Arsenal looked balanced | What a difference a Diaby makes | £30m Arsenal bid scepticism

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Make no mistake about it, last night was probably the coldest night I’ve experienced at the Emirates in a while. A proper FA Cup tie under some pretty intense weather conditions. Well, I’d imagine they were less harsh if you were out on the pitch!

It was worth it though, I thoroughly enjoyed the performance and I especially enjoyed the balance of the side. Wenger changed things up from the weekend, opting to bring the out of favour Coquelin in from the cold to go… eerrr… out in the cold. He played him alongside Diaby with Jack Wilshere playing in the hole. Wenger shifted Cazorla out onto the left, banged contract rebel Theo out on the right and sat Giroud in the middle. I’m not sure what he was thinking, going experimental in an important game.

Wow, what a difference it made. The team looked fairly compact, it had a purpose and after the first half, it really felt its way into the game and started creating chances like we haven’t seen since the Newcastle game. Players moved for each other, the switched positions, they pressed and they defended with surprising discipline.

Coquelin must be a smart boy. He sees what we’re lacking. That’s a holding midfielder with the intelligence to sit back, pick up the ball and distribute with a bit of ambition. He did exactly that, once  he was past the half way line, he tended to check and sit deep. He was more than just a five yard pass which gave the middle of the park a more dynamic feel. What he has is the energy to tear around the pitch. Swansea are very good off the ball and they can be quite calorie sapping when they’re on the ball. The fact we kept them quiet most of the game is partly down to the work he put in. He has a lot to prove… was Wenger right to ignore the capped M’Vila?

Having Diaby back in the side is what really gives us a different flavour. His height and rangey legs make him a difficult customer to deal with. You can’t mark Diaby in the middle of the park in the same way you can Cazorla. He holds the ball up really well and he matches that with the ability to turn with ease when he has his back to goal. He just makes things difficult for the opposition. Whether that’s in the air or just getting in the way because of his size. He gives us more steal and he mixes up the attributes we boast through the centre. Trouble is, you can’t rely on him… so it’s wasted excitement.

Jack Wilshere was the hub of the team last night. His discipline has improved dramatically over the last few weeks. He knows when to fight, he knows when to calm down, he knows when to niggle at the opposition. He’s our bit of cultured nasty… because for all the bluster, he’s actually an incredibly talented footballer Generally, it takes two or three seasons for the goals and assists to really kick in. Jack is finding his way around the pitch at the moment, working out how to dominate games on his own… but the signs are already there that the goals will come. As time rolled on last night, many of us sensed the footballing gods were going to punish us with extra time… possibly late revenge for booing Eboue… then up stepped Santi who cut some space in the middle of the park, found Jack who controlled the ball, cut inside his defender and blasted his shot past the impressive Vorm.

The crowd went wild, Jack went wild, we all went home happy, even if two or three toes were lost to frost bite.

The only questionable performance of the evening came from Theo Walcott. He really did have a nightmare. One of those evenings where nothing dropped for him. One of those evenings you could usually describe as standard match for him. The timings of his runs were woefully off, his control recieving the ball and when running at full pace was lacking… I watched him run the ball out of play twice which was embarrassing for someone who is about to sign a three and half year deal which would indicate those nights were past him. He did come into the game a bit more as the second half wore on, I remember being very excited when  he hit the target at one point. Sometimes things don’t go for you… but as expected, that contract and his behaviour in holding the club to ransom has already manifested in ill favour for him. He’s earning big boy wages now, talk of being young won’t rub. He has to be on it every game or he’ll be getting grief from the stands. Not helpful, but as we’ve seen before, a greedy player never goes down well at The Grove.

I thought Giroud had another good game. He was just as bad in front of  goal as Theo (more on target from harder chances)… but he was more productive elsewhere. He’s a very  hardworker. The timings of his runs and his ability to get on the end of a fairly high percentage of balls in the box make him a very different striker to the type we’re used to. If he had the pace of Adebayor, he’d be a bit of a monster. Once he truly beds in, I think we’ll have a 20 goal a season striker on our hands. His freekick was the best I’ve seen any Arsenal player take in about 2 months. He lacks the class of a Robin or a Thierry, but for me, we have added variety to the front line. If we brought in someone with true class to compliment Theo and Giroud, we’d be in a very solid place depth wise up top.

Another two players I want to give credit to are Gibbs and Vermaelen. The Belgian had his best game in an Arsenal shirt of the season. He made some superb last ditch tackles and demonstrated some real fire last night. Gibbs, who has failed to really impress me this year put in a decent shift as well. His speed of thought and ability to read the game really stand out when you watch how many interceptions he makes during a game. He was mostly first to everything. His problem comes with positional sense when he’s not directly involved in play. He tends to switch off, which results in him losing the runs of people who should be watching. Last night though, I couldn’t fault him. He looked great.

I guess one aspect we can’t forget is that both teams knew a draw was going to be a problem. The second half lookced as though both managers had insisted the players take aim at winning within the ninety minutes. The game really opened up which played into our hands. The big question is whether we can take our second half form into the Chelsea game on Saturday and deliver it with a clinical edge. Chelsea are fragile at the moment, they dropped two points last night… they’re their for the taking. The clash of the two most inconsistent teams in the league… it could be a spectacular.

