Arsene press conference predictable and painful… the demise of a great manager

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Broken record...

Arsene Wenger is like a vinyl record on skip. You could plot his press conferences across the year quite accurately. In fact, I think we wrote one in December laying out the usual programme of lies, followed by injured players being new players, followed by total satisfaction with a poor squad.

“I have always said we have two targets – to get our players signed up and to get our injuries back,”

“We now have Rosicky and Diaby available again. If you look at our squad, it’s quite complete but we still work in the transfer market as well.

“We do not want to bring in average players. We only want to bring in an exceptional player. At the moment we have not found him.

“You are always under pressure to buy in England and every problem has to be sorted out by buying people.

“You have other ways to sort out problems inside a club like getting your injured players back, getting everybody focused and motivated. It’s not only in buying players that you sort out problems.”

Oh come on Arsene! You’ve played out this press conference so many times before! It’s making you a laughing stock. Sure, Abou Diaby coming back into the side is lovely, but he’s never, ever managed more than 34 games in a season. Perhaps Wenger should take a degree in statistics… guys, that’s the practice or science of collecting and analysing numerical data in large quantities. This is course number one… we’ll start with small quantities of data.









Those number above are the sum quantitiy of starts Abou Diaby has managed over the last 8 seasons. That’s 107 for the less numerate. Over the course of his career, how many club starts does that average?


He manages 13 starts a season. That means, he’s currently costing us about £260k a game. So when Arsene Wenger says we have injured players coming back and buying isn’t the answer, what the hell is he talking about? Thomas Rosicky is barely any better off statistically. He’s averaged 16 starts a season over the last 6 years. I didn’t take internationals out of his numbers.

Sure, they’re ok players… but come on, it’s not Patrick and Bobby coming back into the fold.

Needless to say, for a manager who earns enough money to resource the cost of a spreadsheet he really is found wanting once again in the logic department. You don’t sort out Arsenal’s problems with inconsistent injury prone players. You don’t sort out an average keeper by ignoring the fact he might need competition. You don’t sort out the defence by ignoring the elephant in the room that they might not be good enough. You don’t solve a striker shortage by selling one. You don’t sort out the mental and physical fatigue you place on your players by not buying players…

The only solution Wenger hasn’t tried is bringing in top quality players.

“I can tell you something, we have no problem with people wanting to join us. I would like to give you my phone for 24 hours, and you would see that.

“The second thing, can we afford them? Most of them, yes. A few of them, no. Can you afford Messi today? Certainly not. But we can afford 90 per cent of them.

“If you look at our squad, it’s quite complete. We still work on the transfer market as well. We do not want to bring in average. We only want to bring in an exceptional player. At the moment we have not found him.”

Comments like the above make things even worse. Can we afford Messi? A total irrelevance. City can afford him, but he’s not going to leave Barcelona any time soon… they give him all he needs on the money front and all he needs on the football front. No one ever calls for Messi. His insistence on exagerrating what fans actually ask for is embarrassing. If we can afford 90% of players on the market, is Arsene saying that none of that 90% could make us a better team? No one out there could help us to more points, or give us more quality depth?

Jose Mourinho is right. There is no pressure on Wenger to win things. There’s no pressure on his job. That’s why he’s so arrogant. That’s why he looks at the squad and doesn’t really worry about what it needs to compete. Wenger is more fussed about proving the world wrong when it comes to spending money. Winning trophies is important to him, but only if they’re won on his terms. He wants to be the guy who overturned City on a comparatively low budget. He’s obsessed with this. That’s the legacy he wants. Trophies on his terms, no matter how flawed the appraoch is. For me, that’s quite a selfish approach to football management. People moan about the now, now, now culture… it could be ten years until we see another trophy… how does that sit with people? You only live once. Our long term investment of money and patience shows no sign of paying off.

I’d rather see a manager with a new project, with new ideas, with new press conference soundbites, than sit through every transfer window complaining about the same things… with the season ending in exactly the same way. Wenger has no fresh ideas. We’re into the 7th year of Wenger denial. We’re not progressing. If you’re not progressing in the game, you’re regressing.

He has money for transfers. He has money for wages. He has money for a modern backroom team. He has world class training facilities. He has players who want to join. He has a core of players who could do great things.

So what’s the problem? Are there any Wenger apologists left? How can anyone defend his approach?

Anyway, we’ve got an important game tomorrow. Our only recognised striker is looking good for fitness. Hopefully Theo Walcott can prove that he’s the real deal. Hopefully the team will snap out of their Christmas coma.

A lot of hope, but if I’m ever confident of a performance, it’s in the big games.

More of a preview tomorrow.

P.S. I did an interview for the @Arsenal_Brasil guys… if you’ve been coming to this site for 5 years not understanding a word because you’re Brazilian, it’s translated. I heard your problems and addressed them.

