Milito was a veteran years ago! 2 games in hand to close Spurs gap

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It’s a massive day for both Arsenal and Manchester City today, if City win they keep the pressure on United who have what is usually a fiery game against Liverpool, if Arsenal win, we pick up a hugely important three points which puts us 3 behind Spurs with a game in hand. They drew yesterday against the woeful QPR.

Arsene Wenger senses it’ll be an open game because both sides need to max out on points. I predict it’ll be an open game because Arsenal are incapable of playing a disciplined tactical 90minutes. I don’t think City will look at Arsenal and worry too much about being blown away by great football. Though they’ll clearly be aware of what happened when Newcastle came to town.

Sadly, I don’t think Wenger will look at City and put together a robust plan of action that addresses how we deal with their strengths.

The only fitness concern for Arsenal is Olivier Giroud. I hope he starts. He’s good at holding up the ball and he can come deep to pick up the play. It’s a shame he doesn’t have more pace which would allow him to more effectively switch positions with Theo during the game. What the Frenchman needs to be today is clinical. We’re unlikely to get a flurry of chances, he can’t afford to miss 6 yard headers.

We also need to give him options in the box. He needs crosses to feed off, both high and low. The midfield are going to have to have a day when they click. That means playing with an aggressive decisiveness we’ve lacked in many games this year. Sometimes I worry the trio are playing for pass completion stats. Arteta is especially guilty of this. You need to take risks to win games, our three central guys have stopped doing that of late.

Up front I don’t want to see static players. If Lukas is playing he needs to press and get amongst it. He also needs to make sure he drops back and covers at the back. Same for whoever is playing on the right. Sagna doesn’t have the form to spend all game exposed.

As for the defence, let’s have a mistake free ninety minutes for once, the boys all need to be aware of what’s going on around them and they all need to communicate.

I don’t have high hopes for today. A draw would do, but really, I’d like to see some of the managers deluded faith in his players repaid. I’m sick of going into these games with that dull feeling of inevitability. Arsenal are the team constantly looking to turn a corner on a motorway that’s barricaded both sides. The fans need a big show today. The club needs a big show. The table needs some points added to it.

There are a million transfers this morning, but I’ll chat about them at a later date… I have the feeling most are just agent talk. Milito to Arsenal? He was a veteran when Mourinho snapped him up!

Anyway, enjoy the game and I’ll catch you all later!

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  1. NoMoreCesc


    My point was not that the US sports model is the right way to run football, only that it’s Kroenke’s perspective because he lives in that world. How many times has Gazidis used the expression “matchday experience”? My opinion is it’s much more likely that we are heading this way than the notion that we as supporters have enough clout to change things at the club.

    And yes I know that Real won La Liga last season, but again, my point is that their market value is disproportionate to their success on the pitch. I’m sure that this message is not lost on Kroenke and Gazidis (and Wenger). These are not stupid people; they just have different priorities than we do.

  2. kwik fit

    Jack’s not getting enough protection from the refs.
    In each game since he came back he’s had players leaving the foot in and refs have rarely give frees, never mind book the players. He’s a marked man and I agree a recurrence of the ankle injury awaits.
    Luckily for us Wenger has more that adequate back up.

  3. TOLI83


    Unfortunately not.

    Got violated by a big group of city fans down a back street mate. They didn’t pay and stole my PVC gloves.

    Wenger out.

  4. Hoz

    We all love Arsenal and we all love a debate, but seriously, we can’t have people from FIFA on this site – they need to be removed ASAP ( and from this planet if possible) Up the Arse!

    gambonJanuary 13, 2013 18:38:25
    He’ll probably catch “black aids” from Diaby

  5. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – What hole ? Lol how about you clarify your own bullshit again. You don’t have a clue what you’re trying to say. You were going on about the control Wenger has, I asked you about Dein, the board and Cole.

    What are you saying now ? Are you NOW saying Wenger has full control again ?!

  6. Simon mcmahon

    Well that’s a fucking big Koop out and another insult to the fans of the arsenal by this fucking mad napoleon! The fans make the team nervous fucking disgusting another attempt to lay the blame somewhere else, this fool is spent as a manager , I’ve been sick of this shit for three years now . This club is driving a stake through the heart of the fan base. It’s fucking obvious that we won’t sign any players and boy do we need them, we need change now , who is really confident about the game with the chavs Swansea will be licking there lips again, someone explain to me how a fit rosicky who was excellent at the back end of last season, can’t get a place in the squad or a game ,
    Fuck you wenger fuck the board !!! We want our arsenal back.

  7. Marko

    A club lacking leadership and ambition and a total lack or drive. Vermaelen is shit and our best players are being run ragged and fucking Walcott is the biggest waste of time I’ve ever seen.

  8. Ramsey's backpass

    The Akb’s are reducing,thats great news

    Previously,lots have said if arsene is sacked,we will end like liverpool.

    have they checked the table,3 points above liverpool.we are going to be worse with le senile in charge

  9. gambon


    1- If Kroenke didnt care about results he wouldnt sanction a £144m wage bill that is 61% of revenue. With Spurs spending £90m and finishing 1 point behind us he would tell him to cut £50m off therefore giving him £50m more per year

    2- Wenger left £70m in the bank in the summer, this has been confirmed to the AST at their last meeting

    Wenger is DESPERATE to prove everyone wrong.