£30million man…

Big rumours on Twitter yesterday about a £30m bid for a player being lodged. The source is a well respected one, but the Tweet was removed later on… after it had gone viral obviously. Now, I don’t want to p*ss on anyone’s chips, but regardless of how good a source is, it can be agendarised. I can’t for the life of me think who we’d be looking to blow £30m on, but we can certainly afford to do it. I guess my main issue here, is it is way out of character and I’m struggling to think who Wenger would put that sort of cash on. Leaked information about us batting in the big leagues somewhat relieves the pressure on the manager even if nothing happens. He has a history of it… last season Wenger was talking about making Hazard’s dreams come true… the summer before he was telling us we could compete with Chelsea. If nothing comes of this rumour, half the fans will take it to mean we’ll be buying big this coming summer… obviously, the club would never plant ‘big spending’ seeds to shift season tickets would they?

Anyway, I’ll watch on and see what we’re planning on doing with this. It’s unlikely to be Cavani if City had a £55m bid rejected, it can’t be Fellaini as he has a £22m clause, Falcao won’t go for anything less than £50m… could it be someone like Neymar? Maybe Gotze? How about Schweinsteiger? Hulk? Higauin? Who knows… it’s an exciting thought, even if wrapped in a cover of scepticism.

Right… enjoy your day!

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  1. Rocky

    Bid is for El Shaarawy or Jovetic I’d guess. that would make sense of the whole ‘waiting for Theo to sign first’ thing.

    That, or the whole lots is bollocks and we’re buying no one.

  2. Henry Fimibama

    Diame for 3.5mil looks good. We sometimes miss Song and the Strength he provided in that defensive mid role he played. Seeing as Diame is very Obvious Wenger WILL not buy. Period. Diaby our latest signing impressed yesterday did he not?

  3. goonerjay

    Little confused at the description for the goal Pedders.
    As I remember it. Cazorla played it into Giroud who played a first time ball into the path of Wilshere who hit a first time half volley.
    Also I think we looked so much better in the second half, not because the game opened up but because we upped the tempo of our passing. As soon as we started poppiong the ball around like Arsenal teams of old we were dangerous. The first half we were doing a lot of what we have nearly every game this season… players strolling about and playing equally slow, laborious passes giving the opposition time to get set and close us down.

    Wilshere was fucking immense last night…. Fucking immense I say.

    As for the rumours coming from @GeoffArsenal… he has proved time and time again to be very reliable… lets just pray he is again.

  4. Hitman49

    Ok so he’s saved himself AGAIN.
    We’ll see how it goes when he plays a team that want to win and are going 100% for it.

  5. Arse&Nose©

    I’m with Pedro, I think this talk of 30m bid has been leaked by the club to feed the journalists and fans something. They want us pre-occupied so they can go for their real targets or to count down the days till the window shuts without pressure.

  6. Matt Bowden

    I went to the game as well last night and it was indeed freezing.

    I have to say that I’m not so sure Theo was playing right wing. It looked a bit more like a 4-4-2 last night.

    I do agree that Theo didn’t impress. £100k a week? You’re having a laugh!

    I also agree about Coquelin. Him and Diaby gave the side balance and dare I say it, a bit of grit.

    Still missing a proper striker though. We should have run away with it in the second half.

    One thing though that should be pointed out is that Swansea team were missing 6 first team players which may be more of a reason as to why they were dicked on in the second half.

    I’ll stick with your optimism for now though Pedro.

  7. Nasri's Mouth

    It was Giroud with the touch on to Wilshere.

    Heard some negativity towards Giroud last night, but I thought he kept going and on another night could have had 1 or 2 quite easily. Would love to have another option upfront with him though

    Though Gibbs was excellent last night. I’d agree about his positional sense, but I think we gain more than we lose with his attacking abilities. I don’t think he’ll ever be as good as Ashely Cole, but we were probably still slating Cole’s positional sense after a similar number of games played

  8. mystic

    My concern about last night is the style of the victory, I fear that Wenger will see a squad full of promise, rather than a team that clearly would be greatly improved with classy striker.

    I am not taking anything away from Wilshire’s goal, but feel that the game should have been won well before the 86th minute – to me that confirms something is missing, to Wenger it will just confirm that his squad has ‘fight’.

    A one off game isn’t progress, Arsenal remain screwed until the twat opens his eyes to the fact that this squad cannot survive under continuous pressure.

  9. Hitman49

    He can even say 30million let alone bid it !
    If….if it is true it’ll be a bit for a whole team all 11..!

  10. Inter YourGran

    The next day is always better with a Gunners win 🙂

    I’m also skeptical about the 30m bid, but it’s from someone known for being reliable.. Only a bid though….

    It won’t be Jovetic or El Shaaraway, they are not worth anything near those figures unless the whole package (fee & wages over 4 years) is 30m.

    Goetze has a 30m release clause in his new Dortmund contract and to be fair, I doubt City bid £55m for Cavani. With the strikers they have at their disposal, he’s not worth that sort of money.

    Likely to be Higuain in my opinion, maybe Hamsik…. But, players in the last 16 of the CL with other clubs will be hard to prize away. Fellaini is a good shout again, but with “Diaby being like a new signing” where does he play?

