Arsene press conference predictable and painful… the demise of a great manager

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Broken record...

Arsene Wenger is like a vinyl record on skip. You could plot his press conferences across the year quite accurately. In fact, I think we wrote one in December laying out the usual programme of lies, followed by injured players being new players, followed by total satisfaction with a poor squad.

“I have always said we have two targets – to get our players signed up and to get our injuries back,”

“We now have Rosicky and Diaby available again. If you look at our squad, it’s quite complete but we still work in the transfer market as well.

“We do not want to bring in average players. We only want to bring in an exceptional player. At the moment we have not found him.

“You are always under pressure to buy in England and every problem has to be sorted out by buying people.

“You have other ways to sort out problems inside a club like getting your injured players back, getting everybody focused and motivated. It’s not only in buying players that you sort out problems.”

Oh come on Arsene! You’ve played out this press conference so many times before! It’s making you a laughing stock. Sure, Abou Diaby coming back into the side is lovely, but he’s never, ever managed more than 34 games in a season. Perhaps Wenger should take a degree in statistics… guys, that’s the practice or science of collecting and analysing numerical data in large quantities. This is course number one… we’ll start with small quantities of data.









Those number above are the sum quantitiy of starts Abou Diaby has managed over the last 8 seasons. That’s 107 for the less numerate. Over the course of his career, how many club starts does that average?


He manages 13 starts a season. That means, he’s currently costing us about £260k a game. So when Arsene Wenger says we have injured players coming back and buying isn’t the answer, what the hell is he talking about? Thomas Rosicky is barely any better off statistically. He’s averaged 16 starts a season over the last 6 years. I didn’t take internationals out of his numbers.

Sure, they’re ok players… but come on, it’s not Patrick and Bobby coming back into the fold.

Needless to say, for a manager who earns enough money to resource the cost of a spreadsheet he really is found wanting once again in the logic department. You don’t sort out Arsenal’s problems with inconsistent injury prone players. You don’t sort out an average keeper by ignoring the fact he might need competition. You don’t sort out the defence by ignoring the elephant in the room that they might not be good enough. You don’t solve a striker shortage by selling one. You don’t sort out the mental and physical fatigue you place on your players by not buying players…

The only solution Wenger hasn’t tried is bringing in top quality players.

“I can tell you something, we have no problem with people wanting to join us. I would like to give you my phone for 24 hours, and you would see that.

“The second thing, can we afford them? Most of them, yes. A few of them, no. Can you afford Messi today? Certainly not. But we can afford 90 per cent of them.

“If you look at our squad, it’s quite complete. We still work on the transfer market as well. We do not want to bring in average. We only want to bring in an exceptional player. At the moment we have not found him.”

Comments like the above make things even worse. Can we afford Messi? A total irrelevance. City can afford him, but he’s not going to leave Barcelona any time soon… they give him all he needs on the money front and all he needs on the football front. No one ever calls for Messi. His insistence on exagerrating what fans actually ask for is embarrassing. If we can afford 90% of players on the market, is Arsene saying that none of that 90% could make us a better team? No one out there could help us to more points, or give us more quality depth?

Jose Mourinho is right. There is no pressure on Wenger to win things. There’s no pressure on his job. That’s why he’s so arrogant. That’s why he looks at the squad and doesn’t really worry about what it needs to compete. Wenger is more fussed about proving the world wrong when it comes to spending money. Winning trophies is important to him, but only if they’re won on his terms. He wants to be the guy who overturned City on a comparatively low budget. He’s obsessed with this. That’s the legacy he wants. Trophies on his terms, no matter how flawed the appraoch is. For me, that’s quite a selfish approach to football management. People moan about the now, now, now culture… it could be ten years until we see another trophy… how does that sit with people? You only live once. Our long term investment of money and patience shows no sign of paying off.

I’d rather see a manager with a new project, with new ideas, with new press conference soundbites, than sit through every transfer window complaining about the same things… with the season ending in exactly the same way. Wenger has no fresh ideas. We’re into the 7th year of Wenger denial. We’re not progressing. If you’re not progressing in the game, you’re regressing.

