Arsene press conference predictable and painful… the demise of a great manager

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Broken record...

Arsene Wenger is like a vinyl record on skip. You could plot his press conferences across the year quite accurately. In fact, I think we wrote one in December laying out the usual programme of lies, followed by injured players being new players, followed by total satisfaction with a poor squad.

“I have always said we have two targets – to get our players signed up and to get our injuries back,”

“We now have Rosicky and Diaby available again. If you look at our squad, it’s quite complete but we still work in the transfer market as well.

“We do not want to bring in average players. We only want to bring in an exceptional player. At the moment we have not found him.

“You are always under pressure to buy in England and every problem has to be sorted out by buying people.

“You have other ways to sort out problems inside a club like getting your injured players back, getting everybody focused and motivated. It’s not only in buying players that you sort out problems.”

Oh come on Arsene! You’ve played out this press conference so many times before! It’s making you a laughing stock. Sure, Abou Diaby coming back into the side is lovely, but he’s never, ever managed more than 34 games in a season. Perhaps Wenger should take a degree in statistics… guys, that’s the practice or science of collecting and analysing numerical data in large quantities. This is course number one… we’ll start with small quantities of data.









Those number above are the sum quantitiy of starts Abou Diaby has managed over the last 8 seasons. That’s 107 for the less numerate. Over the course of his career, how many club starts does that average?


He manages 13 starts a season. That means, he’s currently costing us about £260k a game. So when Arsene Wenger says we have injured players coming back and buying isn’t the answer, what the hell is he talking about? Thomas Rosicky is barely any better off statistically. He’s averaged 16 starts a season over the last 6 years. I didn’t take internationals out of his numbers.

Sure, they’re ok players… but come on, it’s not Patrick and Bobby coming back into the fold.

Needless to say, for a manager who earns enough money to resource the cost of a spreadsheet he really is found wanting once again in the logic department. You don’t sort out Arsenal’s problems with inconsistent injury prone players. You don’t sort out an average keeper by ignoring the fact he might need competition. You don’t sort out the defence by ignoring the elephant in the room that they might not be good enough. You don’t solve a striker shortage by selling one. You don’t sort out the mental and physical fatigue you place on your players by not buying players…

The only solution Wenger hasn’t tried is bringing in top quality players.

“I can tell you something, we have no problem with people wanting to join us. I would like to give you my phone for 24 hours, and you would see that.

“The second thing, can we afford them? Most of them, yes. A few of them, no. Can you afford Messi today? Certainly not. But we can afford 90 per cent of them.

“If you look at our squad, it’s quite complete. We still work on the transfer market as well. We do not want to bring in average. We only want to bring in an exceptional player. At the moment we have not found him.”

Comments like the above make things even worse. Can we afford Messi? A total irrelevance. City can afford him, but he’s not going to leave Barcelona any time soon… they give him all he needs on the money front and all he needs on the football front. No one ever calls for Messi. His insistence on exagerrating what fans actually ask for is embarrassing. If we can afford 90% of players on the market, is Arsene saying that none of that 90% could make us a better team? No one out there could help us to more points, or give us more quality depth?

Jose Mourinho is right. There is no pressure on Wenger to win things. There’s no pressure on his job. That’s why he’s so arrogant. That’s why he looks at the squad and doesn’t really worry about what it needs to compete. Wenger is more fussed about proving the world wrong when it comes to spending money. Winning trophies is important to him, but only if they’re won on his terms. He wants to be the guy who overturned City on a comparatively low budget. He’s obsessed with this. That’s the legacy he wants. Trophies on his terms, no matter how flawed the appraoch is. For me, that’s quite a selfish approach to football management. People moan about the now, now, now culture… it could be ten years until we see another trophy… how does that sit with people? You only live once. Our long term investment of money and patience shows no sign of paying off.

I’d rather see a manager with a new project, with new ideas, with new press conference soundbites, than sit through every transfer window complaining about the same things… with the season ending in exactly the same way. Wenger has no fresh ideas. We’re into the 7th year of Wenger denial. We’re not progressing. If you’re not progressing in the game, you’re regressing.

He has money for transfers. He has money for wages. He has money for a modern backroom team. He has world class training facilities. He has players who want to join. He has a core of players who could do great things.

So what’s the problem? Are there any Wenger apologists left? How can anyone defend his approach?

Anyway, we’ve got an important game tomorrow. Our only recognised striker is looking good for fitness. Hopefully Theo Walcott can prove that he’s the real deal. Hopefully the team will snap out of their Christmas coma.

A lot of hope, but if I’m ever confident of a performance, it’s in the big games.

More of a preview tomorrow.

P.S. I did an interview for the @Arsenal_Brasil guys… if you’ve been coming to this site for 5 years not understanding a word because you’re Brazilian, it’s translated. I heard your problems and addressed them.

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  1. Ramsey's backpass

    This Fellah is a cool bad footballer,he doesnt know how to play football
    watched him against southafrica,he was watching him against zambia.he is just coming off,absolutely fucking shite player.81 mins gone zambia vs norway 0-0

  2. SDE

    To be honest,I started muting OGL’s press conferences a few seasons ago..

    & starting wishing for defeat since last season..

    Now I’m at that point,where I’m thinking during this transfer window..
    I want us to string a few wins together,so OGL get’s into his little comfort zone & vehemently defends his decision not to buy in the Jan Window..

    Once the Jan window,slams shut..I want us to go on the worst run ever known to man..Lose every fornicating game from Feb 1st to May..
    Get dumped out of the FAC & CL & plummet down the table..

    This time,he will have no get out clause,or recourse to panic buy,like he did in the summer transfer window of 2011..I wish the 8-2 hammering happened after the August 2011 window..

    Hopefully personal shame & a growing discontented fan base,along with the media slating will force his hand..

    Here’s hoping..!!

  3. Johnty79

    Arsene wenger is the most negative thing to happen to this clubs history. Just remember it all starts from tmw. 6 games without a win and wenger will go. I hate wenger more than any one in the world for how he has deliberately destroyed this club.

    Next year no Europe but a fresh start just like when Ricoh left 17 years ago. Can’t wait..

    Wenger out!

  4. useroz


    January 12, 2013    11:33:23

    Guys stop getting so worked
    up about everything wenger
    says…… Just look at it from a
    positive point of view, every
    idiotic and infuriating things
    he says is a closer step
    towards the door for him.


    Are you quite sure?

    This guy seems to have the license to kill …the club with no stopping him atm…

  5. SDE

    LOL..Heil Keyser just comes on here,thinking he’s some wannabe lawyer,or politician,on show that can spin an argument,just to make himself feel better.

    He doesn’t really want to have a proper discussion about football.
    It’s just a battleground,for him to offload his frustrations & make out that he’s some superior pseudo politician/lawyer,that failed miserably in the real world..

  6. Bubble

    Metro – Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has revealed he knew he was handing the title to Manchester United in the summer by selling them Robin van Persie. However, speaking for the first time in-depth about the transfer, manager Arsene Wenger says he always knew selling Van Persie to United would mean that they’d beat Arsenal to the title.
    ‘You know when you sell Robin van Persie to Manchester United that [they will be top of the league],’ said Wenger. ‘Robin is one of the best strikers in the world and you know he will score goals for them.’


