Arsenal looked balanced | What a difference a Diaby makes | £30m Arsenal bid scepticism

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Make no mistake about it, last night was probably the coldest night I’ve experienced at the Emirates in a while. A proper FA Cup tie under some pretty intense weather conditions. Well, I’d imagine they were less harsh if you were out on the pitch!

It was worth it though, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and I especially enjoyed the balance of the side. Wenger changed things up from the weekend, opting to bring the out of favour Coquelin in from the cold to go… eerrr… out in the cold. He played him alongside Diaby with Jack Wilshere playing in the hole. Wenger shifted Cazorla out onto the left, banged contract rebel Theo out on the right and sat Giroud in the middle. I’m not sure what he was thinking, going experimental in an important game.

Wow, what a difference it made. The team looked fairly compact, it had a purpose and after the first half, it really felt its way into the game and started creating chances like we haven’t seen since the Newcastle game. Players moved for each other, the switched positions, they pressed and they defended with surprising discipline.

Coquelin must be a smart boy. He sees what we’re lacking. That’s a holding midfielder with the intelligence to sit back, pick up the ball and distribute with a bit of ambition. He did exactly that, once  he was past the half way line, he tended to check and sit deep. He was more than just a five yard pass which gave the middle of the park a more dynamic feel. What he has is the energy to tear around the pitch. Swansea are very good off the ball and they can be quite calorie sapping when they’re on the ball. The fact we kept them quiet most of the game is partly down to the work he put in. He has a lot to prove… was Wenger right to ignore the capped M’Vila?

Having Diaby back in the side is what really gives us a different flavour. His height and rangey legs make him a difficult customer to deal with. You can’t mark Diaby in the middle of the park in the same way you can Cazorla. He holds the ball up really well and he matches that with the ability to turn with ease when he has his back to goal. He just makes things difficult for the opposition. Whether that’s in the air or just getting in the way because of his size. He gives us more steal and he mixes up the attributes we boast through the centre. Trouble is, you can’t rely on him… so it’s wasted excitement.

Jack Wilshere was the hub of the team last night. His discipline has improved dramatically over the last few weeks. He knows when to fight, he knows when to calm down, he knows when to niggle at the opposition. He’s our bit of cultured nasty… because for all the bluster, he’s actually an incredibly talented footballer Generally, it takes two or three seasons for the goals and assists to really kick in. Jack is finding his way around the pitch at the moment, working out how to dominate games on his own… but the signs are already there that the goals will come. As time rolled on last night, many of us sensed the footballing gods were going to punish us with extra time… possibly late revenge for booing Eboue… then up stepped Santi who cut some space in the middle of the park, found Jack who controlled the ball, cut inside his defender and blasted his shot past the impressive Vorm.

The crowd went wild, Jack went wild, we all went home happy, even if two or three toes were lost to frost bite.

The only questionable performance of the evening came from Theo Walcott. He really did have a nightmare. One of those evenings where nothing dropped for him. One of those evenings you could usually describe as standard match for him. The timings of his runs were woefully off, his control recieving the ball and when running at full pace was lacking… I watched him run the ball out of play twice which was embarrassing for someone who is about to sign a three and half year deal which would indicate those nights were past him. He did come into the game a bit more as the second half wore on, I remember being very excited when  he hit the target at one point. Sometimes things don’t go for you… but as expected, that contract and his behaviour in holding the club to ransom has already manifested in ill favour for him. He’s earning big boy wages now, talk of being young won’t rub. He has to be on it every game or he’ll be getting grief from the stands. Not helpful, but as we’ve seen before, a greedy player never goes down well at The Grove.

I thought Giroud had another good game. He was just as bad in front of  goal as Theo (more on target from harder chances)… but he was more productive elsewhere. He’s a very  hardworker. The timings of his runs and his ability to get on the end of a fairly high percentage of balls in the box make him a very different striker to the type we’re used to. If he had the pace of Adebayor, he’d be a bit of a monster. Once he truly beds in, I think we’ll have a 20 goal a season striker on our hands. His freekick was the best I’ve seen any Arsenal player take in about 2 months. He lacks the class of a Robin or a Thierry, but for me, we have added variety to the front line. If we brought in someone with true class to compliment Theo and Giroud, we’d be in a very solid place depth wise up top.

Another two players I want to give credit to are Gibbs and Vermaelen. The Belgian had his best game in an Arsenal shirt of the season. He made some superb last ditch tackles and demonstrated some real fire last night. Gibbs, who has failed to really impress me this year put in a decent shift as well. His speed of thought and ability to read the game really stand out when you watch how many interceptions he makes during a game. He was mostly first to everything. His problem comes with positional sense when he’s not directly involved in play. He tends to switch off, which results in him losing the runs of people who should be watching. Last night though, I couldn’t fault him. He looked great.

I guess one aspect we can’t forget is that both teams knew a draw was going to be a problem. The second half lookced as though both managers had insisted the players take aim at winning within the ninety minutes. The game really opened up which played into our hands. The big question is whether we can take our second half form into the Chelsea game on Saturday and deliver it with a clinical edge. Chelsea are fragile at the moment, they dropped two points last night… they’re their for the taking. The clash of the two most inconsistent teams in the league… it could be a spectacular.

£30million man…

Big rumours on Twitter yesterday about a £30m bid for a player being lodged. The source is a well respected one, but the Tweet was removed later on… after it had gone viral obviously. Now, I don’t want to p*ss on anyone’s chips, but regardless of how good a source is, it can be agendarised. I can’t for the life of me think who we’d be looking to blow £30m on, but we can certainly afford to do it. I guess my main issue here, is it is way out of character and I’m struggling to think who Wenger would put that sort of cash on. Leaked information about us batting in the big leagues somewhat relieves the pressure on the manager even if nothing happens. He has a history of it… last season Wenger was talking about making Hazard’s dreams come true… the summer before he was telling us we could compete with Chelsea. If nothing comes of this rumour, half the fans will take it to mean we’ll be buying big this coming summer… obviously, the club would never plant ‘big spending’ seeds to shift season tickets would they?

