£30million worth of spin… have you been duped? | David Dein comments as expected…

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So loads of debate raged on the interweb yesterday about Cavani. One minute we’re sniffing around the dustbin of Europe for a diamond that accidentally slipped in after the Sunday roast (see that clever City reference there?), the next, rumour of a £30m signing hits the web… and everyone is entirely certain it could happen.

Why so certain? Because a website reckons City didn’t bid for him last summer and the Napoli chairman is a bit of a liar when it comes to, well, everything.

Now, it might be true that you could land a player of Cavani’s talent for a decent price. You know,  a proper market price, like, say, £30million. On top of that, you have to accept that players who consistently score 30+ goals over 4 years command big wages. You’re easily looking at £150k a week for a man of the Uraguayan’s talent. He’s going to be 26 this year, he’s on for his last big deal. Why would he command any less? He’s playing for a team who are top quality. They’re third in Serie A at the moment. Napoli are a Champions League team and when he plays in that elite competition, he scores. So it’s not like signing a Fellaini here… you’ve got a ready made weapon.

Last summer, he was my number one replacement for Robin Van Persie. He’s agressive and nasty in the same way Suarez is. He can sniff out a goal from anywhere and he has a fantastic mix of pace and power. He really is out there as one of the stand out strikers in Europe. We could afford him, no problem. We’d have to offload some deadwood, but we could definitley absorb his salary and transfer fee without a problem.

Trouble is, this is Arsenal we’re talking about. The story hit the web, the journalists took it to Wenger… and he teased.

“I like him as a player,”

Ahhh… he likes Cavani. Kind of like the guy running the local chip shop saying he likes Mila Kunis as a woman.

‘Will he cost a lot of money? That’s for sure. Nobody would deny that. Our banker lives just next to me at the moment and he is ready if we find the right player.’

The tease… ‘we’re in for BIG MONEY players, so don’t fret Gooners’

“We can spend the money that we have decided to spend if it is for a player we think gives us a plus. But I do not want to speak about Cavani because we have not made an inquiry for him.

No inquiry? But Twitter said a bid was launched?

“You speak about Cavani … Napoli are playing for the championship and the Champions League [places] in Italy. What is the interest of Napoli to sell Cavani? None. Unless you come there and say, ‘OK, we pay twice the price of what the player is worth’.”

The justification. The reality. The truth. It was all an exercise in spin.

‘We can strengthen everywhere,”

“You can come out of any game and think [that]. We gave away cheap goals against Manchester City [on Sunday]. At the moment, it is more important that the team remains focused. If we find something, we will do it.”

So what have the clever people at Arsenal achieved here? The same thing they managed last year. The creation of breathing space for Arsene. It’s Cavani today, last year it was Eden Hazard… how many times have we been here with the promises? Now 90% of Arsenal fans who can’t follow history will look to the summer… they’ll think Wenger has it sussed this time around… they’ll snap up all those season tickets, only to be hit by the same process we go through every year.

  • The promise of change
  • The acceptance of mistakes from the previous season
  • The hyping of the war chest
  • The lack of action
  • The hype of the youth
  • The average age of the squad
  • The pearler about this being ‘the best squad ever’
  • The reality that you’ve just been duped… again

At the end of the day, you never find something if you’re not looking. It’s apparent that Capoue is one of the hottest properties in France, he has had the most touches in the league, from what I’ve been told his performances and stats outside that last one are exceptional. He’s available… Simple fact is that there are lots of players available who could add depth and quality to our squad. We’re just not interested. That win against Swansea will serve as temporary vindication and we’ll most likely roll on without bolstering. If we do, I’d imagine it’ll be a last gasp snatch at someone we probably haven’t targeted. Whatever we do, it won’t be enough. We’re 21 points off for a reason… and it’s not one player.

Finally, a pretty sharp reminder to me, as to why I wouldn’t want David Dein back at the club in anything other than a Chairman type role.

“People have got short memories. They seem to forget what Arsene has achieved for the club,”

“Arsenal is respected around the world and much of that is because of Arsene with the results and the players he has brought in and developed.

“People underestimate him. He has transformed the club. He has done a phenomenal job.’

“I always used to call him the miracle-worker. He waved his magic wand and he delivered.’

“But it’s getting tougher because the competition is getting stronger’

We don’t need to bring in Arsene Wenger’s friend. We need to bring in someone who is modern. We need to bring in someone who can be the David Dein of 20 years ago. Someone who can do what he did, but younger. The board needs fresh blood. We need progress, not to fall back to what worked in yesteryear. The problems at the club don’t stem from David Dein leaving… they stem from not evolving and kicking things up to the next level when he went. Great companies don’t dwell on sentiment, they strive to create a new history. Arsenal need to create a new successful chapter with new people with fresh ideas.

Right… have a great day. Drive and walk safe. The snow is outrageous.

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  1. kwik fit

    Danny your probably from england but don’t let that get you down . I have supported Arsenal since Chippy you know what I fucking mean?

    Jack is the new chippy

  2. sam

    love him or hate him, walcott the first arsenal contract rebel to force their hands now where is peter hill-wood?
    these idiots should have done the same to keep van persie

  3. goonerboy

    The Wenger situation for me highlights one of the weaknesses of this country. It is ironic that a Government full of people who have inherited titles and wealth attacks what it perceives to be an “entitlement culture” of people receiving welfare benefits.
    The entitlement culture exists at the very top of society in Britain- especially amongst those that have inherited their wealth and is fully reflected in the running of Arsenal FC.
    It is the entitlement culture that results in 3 generations of the Hill-Wood family inheriting the chairmanship of Arsenal, inviting their mates onto the Board, running the Board as an ageing gentleman’s club, booting off the Board any dissenting voices and appointing yes men to run the operations of the club.
    David Dein was one of the few Board members who merited a place on the Board- if it wasn’t for David Dein Arsenal would have won nothing in the last 30 years.
    Stan Kroenke is an invisible leader-a man whose lack of involvement shows that this investor is only in it for the money. He is in no real sense a leader of the club.