    Sweet mary mother of God. The fucker knew he was basically giving united the title when he sold RVP to them & yet still went ahead to sanction the deal? Dear Me, How this dog poo is still manager of our club is beyond me. What sick demented manager gives his oppenent the league title and feel proud about it?

  7. Johnny5

    How the fuck we let cesar a keeper who is good in open play and seems to be the boss at coming to meet a cross go to qpr for free whilst we have flappy mark 2 between the posts is beyond me. Also why is is that Kyle walker looks to be more talented than 95% of all the young talent arsenal have had for the last 8 years

  8. SDE


    Maybe one of the reasons why Heil K is battle weary,is probably because of all the screwed up statements & confessions OGL has been coming out with,over the past few weeks..

    It’s hard to fight OGL’s corner,when he tells all & sundry about selling RVP to Man Utd,in the full knowledge that he knew RVP will give Man Utd the edge in terms of winning the EPL..

    Or the socialist claptrap he came up with the other day..& other pearlers..

    How can you argue against all that..?

    OGL alone,seems to be dismantling all Keyser’s argument over the years..

    It’s fun to hear & fun to watch..

  9. Ric

    Ramsey’s backpassJanuary 12, 2013 13:44:10

    The only defense I’ll give him is that he is being played way out of position. The Norwegian national setup is till a joke man, our “chiefs” are still living under the delusion that Norwegians can’t play, so they employ the same stale jackass Egil “Drillo” Olsen (Check the Wimbledon story) that plays the same stale negative tactics that somehow got us to the WC in 94. He has destroyed two generations of Norwegian footballers already but is still at it strong. Its another part of football I really can’t enjoy to the fullest as things stand.

  10. gambon


    of course i hate him. Nothing to do with his lack of success. 99% of managers in the world cant win a league trophy.

    I hate him for putting his experiment before the club, for putting his players before the club, for lying to the fans every single transfer window, for lying every summer to sell season tickets, for telling the world we arent a big club if we sell our players, then selling them and denying ever saying that.

    Hes a scumbag.

  11. TOLI83

    They sponsor Coventry’s ground 😉

    So shall we assume that Rosicky and Diaby are playing tomorrow if they are like two new players (again)…. No thought not!

    I can’t understand people wanting us lose. If we lose I’m as not bothered as we aren’t in the hunt like we used to be. It’s frustrating to watch us but I could never want us to lose, ever. I want him out as much as anyone by will back whoever pulls the shirt on, it’s not their fault the managers a cunt.

    Don’t let the bastard get you down.

  12. Phallusaurus

    paul mc daid : 12:19:19
    We have been in free fall since the day Dein went.

    Absolutely, the single most counter productive action this board ever made. That he was never adequately replaced was their second. The results of which we are well and truly paying for now.

    There’s your catalyst for the demise of this clubs fortunes and standing within the game, he/we were chairing the G14 clubs at that time remember. In comparison I give you Gazidis, who wouldn’t even be invited along to serve the beers now ffs. Not his fault mind it’s just not his field, not his game and certainly not his passion.

    It’s also the reason Wenger was subsequently given far too much responsibility as no other fucker around had either the experience or the inclination. Just the kind of mindless & pompous act you’d expect from a greedy threatened dinosaur like PHW but you’d expect more from a billionaires army of advisers surely. Sadly it would appear not, they seem to have underestimated things just as badly.

    The loss of that man’s drive and balance over Wenger has mirrored the steady demise in the Frenchman’s abilities. How different things could and should have been. Look at where we were going both at home and in Europe, foundations were laid and it would only take a bit of further investment to make it all happen. Unfortunately whilst other top clubs have kept their footballing ethos and evolved around it, we became the MacDonalds of the game instead, shit product but enough mugs around to turn a very tidy profit.

    Unfortunately the then board made the choice of billionaire that most suited their agenda and sacrificed that of the club. The club they were apparently “custodians” of at the time.

  13. bazza

    It hurts me to say it but Spurs currently have a better balanced team than us and have a deep enough squad to be able to rotate. I can’t see any way we will finish above them this year. My guess is that come February we will be at least 10 points adrift from them.

    Can you imagine what Spurs would achieve with the resources we have?

  14. gambon

    “How the fuck we let cesar a keeper who is good in open play and seems to be the boss at coming to meet a cross go to qpr for free”

    Erm because wenger doesnt give a fuck about winning anything.

  15. Bubble

    ..‘You know when you sell Robin van Persie to Manchester United that [they will be top of the league],’ said Wenger.


    And you bet he said that with that little ‘i know what i did & i’m proud of it’ smile on his face.

  16. Johnny5


    It’s laughable he’s able to
    Get away with it though especially when he says that we have 2 in every position and unless there’s better we won’t buy yet he still does nothing. What a joke spurs’ whole team is better than ours with the exception of maybe 3 players. After the next 4-5 games they’re probably going to be out of sight and it’ll be wengers fault no one elses

  17. Reza

    The truth is AW has fun with our team, like his hobby. Turning wingers to strikers, CM’s to wingers, DM’s to CF’s …!!!
    Winning is not important.

  18. DD

    Yes wenger is infuriating me with his about turn on being active in the transfer market and his poor tactics ,organisation and defence. I think David Moyes would do wonders with the same players .
    But you have to be a sick ****er to wish a heart attack and death on our manager which is What Gambon posted.
    Show the man some respect you sick **ck.

  19. Bade


    Fait shout

    Though I don’t know If I’m able to hate someone I don’t know in person

    He’s just a failing manager in all aspects of the game As you mentioned & eve more.

    I want him out of the club sharpish

  20. Jeff

    We can only put a probabilistic figure on it. If we drop out of top four (say 7th or 8th or below) I think there is an 80% chance that Wenger will leave or be dismissed. If we finish 5th or 6th it goes down to 50% and if we come in the top four there is no chance of him going.

  21. SDE

    I’ve said it before & I’ll say it again..

    Wenga Wonka,is no better than a street mugger..

    At least a street mugger has the presence of mind,to relieve you of your goods & disappear into the sunset,never to be seen again..

    Whilst Wenga Wonka,systematically ass-violates the 60,000 fans with his incessant lies,year in,year,with a smirk on his face, whilst trousering £7.5 million for his efforts..!!


  22. Relieable sauce

    Arsene Wenger – Manchester United’s new hero!

    HA HA HA HA HA!!!

    AKB’s – FUCKING DELUDED MORONS…….ha ha ha….your own God, who you have so much TRUST in (ha ha). is a…fucking..ha ha.. manchester united fan!…. HA HA HA HA!……….must have been the talk of the little boys for MU..heee hee…

    C’mon City!

  23. Ric

    Ramsey’s backpassJanuary 12, 2013 14:04:58

    No it doesn’t its just that, its a bit of the same case as with AW, Norway sacrifice talent for experience and pesrsist with players that are long overdue for retirement, yet at the same time refusing to play formations that suits the increasingly talented group of youngsters ready to step up. Instead overplaying those that suits the desired state of play, and that knows their position well, making it harder for anyone to come in and replace them. Here the use of negative tactics on a national level has left a generation of offensive players such as natural wingers, attacking mids and second strikers completely out of contention for national team call ups. Its a shambles but still its no excuse for him personally… You should know though that the only reason he is playing at all is because we have had alot of debate in the media where fans have demanded his inclusion after being voted player of the year in the Norwegian league. Drillo had to include him, but he doesn’t know how to use him.