He has money for transfers. He has money for wages. He has money for a modern backroom team. He has world class training facilities. He has players who want to join. He has a core of players who could do great things.

So what’s the problem? Are there any Wenger apologists left? How can anyone defend his approach?

Anyway, we’ve got an important game tomorrow. Our only recognised striker is looking good for fitness. Hopefully Theo Walcott can prove that he’s the real deal. Hopefully the team will snap out of their Christmas coma.

A lot of hope, but if I’m ever confident of a performance, it’s in the big games.

More of a preview tomorrow.

P.S. I did an interview for the @Arsenal_Brasil guys… if you’ve been coming to this site for 5 years not understanding a word because you’re Brazilian, it’s translated. I heard your problems and addressed them.

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  1. Jeff


    Actually it’s not just about lying. It’s more about integrity. If you stand up in front of the world’s media and proclaim “player X will not be sold” and within weeks proceed to sell him, what does that mean? It means you don’t know what you’re doing and the away fans have started telling him this but it all falls on deaf ears. No one at AFC takes a blind bit of notice of what the fans say or want. This much is crystal clear.

  2. Royal Bludger

    Jeff – thanks for reminding us exactly what a lying fucking cunt he is. But anyone can feel the ground shifting … his days are numbered – one more disaster and he’s gone.

  3. kwik fit

    Jeff I think Wenger sees it as a poker game. By saying a certain player will not be sold he believes that the buying team may be fooled into increasing the price. The problem is those tactics may have worked in the last millennium but you’d have to be a halfwit to be fooled by them now.

  4. Jeff


    I have a different theory.

    If the media confront him and say “you said this player would not be sold”, guess what the instant response is. We had no choice. This is the queue for the AKBs to be convinced that the board are forcing his hand – otherwise why would he say those things only to go back on his word later? That is precisely why. If he says “yes the player is probably going to be sold” the AKBs cannot back him up and the support would diminish. Wenger supporters do not want to see quality leaving the club any more than we do.

    The bottom line is that the large support he has stems from the belief that the manager has Arsenal’s best interest at heart and is doing the best he can with what is available. That is simply not true and people not just here but other commentators and experts have laboured this point to death. We have the resources to go world class. So it doesn’t have to be this way. And yet it goes on unabated.

    My overall conclusion is that the man simply doesn’t want to win anything any more. It’s just not important and he’s not going to break the bank to do something he doesn’t believe in.

  5. kwik fit

    Arsene Wenger believes he can persuade Cesc Fabregas to rejoin Arsenal. [Telegraph]”

    Now we’ve heard some comments over the years but this one takes the biscuit. The halfwit thinks that by saying he will try and convince cesc to return sometime in the future we should want him to stay . Priceless

  6. Jeff


    He thinks he’s addressing a bunch of primary school kids. Now children, if you all sit quietly and read your books, I’m sure the ice cream man will be coming this way. Who likes ice cream? Me miss, me miss, me miss ….yaaaaaay…

  7. kwik fit

    Sounds about right Jeff. His total control over everything Arsenal has completely fucked up the club. There is no person or persons on the board who can exercise any influence what so ever on the dictator.
    It needs the intervention of a fat Russian to wave his magic wand and extinguish the germ that is Wenger.

  8. kwik fit

    I must say that I’m liking the persona of Michael Landrup. We should go for him in the summer because I think he’s going to be hot property very soon.

  9. Dan Ahern

    Pedro — Really enjoyed the interview video. You do an awesome job voicing your opinions which I think (hope?) reflect the views of a large chunk of the fan base nowadays. With all due respect to everybody in this comments section, I think it’s more powerful putting solid reasoning out in the open rather than “Wenger is a cunt!” The situation itself is damning, you need only tell it like it is. That said, I support everybody’s right to call anybody a cunt if they want! Nothing wrong with that. I’m just stating what I think will make a wider impact.