    He was taking risks on cunts like Bischoff well before Kroenke launched his takeover. He was buying Ramsey, Diaby, Walcott way way way before aswell.

    The only thing thats changed at arsenal is Wenger has been heavily afflicted by mental illness, and hes become very very strange in his decision making & obsession with trying to reinvent the game.

    This all stems from his weird midas complex. He honestly thinks he made Vieira & Henry great players, he thinks he took shit and made it into gold.

  10. SDE


    NoMoreCescJanuary 13, 2013 20:18:45
    They are making money hand over fist. The Dallas Cowboys, the NFL’s most valuable franchise, hasn’t been anywhere near a championship since the mid 90′s and they don’t make the post season playoffs anymore either. Both of these teams have glorious histories but haven’t tasted glory for decades. The forums and blogs are filled with disgruntled fans calling for the head of management, board, owner, complaining about sky high ticket prices, and wanting new players. To no avail, yet they keep the revenue machine well fueled. Sound familiar??

    This is the world that Kroenke lives in. It’s about the “matchday experience” and building hope for next year every year.

    The world of professional sport has changed. It’s not about supporter loyalty and reciprocity from the club. It is about big business, sponsorship, and global brand development. All we can hope for is more good matchday experiences than bad ones.

    Gambon.they might have been a few inconsistencies in his post,but the overall post was pretty spot on..& I’m inclined to follow that track..

    Watching NFL Games,it’s all about the marketing despite how poor the team is doing..
    Match day attendances,fans still turning up on,in droves despite poor results & fans revolting..

    I was overseas,last month in the far east..
    & the L’pool propaganda was overwhelming..Every week on the TV@ least 2ce a week,we get the L’pool soft cell machinery..

    All designed to encapsulate the naive fan & when he comes to England..
    He gets to enjoy the match day… experience..

    It’s the way football is turning as NoMore Cesc ascribed too..
    Maybe the Real Madrid &AFC examples weren’t so apt..

    But I get his point…

  11. Gunner2301


    The only way Fabregas would come back is if he’d won everything and he was coming back for the money, we’re a safe haven for someone who didn’t stand by us that’s what we’ve become. He’ll be doing cameo appearances for us like Henry during his Summer recess.

  12. Doublegooner

    Lovely goal Cesc.

    Lucky boy getting away when he did.

    Surely Jack must start considering his future away with our conman in charge.

  13. Gunner2301


    The evidence is now revealing how good players like Viera, Henry, GGs back 5 made Wenger look much better than he actually is, because he failed at numerous attempts to build his own team.

  14. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Gunner 2301
    I have no truck in the Cesc coming back stuff… Translated to me that means.. When he is on the wane, and no longer good enough for Barca, we might get sloppy seconds..

    However, I was using that article only for the last line. My reading of it is that he is reverting to type and trying to build another team from the ground up, despite being shown that unity and loyalt count for fuck all in today’s game. Players and their agents are interested in the next contract and he thinks that by altering the model to give it a heavy English bias he can do it!

  15. Cesc Appeal

    City literally looked as if they were toying with us, going through the motions.

    We’re so poor now. Those empty seats don’t lie.

    I was offered a ticket for £100, a mate took it instead, text him saying:

    ‘Did you apply Vaseline before going into the ground? You just got fucked right in the shitter 100 SOBS!!’

    Don’t think he saw the funny side.

    We’re such a lethargic team now, we desperately need Fellaini and M’Vila, £29 Million and that will add bite, power and presence back to the middle.

    Cazorla can’t play there, Jack is getting run ragged trying to do everything.

    A middle of Fellaini, M’Vila and Jack is cracking by my estimate.

    You have to be seriously blinkered to have watched us this season and think we don’t need SERIOUS money spent on us.

    Was watching the Tottenham game yesterday and it’s horrible when you realise you’d take most everyone of their players.

    Podolski ran down the left today and put in a horrible ball, I thought Bale would have smashed that in, if he’d got round Zabaleta he’d have been gone.

    We’re so fucked. Sagna was bad again, Verm was poor for the majority of the game, Gibbs was terrible, Jack was outstanding again, Cazorla was poor, Diaby was meh, Poldy was invisible again, Walcott did literally nothing.

  16. gambon


    The big problem?!!

    Wilshere, Ramsey, Chamberlain, Walcott are nowhere near as good as Cesc, Song, Nasri, RVP

    We are fucked

    Wenger doesnt give a damn about this club. He only cares about his babies, his experiments and building teams with “interwesteeng qwaliteees” which invariably are never ‘winning trophies’

  17. leon

    i feel its time lower there expectations of this the simple fact is until such time the transfer policy then they will finish bewteen 4th-6th

  18. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Gambon: NoMoreCesc..

    I think the attitude will change at AFC.. We are still at the phase where 4th is actually acceptable to the board (and owner).

