Arsenal linked to plenty of solutions / Wenger shuts the door on all of them

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Good morning and welcome to Friday! It’s freezing here in the UK as the winter finally decided to settle… of key importance I feel is the lack of rain. If we can make it through to Sunday like this, it should make for a decent spectacle. Lets hope rumours of blizzards are as fat fetched as the ones about Diaby being fit enough to sustain a 50 game run.

It’s speculative transfer stories galore today, first up is the news from The Daily Hill-wood that’s carrying the story of Zaha and Fergie’s fear of a late bid from Arsenal scuppering everything. Sounds promising. Nothing but the truth comes from PHW, so maybe there have been some second thoughts. This story pleases me, not because there is any truth it… more because it’s probably been planted by Zaha’s people… thus proving there is such thing as Arsenal DNA.

What would that be off the back of? The success years…

Other stories hitting the news feeds like a Fellaini head butt are a bit familiar. The Express reckons Adrian Lopez is ours if he leaves Athletico. I’d be surprised if a Spanish club could afford to let a 24yr old leave on a free. So it could be on. No one is talking about Llorente, another bosman this summer… Prolific and technically sound.

Keeping things in Spain we’ve been linked with Negredo of Sevilla, they’re cash strapped and looking to offload. There’s also some tentative linkage to French powerhouse Capoue.

Who’d have thought it, in cash strapped Europe, there are clubs on their knees trying to offload assets. Remember these stories in 6 months time when Arsene said he couldn’t find a striker better than the gap Marounne Chamakh left on the bench.

The final story sits with M’Villa. He’s leaving if someone bids. The same deal we’ve heard about for years. No one seems to care though? He does have a touch of the Adebayor’s about his attitude. Maybe that’s the issue.

Still, what does any of the above matter if the manager is saying things like…

“We have a good squad, a balanced one. At the moment nobody can go out, unless we buy somebody.

“At the moment our focus is to keep everybody. In every position we have two players. Three is too many and one is not enough.”

Nice one Arsene, going into Sunday, our only specialist striker is 50/50. So much for his lies about looking for players in every position. If he doesn’t buy anyone again… He’ll have one hell of a mess to deal with if things go tits up post window. If any person in the country can look at our squad and deem it good enough to compete for the league… or even worse, so good it can’t be improved, well, they’r working on borrowed time eh? Let’s pray there’s not a 5 year deal waiting on the table for Arsene. Get someone with a bit of balls in the board room who can get Stan in a headlock, ruffle his hair (toupe, whatever) and show him the damage he’s doing to his club by ignoring the big fat elepehant in the room.

Final story of the day, is for the people who have been taking the mick out of my assertions that ticket price increases are impacted by by Manchester City and their wage inflation ways. How hard is that one to piece together? If you pay Adebayor £165k a week, what does Samir Nasri want? Well, a lot more than he’s worth. Could Arsenal offer that? No. So he leaves. Theo Walcott sees what Wayne Bridge and Samir Nasri earn. What does he want? A lot more. Could Arsenal offer that? Yes. Did it break our pay structure? Yes. Same for United. Wayne Rooney saw he could earn £250k a week at City, so he sulked and threatened to leave. He eventually stayed, on a massively inflated contract. Could United afford it, yes, have they pushed up their season ticket prices to cope? Of course they have.

Manchester City and Chelsea collectively pushed up player and agent expectations when it comes to contracts. Hence the massive hike in wage bills across the league since 2008 particularly… but also well before. Wages and ticket prices aren’t correlated at City because they have a sugar daddy. However, at a club like United or Arsenal, season tickets go towards wages. So if you have to bring in more revenue in a self sustaining way, it’s going to be through tickets, or better commercials. Sadly, commercials for Arsenal have been a no go… so tickets have to suffice.

Let us not forget, when the stadium was being planned, there were no sugar daddies. Their influence screwed our business model to a certain degree. If Abramovich and the Sheikh hadn’t landed, football would be in a far healthier state across the board.

How hard is that to work out?

… and for the record, I do feel a touch for the City fans. London is kinder on the job front etc… however, if Arsenal were investing like City, I really wouldn’t care about my season ticket price.

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  1. JJ

    Thanks for the joke efforts. I am still depressed.

    I don’t think any signing will cheer me up. Wenger has to go. That is the only thing that will give me hope for this club… Well, that or Usmanov getting a seat at the table.

  2. Royal Bludger

    Sorry Pedro – that’s an idiotic point say that we “should be like Barcelona”.