    Oh, also, wish you’d asked them for an opinion on Andre Santos. Perhaps says something that there was no retort when you mentioned nobody’s behind injury-prone Gibbs in the order. Haha.

  10. Jeff

    I thought Pedro came across as though he was somewhat embarrassed about Wenger. When you explain to people who don’t know what Wenger’s been up to they sort of almost look at you as if you’re exaggerating or joking.

  11. Dream10

    Wow. This is from 1997

    The Mirror – Sept 30, 1997
    Arsene Wenger was prepared to quit Highbury unless the board gave him full control, he revealed yesterday.
    He said: “Without an assurance of that freedom and control I would not have stayed.”
    Wenger celebrates his first anniversary as Arsenal’s boss today as the Gunners continue their bid for European glory.
    He has won back the full managerial powers that were removed following the sacking of George Graham over the bungs scandal.
    Wenger’s predecessor Bruce Rioch could nominate players he wanted but could not negotiate the transfers. Wenger can.
    He explained: “For me the basics of the job was to have the freedom to run the club as I chose – to make the important decisions about what was to happen inside the club, to buy the players, to sell them and decide on things such as contracts and even a new training ground.
    “It would have been very difficult for me to accept anything different.”
    Van Persie was already

  12. TOLI83

    Jeff I line the link. Funny.

    Anyone else starting to notice the media are picking up on up on this, the noise is getting louder and they know he is on way out…

  13. mystic

    I seriously don’t understand any of you who believe that Wenger’s position will be affected by Arsenal losing games and dropping down the table. Kroenke does not give a toss about results, for him it is money only and Arsene is a gold mine to him.

    Arsenal are financially secure and have started to sign off significant commercial deals – it really doesn’t matter where Arsenal end up, the deals are sealed. Let me make it clear again

    KROENKE DOES NOT GIVE A SHIT ABOUT RESULTS, those of you hoping that Arsenal lose games as a way to see the back of that cunt wenger are seriously off reality.

  14. gambon


    You have this absolute obsession with the idea Kroenke is trying to bleed the club dry.

    There is absolutely no evidence to back this up.

    Why would he sign off a £143m wage bill to finish 1 point ahead of Spurs with a £90m wage bill?

    He wouldnt, he would tell Arsene to reduce it to £95m and save £50m pa.

  15. TOLI83

    Maybe not bleed the club dry Gambon but if you look at his other sports clubs he runs they are mid table fodder that seem to serve the purpose of more strings to his bow in terms of his empire. We are heading the same way unless something’ drastically changes starting with the manager.

  16. gambon


    Unlike his other “franchises” we are one of the 5 biggest financial powerhouses in the game.

    Sure, Stan doesnt seem to want to invest into the team, but whats the point in him putting £100m in when Wenger wont spend the £70m he already has, and when he is spending so badly?!

    I would like Usmanov in as he talks a lot more sense than Stan and would run the club with a real vision.

    But our problems are much bigger than an owner who is leaving the club to its own devices.

    The problem is Wenger, and especially the wage bill/dross he has built up, and his reluctance to buy anyone/desperation to prove to everyone that he can reinvent a game that doesnt need reinventing.

  17. salparadiseNYC

    Kroenke is pure business.
    Got involved with the St. Louis Rams when they came out of nowhere in 99 and won the super bowel, with veterans and rookies. The 2000 season they did the same thing but lost to New England in the super bowel and since have struggled, failing to properly rebuild the unit that brought unexpected success. All offenses, no defense.
    Big Stan became majority owner in 2009 and have not had a winning season since, going 2-14 in 2012 for an NFL worst record earning them the 1st round pick in the draft.. the Latern Rouge in Le Tour.
    H seems to lack the hunger to win, satisfied with being in the mix of his ‘ownership hobby.’ Arsenal seem to be in this mold.

  18. TOLI83


    Stan has gone back on his word with several points. I remember when he called out for saying he has met a supporters club but couldn’t remember who they were or what they were called. Usmanov seems to have the bit between his teeth and I’d imagine he’d demand success, perhaps with an attitude of ‘second is first of the losers’ . Which is what we need.

