Arsenal linked to plenty of solutions / Wenger shuts the door on all of them

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Good morning and welcome to Friday! It’s freezing here in the UK as the winter finally decided to settle… of key importance I feel is the lack of rain. If we can make it through to Sunday like this, it should make for a decent spectacle. Lets hope rumours of blizzards are as fat fetched as the ones about Diaby being fit enough to sustain a 50 game run.

It’s speculative transfer stories galore today, first up is the news from The Daily Hill-wood that’s carrying the story of Zaha and Fergie’s fear of a late bid from Arsenal scuppering everything. Sounds promising. Nothing but the truth comes from PHW, so maybe there have been some second thoughts. This story pleases me, not because there is any truth it… more because it’s probably been planted by Zaha’s people… thus proving there is such thing as Arsenal DNA.

What would that be off the back of? The success years…

Other stories hitting the news feeds like a Fellaini head butt are a bit familiar. The Express reckons Adrian Lopez is ours if he leaves Athletico. I’d be surprised if a Spanish club could afford to let a 24yr old leave on a free. So it could be on. No one is talking about Llorente, another bosman this summer… Prolific and technically sound.

Keeping things in Spain we’ve been linked with Negredo of Sevilla, they’re cash strapped and looking to offload. There’s also some tentative linkage to French powerhouse Capoue.

Who’d have thought it, in cash strapped Europe, there are clubs on their knees trying to offload assets. Remember these stories in 6 months time when Arsene said he couldn’t find a striker better than the gap Marounne Chamakh left on the bench.

The final story sits with M’Villa. He’s leaving if someone bids. The same deal we’ve heard about for years. No one seems to care though? He does have a touch of the Adebayor’s about his attitude. Maybe that’s the issue.

Still, what does any of the above matter if the manager is saying things like…

“We have a good squad, a balanced one. At the moment nobody can go out, unless we buy somebody.

“At the moment our focus is to keep everybody. In every position we have two players. Three is too many and one is not enough.”

Nice one Arsene, going into Sunday, our only specialist striker is 50/50. So much for his lies about looking for players in every position. If he doesn’t buy anyone again… He’ll have one hell of a mess to deal with if things go tits up post window. If any person in the country can look at our squad and deem it good enough to compete for the league… or even worse, so good it can’t be improved, well, they’r working on borrowed time eh? Let’s pray there’s not a 5 year deal waiting on the table for Arsene. Get someone with a bit of balls in the board room who can get Stan in a headlock, ruffle his hair (toupe, whatever) and show him the damage he’s doing to his club by ignoring the big fat elepehant in the room.

Final story of the day, is for the people who have been taking the mick out of my assertions that ticket price increases are impacted by by Manchester City and their wage inflation ways. How hard is that one to piece together? If you pay Adebayor £165k a week, what does Samir Nasri want? Well, a lot more than he’s worth. Could Arsenal offer that? No. So he leaves. Theo Walcott sees what Wayne Bridge and Samir Nasri earn. What does he want? A lot more. Could Arsenal offer that? Yes. Did it break our pay structure? Yes. Same for United. Wayne Rooney saw he could earn £250k a week at City, so he sulked and threatened to leave. He eventually stayed, on a massively inflated contract. Could United afford it, yes, have they pushed up their season ticket prices to cope? Of course they have.

Manchester City and Chelsea collectively pushed up player and agent expectations when it comes to contracts. Hence the massive hike in wage bills across the league since 2008 particularly… but also well before. Wages and ticket prices aren’t correlated at City because they have a sugar daddy. However, at a club like United or Arsenal, season tickets go towards wages. So if you have to bring in more revenue in a self sustaining way, it’s going to be through tickets, or better commercials. Sadly, commercials for Arsenal have been a no go… so tickets have to suffice.

Let us not forget, when the stadium was being planned, there were no sugar daddies. Their influence screwed our business model to a certain degree. If Abramovich and the Sheikh hadn’t landed, football would be in a far healthier state across the board.

How hard is that to work out?

… and for the record, I do feel a touch for the City fans. London is kinder on the job front etc… however, if Arsenal were investing like City, I really wouldn’t care about my season ticket price.

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  1. Bade

    Also Jose Maurinho is expected to come back to the EPL

    Arsene will shite himself of the thought to face Jose again

    He’s too frightened to do so

  2. wanger-wenker

    my heart warmed when i read the talbot story……thats how desperate i am for that insane streak of french piss to walk from the club ive adored since i was a boy.
    Wenger wont buy anyone in this window because theo has signed a deal and the most luxurious of players; diaby is coming back to play another 6 games.
    He wont buy a striker as that undermines giroud directly and dont forget the faith wenger has in the “no-end-product” gervinho.
    If we lose heavily to man city i can forsee a panic buy situation and we could get flooded with cast-off loanees and a few more french misfits.
    There is no worse manager in the whole 4 divisions surely. There are real man -managers in the lower leagues, just like at bradford and similar teams.
    Wenger has been elevated to this position based on progressive reputation and good luck. He is largely a useless charlatan, so out of his depth when problems arise that his solutions do not even make logical sense. Stewart robsons criticism of wenger doesnt go deep enough for me. Wenger must be the luckiest employee in the world…a man earning the most obscene and disproportionately high income/talent ratio that the world surely has ever seen.

  3. Mainak Hazra

    Arsenal face a challenging run of six games in 18 days, including big Premier League clashes against Manchester City, Chelsea and Liverpool…Now if we perform well till the Liverpool game then forget about new signings but if we fail to perform to our expectations then the senile board may rethink about some transfers but only after the Liverpool game,that’s after 30th January.