Anyway, I’ll watch on and see what we’re planning on doing with this. It’s unlikely to be Cavani if City had a £55m bid rejected, it can’t be Fellaini as he has a £22m clause, Falcao won’t go for anything less than £50m… could it be someone like Neymar? Maybe Gotze? How about Schweinsteiger? Hulk? Higauin? Who knows… it’s an exciting thought, even if wrapped in a cover of scepticism.

Right… enjoy your day!

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  1. Inter YourGran

    andy1886 – if we sign a top, top striker, and we all hope we will, Giroud will never get a chance to bang in 20 prem goals. But as an option B, can’t argue really.

  2. LeProf

    Falcao said on being the new Arsenal striker,
    “I’m very proud to become another Latin American player in Arsenal…probably I’m the first Colombian player here if I’m not mistaken…Yes, Santos did convinced me to go here and my best buddy right now…it’s a shame though for Denilson…Arsenal must sponsor him a new toupe or what???”

    youtube to mp3

  3. Keyser

    Giroud wasn’t that bad, Walcott had the night’s easiest chances, at least 2 of Giroud’s were on his right. That’s 2-3 games now where Walcott’s been wasteful, on the wing people don’t notice you can palm off responsibility to your forward’s, but not as the figurehead striker, if you get 3-4 chances you need to convert one.

    Cavani’s signed a new deal, not really any of the players we’ve been linked with are worth 30 million, to us at least, unless we’re buying back players we’ve sold.

    Also ffs, Skybet’s odds on anyone mean fuckall, there’s a little blue (i) for Information that says if the players don’t move all bets are settled as losers, we’ve discussed that before on here, that’s taking the complete biscuit, it’s like a Myles Palmer concoction, using fans clamour for new signings to take advantage. I’d ask for your money back really.

    It was Swansea, a side with injuries, who were pretty poor again, who’ve got 2 more games than we have in this busy January schedule, who’ve got a 2-0 lead against Chelsea in a semi-final that leaves only Bradford and Aston Villa between them and a trophy, Laudrup has a smile on his face when he shook Wenger’s hand.

    That said there is promise, Diaby offers us something wholly different to the 3 midfielders we’ve used, if you could merge Coquelin with Arteta’s experience and skill, you’d have a decent player, we’re creating a fair few chances and Wilshere looks good.

    We gave a lot against Citeh, for no real gain, we pretty much dominated Swansea and Diaby’s already played 2 games in a week, Chelsea doesn’t look good for us. Maybe Walcott will turn up this week.

  4. gambon

    This weekend could he huge for Arsenal.

    We have Chelsea, if we lose to them they 100% finish ahead of us, and we’re playing for 4th only.

    If we win we can still get 3rd or 4th.

    Spurs have UTD, if UTD win and we win, everything is wide open.

    If Spurs lose, we win and then get the expected 3 points against West Ham, the table would look like:

    Man Utd – 58
    Man City – 51
    Chelsea – 42
    Arsenal – 40
    Spurs – 40

    Add a £30m player (Cavani) and the 3rd place trophy is on.

    Now….back to earth:

    – Chances of us beating Chelsea? 20%
    – Chances of Utd beating Spurs? 40%
    – Chances of us beating West Ham? 70%

    Combine that, and theres a 6% chance of what I just said happening.

  5. Nasri's Mouth


    Shearer had his faults but you’d have to twist things to have a go at Shearer for his loyalty to Newcastle.

  6. kapslock

    I’m sure Geoff (the person on twitter who leaked the bid) is very well informed but I just can’t see us spending that especially in Jan. More like 3 million for Diame.

  7. Pedro

    Guys, I’ve just turned off the Facebook connect.

    Mostly just to piss Joppa off.

    Let me know if you see any problems… it’s messing with the site.

  8. Ric

    30 Mill!!! Us… Are you efffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffing kidding me!!!

    Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, he he he he he he he he he he, hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi hi, ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho ho……………………. heh!

  9. Nasri's Mouth


    Can’t imagine we’d send Coquelin anywhere this season unless we have reinforcements coming in a similar position

  10. Ric

    KeyserJanuary 17, 2013 12:54:21

    Oh arsene says he likes someone… Okay add him to the list of people we “could have got” but Wenger chose not to.

  11. SDE

    Summer 2012 window starts off with..

    RVP-Staying,or going..Sold
    Song …Sold…
    Walcott contract issue begins in earnest…

    Then possible signings…

    Walcott contract issue still remains unresolved…

    None of the above attained….

    Roll forward
    Jan 2013 window starts off with..


    & now possibly Cavani,or some £30 million top player, as the transfer deadline looms…

    Along with the Walcott issue still unresolved..

    Sigh…Shake my head,roll my eyes..

    If this is not systematic brainwashing..

    Please tell me ,what is the definition of brainwashing..?

  12. gambon

    If coquelin goes on loan hes finished at the club, hes being put in the shop window for a summer move.

    Im 50/50 on him. Hes fine as a squad player a la Ramsey, but if we bring in a Diame or Capoue someone will be leaving.

  13. LeProf

    Wenger on Arsenal’s new signing Radamel Falcao:
    “…Well, he’s strong, quick and intelligent player…there shouldn’t bea problem for Giroud and Walcott position as strikers but Falcao will fulfill my desire to use the 4-3-3 formation…”
    “…Ideally having four top strikers is the best decision if a team wish to win on multiple front in such a long period…Falcao will help us to endure it…Up next whether we will recruit another top striker…”
    “…Funding wise we’re very comfortable with our cash disposal and mind you this is my first time behaving like Man City or PSG in spending big…except that those money not from sugar daddy sheikh or some big fat mafia…our money are clean 100 percent football money…”
    “…We still have a chance to challenge for the title, the FA Cup and Champions League…it is the matter of consistency and avoiding as much injuries as we can…as I said before I’ll buy if the right and outstanding player comes by…perhaps a new central defender or two…”

    youtube to mp3

  14. Ash79

    Nasris mouth – i meant when he left Southampton. Fergie wanted him then but low wages. He chose Jack Walker’s chequebook instead. I dont blame him cos JW was the first sugar daddy during the Prem era and this was new levels of money. I just dont think he shoudl be judging Loic Remy on his move to QPR.

