Arsene wants to add 2 special players | He reckons the squad is very good | Ian Wright… facepalm

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Well a big fat happy good morning to you all! We’re here, ground hog game… Swansea. At least they play nice football. I remember us having a similar run against Middlesborough a few years ago. That was tough going.

The team news is that Jack will most likely start again. Hardly surprising. Wenger is a man under pressure. Under enough pressure to start Diaby in two games within a 6 week stretch? Time will tell. I sense it could be #RamboTime from the start. It’d be nice if he did play, Wenger put him where he’s most comfortable… on the wing. Sorry, through the middle.

I’d expect to see a very strong line up. Thomas Vermaelen has already beaten us with the ‘we will be stronger’ press release, therefore, as a gullible fan who hero worships my players, I’m going to believe him even though he’s come out with that story at least 8 times so far this season.

I hope this week, we’ll have learnt how the boys from Wales play the game. They’ll press us as a unit all game, they’ll keep super tight on our midfield and they’ll play possession football much deeper than we would. They’ll also be more than happy to go route one. That tactic has served them well in the last two games, so our centre backs need to be sharp and alert to the not so subtle Michu when he’s smashing his way through the middle of the park.

I hope the atmoshpere is a little less stale than it was against City. It’ll be freezing cold combined with that unsettling feeling we all get that say… ‘aren’t we a little to good for FA Cup replays?’… don’t lie people, I know that’s what you’re thinking.

Anyway, it should be a spectacle at least and I fully expect us to go through to the next round.

Wenger has been clowning around in the press conferences.

“It has become more difficult [to buy players in January] for one simple reason: we have a good squad. I know we swim against the stream a bit because people don’t believe that. I say we have a very good squad.”

I expect him to believe in his squad before the season starts, but after you’ve watched them capitulate on numerous occasions and when you look at the 21 point gap at the top, isn’t it time to stop pretending there’s something in there we haven’t seen? Whether you’re in for players or not… there’s no harm in a little honesty. In fact, when your team constantly fails you, surely it’s time to put a rocket up their back sides and say, ‘we’re rampantly on the hunt for new signings, some of the boys haven’t pulled their weight so far this season and we have the money to rectify that’.

Wenger should work to a list. When we’re terrible he should list the types of players he needs. When we’re playing ok, he should amend that list to suit what he sees. Then when we’re playing amazing football, he should again list what we need. From there, he’d be able to see the patterns because let’s not mess around here, there are obvious flaws in the team even when we’re going through a purple patch. The problem with Arsene is he knows what we need when it’s going badly, but as soon as we have a good run, he loses his bottle. He has the lists of players, he takes the phone calls, he’ll know about Fellaini and all the other quality names that are floating around at the moment… but he’ll have lost his bottle.

It’s all about the patterns Arsene…

Finishing 6th having not spent a penny is probably a safer option than finishing 5th and spending £30m. At least he’ll have a fat profit to fall back on. By not spending, he doesn’t have accountability because Stan is all about the bottom line. That’s the shame of it. Interesting that Arsene was reluctant to speak honestly with one group of journalists, but more than happy to bring in two players to some others… like he’d forgotten the internet existed.

“But we have some improvements to make and we know exactly where. In January it is difficult to find the players that are really better and can give something special to the squad. The number is right, we have a good balance and we are working very hard to find what we want.”

Arsene, we do need something special and we need something quickly. All this dithering is embarrassing. We should have had a group of players identified in early December. You can start negotiating long before the January window opens and have all your players ready. All this scrabbling around only points to one thing… reactive management. That’s not good enough when you’re one of the highest paid in the league.

My final story of the day is about Ian Wright and his shoddy column in The Sun yesterday. He penned a piece that said there was no way Pep Guardiola would go to Arsenal… and he can see him going to City and he understands why. Well Ian, that mind set hardly worked for you son eh? All the riches, none of the accolades… wasn’t that on your advice? Thankfully, Pep probably does see the pitfalls of working with City and only a person blinded by money would fail to see the benefits of working with Arsenal. I mean, jeez, you’d only have to switch back three days to read the article where Jose Mourinho talked about his jealousy of the stability you get at Arsenal. Not to mention the huge wage bill we have to play with, the massive improvement in commercials, Champions League football, full stadium, amazing training facilities, the fact there’s a very low baseline to attack, there’s a solid youth system in place and we’re a sleeping giant with a commercially viable future that smashes FFP in the fairest of ways.

Arsenal are appealing.

Once Wenger goes, we could explode if the CEO makes the best decision on the next manager.

Don’t forget that people. The doom and gloom only lasts as long as Arsene is here. After that, the promised land is upon us.


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  1. gambon

    This is an utter embarrassment

    Wenger has a 26 man squad that costs £145m pa, yet we dont have a single centre forward!

  2. Leedsgunner

    Gambon @ 2106

    Ain’t that the truth…. Giroud seriously is the unluckiest player in the EPL — honestly the fellow cannot finish to save his life!

    … and Wilshere saves Wenger’s arse. Wilshere = class.

  3. gambon


    Youre a joke.

    So next time he blanks i can come on and call you out? Which will be at least 15 times in the next 3 months.

