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Lots of heated debate on Twitter yesterday surrounding the prices Arsenal have leveled on away tickets… in particular, the massive fees associated with this weekends game with Manchester City. They returned 900 away tickets. The reason, had nothing to do with monster Christmas overdrafts, oh no, it was all to do with the perceived expense of £62.

Forget the fact City charge £57 for the corresponding fixture.

I find it ironic, or amusing that City fans can kick off about inflated ticket prices when the whole reason we’re in the sorry mess is because clubs with ownership set ups like theirs have hugely inflated the wages of players in a totally unnatural way. Sure, I feel for the fans. It’s not their fault, but I’m pretty sure if you asked a City fan ten years ago whether they’d stomach £20 extra on an Arsenal ticket in exchange for the glory they’re tasting now, most of them would have parted with the cash.

I don’t travel to lots of away games, but I do go out and get pissed with my mates in other City’s… £20 never killed a night for me. That’s 4 pints in London. 2 service station trips. One late night taxi. When your trip to London is probably costing you £300, I harbour doubts that £20 is tipping you over the edge.

Sure it would be nice if we could cap away tickets at a reasonable price around the country. But why should I subsidise away support? It’s only going to inflate the cost of my home ticket. I’m sure it is a lot of effort to go to away games, but let’s not make out it’s not a lot of fun. We’re no sending soldiers out to a fight a war. It’s mostly young men heading out to get pissed in different city’s up and down the country. I don’t feel I should be subsiding that. My home ticket is expensive enough.

The only way this ticket madness stops is if the Premier League puts a cap on wages. Or introduces a way of controlling ticket prices for everyone… well, really, everyone globally. Trouble is, you’ll always have a team like City paying wages they wouldn’t be able to afford without a sugar daddy… this pushes up wages the league over and someone has to pay for that.


Always you.

So there we have it. Football is an expensive hobby. It’s no use bleating on about the way it used to be, because it’s never going to return to that. We’ll never replicate what they do in Germany, because in the main, it comes at a cost to the league. There are too many major players involved at the top in the Premier League for it to ever return to how it was once upon a time.

On the football front, I can feel something brewing. Can you? Think… still can’t feel it brewing… ok, try this…

  1. Theo Walcott signs a new deal…
  2. Abou Diaby plays 60 minutes for the u21s…
  3. It’s the January transfer window…
  4. Arsenal haven’t signed anyone…
  5. Arsene Wenger is sitting in the press conference…
  6. He’s asked… ‘Arsene, why haven’t you signed anyone?’
  7. ‘Abou Diaby and Theo Walcott are like new siginigs’

I can just feel that one coming. We’ve hit the 10th of January and not so much as a rumbling. Manchester United have reportedly moved ahead of us in the race for Zaha, mainly because we’ve dropped our interest. Why we’ve done that is beyond me? If he’s good enough to replace Theo Walcott, why haven’t we snapped him up? As far as I can see, we’ve lost a winger because he now wants to be a striker, so there’s a space. Wouldn’t it be an idea to bring in wide player who actually wants to play wide. If he’s any good, which he’s likely to be if United are after him, shouldn’t we be using the fact he’s an Arsenal fan and based in London to our advantage? It shows the lack of guts we’ve got in the transfer market. If he’s good, which I have no steer on other than Palace fans who rave about him, then why have we pulled the plug as soon as Theo signs on? The Times indicates we don’t want to get into a bidding war with United.


It comes back to something I’ve said for a long time… we only sign players if we’re the only team interested. If United had bid for Cazorla, I’ve no doubt we’d have dropped out of that race. It shows how little faith Wenger has in his own skills as a manager. If you believe in a player, sign them. Cazorla would have been worth it at £20million. No doubt we’d have deemed that too expensive. We never take a risk, which stops us making horrendous mistakes like Andy Carroll, but it leads us to miss out on players like Franck Ribery, Christiano Ronaldo and the countless other players we seem to miss the boat on.

News emanating from Germany suggests we’re in for £15m Mainz striker Adam Szalai. He’s banged in 12 goals this season complimented by 4 assists. He looks like he has bags of pace, a nice touch and some height to compliment his game. I’m not going to sit here and pretend I’ve watched him extensively. I refuse to believe anyone in the Arsenal community has. However, to reference Michu and Arsene’s denials about knowing about him. Please, someone put the question to Steve Rowley and ask of he was aware of him and see what he says… we were aware. We’re tracking a 25 year Hungarian striker who has had half a good season, yet we miss out on a free scoring midfielder in Spain? Now, I know we can’t win them all. I know other big teams missed out on him. But here’s the thing… Arsenal’s MO is picking up bargains from around Europe. How could no one look at a Spaniard over 6ft tall, hugely powerful, with a great finish, technically perfect… and not think, jeez, maybe we should have a word with his club.