    Totally loyal to Newcastle without a doubt, cant fault him there. Still a cunt.

  15. Ric

    gambonJanuary 17, 2013 12:58:36

    Dead on, for some reason he’s still being kept behind a multitude of useless players Wenger is deadset on proving to the world that can make it here even though they themselves have no interest in helping him.

    Le Coq is the singular positive french aquisition we’ve had in a long while, shame if we’re going to loose out on his prime years because an undeserving Diaby, Ramsey or Rosicky gets preferred in his place. But then again it would not be the first time they usurp a more deserving players place.

  16. SDE


    Are you serious Coquellin,off to Betis..?


    The magic roundabout continues…..
    OGL high on valium & prescription drugs,springs to mind…
    What is that french rapper giving him @ nights..?

    A strap-on with amyl nitrates,or something..??!!

  17. Joppa Road

    Never fear Pedro, I am back.

    Come on Wenger, get that cheque book out and just go absolutely fkin mental. Prove us all wrong – go out on the biggest bender in the history of Arsenal. Blatantly try and ruin the club with outrageous spending. It’s not too late, fck FFP – who gives a shit really? Not me.

    Then stroll into the press conference and simply say “Fck the lot you, I’m back, and btw tell Gambon he can suck my dick”.


  18. Nasri's Mouth


    Not so sure that’s true. He’d have made an awful lot of money at ManU had he gone. Just think about the private commercial deals he’d have made as the league top scorer with a Champions medal or 2 to back it up

  19. gambon

    If Wenger buys Cavani I will buy him a Nike “Sleeping bag shitty gay coat”….I think thats what its called in the Nike brochure 2013.

  20. Kwik fit

    James Olley ‏@JamesOlley
    Tried to push Wenger on signing Cavani today- he typically avoided it but didn’t deny it. Very intriguing response- clearly interest there.

    This is the Bullshit of all Bullshits.
    Wenger time to depart!

  21. Ric

    Then stroll into the press conference and simply say “Fck the lot you, I’m back, and btw tell Gambon he can suck my dick”. YEE HAA

    Joppa that would be the hands down most awesome moment in sports ever…
    I mean like ever… for eva-eva? Fo EVA!

  22. Ash79

    Pedro – you should get some polls going on your site for fun:

    1. who would you like this £30m to be?
    2. should Wenger resign in the summer?

    etc – you get the jist.

    Also you going to tell us about that amazing secret Diaby story you had?? (yes im still banging this drum)

  23. SDE

    Why Le-Coquellin does not play more often..

    Beats me…!!

    Version 2008/9
    Does not buy Alonso,’cos it would kill Denilson”

    Version 2012/13
    Fails to play Coquellin,”cos the fans will kill him”

    Talk about taking a double-barreled shotgun & shooting yourself in both feet..

    Managerial career suicide,if ever I saw one..

    Keep ’em coming Wenga Wonga..
    Very entertaining stuff…

  24. Joppa Road

    Our leader and hero:

    “The prices go always up at the start of the transfer market and go down in the last week. Sometimes as well they go up in the last week, but most of the time they go down in the last week.”


  25. RockyPires

    Hi All, being away for a while if you want a box to box midfielder instead of Diaby, Axel Witsel would be my option he has pace power and a whole array of skills. Now I know he only joined Zenit in the summer but I do think he is as good as is around.

  26. Douglas Wint

    Walcott has value in that his pace causes problems for the back four but he is far too wasteful at this point. Hate to keep comparing them but if that is RVP last night we win 3-0 at least and that is the difference between us and teams with top class strikers. Finishing.

    At 1-0 we are always one moment away from a goal being nicked and us going to penalties.

    Cavani would be a dream but put me down in the camp that believes we will sign nobody at all. Zaha doesn’t help us at this stage. He is the kind of player you bring in and sit him down for a couple of years while he works out the kinks. UTD can offer that to him. That doesn’t help us now.

    I’d settle for Higuain(replace him with Walcott last night and we win 3,4-0) or Benzema as well but I am not gonna get my hopes up.

  27. Johnny5

    Check out how everyone’s being all positive now that we beat Swansea geez guys talk about standards we should be battering teams like that. And pedders Gibbs has been shite all season except the Southampton game at the beginning of the season where poldi covered a lot for him. Also £30m bid for one player!!!!!! Absolute bill locks you all know it so stop getting excited he’s doing why he does every transfer window so stop being mugs.


    Our season is finished on the 2nd of march if we don’t beat spurs.

  28. marcus

    Wenger interested in Cavani looooool… didnt know we changed it to joke thursday.


    Transfer gossip is like opium for the people…

  29. Marko

    First thing iwe’ve all been here before hearing of 20 million and 30 million bids being made for M’Vila and Gotze and nothing happened. Who knows? And if Coquelin does go on loan it doesn’t mean he’s leaving Joel Campbell’s on loan and he’s likely to come back to us for a shot.

  30. salparadisenyc

    Walcott is a very strange one, his cold patches far outweigh the occasional hot.
    His biggest asset seems to be the threat of pace which is rarely put to use in a formidable manner, but the opposition is always aware of it and that is the weapon. Walcott’s the foil for our deadly finisher whom is now a ghost as we sold him and posses nobody with a deadly finish. Which is as much mystery as this £30m drunken post match tweet from our buddy on Le Grove.

  31. Ric

    True, true Witsel has been on my radar for years, he has the talent but has struggled to get noticed by the big teams. Zenit bought him to make a difference, but they have faced some rac*st abuse problems mostly eminating from their own fans after the Hulk et al failed to really hit the ground running.
    so who knows what can be on offer at Zenit….`?

  32. Johnny5

    Also sell Walcott he’s fucking gash against any team who doesn’t roll over for the once mighty arsenal. Get rid and save the money for a player worth 90k a week

  33. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Cavani is just what we need.

    Despite the shit atmosphere around the club I’m of the view that 4th is no longer becoming acceptable to the board! Well a piss-poor 19 point distant 4th that is.

