Arsenal linked to plenty of solutions / Wenger shuts the door on all of them

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Good morning and welcome to Friday! It’s freezing here in the UK as the winter finally decided to settle… of key importance I feel is the lack of rain. If we can make it through to Sunday like this, it should make for a decent spectacle. Lets hope rumours of blizzards are as fat fetched as the ones about Diaby being fit enough to sustain a 50 game run.

It’s speculative transfer stories galore today, first up is the news from The Daily Hill-wood that’s carrying the story of Zaha and Fergie’s fear of a late bid from Arsenal scuppering everything. Sounds promising. Nothing but the truth comes from PHW, so maybe there have been some second thoughts. This story pleases me, not because there is any truth it… more because it’s probably been planted by Zaha’s people… thus proving there is such thing as Arsenal DNA.

What would that be off the back of? The success years…

Other stories hitting the news feeds like a Fellaini head butt are a bit familiar. The Express reckons Adrian Lopez is ours if he leaves Athletico. I’d be surprised if a Spanish club could afford to let a 24yr old leave on a free. So it could be on. No one is talking about Llorente, another bosman this summer… Prolific and technically sound.

Keeping things in Spain we’ve been linked with Negredo of Sevilla, they’re cash strapped and looking to offload. There’s also some tentative linkage to French powerhouse Capoue.

Who’d have thought it, in cash strapped Europe, there are clubs on their knees trying to offload assets. Remember these stories in 6 months time when Arsene said he couldn’t find a striker better than the gap Marounne Chamakh left on the bench.

The final story sits with M’Villa. He’s leaving if someone bids. The same deal we’ve heard about for years. No one seems to care though? He does have a touch of the Adebayor’s about his attitude. Maybe that’s the issue.

Still, what does any of the above matter if the manager is saying things like…

“We have a good squad, a balanced one. At the moment nobody can go out, unless we buy somebody.

“At the moment our focus is to keep everybody. In every position we have two players. Three is too many and one is not enough.”

Nice one Arsene, going into Sunday, our only specialist striker is 50/50. So much for his lies about looking for players in every position. If he doesn’t buy anyone again… He’ll have one hell of a mess to deal with if things go tits up post window. If any person in the country can look at our squad and deem it good enough to compete for the league… or even worse, so good it can’t be improved, well, they’r working on borrowed time eh? Let’s pray there’s not a 5 year deal waiting on the table for Arsene. Get someone with a bit of balls in the board room who can get Stan in a headlock, ruffle his hair (toupe, whatever) and show him the damage he’s doing to his club by ignoring the big fat elepehant in the room.

Final story of the day, is for the people who have been taking the mick out of my assertions that ticket price increases are impacted by by Manchester City and their wage inflation ways. How hard is that one to piece together? If you pay Adebayor £165k a week, what does Samir Nasri want? Well, a lot more than he’s worth. Could Arsenal offer that? No. So he leaves. Theo Walcott sees what Wayne Bridge and Samir Nasri earn. What does he want? A lot more. Could Arsenal offer that? Yes. Did it break our pay structure? Yes. Same for United. Wayne Rooney saw he could earn £250k a week at City, so he sulked and threatened to leave. He eventually stayed, on a massively inflated contract. Could United afford it, yes, have they pushed up their season ticket prices to cope? Of course they have.

Manchester City and Chelsea collectively pushed up player and agent expectations when it comes to contracts. Hence the massive hike in wage bills across the league since 2008 particularly… but also well before. Wages and ticket prices aren’t correlated at City because they have a sugar daddy. However, at a club like United or Arsenal, season tickets go towards wages. So if you have to bring in more revenue in a self sustaining way, it’s going to be through tickets, or better commercials. Sadly, commercials for Arsenal have been a no go… so tickets have to suffice.

Let us not forget, when the stadium was being planned, there were no sugar daddies. Their influence screwed our business model to a certain degree. If Abramovich and the Sheikh hadn’t landed, football would be in a far healthier state across the board.

How hard is that to work out?

… and for the record, I do feel a touch for the City fans. London is kinder on the job front etc… however, if Arsenal were investing like City, I really wouldn’t care about my season ticket price.

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  1. Spectrum

    Wenger has said that he won’t sign anyone else until the current players ( Walcott ) contracts have been sorted. While Wenger takes his time and dawdles, the best players in the market ( including the ones WE have targetted ) are being snapped up by other clubs. Wenger has wasted, repeat WASTED, eleven days of the window already, by his indecision and slowness in getting Walcott signed up. This is mismanagement that is going to end up costing us, as you’ll see when we bring in more kids and inferior quality replacements.Because we didn’t show enough urgency to get our business done quickly. And didn’t this very same scenario present itself with other players a season or two ago ?


    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  2. AC Gooner

    I am not surprised by the lack of movement of Wenger.

    I think we will sign a striker and a defender. At least. But it will be late.

    It will cost us some points probably – But he dont care.

  3. Wolfgang

    If Arsenal continue to decline ie drift out of cl circulation,there are many talented guys who will be ready to serve in an instant.No one is indispensable.The red faced will stop the moment his winning run stops. Nobody cares for sentiment and loyalty.
    The only contant is winning.

  4. Spectrum

    We always seem to have a “hitch” in our negotiations don’t we ? And I’d lay odds it’s due to us not being WILLING to pay what’s required to conclude a deal. That shows a lack of ambition – as if we didn’t all know that already.

    And realise this – it’s not just since the window opened that we’ve been wrangling over this with Walcott. It was going on for months before ! Yet we STILL are incapable of being decisive and finishing it.