We have scouts climbing fences to look at 15 year olds in back water French villages, but we don’t have someone keeping an eye on the top talent in La Liga? Honestly, if ever an investigation was needed into the way we do things, it’s over our lack of interest in that man. Our scouts are getting paid upwards of £250k a year to bring in the talent. Why has it dried up?

How are we ten days into the transfer window with nothing to show for it. I’ll tell you why, because Arsene Wenger is reactive. He has a vision that stretches beyond his lifetime, yet when it comes to his squad, he can’t see what we need now and make a move. He should have had 6 names for Gazidis at the start of December. We should have started negotiating during that month to ensure we had those players at the training ground on the first day back. I highly doubt Wenger has any names in mind. We’re probably just waiting on phones calls to see what comes up. We should be pressing teams and being proactive.

This transfer window will confirm how far past it Wenger is… early signs are not positive.

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  1. Guns of Hackney

    I hate to break it to you but Ric has a point…I have been checking out Fellah and Singstar Party and I have to say they’re not half bad.

    Better than what we have.

    If I read another Aaron Ramsey or Jack Wilshere soundbite, I’ll just be sick.

  2. gambon


    Fellatio is shite.

    A midget attacking mid who averages about 3 goals per season in the fucking Norwegian league!

    Cazorla would be on 28 goals after 15 games in that piece of shit league.

  3. bergkamp63


    We are moving away from Team foreign to Team GB !!

    Get with the program !!

    Wenger’s latest master plan !!

  4. Dan Ahern

    bergkamp63 – Yeah I know. You can see from my original remark how serious I was about Navas actually happening.

  5. Keyser

    bergkamp63 – I thought it was a good article, this isn’t something new and with the amount of money being pumped in and also generated for football as a whole, it has to come from somewhere, and when teams get around the sporting aspect others will suffer.

    I like the idea of the renewed tv deals meaning a reduction in ticket prices across the board.

  6. reality check

    Don’t worry lads!

    The routine february collapse is upon us!

    All the excuses in the world are not going to get wenger out of this one.

    A few thousand more AKBs to defect and join the ranks.

    We will have our day, they can take our land.. But, they can not take our freedom!!

  7. Relieable sauce


    It might just work, Wonga must have a spare teet for him to suckle on now that JD is gone.
    Also did you catch the good news on that diaby controlled the u21 game & that chesney is now a gooner & wants to stay long term.

    Ooh to be a gooner eh, what joy.

  8. marcus

    “Scandanavia is a hot bed of scum bags, you will never see any football seccess emerge from that godforsaken place.”

    Gambon, I usually agree with you but come on? are you a fucking retard or what? Scandinavia consists of approx 25 million people and it is cold as balls. Still we (yes I’m swedish and biased), have produced our fair share of top quality players over the years.

    And if you compare Scandinavian success to English success on the international stage, guess what you find:

    WC: 1 Gold
    EC: 2 Bronze

    WC: 1 Silver, 2 Bronze.
    EC: 1 Gold, 1 Bronze.

    So thats 5 major medals compared to 3… and you are twice the population so fuck off with your english myopia.

  9. the_real_andy

    reality check – may I do a reality check with you at this point …

    collapse in february? we already collapsed in august this year so be realistic … either we are going to be as shit as we were in the last months or better. worse than that is … nearly impossible – I hope so

  10. bergkamp63

    There is no need to charge extortionate prices to fans going to stadiums ?

    There is enough money to be made commercially through sponsorship & merchandise sales without ripping people off going to watch games ?

    The next thing will be clubs complaining about RM & Barca having their own TV deals and not being able to compete with them so up go the prices again !!

  11. marcus

    Scandinavia population: 25 mil
    Scandianvia major medals: 5

    England population: 50 mil
    England major medals: 3

    Seams like we produce twice the medals with half the population no…?

  12. Dan Ahern

    The problem this year is there isn’t just one collapse. We’ve had several. But they’re interspersed with good performances too. So instead of seeing it as a problem we’ve run into, we can make the excuse that we just need to find form or find confidence or not be jaded. We can blame inconsistency rather than depth, strength, tactics, etc.