    The financial building and future income that Gambon has highlighted on numerous occasions will relegate our current acceptable standards to no longer acceptable.

    Hold on while I retrieve a post from yesterday..

  19. Danish Gooner

    Jacky boy will never win anything with Arsenal,he will be sitting in the retirement home with 100 pound notes coming out his ass wishing he never listened to that senile old clouseau impression.

  20. Gunner2301


    Like I said before and provided the evidence to back it up. Nowhere have I said Wenger has full control. Oddly enough what I was saying does look eerily like what Dream10 posted from the 1997 archive.

    You were saying Dein and the board handled these matters. Either you’re a joker and taking the piss or clueless and have no idea what’s been going on at your Club for the last 16 years. I think you spent too much time defending Wenger it’s made you blind.

    A typical AKB “Now I’ve seen the light” convert who was so far up Arsenes arse you could clean the full length of his intestines. I bet you’re feeling like a stupid cunt lately. 😆

  21. Monkeyjeffrey

    Listen fellas nothing is going to change there running a successesful business and the fans don’t come into it
    All that’s left for us todo is start a real arsenal team

  22. Hitman49

    I just read some of the earlier comments about fox !
    FFS…..I think I’ll throw it a ll in and go watch Hertford town.

  23. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Gambon; NoMoreCesc..

    I posted this yesterday. It’s all my speculation of course and I’m seriously hoping that reading between Gazidis’ lines that there must be some degree of frustration creeping in behind the scenes. Will they really accept 4th with another 100m or so available in the next 1-2 years?? Well.. I’m hoping not!! 🙂

    Jeff @ 14.25
    “…we finish 5th or 6th it goes down to 50% and if we come in the top four there is no chance of him going.”

    I would have agreed with you some time back. There was no chance of him going in this situation.However, I believe the sands are shifting somewhat:

    Gazidis said at the AST meeting that the result against Bradford was not good enough. It “…left us angry and upset” I think he said.

    He has also said this recently:In an interview given before Tuesday’s tie, Gazidis conceded that the club must try to do better. He told the magazine Four Four Two: “Let’s be clear – we don’t see Champions League qualification as enough, we are proud of our record, but we want to do more, and we will.“Irrespective of Financial Fair Play’s impact, we will be among the top five most financially powerful clubs in the world by 2014, that is when we will really start competing.”

    Now here’s where Im coming from…

    There was a time.. And I think we are nearing the end of it… When 4th was acceptable and left Wenger off the hook.If you look at the club employee situation you will see a significant increase in staff year-on-year. Moreso since Gazidis arrived. Contrary to popular belief this is not in playing staff. The figure this year is exactly the same as last year (70). These staff are commercial and admin. they are driving the club revenue up and up and will do so significantly in the next 1-2 years.

    Now the board are never ever going to come out and say that Wenger is in trouble. That’s the way of football. Traditionally the vote of confidence has been the ‘oh fuck moment’

    I think… And this is just my feeling.. nothing more.. That the bar is actually being raised at AFC and the must be a slight mood shift behind the scenes at the failure to keep up on the playing side.. I think there must be certainly a degree of frustration with Wenger. They are providing the cash and he is not utilising it. They will provide more and they, and we, will expect more. 4th is no longer a trophy even for them or it will soon enough be that way..Just my feeling…

    Could be another load of bollocks also!

  24. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – You provided fuckall evidence of anything other than your own stupidity, you said Wenger was the most powerful manager in football and numerous other crap.

    I asked you a question about the Cole situation, that’s all, and off you went again arguing.. Actually how about you clarify what you were saying, because you’ve been soo confused with your statements that I’m not sure you know.

    What does Dream10’s article show ?

    “Oddly enough what I was saying does look eerily like what Dream10 posted from the 1997 archive.”

    LoL seriously just say it, The article says ‘Full Control’ you plum.

  25. Gunner2301


    It’s sounds like Project British Youth that he’s embarking on. He’s forgotten one other factor I think though.

    Regardless of who the player is, if they’re ambitious and the Club is not winning or competing they won’t stay regardless of how much they;’ve grown together.

    The inevitability is that you force quality out and the dross hang on. Now we have unambitious foreign players who don’t want to move on and he will be exchanging that for unambitious British players who will be even harder to move on because they’re unlikely to move out of the country.


  26. Lordbergkamp

    Jeez. Don’t get some of this, jack runs a lot. Like really a lot.

    But he doesn’t do anything near the opposition 1/3.

    He’s classic Wenger. Lots of movement, zero end product.

    And before you slaughter me. How many assists, and how many goals?

  27. JJ

    I thought our supporters were superb today. Especially given what we have has to put up with this season. For Wenger to say that the players are intimidated by us is a real kick in the teeth. His idiocy has no bounds it seems.

  28. Keyser

    Thomas – “Irrespective of Financial Fair Play’s impact, we will be among the top five most financially powerful clubs in the world by 2014, that is when we will really start competing.”

    Isn’t it that simple, they needed a way of holding out until they renewed sponsorship deals, they played it safe, took little risk and invested in playrs they thought would stay around long enough for them to get to 2014, all that’s happened is that they’ve fallen short of that by a year or two.