    Whoever negotiates the deals ( can’t we guess ? ) is incompetent if he can’t manage to solve this standoff by now. As I said the interests of the team suffers the longer this fiasco drags on. Sir Alex wouldn’t have allowed it to go this far. Make up your mind, you either want to keep him, or you don’t. If you don’t, then let him go on a free if necessary, but get on with pursuing the players we DO WANT, and get the deals done before they’re all gone, and we’re left with the dregs.

    “In Arsene we rust.”

  5. Goonerfied

    What the hell is this old crack pot doing to our team!! Its obvious we need a world class striker & a CM who doesn’t pass it sideways & is taller then 5ft 6.

    If he doesn’t sign 2 top class players we will be in serious trouble.

    It seems to me that we need to finish outside the top 4 before the board will react!!!


  6. Spectrum

    AC Gooner – The only movement we’ll see from Wenger, is when he shits all over us again.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  7. diabyearnshowmuch

    I hope we don’t buy anyone in the transfer window, we have some very good players, it’s just the manager who’s fucked. He’s well past his best. He’s been brilliant, thank you. now move on.
    Bring in Dave Brailsford and lets get this revolution under way, Brailsford and the £70m warchest we have would put us light years ahed of any of our rivals.
    wrap up warm on Sunday fellas, it’s going to be a cold bleak afternoon, and that’s not just the weather.

  8. andy1886

    It’s looking bleak on the transfer front. No solid links, contradictary statements from AW, and not even anyone of note agitating for a move to AFC. It doesn’t seem that long ago up and coming players mentioned Arsenal as their ideal destination. It doesn’t happen anymore, but Wenger doesn’t seem to wonder why that is.

    The silence smacks to me of Wenger trying to be clever and pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute, trouble is it will probably be a scabby old thing with myxomatosis that dies a death in the reserves a few years later.

  9. Kareem

    Don’t know what’s really going on with Arsenal nowadays. Do they even care about winning any more? Do they want to win trophies? Do they even care what the fans (positively and realistically speaking) wants?

    Nowadays, it seems that Wenger is a dictator of the club. Playing good players out of position. Keeping mediocre players at the club, while keep on selling their best players. No, Arsenal is not the next Ajax. While Ajax keep on selling their best players at their prime, they also tend to replace them quickly enough to ensure they have all the chance to win trophies. While here, at Arsenal, we don’t care about winning, we don’t care about trophies, what Wenger and his board want is to ensure financial stability flowing to their bonuses every year.

    Wenger keep on telling the fans that he will do whatever he can to bring world class players every transfer windows but what he really meant is he will save the money selling our best players to make more bonuses for him and the board. Now that the club has increase the ticket for the price, why that can only one thing – even if the team plays so bad, it’s okay cuz at the end the club is making money from the fans

  10. potter

    A complete breakdown of Arsenal’s season ticket holders would be interesting,
    Where they live
    Their Age
    Employment status.

    It is assumed that with London prices and wages things are more affordable, however I think you will find that distance traveled to games would suggest that a large percentage actually do not benefit from such things. I and quite a few others live over 120 miles away ( couldn’t afford to stay in London ) and perhaps are the S.T holder that the club wants to lose as my disposable income is not the same as others, however I don’t think I am alone.

  11. Skandibird

    Good Post this morning but fearful the ‘boss’ doesn’t give a toss about our feelings anymore, otherwise why would he keep uttering nonsense at press conferences about attendance etc

    Now, the para below speaks volumes and surely most fans feels exactly the same as you Pedro, I certainly agree with you:

    “”… and for the record, I do feel a touch for the City fans. London is kinder on the job front etc… however, if Arsenal were investing like City, I really wouldn’t care about my season ticket price.”””

    I’ m getting the feeling via the media/twitter and elsewhere that Arsene unlikely to buy any players this window and keep the £70m in the coffers to keep the ‘American’ happy with the interest earned on that! So bloody hard to be an Arsenal supporter nowadays, even worse than the early nineties when we were hovering mid table all the time, I don’t personally enjoy feeling so negative so if anyone could drag me out of this mood I’d be most grateful……

  12. LeMassiveCoq

    Different transfer window, same old rhetoric from the insane despot running, sorry ruining our club.

    We need to get this mentalist as far away from Arsenal as possible and quickly.

    He is under the deluded impression that a team that has already lost to the likes of Norwich, Swansea and the mighty Bradford and drawn with Stoke, Sunderland, Villa, Southampton and Fulham…can somehow compete for trophies.

    Do us a favour Wenger and fuckoff to PSG.

  13. bergkamp63

    “The silence smacks to me of Wenger trying to be clever and pull a rabbit out of the hat at the last minute, trouble is it will probably be a scabby old thing with myxomatosis that dies a death in the reserves a few years later.”

    I was thinking more like they would be like a rabbit that has run out into the middle of the M25 at night, got dazzled by all the lights and get run down by the juggernaut that is the PL !!

  14. goona!

    Looks, as ever, like we are going to be scraping the bootom of the “transfer barrel” again, picking up the scraps/leftovers after the big boys have had their noses in the trough. Wenger and the board don’t care because they have their noses in a pile of cash, the real fans cash. They are oblivious as to what is going on. If Wenger HONESTLY thinks this squad is good enough he is surely mentally ill, or seriously in denial. Either way we will not improve on or off the pitch until he has gone. As someone mentioned yesterday, I would rather he did not buy in this window, and leave the money for someone with more ambition to spend.

  15. mystic

    Just had an e.mail sent to me regarding this morning’s conference, where Wanker has uttered:

    ‘We will only bid for exceptional players’

    What a fucking joke this whole mess is. Manager and Billionaire are both utter cunts and have turned Arsenal in to a standing joke amongst everyone else.

  16. AC Gooner


    you are indeed right. The only movement in the window likely being Wengers bowel movement in the direction of us supporters.

    But I feel somewhat immune to Wenger shitting all over us. It has happened for so long already I just dont care and am used to it.