  24. SDE


    I want us hoovering above the relegation zone..I’ve said this before..

    It leaves no room for doubt..No excuses..As they say the table doesn’t lie..

    I think if such a scenario were to arise,OGL will find it hard to spin his way out of that one..

    The fans who are sitting on the fence,will most definitely call for him to go..

    The AKB’s fan base though still huge in number,might dwindle as a result..

    The media,will have a field day & suddenly re-open their “Operation Let’s Slaughter Wenga Wonker” File..i.e. declare open season on the nutter..

    The pressure on OGL will be so huge & the evidence against him so damning..He’d have no option but to leave..

    Yes all that I describe is extreme,but let’s be honest..
    We are dealing with an extremist at the helm,who cares only about himself & no one else..

    Desperate times,call for drastic measures..

  25. Northern Gooner

    When I look at this side I only see 2 world class players Corzola and Wilshere ( and not sure these two would have made the starting line up of the GREAT undefeated team) . How the fuc can this mad French cunt come out with comments like only buy exceptional players !! when we are crying out for 6-8 of them. !!!
    Wallcok is not a 90k /wk playerin fact he is bearly a footballer

    Uzmanov in BOD and Wenger OUT !!

  26. Aarsh Saxena

    This post is horrible. What fresh ideas are you talking about?

    Get this fact right – There seriously aren’t any great players available this window. Adrian Lopez is a Gervinho in the making, Mbiwa is still young, inexperienced and currently there is no need for M’Villa in the squad (with Coq and Frimmers next in line). Remy and Negredo do not make the Arsenal cut, trust me both are not up to the mark.. we don’t want to have another Chamakh in the ranks…

    Our previous targets – Huntelaar, Shaw, Cavani etc have all signed long term contracts, and it is impossible to wrench them away..

    And the best a manager can do at this stage is to at least keep his squad fit and tied to contracts so that you have enough players for the next few games… We should be thanking our lucky stars for getting Diaby and Rosicky back..

    Yes there is money, but I would rather spend a 22mill on a quality chap like Fellaini rather than go and get a 12mill Lopez, who is mediocre…

  27. gambon

    If QPR go down, and we dont sign Cesar, it will show how little results actually matter to Wenger

    We really shouldve signed him in the summer.

  28. Aarsh Saxena


    Cesar was approached by Arsenal first.. He CHOSE to go to QPR because he wanted to win titles with them.. There is nothing wrong with the attempt, intention and the determination of the manager there..

  29. gambon

    Aarsh Saxena

    You are a sad excuse for a human being.

    No wonder Arsenals going down the shitter with idiots like you supporting.

    There are 50 players in Europe that would improve us.

    The idea that we dont need a defensive mid is pathetic.

  30. SDE

    Must be great getting paid £7.5m for a hobby/pastime..

    I wonder,what OGL’s full time occupation is?

    Fleecing poor individuals?

    Copulating with French Rappers?

    Trawling youth academies across the length & breadth of England,looking for exceptional,exceptional talent?

    Or all of the above?

  31. Jeff


    In terms of team quality, however far away we are from the top, we are three times that from relegation. You could put Mr Bean as the manager and we still won’t finish near the relegation zone. If and when the club controllers decide it’s time to win things that is when you will see change. At the moment winning trophies and titles is not on the agenda. They know this is not acceptable to the fans so they spin and slide all over the place to make it look like they are competing “within” our financial means.

    AFC are being run almost as a going concern from year to year and that’s just the way they want to keep it. I would even venture to say that a certain faction within the board see it as a miracle that we finish in the top four and therefore for them it is a no-brainer to let Wenger carry on. At some point in the past decade the club (and Wenger played his full part in it of that I am absolutely certain) decided to forgo the idea of spending to win things and opted to spend just enough to keep the club in profit, however little it was.

    The only way that model can be deemed to have failed is for Arsenal to be threatened with making a financial loss. It is going to take something very dramatic to get us to that point. It is that philosophy that keeps us in the hole and people who can change it wouldn’t have it any other way as it currently stands.

    I am 100% sure that AW has gave his blessing and full backing to this plan because it suits his agenda to the ground. Where we suffer will be on the pitch and that’s all that matters to fans and that is why it is so painful seeing this thing unfold. We can expect the madmen at the top to ignore the results on the pitch but if the profits are threatened we might see a change. The only way that can happen is for enough people to wake up and smell the bullshit, realise which road we’re on and stop spending their hard-earned cash. Failing that, we will go on suffering and only an unforeseen or unpredictable set of circumstances can bring about the demise of this regime.

  32. Aarsh Saxena

    Hi Gambon, 50 players.. yes my word, but at what cost? And at what wages? The only problem with Wenger is he is thrift, he would in his lifetime wouldn’t spend 22mill on a Fellaini, even though he is good, PL experienced..

    And I am sure you have not been looking at Coquelin’s calibre.. He was the key for France to win the UEFA U-19 Football Championships, and for France to finish 4th in UEFA U-20 World Cup… Im sure in 1-2 years time, he will be world class.. He was PREFFERED over M’vila..

  33. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    The fanbase has been divided for the last few years into the AKB’s and those opposed. Is there a label? Bitter arguments and debates..

    I think finally that the tide has turned and many of his traditional believers have accepted that his end is nigh. You only have to go on a traditional ‘believer’ site like ACLF to see the very significant swing.

    UNTOLD will commit Hari-Kari rather than capitulate. You see it’s become personal and they will never admit defeat. They are like that Japanese fella who was found 40 years later on Okinawa, I think, still believing that WWII was still on. But I have noticed they have changed their masthead. It no longer says the Lord Wenger!

    There are always going to be a few ‘never surrender’ nutters about.

    Finally, I think we are pretty much at a point where the majority want change.

    Which brings me to the whole new argument developing; the wanting us to lose and not.. When probably both sides want the same outcome.

    This is a logical argument against an emotional one. Applying logic and reasoning it is understandable to propose a ‘loss is the best way forward’

    However, you are trying to convince a deeply rooted emotional feeling that can’t stomach that.

    It’s true that losses will hasten the inevitable but those that can’t wish for it would rather let events take their course. And probably don’t get as worked up and pissed off as before. However, they cannot bring themselves round to wishing that The Arsenal loses. It goes against the grain. It’s just too hard a step to take..

    Rather than battering them for it.. And create another chasm accept that this is the case. It doesn’t make either side worse or better supporters.

    I’ve no idea if I just wrote a load of bollocks! 😀

  34. SDE

    There have been some major classics from Wenga Wonga over the years..

    One that stands out,is the “buying Alonso will kill Denilson” line..

    Oh dear & where is Denilson today?

    I just hope,that this nightmare will all end..

    When you start having nightmares,or dreams about Wenger slowly killing this club with his despotic,narcissistic behaviour..& the energy slowly ebbs away from you as a fan..