    Barcelona is owned by the fans, not a major shareholder who doesn’t even attend games. And the Chairman is elected.

    You know that, right?

  3. kwik fit

    Before people start writing in I want to clarify the position regarding my sighting of gervinho in a chinese restaurant earlier today. Apparently it wasn’t Gervinho because I’ve just found out the the real gervinho has gone to ACN. It was a Gervinho look alike but he was still charged £6 per head .

  4. salparadiseNYC

    Wonga is hopeful Theo will sign before the deadline.
    Arsene remember being hopeful, Cesc and Van Persie would sign as well? This has the feeling of a late cash in/ sell to either Citeh or Chelsea without replacement. The odd part is Theo is our leading scorer which is so fucking dire.

    If I ran my gig like this i’d be taking pictures for god for saken rag with sabotage mixed in at every turn.

    Feels like a premeditated act of professional suicide.
    No wonder these boys play without balls, our leadership top to bottom operate like my nanny on an off day.

  5. Thomas

    What a clueless cunt Wenger is. He says he has two players on every position yet he run our first XI into the ground. Fucking deluded! Sack him now!

  6. kwik fit

    After telling the fans that he will be signing at least two players in this transfer window, Arsene Wenger has now backtracked on his statement and could possibly not sign anyone at all this January.

    The only positives from zero signings are that when Arsenal crash and burn and finish below spuds and outside the top four, wengers position will become untenable

  7. Thomas

    The only positive thing with Wenger not spending is to hope we miss CL and the cunt gets sacked. Thus the next manager will have more money to work with. But at this stage the cunt should get sacked either way.

  8. Truth

    I don’t think Wenger will lose his job if we fail to qualify. He’ll be given the opportunity to get us back into the 4th spot, if only for another season, then we’ll all be pleased and Wenger will feel vindicated for persisting with this 4th place is a trophy nonsense!

  9. salparadiseNYC

    They’ve created a toxic environment supporting the Arsenal with their greedy negligence of whats important.
    Please, spend nothing in this window. First signing post season new manager with budget to rebuild the shit pile Wonga has sowed.

  10. Dan Ahern

    Over 1/3rd if the way through the window now. I know we work slow in Jan, but, every day I lose a little more hope that we aren’t actively pursuing Operation Tread Water Until 2014.

  11. salparadiseNYC

    1/3 of the way through window and our ‘MAIN PRIORITY’ Theo not signed up.
    Which is a ludicrous statement in itself.
    Waiting to see what the highest big is for him, if it reaches the magic number they sell him.


  12. kwik fit

    It was obvious that when the papers started the Remy rumours that sweet fuck all was a happening.
    Rumours to date #

    and now Remy
    You couldn’t write this stuff.

  13. Gunner2301

    Johnny5 January 11, 2013 14:26:41

    Biggest pile of shit?

    I know we sold Cesc and Henry at cut prices (that’s a different story).

    Follow the thread. Pedro was talking about the impact of City and Chelsea on the PL not on La Liga, hence why sales into that Market aren’t relevant.

    He mentioned the players, Ade, Nasri, (Kolo) etc all sold to City above what they were worth and at a massive profit considering what we paid for them.

  14. Johnny5


    It’s true we made a lot of profit selling those players but think RVP nasri cole clichy all of which were sold for under what they were worth even ade went slightly cheaper than he was probably worth at the time

  15. Flynn

    Has there been any more chat lately about pep and his destination? How brilliant would this team be with that man in charge..

  16. tippitappi

    There’s no will to get a deal done with Walcott because the ceo and wenger keep side glancing at a big fat wad of cash to hoard and its that that will win the day , what a cunt of a situation these pair of fuckwits have landed us and someone has to let them know in no uncertain terms (maybe I will ) at the next gazidis love in instead of dancing around him like he’s a fucking maypole

  17. Relieable sauce

    Fuck me, the nutcase has said going to football is like going to a concert!?…..eerrrrr…..ok then Arsene.
    Guess its time to start throwing the bottles of piss at him then! 😉

    That is so so wrong on so many levels.

  18. Dan Ahern

    Arsenal Finance Club would do well to recognize an asset you no longer own becomes worthless. It’s in their greedy interests to overpay Walcott now.

  19. incesc

    Surely arsenal selling nasbellend and the rest to city for vast profits and then not spending a penny of the millions and millions to replace them, should mean the club are so rich and full of money they should be letting us in for free?

    Also, if we struggle so badly to keep theo fucking walcoot, what chance do we have to ever stop the masss exodus of players?