    It’s sad because up until our massive RvP blunder, we were actually proactive in the summer. It seems we’ve regressed back to hiding from our problems.

  13. GUNNER786

    Wenger is going at the end of the season that’s why he’s deliberately effing the club up.

    He wants the new manager to inherit a shit team with no champions league.

  14. Ben Hardy

    I really admire Pedro’s dedication in posting every day when every day it’s the same old shit to write about. We talk about the players jaded but fuck me as a fan I am seriously jaded, I’ve got to the point where even reading le-grove is becoming tedious. I’m not a regular match day goer as I have young kids and live in bristol but I would always go out of my way to take the kids to the pub to watch the game and get our shirts on and go on my own on midweek games but I just can’t be arsed anymore, I don’t even listen to it on the radio I just check the scores on my phone. Wenger’s done this to me and I used to be a massive fan of his. The transfer Windows drive me insane because everyone and their dog can see the deficiencies in our squad apart from Wenger and I just fucking despair. Missing out on Mata, Hazard, Ba and now Zaha whilst signing Gervinho, Giroud and the likes whilst selling toure, adebayor, clichy, nasri, cesc, song and Rvp to fucking utd of all clubs and persisting with diaby, Ramsey, denilson, bendtner, chamack etc I just fucking despair I really do.

  15. sixx pac

    January 10, 2013 17:18:34
    Jesus I wouldn’t touch Negredo with
    Gambon’s dick.

    Saving that for when he signs for Spurs

  16. reality check

    The real andy

    Ok geez my reality and your reality are relatively similar.

    Mr pedro still seems to think there’s something to salvage.

    His post don’t read as if he had given up in august.

    We all love the arsenal, we’re still UCL and on course for 4th. We know the most likely outcome will be ‘nothing’ in the end.

    But as it stands, today, at this time err 18:25pm.

    The complete collapse is coming. It hasn’t happend yet.

  17. Ric

    Hey all, very interesting to see how the conversation evolved.

    Are Fellah and Singh good enough for us? Yeah I think they are.
    Are they better than Arteta and Cazorla? Not yet, but they are not as far behind as Gambon would have you believe, with a good enviroment they might very well develop that little extra something.

    What would they cost us? 5 mill for the pair or something.

    Whats the point of this diatribe? Well , just that there are players out there capable off making us better, some of them don’t even have to cost all that much. The Jovetics, Hazards, Giovinco’s, Llorente’s are all out there but they do cost, not that we don’t have the money mind you. But the Michu’s, Demba Ba’s, Huntelaar’s are all players we as fans should be able to demand, and have our management listen. The Fellah’s, Singh’s, Santon’s and Eriksen’s should be the least we as fans of one of the richest clubs in the world should have to settle for, but we don’t even get that. Face it guys, we’ve been imasculinized by our set up , we’ve been stripped of our voice.

    One bastion AKB versus one legion of non-morons locked in an eternal struggle for the right to call themselves true supporters.

    I mean face it, Wenger won, we are divided and conquered and this board is forever freed to pilfer our money straight out off our pockets without us ever having the chance to pause and think “WTF why am I paying for this?”. They just manipulate either the news or former players and we all fall in line one side censoring the other and “tadaaa” look at us bending over to do their bidding, its truly hopeless, especially as long as this french uberc*nt is in charge. We will get nothing and we deserve nothing, and ultimately it is we as fans that have failed, because not only did we loose our club willingly, but we cheered them all the way to the bank. We let them twist and corrupt our priorities, and now as a whole we are nothing more than an extension of the same rot.

    Pedders, you are the same man that has voiced the oppinion that since we upped our entry charge the soul and song has left our stadium. I know you resent everything about Man City, but I think you forget that it is not their fans that are loaded with cash. And reading between the lines the only thing you really seem to want to fault them for is accepting their new owners. A decision that despite all has handed them a trophy they have sough after for so long. I understand your resentment but with our board our prices and our team, honestly who are we to point fingers?

  18. El Tel

    Reading comments about how Arsenal are the bad boys of ticket pricing and Citeh arenangels.

    They inherited an already builtnStadium at very little if any cost to them. They are in a shit hole part of Britian where land space is probably way cheaper than London and you will find most things up there can be cheaper than down here like the number one priority of its Populus, booze.