    Jackie boy has been immense the last two games and Coquelin has shown he can come in and play for Arteta when he’s injured. I still remain unconvinced by Arteta playing the DM role, he’s more of a passer and is a good pro within the squad to have. He’s not a starter for me, but we can’t keep overloading the middle of the park with players.

    Cazorla gave us absolutely no width on the left yesterday and was poor as was Theo. Cazorla looked tired, but Theo does not look a 100k p/w player or a central striker at a club like Arsenal. Theo for me, has got delusions of grandeur.

    Ramsey has made some decent cameos of late, in the middle (surprise, surprise) and we also kept a clean sheet with only a couple of scares from set pieces (got to banish the zonal marking, it’s a fucking nightmare)…

    Finally, a day after a match where it feels oh so good 🙂

  11. Inter YourGran

    mystic – stop being such a negative nancy!

    Wenger doesn’t explore his options at times and keep playing the same players. Arteta had been poor for ages in the DM role and Coquelin had a very good game. He should keep his place against Chelsea. Only change i’d make from last night is bringing Podolski back in and giving Cazorla a rest on the bench.

  12. gambon

    Firstly, I just dont understand why we are trying to tie Theo down. We can find better wingers, and we can find better strikers.

    We really are in a terrible position right now, we literally dont have a centre forward, while our “rivals” have players like VanPersie, Aguero, Dzeko, Ba.

    Secondly, how realistic is it that Wenger would EVER bid £30m for someone? Its a joke. Ive said before and i’ll say again, Wenger wouldnt spend £30m on Lionel Messi.

    However if its true, I would say it would have to be from:

    El Shaaraway

    My guess would be El Shaaraway, but that will be a pointless task.

  13. Harrison

    I dont believe it for a second but before reading this post I saw we were favorites to sign Cavani…coincidence…yes I believe so

  14. Nasri's Mouth

    I’m going to try not to get excited by what the alledged £30 mill bid might mean:

    Could just be total package of £30m.

    £10m player plus £75k/wk contract over 5 years

  15. Danny

    There’s something about Giroud – I just can’t take to him. Maybe it’s coz everytime he fucks up (which basically was all he did yesterday) he throws his head back and has “that” stupid look on his face. Just get on with you it!

  16. goona!

    Much better last night, the team pressed….and funnily enough we looked more dangerous with much more urgency in the play, only poor finishing stopped us getting a hatfull. Why oh why we don’t we do it every week?. We need to do it for 90 mins at the weekend and we can give Chelski a good game..

  17. Inter YourGran

    If we offered Napoli £30m sterling, no installments. Cavani, for me, is getable.

    £30m, would also get us Suarez as well, you know…

  18. Richard Morgan

    Hi, I would agree I would be surprised at a 30 million acquisition in January from Wenger. But if there were any truth to it i would plump for hiquain he is a goal scorer and is quality don’t see him paying that money though. maybe on two or three players Lopez at around 12 million zaha and either capoue or diame as three in is more likely but he may surprise us

  19. gambon

    “It won’t be Jovetic or El Shaaraway, they are not worth anything near those figures unless the whole package (fee & wages over 4 years) is 30m.”


  20. Cloggs

    Mystic 09:58,
    A one off game isn’t progress, Arsenal remain screwed until the twat opens his eyes to the fact that this squad cannot survive under continuous pressure.

    Exactly, I can see it coming: Mental stwength, a little bit jaded, the handbrake on, dropped a little bit in the second half, need to focus.. blablablablablabla..

  21. Inter YourGran

    You can’t sniff at Giroud’s contribution thus far for a first season. He’s in double figures for goals and assists already… With his back to goal he’s top drawer I reckon when he’s having a good day. He’s not an option A granted and in front of goal he’s a bit of a donkey, but he runs his bullox off for the shirt. Love that!

  22. esel

    El shaarhawy is not worth anything near 30mil plus he would also flop in the English Prem. The most sensible signing for 30 mill would be none other than beast Fellaini and considering Wenger has been an admirer of Fellaini for a while now.

  23. WDF

    Lets see if the £30m bid comes to something or not, Wenger actually changed things around yesterday which was surprise.

    Think you need to update the description of the Goal Pedro!

    I like Giroud its interesting to watch him play as he is always involved and works hard. He is great in the air and really does give us something different. He would benefit from having a strike partner.

  24. Josip Skoblar

    Jack was great yesterday and, as Pedro says, more disciplined. And he scored… Coq had a decent game. I don’t understand why Wenger doesn’t play him more often. I really don’t as he would need to rotate players more in midfield. Giroud is sooooo wasteful but he works hard and creates chances. He just doesn’t score so often which is a bit of a problem for a striker. Theo was so poor. I don’t rate this player. It’s crazy to sign him on a much improved contract. Diaby was excellent. The chap is constantly injured, but when he plays he’s really good. There must be a reason why the lad is so highly rated by Wenger and most managers in Europe. If only he could stay fit for a few months…

  25. mystic

    Inter YourGran
    So you can honestly see the existing squad making it through to the end of the season and achieving some kind of limited success? You don’t feel that any additions are required so that a decent rotation is possible?

    As good as a win is, you should not let a single game cloud your judgement, that is exactly what Wenger is likely to do and hope that he can carry his adoring (ahem) public with him on his misguided journey.