  4. gambon

    “Wenger will put his cheque book away now”


    He will convince himself that we can scrape every game 1-0.

    The transfer window just ended for us.

  5. Incesc

    Good 2nd half

    Wilsheres is going to be a top player

    Need a fucking striker and a winger

    Gibbs looks alright going forward as well

  6. Danish Gooner

    Hahaha Wenger must be creaming his pants,Wilshire will be the next 50 mil player out the door.It is a travesty Wenger is unwilling in building a fantastic side around this fantastic player.

  7. Jeff


    I honesty don’t believe Wenger would have spent this January whatever happened here. His big target is fourth and this game has no bearing on that. He may still be compelled to spend if we get beaten by Chelsea but even that will probably still not be enough. His is playing a very dangerous betting game and he’s been doing it for years. Of course eventually it will fail.

  8. kwik fit

    I wonder , perhaps Jack could manage the team as well. He could become the youngest player manager in the history of football,
    Come on Stanley make it happen cowboy!

  9. Bubble

    Ah. Wilshere. The only class player we have left in this arsenal team. Should be on the bench tho if we had a good first 11.

  10. Al

    Geoff Arsenal
    @ GeoffArsenal
    Arsenal have made a £30m bid
    earlier today.
    View details
    I wonder who it could be…. Got to be a striker…. Can’t be Cavani as it’s too low….. Possibly Higuain who has fallen out of favour

  11. Bubble

    Dear me. Ba is an absolute beast in that chelsea forward line. Not world class tho, but boy does he have an eye for goal.

  12. scott q

    Thank fuck for that.
    Wilshere just gets better game by game this for me was his best performance even without the goal.
    The worrying thing is the amount of chances we had without scoring giroud needs to be playing consistantly through the middle to be at his best and walcott showed why he aint a striker,will take the win anyway.

  13. Paddy got up

    ” I think Jack Wilshere is a good player, but without Abou Diaby around he would have no one to look up to
    Abou Diaby won the game tonight, I am God, you show me respect and do not question God!
    This is the best squad ever.. I know I have total control’

  14. kwik fit


    Its all Arsenal propaganda. They probably bid 30m for Messi….someone they can’t get at any price. Wenger then will explain how he’s not afraid to spend .

  15. azed

    kwik fitJanuary 16, 2013 21:30:13
    ALIts all Arsenal propaganda. They probably bid 30m for Messi….someone they can’t get at any price. Wenger then will explain how he’s not afraid to spend .

    Exactly my thoughts.

  16. Al

    Kwik fit

    The thing is @geoffarsenal is really reliable which is the only thing that leads me to believe it MIGHT be something…However, i do not think they will sign anyone …i am just hoping

  17. Al

    I though Coquelin was really good today….Really positive, aggresive performance and to top it off was really positive in regards to his distribution of the ball….moved the ball forward and tried to play direct when he had the opportunity which is something Arteta has not been doing.

    Also thought Gibbs was immense…Completely owned the left hand side …was really postive and worked his socks off

  18. Dannyboy

    Haha Sal, Gambon is about 1/3rd of the size I expected him to be, was expecting a doppleganger of Razor Ruddock as his twitter pic..

  19. Lee Pace

    Arsene basically just said in post match interview, grinning: No signings till Walcott signs, Will spend big only if we find right player.


  20. PerF

    Good to see Diaby and Coquelin fitting in so well, and good to see Jack’s passion and quality. Clearly MotM.
    But what a terrible, terrible, terrible player Walcott is. Absolutely no football brain at all. When will he accept that he is NOT a striker?

  21. Thomas

    Walcott as CF? hahahahahahaha what a joke. He hasn’t got the abilities to be a great CF. Let’s just hope that 30m is for Cavani or Falcao. Giroud is slow as shit too. Can hardly control the ball.


  22. Bubble

    We really should change Giroud to a midfielder. He’s just a wood in human clothing up front. How many assists does he have now?

  23. Paddy got up

    Cavanni or do you mean Reg Varney… More chance of the latter!!
    Olive would be cheap aswell.. What a midfield that would be!

  24. Voetstoots

    Just got home from Emirates Stadium, just read tonight’s comments.

    Puts into perspective that the real Arsenal fans don’t hang out here, moaning, only seeing the negatives, hoping that Arsenal loses (whilst sitting in the comfort of their own homes, in their warm slippers, in front of their TV screens); no, the real fans were at the stadium tonight, braving the minus 4 deg C, singing for most of the match, willing their team on, celebrating the win in the end.

    What does it matter to most of you whether we finish 1st in the league or 4th or 10th, for that matter – given that you’re not really fans of the club, as per the above?

    So many of the comments tonight are totally misplaced. Yes, we could do with a much more accomplished striker (and Theo certainly didn’t do himself any favours – a lot of the finishing was rather poor tonight). But we totally outplayed Swansea for 90% of the match, we played with fantastic passion & energy & commitment (for a change, I might add) and we probably deserved to win 6-0 (I’d love to see the shots on goal tally for both teams). And please give some credit to the Swansea goalkeeper as well – fantastic performance.