  4. Santos


    Sadly, Arsene will still be at helm til his contract runs out. So much for honouring his contracts, I wonder if he would have stayed on, if his annual salary was 2.6 million. He’s a greedy hypocrite

  5. Ash79

    Ok, here’s one to debate.

    If the Uzbeki billionaire took charge and he could only pick out of Jose or Pep for new boss, who would you rather he chose?

    Third party answers not allowed, has to be one of the above.

  6. Craigy

    Really fucking dislike wenger at the moment, he does the same thing every fucking transfer window, i want him gone so bad, we need someone not scared to to invest in the squad and not fearing the responsibility if it don’t work out, wenger is a greedy fucking pussy, he’s playing it safe every year just to stay in a job, I love the guy for what he’s done for the club, but he needs to go, for me he’s fast destroying the legacy he built at this club, but he don’t seem to give a shit, I’m so tired of his excuses every year, we have a well balanced squad, ill only bring in super quality players blah blah, what chamakh haaaaaa please,

  7. bergkamp63

    I don’t get all the panic about not signing someone in this transfer window ?

    Make your mind up, do you want Wenger gone or not ?

    I personally hope we sign nobody, if I had my way the window would be slammed shut in Wenger’s face breaking his nose in the process !!

  8. Mainak Hazra

    I would go with Pep Guardiola….His style of football is more entertaining than of Jose’s..But Jose to ManCity ,Pep to ManUtd and Wenger still at Arsenal after 15years without trophy but making hefty profits year after year will be the real picture.


    When reading these blogs deja’ vu is the only damn word that keeps flashing in my head.Comments from ground zero of our disaster have been eaten up and then regurgitated into what i read every morning.I now long for something new to inspire my enthusiasm about this clubs future.Alas those words will only come when i hear AW has received his golden parachute,damage done.

  10. Kenyangunner

    Wenger is only obsessed about playing champions league. The day we fail to qualify, he will walk out and then may be….. may be AKBs will realize what kind of a person he is…….a Fraud!!!!

  11. Relieable sauce

    RVP – player of the month
    AVB – manager of the month

    The writing is on the wall imo & the run of home games during the next three weeks & his failure to strengthen will surely tell. The 2 mid week game attendances should be a good indicator of the belated growing lack of faith in him.

    City, pool, chavski, the orcs, w ham (i think) & not to mention Swansea who have already beaten Wonga at his own game this season. Michu seems to be scoring exactly the same type of goals against every time & i imagine no coaching has been done to rectify the tactical flaws, so probably a bit of de ja vous when we meet them again.


  12. marcus

    I do feel like Wenger is a psychopath. Whenever he goes out in the media he is so fucking arrogant and it feels like he genuinely thinks that whom ever he is addressing (players, fans, other managers, media..) believe the shit he’s saying. He thinks he can manipulate people and no one would see it.

    How many times have he talked about mental strength among the players. He thinks that if he says it, they will believe him. So obvious…

    How many times have he talked about “only buying exceptional quality”. He thinks the fans will believe in that. So obvious…

    How many times have he talked about Fifa Fair Play, as ANYONE would believe in that.

    I bet he’s sitting in his old f*ing chair at home, thinking he is so much smarter than everyone else and that no one sees through his lies.

    Classic psychopath behavior…

  13. Gunner2301


    Great post. You forgot to mention the role we have played in all of this. A club who has benefitted more than any other club in the PL by selling their players at highly inflated prices.

  14. DaleDaGooner

    somebody explain this to me, Serge Gnabry, Thomas Eisfeld, Chuba Akpom, Zach Ansah…Add Ramsey, Frimpong and maybe Coq….all these and we can’t offer Palace a deal to bring a known Gooner with some exceptional talent in a needed position (should the golden boy holdout move to striker)…..all Wenger’s talk today, and you know clowns are running things for sure.

  15. Keyser

    “A club who has benefitted more than any other club in the PL by selling their players at highly inflated prices.”


  16. Keyser

    A lot of silly talk about us losing, and stuff like the nightmare scenario being that we scrape 4th.

    After 7 years of turning a profit, having to compete with wages until it’s now seen as a negative burden, a list of players on loan we need to get off the books and coming up to a key moment in the stadium transition, we’ve managed to supposedly build up a £70 million pound ‘warchest’.

    7 long arduous years and what people think we need most is to lose out on the Champions League ?!

    That we need to lose several games and then what, Wenger goes and erm kroenke sells up to Usmanov in a cut price deal who then..

    fucking wake up..

  17. zeus

    Arsène Wenger is “optimistic” that Theo Walcott will sign a new contract with Arsenal.

    The England international has been in fine form this season and reports this week suggested that Walcott was ready to extend his stay at Emirates Stadium.

    Wenger remains cautious but confident that Arsenal’s top scorer will commit his future to the Club.

    “Discussions progress smoothly but slowly,” he said. “We are on a good road but in this situation, as long as nothing is signed, you are cautious.

    “But I am optimistic we will get to a happy conclusion. I was optimistic last week, but I am a bit more optimistic this week.”

    Wenger confirmed at his pre-match press conference that Walcott’s future will be resolved by the end of January and added that a new deal was not reliant on assurances that the 23-year-old will play in his preferred centre forward role.

    “No, it is not linked with that,” said Wenger. “I believe that Theo can have a preference maybe to play through the middle but first of all he never made a condition of that to extend his contract, because certainly I would not accept it.

    “Secondly he was always happier when he plays, whether it is on the flank or through the middle. That has no influence at all.

    “No [I didn’t make assurances], and he didn’t make a condition of it as well. But I see him playing more up front, yes.