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  1. kwik fit

    Another wenger quote that indicates he has lost the understanding(if he ever had it in the first place) of what a football club is all about;

    Wenger “Perhaps we gave the fans too much. If you eat caviar every day, sometimes it is difficult to come back to sausages and mash”

  2. Joppa Road

    Like I keep saying the only thing that will bring change is defeats.

    All this unconditional support is complete and utter bollocks. Think about it. Should it be unconditional that the Arsenal fans sit back and take this dross every week? No way.

    I hope we lose tomorrow for the sake of it being another step towards change, fan frustration and the end of Wenger & Co.

  3. Doublegooner


    I say good on you writing daily, but lets all do ourselves a favour & how about one blog that just reads.


  4. gambon

    “You are under pressure always to buy in England and every problem has to be sorted out by buying people.

    “You have other ways to sort out the problems inside the club – it’s getting your injured players back, getting everybody focused and motivated, and it’s not only in buying players that you sort out problems.”

    Wenger aint buying anyone. He never intended to.

    This whole window is a charade. Purposefully re-opening negotiations with Theo in January to try to keep the fans distracted.

    Talking about Diaby “coming back” is fucking embarrassing. He’s been “coming back” in Summer 2012, January 2012, Summer 2011, January 2011, Summer 2010

    Wenger is a sick man, he should be shot, it would be the right thing for us, Arsenal FC and his poor suffering wife.

  5. GoonerGaz

    I know I shouldn’t say this, but I hope Diaby gets injured again before the end of the transfer window, surely that would force Wenger in to doing something!

  6. theopants superstar

    Fantastic article. The truth is that despite the many faults of Kroenke and Gazidis, there really is no-one but the egotistical frenchman to blame for our current stagnation.

  7. Joppa Road

    DoublegoonerJanuary 12, 2013 11:28:50

    Pedro:I say good on you writing daily, but lets all do ourselves a favour & how about one blog that just reads.WENGER OUT.

    Doublegooner: No chance. How many times have I asked that same question?

    I’ll ask again:

    “When is LeGrove going to call for the resignation of Wenger?”

  8. kwik fit

    Wenger is lauded throughout the world for his perceived ability to build a team that can compete at the top of the game on a shoestring budget. I would like to blow that myth into shreds.
    I give you the CV of one Arsene Earnest Wenger;

    Fees and wages paid on the following;

    A Diaby 30m
    Denison 25M
    Squid 15m
    Arshavin 30m
    Sicknote 30m
    Cham 15m
    JD 25m
    Wenger 130m

    Total 300m

    The following mitigates the obscene mismanagement to so extent.
    Arshavin give us 4 months in 2009
    Sicknote scored a classic against spuds
    and A Diaby kicked John Terry in the head

  9. Al

    Guys stop getting so worked
    up about everything wenger
    says…… Just look at it from a
    positive point of view, every
    idiotic and infuriating things
    he says is a closer step
    towards the door for him. He
    is losing his akb fanbase
    everytime he opens his
    mouth so keep on talking
    wenger please keep it up and
    show people what you really
    think of the fans that have
    supported you for the last 7

  10. bergkamp63

    Does everyone know it’s Diaby’s 7th Arseanl birthday tomorrow !!

    3 more seasons and he gets a testi-money !!

  11. patthegooner

    Of course I want us to finish top 4…….But

    Finishing outside could be a blessing in disguise.

    I really hope for an Usmanov take over this summer. It is the only way things will change.

    How can anybody still continue to support and back this idiot. How can they still come out with lines like ‘The grass is not always greener’ and ‘be careful what you wish for’

    The grass will surely be greener than the quagmire brown turf we are currently sinking into.

    Jesus the sheer fact that we have 5 Players out on loan who are all paid in excess of 50k a week speaks volumes. And we still have 3 others that we want to shift out on loan that again earn more than 50k shows how poorly this club is being run. 8 Players that we cannot sell because of Wenger’s Bullshit socialist pay scale. The man has lost the plot and there is nobody in the club who can firstly see it or secondly do anything about it.

    This needs Usmanov, and it needs a complete overhaul at backroom and boardroom level. Without it, we just continue to regress.

  12. Andi Primus

    It’s so depressing to think such a pessimistic piece is bang on the money… Its even more depressing having to agree with you that Jose Mourinho is right. Of course we are going to win on Sunday and Wenger will think his approach right.

  13. colinc

    he’s out of touch with everything about running this club. does he really think he knows better than almost every football follower and professional players and managers who all know we are now on the slide , it defies belief what this man is doing. he will eventually be humiliated out of football as an eccentric.

  14. g0tch34ted

    Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez is the man Real Madrid’s members want to replace Jose Mourinho at the Bernabeu. Benitez, who started his career as a youth coach at the club, secured 21.4% of the vote, while Germany coach Joachim Low got 19.5%. Swansea’s Michael Laudrup got 15.6% and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger secured 3.1%, while 21.2% are undecided.