    I’m moving more and more to the view that the bar is actually being raised down at old AFC corporate HQ.

    One only has to look at the financial outlook from here on in. Apart from the results on the field.. The club is in a very healthy position to ‘compete’. And getting better.

    We just have somebody pulling the strings who is not utilising those resources. But a change in that could very quickly translate into improved results.

    I also suspect that Wenger realises there might be a little mood shift in the boardroom as well as on the terraces.

    I’m not saying they’re going to fire his ass anytime soon. Just there’s a shift in expectations now. Gazidis said recently we want to win the CL and not just qualify.

    A cavani signing would generate some hopeful smoke signals that the
    pressure is on Wenger.

    I don’t think he’s as bullet-proof as he once was. (internally). Only now he took off the Kevlar and is wearing chainmail which can be penetrated easier!

  34. Nasri's Mouth

    To be fair to Wenger when he made the comments about prices at the end of the transfer window, he was being asked if leaving transfers to the end of the window would mean higher prices, so he was only responding to what he was asked

  35. Ric

    Ok so let me get this straight Pedders;

    You can call someone a Crackerass sausage loving kike on this site no problem…

    But if you even utter the word RA(C)IST… Then your comment vanishes without a trace???

    I’m starting to see why BAde is having an issue with this….

  36. Dannyboy

    Someone should let Wenger know that if he buys Cavani in January. we will all happily send him a goodwill £10 voucher to reimburse the money he lost from his own personal wealth (lol). Would of course have to be a club voucher though, no matter however, as he could buy as many sleeping bag coats as he wanted.

  37. SDE

    Just waiting for Jenkison,to be farmed off to Man Utd till the end of the season,as back-up for Raphael..

    Wenger probably saying..”Jenks has tremendous potential,but needs games to acquire that extra mental strenghtzz..
    so I’ve decided to loan him out to Manure..”

    “With the qualidee they have..
    With RVP & now Jenks.I’m positive,the balance of power will now be rightfully restored to the Mancs..”

    “I will be like a proud father,watching my sons/proteges from South,lifting the glorious trophies..
    No need to thank me,congratulations,are already pre-accepted..

    After all,I am the Le-Professeur..
    The mental genius of how to make the opposition win trophies”..

  38. Guns of Hackney

    Cavani = bullshit city.

    Arsene is playing you all for fools again. So, we’re to believe that all of a sudden, out of the blue, in our worst season under Arsene…that we’re going to double our highest ever transfer fee? LOL

    Forth round of the FA cup!!!!!!! 5 mins from extra time, at home…wow!

    Chelsea will tear us a new one.

    As for £30m bids…read that as a £10m bid for Amuzi Benahalli from Zanzibar and the other £20m securing Walnut (who unsurprisingly has just returned to be fucking useless).

  39. Truth

    Afternoon all – Great performance from Jack last night.

    I just cannot see us spending 30m on a one single player in January.

    Interesting that Pep has chosen Bayern as his next managerial post.

  40. Josip Skoblar

    @ Thomas
    Insightful comments. I share your qualified optimism. Wenger is stubborn, authoritarian and egoistic, but he is not stupid. He must now understand that everyone is getting fed up with his erratic policies. He fears above all the sack.

  41. salparadisenyc

    Wenger the riddler

    “Cavani is a player that I like. Will he cost a lot of money? That’s for sure. Nobody would deny that. [But] our banker lives just next to me at the moment and he is ready if we find the right player.”

    Cue the Napoli statement
    “Edison Cavani is a Napoli player, settled at piece with his life in Napoli one with the community, church and Bishop Caramozzzo, in a word content”

  42. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Nasri’s mouth.

    Very True. But he was generally talking aspirations in the future.. Now he’s putting firm dates on it! Like he said next year 2014 we will be competing with the best and the 5th biggest in the world.

    Behind the scenes he has increased commercial and admin staff considerably. Still some way behind Utd, but nevertheless moving in the right direction.

    If you are generating more and more money for the club and you see the results on the field going in the other direction you can only but be a ‘tad disappointed’ when you see the Bradford result and the teams that are coming to The Emirates and walking away with easy points!

    I don’t think they are expecting titles and CL titles today but they must surely, if they have any brains, be expecting better than what is being dished up? we are much healthier now than 3-4 years ago but performing worse. Gazidis is not a complete idiot! Is he? 😀

  43. mystic

    How weird, Sky bet have Arsenal 5/2 favourites to land Cavani – do they not know that Wenger doesn’t spend? Love to be proved wrong, but somehow…….

  44. SDE


    Pointless pointing out the inconsistencies..

    I have a litany of inconsistencies,that spans the length& width of this globe we inhabit..

    We would be here all year,listing them..

    As long as you know,that I know & everyone else knows..
    We need not concern ourselves with trivial matters…

    Football fans,by & large are not world renowned for their beautiful & unbiased logic,to put it politely…..

  45. Nasri's Mouth


    A small part of me (the really stupid part who believes all the twitter rumours) would be disappointed if Napoli came back with that, but the rest of me would breathe a sigh of relief that it would stop at least some of the rubbish being spouted on twitter.

    I strongly suspect that there are stories and transfer rumours handed to the press for one reason or another, but this Cavani story doesn’t even to have that authority behind it.

    1. It starts on twitter
    2. It gets retweeted a million times because we’re desperate for signings
    3. The press get hold of it
    4. They ask Wenger about it
    5. It never happens
    6. We’re all furious at Arsenal for not signing a player we were never actually in for, and swear and kick the dog / cat / wife etc.
    7. Someone picks another name at random and logs on twitter…

    Of course if we reinforced the squad in the way that every sane Arsenal fan wants, then it wouldn’t be such an issue.

    Oh, and should we actually sign Cavani or another high profile signing, I’ll forget all of this for next time

  46. Guns of Hackney

    Hi Joppa

    I couldn’t post for a few days…seemed like Le Grove was busted.

    I’m not in a ranting mood today – Arsene’s smugness at beating a pishy team from Wales has me in a great mood. Wilshere has also secured himself a lovely transfer to City in 12 months. All is well.