    Wouldn’t surprise me in the least if the contract situation was resolved, but this is a PR game to present the situation as ‘ongoing’ til the end of the month. All in the name of, ‘we ran out of time to do anything.’

  18. Keyser

    Walcott’s pretty funny really, from people saying he’s shit he’s now gone to indispensable, if he had any moral guidance or sense of loyalty, like Van Persie he’d have shutup and signed a new contract already.

  19. DaleDaGooner

    “He is under the deluded impression that a team that has already lost to the likes of Norwich, Swansea and the mighty Bradford ”

    Though agreeing that Wenger is insane to look at his squad and not have added quality by now….. the above statement is just an absolutely ridiculous knee jerk reaction and false.

    United lost to Norwich, Swans have beaten top clubs, recently Chelsea AT STAMFORD BRIDGE, and Bradford beat out Aston Villa and Wigan….so don’t disrespect these clubs in your rush to make Wenger a complete joke…not that he isn’t…let’s focus on why he hasn’t added better tactics and personnel to the current squad.

  20. Ric

    KeyserJanuary 11, 2013 14:03:02

    Yes as opposed to sitting on our hands for another decade, a well rehearsed move that we are pioneering and which has brought us so much success.

  21. Keyser

    RIC – It’s joke Friday, think Bade was going for some sort of ironic statement how the use of the word is now there for erm people’s use.

  22. DaleDaGooner

    …and Walcott is a selfish cunt! this whole season and transfer has been revolved around him, i’m tired of seeing his name pop up, sign the fucking thing or just leave….

  23. TitsMcgee

    Scarping 4th the worst thing that can happen because that is Wenger’s goal and once he reaches that goal all is well in his eyes and the board’s eyes.

    Nothing will change, it will be deemed a successful season and wash,rinse,repeat will commence.

    You need to cut off your finger to save your arm sometimes.

    What good will scraping into UCL do? All the years we’ve qualified and we have nothing to show for it. We aren’t winning anything with the fungus we have on this team now. No way, no how. Even if we get to 4th by default we are still a VERY WEAK team that is just going through the motions.

  24. Ric

    DaleDaGoonerJanuary 11, 2013 14:09:01

    Although I kind of agree with both of you; it should be said that had any of the managers of those teams had the resources available that Arsene has, they would likely much rather commit harakiri than accept a loss to such filth.

  25. Ric

    KeyserJanuary 11, 2013 14:11:34

    I know I was just trying out an “inbred cracker ass” to see if it works both ways 😉

  26. Bush Gooner

    Would love to know what the other PL managers are thinking when they hear the utter garbage being spurted out from that maniacs gob at press conferences…

  27. Keyser

    Tits McGee – What do you think they’ve been doing all these years ? They’ve been scraping by getting to 4th because they weren’t willing to take the risk or adjust their sights knowing that they were hamstrung by the contracts they’d negotiated in building the Emirates.

    “You need to cut off your finger to save your arm sometimes.”

    You’re not doing that at all, they think helps coming, but you think the pains unbearable I might aswell start lobbing limbs off now.

    You’re delirious, it might be de-hydration, have you finished the water ? Take that melted Worthers Original that’s stuck to your thigh through the Cotton lining of your pocket and give it a suck.

  28. Ric

    KeyserJanuary 11, 2013 14:13:36

    Just pointing out that we are sort of out of “good” options. We’re either looking at disloyal sabotage, or strict adherence to doctrine.

    In many ways its just a loose, loose for fans.

  29. Keyser

    Who uses ‘cracker’ though ? What does it even mean ? Seriously, you hear it on American shows or old re-runs of Richard Pryor stand up concerts, never really known it’s origins.

  30. Johnny5


    ‘Great post. You forgot to mention the role we have played in all of this. A club who has benefitted more than any other club in the PL by selling their players at highly inflated prices.’

    Biggest pile of shit I think I’ve ever read on LeGrove. We basically give our players away cesc went for under £30m as did RVP Henry went for £16m was it despite at the time still being one of the best strikers on the planet. We constantly let other clubs mug us off. More wenger mismanagement fucking this club up because profit come before success.

  31. TitsMcgee

    So Keyser is saying that stand true. Sit back and HOPE that the light bulb goes off and that Wenger will realize?

    They haven’t had a case of urgency because they are making profits and achieving their goals.

    Take away achieving their goals and their profits and it ‘MIGHT” (note the word) be good enough for THEM to wake up and smell the coffee.

    Calm down there Francis.

  32. NoMoreCesc

    “We will not be signing any average players”. The rest of that quote was edited out of the article. “Because we already have plenty of those”

    There will be no new signings. The Theo saga will be stretched to deadline day. Diaby will not play in January so that he does not get injured until after deadline day. The excuse will be lack of match fitness. OGL is so incredibly predictable.

    On another note, you have to hand it to the Chelsea fans. The club won the FA Cup and CL last season and are in the title hunt this season. They added some quality players in the summer and Ba just last week. The club is funded by an oligarch and are not even dependent on revenues from gate receipts to be viable. And yet they have the audacity to boo the Chairman, Rafa, their 50m striker, and threaten to boycott matches if they don’t get their way. Chelsea supporters have some balls. Could it be that a team’s standards are set by their supporters?

  33. Ric

    KeyserJanuary 11, 2013 14:24:45

    You do realise you are saying that as if it is a sure thing? But that is by no means guaranteed. Graham lost his place, based on performances, so have many others. To think that us loosing out CL and UEFA spots might cause enough indignation to force AW out the door is by no means a silly idea to have. I’d find it much more worrying if that still was not enough to send him packing.
    Whether it is “the right thing to do” on the other hand…. Well I think every man has to find that out for himself.