  29. Hitman49

    Sorry to maybe repeat this but just seen AW say the
    Atmosphere is getting to the player ! fFS?
    I’d like to remind him and the players that there is no fence either to stop us getting on and f@€kin stabbing someone .
    If anyone has a gun I’d shot the c@*k !

  30. leon

    well the fact there only 3-4 clubs in the world that compete with the spending power of city there two choices the can either change there policy get a suger dady or they will look some gems and try give bould much much more influence on the team

  31. Lordbergkamp

    I don’t get this financial fair play shit.

    Does it mean that the 7 teams that are better than us this year ave to sell all their better players?

    Will they have to sign shite players like us? Pay them the same wages a we do? Not play them link we don’t?

    Then I think we’re golden? Bring on he dynasty!

  32. Truth

    I’m really fearful for the club. The prospect of falling out of the top 4 doesn’t bear thinking about, getting back in will be no gimme. Surely somethings got to give?
    Without CL football, our Season tickets look even more expensive. I wonder if this will be the tipping point.

  33. Gunner2301


    You’ve proved your an arse. How you can come on here talking shit when if anyone cared to trace things back they could clearly see you’re a liar.

    Just because the posts aren’t here you’re mouthing off again? That’s why I went back and posted what you had said and what I had said and guess what? It proved that you lie and twist things when you are caught out and then try to cover it all by saying people are stupid.

    How sad you are. You’re the kind of person who’d have got dragged out of their bunk in the middle of the night and given a regimental bath 1. For being a fuck up and 2. For not doing anything to address it.

  34. Ché C Cheriton

    I asked the other day if you had a choice………

    Wenger OUT now or……….

    Keyser not talking shite for a week.

    What would you choose?

    Most on here were genuinely torn between which one.


  35. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Just clarify what you were saying, because for the 3rd time now you’re spouting off with untold bullshit, regimental baths ?!

    It’s a football blog you plum, ffs it wasn’t a lie, it’s my perception of what you were trying to put across.

    Now for the 3rd time, how about you just tell everyone what you think went on.

    So Wenger doesn’t have ‘full control’, that article is wrong ? Or you mean’t something else ?!

  36. Leedsgunner

    Today’s result was the WORST of all worlds… because we went down to 10 men so early it was almost inevitable that we would lose. (Come on, let’s face it, with 11 men this season we’ve been having trouble keeping a clean sheet).

    Rather than spur the Lot into action this result (and the red card) will give them the justification to go into their shells and ignore the need to invest in the team. Sadly, it will take another capitulation (a la 8-2) to force them to act and even then what did we get? Out of the five players we sent after THAT game at OT we had:

    Santos – a left back who can’t defend
    Park – a forward who never got played
    Benayoun – a useful creative midfielder who we let go because we were too tight to pay the £1m asking price…

    … even with that experience to defend — Wenger still has the audacity to say that the squad is:
    1. good enough
    2. broad enough in depth because we have players coming back and
    3. the best he’s had since his tenure started.

    For a man who only talks about signing “right, right players” he’s sure signed duffers.

    The Lot Out

  37. Keyser

    Joppa – But then you’d still be on here, telling everyone about tactics. How you think people should shout more.

  38. TOLI83

    Agreed Jeff,

    Don’t you think Fabregas has got so much better as well…

    That’s what happens when you have players around you to learn from…l

  39. Gunner2301


    That;’s what happens when you play under a manager who knows what he’s doing. That goes quite far in todays game.

  40. Doublegooner

    Anyone else see the WENGER OUT graffiti on the wall opposite the ground ??

    Club obviously tried to remove the xmas ‘decoration’ but without success !!

  41. Royal Bludger

    Colonel Mustard – brilliantly spotted!! But why is that the linesman’s job?

    I suppose some people understand the fix better than others.

    Wenger said that people shoud pay it, in order for him to “compete”.

    He really is vile. Sa-ville.

  42. SDE

    The day we started comparing ourselves to Spurs,or whooping in delight at their poor results..

    Was the day our Arsenal died under OGL..

    It was the day,that he finally managed to brainwash most AFC fans into believing that a top 4 finish was a trophy to behold..

    Even during GG’s reign..No matter how bad the player’s he signed in the latter part of his reign..

    I don’t think for a second,as fans, that we would ever contemplate not competing at the highest level again..& if it did happen..

    The club would have taken drastic measures to circumvent that problem as they did..

    Dein,taking the initiative to move the club forward,as well as his own bank balance..

    With Dein gone & a warring faction b/w 2 billionaires ,a power vacuum that OGL has grabbed..

    Where does that leave the fans..?

    Split b/w 2 camps:-
    AKB’s & the Non AKB’s & then further splits b/w those Non-AKB camp’s,as too those that want AFC to lose & not too lose, all to no avail..

    It’s absolute madness..
    No common cause to get the madman out…

    The Arab Spring had more factions than you can care to consider,with a more profound cause at stake…

    The sunni’s,sh’ites,christians,non-christians,orthodox..