  26. gambon


    Its not about what a players “worth”, its about what the club wants for him.

    Milan wouldnt let El Shaaraway go for £15m-£20m, put it that way.

    There is no £30m bid though, its utter bollocks.

  27. Inter YourGran

    It’s been mentioned before – Pedro your match analysis’ are getting a bit lazy… Giroud flicked the ball into the path of Wilshere 😉

  28. Inter YourGran

    mystic – like most on le grove and the fact i’m english means i love a whinge. However, when you’re through in the cup after an 85th minute winner from one of the players we can call “our own” we can give the TEAM a bit of a respite. YOu can still call Wenger names, that’s a given 😆

  29. Ché C Cheriton

    One win and it’s all rosey again. Don’t mention the complete u-turn by Wenger re. the FA Cup. Don’t mention JW perhaps should of been rested with the Chelsea game in mind? It’s a tricky one but surely Chelsea will prove a much harder test?

    Theo was awful last night – back to his old ways. I think Giroud is too wasteful as well. Crying out for a world class centre forward, at the moment we don’t have one.

    The reaction of the fans is all too predictable. Need to follow this up with a WIN and nothing less at the Bridge on Sunday.

  30. Pollux

    30mil + arshavin for Hulk. Hulk is unsettled in Russia. Arshavin wouldn’t mind a return to Petersburg surely. Hulk is robust and rugged which is what arsenal need to do combat on the field.

  31. Mr Briggs

    TH14 forced a renewed contract with his goal scoring from the bench. Is there a chance he has gotten lazy again cos everyone is INSISTING the club gives him a new contract.

    IMO walcott should have been sold as soon as Demba Ba became availble. Am sorry to say this but TH14 will never be d striker/winger we all dream he would be! I would like to see him sold while we get a proven goal scorer and pay him the po

  32. Inter YourGran

    Chelsea were shit last night and their home form is as patchy as ours. We can win there, make no mistake. But, at the moment it’s down to what the Nutty Professor puts out on the day and what Arsenal turn up. Your guess is as good as mine.

  33. Ezra Wamala

    Well i think Cazorla’s position in our midfield is Jack’s position and boy Jack does it best. Our best midfield line up is Arteta in deep 6 Diaby and Wilshere as they were. Just solid!

  34. bergkamp63

    Steve Rowley at Old Trafford to scout RVP !!

    Wenger realises what a cunt he is and has now bid £30m for him !!

  35. Inter YourGran

    Pollux – Hulk’s been so shit in Russia that they’d have to give him to us and money for Arshavin 😆

  36. gambon

    The thing you have to remember with Walcott

    – He scored 5 of his goals this season in fairly meaningless CC games
    – He scored a hattrick, 2 of which were late, against very tired Newcastle legs, so tired that Giroud was a cross bar away from a 10 minute hattrick.

    He isnt a CF, and he isnt a natural goalscorer. That bit yesterday where he tripped himself up really defines him, a clumsy sprinter that wants to be a footballer so badly.

  37. Ché C Cheriton

    Why would we want Hulk? No fkin way. The min quality we need to be talking about for a club our size (yes despite the way we act, we are a huge club – BIGGEST IN LONDON FFS!) is Villa, Cavani.

    I too think we can beat Chelsea, but I kind of see Wenger playing Ramsay on the wing on Sunday – that kind of shit and we go out and play like wet blankets. Been here too many times before. The hysteria over beating Swans at home is just fkin silly.

  38. theresonlyonedennisbergkamp

    Steve Rowley was at united v liverpool and a few days later a 30m bid is made….
    maybe wenger would only offer 30m if it was for a proven player? perhaps in the PL? a player of exceptional talent? a striker? with possible resale value?…….. ……LUIS SUAREZ!

    its a long shout but he fits the bill

  39. Inter YourGran

    Cheriton – precisely what i meant in regards to what Wenger picks and what Arsenal turn up. Ramsey could end up out wide with the diddy man central three and Theo up top & Giroud on the bench. It’s quite obvious the only change needed from yesterday (baring injury) is Podoslki coming in on the left and Cazorla starting from the bench.

  40. afc53

    What a difference last night having two holding players in front of the back four

    Coquelin had a really good game and looked at home there but for me Wilshere was head and shoulders above anyone the last person to drift pass 3-4 players like that was Gazza what a talent Wilshere is.

    However lets not paper over the cracks too much we are still in need of investment into new players and still need to ditch the zonal marking.

  41. AJ

    bergkamp 63
    That happened with me as well, the comment box just did not work with chrome. I switched to firefox with flash block, ad block and whatever it can block. Now it’s fine.

  42. gambon

    Wenger says we’re looking at Zaha but havent bid. That leaves us a long way behind UTD

    Not sure if i would want him anyway.

  43. Inter YourGran

    gambon – I don’t get what all the fuss about Zaha is. He’s certainly not worth the bandied figures aswell. Arsenal fan or not, i’d rather persevere with Oxlade-Chamberlain and leave the kids, that aren’t in our academy, alone.

  44. stevie walnuts

    £30 million for one player eh?

    If you’re retarded enough to believe that, i’ve got a hotel to sell you on Mars!

    Bye bye Pep.