    I’m hoping the end of Wenger will start the beginning of the end for Kronke and co. I know you don’t mind Gazidis but my patience is wearing thin with him. Sound commercially but not affecting the circus that is known as Wenger.

  19. higz

    We seem to have been linked with lavezzi and milito today. Milito is now 33, so bit late. And lavezzi is having a mare at psg. I watched him a fair bit at napoli and really rated him, but when his record in France is worse than gervinhos, it can’t be good.

  20. mystic

    Gambon, Kroenke trusts Wenger to spend his money, do you really think that arsene makes all the decisions himself, so he will not sack his pet regardless of results.

    Of course if you believe that Wenger does make all the decisions himself, then ask your self why this owner that you obviously trust hasn’t already sacked Wenger for incompetence.

  21. Cesc Appeal

    The more I listen to Ivan Gazidis the more I think he sounds like a politician, answers without substance, same soundbites wheeled out every week.

    Lots of fans of other teams commenting on Arsenal stories saying

    ‘Why do Arsenal fans let themselves get ripped off.’

    ‘The club is so disrespectful to the fans, only interested in money.’

    Shame there are still some of our own who can’t see that.

  22. tom

    You know, I think Mertesacker, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and even Arteta could be classed in the top 10% of the 90% available. I think all have improved the team and have the potential to flourish. I think persisting with talented but too often injured players like Diaby is a tough call. RVP had a rotten record but has stayed injury free for two full seasons and shown himself to be even better than we realized. could Diaby do the same? Plus you sign a player to a long term contract you have to live with it. I doubt Diaby is that sale-able at present. Then there is loyalty, though that seems a one way street these days.

    Wenger is not infallible but he’s still bloody good.

  23. tom

    You know, I think Mertesacker, Cazorla, Podolski, Giroud and even Arteta could be classed in the top 10% of the 90% available. I think all have improved the team and have the potential to flourish. I think persisting with talented but too often injured players like Diaby is a tough call. RVP had a rotten record but has stayed injury free for two full seasons and shown himself to be even better than we realized. could Diaby do the same? Plus you sign a player to a long term contract you have to live with it. I doubt Diaby is that sale-able at present. Then there is loyalty, though that seems a one way street these days.

    Wenger is not infallible but he’s still bloody good.

  24. Cesc Appeal


    I saw a £6 Million figure.

    If they have…well, we’ve been here a hundred times before with players

    What a shit club we are.

    I’m praying City hammer us tomorrow, shame they’re missing Yaya and Aguero.

    If Garcia and Barry have a good game they’ll win.

    Come on January, be a month of misery for that French twat.

  25. Higz

    Yeah I’d of course take lavezzi, although its probably absolute rubbish as with a lot of arsenal rumours. They do all seem to be about strikers though at moment. He also cost psg 24m not so long ago, so that pretty much rules us out.

  26. gambon

    The problem is Wenger, simple as.

    If he had kept what was looking like a good team building, and added a few good players, ie- actually spent the money he had available, and didnt fuck up the wage bill, then no-one would be talking about Kroenke & Gazidis

    The only thing they have done wrong is not sacking Wenger, which is significant, but understandable, as hes assumed so much power since Dein left that its not just like sacking DiMatteo

    Cesc wanted to go home, OK that one will always be understandable.

    However he shouldve kept Nasri, used the Cesc money to sign Cazorla & Mata, which i think wouldve kept RVP with the right additions.

    A front 4 of Mata, Cazorla, Nasri & RVP wouldve been the best in the PL.

    The non footballing side of things is OK, and only suffers in some areas from the football side not doing enough.

    The problems are all Arsenes side of the club:

    – No delegation to coaches (ie – Bould marginalised)
    – No appreciation that theres a defence involved in the game
    – No competition for places
    – No rotation
    – Overpaid players
    – Underpaid players
    – No ambition (4th is a trophy)
    – Dithering on transfers
    – Selling our best players

    All of this is Wengers fault. He says every week that he has complete control of the football side of things.