    I’m glad pep went to Bayern – I cannot believe how underrated the German league is for both players and managers. The only downside is that Arsene has one less shark in the tank to worry about.

  47. Nasri's Mouth


    It’s possible the feedback he’s getting from the commercial guys is that if they want to get the big deals, they need to be successful sooner rather than later.

    Whether he’s saying it in an attempt to push Wenger, or to show ambition to potential sponsors or to try to placate fans, or because it’s either that or he replays his FFP recording for the nth time, who knows

  48. Johnty79

    Well my curse on arsenal was broken and we won but what the voodo people told me was that it only works on league games… Chelsea will hammer us, not one of players can get in there team….

    We won’t sign any one you know that. All te players spurs have signed in the last 5 years wenger coud have signed..

    Wenger out please god!

  49. Dannyboy

    Mystic, Skybet are just as gullible and naive as us Arsenal fans, they didn’t even have a market for Cavani to Arsenal, until I emailed them saying ‘I heard rumours from a ‘reliable’ source’, and they instantly installed us as 5/2 favourites. They don’t want to miss a trick when it comes to making money off punters!

  50. Johnty79

    Any one who thought pep would come to us was in a dream world… Unproven though… But he knows in Germany he can get away with playing midfielders as centre halfs. Not in the pl though.

    Laudrup please join us…….

  51. Johnty79

    Also heard on the rumour mill Denison, bentner, arshavin, diaby all have the option to take up a new two year renewal contract similar to djourou. Who ever in arsenal gave the players te option to activate there own contract renewal should be fired instantly..I suspect it was wenger….

  52. Nasri's Mouth


    Skybet aren’t gullible or naive, they simply respond to the market. If a zillion rumours start up about Cavani, and a load of people start putting bets on him signing, then they lower the odds. It’s the punters who are gullible and naive for putting the money on in the first place

  53. salparadisenyc

    Nasri’s MouthJanuary 17, 2013 13:43:07

    The desperation is so palpable with the current team and Wenger’s dealings in the market that a fucking tweet gets everyone spinning with excitement as we’ve NOTHING ELSE. Somebody on here said that transfer gossip in the modern day opium. SO TRUE

    If we could sign any player in this window Cavani makes the top two for me.
    Wenger pulled AA23 out in 09, deadline day at midnight so its not past him.
    Liklihood? 5%
    But how good would it be to see Cavani come out and say ‘IM A GOONER” after we signed him. Fucking hell.

  54. gambon

    Skybet are scum, they dont offer a fair market.

    They will let you bet on Cavani going to Arsenal, Milan, City, Rushden & Diamonds, but they wont let you lay him to go.

    I would happily put a lot of money on him going nowhere.

  55. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..


    One year on and we have now in the ‘ AW out’ camp many who only one year ago were ardent supporters.

    These are reasonable supporters who have come round to a realisation that he is indeed under-performing. Reluctantly in many cases. We probably all know a few of those.

    I just think it is very reasonable to assume that Gazidis and co may arrive at the same conclusions.

    Will they fire him? Hell no! Are they perhaps getting a bit impatient like the rest of us? I would think so. But we won’t hear them come out and say it.

    Finances are improving but results are going the other way. Any reasonable CEO can see that spuds and Everton are competing with us on far less money. It’s gotta have an impact around the mahogany table!

    He still has credit in the bank with them. But it’s my view now is that he is eating into his overdraft facility! #nolongerbulletproof!

  56. gambon

    McKail Smith is NOWEHRE near good enough to play for us.

    Good little player in the lower divisions, thats about it.

    Zaha on the other hand I would be quite excited by. As much as I dont want us to carry on as a creche, there could be something special there.

  57. Marko

    If you think about Cavani the rumours do make sense when you think the only Italian who’d go for or could afford him is Juventus but they’re going for Llorente, United don’t need him, Bayern don’t need him, Barca don’t need him, Chelsea have brought in Ba and now don’t need him, City want him but won’t be able to get him unless the rid themselves of Balotelli or Dzeko. The only team who may have an interest is Madrid but only if they were gonna get rid of Higuain or Benzema who we’d then be interested in.

  58. Dannyboy

    Gambon, on transfer deadline day they open up a market for players to stay or go, but it’s pointless betting because you know that they will always be one step ahead of you.

    Nasri’s Mouth, that’s the thing though, we weren’t even on the market for him, they had Juve at 50/1 for him, but not even a price for us. Then I simply requested a price, just out of curiosity, and they straight away installed us at 9/4 favourites (2/1 currently).

  59. SDE

    Dr Ivan”The Terrible”..

    I’m at odds with him..

    Before I was thinking he is a puppet..
    I still do to a certain extent…

    But his worthwhile comment’s after the Bradford defeat said a lot..

    To paraphrase..”He’s getting sick & tired of coming up here,repeating the same gash..”

    Now,despite him,shoring up the commercial department.

    What the above statement indicates to me,is that there is a split in the camp b/w him & OGL,as to the direction with which the club should proceed within..

    OGL,with his power base firmly entrenched,refuses to acknowledge,adapt or change tact..
    By way of spending money on quality players,& or reducing the wage bill,by getting rid of surplus players to requirements & dross,that add nothing to the current first XI..

    I suspect,there is a growing rift..
    With IG,allowing the situation to run it’s natural course..

    By way of either:-

    1)OGL hangs himself,with his current philosophy..
    Finishes out of top 4,fans by & large as a majority call for his head…
    The media,sharpen,their mighty fountain pens & deliver the final coup de grace..

    2)That, or the club,ride it out till his contract date of 2014 & not renew his contract..

    Either way,it all smacks of lack of accountability & cowardice on everyone’s part involved in the running of the club..

    & that transmits to the player’s on the pitch..
    Hence the wishy washy performances..

    No-one is willing to do the dirty work& get their hands muddy..

    For them,it’s all about perception & money& how classy they look..

    It seems,as if the club,want the fans to force out the madman,through their vocal anti-support,through media social networking sites & other platforms..

    Well quite frankly,you could put a lipstick on a pig,but at the end of the are still a pig,with your snout in the trough..

    The hierarchy are all,as bad as each other,to put it simply..