    But they had one thing in common to oust the regime,for the greater good in their respective countries…

    Meanwhile @AFC,we are busy worrying about the inconvenience of giving up our season tickets,for fear of not possibly watching an Arsenal game ever again(which is b/s),partly due to the brain washing…& for fear of being seen, to be not so ungentlemanly if we kick up a stink..

    Whereas the citizens of the Arab Spring were sacrificing their life, for a greater democracy,freedom of rights & equitable rights in governmental positions..

    Yet we are afraid to take OGL & the BoD to task,who in the grand scheme of things do not have any political,or economical sway over our livelihoods..

    That’s the politicians job!!

    Not a fornicating swindling manager of a club, that get’s a bunch of overpaid 20+odd something year olds to kick an inflated ball around for 90 minutes..& screams unfair advantage at every turn.
    Anytime results conspire against him…

    If ever there was a classic case of brainwashing ..This is it..!!

  43. telarse

    Have we signed Scott Parker yet??

    All time low for me today I fell asleep watching the game, missed Kompany’s sending off but awoke to see a not too bad cameo from Rambo – new signing perhaps!!

  44. Gunner2301


    For me to answer your question would be giving you some semblance of credibility and you don’t have any.

  45. TOLI83

    Double gooner I commented on that earlier.

    I saw it. Funny how they tried to cover it up kind of pointless just papering over the cracks… Who ever done it should just spray it again and again every week,

  46. Jeff


    That is precisely what is meant by “balance”. When Wenger uses the word and attributes it to his team I don’t think he knows what he’s talking about or is just talking for the sake of it.

    One of the key ingredients to achieving balance in a team is to ensure you have a fair distribution of valuable and able players in any 11 you pick. What we normally have is one good one, a couple of not bad ones and the rest who could play in any of the bottom 15 clubs. The result is that the one good one will leave. That is what Van Persie was talking about when he said he’s surrounded by champions at Man U.

    This season it is even worse. We have no credible striker that is going to come anywhere near what we had with Van Persie and all this fluffing around with Walcott is an attempt to hide the huge elephant in the room.

    The truth is we have no balance and we didn’t have it even with Fabregas and Van Persie in the team because were winning nothing and didn’t look like we were ever going to. Wenger has managed to survive by finishing third or fourth because there was still sufficient cement in the mix to keep us up. Now it’s just water and sand and what he’s building will fall right on top of him. That will be the end of his managerial career.

  47. SDE

    I just knew the Grim Reaper will limp in…

    How fornicating sad…!!!

    It really is pitiful…

    Gunner2301..just let it rest..
    We all know your case..
    We are with you..Don’t try too justify it further..!!

  48. Thomas

    Please give us Guardiola or Klopp and sack that lunatic. He deliberalty wants to fuck this club up. We have 70m in the bank and he still spends fuck all. You can’t make this up.

  49. TOLI83

    Yeah we did as well. Saw a few having their photo taken, maybe it was you mate.

    When are you organising any other protests of sorts dg, I’m in…


    I agree. One thing that other fans say to me is that if we had RVP this year we would be in the top two, I disagree .

    At one point we had Fabregas, Nasri and RVP all in the same team, granted RVP was in and out of the team. The fact we didn’t win anything can only point to the manager and his failure at rotating the team and his tactics with a proper balance within the squad outside of these three players. Hence it doesn’t matter who plays for us now, he’s very clearly out of ideas.

  50. Thomas

    The Emirates deal, the new shirt deal, more TV money plus the Queensland Road sales don’t mean shit since the cunt still won’t spend a penny of it. He just loves his boyfriend Diaby and the his other lovechilds too much for that.

  51. tippitappi

    Just got in have a long and sleepless night wenger and gads and also any akbs still lurking around in the undergrowth I won’t good night

  52. SDE

    ThomasJanuary 13, 2013 22:14:34
    Please give us Guardiola or Klopp and sack that lunatic. He deliberalty wants to fuck this club up. We have 70m in the bank and he still spends fuck all. You can’t make this up.

    Let’s just enjoy the madman’s comments until he retires,resigns,or is bundled out of the club,if ever a feat was to pass…

    That will give us much more solace than the results we produce on the pitch…

    For sure, I find his comment’s much more entertaining & riveting than his managerial match displays…

  53. SDE

    bazzaJanuary 13, 2013 22:22:58
    I’m finished with this site. You lot are truly idiotic bores.

    Given that you are a self proclaimed business analyst….

    Definitely would not recommend you for a job at my company…

  54. Royal Bludger

    I used to follow the football – Until Wenger has been carted out, I just view it all as some kind of comedy satire.

    Wenger as a joke …

  55. kev

    never looked like we were in that game today – in my opinion every single player bar jack was under par and just werent good enough. not looking good for next weeks game with chelsea but then it was always going to be a struggle to get any kind of results out of these games.

    theres no creativity in the team whatsoever – not one of our players can unlock a defence with a throughball or pull something out of nothing. for all the fawning over santi hes been ordinary for ages now. walcott is a disaster upfront and the obsession with playing him there and giving him deadball duties has to end before the season really goes down the toilet.

    i thought id be a bit depressed tonight but after watching us struggle today i just realise the game is up for us now. its going to be a real slog for the rest of the season.