    (Sauce = Marca)

  15. dave

    Groundhog Day.

    The same shit spewed over and over and over again .A complete change from top to bottom has got to happen

  16. andy1886

    Same old, same old from Wenger. Broken record is about right too. Can’t say I agree Sir Chesney is ‘average’ though, even if he could be pushed on by a bit of competition. Surely Rosickly must be near retirement? Promised much but sadly has never really delivered. I wouldn’t put him in the same catagory as Diaby who has never for me really looked like he would make it.

    I keep hearing that AW will walk in the summer if we don’t make 4th place again, but I don’t believe that for a second. The only way he’ll be leaving before his contract ends is in a body bag. I’m sure there will be a few on here who wouldn’t be sad to see that happen.

  17. Richie Powling

    Was thinking of going tomorrow but then the following factors changed my mind:
    1) cost of ticket
    2) can’t enjoy few beers cos on antibiotics
    3) it’s cold
    4) I only want a City win

  18. gambon


    Werent you telling us all how selling RVP and buying Gir-pooh was a fantastic move?

    And how great this season would be?

  19. G787

    I like the picture of the broken vinyl. We cannot igonore the latest strange comment from Wenger also about RVP –

    ‘It was a very professional phone call (from Ferguson) and there was more than one. I will tell you the rest another day,’ said Wenger.
    ‘You know when you sell Robin van Persie to Manchester United, that (they lead the league) will be the case.

    What kind of a guy takes pride in strengthening the opposition and weaking his side ?

  20. michael

    Rather than waiting on injured players surely it makes more sense to drop diaby rosicky n the likes of arshavin from the 25 man squad n promote the likes of eisfeld to the bench

    Surely 5or10 mins at the end of a match is more beneficial than just playing in reserve matches its time he showed faith with the talent we have if hes not gonna spend money

  21. useroz

    Wenger is an absolute embarrassment for Arsenal and its genuine fans, AKBs excepted of course.

    In recent yearsss, this fucker…
    * bought mostly average players AND pay them way over PL market

    * has not managed to work the medical team to get injured players back quickly

    * cannot get players focused; not for 90 min anyway

    * has not tricks up hs sleeve to motivate players

    So, Wenger cannot find INTERNAL solutions to sort these chronic problems out…

    Get out of the club. We don’t need your sort that takes 7m+ and contributes lesser and lesser.

  22. gambon

    Have to say, i now officially want a City win.

    Wenger doesnt intend to strengthen (for that read demote any of his babies) in January, which means we have absolutely zero chance of getting 4th.

    I for one would rather we collapsed and finished 10th than 5th.

    The next few weeks can end Arsene Wengers reign of terror, lots of games in a short space of time, dont think these guys are up to that, so fingers crossed we get bundled out the cup, slip to 8th or so in the league, and maybe if we’re luckly Wenger will have a heart attack, but not get as lucky as Muamba.

  23. badaebakrdaemi

    Patthegooner – I agree. Not making the top 4 will do two things.

    1) reveal the truth. Is it arsene that dictates (unlikely) or the board with an agenda that keeps us so behind
    2) force investment. The club need champions league football

  24. Joppa Road

    gambonJanuary 12, 2013 11:45:57

    PTG “Werent you telling us all how selling RVP and buying Gir-pooh was a fantastic move?And how great this season would be?”

    Wasn’t that Pedro, Gambon? Just think that £24M we got for RVP has paid Diaby for the last 7 seasons.

  25. Ramsey's backpass

    According to an akb on twitter

    re Aw’s Rvp>commentd.they finished 19pts ahead and bought the PL’s top scorer from us.why the outrage to AW honesty?twas obvious

    There are lots of confused Akb’s.

    dont they know that if their saviour had bought fantstic players to cover for the outgoing and the other trashs in the team,we would be close to man.u or above them and not the present 16pts gap.

    some akb thinks wenger purposely tells the media rubbish so as not to be pressured.

    The AKB’s are stopping arsenal from moving forward.

    Arsene out
    le senile out
    wonga out
    wanker out
    OGL out

  26. Jamal

    “We only want to bring in an exceptional player.”

    We probably have one or two exceptional players in the whole squad and yet Wanker says this
    “If you look at our squad, it’s quite complete”

    Its beyond a fucking joke. Does exceptional player mean Gervinho?

  27. Jeff

    It’s one glaring contradiction after another.

    First he tells us he’s in charge of transfers and wages then he tells us he sold Van Persie because he had no choice. How do we reconcile those two assertions? It’s impossible. Both statements cannot be true so one must be a lie.

