocket dynamo. You see it’s a clever double entendre because he is 2 foot 1 inches tall so could fit in someones pocket, where as he is also capable of knicking balls in pockets. Bet he didn’t think of it himself the twat. He and Wenger have things in common you know, for example Dott is having treatment for depression and is playing on medication….

  43. Dannyboy

    my bad, he is also nicknamed dott the pot, I bet he came up with that one himself because it’s unoriginal and shit… just like our Manager!

  44. goonerboy

    Lost count of how many times our full backs are out of position when defending, or how many times times, Vermaelen is caught under the ball. Only Mertesacker has a clue how to defend crosses- and he is unreliable one on one.
    The likelihood of our midfield being embarrassed is high (the notion that a player as lightweight and immature as Le Coq is going to impact on the Chelsea midfield is laughable).
    Given that Giroud has shown nothing so far against better quality defenders (and I mean nothing), I would love to be wrong but we are going to be on the wrong end of it against the loathsome Chavs. The only question is how many by.

  45. Incesc


    Your just one of the brain dead Wenger haters on this blog that has no interest in arsenal at all

    It’s like a weird vacuum where akb’s who were obsessed with Wenger over supporting arsenal have been over taking by idiots like you who prefer hating Wenger over supporting arsenal.

    All anyone ever wants to do on here anymore is prove they hate Wenger more than the next man.

    You put it in capitals


  46. Dannyboy

    To be fair it would be pretty cool to have a manager who is really only one of two people on the entire planet who can really accomplish a ‘peoples eyebrow’….

  47. Wong

    Yeah. Liverpool manage to crawl their way back, fighting for the CL spots. Yeah. It’s hardto think of a late 15 winning streak games without a free scoring striker, a midfield enforcer ( Capoue not that Ligue 2 player!) and a rock solid defender a la Howedes or M’biwa ( Newcastle again manage to get another gem in Mbiwa and Debuchy).

    We’re so lacking in ambition right now. Can’t make any suitlable signings to strengthen an already average squad. Wenger is so arrogant with his squad’s strength, sayin’ that this is is “complete” squad. B*lls*it. Wenger knows that Wilsher needs a discipline, midfield enforcer alongside him and yet he continue to elude him playing with Diaby/Arteta. I dunno what will happen this season but one thing for sure, January is crucial. If there’s any time for Wenger to resign/ sacked then the time is now.

  48. Royal Bludger

    “Wenger urges Arsenal to become more physical”

    – like, um, those huge tough-guys Cazorla, Walcott, Wilshere, Gibbs, Arteta, Koscielny, Arsharvin, et al?

    The guy is demented. He buys midgets and now asks them to be more physical. Arsenal is like the Wizard of Oz coaching the Munchkins.

  49. Bade

    Hopefully we beat those Cunts today & kick off a good run

    If not we’re well & truly screwed

    Are there any cunts who want to wish us a loss?

  50. Thorough

    Morning all, heard Yanga Mbiwa is going to Newcastle for Medicals tomorrow and the fee agreed is less than 7million. If this is true wenger should be shot…through the eyes because he doesn’t use them anyway.

  51. Evan

    Mertesacker: “We were a bit scared against Man City from the beginning. We were not that confident.

    And this is why he shouldn’t be anywhere near the Arsenal team. His lack of confidence uncertainty spreads through the team. like a virus

    Just to think Le Senile thinks its the fans that make the team nervous, I’d say a giant INTERNATIONAL German is more to blame, you can see it in his face that is knows he’s winging it as a footballer

  52. useroz

    Wenger wants physical and aggressive play

    Campbell wants leaders on the pitch

    Fans want fight and trophies

    Wenger’s midget core only want FAT contracts

  53. Ash79

    Wenger has pissed me off again. Interview yesterday he says cfc are an attacking team with good players who know how to attack. He then says we will not change our style and he expects an open game and goal chances.

    Why, wtf???

    On one hand u admit they can hurt us then u say fuck it, we will attack them too. Man loves a 7-4 over a 1-0 any day. Fuck defending again eh Arsene.

  54. useroz

    Ask, the worse thing is we aren’t potent in offence anymore…

    Wenger has been talking the talk (ie BS) for the past 7/8 years and is probably demented.

    Just hope the PSG transfer rumour is true…Wenger out.

  55. Johnty79

    Quite unbelievable wenger is beaten to the signingings of Mbiwa of Montpellier. This man is beaten to every singing he competes with….Mbiwa is the type of player who will move on to man u or city in a couple of years time. Once again wenger you have failed. Disgraceful, pitiful human. Come on Chelsea 6.0 please….!!!!!!!!!

  56. Arse&Nose©

    Gourcouf signing smacks of bias. If he was English we wouldn’t go near him. Wenger has already said there is no room for attacking midfielders, we are a football club not a charity or rehab centre for the French.