    The fact is we can afford to keep our best players, we can afford to buy good players. Wenger is just a man on a mission, and that mission has destroyed Arsenal as a genuine competitor.

  27. tom

    Who thinks Roman would be preferable to Stan?
    I’d much rather the owner stay out of it. A football club should not be an extention of a richman’s ego. How do you support that?
    Success at any price? Not for me.

  28. Adam Bucci

    maybe there’s a secret clause in rvp’s transfer that gives arsenal $100 million if united with any trophies this season.

    thats the only possible answer i can think of for wenger selling him to united, knowing doing so would give united an edge in everything.

  29. Higz


    Sahin could have worked differently with us. Hard to tell, although I am glad he didn’t do much at Liverpool. He didn’t get many chances recently and he didn’t exactly have amazing players around him. I think he would do a better job than arteta for us. But you never know..

    The fact he didn’t bring in any cm or dcm to replace song still amazes me.

  30. TOLI83

    BA for 7mill
    Sneijder 6.5mill
    M’Villa 6mill

    And we still haven’t signed anyone. Good we all know Wengers phone is ringing though…

  31. tom

    The problems are all Arsenes side of the club:- No delegation to coaches (ie – Bould marginalised)

    Curious how you know this? Are you just judging by results?

    – No appreciation that theres a defence involved in the game

    Agreed he favors attack to defence but AFC defensive record is not atrocious. Room for improvement certainly. Wenger had the sense to stick to and then develop the superb defence he inherited, even though at the time many saw them as being past it. Who can forget the rejuvination of Adams. He’s bought some great defenders and some duds too. So it goes.

    – No competition for places

    Two good players for every position and a hungry and talented youth set up.

    – No rotation

    Agreed there’s not enough but it’d hard to chop and change in a league so competative.

    – Overpaid players

    Common problem in top flight football.

    – Underpaid players

    Unfortunate result of not having a sugar-daddy.

    – No ambition (4th is a trophy)


    – Dithering on transfers


    – Selling our best players

    Hard to stop players leaving when they are determined to go and being offered better deals elsewhere.

  32. Incesc

    Sneijder hung up on Wenger when he asked him to play in goal

    Ba isn’t super super duper quality, he’s only a guy who scores loads of goals in the premier league

    And Wenger didn’t know Mvilla was available

    Sorry toli83

  33. salparadiseNYC

    Has Sneijder signed off with the Turks?
    Some may disagree but i’d say that would be a great piece of business.
    Should of done it in 2008 post euro but still top quality, wants to go out on a high and would be great to shepherd Wilshire along.
    Drawback is the size issue, could stack him on top of Cazorla and Fellaini would still see daylight, astronomical wages which a proper GM could sort.
    Like Levy did with VDV.

  34. mystic

    ‘The only thing they have done wrong is not sacking Wenger, which is significant, but understandable, as hes assumed so much power since Dein left that its not just like sacking DiMatteo’
    Absolute classic. It is excuse making for those above Wenger. A man does not become a billionaire based on sentimentality or letting others have too much power. Kroenke knows exactly what everyone around him is doing and is as culpable for this mess as the french twat.

  35. Incesc

    Sneijder hung up on Wenger when he asked him to play in goal

    Ba isn’t super super duper quality, he’s only a guy who scores loads of goals in the premier league

    And Wenger didn’t know Mvilla was available

    Sorry toli83

  36. gambon

    We do need more creativity but on the wing really.

    What we really need is size, power & athleticism in the middle.

    At the moment we only have 3 central mids, none are defensive, all are midgets, no pace, no power, and no ability to win a ball in the air.

    Them 3 average 1.5 balls won in the air per game.

    Capoue alone averages 3.4 balls won per game.

    Wenger needs to grow up and accept that the game is about more than cute 10 yard passes.