  56. Doublegooner


    Set your own site up & see how many other knobs you get.Alternatively, you could twin up with ‘Carry On Untold’

  57. SDE

    Royal BludgerJanuary 13, 2013 22:32:24
    I used to follow the football – Until Wenger has been carted out, I just view it all as some kind of comedy satire. Wenger as a joke …

    The joke all along has been on the fans…!!

    OGL is not really the joke…
    The fans that turn up in droves are..!!

  58. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..


    I don’t have all their names, but I’ll do my best! 😉

    2012.Total Staff 496 admin 271 Players 70
    2011.Total Staff 454 admin 248 Players 70
    2010.Total Staff 416 admin 220 Players 66
    2009.Total Staff 384 admin 196 Players 62.

    As you can see we have ‘grown’ by 8 players in 4 years but by 75 admin staff.

    Gazidis joined on 01 Jan 2009.

    Here’s what he had to say in the annual report of 2011.

    “The capability of our staff will be vital to the successful delivery of our commercial plans and, accordingly, we have continued to recruit expert staff in the areas of information Technology, Partnerships, Human resources, marketing, retail, Hospitality and Communications. our investment in new head office staff across the last two years has not been made lightly but with a clear objective of delivering a sustained period of business growth. i am pleased to confirm that, although we are only in the early stages of our plan to drive commercial revenue growth, we are already generating incremental commercial revenues which exceed our investment made in new staff. “

  59. Thomas

    When has Wanker ever taken responsibility for anything? Always blaming everyone else. Never said:”I was wrong” “I could have done things differently”. What a self loving cunt.

  60. Cesc Appeal


    Out of Pep and Jurgen if I’m honest I would want Kloop.

    He took on Bayern a huge Powerhouse with limited resources (far less than’s on offer at Arsenal) and won…a lot.

    Pep will always have the whole great manager or great team hanging over him.

    But either would be brilliant.

    I’d take Mark Huges about now

  61. SDE

    DoublegoonerJanuary 13, 2013 22:35:59

    I salute you,for your patience & endeavour..

    Truly a man of passion..

    That said,excuse me if I wish for the club to go on a barren run,after the Jan window closes…
    By way of,if it closes all option’s to OGL ,in term’s of him not being able to buy,in order to find a way,a short term fix,in order to facilitate his pet project & legacy…Then so be it..

    I guess my question many fan have you managed to galvanise since your campaign,in light of our terrible regression?

    & how many anti- Arsene fans on here,can help your’s & our’s cause?

    As in,how can we move your cause forward in great numbers..?

    Maybe we support you through a different theme,in order to galvanise the growing populace on here..?

    What’s your take?Or anyone else’s?

  62. mystic

    Both red cards 100% right. Time that holding in the area was punished. Wilshire over ran the ball, but Kompany lunged at him – referees have been instructed to view whether they believe a challenge is out of control REGARDLESS of whether they feel there is any intent, or even contact.

    After Kos was dismissed it should have been Diaby that made way for Merts – at least Ox would have been a goal threat, what the fuck was the invalid ever going to offer? At 2:0 down what was the fucking point of taking Podolski off? When wenger final took Diaby off he replaces him with that twat Ramsey.

    The senile french coot has no remaining tactical awareness, he cannot get his players to perform for him . He is a waste of space, a drain on the existence of Arsenal. If he loves Arsenal as much as he always claims, then surely he must be constantly on the phone asking Daniel Levy for a job at spurs.

  63. Ché C Cheriton

    Hansen and Schmiecel 100% right on MOTD2. Never a sending off and school boy defending which I have been saying for years now.

    When is this fkin joke of a manager going to be given the sack?

  64. SDE

    Did Alan Hansen just say in his post match commentary on MOTD2 Sunday..
    “That the ball comes into Djourou”..?


  65. SDE

    The below post from yesterday,had me in stitches…

    On the one hand Pedder’s post was lambasting Wenger,giving the air of resignation on Pedder’s part..

    Then in the same breadth later during the day,he does a Keyserdox & proceeds to slate all those,that disagrees with his emotional viewpoint..

    bergkamp63January 12, 2013 12:06:43
    So Gambon is a disgraceful excuse for a fan
    I’m a disgraceful excuse for a fan

    Joppa is a disgraceful excuse for a fan

    Everyone who wants us to lose in order to get Wenger out is a disgraceful excuse for a fan.

    Your blog will be empty soon !!

    LMFAO..One of the best short posts I’ve ever seen,given the contradictory nature of the main blogger’s post, within almost 1 hour of posting..

  66. SDE

    Royal BludgerJanuary 13, 2013 23:21:52
    Doublegooner – Wenger’s not criticising the “team”, he’s criticising the fans!!!!Process that.

    No need to process…It’s just fornicating funny…

  67. NoMoreCesc

    Dear Mr. Wenger,

    You say and do many incomprehensible things. It could be because we mere mortals are not capable of comprehending the ideas that spring from your genius, but always remember that there is a fine line between genius and insanity. Based on your recent thoughts and actions, the consensus seems to be that you have comprehensively crossed that line. Or maybe you’re just messin’ with us.