  28. pep knows

    the trilogy of doom, kroenke, gazides & wenger

    kroenke, owner, never here, says nothing, his usa teams are shit, invests zero, no vision, absolute death to our club, irony we have someone who wants to invest, wants pep, goes to games…. kronky a total zero

    gazides, ceo, totlally useless, done zero, said zero, no vision, all he has done is ‘arsenalisation’ ie put up some posters, the irony is of great players and great memories while under his watch zero great memories to put posters up about and sold all our best players ‘for footballing reasons’ a total zero

    wenger without dein = 7 years without a trophy, buys crap, sells our best, pays too much to crap and too little to class, cant defend, zonal joke and keeper joke, no goalscorer and no wingers, lots of little players to pass around the centre circle, a total zero wast of all our time, money and passion

    fizman & dein rip

    usmanov wants pep and henry to manage us and has the money and passion

    i hope we lose every game till that happens

  29. Monkeyjeffrey

    Do you think it’s possible to give up supporting the club you have supported for 35 years ? I fear I have to ……I can no longer listen to Wengers shit and deep down I know it not going to change . He’s going nowhere and with the backing off SS he will sign another contract .
    I m not getting any younger and used to look forward to my football , i miss it a lot and I don’t believe arsenal are going to compete again in my life time .
    I go to Barnet games now but it’s not the same as the excitement of the prem and Barnet are pretty shit as well
    So if I want the excitement back I think I have to o turn my back now on arsenal and support someone else. Of course arsenal will always be in my heart but I think I’m going to try Swansea . I,ll let you know how it works out .
    I fear I will have to give up on legrove as well because its all to depressing .
    How pedro keeps up his enthusiasm is beyond me

  30. Joppa Road

    Oh, and here’s to a Spurs win to get the Arsenal backs up and encourage fan discontent.

    Defeats and Spurs winning = end of this regime. Then once that happens we have to focus on the board.

  31. Joppa Road

    PedroJanuary 12, 2013 11:58:13

    Joppa, “you’re a disgraceful excuse for a fan…”

    Thanks Pedro. I’m just telling you how it is before things really get bad (which they will).

  32. Phallusaurus

    Words from Mr “footballing reasons” Wenger:

    “What is painful is to see Manchester United so far in front of us. You know when you sell Robin van Persie to Man United that will be the case.

    “He is one of the best strikers in the world and you know he will score goals for them. He got 30 for us in the league last year.”

    Now I realise there are no football men left at this once great club but can someone important please just shut the cunt up at least! Is he seriously trying to come out with some credit for deciding the fate of the league this year……for another team no less?

    Meanwhile back at the Emirates we are supposed to believe that the likes of Theo & Abou are dictating our transfer requirements. Yet another pile of deflective poop from the man of merde…….fucking disgraceful state of affairs!

    You really couldn’t make this shit up!

  33. Jeff


    To most AKBs Wenger has become a religious leader. How can a god suddenly stop being a god? It is the profound and unquestionable belief that Wenger is the best Arsenal has ever had and will ever have that compels all AKBs to always deflect blame from AW. To them, whatever goes wrong or whatever mistake he makes, it’s always the result of forces beyond his control; never his own.

    That is what religion does to people. If you believe in something so deeply, it doesn’t matter what evidence is brought before that points to the contrary, it will never be accepted.

  34. bergkamp63


    So Gambon is a disgraceful excuse for a fan

    I’m a disgraceful excuse for a fan

    Joppa is a disgraceful excuse for a fan

    Everyone who wants us to lose in order to get Wenger out is a disgraceful excuse for a fan.

    Your blog will be empty soon !!

  35. Brum Gooner

    PSG. want Wenger to take over, he has already met the officials from PSG . Wenger out, Pep would be nice however I thnk Laudrup or Moyes are more realistic targets. I still think Wenger is waiting on the market. The Spanish clubs are in the shit. Same as we got Santi, we could get Negredo, Lopez, Turan etc. Ramsey has started so many game left wing, it’s ridiculous! We can create chances. We need a creative spark. Mourtinho or Willian . All achievable targets.

  36. Tomtom

    So we could finish this transfer window by loosing Djourou and Chamakh and not bringing in any players. As bad as Djourou and Chamakh are surely Wenger has lost the plot by not only not signing players but by also letting players leave. This situation is beyond belief.

  37. Jeff

    Could it be that Ferguson told Wenger he’s got no chance of winning the league even with Van Persie staying at Arsenal whereas Man U have every chance of winning it if he goes to Man U? In return I’ll sort out for fourth; guaranteed. You might not even get fourth if you keep Van Persie.

    How about that little scenario for a bit of soap opera? We have to assume of course that Ferguson is as corrupt as they come and can therefore wield the sort of influence that would leave Wenger “with no choice”. Could that be the “footballing reasons” we keep hearing about. The definition of that phrase has never quite been explained and I don’t think anybody actually knows what exactly is meant by it.

  38. puppyguts

    “supporters” posting that they hope we lose tomorrow and hope we miss top four are a disgrace. u sound like the fckin scum… get a grip and have some dignity

  39. Leedsgunner

    Just once I would like to hear utter the words — “I was wrong.” and then take responsibility for his actions. What do we get? Excuses, denials and a pointed finger at everybody else — no wonder nothing changes at AFC — as far as the Lot are concerned there’s nothing wrong.