    I mean the status quo has two fractions of AFC support forever battling it out over which one is the one filled solely by crazy people. No matter how sad and patethic it might seem to you, but staging anti wenger protest on a day we win in actuality just shows dedication. Its disloyal and I understand some might take offence. But if the campaing against him was succesful and he did go what then? No more AKB’s thats what, no more divisions of afcs patriotism, no more former players battling it out in the oppinion section having the same damn debate that has been going since last time we won something. No more “Will wenger ever get back in it?”, “Has AFC turned a corner”, ” We’ll get’em this year we just have to sell RVP first!” headlines.

    And speaking honestly… I think I’d take a few seasons fighting for tenth rather than another summer full of that.

  34. Keyser

    TitsMcGee – No, don’t turn up to games, go on Marchs, send e-mails, do whatever you want, but wishing us to lose right now isn’t really going to help and your explanation is silly.

    Think about it, after 7 long years we manage to scrimp and save 70 million or whatever Wenger has to spend. We miss out on the Champions League we’ve instantly got 30-40 million less to work with, we’ll have players on Champions League wages and it’ll be even harder to attract the players we need to have to get back there.

    Will that make Kroenke sell up ? He’s spent however many years buying up a majority stake in the club. At any point he could’ve put Wenger, board or whoever under more pressure to invest in the team, more than likely they’re simply waiting to negotiate new sponsorship deals.

  35. Ric

    NoMoreCescJanuary 11, 2013 14:42:26

    “Could it be that a team’s standards are set by their supporters?”

    I tried to make a similar point yesterday, but I think it mostly went under the radar. I do however think so, I think since the invincibles our fans have been faaaaaaaaar to complacent and lenient with old AW and crew.

  36. Keyser

    Ric – I don’t think you understand, protest, put as much pressure as you want on them, but saying us falling out of the Champions League is what we need is bollocks.

    If Wenger did leave what then ? All they’ve intended all along is to take as little risk as they can, run the club within it’s own means and wait until we can re-new sponsorship deals, we’re a year away from that.

    They’ll simply appease the situation, sack the manager, and all that does is leave the next one with even less to work with.

    “And speaking honestly… I think I’d take a few seasons fighting for tenth rather than another summer full of that.”

    I don’t mean any offence, but you’re either an idiot, or suffering from depression, who thinks like that ?!

  37. Ric

    KeyserJanuary 11, 2013 14:53:29

    “…more than likely they’re simply waiting to negotiate new sponsorship deals”.

    Its just that there that I simply find naive at this point, seven years on you still have faith that somehow one day they just wake up and actually start doing their job??? On what basis is that faith grounded??? History? Because if history is to be believed then: Vermealen is the next on out the door, no one bar some kid and maybe something old but cheap that Wenger scraped up somewhere, naturally on a massive wage is coming in. And that cycle is pretty much engraved in stone for the next decade.

    I’m sorry but that to me is way more naive than the hope that Usmanov might attempt a save once we’re tumbling and rid of AW.

  38. Paulinho

    Can’t blame Walcott for wanting what he wants. Wenger’s the one who overpaid him to become with and his current demands are reasonably proportional to the rises he got on his previous contracts so it’s only natural.

    Thing is all these players leave and Wenger never criticises them because they only doing what he’s taught them to do with his warped ‘values’.


    Believe it or not the word cracker originated in Florida where cowboys really started,really.they used whips and dogs to herd cattle.When the whips were snapped they made a cracking sound.The cattle business started in Florida from Spanish origin,and to this day the cattle business is bigger in Florida than in Texas.Also they did not refer to themselves as cowboys in Florida.

  40. Keyser

    RIC – “Its just that there that I simply find naive at this point, seven years on you still have faith that somehow one day they just wake up and actually start doing their job???”

    Naive ? Heh, Not just the most likely outcome, to disagree with that is ridiculous. The deals were tied up to fund the stadium move, with increasing wages and the nature of the Premier League, that is one of their last few hopes left to be self-sustaining.

    Not even sure what you’re disagreeing with. If they want to maintain their profiteering self-sustaining model that’s what’s left for them, and that’s the job they’ve been doing.

  41. Ric

    You don’t get it Kay; this:

    “They’ll simply appease the situation, sack the manager, and all that does is leave the next one with even less to work with”.

    … Is fine with me. A better manager would do more with less, Laudrup for one has less and look at him go. Wenger is a horrible manager, we qualify in spite of him not the other way around. A better manager working with the same players would quickly expose just how terrible he is. So to me your worst scenario still sound like distant fairytale but whatever floats your boat I guess. We all know you got a little softspot for the man.

  42. Ric

    KeyserJanuary 11, 2013 15:13:00


    I did not disagree with the fact that we are re-negotiating certain things next year, I don’t believe you’r dumb enough to intepret my meaning in that direction either so please don’t. I think it quite naive of you to assume that that money will be used to strengthen, by the same people that has 70 mill in an account they’re not touching right now.

  43. Nasri's Mouth

    Not qualifying for the champions league would not be a good idea. We could survive it and we’d hopefully get right back into it the following season, but it certainly wouldn’t help us at all.

    Just look at Liverpool. Mid table, not improving, not able to attract world class players or managers

  44. bergkamp63

    “You Can Unearth Gems At African Cup of Nations Believes Arsenal Manager Arsene Wenger”

    Like Dung Beetle for instance !!

  45. Keyser

    RIC – You’re completely wrong really, go back to the start of any of the previous few seasons and read what people have written at the end of the summer transfer window and then where we’ve ended up.