    That lanky delusional old goat has his days numbered – so I feel kinda relaxed about the whole thing.

    When he goes, I dont care who takes over. ANYONE will do a better job.

  17. Maciek

    Once again Wenger has f***d it up. We are 6 points behind Spurs (and the have much better squad and will buy some quality players as always) and soon we will be 12 points behind them since we will lose against City and chelski and the French MANIAC isn’t acting at all. There is so many quality players available for small money and he consideres Diaby and Walcott as our new transfer. God help us.

    He wants to destroy our beloved Club. Where is his AMBITION? Is he on Levy’s payroll? What’s going on?

  18. naved777

    i am loosing patience…
    villa gone,zaha close to fall in the clutches of Man U , wenger not serious on Lopez and M Villa? lol .Sunday will be a big test for Arsenal

  19. gambon

    Wenger getting agitated in his press conference today

    “We have no problem with players wanting to join us. I’ll give you my phone for 24 hours! We can afford 90 percent of them”


  20. mystic

    The injuries bit I agree with, but hoping for defeat is wrong. The latter will not achieve anything but create more of a bunker mentality within the twat and he will try to hold on even more.

  21. gambon

    Wenger: “We dont look for average players, only exceptional players”

    Yes Arsene….


  22. Spectrum

    Th e Independent says that Arsenal’s chief scout Steve Rowley ” continues to scout Wilfred Zaha.” Apparently it’s between us and United. But W.T.F. ? WHY are we still only SCOUTING him ? Surely the scouting should have been completed ages ago, and an offer finalised, in readiness to trump United ? We’re behind everyone else in whatever we do.

    It’s not just players who need agents. Wenger needs one himself, as he obviously requires some expert help in doing deals !

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  23. Colonel Mustard

    ah i see Wegner bluffs the transfer window is well under way. “New Signing”…Diaby convieniently rolled out before he breaks down again. Theo, i mean great he is signing up probably but god if thats our ambitions…….. oh Wegner sometimes the old man has to call it a day. this will only end in tears anyways.

  24. gambon

    Arsehole Wanker

    “We only look for exceptional players, and so far we havent found them”

    Let me help you Arsene…

    Cavani is better than any of our strikers
    Falcao is better than any of our strikers
    Jovetic is better than any of our strikers
    Damiao is better than any of our strikers

    Fellaini is better than Diaby, and able to play
    Cabaye is better than Diaby and able to play
    Strootman is better than Diaby and able to play

    Capoue is a better DM than Arteta
    Gonalons is a better DM than Arteta
    Vidal is a better DM than Arteta
    Bender is a better DM than Arteta

    Schurrle is a better player than Gervinho
    Nani is a better player than Gervinho

    This is going to be a fucking nightmare. Wenger will talk bullshit for the next 3 weeks and we will sign no-one!

  25. Kurt F

    I actually think those Wenger quotes are good news for those of us who want him out. If he doesn’t spend and we don’t finish fourth, (which I don’t believe we will without new signings now) then if he has an ounce of decency or love for the club he has to go, surely? There’s no way it could be spun as not his fault.

    OK, so it means we have to suffer the pain of not qualifying for the champions league, but as long as we appoint the right replacement that pain should only be very temporary.

    The trouble is, can the board be trusted to make the right decision? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Moyes is the man for me – a great motivator and tactician with a real winning mentality, Premier League experience, a brilliant eye for a player and a desire to test himself at the very highest level (his contract also runs out in the summer so he’d be nice and cheap).

  26. Andy Dubbs

    No matter how loud the fans call for Wenger to leave the club it will only happen if one person wants it to happen….. WENGER!
    He’s so powerful at the club now that he makes all of the decisions… ALL OF THEM!!
    He’s too bloody stubborn and pig-headed that he wont do anything unless he thinks it was HIS idea!
    So we have a few options:
    1 – ‘Hope’ he sees sense and goes.
    2 – Keep shouting and crying about him being there – ‘Hoping’ he’ll go.
    3 – Get behind the TEAM, cross fingers Wenger signs some quality.
    4 – Get behind Arsene – ‘Hoping’ he’ll remember how he once was great.
    5 – Give up, stop caring. Watch Match of the Day and smile if we win, smile if we lose.

    Sadly Arsene IS NOT GOING! We have to get our heads round that. It’s sad and annoying but true.

    Love the club, support the team.
    Then…. ‘HOPE’ Wenger wants to retire!

  27. Ric

    Why is Wenger pushing Jenks onto Palace? I don’t really have much in store for the kid, but bar Sagna who else do we have to fill his position?

  28. DAWA

    When I commented here aii through this week that Arsenal and Wenger were deceiving the Fan about looking exceptional players. Ee should all know that no team will sell their best player now thus will not buy new playe r this January. This notwistanding I believe we will come fouth come May 2013 using our old strategy of crashing out FA and Champion League cups so as to prevent distractions .

  29. mystic

    Hitler shot himself in the end, but look at the way he directed the oblivion from his bunker before hand.

    It was only when the Americans closed in that he decided everything was over, Arsenal have their American on hand and the twat is fully supportive of the wanker.

  30. Babatundey

    Are you not all tired of moaning every transfer? Well i am.I wont continue reading the same transfer shit again everyday.Pedro do the only normal thing and that is call for Wenger’s head and the board if they wont change as from tommorrow.Enough of this lets take it as a matter of duty to call for Wenger’s and the boards sack,sooner or later one of them will point accusing fingers at each other.How on earth someone can see positive in a lacklustre team every season is beyond me.Pls do these for us Pedro.

  31. Spectrum

    Any chance of a swap deal – Walcott for Suarez ? Know which I’d prefer. Or maybe Walcott plus cash ?