  37. salparadiseNYC

    “Sneijder hung up on Wenger when he asked him to play in goalBa isn’t super super duper quality, he’s only a guy who scores loads of goals in the premier leagueAnd Wenger didn’t know Mvilla was available”


    Death, taxes and Wengerisms

  38. Lordbergkamp

    It’s now beyond the joke Wenger has become.. If he genuinely thinks this squad is complete, if he REALLY thinks he doesn’t need any more signings then he is screwed.

    This, in current play, is one of the worst arsenal squads since the graham era.

    If he cannot SEE this, cannot BRING himself to do SOMETHING about it, then he is cracked, he is finished. Top 4 is way beyond this squad, as we’ve not had our customary end of season slide yet…. And this year when it hits, we won’t be top 3 to scrape 4th.. We’re going to slide to 6th, 7th or 8th this year.

    No world class player left to bail him out this year.

    Your own fault you stubborn French cunt.


  39. gambon

    “Absolute classic. It is excuse making for those above Wenger. A man does not become a billionaire based on sentimentality or letting others have too much power. Kroenke knows exactly what everyone around him is doing and is as culpable for this mess as the french twat.”

    What an appalling bit of commenting

    Kroenke didnt become a millionaire through owning sports teams, infact no-one ever did I would imagine

    As for “he knows everything thats going on around him”. We’re talking about a man that has been to the Emirates about 5 times in 5 years.

  40. TOLI83

    Watching Lukaku on motd, he looks very impressive . Chelsea will have a superb player on their hands when he returns . Similar to drog in physical presence but a lot more nimble.

    Wasn’t we linked with him as we’ll?

  41. gambon

    Na, I think Sneijders on the slide

    Would rather spend big bucks on Hamsik, or leave Cazorla in there and sign a winger.

  42. Higz

    Don’t think we was ever seriously linked with him. At some point or another we are linked with nearly every player.

    We were however linked heavily with another ‘next drogba’ in lacina traore, who failed miserably In Russia for while but think recently went to anzhi.

  43. Incesc

    You really shouldn’t listen to Wenger in press conferences, he sees it as a nuisance being questioned,so turns it into a bit of a pantomime.

    People questioning him just makes him retract further into his mental plans.

  44. Lordbergkamp

    It’s depressing how inept Wenger is in the transfer market.

    He take zero risk, zero imagination, lets great players go begging for small fees, won’t compete for players with other teams…

    So we only ever get players nobody else is bidding on.. And usually a reason for that. They’re shit.

    And when we have the choice, Wenger always picks the wrong one – bale/Walcott; isco/cazorla and all of the academy….

    Ineptitude of the highest order really. WENGER OUT.

  45. Higz


    Isco over cazorla? I like isco, he’s very promising and having good season. But aren’t we always bemoaning wanting the finished article now. I think cazorla is the one signing that we should be doing more of. Not sticking up for wenger in anyway, he makes incompetent decisions every second he’s at the club, but I personally prefer cazorla and so does the Spanish national team right now.

  46. mystic

    Kroenke made his money through business – exactly what all his sport franchises are, not just Arsenal, and all are very average performers.

    Kroenke has only been to the Emirates 5 times, because he trusts the people at the club to do his bidding.

    Stop being such a naive fool as to consider that people such as Kroenke don’t know what is going on around them just because they are not breathing down their necks. If he chooses not to sack a very visible person he does so for a reason. Assuming Wenger hasn’t got something compromising on Kroenke, then it is reasonable to conclude that the American views that Wenger is doing a good job.

  47. Doublegooner

    Chamakh looked on fire for the hammers.

    Correction: Some one should should set him on fire then we can claim the £1000 insurance.

  48. Doublegooner

    Kroneke most definately knows whats going on.

    The problem for us lot is, his ‘vision’ & expectations are completely different to the majority of fans.

  49. salparadiseNYC

    DoublegoonerJanuary 12, 2013 23:04:3

    Agreed, you don’t need to visit the Emirates to have a handle on it, that just tells me he has no love for the game and its strictly business. Far from ideal, but he knows wtf is going on.

    The shred of hope is that he follows suit to the St. Louis Rams in the NFL.
    Had 5 managers since 05, in 2011 finished last and he cleaned house: GM, Manager, Offensive and defensive coordinators.