    Nothing more,than a money making machine…

    Where the fan’s get to do their dirty work & get slapped with a huge bill,for their own efforts..

  60. Doublegooner

    ‘Men-tal strengf’ = Jack Wilshire

    Wilshire showed last night that he is the only player we now have who could have played in the 2004 side.

    He is a leader. The others are followers.

    Wenger OWES him & US the quality players this club deserves.

  61. Dannyboy

    Haha Mackail-Smith, you have got to be joking me with that one! He is a poor man’s Alan Smith lookalike, (The greasy, pikey looking one, not the Arsenal Striking Legend)…

  62. Eddie Mcgoldick


    I think you missed the point out between 3 and the 0

    diame on that note .



  63. Dannyboy

    Heh Thomas, I think to be honest they must have heard a few things themselves beforehand about Cavani, because I tried to get them to do a market for Suarez to Arsenal this morning after someone mentioned Rowley was at the United – Liverpool game the other day. Needless to say I got a stern reply saying ‘we will not be considering a market for Suarez to Arsenal. Sorry.’

  64. zeus

    Arsene and his Jedi mind tricks again.

    “Cavani is a player that I like. What is for sure is that he costs a lot of money,” Wenger told reporters.

    Wenger knows damn well he has ABSOLUTELY NO INTENTION of buying Cavani. Another smokescreen, since he mus be tired of the ‘…………..let’s sort out the Walcott situation first.’


  65. Nasri's Mouth


    So you asked for a price and they gave you one, why does that make them naive or gullible ?

    When bookies start going broke because they get the odds wrong, then maybe I’ll start to think they’re gullible

  66. Dannyboy

    Little VT about Paul Hunter running on the snooker now on BBC2, What a great he would have been, the ‘David Beckham of Snooker’ such a massive shame that Cancer took him so early…

  67. Dannyboy

    Nasri’s Mouth – because you’d think that just one person requesting a price that they’d take it as just a bit of a throwaway request, especially for a player like that, you’d expect them to stick us in at 50/1 behind the PSG’s, Juve’s and Chelsea’s etc. Not stick us straight in as the 2/1 favourites, just based on hearsay.

  68. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Got it SDE!

    I read all his comments. (Ivan).

    I just feel reading between the lines ‘expectations’ and results are moving in the opposite direction now. They were in harmony up to recently between Wenger and the Board.

    They won’t act quickly or rashly. (cowardly, yep one way of looking at it. Failing in responsibility perhaps!!) hes now using all his get out of jail cards.. Rapidly! I don’t even think 4th this year will be viewed on as a good outcome. (by the board) It will be how far off the pace is that?

    Sure we’ll hear the usual bullshit about a 17th straight year.. We’re healty going forward and we can compete etc.. But I think that’s wearing thin on Gazidis and co also.

    But if thing don’t improve dramatically. I don’t think he’ll even be offered a new contract. He won’t resign and I fear they won’t fire him. So it’s suffer on all round!

  69. Gunner2301

    Pedro great post. Fuck me couldn’t get on at all yesterday. Good to see the problem is now resolved.

    Pedro did you post any feedback on the AST meeting the other night? I may have missed it.

    I can’t see the 30mil being spent and even if 30mil is in play it’s being used in the same way as the Reina 20mli rumour got spread. We are even worse now than when we were supposedly in for him so why didn’t we get another keeper?

    This smacks of fan appeasement to me. Just like before when we supposedly bid 30mil + for Goetze and we may well have but he already said he wasn;t moving and signed a new contract so pretty pointless. So if we couldn’t spend the 30mill on Goetze why didn’t we have a backup like Hazard?

    Thing is it looks to the fans like your trying, when you really don’t have any intention. Actions speak louder than words and I don’;t believe anything until I see a player in the shirt.


  70. Nasri's Mouth


    why ? They’ll be aware of the recent speculation, morethan from other clubs, they wont want to offer massive odds just in case it happens. Maybe other bookies were already offering similar odds and they matched it. They might even factor in the desperation of Arsenal fans to believe it might happen.

    Bookies make money, and they make it in a pretty competitive market. Punters lose money,

  71. SDE

    “My final story of the day is about Ian Wright and his shoddy column in The Sun yesterday. He penned a piece that said there was no way Pep Guardiola would go to Arsenal… and he can see him going to City and he understands why. Well Ian, that mind set hardly worked for you son eh? All the riches, none of the accolades… wasn’t that on your advice? Thankfully, Pep probably does see the pitfalls of working with City and only a person blinded by money would fail to see the benefits of working with Arsenal. I mean, jeez, you’d only have to switch back three days to read the article where Jose Mourinho talked about his jealousy of the stability you get at Arsenal. Not to mention the huge wage bill we have to play with, the massive improvement in commercials, Champions League football, full stadium, amazing training facilities, the fact there’s a very low baseline to attack, there’s a solid youth system in place and we’re a sleeping giant with a commercially viable future that smashes FFP in the fairest of ways.”


    60,000+ fantastic fans
    A great stadium
    WC Training Facilities
    Money in the Bank..
    CL Football
    A very low base to attack from
    Great History
    Support of the board
    Good Squad
    Good Commercials,with a viable future
    No pressure to succeed…
    Good solid youth base
    Sleeping Giant

    & Pep’s chooses to go to Bayern..!!

    A wonderful face palm moment,if ever I saw one..!!

    Once again,demonstrating your knack,for having your finger on the pulse & leading the way…

    Not an attack,just an observation..The First Amendment I-Bill of Rights,”Right to freedom of expression..”

  72. marcus

    How many players have Wenger “liked” over the years without doing anything about it.

    This is obviously one of those occasions. Get over it.

    Wenger will perhaps sign some shite player that none of us has heard of. You cant teach an old dog new tricks.

    Lets end this pathetic daydreaming project and get on with the real world.

  73. Dannyboy

    Nasri’s Mouth, good point, they certainly make a lot of money off fools like me anyway! Pointless betting on transfers though as they are all rumours.