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  32. andy1886

    BK63 – I have another analogy, Wenger with another failed signing but this time he is the shopkeeper defending his sale of a certain dead parrot

    Supporter: ‘Ello, I wish to register a complaint.

    (Wenger does not respond.)

    Supporter: I wish to make a complaint!

    Wenger: We’re closin’ for lunch.

    Supporter: Never mind that, my lad. I wish to complain about this player what you purchased not half an hour ago in this very transfer window!

    Wenger: Oh yes, the, uh, the Norwegian Blue Striker…What’s,uh…What’s wrong with it?

    Supporter: I’ll tell you what’s wrong with it, my lad. ‘E’s utter shite, that’s what’s wrong with it!

    Wenger: No, no, ‘e’s uh,…he’s resting, injured as it ‘appens.

    Supporter: Look, matey, I know a crap player when I see one, and I’m looking at one right now.

    Wenger: No no he’s not dead, he’s, he’s restin’! Remarkable athlete, the Norwegian Blue striker, idn’it, ay? Beautiful technique!

    Supporter: The technique don’t enter into it. It’s utterly and completely feckin useless!

    Wenger: Nononono, no, no! ‘E’s just getting into his stride e’ is!

    Supporter: All right then, if he’s restin’ while injured, I’ll wake him up! (shouting at the player) ‘Ello, Mister Super Striker! I’ve got a lovely fresh new contract for you…

    (Player just dribbles a bit from the mouth….)

    Wenger: No, no…..No, ‘e’s stunned!

    Supporter: STUNNED?!?

    Owner: Yeah! You stunned him, just as he was wakin’ up! Norwegian Blue Strikers stun easily, mate.

    Supporter: Um…now look…now look, Wenger, I’ve definitely ‘ad enough of this. That player is definitely a piece of rancid dog shit, and when you purchased it not ‘alf an hour ago, you assured me that its total lack of movement was due to it bein’ tired and shagged out following a prolonged night in the pub.

    Wenger: Well, he’s Norweigan…he’s, ah…probably pining for the fjords.

    Supporter: PININ’ for the FJORDS?!?!?!? What kind of talk is that?, look, why did he fall flat on his back the moment you got ‘im home?

    Owner: The Norwegian Blue Striker prefers laying’ on it’s back! Remarkable specimen, id’nit, squire? Great mental strength!

    Supporter: Great mental strength? Pinin’!? ‘E’s a total waste of space! This player is no more! He has ceased to be! ‘E’s expired and gone to meet ‘is maker! ‘E’s a stiff! Bereft of life, ‘e rests in peace! If you hadn’t nailed ‘im to the subs bench ‘e’d be pushing up the daisies! ‘Is metabolic processes are now ‘istory! ‘E’s off the twig! ‘E’s kicked the bucket, ‘e’s shuffled off ‘is mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin’ choir invisible!! THIS IS AN EX-PLAYER!!!!!!


    Wenger: Well, I’d better replace it, then. (he takes a quick peek behind the counter) Sorry squire, I’ve had a look ’round the back of the shop, and uh, we’re right out of strikers.

    Supporter: I see. I see, I get the picture.

    Wenger: (pause) I got a slug, payin’ im 50k a week…..

  33. Colonel Mustard

    my problem is the self imposed glass ceiling Wegner has imposed on us. like the limbo the bar get lower by us. Do he think we are fools?? The board, worse, letting me continue on this mad mans experiment of North Korea delusion standard.

    – We are not winners, everyone can see it. mental collapse par for the course
    -The Players mentality needs massive work, the talent is there somewhere
    – If you remove your best players every year what do think happens…
    – Demba Ba should be an Arsenal player – massive mistake
    – The sale of RvP to United will haunt Wegner and seal his fate – the single worst piece of profit making, suit inspired decision ever made. appalling from Gazidis, Wegner, whoever sanctioned it.

    – Wegner is playing a great game, he is acting at the moment, 7 million for a job that is a social experiment for him,he knows it too. he just cant lose any control on Arsenal but the most galling thing is this complicit board. A great man has lost his way and he need to be removed from Arsenal with dignity as it will end appallingly for him. there are more moments of face*plant ahead with this team be assured.

  34. kapslock

    Wenger’s out of touch with football as a whole. We could sign 3-4 players this window but it wont make much of a difference. Tactics and motivation completely non-existent. We won’t be a big force until Wenger goes and a suitable replacement is found.

  35. Relieable sauce

    Not sure if i’ve done my sums right but these 2 players we have for each position would have to include one of gnabry, eisfeld or frimpong wouldn’t they?
    I have already included AA & le coq, players who Wonga won’t use for rotation & only brings them in to replace injured 1st teamers. I am genuinely beginning to believe he has fairly serious mental issues, after previously laughing the suggestion off as healthy ridicule of his short comings.
    You just have to laugh at his silly, silly comments now, they seem to be only for him to get his kicks, like some kind of childish private joke that no-one else is aware of.

    I do have some hope that this will be his last season for us. We surely can’t make 4th with this squad especially if the spuds & everton strengthen.

  36. Danish Gooner

    Fourteen days ago he said this “We will be busy in the transfer market”,how on earth can you go from that statement to we have a complete squad with 2 players in every position a full squad?????? Did the bean counters tap him on the shoulder and said no spending,no spending for goodnesssake????

  37. Guns of Hackney

    So, we’re signing no one and Wenger is still an insane maniac who wouldn’t know one end of a good footballer from a Fellah and a Singh along…

    Day 2,556 of the Insane-o-meter: Arsene suggests once again that this is the strongest squad he has ever had, including 2 double winning sides and an unbeaten side…the trouble with this statement is that it was written his his own faeces on the boardroom wall, while he himself sat flaggulating himself with his own sleeping bag coat – Diaby looked on.

    How crazy-o-meter: as mad as 8 lindsay lohans, locked in a bag with percadan addicted badgers…probably a fish, too.