    Why oh why will you never rest Cazorla, Wilshere, and Arteta and play Arsavin and Rosicky? The blogosphere is filled with concerns from supporters that these three are being played into the gound. Have you already forgotten that Jack missed 17 months due to injury from being overplayed? Sure enough, Arteta will now miss 3 weeks with a calf injury. Soft tissue injuries are a sure-fire sign f fatigue. I know that you have made 50,000 substitutions but the Arsenal supporter collective must contain tens of thousands of competitive coaches of various levels who have made at least a few substitutions each. Surely our collective experience moves our opinions to above the the level of idiots that you take us for? Are the rest of the squad players merely training ground fodder for the first team? If they are, then there is much cheaper fodder out there and you should be chastised by the board for wasting the club’s money.

    The above is only one of the many mysteries of Wenger that we don’t understand and we do so want to understand. However, today one of your post match comments took the cake. The “players are not playing well because of the expectations of the supporters”? I realize that great scientists would not want to have spectators in their labs watching the experiment in progress. They prefer to run out of the lab shouting “eureka” and bask in the applause and the adulation of the masses. But football at a leading professional club is not a laboratory, figuratively or literally. Careful what you wish for; club management may not share you vision of playing in an empty stadium.

    Incredulously yours,


  68. Cesc Appeal

    Neil Ashton has done a great piece in the DM.

    Basically calling on Arsenal Fans to stop letting themselves get mugged off by this lot.

    I cannot believe there are still people (from Asia and Africa mostly) putting Arsene Wenger <3…greatest coach ever world!….and the like on FB.

    These are the type of morons who's comments AW probably chooses to read and sits all smug in his Citroen C3 as he drives up to London Colney in fifth going 50 to get the most MPG possible!!

  69. SDE

    Players the Madman could have bought…

    (All b/w £0-10 million)

    (All for £17 million-MB&ALBA)
    (£20 Million for Fellaini)

    ————–Demba—- Podolski—————-
    (£7 Million for Ba)

    Subs Bench..Arteta,Giroud,Theo,Szechny,Jenkinson,Gibbs,Vermaelen,Diaby

    Spend £44 million+

    Transfer Outlays

    Squillaci……..£1 million
    Chamakh…. Free
    Park…………… Free
    AA……………….£3-5 million
    Denilson…….£3-5 million
    Bendnter……£ 5 million
    Fabianski……£500k-1 million
    Frimpong……£1 million
    Ramsey……….£7 million

    Transfer Out’s
    On Average £22 million

    Net Spend on Transfer’s
    £22 Million

    By the way,this is the first team @ the very bare minimum..

  70. Gunner2301

    SDE mate some of those you have sold are in the team or on the bench which is it? 😆 I’d get rid if there is any lingering doubt.

    My estimate in order to challenge we should only be keeping Wilshire, Cazorla and Ox and I’d have them on my bench. That’s the kind of strength I’d like to see.

  71. Johnny5

    Fucking raging today. Utter pish. There were some good individual performances but had kos not got sent off we’d have played worse and lost by a larger margin. Our ‘team’ just isn’t anywhere near good enough. Chezzer is not even worthy of being our number 2 he makes flappy look like Peter schmeichael by comparison. I see theo is back to being poo funny that now he knows the club are gonna cave his performances dip. Wilshere is ok but nowhere near good enough to be our midfield talisman he still needs 2-3 more years (not seasons) before I think he will be good enough. And what’s with Ramsey pursuing out of tackles, I know he’s not that long back from injury but why bother if you ain’t gonna get stuck in.

  72. Johnny5

    Also funny how the media still banging on about this ticket price thing so yet again wenger is off the hook. He’s such a wormy wriggling cunt. Any other club would have him gone. He deserves to be strung up by his nuts and beaten like a piñata by every fucking fan who in the last 8 years has spent a good chunk of their hard earned to watch their beloved arsenal only to witness the destruction at the hands of penny pinching cunts

  73. Jeff

    “We are in the market,” Wenger told reporters. “To find players of a calibre of Arteta, available in January, I wish you good luck.

    “We try very hard, believe me. We have a team around me who analyse everything. We select targets, I watch them. But it’s difficult to speak about any names.”

    Here is the “we try very hard” line. It is so predictable that you could bet money on the exact words he’s going to say. The reason it’s so difficult to speak about names is because there aren’t any.

  74. David Bolo

    So the best squad Wenger has ever assembled has chalked up the fewest points tally under his reign? Someone please explain this to me.

  75. paul mc daid

    What this board and ownership have let Wenger get away with over the last seven years is criminal,We have to get rid of all these losers before they completely destroy our great club,we are being run by old farts and fools.

  76. bacaryisgod

    One word ratings


  77. El Tel

    First He has a pop at the away fans and now it is the home fans fault.

    I have never called himthis before but He is a CUNT.

    As A Club, how cant they let him speak about the fans like that and still let him carry on.