    Anyone else notice that unlike any other club/manager. Wenger seems to, instead of having a list of players for a position, (i,e, you want player A, and if you don’t get them, you get player B, or C etc.) He just targets 1 player, and if he doesn’t get them, he just gives up and signs no-one. (Reina,Gotze,Hazard etc). That really is poor management, and something that AKB’s can’t shift the blame onto anyone else for!

  74. Arsene's Nurse

    My mate’s mum’s boyfriend has a little lad who plays for shitsville FC and his bestest friend’s dad was talking to one of his workmates who had a friend who owns a kebab house on the Holloway Rd who told him that he overheard a bloke in an Arsenal woolly hat say that Arsenal had bid £30m for someone.

    It’s obviously Cavani, innit?

    Just because some twat posts some shite on twatter doesn’t mean it’s true, yet the media and blogosphere lap up the diarrhoea, because they are desperate to write about something.

    It’s best just to ignore it just like it’s best to ignore the above anecdote. Wait until something is set in concrete and announced on the Arsenal website, otherwise you are just getting your hopes up.

  75. Eddie Mcgoldick





  76. Dannyboy

    Arsene’s Nurse, people normally would just ignore it, but I believe that @GeoffArsenal is the guy who revealed the Cazorla.Giroud and Podolski transfers a week or so before anyone else, so I wouldn’t cunt him off just yet!

  77. Nasri's Mouth


    possibly, though we don’t actually know that. Wenger spouts a lot of drivel to throw people off the scent.
    I.E. None of us know whether Gervinho was his 1st choice or a fall back when he thought Hazard (or a.n.other) was too expensive for example.

    We don’t know whether Ferguson would have signed another striker if we’d have held on to RvP. Maybe he’d have spent the money on a midfielder instead and tightened up their defensive play.

  78. SDE


    OGL is stuck in a time warp..

    Would not pay £5 million for Scwharzer

    Would not pay £10 million for Lloris

    Would not pay £0 for a CL&Serie A & Brazilian Intl GK-Caesar..

    Why would we now pay £20 million for Reina..?

    Got Podolski for free..

    Got Giroud at a cheapo £12 million

    Got Carzola at cut price..£15 million

    Why would we pay £30 million for a striker..?

    When we are busying haggling over an extra £20-£40k in wages for shite “Walcott-The 2nd Coming CF”

    Trust me,the new signing is either Walcott on a £100k,5 year contract,with a £3 million signing-on loyalty bonus..

    Or Gerpooh,back from ACN,rejuvenated & inspired from his exploits o’seas..
    Playing alongside Drogba & the Toure brother’s..

    Heralded as a “new signing..”

    Maybe in 20 years,when OGL step’s outside of his tardis..
    But not a moment sooner..

  79. HP

    Lmao starting bids for cavani will be at least 55m

    This is just another tidbit released by the club so that the fans can remain happy and thing that wenger will actually spend on players.

  80. Gunner2301


    Propaganda and spin until we get the “We couldn’t find anyone with more quality than what we have”. Wenger is a cunt don’t be taken in.


    Welcome back from exile mate!

  81. Bade

    By the way Pedro

    Napoli didn’t reject a 55m quids bid. Their president claimed the bid was 55m Euro, which I highly suspect he would have rejected

    It’s a lot of money & Italians rarely can resist money ….

    Maybe it was a call for teams: “this is what I want”

  82. SDE


    Self-imposed exile..I may add..

    I had a lot of steam,coming out of my orifices..So decided to cool off for a bit..

    I did a Pep..Rejuvenated & ready to roll..

  83. Bade

    As for the game:

    Was really awful in front of goal. He always tries his best & doesn’t stop hustling defenders, which are good attributes. But you can’t accept so many chances wasted & the assist was a little end product for the chances he had in the game to be honest

    He’s a very good striker, but he shouldn’t be our main striker or Robin’s replacement. He’s just not that level

  84. Bade


    Was also disappointing. His desire to pull himself into the middle made a bit of perplex in the way we play going forward. He missed too many sitters

  85. Bade

    In the 1st half we were really average & the 2nd half was something different, also due to a tired Swans legs. They played 6 games in 19 days & they lack the depth

    Is it telling of what will be our share in two weeks when we play the same amount of games in the same small period of time? Only time will tell

  86. Josip Skoblar

    Dannyboy January 17, 2013 14:44:00

    My translation from Italian: “Cavani costs a great deal of money, but in the last hours of the transfer window prices will go down. Then anything can happen…” Wenger, the mysterious man. 🙂

  87. Arben

    This is all fucking politic from the board and Wenger himself,this is just a move to shut players mouth,i can’t see that happening though.
    However if that happen i can see this as the regime starting to change.

  88. SDE

    Wenga Wonga..has bid £30 million for Madonna to come & play at his mansion.

    With her re-discovering her old day’s,belting such tunes as..
    “Like A Virgin..Touched for the Very First Time”

    “Into The Groove” &


    Whilst he saddles up to Diaby,Djourou&Ramsey on his qualidee leather couch bought on Gumtree,for a knockdown fee..

    That’s what I call mental strengthzz….

  89. salparadisenyc

    Do you send the Olympic medal back in a nice box, return to sender?
    Not like the Olympic committee is Net-A-Porter with a fantastic return policy.

    Or does it sit in the same place in your trophy case collecting dust and obsolete?
    Strange days for big Tex.

  90. Josip Skoblar

    January 17, 2013 14:03:02

    One year ago, I already wanted Wenger out, but I didn’t know that things would get as bad as they are now under his leadership. The turning point was selling RvP without replacing him by a world-class striker.

  91. SDE

    Coquellin,has always been a better player than Ramsey..Albeit in different positions..

    As Gambon,said,Wenger picks player’s he likes..

    Not ones ,that best represent quality & aid team results..

    Never understood,why Coquellin has never been given a run of games..

    Similarly don’t understand,why Podolski does not play CF?

  92. Dannyboy

    HP, Cavani would be nowhere near £55 million mate, Napoli bought him for £12 million 2 years ago and they are not one of the Italian big boys. £30-35 million cash would be enough to get him I believe.

    Heh Josip Skoblar, Wenger is a cryptician if ever I have seen one!