  38. Midlandgunner

    I’m quite happy for him to not sign anyone as this will eventually end badly for him there is no way this squad is good enough and the pressure on him come end of season will be huge and if we end up finishing 7th 8th surely no one will have the balls to offer him a new 5 year deal,most people I speak to now cannot believe he is still in a job it’s only a matter of time,the pressure was getting to him after the Bradford game it was quite apparent with the way he was reacting in interviews but 3 wins against poor teams has given the arrogant tosser his confidence back but the pressure will be back on him more than once again from now until the end of season it could well be as near as first week in feb with the likes of city,Chelsea,Liverpool and Swansea in the cup to play…..he is gambling on diaby coming back and theo signing on and playing consistently well it ain’t gonna happen theo will go on his usual inconsistent run again and diaby will break down after 2 and a half games and be out for 3 weeks which will turn into 3 months again…….please walk arsene for the sake of the fans sanity you are destroying us

  39. A.k.b nemesis

    I was ten years old when i first watched arsenal(the invincibles team),10 years down the line and were struggling with the scum and everton! At times i just want to breakdown.

  40. Josip Skoblar

    For the older chaps…
    I bumped into Brian Talbott this morning in Kentish Town (he was a midfielder for us in the early 1980s – an Arsenal lad through and through). He now works for Fulham as a scout. Well, I asked him a few questions about our club. He said that everyone at the club knew that Wenger’s days were numbered (including himself). He was of the view that he would go at the end of the season.

  41. TOLI83

    All of this is making me feel I dont mind him not spending in January. If he spends on average dross and we get 4th then he kind of gets away with it. If he leaves it as he his then I honestly dont think we will get it this year. No way, not now.

    Obviously be great if Everton finished 4th.

    So he thinks we have 2 in every positions. Well the first choice XI wouldnt make it into many of the other teams in TOP 4 and our back up players would just about scrape into some of the championship TOP 4 teams, I genuinly believe that as well.

    He should be stopped from holding conferences. It’s not good for my ticker…

  42. Guns of Hackney


    Come on, mate…LOL good try. No one would just come out to a complete stranger in the street and say ‘Arsene’s days are numbered’…and you say he works for Fulham but everyone at the club knew AW was leaving???

    Why would Fulham care, or know?

    Nice try.

  43. Spectrum

    For the big match this weekend the bookies can’t fit the width of a cigarette paper between the two teams as far as odds go. Of course, with our team you never know who out of Jekyll and Hyde will turn up on the day.

    But here’s a stat that might surprise ; – Arsenal have won 11, drawn 4 and lost 0 of the last 15 stagings of this fixture, outscoring their opponents by 25 goals to 5. Good news for the optimists and A.K.B.’s. But gloomy reading for those who want Wenger out ( which, of course, is the vast majority of us on here ).

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  44. gazzap

    2 players in every position? Yes but what about their quality? Are they able to win trophies. Is Ramsey more effective than MVila for example? Is Zaha better than Gervinho? That’s the sort of questions a top manager should be asking.

    fuck off Wenger.

  45. Josip Skoblar

    Talbott does not work for Arsenal. Why wouldn’t he feel free to express an opinion about Wenger? (and obviously he may be wrong) Of course I’m a total stranger to him. I greeted him and started chatting with him. What’s so strange about that? This is quite a common situation when you live and work in north London. I liked him as a player and I think that he was quite flattered that someone recognised him in the street. I agree: what he thinks about Wenger may not be of great value. It was just nice to have met him.

  46. mystic

    A tale in my barbers years back that someone over heard a person bent down having his hair washed as say:
    “everyone knew we were going to lose when we saw Lee Chapman come off the bench”.

    Another guy sitting nearby apparently commented ‘what the hell does he know’, only for the deliver of the coment to arise from the sink – it was none other than Brian Talbot.

  47. Josip Skoblar

    Technically speaking, you’re right. He’s from Ipswich I believe. He played 5-6 years for AFC, his best years of fooftball.

  48. Johnny5


    Sorry bud but I still don’t agree with you. My take on it is that wages have risen in the premier league because of the fact that there is a lot more money from tv companies here but also abroad and agents saw this and thought yeah well have some of that. The city’s and Chelsea’s of the world may inflate wages a tad but not to the point where there to blame Pedro. Wages were on the rise anyway because tv and sponsorship income has gone up ridiculously. But where arsenal are concerned its all bollocks because arsenal don’t pay decent players decent wages anyway in fact we pay less than half the going rate to our best so it’s not because of city or Chelsea that arsenals ticket prices have gone up, like I said yesterday it’s because THE CLUB ARE GREEDY CUNTS. Good bloggers like yourself pedders are being fed bollocks about it being city and Chelsea by those like wenger with an agenda

  49. Spectrum

    Guns of Hackney – Josip did give us a bit of hope though, however fleeting. He brightened my mood for a couple of minutes. Why did you have to burst our bubble ? Swine !

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  50. Ric

    I wonder where that fish has gone…

    You did love it so, you looked after it like a sab.

    And it went, wherever I did go…

    Is it in the cupboard?

    Yes, yes, yes!

    Wouldn’t you like to know, it was a lovely little fish.

    And it went wherever I did go…

    Its behind the sofa!

    Where can that fish be?

    Have you torn the draws in the bureau?

    It is a most elusive fish…

    And it went wherever I did go…

    Oooooooooooh fishy fishy fishy fish!

    Ahfish ahfish æfishy oooh.

    Oooooooooooh fishy fishy fishy fish.

    And it went wherever I did go…

    You looked up his trunk!

    Yes! Give him his trousers!

    …. That was terrific!

    Great yeah!

    Best fish so far!


    Yeah really pisky, hi hi…


    They haven’t said much about the meaning of life so far have they?