    Run by idiots

  20. kwik fit

    Squillaci: “I am 32 years old. I still have 2 or 3 good seasons left. I will choose depending on the opportunities that arise.”

    Don’t worry Squillaci that’s why they invented Viagra.

  21. Dan Ahern

    Jeff — lol, Ballon d’Or jokes never get old

    CA — Agree, what happened? I’m happy for him though. Dropping Liverpool for Dortmund is a dream move. The really weird thing is the new loan is a year and a half. WTF?

  22. Dan Ahern

    kwik — believe Squillaci referring to his opportunities to do PR pieces on now that Djourou vacated the lead spokesperson position.

  23. SUGA3

    my new boss is a Manc and we wished each other success, both for different reasons: he wants daylight between them and Citeh and we need Scousers to fuck up to have one less worry…

    sign of the times, ladies and gentlemen of the Grove!

  24. kwik fit

    Dan you could be right

    ‘I will choose depending on the opportunities that arise.”
    He’s starting to sound like Wenger , perhaps he’ll eventually morph into him with the big coat and constant games with Diaby.

  25. Relieable sauce

    Monty Python sum up our situation beautifully in these clips from the holy grail called “French taunting”. The similarities are uncanny!
    Michael Palins- “What a peculiar man” is particularly apt.

    No jokes for you but this should raise your spirits, classic lines galore. Enjoy 🙂

  26. Dan Ahern

    Incesc — I never heard what the fee ended up being, but I’m sure it’ll be partially refunded because the loan was cancelled. Regardless, they’ll have paid a lot of money for light use of the player.

  27. Marko

    He fucked up not coming to us I mean he just needed a run in the team and he would of gotten that here. Still got great potential though. Come on sign Arda Turan ffs

  28. kwik fit

    Wenger “What is painful is to see United so far in front of us. We knew when we sold him to Utd that would be the case”

    Enough in this sentence to get any normal person the sack

  29. SUGA3

    the ‘footballing reasons’ is actually an accurate explanation, only that these were not in the club’s favour, RvP deserved better…

    well, better management for starters…

    ‘Robin van Persie, he’s left ‘cuz you’re shit’ as the Bradford fans sang, Bradford, for fuck’s sake!

  30. Royal Bludger

    “What is painful is to see United so far in front of us,” he says. “We knew when we sold him to United that would be the case.”

    Wenger either totally corrupt, or completely insane.

  31. Royal Bludger

    Wenger will sell at 24 Mil – but never buy at 24 Mil.

    His days ust surely be over – admitting he sold knowing he was strengthing our opposition.

    Is it corruption, or Louis XIV madness?

    Something is going to give – soon.

  32. Arsenal 1886-2006

    What a wanker, selling a player knowing it will severely diminish any glimmer of a hope we may have had of silverware of some sort. If that is not gross negligence and a sackable offence then is truly highlights the true intentions of the board and club in general.
    Maybe the BSM could protest in favour of dropping the ticket prices to realistically reflect our ambitions, 99p a seat maybe……..

  33. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    Wenger in evening standard, we need to charge top dollar to allow us to compete with the big boys? Now where have we heard that before ? Oh yeah the move to the shit hole that’s where!

  34. Truth

    The saddest thing is that statement proves that we’re not actually trying to win the league. We’re defeated before we start, should we really be surprised when our team turns out half arsed as if just going through the motions.

  35. Relieable sauce

    There needs to be an intervention, for the sake of his own mental well being & his personal dignity. Its gone beyond comedy now & is fast approaching tragedy.

  36. mystic

    Thomas January 11, 2013 19:17:14
    ‘The only positive thing with Wenger not spending is to hope we miss CL and the cunt gets sacked. Thus the next manager will have more money to work with. But at this stage the cunt should get sacked either way.’

    Sorry you lost me. If Arsenal miss out on the CL bounty SS will demand that any reserves are used to make up the shortfall – how does that mean anyone will have more money to work with?

    By fucking around today, all wanker is doing is saving for tomorrow to financially smooth any CL fuck up.

  37. mystic

    Ric January 11, 2013 18:10:05
    ‘Thats my major gripe with this whole thing… Technically AW’s position is already untenable, it probably has been since the 8-2 drubbing. But I’m afraid it just hasn’t dawned on all of us.’

    Unfortunately Ric you are viewing (rightly) wengers position as untenable in a footballing sphere, SS looks at it from a financial angle and in his eyes arsene probably looks wonderful..