    How many football fans on Earth go to the games just to watch a game of football without winning?

    He is very fucking sick.

    He takes off The Ox knowing that that useless cunt Diabolical was also going to need replacing. I bet the Ox is sorry He signed that fucking deal the ither day now.

    He is a disgrace of a Manager. Someone said before the game that Giroud was on the bench becuasenhe cut his leg last match.

    Why was He even on the bench then. You are either fit or your not.

    He took Podolki off yet again when we were looking for a goal.

    How many Arsenal teams ever have had so few shots on target? Joe Hart is not a great Keeper yet I don’t remember him making a save.

    Things are close to the edge now with many regulars in my block as they are getting more and more frustrated.

    If this prick was so honourable over His contracts then He should show us how honourable he is and fall on his sword.

    This is now becoming a farce, and it isnt just this season it is the past two years.

  78. SDE


    Maybe this is OGL’s last ditch attempt at motivational talk for the players..

    As in,he’s probably trying to engineer a siege mentality..
    An us against them approach,in order to galvanise team performance..

    But aimed at the wrong target audience( this case the home fans)..

    Wenger once again,takes his shotgun & proceeds to blast away on both his feet..

    With each day,the man is a step nearer to the gallows,with his utterances & actions..

  79. El Tel

    Someone mentioned on here the other day that he had heard something about Arsenal banning anti Wenger banners.

    I never got any of this information yesterday in our briefing but was told by one of the jobs worth Steawards that it would be against the clubs ground rules.

    It didn’t seem to stop the Citeh fans from protesting though with their banner and shirts.

    We were also told it was a full house, I challenged this followin the news of Citeh sending back 900 tickets only to get into an argument with the Supervisor who insisted that Citeh sent these tickets back months ago.

    You couldn’t make it up, the lies are going right through the Club.

    Read that Martin Samuel bollocks from the Mail and the Spud cunt is really putting the boot in to the Arsenal even though other teams want the same thing.

    He has waited many years to get one over on the Arsenal.

    He mentions us wanting to be second to United every year and how this would ruin the League and make it boring.

    Is He fucking sure, the League has been boring for years with them Manscum cunts winning it almost every season.

    Apart from the Spanish and Scottish Leagues the EPL is a boring two horse race every year with shit football to boot.

    Lawrenson condoning the two footed tackle on Jack yesterday. I havent seena replay but it is not good to see studs up uncontrollable tackles, even worse when it becomes acceptable.

    Football already belongs to the thug teams in this Country, why make it worse?

  80. Cesc Appeal

    ‘You can try to find a player of Arteta’s calibre in January. Good luck.’


    That is the pinnacle of our ambition.

    A £10 Million 30 year old?

    That’s the super, super qualidddddddy, Wenger is looking for.

    This club gets more ridiculous by the day.

    Thankfully the walls are closing in around them!

  81. Cesc Appeal

    There are STILL some people blaming the stadium, or City/Cheslea for the state we are in….you could not make it up.

    Some people really will do anything to avoid looking at the real problem. It’s far easier to believe that one day it will simply go away of its own accord.

  82. Kwik fit

    Journalist: “Obviously you don’t feel M’Vila & Remy are good enough for Arsenal?” Wenger: “I don’t want to talk about names.”

    Why would that be Arsene?

    Because there fucking well are no names!!!

  83. Arben

    So wanker is blaming the fans for the team bad performance
    So i just like to remind this motherfucker, stop throing stones when you live in the house made of glass.

  84. Jeff

    If Wenger was fired today and we got Bould to steer us from now till the summer, I would have no problem with that. No problem at all.

  85. Rohan

    I wish we’d stop pandering to Walcott’s fucking ambitions to the detriment of our team and results. Giroud’s been impressive whenever’s he’s had a proper run.

    Especially when we lack any creativity whatsover and usually depend on crosses. Giroud works hard and is good defensively as well. Yesterday, Walcott looked like someone who thinks he is the star of the team.

    Hope Theo doesn’t sign if this is going to continue.

  86. Jeff


    I couldn’t even guess what he’s trying to do if I’m honest. Everything just looks like there is no method or planning behind it. Only results can show the world what Wenger has been doing. We can go on about it till we go blue in the face but the proof of the pudding is always in the eating and Wenger’s pudding is not even edible.

  87. BacaryisGod

    Now he’s signed a new deal, Wilshere should be given the captaincy. He was the obvious leader on the field today. Vermaelen is just too careless to merit a first-team place.

    The positive from this game is that Arsene has to act in the transfer market. I don’t care what he says publicly, surely he knows we’re critically short of strength and skill in key areas (DM, CF).

    If it’s true that he was after Vertognen to turn him into a DM, I’m hoping he bids now and bids high for Wigan’s McCarthy. You might mock me now, but this is a player who will be a dominant force in the league over the next few years and was the best player on the field when we played Wigan earlier this season.

  88. bergkamp63

    “The positive from this game is that Arsene has to act in the transfer market.”

    How on earth is that positive ?

    You actually trust this man to spend Arsenal’s money on buying more players ?

    More of the same shit he has been buying for years !!