    Well its been building up to it…

    Has it?

    Yeah I suspect they’ll get on to it now,

    Personally I doubt they’ll say anything about the meaning of life at all.

    Aaaawh they gotta say something…

    They’re bound to.

    …. Yeah….

    What do you think the next bit will be then?

  51. Relieable sauce

    Good stuff today from Wonga & grovers alike. Promising noises he’ll be gone soon & this show he’s putting on is reminiscent of a crazed serial killer smirking at his victims relatives before he is sent to the chair.

    Wow 8 Lindsay Lohans, that is crazy! Just when i thought a sack full of monkey with hand grenades was as crazy as Wonga could get. Is there a box of frogs in there as well?

    Arsene Wenger you tiny brained wiper of other peoples bottoms. (MP- The Holy Grail)

  52. Marko

    The fucking idiot keeps bringing up Messi in his press conferences like we’re being unreasonable with our demands for new signings that he mentions signing Messi. Honestly if another window goes and he doesn’t at least attempt to rectify some of the problems in the squad then something has to be done

  53. Guns of Hackney


    Sorry, I wasn’t completely disregarding your meeting – so, I apologise. Talbot was from my era in the early 80’s…

    Perhaps I am hoping that someone, somewhere actually does know that Arsene IS leaving, rather than just rumour.

  54. Josip Skoblar

    Wenger can’t carry on like that for another 5 years. I guess that he’ll leave when his current contract expires.

  55. Guns of Hackney


    Frogs, bats, fish and a few honey badgers, as well. It’s a menagerie of craziness!

    I imagine Arsenal board room is like a clown factory with each board member trying to out-mental the next. I can see toy hammers that squeak, a flower that shoots water, a uni cycle and a juggler on a rope…and then the ring master, Arsene…blowing fire and sticking his head in a lions mouth.

    Joke team.

  56. Pollux

    For arsenal to progress, Wenger must first go. Everyone knows this. his tactics and desire to play players out of position are appalling. however, The only way arsene might go is when we have a disastrous season. No 2 questions about it. Sit back and relax guys. If we fuck it up this season, The long term future could end upbrighter. If we gets lucky and end up top 4. We still have CL to self console and wank on. In other words, its win-win for Arsenal fans.

  57. Johnny5

    Fellow grovers stop listening to the bollocks. Wenger will be offered a new contract for sure. He will lose out on CL this season and be given an extension to get us back there then retire like a conquering hero to all his blind followers. Wenger is going nowhere

  58. Guns of Hackney


    Do not be so sure. Honestly, even if we fail in the holy grail for Arsene (the CL) – he’ll be offered the chance to get us back in – you know it, I know it and every other responsible fan who loves Arsenal knows it.

    He is unsackable.

  59. Ric

    Guns of HackneyJanuary 11, 2013 11:33:43

    Don’t forget about the astronaut making spaceman paninis in the corner oh and black hitler.

  60. mystic

    If wanker survives another couple of weeks he will stay until at least the end of the season. Who is going to take over at a disaster club, when the transfer window is shut and therefore only the existing squad is there to play around with.

    Average players will remain average, no matter how someone new tries to change them.

    The clock is ticking on the outcome of the season. With wanker, no silverware – without wanker after no action in the transfer window and it is shut, no silverware. What a fucking mess, I just can’t see him deciding to jump and SS is so money minded I can’t see wanker getting the push.

    In addition to wanker and SS, the people who really piss me off are the commentators and players who defend him and maintain he deserves more time – FFS in some ways they are actually worse, as they are drawing out his suicidal tactics.

  61. G4L

    January 11, 2013 11:26:40
    The fucking idiot keeps bringing up Messi in his press conferences like we’re being unreasonable with our demands for new signings that he mentions signing Messi. Honestly if another window goes and he doesn’t at least attempt to rectify some of the problems in the squad then something has to be done
    But something has to be done already as it is now.

  62. Josip Skoblar

    No problem. I shouldn’t have written what Talbot told me because we of course wish it were true. It was a 5-minute conversation on the pavement and it’s the kind of general comments you make when talking about Arsenal these days (to be fair, I asked him the question so he just answered). It’s a bit like predicting the weather. No one knows but everyone ventures a guess. The main thing for me was to meet him. I always get excited when I unexpectedly meet former players. It brings back good memories… 🙂

  63. Guns of Hackney


    LOL – very nice! Black Hitler!!!!

    Carry on Arsenal!!!

    I’m starting to wonder if the past 8 years has been a reality TV show or X’d with Jamie Kennedy…you’ve been framed!

  64. Guns of Hackney

    11, 2013 11:43:27

    Guys, who do you want brought in?

    Quite literally, ANYONE! Klopp for me. I wouldn’t mind him bringing 4 or 5 players with him!

  65. DaHustler

    Wenger says hes focusing on keeping theo before buying, now he reckons he’ll sign by 31st Jan lol so hes basically using the whole fucking window to sign an overrated player who only raised his game for more cash! If we dont sign anyone, we seriously have to protest this shit, whinging on blogs doesnt help our cause, we need to hit em where it hurts!!

  66. Cloggs

    However, at a club like United or Arsenal, season tickets go towards wages.
    Yes to a certain extend, but there’s also the supply and demand; Arsenal can ask these prices, partly because they’re situated in London, have a nice brand new safe stadium convenient located on the piccadilly line, matchday facilities etc. There’s a large membership fanbase that easily can suck up the empty seats on a weekend matchday. When the stadium sells out there will be even more tickets available on the exchange, and that amount is steadily increasing, indicating that more ST holders are selling
    The management are well aware of this and they know at what price touts sell.