    Make no mistake “Wengazidas” cares nothing for our club. All they care is that that their bellies are full, their bonuses are paid and their financial goals.

    Stan fiddles whilst AFC burns.

    The LOT out.

  40. lamia

    Headlines say Arsenal hope to complete Walcott negotiations by end of January. Wenger says players can only come in after Walcott deals has been completed. Hmmm.. Things have become s bad that supporters who love the club are now hoping that arsenal lose as they believe his is the only way they will see the back of Wenger

    Unfortunately, I believe Wenger will only leave Arsenal on his terms. He won’t be sacked, to even if we were to finish 12th. It would take a couple of seasons of us finishing out of the top four for the board to contemplate sacking him.

    As for him walking, he’s is an intelligent man. He knows he wouldn’t last 6 months at Madrid or any other top club, where results are the only thing that matters. So he will continue with his 7m wage, the tired lame excuses, the socialist wage policy (that conveniently does not apply to him) the manic behaviour on the touchline etc,etc.

    And we as supporters will continue to suffer for the foreseeable future.

  41. gambon

    Kwik Fit

    To back us to win is to back us to get top 4, which means you back Wenger to lead us for season after season of disappointment.

    If Wenger came out and said he was leaving in the summer i would want us to win everything in sight.

    However its pretty clear now that the only way this lunatic will ever leave the club is if his pride is sufficiently hurt, which means us having a terrible season,.

    Winning tomorrow serves absolutely no purpose.

  42. Al

    kwik fit
    January 12, 2013 12:11:55
    Under No circumstances……
    repeat No circumstances
    could I wish for an Arsenal
    Anyone who does Hates
    Wenger more than the love
    Totally agree kwik.
    I never want them to lose no matter who is in charge or whose playing and if we lose it pisses me of and ruins my weekends. However, I now look at the positive after every game lost being that it is a step nearer to wenger getting the sack

  43. Johnny5

    Don’t you guys know that usmanov has no plans whatsoever to get rid of wenger. He’s a big fan of wenger and would keep him if he took over. I want usmanov in don’t get me wrong but don’t fool yourselves into thinking he’s gonna sack wenger coz he won’t.

  44. patthegooner


    Not quite as strong as that

    Werent you telling us all how selling RVP and buying Gir-pooh was a fantastic move?

    Sadly my thoughts on selling a player (who did not want to stay) for 24m in his last year of his contract was based on a misguided belief that Wenger had seen some sense and was going to re-invest that cash before September 1st. Lesson learnt, but I still believe that if it had have been reinvested then the deal could have been a positive one.

    As for Giroud, I still think he is a triffic signing.

    We need to stop worrying about what Man Ure are doing. 24m is still a good deal, we were never going to catch them anyway, and nobody else outside of ManUre or Shitty were ever going to give us that much. What we need to do is to start re-investing that cash in players that want to come to Arsenal to allow us to compete again. The resources are there, sadly the impetus and desire is not

  45. Ramsey's backpass

    Top 4,top 4

    what have we done with it instead of strengthning the boards and arsene’s purse

    the normal excuse:we wouldnt be able to attract top players,since we are not attracting them now,so whats the point

    dropping out of top 4 wouldnt be the end of the long as wenger goes

  46. kwik fit

    To actually think that we are believing these Theo contract negotiations are long and drawn out is a complete fucking disgrace.
    The Theo deal is done and has been for quite a while.
    Come the end of January Wenger will be lauding the Theo signing as a great day for Arsenal.
    Wenger you can fool some of the people some of the time but not all off the people all of the time.

  47. gambon


    Make no mistake, Wenger would be out of the door if Usmanov took over.

    Hes not gonna come out and say “Wenger has to go” and alienate himself from 50% of the fan base while hes in opposition.

  48. Kurt F

    “What is painful is to see Manchester United so far in front of us. You know when you sell Robin van Persie to Man United that will be the case.”

    Then why did you fucking do it Wenger?

  49. gambon

    “To actually think that we are believing these Theo contract negotiations are long and drawn out is a complete fucking disgrace.
    The Theo deal is done and has been for quite a while.”

    Exactly, these “negotiations” are about as realistic as Osama Bin Ladens “death”

  50. kwik fit


    I get your point and part of me agrees with it but I could never watch an Arsenal game and wish for defeat. I think we will get beat tomorrow because wenger is a poor poor manager but I still want our team to beat the mancs no matter what.

  51. Jeff

    I’d like to say a few things about “wishing” for a defeat. This is actually a deeply philosophical point. It is the adage that “the means justify the ends”. Now, everyone here (I hope everyone) agrees that it is definitely WRONG to physically harm someone in order to achieve something even if that something is noble and right. The only exception to this is war or in some very, very mitigating circumstances.