    The current closed Board want compliance and appoint Yes men like Arsene Wenger and Ivan Gazidis. As the yes man in chief Arsene has a job for life.
    Arsenal fans are being conned into believing that this administration has a commitment in winning trophies. Its only commitment to winning trophies is to talk about it. Their actions speak far louder than words-and successive seasons of selling our best players to rivals and not replacing them, pocketing the profit show us where their priorities are.

    What Tony Adams says is 100% right- we are a million miles away from winning anything.
    for fans- well not fans who prioritise winning on the field.
    Why is a legend like Tony not more closely associated with the club? Because they are only interested in yes men.
    We are actually further away from winning trophies than we were 5 years ago. That is the reason it is right to criticise the manager- it isn’t working- and his statements to the media are not only not believable- but misleading and deceptive.

  4. Moray

    well, the point is that we let Walcott’s contract run down, which meant we had to pay more for him to sign on. On a free, he could easily have got 100k or more for elsewhere, for his marketing potential if nothing else.

    I wonder how his salary will impact other players and contract clauses they might have? Perhaps Podolski’s will have to increase automatically to keep him ahead? Remember – we are the club that gave Djourou an “automatic” contract extension for doing nothing to 50k or so. I imagine most favored players have us over a barrel contractually.

    Theo’s is not great news, but he is still worth more than a Squillachi and a Denilson, which costs about the same per week. And now at least hopefully we have stopped the rot of players leaving. It is a statement of intent more than anything else. We may get that Newcastle midfielder and maybe Ben Arfa as he wants out, or a child from some forgotten league. Forget Cavani or a similarly exciting signing. We will not shell out for that.

    Just have to bide out time until we can get OGL out.

  5. Evan

    Morning Incesc: He’s worth 14 goals and 10 assists this season so far Evan. If we’d sold him we’d be weaker

    He got us a draw @ Everton, other games the best squad Wenger has assembled showed mental strength and won us the game, Theos goals were just stats. What did he do in the other games…

    Weaker, yeah your probably right, Wenger no longer knows his Henry’s from his Bendtners

    Prem Stats
    1 goal Southampton we won 6-1
    West ham 1 goal we won 3-1
    Tottenham 1 goal we won 5-2
    Everton 1 goal draw 1-1
    Reading 5-2 1 goal
    3 goals Newcastle 7-3

    Convenient how he starts scoring just before contract negotiations.. Theo was going nowhere, Arsenal should have played hardball, but we bent over again..

  6. goona!

    I agree, Wallycot was waiting for a “big” club to come in for him, hence the ongoing saga. Once his pea sized brain realised that no one gave a monkeys about him he signed for us.

    Arsenal rolled over as usual and gave in to the players demands, why? You are not telling me there are not better players in the premier league, let alone the world than Theo that we could sign for FAR LESS than £100K pw.


  7. useroz

    Wenger is cancer to Arsenal…used to be good, functioning cell and has become cancerous for awhile.

    The board has taken a chemo route rather than a surgical one, just to prolong a slow death…equally criminal

    The Theo drama is just pathetic. Yes, we can afford the wage but 100k (if true) for Theo?? Arsene/al let it rot and paid the price. Sustainable my arse. The saving grace is we can flog Theo and get some money back for our pain and suffering watching his medicore footballing skills…

  8. Toli83

    Double gooner I agree. Adams seems to be a but nuts but we could do with him somewhere.

    I’ll always regards him as mr arsenal in my eyes. My hero as I grew up.

  9. Evan

    Tony Adams is a hero, I’m pretty sure he would agree that Mertesacker, Kos and TV just ain’t good enough (i used to rate TV)

    a Defense needs a Sol Campbell/Jaap Stam/Kompany/Desailly we have a captain missing in action, a giant that is slow and clumsy and a player that collects red cards and scores own goals..

  10. gunner4life1986

    Who gives a fuck if what we are paying walcott, its a massive bonus that he has signed on. what do you want Gervinio play, oh i know you want the next big thing in gnarby to come in and play?!?

    Until AW leaves we got to be happy to keep a player like walcott at the club.

    I for one have given up on the next biggest thing! can you remember us all getting excited about JET, Lansbury, Watt and the rest. At one point you all said that they said get a start and they have the stuff to get their spot. What are they doing now? how many of the players dont even get alot of game time at the clubs they go on loan to….. Afobe is even getting much time.

    If we go out and spend the money on World class players i will be over the fucking moon. but get a reality check its not going to happen.

    You can whinge and moan all you like, and you are entitled to of course.
    I love the Le Grove Blog and have read everyone since day dot. (minus a couple)
    but i have stopped reading the comments because 70% are negative and it sounds like the are a lot of miserable cunts out there. i just hope that no matter how shit you think the players that wear the red and white are you still get excited before the whistle blows and you back em in during the 90 min.

    Please feel free to fire the abuse back.

  11. Doublegooner


    With the exception of Jack, TA knows we’ve got no players now with any leadership or real balls. one of them would have been anywhere near getting in our team 10 years ago.

    Basically none of ‘ eeerrrrr I beleeve none of zem av any men-tal strenf’

  12. useroz

    It appears Wenger wants his kids to play more physical…laughable really!

    If your players are tiny, weak and fragile where on earth do they play physical?? U112 league perhaps??

    Buy some power players, idiot.

    Sol also suggesting leaders on the pitch ec. Well, if you don’t buy leaderships, you usually don’t have them…on /off the pitch. Forget trophies when we have rhhis bunch of babies…