    It’s like your Laudrup example, Swansea have played a certain way since Martinez took over, their managers haven’t left because they’ve had a run of poor form, they’ve been picked off to take-up what were then more lucrative jobs at supposedly bigger clubs, Martinez left for Wigan, and then Brendan Rogers for Liverpool, they’ve kept the continuity going and have maintained a variation of the same style. Laudrup’s another continuation with a couple of key additions.

  46. Keyser

    “I think it quite naive of you to assume that that money will be used to strengthen, by the same people that has 70 mill in an account they’re not touching right now.”

    Ric – Sorry, wasn’t really my point, it’s not whether I think it will be spent or not, it’s that it’ll still be a far better situation than what we’d left with, without the Champions League. Naive is thinking they’d change their MO knowing that they’re year away from re-newing those deals.

  47. bergkamp63

    How many years ban from CL does a club get under FFP rules ?

    If a club spent £500m in one season and made a huge loss, are they only banned for one season ? if the following season they return to profit are they then allowed back in ?

  48. TOLI83

    Nasri’s mouth agreed.

    But they have also spent 60mill combine on the likes of Henderson, Downing and co. Made some really poor hiring decisions in Kenny D etc. Doesnt have to be as bad as they ended up.

    Funny how most of us would have Laudrupp tomorrow (including me) yet he hasn’t really achieved anything of any substance that we can base this hire on. That’s how low we have sunk.

    Next people are saying they would take George Graham back (including me 😉 )?!

  49. Ric

    KeyserJanuary 11, 2013 15:23:06

    What does fans expectations have to do with anything? I thought we’d secure third last year, I also thought we’d scrape by this year even thought there is no chance in hell Giroud and Pod score thirty between them.

    I’m simply saying loosing out on CL a year might hopefully send Arsene packing, if for example Laudrup then took over mid season, awesome. Any eventuality that leads to Arsene’s exit is per definition better for us than any scenario leaving him in place. No matter the cost.

    I don’t really get your priorities in this; as a fan what does it matter to you whether we get Uefa or CL footie? I think you’ll agree we are far more likely to win a trophy in the Uefa cup than we are in the CL. The money aspect is naturally quite different but apart form brainwashed arsenal fans who cares??????????? Seriously WHY DO YOU CARE ABOUT THE MONEY?
    WHY DO ANY OF US????

    Simple Answer:


  50. Ric

    TOLI83January 11, 2013 15:34:31

    Although I agree it is a rash decision, I just threw out a hypotethical… With a choice between him and Wenger, its an easy choice.

    But I have to say what he did as a coach in Denmark was also very impressive, he got FC København to the CL final sixteen or something didn’t he?

  51. Nasri's Mouth


    It doesn’t have to be as bad, but it’s still bad. No doubt one of the reasons they signed such players was because they were unable to attract the better ones. So they had to go down the costly ‘British spine’ route.
    And now of course they’re stuck because they don’t have the next years CL cash payment to bring in replacements, so their buying mistakes were more costly.

  52. Bush Gooner

    So Theo will sign the contract “in weeks”. I look forward to him being sold in the summer and Wenger not bringing in replacements. during January

    The lot out !

  53. TitsMcgee

    – “No, don’t turn up to games, go on Marchs, send e-mails, do whatever you want, but wishing us to lose right now isn’t really going to help and your explanation is silly.”

    We have oodles of cash to spend now and we aren’t spending it. You take away their Golden Goose(the UCL) and then they might sit back and say hey obviously the team needs strengthening because we just dropped out of UCL for the first time in over a decade. The only way these guys stand up and take notice is hitting their cash.

    I am not going to sit on my couch and root for Munich to pound us but if there is some good to be attained it WOULD be that once again we have shown to not be good enough and the same goes for dropping out of UCL 4th position too.

    Marching and that stuff is great but that doesn’t hurt their bank accounts. Not one bit. Their bottom line is all they care about.

  54. Keyser

    RIC – “What does fans expectations have to do with anything?” Easy, mate, what were you basing your next paragraph on, because there’s fuckall reasoning behind it.

    That whole post was pretty much irrelevant. You’ve decided Laudrup’s doing a good job ? How and why ?!

    There must be something substantial to your thought process to come up with stuff like that, it’s like you yesterday saying so and so’s a better player than Cazorla, when you nothing to back it up with other than your opinion.

    You’ve done that before aswell and got upset, it’s like you’ve brainwashed yourself into thinking that your opinion is paramount no matter what you say or think up.

    Come on don’t be soo naive.

  55. Ric

    Nasri’s MouthJanuary 11, 2013 15:40:03


    Kenny D was the singular mastermind behind the “English spine” idiocy (Which Arsene is copying by the way) The first thing he did was to go out and say he wanted to buy every english talent there was.

    The dumbest thing to ever say in front of an army of English Agents.

  56. LeMassiveCoq

    Did, anyone see this? (yeah ok it’s the Sun, so probably BS..but…this is Wonga were talking about..)

    If true, then Wonga has truly, truly gone bananas.

    a) Sagnas form has been shit since he came back and Jenks should be playing anyway (He has learned to defend and is probably one of the best crossers of the ball in the squad).

    b) If Sags gets another injury, who the fuck is going to play RB??

    Fucking French Idiot

  57. TOLI83


    I agree with you mate… I really want a younger manager on the touchline, animated and looks like he gives a fuck. Someone who has a strong rep in the game and the players respect. Someone that can impress the big names and be bold in the market. Play attacking football and ambitious. Pep would fit that criteria as would our Dannish friend.

    Nasri’s Mouth

    Having a year out of champs league wouldnt necessarily be that bad. Wenger goes, we get Brian for example. Get a lot more out of the players we have (which is a lot) cut the dead wood, by way of buying them out of the contracts. Sell those that can be sold for pennies, just to get them off the books. Buy some recognsised names. Then use the squad instead of playing the same first XI every…single…week.