    Good game last night, good result. Now watch the schizophrenia set in again as we lose to Chelsea, scrape a draw against West Ham and lose to Liverpool. We should beat Brighton in the FA cup, but that’s what we said about Bradford! Oh, and as for Bayern Munich in the Champions league –

    f***in’ forget it!

  45. vicky

    If wenger is bidding 30m for someone that means the market value of the player is surely around 40m. This puts El-shrawaaay,jovetic,hulk and wilian out of contention. Could be one among Neymar ,cavani, benzema,falcao ,

    As good as Reus is,wenger is unlikely to bid that much for him.
    Goetze——-well did wenger not say that we had 9 to 10 qualideeee midfielders when he sold Song?

    That puts midfielders out of the probable list imo.

    And the probability of him bidding 30m is almost nil. Hoping against hope though.

  46. bergkamp63


    It used to be a problem with IE and has been fine since changing to Chrome, now Chrome is having problems !!

    I give up !!

  47. gambon


    Apparantly the price for Zaha is £12m

    For me hes much more talented than Chamberlain, who was £12m (+£3m).

    As i say im not sure cos he could go one of two ways. He could be a frustrating Gervinho type, or he could be a CRonaldo type.

    He is quick, very strong, great dribbler, and I think he would make an excellent CF if he sorts his finishing.

    Hes a much much more natural footballer than Theo, thats for sure.

  48. Arse&Nose©

    Can you see Liverpool letting Suarez leave for £30 million?

    Hulk is an interesting one, but if we were interested why would we have not bid for him when he was at Porto? I would also assume he is on huge wages in Russia which we won’t match.

  49. gambon

    Also, im not sure why Wengers saying Chamberlain will be a central MF.

    Ive been watching him since he was 17 for Southampton, Arsenal, England, and the only real top class aspects i see to his game are taking players on and assisting from wide.

    I dont see how on earth there’s a CM in there.

  50. kay

    zaha is going to UTD ppl.. forget it.. wanker would ve dithered again for 1m or 2m..

    but zaha is more suited to arsenal than to utd…

  51. Inter YourGran

    gambon – He is a more natural footballer than Theo granted, but whenever i’ve seen him he’s been a bit greedy and as you rightly said “has the touch of Gervinho’s about him”.. He could go to Man U and be immense in the future, but more talented then the Ox, i’m not so sure. Time will tell, but i’d be well pissed off if we spent another £12-18m on a championship player kid, as would you probably.

    A&N – rumblings are Suarez wants out and CL. Plus if we give them Theo (a liverpool fan who wants 100k and to play upfront) it’s a win – win. Well bigger win for us 😆

  52. Inter YourGran

    gambon – you should know by now that ever since the nutty professor tweaked Henry he’ll keep trying it again until he can take credit for something/someone else.

  53. andy1886

    Pedro, sure Giroud tries hard, looks like he may come good, but I’m yet to be convinced he has the ‘super super quality’ that we claim to be looking for. Let’s hope he isn’t another Heskey, putting himself about but 9 times out of 10 couldn’t hit a cow’s arse with a banjo!

    Fair play to Le Coq though, perhaps AW will feel confident enough to give him a run out on a more regular basis.

  54. mystic

    Is it supposed to be a £30m bid, or a £30m package? If the latter and for say 4 years @ shall we say £80k per week, then the bid could be less than £13.5m – now that would be much more in the realms of a Wenger bid.

  55. doctore

    Cavani?? That must be the joke of the year,Wenger ditched a £7 million Ba,claiming its because of his simillarity to Giroud,what do you think he would say about Cavani? The thought of it could make him faint……WENGER OUT!!!!

  56. bergkamp63

    Everyone on here know how much I love Wenger but I have to admit and I have said it before, I don’t think Ox’s best position will be on the wing, he’s too stocky to be great winger, he gives me the impression his best position will be CM eventually.

    Only time will tell.

  57. Ikki Badwal

    All this talk of us needing a striker… I am not so sure we do. In all of the games we have failed to score, its not because we dont have a clinical striker – we have Poldi who finishes most chances he get, Theo is a very good finisher, and Giroud knows where the goal is. What we missed in the games where we failed to score was someone creative – someone who could create something out of nothing. There are very few strikers in world football who can create a goal out of nothing. Suarez and RvP come to mind.

    But there are not many strikers like that out there. Demba Ba, is a great finisher, but he doesnt create the goals himself. We have the firepower, I believe, we just need the magic. Therefore, a Gotze type player would be perfect IMO.

    Pedro says ‘Was Wenger right to ignore M’villa’. Fact is, Wenger has been wrong to ignore Coquellin. Yesterday, he did a great job. Kept things simple and whenever we lacked penetration, he would always pop up. No idea why Coquellin is so out of favour, but he can only get better with gametime.

    I dont however believe hes the answer to our DM woes. Think Wenger will go for Yanga-Mbiwa in the last week of the window.

    Sagna – Merte – Verm – Gibbs
    Yanga Mbiwa – Diaby
    Cazorla – Gotze

  58. Inter YourGran

    andy1886 – Giroud’s numbers confirm he’s anything but a Heskey, behave. Not option A granted, but done well for his 1st season in the world’s best league.

    tom – why don’t you want Suarez at Arsenal? minus the fact he’s a bit of a c*nt there’s no reason whatsoever. We’re so desperate for a top calibre front man that i’d take Balotelli.