    Followed by him announcing his departure & you punch the air in delight,rejoicing with fellow fans alike,like we won the 1989 Division 1 title against Liverpool..

    Only to wake up & realise it was all a dream, & the fornicating madman is still in the job,regurgitating the same nonsense..It’s just so dispiriting.

    In fact my fellow Le-Grover’s..OGL in charge is hell on earth as a supporter..A waking & living nightmare…!!

  35. Scott

    Joppa I want us to lose also. I want Swansea to beat us next week.
    Beyern to hammer us and finish 7th or 8th in the league.
    If that what it takes to rid us of this dictator and his cronies then so be it.
    Before anyone starts I’ve supported Arsenal for 32 years I’m no spring chicken as you can work out. I’ve been home and away hundreds of times but I can’t stand this no longer

  36. gambon

    Coquelin…..preferred over MVila

    You are a fucking lunatic….i assume you are one of them guys thats on “Young Guns” all day demanding that Chuba Akpom be made captain.

    Coquelin was playing U18s and U20s while MVila was busy shining for the national team.

    You know, the national team where he has over 20 caps, unlike Coquelin who has none?!

    MVila, Capoue, Chantome, & Matuidi are all miles ahead of Coquelin, and thats just French midfielders.

    If you look across Europe you can find 30

    And we need someone defensive in the first team, not a kid that MIGHT one day make it.

  37. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Jeff @ 14.25
    “…we finish 5th or 6th it goes down to 50% and if we come in the top four there is no chance of him going.”

    I would have agreed with you some time back. There was no chance of him going in this situation.

    However, I believe the sands are shifting somewhat: Gazidis said at the AST meeting that the result against Bradford was not good enough. It “…left us angry and upset” I think he said.

    He has also said this recently:

    In an interview given before Tuesday’s tie, Gazidis conceded that the club must try to do better. He told the magazine Four Four Two: “Let’s be clear – we don’t see Champions League qualification as enough, we are proud of our record, but we want to do more, and we will.

    “Irrespective of Financial Fair Play’s impact, we will be among the top five most financially powerful clubs in the world by 2014, that is when we will really start competing.”

    Now here’s where Im coming from… :-).

    There was a time.. And I think we are nearing the end of it… When 4th was acceptable and left Wenger off the hook.

    If you look at the club employee situation you will see a significant increase in staff year-on-year. Moreso since Gazidis arrived. Contrary to popular belief this is not in playing staff. The figure this year is exactly the same as last year (70).

    These staff are commercial and admin. they are driving the club revenue up and up and will do so significantly in the next 1-2 years.

    Now the board are never ever going to come out and say that Wenger is in trouble. That’s the way of football. Traditionally the vote of confidence has been the ‘oh fuck moment’

    I think… And this is just my feeling.. nothing more.. That the bar is actually being raised at AFC and the must be a slight mood shift behind the scenes at the failure to keep up on the playing side.. I think there must be certainly a degree of frustration with Wenger. They are providing the cash and he is not utilising it. They will provide more and they, and we, will expect more. 4th is no longer a trophy even for them or it will soon enough be that way..

    Just my feeling… Could be another load of bollocks also!

  38. Scott

    Another flanger he done was when we signed Poldolski AndGiroud Wenger was asked if they were to replace the possible departing RVP. He replied no.
    A couple of weeks later when he sold RVP to the mancs he was asked if he would get in replacements for RVP.
    He replied ” we already have we bought Podolski andGiroud”. !!!!

  39. SDE

    Thomas it’s up for
    January 12, 2013 15:02:25

    Good post..Yes you’re right about the logical vs the emotional school of thought..

    But I ask you this..If I & other’s who wish Arsenal to lose,through logical reasoning as you epoused.
    In the grand scheme of things how do you square that with a nutter like Heil Keyser,who believes that wishing your team to lose is the sound of a twat,a thicko..?

    Not forgetting Heil Keyser likes to give the air of a man whose whole arguments are seemingly based on logic?

    I know a bit of a conundrum there..-eh?

  40. Higz

    Aarsh you think there is no one available right now? That’s crazy. There are so many available players that 1. We can afford and 2. Would improve us.

    Yes coquelin has potential. But he’s not getting played and I don’t think he is ready to play week in week out if we want to compete. Mvila is available and much better at present.

    Just a few that are available that are common knowledge
    Ba (was available – we missed out/didn’t want him)
    Holtby – as above

    I personally would like us to get Fellaini over mvila (obviously) but we need also need a direct winger who can take defenders on so Ben Arfa would be my pick although think he may be injured for few weeks.

  41. Scott

    Pedro wants him out but has become to friendly with other blogs I.e ACLF and is a tad scared he will be beat up in a pub.

  42. Aarsh Saxena

    Gambon, I meant for the U-20 Championships, he was specifically chosen over M’Vila to represent France, even though the senior team did not have any matches for that period…

    And we can discuss all night the defensive midfield options, and Arsenal has historically been the most considered club for French players… I am sure you should have faith in the manager that he has seen what we havent in certain players we would have liked at the club, like M’Vila, and one of the factors include Coquelin doing well for us over the period…I am not saying Coquelin is the best option.. I am only saying that we should support the manager in what he is thinking, and what he is seeing in Coquelin… which I personally see too, his performances have been really good..

    Years earlier, Sczeczny was never even in consideration for the first team, but its manager’s faith that has seen him doing considerably well so far.. he has proved himself I would say…

  43. Higz

    Sde I often think I would like us to lose, but when the game starts I just have to get behind the team.

    The only comfort I have in losing is when the nutty psycho says something like ‘I change my mind on whether I need to go in the transfer market From game to game’. The scary thing is this is probably true.

  44. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    I was once s die hard fan ! Going to home and away games, not reading the papers on Sunday if we lost , really loved the club it all was based around arsenal lived for football, now I could not care less about them, wenger the board and selling the arsenal brand! It’s all drained me of any passion this Addison may one day return but not with the incumbent manager and owners!

  45. azed

    Aarsh SaxenaJanuary 12, 2013 15:01:03
    Hi Gambon, 50 players.. yes my word, but at what cost? And at what wages?

    You mean the wages we piss up on the likes of Diaby Squid, Chamwank, Gerboue, Ramsey et al?
    I would rather we donated the money we plays those clowns for cancer research.

  46. gambon


    Im sure you trusted Wenger when he played Denilson 200 times, Ramsey 200 times, bought Gervinho & Park, Chamakh & Squillaci.

    Im sure you trusted him when he dropped Arshavin for the 2009 FA Cup semi against Chelsea despite him being our best player at the time.

    I wouldnt trust the twat at all in anything he does

    Coquelin is OK, nothing special.

    Szczesny is very average. Hes 6 years away from MAYBE being good enough for a title winning team.


    A couple of well placed(NEAR A CAMERA)fuck you Wenger/Wanker placards or banners would be good tomorrow.Throw in some anti Wenger/BOD chants add pre game fan interviews and BAM, my day is made,lose win or draw who cares anymore.

  48. Johnny5

    We don’t need Mvilla or Fellani because we have coqelin looool.