    We have one of the nearest Stadiums to Central London and probably the most expensive area of land after maybe Chavski and Fulham. The Manc cunts Stadium is near a river in a suburb of the City, similar to Westham or Charlton or maybe even Brenford.

    So before they start crying about costs to visit us why don’t us Londoners start campaigning for them to pay the same prices as we do just to work and live like we have to in Europes Capital City.

  19. Ric

    El TelJanuary 10, 2013 18:27:45

    I’m asuming you’d be opposed to the league enforcing some kind of ticket price cap?

  20. El Tel

    The Spuds tried to get a super Stadium for free and the Shammers will probably end up getting the Olympic Stadium which I have helped pay for as a house owner in London, paying for it in my Poll Tax or whatever it is labelled these days.

    The Spuds are on a run at the moment but as soon as the cash starts leaking from them when they get the Stadium built we will see how they get on long term.

    I said it years ago and mention it again. It is cheaper to get a coach from Basingstoke or Guildford on a return journey to Mancscum plus get a cheapo ticket than it is for going to the Arsenal.

    This is not just Arsenals fault as the location of the Stadium and the cost of living in London is way higher than anywhere in Europe.

  21. Gunner2301

    Paddy Got Up

    From earlier, you’re right about Wenger being away on a FIFA training course I think it was during the transfer of those players after the 8-2 slaughter.

    I remember at the time there were rumours going around that Gazidis found some old names on Wengers note paper and went out and got them. I think only Mert was who Wenger had been looking at seriously..

    I also remember at the time that Wenger took days to send out a message welcoming Arteta I.e be-grudgingly. If you check when Arteta signed and when the welcome was posted on you’ll see the delay.


  22. Ric

    El TelJanuary 10, 2013 18:36:21

    This is not just Arsenals fault as the location of the Stadium and the cost of living in London is way higher than anywhere in Europe.

    Mwuaha aha ha hahahahahaahahahahaahhaahahahahahaahahaha!
    I really don’t mean to seem snarky, but you have to visit Oslo sometime dude… If you think London is ludicrous, then you have to see this shit! How much does a large coke cost in a store in London?

  23. Hitman

    Large swaithes of London resemble down town Lagos these days. It isnt only Manchester that has shiteholes.

    Before being too hard on City fans remember two things:

    1. They actually have to travel down to London – unlike their Utd counterparts.
    2. City fans come from deprived East Manchester. Some of us are wrongly assuming they have jobs. I think they are complaining because the benefit cuts are starting to bite.

  24. El Tel


    My story,

    I have two Sons of 26 and 23 year old and have only been to around half a dozen games with them. EVER.

    The reason, I wouldn’t be able to afford to take both of them to EVERY game, because of my love for Arsenal I took a stewards job on 19 years back and still go to almost every match now.

    My Boys go to most of the matches and ask me to go with them on the odd occasion but even though I have a very decent job I need the extra money for my motor bike riding activities and other indulgences.

    The moral of the story is. Arsenal have been charging way to much to attend for 20+ years and this is not a new thing at all.

    I certainly do not condone them charging absolutely outragous amounts of money to watch a game of football.

    My Father used to take five Kids to the Arsenal in the 70s and early 80s. This died many years ago and is not healthy to football or the Arsenal in years to come. Them days of us normal fans attending matches has long gone.

    I am just fed up with Arsenal fans joinng our opponents in beating up the Club I love. It is not just Arsenal who have this problem and the fact is we ARE in the City centre of London, we are literally 10/15 minutes from Charing Cross which is the Centre of London and Bank which is the financial centre of London.

  25. Hunter

    Your Comment HereTick tock,Tick Tock,another day passes and NO movement by that twat Wenger in the transfer market,well get used to it only another two weeks and it will be over,we will have signed no-one and have had our arses kicked by anyone who plays us!Arsene Wenger is a complete disgrace,he should be ashamed of what he is doing to the club,we all know that that unbelievable tosser Diaby will be his ‘new’ signing and then after playing 1 or 2 games will then get injured and be out for the season.We,the fans just have to get both of them OUT,this whole situation is driving me nuts,I want to see some action and NOW!as each day passes wenger knows he dosent have to do a damn thing and probably wont,no matter how much pressure is put on him,for christ sake surely there is someone at the club who can force this mad frenchmans hand?I have never known anything like it in all the 50 years I have been supporting and watching AFC,he has total dominance in every sector,he has to be removed,but every day the story is the same,in the papers,on Le Grove ,everywhere ,the same complaints,the same criticisms,the same arguements and he is laughing his bollocks off at all of us.He is a curse and one we just cannot get rid of!well thats my rant over with,vomit on all AKB’s and anyone that supports WENGER!!!!!!!