    Finishing 4th will create the same gig as this year. 5th in an odd way helps me see some light at the end of the tunnel.

    Shoot me down but I can see us finishing 30 points off the winners this year which is a fucking disgrace.

  58. mystic

    Joppa Road January 11, 2013 12:16:30
    ‘………and I hope the club lose through out Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr & May so the board will be forced to remove him. ‘

    Can’t understand the point of hoping that Arsenal lose, Wenger is a cunt but wanting Arsenal to face defeat after defeat isn’t the way forward. How many decent managers out there do you think would be prepared to take on a club that is stacked high full of losers – and no matter what we might think of the players, it is extremely unlikely there will ever be a major cull (significant tweaks yes, cull no).

    Sorry mate, you assume that the board will sack Wenger because of poor results, why? The commercial deals are being signed now and all that SS will care about is his wallet, do you really think he gives a shit about results?

    No matter that Wenger is a cunt, or even that the club is being bled dry, my support for Arsenal is unconditional. I will not give the Owner / Board / Manager the satisfaction of turning my back on the club and leaving it in the confines of the AKBs.

  59. Keyser

    TitsMcGee – Don’t go to games mate, don’t pay for merchandise, that hurts their bank account.

    “We have oodles of cash to spend now and we aren’t spending it”

    We don’t, we have 70 million or whatever it is after 7 whole years of them trying to turn a profit.

    Lol mate seriously 7 years to save up 70 million and in one fell swoop or us failing to qualify for the Champions League they lose a 40 million chunk of it, what you’re saying makes no sense. In fact for years they’ve been saying ‘We’ve prepared for life without the Champions League’, why ? Because they’ve got that money to fall back on.

  60. Ric

    LeMassiveCoqJanuary 11, 2013 15:49:11

    Yup first thing I commented today! Bloody insane!

    But at least we saved some money ey Keyser he he.

  61. Ric

    KeyserJanuary 11, 2013 15:52:46

    It is not your job, why do you care?

    We know we have money, we have people hired to use and invest that money, how is doing their job relevant to our support of our team? It is not.

    Keyser you are indoctrinated.

  62. gambon

    “We don’t, we have 70 million or whatever it is after 7 whole years of them trying to turn a profit.”

    Are you fucking kidding me?

    We’ve made vast profits yearly. The last time we didnt make a profit was 2002.

  63. Keyser

    Ric – I’m saying missing out on 4th is not good for the team I support, you’re saying what ?!

    According to you I’ve been indoctrinated because I want my team to finish as high up the table as they can. Seriously..

  64. mystic

    Ric January 11, 2013 15:58:04
    ‘You admit to being blind deaf and stupid.’

    Sorry don’t understand your comment. Guessing you believe that SS gives a shit about results?

  65. Keyser

    gambon – What did you think I mean’t by that ?!

    Every year we try to turn a profit, and we’ve managed to build up a 70 million pound ‘warchest’ whatever the fuck you want to call it.

    Don’t tell me you thought because I said ‘try’ that we failed. Please.

  66. Ric

    The fact of the matter is that before we find a way to unite the support (fire Wenger) we have no chance, we are divided and easily conquered.

    The fact is that we have reached a point where some fans would rather see Arsenal loose than to see Arsene have success (call them whatever you want, they really don’t care) and as long as that is the current situation. We will never win anything, we will never compete for anything and do we honestly deserve to? Wengers position is untenable, his opposition won’t fall in line, so the only option is to force the AKb’s to do so by fireing him once and for all.

    Whatever you may feel about it doesn’t matter, whatever we might loose monetary wise does not matter at this point, because this is the situation we are in. Continuing along this path for a few more years is possible but will amount to nothing. So the quicker the rest of the AKBS comes to terms with this the better for all.

  67. gambon

    No Keyser

    Weve built up £155m since 2006, which will probably be a lot higher in May 2013 (Queensland Rd & other property money, £11m transfer profit last summer)

    This is while ballooning the wage bill from £80m to £143m, and spending significant money on the Emirates.

    We are bulletproof financially, and have no reason to accumulate cash, beyond Wengers mental experimental ideas.

  68. Dev_Gooner

    God darn the stupid browser. Typed shit load and even it hates me posting!

    Fail Wenger, Fail Transfer window. Btw i think somehow this team will again suddenly perform, get results the leading weeks to 31st jan and fill that mad man’s mind into thinking we dont need anyone! hope for city to trash us aint gonna do anything

    Up the Gooners. Hope Wonga drowns in his own turds!

  69. Keyser

    Ric – Nope, I just 4th as being closer to 3rd, than 10th is, whereas, fuck knows what you think.

    I don’t see it as For Arsene or Against either, you can’t differentiate the board, Kroenke and Wenger, they’re all in it together, to say that they’d operate differently with a different manager is ridiculous. Kind of like saying that Laudrup has transformed Swansea.

  70. mystic

    You are missing the point. kroenke doesn’t give a shit about results, it is his pocket that matters.

    Losing games won’t make wankers position untenable as far as SS is concerned. His commercial guys are signing the deals and that cunt arsene is keeping his hands in his pockets and not spending, kroenke is a happy man.

    Ironically in some ways it is better that Arsenal make money and kroenke’s shares go up, the cunt might cash in and take a profit – if he retains them he will see little of the benefits and clearly that is all he is in it for. If they go down he might panic sell, but then again he might hold on to them in the hope of a rise again. I am quite happy for the yank to make a huge profit, as long as he fucks off asap and takes that tosser wenger with him.