    When it comes to the situation with Arsenal and wanting Wenger out, that is simply a wish that emanates from thought. We cannot be condemned for thought crime because that really would be wrong. Equally it is not wrong to “wish” for your side to lose because that is nothing more than a thought and we have billions of them everyday which we either share with other people or keep secret. However, if you take it further and physically harm someone for the sake of the “wish”, that is definitely wrong.

    So we have to separate thought crime from physical crime. I’ll tell you what happens to me when I watch Arsenal play. If we are playing well or I can see that we are putting in the effort, running for every ball, closing down, defending like it means something, the manager tries his best to change things, I am with them all the way. Sometimes, and this is happening more and more often, the players aren’t running where they should, they’re making mistakes, the body language is all wrong, we start to panic, we give the ball away, we can’t be asked, we can’t defend, we look average and we concede; when that happens my outlook changes and I want a different manager which means my level of desire to win the match goes down but doesn’t disappear altogether.

    I think that most people here are in that category. I will not condemn people for thought crime so I will not agree with those who accuse people of disloyalty if they find solace in the desire to see the team fail in order to expedite the removal of the cause. We can agree to disagree with such views but judging or condemning people for thought crime is not the right way in this particular instance.

  52. Johnny5


    I’m not so sure bud wengers a smarmy cunt and is clever enough to keep his enemies close. Although I don’t reckon 50% want him to stay those surveys are very speculative just from my general day to day convos I’d say it was more like 30% want him to stay

  53. Doublegooner


    Earlier last year I posted exactly the same that Usmanov wouldn’t tolerate Wenger now.

    He knows what is bad business practice and he also knows at 63, Wenger’s ‘socialist nonsense’ philosophy is totally wrong.


  54. Real Madras

    Wenger has to go if arsenal are to rise again, if that means losing a few games and missing out on 4th spot then so be it. I would prefer one season of heartache than go through the last 7 and a half years all over again.

    Our standards have been dropping with each passing year, if things don’t change then soon we will be only competing for the right to play in channel 5 and setanta’s europaleague.

    Majoirty of us would prefer us to at least try to compete and fail than not to try at all, which is the case with our club now under Wenger.

  55. Cesc Appeal

    Great article.

    I would love to see Jurgen Klopp take the helm.

    This guy is making us a laughing stock more and more every day

  56. Pollux

    We should do a Monaco and sack wenger ASAP. If there is any average joe on extraordinary high wage, wenger ranks no.1 in EPL. I’m having a laugh when I read his press conference. It’s amazing he keeps referencing messi messi and more messi. Fucking mad idiot.

  57. wanger-wenker

    whats the point of an arsenal win against city??????
    no reason for buying quality players in the window.
    No reason to criticize the wanker-manager
    quest for 4th looks good which prolongs wankgers reign.
    The positives of losing are that wankgers reign is cut short(we hope)…..although there is a slight negative in that if we lose to city wankger may just buy a decent player,,,,,and as we know just 1 excepttional player performing consistently can get us to 4th(RVP last season)… other words it gets wankger out of jail.
    I was an arsenal fanatic….when i was 15 i used to travel to west brom ipswich villa etc….but this is not arsenal…its like someone has ripped the soul from the club and plasticised everything. I actually envy stoke fans ….not their shithole club and manager…but just the way it harks back to a fortress of passion with players hell-bent on not losing.
    I currently get by watching dvds from the pre-wenger days….ian wright adams winterburn keown rocastle…….these great legends would eat half of our current team alive.
    score: arsene wankgers french duds and misfits 0 man city 3. scorers nasri clichy and kolo

  58. reggie 57

    Fucking hate it when we lose but if it takes 10 defeat’s to get wonga out im willing to suffer it!! cant be much worse than what is going on in the current situation…….


  59. gambon

    What Usmanov is doing is no different to what all politicians do, via advisors who do a lot of research into what the general public is thinking.

    Lets say:

    20% of Arsenal fans hate Wenger
    40% think its probably time for a new manager
    40% think Wenger is the best man for the job

    – If Usmanov calls for Wengers head, he gains backing of 20% of the fans
    – If Usmanov backs Wenger, but says he needs money and a proper board behind him, then he gains backing of a huge % of the 80% that dont hate Wenger.

    If he bought the club i dont think he would sack Wenger, but he would be on probation from day 1.

    Usmanov;: “Arsene, I gave you £60m and you havent spent it”

    Wenger: “Alisher, spending money isnt the answer, Diaby is coming back”

    Usmanov: “Someone shoot this cunt”

  60. RedandDread

    As much as I would like to see the squad enhanced and I believe he will in this window, I really think the baying mob should be wary of what they ask for. I think that we are doing an awful lot better than many fans really understand and think we are.