    What a load of shit. And half the players we could get THIS window would be reasonably priced and not break the wage bill bank. Shit I bet we could even get Schneider to drop his money to come to us for £9m just for CL football and not having to play for galatassaray. We could get Fellani for 22 and could have baines for 20-25 million or we could have had ba for 7. All of those players would come to less than the £70m war chest we were told is available and none of then would need stupid wages and they are all better than players we have in their respective positions and may well could have been the difference between 7th and 2nd this season and maybe even 1st next season.


    Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo gasp,cough,cough gulp of air ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  50. SDE

    On a slightly different note,referring to the the first XI at AFC..
    Taken in summary it’s not a really bad team..
    Yes we lack depth,but we lack many other things..

    Such as tactics,direction,mental strength & competition for places..

    What has eaten into the club,at least on the playing side is an air of complacency..All brought to you courtesy of the manager..

    Every player that signs for AFC,albeit with some level of ambition of wanting to win trophies & be the best..Soon as that school of thought beaten out of them,courtesy of Wenga Wonga & the Club.

    The mandate to the playing staff is that winning does not matter,but trying to play the pseudo beautiful football(to all intent’s & purposes has been quite dire over the years) & finish within top 4..

    In return,if you are loyal to the cause& do not get any ideas above your station,you shall be rewarded for your sterling efforts,with extended contracts on favourable terms..

    So what happens,the good player’s become disillusioned & end up leaving to further their careers,or risk seeing their lifetime ambitions,or career targets of winning trophies ebb away..

    Whilst on the other hand,the mediocre to shit players who are in a majority at the club,are happy to wile away the time,doing next-to-nothing picking up big fat pay cheques,they know they will never see at another club..

    So in essence,from the top-down..The mentality at boardroom level is achieving top 4..Doing the bare minimum for a lot more revenue(from the short-sighted pricks).

    To the manager,allowed to ram home his little pet projects for a sizeable wage packet..(again doing very little for a lot more revenue)..

    Down to the playing staff-again doing very little for a lot more revenue,than they would otherwise receive elsewhere..

    Who picks up this tab?The fans…& in b/w are fed a bunch of horse manure to subsidise these bunch of greedy,disingineous money hoarders..

    The whole club is manifest with greed & complacency ,that needs someone like Rentokill to fumigate the place from top too toe..

    & it’s going to take at least a good 5-7 years for us to turn this club around & get us back to challenging the elites again..

    So all the money in the world,with the renewal of the commercials & new TV money,etc,etc will not save us iota..

    The mentality & culture of complacency & greed has to change,albeit with new personnel running that club..

  51. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    The win/lose debate is obviously an emotional one and will create some tension! I see it as another development of the situation. The AW yes/no debate has been done as naseum.but it shouldn’t open more wounds. Perhaps it will. That’s the nature of the beast.

    It will be a pity if it sees former allies now calling each other cunts!

    Keyser is simply an individual who deliberately tries to pick holes in arguments for the sake of it. He hates to be ‘one of the herd.’ I don’t know.. Some kind of moralistic crusade to expose the little minds of bloggers when sometimes failing to accept it’s just a blog and there’s going to be a lot of emotion behind posting or simply someone’s beliefs.

    He would say he is trying to get you to justify your argument or stance but he really does it because of his personality!

    He also looks for holes when there is none and tries to dig through concrete with a plastic kids seaside shovel. Other than that if you enter into a 60 post back-and-forth with him it becomes tiresome.

    If he engages I simply apply a 3-post rule with him and then stop. And let the blog readers decide for themselves. Occasionally he can raise some valid points but it then gets lost in the sea of posts which I frankly skip by after the first 3-4!

    But those calling for a loss are not twats! But it is hard for some to accept that position. Although someone did say during the week that they were off to support spuds! WTF! That’s a step too far.

  52. salparadiseNYC

    Wonga would rather sell Van Persie to United in order to defeat Citeh in-directly thus strengthening the enemy. We’ve become the Switzerland of European football.
    Disgraceful stuff.

  53. Aarsh Saxena

    Gambon, nope I definitely don’t trust some of the manager’s decisions.. And historically, he has been slow and inactive unless there is a pressing need for it.. I am sure if Diaby, Rosicky and Santos were still injured, he would have gotten M’Vila and Shaw.. Wenger’s slow, and most importantly, he doesn’t enter into a bidding war (I have no reason)

    But currently, in this window, there is shortage of quality I would say..

    Higz – Lorrente personally wants to go to Italy, so no talks took place between him and Arsenal, Villa had a expecting baby this coming Feb, so he didnt have talks with Arsenal and Ba was not snapped because Arsene didn’t want to enter a bidding war (yes that is foolish), Holtby personally wants to play for AVB, not Wenger..

  54. AJ

    Aarsh Saxena
    The arguments you pose have been ironed out more than a year ago. Look back at older posts, do not make people on here repeat the same things again and again.

  55. gambon


    I’d say our first XI is very average.

    A lot of talent in there, but so flawed its unreal. Wenger builds teams of players he personally likes, not teams suited to winning.

    As always he cares about himself and his players more than Arsenal.

    We dont have a great keeper, we have a left back that is still making rookie defensive mistakes and 5 years in looks like a midfielder playing in defence. We have no DM, and a load of small technical midget midfielders that dont score goals, We have no wide player at all despite playing a 4-3-3, and we dont have a top class CF for the first time in 20 years..

    Looking at our current squad, and with the changes I would want to make, i would only keep:






    * I would keep Podolski or Theo, they shouldnt play in the same team as theyre too limited, but one or the other makes sense for balance.

    Also, even Sagna is a problem cos we’ve fucked up contract negotiations he is nowhere near focussed, and playing badly

    So out of 11 players we need in the first team, we have 4 good enough

    Vermaelen, Gibbs, Szczesny, Arteta, Wilshere, Giroud should all be squad players only.

  56. gambon


    Its not as simple as that, weve already missed out on a huge amount of the players I would want.

    We shouldve signed Mata & Cazorla the second Cesc & Nasri left. We shouldve signed Cesar this summer, we shouldve signed Cahill for £7m,

    Im not sure about keepers & CBs as i dont watch them enough and they are hard to find (at world class level).

    But lets say that in the next 2 transfer windows we signed:






    So thats

    Cesar (QPR relegated means easy signing) £5m
    MBiwa £10m
    Baines £12m
    Strootman £10m
    Capoue £10m
    Nani £20m
    Jovetic £20m


    Now id love someone to tell me that doesnt make us fucking miles stronger

    We would have a top keeper, vastly experienced and genuine competition for Szczesny

    We would have the PLs best left back

    We would have a very good younger CB with real Kolo like pace, who can also cover FB and DM positions

    We would have a beast of a DM, that wins a lot in the air, passes the ball well and shields the defence, but still gets forward as much as Arteta

    We would have a very exciting young B2B midfielder, certainly a better player that Diaby, who is one of the best passers in europe, a real tackler, effectively the white Vieira

    We would have a genuine wide creative player that would balance out the more goalscoring instincts of Podolski or Theo on the other side

    We would have a real classy CF, someone very comfortable on the ball with a bit of magic about them, like Suarez or VanPersie, rather than the very predictable Giroud & Theo, who are too limited.