  71. Keyser

    gambon – Heh, what do you mean ‘No’ ?!

    Have we spent the money ? No, would it beneficial for us to compensate the lack of money that ensues missing out on the Champions League, with what we’ve saved no.

  72. gambon

    “kroenke is a happy man”

    I wouldnt say that

    The champs league is worth £40m at least pa, Each league position is worth £800k, sponsors dont line up to sponsor weak teams.

  73. TitsMcgee

    If we finish out of UCL position we won’t make as much money. THAT IS EXACTLY THE POINT.

    That is all they care about.

    Keyser rather see us finish in 4th from now until kingdom come than make a sacrifice for a year or two to get Arsenal back the way we see it.

    What good is all that profit if we don’t use it and low-ball every potential signing because we are trying to play cheap?

  74. TOLI83

    An example would be Emirates cutting money to the club if they didn’t make the champs league. They’ve already sounded the warning 6 weeks or so ago.

  75. mystic

    Gambon you said it yourself
    ‘we are bullet proof financially’ losing games isn’t going to hit kroenke in the pocket for some time. Regarding the commercial deals, they are being signed up now, not at the end of the season, so results won’t affect sponsorship significantly enough – the deals currently being signed are so much higher than in previous seasons, so even if some of the money was held back it would still be on par / an improvement on current returns.

    kroenke ‘is a happy man’ and Arsenal are fucked. Until the wizened old twat sees he can make a major profit in selling his shares, I fear we could be stuck with him and his money pinching cunt of a manager.

  76. Keyser

    TitMcgee – Stop making up shit.

    They’re one year away from re-newing Sponsorship deals, why are they going to spend money now, when they’ve waited 7 years, and seen far better teams/players come and go ? They even tell you they’re prepared for life without the Champions League.

    “Keyser rather see us finish in 4th from now until kingdom come than make a sacrifice for a year or two to get Arsenal back the way we see it.”

    Also this doesn’t make sense, how is 40 million pounds less going to make it easier to get back to the way we were ?!

    Seriously maybe people have been indoctrinated.

  77. TOLI83

    Iffy I said the club is fucking sloppy these days.

    They still have posters around the stadium advetising a book signing that happened first week in December. Terrible form…

  78. wanger-wenker

    i agree with the opinion expressed by RIC.
    To get wenger out will take something drastic to happen. I’m afraid 4TH PLACE will only encourage him to stay on as it protects him from any criticism that will have any significant effect. Wenger often uses the achievement of 4th place as something to crow about and many AKBs just lap it up.
    The board would be happy to reap the profits that champs league gives, so only fans like those on Le grove will be angry.
    Many fans seem to believe that its somehow disloyal to want arsenal to lose matches…….however this IS NOT ARSENAL….its arsene fc and a pale shadow of the formidable teams of the past.
    The logic is simple even for conditioned-to-win fans and its as follows.
    LOSE and the pressure mounts on Wenger untill even that arrogant wanker cant continue. Failure to make champs league is the final nail in his coffin.
    As for the idea that we couldnt attract top players……well we arent now are we!….also bergkamp was bought by bruce rioch(and david dein) and we werent even in europe that season.
    We will rise again from the ashes of the burnt out arsene fc.

  79. TitsMcgee

    You are saying “why worry about it”

    “”Also this doesn’t make sense, how is 40 million pounds less going to make it easier to get back to the way we were ?!””

    Fear. You reek of it.

    Clearly you aren’t a business man and don’t have a business mind. 40 million lost is huge to any owner. You are saying it’s better to maintain the status quo and be content with 4th rather. Just sit back and pray that for some reason(even though he hasn’t done it for the past 8 years) he’ll make some drastic change.

    We finish in the top 4. NOT A DAMN THING WILL CHANGE. NOTHING. Wenger and the board will have a mission accomplished feeling.

    We finish out of the top 4 and MAYBE the club wakes up and smells the coffee and realizes they can’t win the way we are operating.

    I rather take the “maybe” than the “guaranteed” lack of change.

    You are afraid that things might get worse if we lose. It certainly will but you have to get worse to get better in this situation. The way we are now Arsenal is screwed as long as we are being run the way we are. SCREWED.

  80. Cesc Appeal

    Man City are so evil we sold £72 Million worth of players to them….

    Wenger can’t complain that they are the monster of the game ruining it then sell to them at inflated prices so that he can boast profit making to cover up for his total ineptitude on the field

  81. Keyser

    TitsMcGee – Mate, go back through what I’ve written, they’ve maintained that status quo, because with Citeh and Chelsea’s spending and them being hamstrung with pre-negotiated Sponsorship deals they weren’t willing to take the risk..

    “You are saying it’s better to maintain the status quo and be content with 4th rather. Just sit back and pray that for some reason(even though he hasn’t done it for the past 8 years) he’ll make some drastic change.”

    The reason is those Sponsorship deals.

    Think about it, why would they be willing to change things now, with 40 million pounds less, knowing that they’re only a year away from a cash injection anyway.

    That’s not fear, unless it’s fear of stupidity. I’m not trying to be rude but your position doesn’t make sense.

    It’s like this over the past 7 years we could’ve finished outside of the top 4 in any of those years and they’d probably have been willing to do what you’re saying then they are now.

    There is no point to it.

    What evidence do you have that this will let you live your dream ? Nothing.

  82. Ric

    And Keyser right back at you; flip the coin, what guarantee do you have that we will change our ways and start to compete instead of following the same path we have for more than ten years?

    “What evidence do you have that this will let you live your dream ? Nothing.”

    … was a nice quote by the way.

  83. iffy da goon

    USAGunner that letter is quite pathetic. What would you do if you received that sob story in one hand and a 7.5m cheque in the other.