  67. Spectrum

    Analysis of the match here – Will Mancini be negative ? He can’t afford to be. City need to make up ground on United. A loss for them would see them 10 points behind, should United win, which could well mean it’s United’s title. City will miss Yaya Toure most of all, ( Aguero is already ruled out ). For us, Giroud is only 50-50. So our attack will be even weaker,

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  68. Cloggs

    Thats why you see all those empty seats on a wednesday evening (The CL game againts Schalke for instance). Stadium doesn’t sell out because the day trippers stay away and gold members can’t sell on the xchange and aren’t botherd to show up.

  69. Josip Skoblar

    I quite like Remy. He had an excellent season two years ago scoring 30+ goals, but he’s been struggling this year. We need IvoryGoonz to update us about him!

  70. Ash79

    Arsenal will be unable to negotiate Lucas Biglia’s €8m release clause should they wish to sign the Argentina midfielder, according to Anderlecht general manager Herman van Holsbeeck.
    Biglia has been linked with a move to north London in the January transfer window to help bolster the club’s midfield ahead of a busy period of the season, with potentially six games across 19 days.
    Arsene Wenger has openly stated the club are looking for fresh options in the window, but should they wish to pursue with a move for Biglia, Arsenal must pay €8m for his services now, or wait until the summer.
    “We’re willing to talk about a transfer in July, but there is no question of a January move, unless we receive the €8 million that we agreed when he signed his contract a year and a half ago. We won’t deviate from that.”

    If this is true Arsene, whats £7m quid? Just pay the fckin fee and move on.

  71. Bade


    So Arsene said again: “Our squad is complete”

    Put aside for a moment how re’trad this sounds. Didn’t he say the other day: “We are looking to to add in the transfer window “everywhere”??

    That man is so out of touch it’s actually funny a bit

    He sounded as if he’s an out of touch dictator in his last days. Hope so

  72. Bade

    I really hope that even Ivan Gazidis can see how mentally ill Arsene has become & his lack of interfering is only a strategy to let Arsene hang himself by his own deluded actions

    I really hope it’s the case

  73. gazzap

    I really don’t see Arsenal beating City on Sunday. I think don’t think we’ve played a good team for a couple of months. But Arsenal simply don’t beat good teams anymore. December was the easiest set of fixtures ever! Swansea showed us where we really are. City will beat us so be prepared for that.
    Wenger will blame city’s billions £ for the defeat.

  74. Joppa Road

    It’s all rather boring.

    Best Wenger doesn’t spend any money don’t you think?

    Best Arsenal lose a good few games in a row now – don’t you think?

    Bad results will bring change, that is why I called for Arsenal to lose against Spurs. I was slated for that but I notice now people are calling for Wenger not to be allowed to sign player (like I suggested for the best of the club a while back).

    Wenger has shown zero interest in signing top quality which let’s be honest Arsenal can afford and are the only types of players Arsenal should go for. This being the case I don’t want Arsene signing any one and I hope the club lose through out Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr & May so the board will be forced to remove him.

    I would also like to see PHW, Gazidas etc slung out on their Arse.

    Progressive change: USMANOV IN.

  75. Ash79

    lol@ Spectrum

    Mate find me one gooner who gets excited about Arsenal transfer related goss. We all know its tripe

    Arsene’s recent comments –

    I find it hard to analyse individual performances
    Sometimes I think I will buy, then after the next match I don’t think I need to, its very hard to decide
    Yes we will strengthen, we will strengthen everywhere
    We need to first focus on keeping players here
    No, we have enough players
    Have my phone for 24 hours
    We only buy those that are exceptional

    Seriously, this guy isn’t well. He isn’t well at all.

  76. Bade


    We may get a result against $ity

    They lack Aguero (injured), Yaya (ACON) & Nasri (Suspension)

    They also have even a worse manager than Arsene

  77. Relieable sauce

    Its 6 games in 21 days, potentially 7 if we beat Swansea in the replay.
    We’ll be ok though according to Wonga if we don’t get any injuries. LOL

  78. Joppa Road

    Arsenal Truth telling it how it is yet again. Arsenal Truth takes it a notch further than LeGrove.

    “A player like Abou Diaby for example, who has played 117 times for Arsenal in seven seasons and has never proved his ability nor contributed to any success, has cost the club around £23.8m in wages/fees. Of course, it may not be Diaby or Arsenal’s fault that he is perennially injured, but why should the club suffer the cost of Wenger’s economic stupidity when at a ‘normal’ big club Diaby would have joined on £15k p/wk or less and had perhaps one increase commensurate with his productivity (or lack of it) throughout his injury blighted career.”

    Read the full article here.

  79. Joppa Road

    “Yet Wenger shows no sign of conceding to this madness, re-signing an average player such as Aaron Ramsey – who has already cost the club a £4.8m transfer fee and an estimated £13m in wages – to another 4 year contract, probably on more money. Imagine the waste if Ramsey remains as average as he is now? By 2017 Ramsey could well have cost the club somewhere in the region of £30-£35m.”


  80. Guns of Hackney


    Always a good read but a bit too infrequent. Also posts are a bit hit and miss for contributions. Definitely more AKB’s write in there, than here.

    All true though. Diaby and his injured ilk have cost Arsenal probably close to £50-£60m in the past few years…Diaby, Rosicky etc.

    Bad economics.

  81. TOLI83


    Yaya out – Garcia plays
    Aguero out – Balotelli plays
    Nasri prob woulnt have played anyway.

    Both of their ‘replacements’ would stroll into our team.

  82. Arben

    Are we looking to sign another french cunt,i’m so fuking sick and tired of those french players and that is just because of Wanker,
    Has Arsenal FC has turned into jobcentre for Frenchspeakers footballers fuckin hell.
    Can you not sign anyone anymore please so at least there is no more frech coming into our club.