  38. Roy

    Arsene Wenger’s absolute disregard to fans’ feelings should be enough to provide our English/British supporters a taste of what life feels like under a ruthless, mindless, brutal tyrant.
    I salute brave people of Syria who have lost over 60,000 lives in their struggle against lunatic Basshar-al-Asal. Unfortunately, we can’t get 60,000 fans just boycott a few matches to change the current despotic regime at Arsenal.

  39. TOLI83

    Kwick fit 22:34

    That says it all mate. How do get away with saying that. Between end oct till now I can name about 9 or 10’contradictory quotes from him. This is probably the worst to be honest.


    ‘If we sell both nasri and Fabregas we are no longer a big club still plays on my mind’…..

    This must be a bad dream….

  40. TOLI83


    Interesting yet prob biased results as they would be given out to a particular group. I did enjoy reading it though. The questions were leading If opposition were to question them. I actually agreed with all the answers .

    Question is what happens next. Who does what and when and where, the supporters of this club need to make their voice heard and get attention.

  41. Arsene's Nurse

    mystic January 12, 2013 00:16:38

    Sorry you lost me. If Arsenal miss out on the CL bounty SS will demand that any reserves are used to make up the shortfall – how does that mean anyone will have more money to work with?

    By fucking around today, all wanker is doing is saving for tomorrow to financially smooth any CL fuck up.
    Doesn’t work like that. Arsenal have £70m of UNCOMMITTED funds. Committed funds are £20m for stadium repayment, £20-30m contingency for not making CL, money for paying wages/day to day running etc. Our bank balance dropped from £155m to £110m midway through last financial year and back up to £153m in the summer.

    Emirates money is front loaded this year and we made profit in transfer window (which won’t be shown till later this year on the books)

    From next year Arsenal will increase their revenue by £70m plus per year due to Queensland road payments, Emirates sponsorship, new kit deal and additional TV money (if CL is retained).

    We are awash with cash. £50m net should have been spent last summer. Instead we’ll have to spend £100m this summer to get back into the CL if we drop out the top 4. We can afford that easy.

  42. Thomas

    Fucking hell. Wenger has really lost it now. He’s officially mentally ill. Someone drive him to the mental institution please?

  43. Relieable sauce


    You seem to know your stuff on the finances, do you have many details on the emirates deal we are signed to?
    It never really gets mentioned on LG but is obviously a big player in the AFC brand & they must surely hold a fair amount of clout. I’d be interested to know more if you or any others know anything.

  44. Dannyboy

    Kwik, there are so many comparisons between Wenger and Vince McMahon that I will develop on tomorrow if I remember/have the time.
    Notably the refusal to listen to others opinions, to the detriment of there company/football club,
    Overinflated egos that cause them to try and take credit for things when they go well, and shirk responsibility when they don’t work out. etc…

  45. ikon

    The only reason that comes to mind on why RVP was sold off to United is that Wenger thought that maybe if with the help of RVP United win the league, then it will take away some of the reckless spending from clubs like city and chelsea. Wenger could easily have cancelled Diaby’s contract and Chamakh and Squillaci and given all of their wages to RVP, we would have easily been 2nd.

    This is ridiculous stuff for the person who has lost so much respect from the people in so short a time.

    But the doubt in most minds is that who will change all this? The board is happy at the big bucks the club is not having to spend and the shares rising. Wenger is getting his 7.5 million without fuss, and the mediocre players are getting close to what stars get at Everton maybe.
    The only person who can change by either changing himself or by walking off is Wenger. As of now, listening to his quotes, it seems the 2nd is more probable.

  46. g0tch34ted

    Hmmm new post please!

    Also this …

    Chelsea interim manager Rafael Benitez is the man Real Madrid’s members want to replace Jose Mourinho at the Bernabeu. Benitez, who started his career as a youth coach at the club, secured 21.4% of the vote, while Germany coach Joachim Low got 19.5%. Swansea’s Michael Laudrup got 15.6% and Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger secured 3.1%, while 21.2% are undecided.

    (Sauce = Marca)

  47. Al

    Guys stop getting so worked up about everything wenger says…… Just look at it from a positive point of view, every idiotic and infuriating things he says is a closer step towards the door for him. He is losing his akb fanbase everytime he opens his mouth so keep on talking wenger please keep it up and show people what you really think of the fans that have supported you for the last 7 years

  48. Bade

    Morning people

    Match day Protocol. Please turn the moaning switch to “off”. Now try to think positive, at least up until the final whistle 😆