  57. Joppa Road

    According to Pedro I am the lowest of the low when it comes to being an Arsenal supporter. Thing is Pedro, quite a few others on here completely agree with my stance. What does that make them?

  58. Johnny5

    Here’s a team we could of easily had at a not too bad cost

    Cesar free/loris £10m

    Sagna mertesaker verm baines £20-25m

    Cazorla jack Fellani £22m

    Theo ba £7m podolski

    With a bench of giroud arteta the ox arshavin koscielny chezzer

    That’s a good starting 11 for less than £100m

  59. g0tch34ted

    That’s a serious overhaul. Granted there are players you may have wanted in the past but I was more curious from a rescue situation for now.

    I don’t really think Cahill would have been our saviour for defence anyway, as part of the reason it’s hard to find defenders these days is I simply don’t believe that there are many world class ones about now. Whether or not thats because the focus is more attacking these days, or because strikers have improved is a moot point, just don’t think they are that available.

    I’d go for that lineup, aside maybe Strootman. That’s a choice I quite honestly wouldn’t of thought i’d see.

    Whether or not that team would be any good, well, I guess that depends on how they bed in, especially with such a big change.

    Ahhh how nice it would be to be refreshed with a bit of a facelift like that …

  60. Higz

    Team I would go for well within 70m

    Sagna, mbiwa, mert, Gibbs
    Mvila, wilshere, Fellaini, cazorla (3 out of these 4)
    Ben Arfa llorente walcott

    Mbiwa – 10
    Mvila – 8
    Fellaini – 22
    Ben Arfa – 15-20
    Llorente – free

    Keep kos, tv, ox, arteta, giroud as squad players

  61. gambon

    Chelsea look to have a great future

    They have some amazing young AMs in Hazard, Mata & Oscar.

    They have Ba upfront with Lukaku coming back for next season as fantastic backup.

    If they get Fellaini then they will be competing for the league.

  62. Rrobbins

    If wenger truly cared about winning, no way he sells RVP. The $24m does us no good on the pitch while giving up on ever signing him and bringing in first class additions to the pitch. You assure yourself with RVP of top three finish; and certainly do not hand the championship to a former rival. The board is yesterday’s news and needs to run a marketing agency????

  63. gambon


    It isnt only about replacing players, its about strengthening the competition for places

    If we made them signings, the likes of Vermaelen, Gibbs, Wilshere, Giroud would really have to step up.

    The team would benefit massively.

    We could rest players rather than run them into the ground.

    there would be a totally different atmosphere throughout the club, one of much higher standards.

    The best midfield we ever had was tall, physical & athletc (Petit, Vieira & Gilberto, Vieira)…we need to recreate that.

    Strootman for me is the closest thing to Vieiria out there. Big, Physical, scores goals, tough tackler.

  64. SDE


    Could not disagree with your post..

    When I said,our first team wasn’t that bad..I meant that the team has some core ingredients with which to work with.. Yes it has some decent talent & also the potential to fulfill it under the guidance of a good manager such as a Pepe,or a Klopp.

    In that team, player’s that I would consider as good would be..

    & possibly AA with the right management

    Players I would consider as potential,that can elevate themselves..


    For squad players I would have Arteta,Szech,Gibbs,Vermaelen,Giroud & maybe Theo(personally he can take a running jump)..

    All that said OGL has at least 5 decent players to work with,yet conspires to get the bare minimum out of them,over a prolonged season..

    They either get injured,become fatigued,disillusioned,or de-motivated..

    If a top manager can come in..My preferred line up without butchering,or completely dismantling the whole first team would be..





    ———————— Podolski————

  65. Bade


    Indeed, squad wise, if they manage to replace Frank with Fellaini & add a fierce striker which I’m certain they will (Bar Ba) they will be a great powerhouse

    I still think they have a big shout for the title this season, although their loss at home to QPR hindered their aspirations

    But who knows, may Liverpool of all teams will give them a helping hand?

    Anyway, any one suggesting we can get better than 3rd is really unrealistic to say the least. The 3 top clubs are far ahead of others

    There are 4 teams competing for 4th, Everton, Spuds, Us & Liverpool

  66. HP

    Gambon why do you torture yourself so, you talk sense about the signings but as long as we have the loon in charge we have to accept diaby and theo as new players.

  67. g0tch34ted

    “If we made them signings, the likes of Vermaelen, Gibbs, Wilshere, Giroud would really have to step up.”

    Couldn’t agree more. To be fair, yes the team does need some investment but even without replacing half the team this is what really needs to be addressed. The current crop of players are probably playing below their individual ability because of tiredness and lack of competition.

    At this point, a marquee signing or two, some real competition and cover would be like a syringe full of amphetamines.

    In other news, well done Stoke and Walters. Ooops.

  68. Dream10


    You know the 10-15m that Utd get for Nani will go towards Strootman.

    If Mbiwa aint signed this January, highly unlikely in the summer. City, Utd, Chelsea, Milan all need centrebacks and all four are not afraid of paying 90k a week.

    100million could get us a

    GK Begovic
    RB Richards (out of favour at City, out of contract in 2015)
    2CB Mbiwa, Douglas (or Alderweireld)
    LB Baines
    3 CM Capoue, Mvila, Clasie or (Strootman)
    AM Isco
    Winger Knockaert or Alessandrini
    CF Suarez (15m plus Walcott)

    Chezzer, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Coquelin, Wilshere, The Ox, Giroud, Podolski. plus 11 more

  69. Jeff

    It looks like all the games that matter to us (i.e. with respect to our ambition for fourth) have gone in our favour. Everton drew 0:0 with Swansea. Tottenham drew 0:0 with QPR and Reading beat West Brom 3:2. That means we are still 6th with 2 games in hand and 6 points away from fourth place Tottenham.

    If we win both our next two games, we’re fourth on goal difference.

  70. Bade

    Swabsea got a 0-0 at Everton

    All results today worked on our favour

    0-0 Qpr – Spuds as well & a loss for WBA. God I don’t believe I need to track WBA & Everton. How have we dropped thus far?

    Indeed we’re only 6 points behind Spuds with 2 games in hand, but having in mind we’re playing $ity tomorrow & Chelsea the week after with an important & tough FA cup tie against Swansea in between, I can’t see us getting more than 1 point out of both games ….

  71. Dream10

    GK Begovic, Chezzer, Martinez

    RB Sagna, Richards
    RCB Mertesacker, Douglas,
    LCB Mbiwa, Koscielny
    LB Baines, Gibbs

    RCM Cabaye, Coquelin
    CM Capoue, Arteta
    LCM Clasie, Wilshere

    RF Cazorla, The Ox
    CF Suarez, Giroud
    LF Podolski, Isco
    Promising Young Forward

    That is a squad of 26 with Homegrown quota fulfilled

  72. SDE

    Does not matter,who we sign,if we sign anyone..

    If we sign anyone of quality,they will soon have any level of ambition beaten out of them..Mediocrity will reign supreme..
    Or they will just disappear into the abyss..

    Let’s just suspend all talk of potential signings & focus our collective energies on doing a Yuri Geller in ousting this 2 inch delusional penis..