    When you look at the mess around us, you see there are few clubs with the stability and foundation that Arsenal have-added to this is that we have consistently placed in the top 4 now for 15 years-something which we never have done before-don’t knock it. 8 years without a trophy is a long time but many clubs would look at 8 years and think, fuck we haven’t won anything for much longer.

    Whereas I understand frustrations amongst Gooners at the lack of perceived success at the club in recent times I honestly believe that as a whole we are much stronger now under Arsene than we have ever been in our history.

    Can he win silverware in the very near future-to placate the baying mob, with a few additions, I don’t see why not.

  61. Cesc Appeal

    It’s good the protest groups are getting more exposure in National Papers.

    The MIrror running with a story today that out of 2 500 BSM members surveyed only 5% trust in Arsene.

    Considering the group isn’t even anti-Wenger it’s anti-board that is huge that 95% want him to resign.

    If we have a bad month and no signings – that could be the end.

    Or at least the club might just have to yield some ground and let Usmanov/Dein onto the board….

    Short term pain

  62. GoonerDave

    Are there really fans out there who think the manager can do no wrong? I have my doubts. Nobody is infallible and everybody knows that surely?
    By the same token, its just as ridiculous to suggest he can do nothing right. Nobody is wrong all the time either.
    I thought his comments re RVP were astonishingly poor and disrespectful to the fans. It looks like he is out of touch with the fans, which is a shame.
    Those of you calling for an implosion, relegation, Spud victories….I wonder if there are a few rival fans trolling on here? Wouldnt be the first time a blog got trolled!
    Off to watch Spurs on tv, and Ill be hoping they get battered, have 3 men sent off, 3 more injured and get deducted points for just being spurs.
    And heres hoping we stuff City tomorrow.

  63. gambon


    The dickhead Nobby is likely an Untold Arsenal troll, and a cunt

    The people hoping for an Arsenal loss are genuine.

  64. Jeff


    Well spotted. I meant to say “The ends justify the means” as opposed to what I actually said which was “The means justify he ends”.

  65. Marko

    I’ll never call for us to lose that seems pretty fucking stupid to me but I’m calling for massive changes throughout the club the attitude emphasis and direction of the club stinks and needs to change fast

  66. Johnny5


    I see what you mean usmanov might only ever get control of the club because of fan pressure so it’s in his best interest to keep as many fans inside as possible because I’m sure even the most die hard wenger haters would change if he won us a trophy and spent £100m in one calendar year

  67. Ric

    See…? I said this was the state we are in.

    Divided and easily conquered 🙂

    AKB’s versus Legion

    Truth be told the only salvation, the only way to unite us all under the same banner once more…. fire Wenger…

    Its the only way out.

    The sooner the Akb’s realise this the better for all, because Wengers position IS untenable. It just hasn’t dawnned on all of us yet.

  68. Taxi for Wenger

    Good post Pedro but your holding back a bit
    You must start calling for this lunatic to be removed
    90% of the posters on Legrove agree
    We want our Arsenal back

  69. Monkeyjeffrey

    Can he win silverware in the very near future-to placate the baying mob, with a few additions, I don’t see why not.

    Why not ?.. Because the few additions are never going to arrive !!!!!!!!
    Where have you been for the last 7 years

  70. Dele

    Love your comment. We don’t have to waste our precious time on criticizing AW and the board. He will never buy a good player not to talk of exceptionable player. I believe Diaby will get injured after the close of the transfer window then he will say ” We are short because of the injuries” that is another press conference we should expect. it’s very painful.

  71. bergkamp63

    It will take a damn sight more than a “few additions” to turn this wreckage into Silverware !!

    We might have to get rid of as many as 40 players at the club ?

  72. azed

    Johnny5January 12, 2013 12:53:05
    GambonI see what you mean usmanov might only ever get control of the club because of fan pressure so it’s in his best interest to keep as many fans inside as possible because I’m sure even the most die hard wenger haters would change if he won us a trophy and spent £100m in one calendar year

    I’m sorry Johnny, there is no going back on my hatred on Wenger. I’m an immigrant in the UK and if i ever go to prison here, you can bet your life it has to do with beating Wonga to a pulp.

  73. NoMoreCesc


    Nasri dedicates his PL medal to Wenger. “I am so grateful to him for this. If he hadn’t sold me to ManCity, I would never have won a PL medal”

    In a show of solidarity and support for Wenger, many players sold by Wenger to other clubs dedicated their honours to him. Former players like Fabregas and Henry, who have both won the CL league with Barcelona, were particularly vocal “He doesn’t get enough credit. How many other managers in football would develop players and then sell them on to better teams so that they can fulfil their dreams of winning things? None; Arsene stands alone”

    Wenger himself commented to this outpouring of support from former players, “I can’t help but be proud of this achievement. There have been so many many players I have sold who have gone on to achieve things at other clubs”

    Asked how Arsenal supporters feel about this, he responded “Listen, Arsenal supporters have always the same idea that it is only an achievement if the player wins something while they are at Arsenal. I believe that over my next decade in charge of this club, I will help Arsenal supporters to evolve into more sophisticated football fans who realize that winning is a universal thing and not just limited to the club. They should be cheering on RVP as he wins the title with ManU this season, for example. I believe that reading Maslow will help Arsenal supporters and even the English press to evolve faster. I will be quoting from Maslow at future press conferences.”