  59. Ash79

    You dont need to scout Luis Suarez

    would love Suarez at the emirats, he is a horrible cunt yes but we nee dthat and he works tirelessley for a shit team. He would do wonders at a slightly less shit team like us.

    OG, Theo and Suarez tick a lot of boxes in terms of depth and variety.

  60. gambon

    Mystic, Its complete bullshit

    However, theres no way some dubious “in the know” person would be told who we were bidding for, how much the bid is, how long the contract is and at what salary.

    If by some miracle it is true then it will be a £30m purchase, not package.

  61. Inter YourGran

    Podoslki upfront is a non starter. His movement is shit, can’t head, pace is questionable, but his work rate and left foot are good. That = wide man in a 4-3-3 all day long!

  62. gambon

    Suarez would be superb at Arsenal, wont happen.

    Just signed a new deal, probably on £120k per week.

    Not happening.

  63. Ché C Cheriton

    Tom…don’t be silly….Saurez is 4 or 5 times the striker Giroud or Theo is. Ballotelli is also in a completely differtent league to what we have.]

    Arsenal are a selling club and will not get either. Possibly Zaha because of future sell on value.

    We beat a disinterested Swansea side in the cup and all is well. Fkin joke.

  64. Inter YourGran

    Game v Chelsea







    Mannone, Koscielny, Santosser, Jenkinson, Ramsey, Ox, Arshavin

  65. Thorough

    Neymar, I think. Neymar, I hope. And btw why would Wenger want to scout Suarez? The whole world has seen that ‘stard for so long and agree he is as good in football as Terry is in cuntery.

  66. MIMO

    GIROUD was shit
    I don’t think he’s better than Chamakh I think we really should buy a real clinical finisher VILLA or Podolski will be very good as striker
    but don’t believe Giroud will be someone like Thierry Henry
    You will see Arsenal fans Giroud will be the flop of the year….

  67. AC Gooner

    I got to the pub way late last night. And stayed way late too. 😉

    But by the last 20 mins of the first half we were already dominating the match and 2H was pretty much all Arsenal in my eyes.

    Amazing that Wenger changed his squad. Love Diaby when he is fit. Coq did well.

    The weak links were Theo and Giroud. Obvious.

    Cazorla needs a rest! Still great but needs a rest. Gibbs was fantastic last night.

  68. mystic

    Gambon as you say it is complete BS, which means my conclusion is as good as the idea that wenger could have made a £30m bid!

    Just assume that he had actually made a bid of that size, I cannot imagine that the weekly wages would be below £100k, that means a 4 year deal would be over another £20m – though maybe affordable if he could jettison all the deadwood off the wages bill.

  69. Ché C Cheriton


    Are you lot for real? No wonder Arsenal & Wenger can get away with as much as they do with the blind sheep we have as fans.

    Neymar – oh my fkin life, people really do fall for it. I can think of so many reason why he won’t be coming.


  70. gambon

    Jurgen Klopp has just said he thinks RVP is the “best forward ever”, talking about his performance last year.

    Football reasons eh?!

  71. vicky

    Why would suarez want to come to arsenal?

    Our place in the CL is not guaranteed.
    We are unlikely to give him more wages than what he is getting now.
    He signed a new contract recently.
    No way liverpool are goona sell him for anything less than 40m.
    If they sell him,liverpool will become a relegation fodder as pointed out earlier.
    Given the abuse suarez gets in England,he would rather leave England altogether than to switch to another English club.

  72. gazzap

    I liked the side last night because it had 2 players capable of winning the ball back quickly in midfield and then Jack pushed further forward. For me that worked a treat and is far better than having 3 passing midgets in midfield, which gives us no intensity at all.

  73. mystic

    you know maybe we are being unkind to Wenger over the RvP sale which he said was for “footballing reasons” – he never once said it was for “progressive footballing reasons”!!

  74. Honest Bill

    A 30 million bid?

    Haha don’t make me laugh.. No way in hell Arsenal have bid that for anyone..

    I know we all want to believe it, but don’t get your hopes up. It isn’t happening. It’s just Arsenal trying to rellieve some of the pressure they are under and get fan favour back.

    a couple of wins and we will be back to having Diaby as our new signing and the smug ‘see i told you it wasn’t the end of the world, we are not getting relegated’

    As though that should be the benchmark for success..

  75. Goonerfied85

    Morning all,

    I would love us to smash our transfer record & bring in someone of superstar quality but doubt it will happen.

    I think at the end of the month Wenger will say we bid £30 million so we did try like he has done in the past.

    On a positive note Wilshire was immense last night.

  76. g0tch34ted

    Couple of things …

    That’s not how the goal happened, i’m pretty sure.

    Balance? Really? We had nothing out wide, it was all down the middle. Which ground to a hault when play slowed.

    Glad we won though!

  77. Spanishdave

    Why is Wenger smooching up to Walcott?? Last night was an average game for him. He will never be a striker, only just makes it as a footballer. His speed will diminish over the years so what has he to offer us?
    Wenger will not buy as he will say he could not find anyone better than the players he has.