    Lets see how far back we land.

  50. Dan Ahern

    Wenger thinks Cesc may come back in 3-4 years, but I can’t see why he’d want to stop playing Champions League football.

  51. Jeff

    What worries me is that if Wenger thinks Fabregas is coming back in two or three years time that means he’s is planning to be still at Arsenal after three years? Oh dear. That does not sound at all like good news does it?

  52. Jeff

    Although I think this talk of Fabregas and all the other irrelevant things Wenger is spouting is an attempt to deflect away from the elephant in the room that after saying he would be busy in the transfer window he’s quietly plotting to sleep through January as though it never happened. I suspect there will be a rude awakening tomorrow.

  53. gambon

    Harry Redknapp was seen watching MVila

    Alan Pardew said “We will be looking to recruit one or two players”

    Arsene Wenger: “We want to get Diaby & Rosicky back, and sign Fabregas in 2018”

    You couldnt make it up.

  54. Arsene's Nurse

    If you are going to post shite like Fabregas coming back then at least have the common courtesy to post a link to the nonsense story you read.

  55. Dan Ahern

    Fuck me, we can have M’Vila for so cheap if we want him. He wants to leave so badly the Prem’a last-place team’s manager is down having a look.

  56. Dan Ahern

    Wouldn’t want too many players though! At DM we already have, uh… Arteta? …and…er, Coquelin still around? Yep, three is too many, can’t happen.

  57. gambon


    According to Wenger we have 2 players in every position

    Thats why Arteta, Wilshere & Cazorla start and finish every game.

  58. Doublegooner


    Wenger has a habit about talking about his players who’ve jumped ship.

    Either he does it to deflect from the current issues or tries to give false hope.

    If Wenger did sign another contract, yes it would be terrible, but we all know he’ll never improve & so do ,many new converts. IMO, he’d not last long, but any extension will just be bad for the club.

  59. Menace Lurgtramp

    I came on here to add something only having just seen the old Knob
    Jockét’s lastest attempt to keep us quiet. ‘Erm……..I know………I’ll …….erm…. tell them we might resign FAB1.’
    To think I used approach every
    angle of my life with ‘ hmmm what would Arsene do?’
    Lol ‘ We look and if we find exceptional exceptional player’ Mate you haven’t bought an exceptional player for at least 3 years. Actually maybe you have. Maybe you just don’t know how to make them play exceptionally anymore.

  60. Doublegooner

    Told any Anti Wenger banners in the ground will result in fans being banned.

    Fuck Stasi Stan …It’ll have to be outside then.

  61. Thomas

    lol what kind of shit is that. The fans should be able to express their feelings regardless if it’s positive or negative. Hmm I wonder if wenger blow up dolls count as anti wenger?

  62. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Doublegooner January 13, 2013 00:46:51
    Told any Anti Wenger banners in the ground will result in fans being banned.

    Hand any correspondence like that to the press, they will love that sort of thing and start hounding the club over the freedom to demonstrate your unease with the current direction of the club.
    They are just like the fucking Stasi.

  63. Arsene's Nurse

    Doublegooner January 13, 2013 00:46:51

    Told any Anti Wenger banners in the ground will result in fans being banned.
    If you have any official correspondence that confirms what you claim, then go to the press with proof. You could also post it online. The press will be all over it in seconds.

    1st a socialist wage policy, 2nd restriction of free speech etc, etc.

  64. bazza

    Wenger talks about his old boys RvP, Henry, Fabregas etc. in the way a father talks about his sons. He clearly takes great pride in seeing his children move on to achieve great things (even if it’s at his own or Arsenal’s expense). He also believes they reciprocate his love for them. His reign at Arsenal now has little to do with achievement by the club it’s now about Wenger’s personal agenda and his need to be admired. He has created a situation whereby no one at the club is able or allowed to question his decisions.
    He now has most of the traits of a dictator; he doesn’t feel the need to explain his actions, he shows signs of paranoia, he surrounds himself with sycophants and ignores the reality of Arsenal’s predicament whilst living in a dream world where he makes all of the rules, as a result he believes he is always right and incapable of error. He also is developing a martyr syndrome a sort of misunderstood messiah.
    It has now got to the stage where even if a David Dein figure were to come in to try to curb Wenger’s excesses, this would exaggerate Wenger’s condition even further. I really hope he goes at the end of this season both for the sake of the club and his own personal sanity.