  93. Adam


    A quick word about Betsafe. Having looked in the comments here a week ago and seen the odds Betsafe were offering on Guardiola’s next job I thought it was worth a punt at 75:1 on Arsenal and an 8:1 cover on Bayern Munich.

    I went back on the website today to collect my winnings only to be told my bet had been voided because odds “were adjusted shortly after you placed your bets and that is why your bets were voided”.

    I’ve not seen this kind of nonsense before but I thought I’d put the word out there about this shower of cvnts. Clearly the odds were too good to be true but they were up there and I put my money down.

    Scumbags – I guess it’s only to be expected with bookies.

  94. Dannyboy

    Adam that’s a fucking outrage if true. Skybet were only offering 5/1 on Guardiola to be at Arsenal next so you sure someone was giving you 75/1? Either way, if they voided your bet just because of a numerical error in the pricing, then that’s not your fault. they should still pay out IMO.

  95. SDE

    Josip SkoblarJanuary 17, 2013 15:11:13

    The turning point for me,was 2008..

    First the captaincy issue..”Gilberto Debate..”
    Then the madman hands it too Gallas..

    Gilberto was never the same again,after that..It smacked of poor management..
    Then he bundled him off to Turkey..

    Then the Eduardo break-leg & our subsequent capitulation…

    I realised the madman had lost the plot..

    From then on,a catalogue of incidents,disaster’s ensued..

    Now here we are..Sold our best striker,probably the best striker in the world top 5 today,to our rivals..

    I saw this coming with each year..
    The gradual decline in our football,the watering down of the quality,the crazy disingenuous statements,the selling of our good players& the fanatical obsession with money & FFP..

    The writing was always on the wall..

    It was just for some,the blind belief that we would turn the corner & the twin objective of fans & club alike were intertwined..

    Competing with our resources to the best of our ability & some..

    Now that myth has been shattered,albeit late in the day for some..

    But it’s all apparent for all to see..

    Now the dilemma for fan’s, is how do we do a root & branch overhaul of the club..

    That’s the next biggest hurdle,like Grand Aintree..?

    A lot of hurdles to overcome..
    But there is a finishing line..

    60,000 fans have the power to unite,to make the outcome a lot easier to circumvent these hurdles..

    It’s about getting us to all sing from the same hymn sheet,for the final encore..

    Will it ever happen..doubtful..!!

    Many more painful years lie ahead..

  96. supergunner14

    Load of shit defo a smokescreen!don’t believe it for a minute!

    Its just to get the fans on his side again!

  97. Dannyboy

    The reason a signing like this is not beyond the realms of possibility is that Wenger is not a stupid man.
    He probably knows that the fan base has shifted from maybe 10% want him out, 50% AKB’s and 40% unsures, to now probably 50% want him out, 40% still unsure, and 10% AKB’s. Therefore he will know, that a signing like Cavani would make that 40% look up and think ‘fuck me, Wengers is the man!’ and he would have 90% of the fanbase back on his side.

    He should go into politics when he retires…

  98. gambon


    If he signs Cavani he wont quite have me on side, but it would go a long way to repairing the damage done in recent seasons.

    I think in a lot of ways it doesnt matter who he signs. Hes clearly struggling to motivate them, the performances are too erratic, and we will still have numerous issues.

    If he signs Cavani & a DM now, i would hold judgement until the end of the summer window.

  99. Dannyboy

    Gambon, I had you listed firmly in the 10% that were staunchly anti-Wenger don’t worry mate! 😉

    Cavani and Capoue/Diame would leave me more than happy!

  100. SDE

    Anyway,I’m a bit surprised with the short-termist’s on here…

    Wenger has form from way back…

    Remember when we were all crying out for a fox in the box..

    Trezeguet was on the market..
    In form & banging them in for Juve..138 goals in 245..appearances..
    You do the maths..!!

    What does Wenga Wonga limp in with..Francis Jeffers…
    Yeah he turned out good..!!

    We needed a DM…Oliver Dacourt was the rage back then, when Wenga Wonga,in his infinite wisdom decides to get cut-price Giovanni Bronckhurst from Rangers…& the worse thing was we were linked twice over differing seasons with Dacourt..
    Granted we had Edu & Gilberto..but you get the gist..

    Now we have cannon fodder like:-

    Park Chu Young

    “A trace into the past,is an indicator of the future..”

  101. Dannyboy

    It’s all irrelevant however as we all surely know we won’t sign Cavani don’t we?… or will we? ARGHHH Wenger you mindfucker!

  102. DaleDaGooner

    Didn’t know that the 10m GPB paid to Koln was just paper with felt pen markings re Podolski, and 12m is now cheap for a player….interesting, and someone on this site must have been at the negotiating table when we bought Santi for 15m, i hear from other sources it was 16m…interesting.

  103. Ash79

    final day of transfer window is going to be a little crazy perhaps, could be lots of smoke and noise and when the it ‘slams shut’, we have bought no one but Spurs have picked up 4 players from nowhere.


    and then on 1st Feb Wenger will say, “yes, we bid for Cavani to give us that extra something special but it does not matter. We move on, I am happy with my squad, we have tremedous quality. You can not say we did not try to bring someone in but Theo has signed and he is like a new signing. Cavani in the summer? *wry smile*”

  104. Dannyboy

    SDE – ha! Olivier Dacourt, what a blast from the past that one is, he was an absolute monster. Would have preferred him over anyone in his generation at the time in his position, including Makalele!

  105. gambon


    We made £11m profit this summer.

    Considering we sold RVP £22m, Song £15m, Vela £4m, Bartley £1m, Lansbury £1m (£43m)

    This means we spent £32m

    So the reported figures, Cazorla £16m, Giroud £12m, Podolski £10m (£38m) cant be right.

    Arsenal = bargain basement operators.

  106. DaleDaGooner

    Falcao has put Cavani back in the after thought position, a 16m profit by Napoli is more than enough, that being said, WE WON’T SIGN CAVANI, even though we could, he knows he’s coming to be the main guy, his wage won’t exceed 90k to 100 a week, if he was really about Football, City isn’t the answer….but i’m not for 1 second talking much about this again, won’t happen.