  78. Jonas

    While some of you are over the moon with the game last night, it made me think. We just beat Swansea with the minimum goal difference. I guess we have lowered the standards. Our team costs at least five times more then there team. Our saly cost is at least that. Our manager is probably making 10 times more then Laudrup. I think that sums it all. even us the fans we dont know what it takes to win anymore then Wenger and the cheap bunch that rule our club. If we beat small team like Svansea at HOME we celabrate like we have done something special. 10 years ago this would have been a major blow not destroying a team like that at home or what ?

  79. 2pistolz2cannonz

    Saurez at my beloved Arsenal F#ck no can’t stand the little fu#ker . Zaha’s already better than little theo a straight swap and were sweet. 30mill to spend ahhh haa wenger trying to be a stand-up comedian .

  80. goonerjay

    Wenger asked this morning if he was interested in Cavani.
    Said he liked him but he would be expensive. Then said “but we have a good bank manager and he is close by” (followed by one of his *I know something you don’t* smirks)

    This was then followed by @Geoff Arsenal saying “after Wengers press conference this morning. Do you trust me a little bit more now”

  81. OhtobeaGooner

    30mill for El Sharaawy or Jovetic is a bloody waste of money. There are better players for the same amount or in the 20-25mill range. I’m a huge fan of both players though…

  82. Douglas Wint

    (titsmcgee since I can’t post any other way)

    Wenger spending 30 million on one player? I’ll believe that when I see it. Sounds like more or a PR diversion if you ask me.

    Good night from the boys last night. Too bad they can’t play this organised 9 times out of 10.

    In my mind it’s still Swansea and until we do it against City or United or this Saturday I won’t get too encouraged. It’s this teams M.O to look solid one game and look atrocious a few days later.

  83. Inter YourGran

    gambon – is that reliable Coquelin – Betis? what the fuck is the point of that… Wenger’s a fuckwit if that goes through.. Diame is only viable because of the £3.5m and nothing else. Isn’t he injured anyway?

  84. Drew

    Cavani, Suarez, Fellaini would improve the team but Fellaini would MAKE the team. It would be like Gunners Tetris with him in the starting 11.

  85. Al

    If Klopp thinks Van Persie is the best striker ever…..Well i thought he is what we needed but that statementmust have been made when he was drunk or high as a kite or he has lost the plot

  86. goonerjay

    RVP whilst very very good… I wouldn’t rate him as better than Henry at his best. Let alone players such as Pele and fat Ronaldo at their best

  87. Al

    Coquelin looks like a real talent and especially what we need. Like Pedro said he is quick, covers the ground really well and battles for the team. He is also direct which means it quickens our play…that is something Arteta has being the opposite off, Arteta likes too much time on the ball and is too focused on ball retention mean he plays it sideways or back to many times which results in our general overall play being SLOW

  88. Inter YourGran

    Van Persie, for me is the most complete centre forward in world football. Can’t argue with Klopp there…

    Messi is incredible, but unless he can do it outside his comfort zone (away from Barca), questions will always be levelled at him, i’m afraid.

    (No i am not saying Van Persie is better then Messi before anyone starts!)

  89. Al

    Inter YourGran January 17, 2013 12:13:10

    Van Persie, for me is the most complete centre forward in world football. Can’t argue with Klopp there…
    Are you saying currently or most complete ever like Klopp?

  90. Brum Gooner

    I’ve heard Higuin is one of the main targets. For me I think we need strong CM like capoue, 1st choice centre half like Hummels. Add zaha and Higuin to the mix and we’re talking. A complete transformation to our squad. Every player needs to fight for their place.
    What we lack is variety, we are to predictable. I would like us to line up like 4411 or 4231. W need to adapt. We looked most dangerous when Theo was next to Giroud same against City. We cant play with 1 lone striker with the current squad. Giroud is to slow and Theo is to lightweight, but together they can complement each other. 433 is not working because no fucker at the club wants to be a winger. Everyone comes inside because are play is one dimensional. A

    a few decent signings may cost 60 million but could also getting rid of deadwood like ashavin, bentdner, squirrelachi, Chamakh, gervinho, santos = 20m . if we outlay 40m and we could seriously mount a title challenge. Winning trophies are great but firstly we all to be competitive. We need some top trump players. Players that we can brag about that they play for the Arsenal. We hav no one like that at the mo bar Jack. 10 years ago it was Paddy vs Keano or Henry vs Ruud. There was a debate, now we can only go off potential. One day Ox will be better thn Ashley Young. We need winners, player who only want to win trophies and if they don’t they will leave. That ambition in the dressing room is vital. You know at 19 you have. Good 13-15 years, what the rush. If anyone thinks Heny, Paddy, Pires etc would of sated if we weren’t winning trophies …….no chance. So why people expect RvP to stay? Project youth will only work if e get the best youth, quality like Neymar or Gotze etc.


    Sanga. Hummels. Tommy V. Gibbs

    Diaby. Capoue/Arteta

    Theo/ Ox Podolski/ zaha

    Wilshere/ Santi

    Higuin / Giroud

  91. SDE

    Even reliable bloggers get it wrong,now & Pedders?

    £30 million bid for a player..?

    Yeah right..& pink pigs fly…

    No way Jose..!!

    If that’s happening..then expect Walnut to be sold for £40 million this Jan window..HAHAHA

    & Wenger Wonka,limping in @ the last minute with a £10 million bid,for this supposed target..