    Good result in the end. Most of the team had a great game (even Sagna looked interested tonight).

    Call me an AKB, I don’t care.

    Go Arsenal.

  25. Inter YourGran

    Voetstroots – To be fair, coming home from a game where there were a lot of good performances to have a moan on a blog about the armchair brigade is a little pot, kettle, black imo…

    Other than Walcott being useless in front of goal the team looked very good in the 2nd half. Diaby lasted 70 minutes, Ramsey came on and did well again, Jack was superb, Coquelin showed he’s able in the middle and the full backs got forward well…

    Only worry was Cazorla (who looks tired as fuck), the lack of width on the left and the zonal marking..

    I think anyone would have taken a 1-0 tonight (I called that) to be in the hat for the next round…

    All those banging on the ‘ i hope we lose drum’ have lost sight of what being an Arsenal fan is a bit. They might want rid of Wenger, and to be fair, a poor season might signal his end, but you should, never, ever want the Arse to lose!

    That for me is treason!

  26. Higz

    This 30m bid stuff is surely rubbish. Maybe I’m too pessimistic due to history, but who could it be?

    Cavani? Surely we wouldn’t bid that much for higuain when he out of favour. Di Maria?

  27. Inter YourGran

    As for Giroud, he does the back to goal thing superbly, but in front of it, he’s a bit dodge.. Might be a case of trying too hard maybe. Still, he now has 10-11 assists and 9-10 goals… I wouldn’t sniff at that, especially in his first season. However, he gives a shit for the shirt even though (at the moment) he’s an option B at a top, top club who play 1 up top, for now…

  28. Inter YourGran

    Cheriton – Being an Arsenal supporter, aren’t you happy when we win? When one of our own scores the winner in the 85th minute… And, you have the cheek to tell me to give it a rest!?

    Arsenal fans. sigh 😆

    What kind of fan are you pre tell?

  29. Inter YourGran

    I think Wenger is past it at the top level competing for trophies because he’s created a malaise of where 4th is seen as an achievement. I don’t agree with that, but I do not, under any circumstances, want my team to lose..

  30. SDE

    I would love to see Pedro’s post,when we go(if we go ),on an unbeaten 15 game run..?

    Would be interesting to see,which side of the fence he jump’s over too..?

  31. Paddy got up

    The fella banging on about being at the game tonight and him being a real fan is so deluded.
    Listen mate I have been going for years to Arsenal in all weathers home and away, but won’t set foot inside that place again until things change. Others on here feel the same.
    The people that run our club only aspire to one thing MONEY
    Good luck if you can still stomach the place, but don’t coat others off mate as you know nothing.

  32. marcus

    Pedro & Geoff:

    The facebook integration is what is screwing up the comment function. If you remove it, the comments should work fine again.

    Current im able to post about every 5th try… Just blocket the facebook feature with ad-block in my browser and now it works 100%.

  33. Dannyboy

    haha Skybet are such gullible pussies, I emailed them asking for a price on Cavani because I had heard strong rumours, and they instantly make us favourites. Was expecting like a 25/1 price so I could lump on it and we’re 9/4..

  34. SDE

    What will be even more interesting,is if we finish 4th again,or 3rd by some miracle this season..

    Pedder’s stance this time,might be..

    “Well OGL’s time was gone.Maybe we should give him another go..?”

    Given he mentioned, 3rd last season was progression..!!

    & the beginning of this season,”we have a far better squad,playing far better football”

    & heralding Steve Bould as a “new signing”

    Hardly call that campaigning for 5 consistent seasons of Wenger out..

  35. Dannyboy

    9/4 indeed Dan, I’m amazed how responsive their markets are, I just emailed saying I’d heard a rumour and then we went from not even having a market, to 9/4 favourites!

  36. Kris

    So its seems the mighty Gambon wears sunglasses whens it’s dark and spends his time on twitter trying to get celebrities to notice him. Hahahaha you loser

  37. Cesc Appeal

    Cavani and Fellaini would be HUGE to us, instantly propels us to a different level.


    At £52 Million for both I somehow doubt Wenger will do it…we have the money, and then some….but not the will.

    Wenger has seen Diaby come through 120 Mins of Football unscathed now – that’s all the evidence he needs not to buy.

    You round it off to £60 Million, get Sakho as well.

    Sagna, Sakho, Verm, Gibbs
    Diaby, Fellaini, Wilshere
    Walcott, Cavani, Cazorla

    That’s a pretty shit hot team, still lacking a real class winger but…

    Will Never Happen In A Million Years Though.

    Wenger spends…fails to win anything…the pressure is incredible on him…if he makes a whopping profit and keeps £100 Million int he bank generating interest…win or lose, he’s a hero to the board.

  38. TOLI83

    All of these transfer rumours are everywhere this morning. I just really can’t see anything happening.

    On all the blogs and discussion threads…

  39. Kasper

    Hello, i know this is completly Off topic, but im from denmark, and me and my mate agreed on going to London this year to watch a game. I know tickets are expensive but 83 pounds, and thats the cheepest behind goal, if we want to sit at longside its twice as much, for the aston villa game in feb…. am i dooing it wrong or are all of you london lads just super rich