  65. gnarleygeorge9


    Arsene Wenger handed SAF RvP, today(tomorrow morning). A victory or even a draw will help SAF put one hand on the PL trophy. Crumbs for Arsenal supporters, the whole 5 course meal for Manure supporters.

    Surely there is a person/manager out there capable of returning The Arsenal to the top. If so, why is The Club keeping Arsene Wenger?

    Why does Diaby remain on the payroll?

  66. El Tel


    Who told you this.

    I will be working there tomorrow and will confirm if I hear it in the pre match briefing.

    Must say, it is news to me at the moment.

  67. El Tel

    Someone shoult tell Wenger the Uni is about 700 yards to the west of the Stadium on the Holloway Road.

    Arsenal FC = Arsen school of exellence.

    Just bollocks isnt it.

  68. SDE

    It seems the last couple of years of Graham’s reign,coupled with the last few years of OGL’s years have one thing in common..


    Wasn’t GG massive influx of crap players,partly motivated by him receiving kickbacks from that famous Norwegian agent?As he believed the club were not paying him a salary commensurate with his achievements..

    Whilst Wenger on a whooping salary,is happy to do bugger all..Other than to indulge in his pet projects at expense of the winning trophies,etc,etc..

    The end game for both managers in their latter reign(s),all seems to revolve around the filthy lucre!!

  69. Arsenal 1886-2006


    How about the ‘White Hankie’, the Spanish lads will recognise it in a flash, the press would love it as well.
    Good way to get around any ban for banners, could you imagine the uproar and ridicule if they start searching fans for hankies.

  70. iffy da goon

    Men that Hleb video was hilarious….specially at the end when he looks up to say that they never play with the ball…and when he says to replace the shirt…..very funny indeed

  71. Jeff

    When you get a leader of any sort whose self-importance becomes all encompassing it takes a very long time for it to sink in; especially if you are an avid supporter.

    I am now fully convinced that it is Wenger’s conceit that is keeping the club back. He has no trouble cutting his nose to spite his face only it’s not his face but the club’s. It would seem that anyone who raises a doubt or puts forward an opinion that is different from his will be instantly out of favour and I venture to guess that it includes dissenting supporters as well.

  72. SUGA3


    apart from this quote, the other two were taken from the Playboy interview that is about two to three years old, you know how I know?

    I translated the damn thing into English and posted on my blog myself about a year ago or so, nice to see that lazy hacks are still rehashing it 😆

  73. Doublegooner

    El Tel @ 2.36

    I gather the guy who printed ‘Thanks for the Memories, But it’s time to say Goodbye’ has been warned if he takes it in the stadium, he’ll be banned.

    My crowd have Wenger Out banners.

  74. Phil

    Not that I recommend anything coming out of Manure, but the green and yellow scarves worn in protest against the owners, whilst passive, is highly visible

  75. SUGA3

    as Wenger is two steps away from being taken away by men in white coats, I reckon wearing white lab coats to the game can be pretty well visible if it catches on…

  76. kwik fit

    Patrick Barkley calling it as it is.
    Basically said the ‘poor’ players are grossly overpaid and the socialist pay structure doesn’t work in football.
    Oliver Holt buts in and said aren’t Arsenal one of the highest payers? Doh!! Holt knows nothing about our beloved club.

  77. SDE

    Oliver Holt,is a sad excuse for a journalist..
    Does his profession a lot of discredit..
    The biggest apologist for Wenger,Beckham,et al…

    If there was ever a man caked in terd,stinking out the place.
    It’s most certainly Oliver Holt opening his huge gob..