    Then again,Chelski,or Man City, might offer £31 million for the supposed target..

    With Wenga Wonker offering as a competitive bid £9.5 million(down £500k)..
    With a take it,or leave it ultimatum..

    Then adding in the post-press conference,…
    “We could not compete with the Oligarch’s,as they showed tremendous mental & financial strengthzzzzz..
    Sacre Bleu..!!”

    The magic roundabout continues..!!
    What medicinal drugs have been pumped into poor ‘ole Willy Wenga Wonga..

  92. Leedsgunner

    “The only questionable performance of the evening came from Theo Walcott.”


    Giroud must have Emile Heskey’s picture in his locker because his play reminded me of the England striker. He is a hard worker, and bring others into play but his finishing is absolutely atrocious. If he was clinical like RvP he could have at least 4 goals to his name I thought.

    It’s funny that we achieve one questionable win against a hardworking Swansea side and some people thing all is fine at AFC again. No wonder they takes us for chumps. (What about the loss to Man City, Bradford City, Norwich City? Have forgotten already?)

    We sorely need a finisher. I highly doubt the 30m bid rumour is true (a PR stunt by the renewals team) by for that kind of money I would love to see someone like Thomas Muller… of what I’ve seen of him, the boy has a definite eye for the goal.

    If Walcott does sign I’m sure he’s been instructed to sign on the 30 January — just so that Wenger can play the “I tried to sign… [XXX] but they wouldn’t sell/ or we ran out of time card.”

    I find it hilarious that Wenger’s been praising Wilshere with the words…”I never expected him to be ready so early…” If that is true Wenger why didn’t you buy an adequate cover so that you could ease him into the squad? Telling untruths as usual… Wilshere is a talent who is being mismanaged under Wenger. I fear he’s going to be driven into the ground again — only for Jack to suffer another injury. Who suffers then because we lack depth in the squad? Not Wenger, he has his nice £7m paycheck to keep him warm no matter what the weather. Only us, the people who really love Arsenal.

    Wenger never learns. He is too proud too. He thinks he knows it all.

  93. Ash79

    Wenger on Theo – “I was scared at some stage, yes, that he could leave because it is like that with the experience I have in negotiations,” Wenger said

    doesnt that tell you something Arsene?

  94. gambon

    I think what Klopp was saying was “That night VanPersie gave the best performance ive ever seen”

    I remember after the game he said something like “ive never seen a player who was so effective deep then in the box”

    I think he was making a point about how great his all round game in, not saying hes the best that ever lived.

  95. Ché C Cheriton

    Reality check it’s Swansea. Follow it up against Chelsea and West Ham, bring in Fellani, Baines, Zaha and Cavanni and I will gladly kiss Pedro’s arse but truth is no one knows what Arsenal will turn up from one week to the next.

    Take Chelsea on Sunday, they will be organised and we will no doubt look toothless. Put the Swansea result into context please.

  96. gambon

    Speaking of “losing something in translation” or should i say “pathetic news sites twisting peoples words”….

    Laudrup said “Wilshere isnt world class yet” basically saying hes young, needs time, and people are too quick to label kids as world beaters.

    Blog this morning run that story with the headline “Laudrup doubts Wilsheres class”


  97. SDE

    On second thoughts…The £30 million player is…Drums plzzzzz…

    I bring you Theo Walcott -CF,
    @ £100k p/w, on a 5 year contract,with a
    £3.5 million signing on loyalty bonus +perks..

    “New Signing…Qualideee…”

    “We move on…”

  98. LeProf

    Oye! Oye!

    We got 150m sponsor kitty so let’s buy Falcao (one of Wenger’s actual target now)

    Sounds crazy huh but what the hell, it’s very rare to see Wenger wasting some 30m-50m on one single dude

    Right now Wenger is busy in creating funny spoof for Falcao to comment once he got the RVP number:
    “…I joined Arsenal because I look at Man Utd, Man City, Chelsea they all got superstar strikers line-up so to balance things up Arsenal must have one too – it’s me”
    “…As much as I wanted to join Barca, I think by joining Arsenal it is my tribute to Barca as Arsenal is the English Barca here…and yes I really hate Man Utd they’re exactly like Real Madrid a bunch of bullies and thugs…Man City and Chelsea well they’re both phony club ready to be banned by UEFA next season Ha, Ha, Ha,..”

    youtube to mp3

  99. andy1886

    Inter – okay, Heskey is a bit harsh, but I’d be surprised if Giroud ever got 20 goals in a prem season. If he can’t finish now at 26 he not likely to get much better (may have the odd purple patch of course). Still, on days when the alternative is Mr Tefal Head he’s a half decent option.

  100. SDE

    Come to think of it…Arteta reminds me of a certain Ian Bishop that used to play for West Ham back in the days..

    All sideways & backwards passing..

    Looking good on the ball,but not offering much of a threat..
    All pointless tippi-tappi on the ball..

  101. Ash79

    Alan Shearer – “I am surprised to see Remy go to QPR instead of Newcastle. I would have a good guess financial things had a part to play. While I hope QPR get out of it, I find it hard to say he chose them over Newcastle.”

    You would never have done that would you Alan; choosing a much smaller club over a larger more established club cos of money?

    What a cnt.