  83. Spectrum

    Most matchdays we often get desperate requests on here for live streams of good quality. For those who are in need, here is what I do ;

    1) Download and install Sopcast player ( if you don’t already have it ). As it works best with Internet Explorer, use THAT as your browser.

    2) Bookmark this page

    3) click on the “football” link inside the icon at top of page.This will take you to the match schedules.

    4) find the Arsenal game from the list, and click on the blue “live” box at the far right of page. You’ll then get the various streams that are covering the game. Look for ones using Sopcast. Of THOSE, choose the one that has the HIGHEST speed ( in kilobits I think it is. ) This is shown beneath the star ratings. The higher the speed in kilobits the more stronger / stable the picture is likely to be. I’ve found that the highest for some strange reason, is often broadcast in Rumanian. You can still make out who the players are though, by who is on the ball.

    But for those who prefer English commentary, simply choose the NEXT HIGHEST speed until you find it ( if English is available ). IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER ; Go by the SPEED, not the number of stars in the rating.

    After trial and error, I’ve found this system most often ( not always ) gives me a strong, clear reception, with few if any, of those annoying freezes. If you’re lucky, the one you watch will be in High Definition, so you get an even better picture. Good luck !

    Oh, nearly forgot – ” In Arsene we rust.”

  84. Joppa Road

    And when I say I want Arsenal to lose to bring about change, it’s because there is no other way to bring about change. Our fan base will not bring about change. Take the Black Scarf movement for example – they really missed a trick when complaining about ticket prices and focusing on Gazidas. They bottled out of attacking Wenger directly. It was a wasted opportunity in my book. Let’s face it though the clubs support is so bland now days what chance do they have of bring change.

    The only way if for defeat after defeat which will crank up the pressure until something gives. The wage structure which Wenger has put in place borders on madness. It’s a structure that can only harm Arsenal.

    I call for defeats for the better of Arsenal.

  85. Guns of Hackney

    Hold on a second. I do not rate Diaby but he is not alone. The WHOLE team is on astronomical wages and to a man, they have not won anything for Arsenal.

    Theo has won FA since his move from the saints, scored about 50 goals, a few assists and all of a sudden is our top earner????

    Diaby is working a system designed to reward mediocre performances.

    This is the Arsenal we all support.

  86. Joppa Road

    ZAR….Wenger will string out Theo signing for as long as possible to divert attention away from the fact he won’t sign any one and also that he is hamstrung but his own redic wage policy which makes it harder for us to bring top quality in. At what other club would it take so long to get a player to sign?

    I hope Theo tells them to fck off and leaves for a better deal elsewhere.

  87. Spectrum

    ZARgooner – Wenger is still haggling with Theo over a few pounds, and wasting the transfer window whilst he’s at it. Le Senile is confident he’ll sign, but no definite word that he has. So far, at least.

    As an earlier poster said, Wenger thinks he’ll sign in the next FEW WEEKS (!). By that time the window will ( conveniently ) be shut.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  88. Ramsey's backpass

    Wenger said

    “we have two targets this window-gets our players signed up and get our players back from injury”
    The cunt thinks coming back from injury during transfer window means you are a new signing

    what is the point of a fit rosicky when wenger loves ramsey.

    Walcott and diaby are our new signing
    we are in the market,we dont want average players,we are looking for exceptional players,and we have not found him” useless man
    son of a gun

  89. Bade

    “I said some time ago that I don’t think we appreciated the full use of him but I think that’s happening now,” stated Sir Alex. “We’re more familiar with the type of player he is and that’s helped us. He’s become really important to us

    The first thing we looked at was the player’s ability,” he revealed. “To pay that amount of money was a lot for a player in his last year. But the thing about that is that it was proved a year before when City played £24million for Samir Nasri – you either want him or you don’t want him

    We wanted Robin badly so we were prepared to go the extra mile for him. It’s just the way the game is nowadays”

    So so true by the Red Nose cunt.

    Arsene looks so pathetic when you look at Red Nose & compare them both. The latter is older but much more attached to the game & its changes

  90. Bade


    Just for you mate, and for nemesis too

    Sack Arsene!
    The Judgement May Brigade!!

    But I think he’s gone this summer, of course after finishing his work of dismantling this great club

    The new manager will have so much to sort out, but at least he will have money & won’t have the pressure of the CL oiling on him

  91. Cloggs

    As what Pedro said about the BSM; It’s like organising a protest “Let’s take fat out of junk food” in front of a McDonalds.
    The BSM are fighting an already lost battle, ST prices are just sold by their market value, not what they think would be a “reasonable” price for the average working class hero
    On the other hand, you can’t put pressure on the management /wenger to invest according to what you pay for as long as the stadium more or less sells out.
    It’s as simple as that.

  92. TitsMcgee

    Biglia is painfully average. Would just be another average signing if true.

    It’s clear as day that Wenger is completely out of touch.

    How anyone, much less the manager that gets paid 7 million a year, can look at this squad and decide we need no additions is beyond me. Completely beyond me. It’s a joke at this point.

    Good news is that this team is weak and remain weak and that certainly we will continue to struggle. Very good chance we get ousted by Munich and we have a gauntlet next two weeks in the prem. Things could go quite ugly for us and to be quite honest that is exactly what we need. We are in the fast lane to nowhere with Wenger at the helm. He’s driving us off the cliff Thelma and Louise style.

    Of course the nightmare scenario is that we scrape 4th and we get to hear about our 17 years of qualifying or whatever or we just barely finish out of 4th and we get to hear “oh well 14 out of 15 years they can’t fire me for that”….

  93. Bade


    Hopefully he won’t

    I think he played out all his luck cards now

    If we don’t add this window we’re about to lose the 4th spot, which is about the last thing’s holding him up

    If we did lose it, I can’t see neither Arsene nor the club sustaining the pressure from fans & media