  73. Phallusaurus

    I don’t mind Arteta, he brings a level of stability, however he’s getting on now and we need a bigger man in there backing up the littleuns. Problem with Diaby, apart from injuries, is that at his age he should be classed as experienced but with his record that simply can’t be considered.

    Even if fit he’s going to make plenty of errors yet before becoming the player Arsene’s been holding out for. The boy has missed so much playing time that his development is years behind where it should.

    Keep him in the squad at a lower wage perhaps but we can’t keep passing over other options in the belief Abou will suddenly get through a full season. He won’t, probably never will and he’s not even been subject to being run into the ground by Wenger yet.

    Time to move on, get a serious DM in there once and for all. It’s not as if he’d be replacing Diaby anyway as he’s never had a foothold in the team due to being made of glass.

    Nothing against Abou, he could’ve been and still might be a good player. I just think it’s madness to place so much faith in a chronically injured player which inevitably means we’ll continue adjusting things to suit. Over one season that’s bad enough but what’s it been now, 5 ?

    Pure loonicy and self indulgence by the manager.

    Trigger Fellani’s release clause now ffs!!

  74. gambon

    Chelsea dont really count as a game in hand, as everyone has to play next weekend

    Tomorrow, and West Ham are our 2 games in hand.

    Usually id say the West Ham game is a gimme, but lets face it these days we could easily lose to them.

    Tomorrow is massively important, but Wenger always gets tactically out thought by other big managers.

  75. Dream10

    Arsène Wenger admits he knew he was handing Manchester United the title by selling them Robin van Persie last summer.

    The Arsenal boss let the Dutchman swap north London for Old Trafford in a £24m deal – and the forward has already netted 20 goals in 26 appearances in all competitions so far this season.
    More football news…
    Liverpool’s Steven Gerrard: I’d celebrate handball goal v Man Utd
    The latest Premier League news
    All of the latest football transfer gossip
    United are seven points clear of defending champions Manchester City at the top of the Premier League table.
    And Wenger insists it is no surprise to see the 29-year-old striker have such a significant impact on United’s title challenge.
    “You know when you sell Robin van Persie to Manchester United that [they will be top of the league],” said the Arsenal boss.
    “Robin is one of the best strikers in the world and you know he will score goals for them.”
    Arsenal take on Manchester City in the Premier League at Emirates Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

  76. tippitappi

    Going tomorrow with a sence of calm even with the knowledge we could be level with the scoucers Dream, but you know what if we win great and two points gained on spuds if not no probs wenger gets a bit nearer the the door I no longer think I’m the only one feeling this way now , besides Liverpool won’t get anything lunchtime!

  77. Paddy O'Neill

    Nice to see the screwed up face of Tony Pulis (Fergie’s best mate). What happened to parking the bus today. Great result for Chavs. They will be a powerhouse next season.

  78. SDE

    I think with the West Ham game,looming..OGL might take that game a bit more seriously..Simply because of the personal grudge against Allardici..

    That said,with Allardici being a personal friend of Fergus &a co-conspirator.
    Big Sam might have got a call from Red nose to take it easy with us..
    Maybe as a back-handed thank you for RVP..
    Either way,should be an interesting game to watch..

  79. Bade

    Indeed Gambon

    I meant more of our 2 coming games, as the Westham one in on 26th only

    I think the only comfort now is that Westham is one of the teams playing worse than us at the moment, so those should be 3 points

    Many pivotal games this month

    We’re playing $ity, then Chelsea & Liverpool at the end of the month

    Mancs playing Liverpool, then go to Shite hart lane,…

  80. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Makes me laugh when I hear pro wenger supporters say they don’t want Usmanov because they don’t want to be a billionaires toy, but they are content to have the club as wengers toy.
    I can imagine the annual akb xmas dinner last month, tesco value turkey slices, overcooked veg, xmas pudding with no cream on the top and Jethro Tull’s Living in the Past on repeat in the background.
    Mind you that was probably the dinner of choice for the gooners who go to the matches, not much money left after you fork out for a season ticket, minus Tull of course….

  81. vick

    Every time wenger speaks I cringe. I love what the man did for the club but surely this nonchalant type of behavior from him is an insult to the fans. If he doesnt strengthen soon then by the end of this month we’d be 13th in the table with the run of fixtures we have.

  82. Radio Raheem

    Tomorrow is massively important, but Wenger always gets tactically out thought by other big managers.

    …except Mancini…we do alright against City

  83. SDE

    Dream 10

    Funnily enough somehow,I can see us getting 4 points from those 3 games..
    A win,a draw & a loss..

    A draw against Man City,a loss against Chelsea & a win against Liverpool..
    For me this would be fine,as it lures OGL into his comfort & delusional zone,by announcing “this is the best squad he’s ever had..No need for new signings..”..blah,blah..

    Once the Jan trap window slams shut,with no new signings..
    That’s when I want the whole losing streak from Feb to May too begin in earnest..
    With every loss,sending him into a tailspin,with no recourse to him trying to buy his way out of trouble..

    The end goal,through sheer humiliation he walks..

  84. Ramsey's backpass

    One of my arsenal friend was telling me today that he believes Wonga does his substitution before every match.

    Am still trying to think it’s not possible but with OGL absurd things are possible.

    substitutions before the match just shows that le senile is a sick mental old man

  85. SDE

    Ramsay’s Backpass

    I think your friend wasn’t far off..

    I believe last year in the CL’s games when OGL was banned & Bouldy took over managerial duties.

    He mentioned in his post interview,that substitutions were very much
    pre-planned..Irrespective of what was occurring in real time on the pitch..

    OGL re-defines the whole concept of football management& coaching..!!

  86. gambon

    This team doesnt have the concentration, ruthlessness, big players or mental strengz to get results against City, Chelsea, West Ham, Liverpool & Swansea.

    Even worse, in February Wenger will start resting players for a CL tie that we cant possibly win.

  87. Jeff


    In Wenger’s world saying that he knew selling Van Persie to Manchester would hand the advantage to Ferguson is a face saving exercise (i.e. it’s a different way of saying he had no choice). The alternative is to admit that he was very stupid, which he was. I can imagine him thinking that £24m was just too much to refuse, even if it was Man U. Don’t forget that Wenger’s primary objective is to secure fourth. He calculated that he could achieve that without Van Persie (having brought in the three new players) and therefore there was no need to risk losing £24 in the summer when Van Persie could walk for free.

    Wenger has become a defeatist manager. He likes to play the “each way” bet every time which requires minimum investment for least risk. He will never bet to win. That is the big hoodoo that has to be banished from AFC and the only way it can happen is for Wenger to leave.

    If he’s here another 10 years he will do exactly the same. I am absolutely convinced and would bet my mortgage on it that Wenger will not change. It just so happens (luckily for him) that the board and owner are happy with his approach and fourth is therefore the biggest and only trophy we can hope for.

    A manager with a winning mentality would have handled the Van Persie situation very differently. Our most talented and valuable player who just had the season of his life should have been rewarded with a wage comparable to his peers at other clubs and Wenger should have added a couple of world class players as well as the new players in the most critical positions where we lack options. That would have shown both ambition and intent and it would have convinced Van Persie to commit his future to the club.