    If we want Arsene out, we’ll have to make him leave

  84. TitsMcgee

    Keyser wants the sponsorship deals. Okay that’s what you want and falling out of top 4 will change that? Please.

    What evidence do I have to back up my stance? None

    What evidence is there to back up the stance that they’ll do anything if we do finish in 4th place? THE PAST 8 YEARS.

    Get the picture?

    You want us to grab the sponsorship deals before we “tank”? Fine.

    You severely underestimate billionaires if you think that a 40 million loss(and that is exactly what it would be) wouldn’t matter to him.

    It would at the very least hold Wenger accountable and that if what is missing right now.

  85. Johnny5

    I’ve got a feeling theo won’t sign and we won’t sign no one at all and Chelsea will nip in late in the window to nab Walcott we will probably then finish 8-9 due to the poor morale of the better players like cazorla and podolski who must look around at the rest of the squad and think I fucked up signing for this bunch of cunts.

  86. kwik fit

    And finally a joke for joke Friday;

    Wenger said: ‘we work in the transfer market, but we don’t work on average, only exceptional player and so far not found him.’

  87. Ric

    “Losing games won’t make wankers position untenable as far as SS is concerned. ”

    Thats my major gripe with this whole thing… Technically AW’s position is already untenable, it probably has been since the 8-2 drubbing. But I’m afraid it just hasn’t dawned on all of us.

  88. Keyser

    Ric – I don’t think you understand, for 7 years all they’ve been working towards is being self-sustaining, the only way to progress in their minds is to re-new those sponsorship deals and increase the commercial side.

    All missing out on the Champions League is, is another set-back on their route to achieving that.

    I’m not arguing that they will change their ways, or that 4th will be maintained, because we might not even make it this year, I’m saying that the last 7 years show that missing out will have little affect on their ideals.

    Those last 7 years show that.

  89. Jeff

    Man goes into a bar and says: Give me a double whisky and downs it in one.

    Soon after that he says: Give me a double brandy and downs it in one.

    Then he says: Give me a double vodka and downs it in one.

    Following this he’s holding his stomach and looking very ill.

    The barman says: What’s the matter?

    Man says: Oh I shouldn’t have had that with what I’ve got.

    Why, what have you got?:


  90. Keyser

    TitsMcgee – Mate, I’ve told you what will put pressure on him, that’s them losing out on money through the fans. Through fan pressure and resentment.

    “You severely underestimate billionaires if you think that a 40 million loss(and that is exactly what it would be) wouldn’t matter to him.”

    They’ve said each year that they’ve prepared for that, do you not understand this ?! There’s no bullshit, they’ve got money stored away for this possibility. If they were that worried about that, they’d have invested in teams of years gone by.

    “Keyser wants the sponsorship deals. Okay that’s what you want and falling out of top 4 will change that? Please.
    What evidence do I have to back up my stance? None
    What evidence is there to back up the stance that they’ll do anything if we do finish in 4th place? THE PAST 8 YEARS.”

    I haven’t said any of this, you’re just making it up, I’m telling you what they’re doing, what’s in their heads, that’s exactly what they’ve done and said.

  91. supergunner14

    Just to brush up on the wages.
    No wonder all the kids come here we are the only club that will give average players 50k+

    Even funnier now tho is youths like holtby tell wenger piss off!

    I fill sorry for the next manager they have a lot of mess to clean up.

    The board and wanker have rinsed the club and fleeced the fans!

    There all piss off soon!…..I hope!

  92. Paddy got up

    Don’t forget all the property money they are raking in and never mention at all.
    Sadly we are stuck with this lot until they are forced out. If we as fans put the pressure on and get that mad French twat of a manager out then I reckon the rest will fall. Imagine Yellow Gazides having to sack the man who appointed him! On orders from The Syrip.
    The Syrip won’t want all the negative stuff and sells up to the KGB man..Simples
    Lets get off our Arse(nal)
    Let’s start with a few chants that can be thrown out. Any ideas?

  93. Ric

    Keyser; please realise I live in a part of the world where clubs qualify for CL on a fraction of AFC’s budget, yet they still intend to compete.

    Our rivals in the league mostly all want to compete, and all of them are in a worse position to do it than we are. Yet they try.

    All we had to do this year in order to actually dominate this effing league would have been to keep hold of two integral players.

    That is one year of risking the budget far less than we actually have space for in order to win. We all saw and felt the optimism such a small effort could make, for one week this summer, when Cazorla was in the bag and RVP and Song still was ours. Do you remember that week? I do, and even though I told you all then that it would not be, to be honest, in fact for a second there even I deared to dream. And I must say that dream was legend my friend.

    But we all know what followed; We chose to take the money and run, as we have, and always will with the current administration.

    We are sellouts, we have sold out, there are many an example but the RVP saga was still… defining. Because not only did we sell out, we sold out to what was once , in my mind at least, our fiercest rival.

    How can anyone justify that?

    I hate the mancs with a passion, but when all is said and done, hats off to them, they are winners.

    And we choose not to be.

  94. Keyser

    Ric – Seriously mate you need to let this go.

    “I live in a part of the world where clubs qualify for CL on a fraction of AFC’s budget, yet they still intend to compete.”

    This is almost irrelevant, do they qualify for the Champions League competing against teams as strong as they’re in the Premiership in the first place ?!

    I’m not even sure what your point is now.

    All I’m saying is for the past 7 years the club has been run with one goal in mind, self-sustainability, they’ve been holding out for those Sponsorship deals to help them with that.

    Every year they say we’re prepared for life without the Champions League, so what makes any of you think that will change ?!