    Arsenal’s Tom Fox added, “I think Arsenal supporters are already proud of former players winning things with better teams and this doubles up on the pride they already feel when these players are sold for huge fees. This is what our marketing surveys are telling us.”

  74. Bade

    This is all going to go tits up as it stands

    If we don’t add at least one midfielder & one forward wing/CF, we can start looking for something else to do in Wednesday nights

  75. Arsene's Nurse

    Anything to get Wenger out. If that means losing then so be it. I don’t want another 5 years of the fucking clown spouting nonsense in press interviews, lying whilst smirking, clutching his stomach while wearing a sleeping bag, moaning at the officials, buying shite players and paying them enormous wages, not wanting to compete, etc, etc.

    I’d take 17th if it meant Wenger was gone in the summer. At least then we could have something to look forward to.

  76. Cesc Appeal

    It’s nice to see Pedro starting to really lose patience, his articles are getting more pointed and barbed.

    Viva La Pedro!!!

  77. Reza

    How many exceptional players we have in our squad at the moment? I can’t see any, can anyone help me?
    Theo does not sign for the same reason RVP didn’t. If we don’t buy anyone he will leave on free. We don’t show any ambition to our best players.
    When RVP says he’s surrounded by champions he’s right. Do our players have the same desire as Manu players?

  78. Bade


    Hahaha, you’re right then

    By the way, I read as hilarious story about Sneijder deal to Galatasaray may collapse due to a movie his wife took part where she played a traditional Turkish Muslim girl seducing young boy …..

    I’ll be back with the link in a few minutes

  79. Johnny5

    Cesc appeal

    That mirror article is bollocks bud. The actual figure was 45% still back him but you know papers. Agree with you about the exposure though.

  80. Bade


    Do you actually hate Arsene?

    What is there to hate him for?

    All I want is for him to fuck off of my club as he’s not doing his job for years now, nothing personal really

    I would have loved to see Arsene outshining Red Nose’s achievement & serving us for another 20 years, but the man has lost it totally & certainly to demote us even more that he did in the past few season

    If it shows anything really, it’s that Arsene had little success without DD, which also highlights the importance of an assertive knowledgeable CEO or director of sports nowadays

  81. Thomas

    Just how deluded has Wenger become? It’s beyond embarrassing now. Wenger was never going to spend in January. How convenient that he stepped up the Walnut transfer talks just in time for the transfer window. Same with the Diaby being like a new signing bullshit. He’s so full of shit. I hope he gets physically attacked

  82. S Asoa

    First thing first
    This weed is suckering the club all sides probably commissions on sales purchases all protected by the Omertà imposed on players and all officials incl Bould . His survival is based on ensuring returns to the owners and bonuses to all even over years of disgrace . I think commissions of the type might be illegal in England . Some sharp CA and geeks fans should dig up and correlate by locating his slush accounts and then send the Mounties in . Then see the coyote run . Some positive effort is required . The adjectives are correct but are not working on a most shameless character there is in the world. Action, Action

  83. TOLI83

    Losing doesn’t hurt as much as it used to. Always feel a bit numb mixed with despair. When we win its alright but it’s kind of pointless as we aren’t going to win any trophies…

    Things is we will and could still get 4th because the competition is so weak. Sp*rs always find a way of fucking it up.

  84. Rob

    Most fans are done with this manager. I can’t bear to listen to Wenger any more and I’m sick of the sight of his face. Whatever Wenger had is long gone. Wake up Gazidis and grow a pair.

    Wenger out!

  85. SDE

    Finally Pedders has turned..Hmmm…

    Albeit 5 years overdue..But hey better late than never..!!

    Good post..

    I’m sure Heil Keyser will pop up,offering an alternative view,that is at odds with the prevailing school of thought!!

  86. NEEG

    something to keep our hopes up – apparently OGL has recently purchased an Exec apartment in the Arrondissement de Passy,Paris – a stones throw from PSG.

  87. Cesc Appeal



    Then someone will agree with him and he’ll change his view to oppose that view thus ending up agreeing with the prevailing view!

    Behold, the Keyserdox!!

  88. Cesc Appeal

    Can you imagine Keyser shopping with his wife?

    ‘Honey do you think this looks nice?’


    ‘What about this one?’


  89. Ric

    SDEJanuary 12, 2013 13:37:39

    Probably but even he has seemed a bit downbeat these last weeks, I think someof the good fight has been beaten out of him. 🙂