    As it was, Wenger refused to go above a certain wage threshold and also decided that the players he brought in were sufficient to secure fourth (with or without Van Persie). That assertion made it a very easy decision for both Wenger and Van Persie.

    Would Wenger have done things differently if he knew what would happen? No. He would have done exactly the same thing because he’s been doing exactly the same thing for the last 8 seasons. That is why a lot of people, including myself, cannot wait for a change in management. But as I say, there are powers above him who are pleased with the approach for achieving nothing other than “fourth”. I therefore do not think the manager’s position (as things stand and given his record) is in any more danger than it has ever been in the past. It’s ludicrous but I think that’s where we are.

  88. Kanai Emmanuel Thomas

    Lets all bouycout the next three matches to drive home our point for new shinings. Are we afraid of telling him that his squad is full of average.

  89. salparadiseNYC

    Christ we can’t even get preparation right.
    Knowing this run of fixtures was ahead, we’ve done nothing to strengthen nearly half way through window. Walcott still unsigned.
    Were lucky to find our way to the pitch let alone employ any sort of tactic.

  90. Dream10


    I have written off the Chelsea match since it is an away match and we dont show the balls to play tight and hold the lead.

    City tomorrow is winnable. No Aguero, no Yaya Toure. Man mark David Silva out of the match.

    New signings may include Bendtner returning from Juventus or Thierry Henry for a month.

  91. tippitappi

    man mark Aguero who ? they wouldn’t know how to unless Bouldy is thinking of going on , still proberbly against cunt faces priciples

  92. wanger-wenker

    i can believe wenger has his substitutions worked out in advance. An example being the man-=of-the match ox versus man utd. Wenger is not a flexible off the cuff manager….everything he does is previously analysed. He doesnt even give a half time team talk. Many possible reasons for that are that he has no tactics anyway and also he cant think on his feet. By the time he has analysed things the game would be over. Plus he is senile and obviously sick.

  93. Phallusaurus

    I think 4pts from those 3 games is most likely with a win against Liverpool although I can see us drawing that one as well.

    No way will we beat the Chavs and a draw against a below par Citeh is our best chance.

    Would anyone be that surprised if we only got 2 pts, or even 0 pts for that matter.

    Remember the worldwide support & recognition we gained when we had a team, even the jealousy was welcome and most amusing, we were so fucking good it didn’t matter. All that thrown away by a few greedy men a stupid women & a deluded fool.

    And the fans had no say whatsoever, apart from the mugs that continued to fund the treachery that is Arsenal right now. STOP GOING & STOP BUYING it’s the only thing that will hurt and possibly result in change.

    I’ve my doubts that Usminov will ever muster the Jacobs for a serious takeover unless things really go wrong. Kroenke has all the cards right now and has seriously out maneuvered the Uzbec to date. And to out sneaky an Oligarch takes quite some doing. Stan’s no fool, he knows theres still value to be had here and if it does ever go south then he can sell at a handsome profit anyway…..The CUNT!!

    To Kroenke, Usminov is more future opportunity than a threat.

  94. Ramsey's backpass

    And Where the heck did this zonal marking come from?

    while we are defending corner kicks we use zonal marking,even when trying to score from corner kicks we use zonal marking,ridiculous.

    Teams have found this out,instead of whipping the corners into the box 6 where arsene’s zonal children are staying,they just whip it outside so the opposition nods the ball freely while Per mertesacker who cant jump would be looking like one who just misplaced his boots.that needs to change instantly

  95. El Tel

    I have an idea but it would need a number of people going together.

    Write your message on your chest and sit next to each other. Remove your shirts and get camera mans attention.

    Stewards or Police will not know until the message is shown by which time it is too late.

    So for a a message like fuck off Wenger, would need 6 Mates with the same opinion standing next to each other in the correct order.


    Or WE NG ER OUT. 3 people and a fatty.

    Imagine if you could convince a real big number of people in the same area of the ground to give the message.

  96. Royal Bludger

    Ferguson obviously played Wenger for the fool that he is.

    How can Wenger read that Amy Lawrence piece and not realise what a stupid cunt he is. Unbelievable. “I’m such a great manager I just gifted the title to my rivals”.

    The fool has completely lost the plot, as well as the supporters. Totally, completely, irretrievably.

  97. Arben

    Is completely fucking annoying and frustrating when you see a lot of things are wrong with our club, and you can do fuck all about it.

  98. Jeff

    Here’s the latest from Wenger. Anyone who didn’t know where we sat in the table would probably think we were second or third with a chance for the title. Everything is fine. First priority is to get everyone in the club signed up, second to get back injured players and third is to panic buy when fourth looks like it’s slipping. (That last bit I added for effect)

  99. Dan Ahern

    You know what the greatest thing about the January window is? You get a second fucking chance. Did you screw up your summer dealings? That’s okay, have a free bailout month! Injury problems? No worries, free opportunity to restock! Performance flagging? Relax, here’s a chance to right the ship!

    But no. For us it’s just 31 days of torture as we lie to ourselves and refuse to improve for no good reason.

    I very seriously wonder if AW is thinking about his legacy more than his team right now. Maybe he wants to be remembered as the manager who won without ever net spending. The manager that beat the system. Except he’s won fuck all for near the majority of that time now, digging a hole that’s going to require more and more spending to get out of. What a shame.

  100. Arben

    I should give some credit to Pardew for buying most of French mercenaries, at least Wanker will be left with nothing .

  101. Arsene's Nurse

    kwik fit January 12, 2013 17:25:56

    Wenger wouldn’t know what the word means even if it hit him right in the Bollocks!
    I was told that he tried to do tactics once, but the players were completely bemused when each one of them were given a little, clear plastic, container with orange and green “pills” in them and told to take one before each match.

  102. Paul Grant

    Absolutely spot on how, we can pay him so much money when he will or cannot spot what everyone else can is beyond me. He is well past his sell by date,but now it’s me that’s sounding like a broken record,our season is a total disaster waiting to happen.

  103. Arsene's Nurse


    “A manager with a winning mentality would have handled the Van Persie situation very differently. Our most talented and valuable player who just had the season of his life should have been rewarded with a wage comparable to his peers at other clubs and Wenger should have added a couple of world class players as well as the new players in the most critical positions where we lack options. That would have shown both ambition and intent and it would have convinced Van Persie to commit his future to the club.”
    You save me a lot of time posting Jeff! There is no need for me to reiterate.

    The simple fact is we had the resources to do exactly this. Can you imagine any other manager not fully utilising our revenue, considering that a massive increase in our revenue is taking place now?

    The fact that we can afford it, but haven’t is criminal.

  104. Lordbergkamp

    Getting up to speed here. Did he really say the caviar ans sausage and mash thing?

    If so, he deserves shooting – sad fact is we pay Gordon Ramsey prices and get served McDonalds.

    Shameful twat.


  105. Jeff

    Do you remember this?

    and this?

    What does that tell you about the manager? He has not one ounce of integrity. Nothing he says can be taken at face value and most of what he says, even if it is just an opinion, is either a lie or just plain garbage. And that is why he cannot be trusted with managing this or any other club any more.