  26. El Tel

    London certainly does have its share of shit holes but you have to pat mega prices to live in those shit holes.

    A can of coke in A London corner shop is about a pound and can be just over in a petrol Station. You can buy 8 cans today in Tesco for £1.88.

    Sorry am I missing something but do Oslo have a great football team.?

    I know Scandinavian countries are very expensive but they also earn decent salaries out there I believe and I can bet you they dont have so many spongers as Britain.

  27. gambon

    El Tel

    I would love them to make the entire lower tier standing only.

    They could get the attendance up to over 70,000 and halve the ticket prices in the lower tier to ensure they fill it.

    I think people would snap up a £500 season ticket or £20-£40 per match.

    The upper tier can remain quiet and expensive.

  28. Ric

    El TelJanuary 10, 2013 18:46:14

    Two boys thats rowdy but good going 😉

    I didn’t mean to belittle your point by the way, I was honestly asking how much a coke cost over there? I was there in the summer but I can’t remember. Ok how much does a subscription to watch Pl on tv cost? Monthly?

  29. Jeff

    There is so much money being wasted at Arsenal that I’m not surprised they keep putting the prices up to try and cover it.

    We have reached the point now where football is just a side show. The main focus is on fiscal concerns and this is at odds with all other major clubs. We have become a freak show more than a football club.

    Has anyone ever heard of a football manager talk about a “social model” or any other kind of monetary remuneration scheme that they boast about having implemented and then admitting it makes the club vulnerable? If it makes the club vulnerable and you’ve seen enough proof of it over the years, why carry on with it? It is a ruinous, reckless regime that has left AFC battered and bruised with no sign of it ending.

  30. Hitman

    If we lose to City and fail to get max points against West Ham & Loserpool, Wonga will probably panic buy on last day of transfer window.

    Otherwise, cant see him buying anyone except some 16 yr old – in spite- just to stop us saying he didnt buy anyone.

  31. El Tel

    London also has around 14 football Clubs within the M25. So considering some of them teams get get between 30 and 45000 fans in such a small area I don’t think we do bad with our crowds.

    Maybe them greedy bastard Directors know this too therefore driving up the costs because they can.

    By the way the Stewards have not had a pay rise since being at the not so new Emirates stadium.

  32. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    Let’s get those seats closer to the pitch, have a standing area.


    Move the away supporters into the upper tier, shouldn’t have them pitch side.

  33. pistolpete

    Surely this will be the last season of the resign of arsene wenger. I wonder how this relationship will end. I hope not another season please, I can’ take it. Wenger, look at the blogs, it’s time to leave.We need a new manager so badly at arsenal.

  34. El Tel


    Agree with that Mate.

    I would love to go watch with my Boys like I did with my Father.

    Ric, I know Mate and I never take anything personally anymore on Le Grove because it is a blog I love full of passionate Gooners.

    Sky or Virgin costs around £50 per month I believe.

    I ditched Sky ears ago as I see the Mancs always being at the top as long as they control the media.

    When you pay a TV subscription you are not payingnjust for your own team.

    I would love to see Arsenal get its own TV rights like the two Spanish giants are trying to do as we will then see how big a Club we really are.

  35. Hitman

    Why is London so expesive when there are so many immigrants who should keep wage costs down… in theory?

    There are too many rip off merchants around IMO. The Landlords, Councils, Govt Mayor, Banks , to name a few of the culprits and hangers on who add to the cost of living.

    A high cost of living is not a badge of honour. You’re getting ripped off.

  36. El Tel


    The League cup games show us just how many genuine toung fans we are losing money on.

    You are right about making more room by having standing areas again but they could also add more seating and lower the prices for kids with an adult to £20 per match.

    If our fans were fortunate enough to pay Man Us prices we too would see 70 000+ attendances.

    Arsenal also treat the fans as cutomers rather than supporters. It is crazy how they think.

  37. Hitman

    Add AFC given that too list given that too much money goes to Wonga and undeserving British players, a moroocan , brazilian, dane, Ivorian,a pole and the perma crock.

  38. gambon

    London is expensive because its the centre of the business world, and they have never really built up.

    As a result theres a lot of money, which keeps property & land prices high.

    This even filters out into greater london as the properties are desired.

    IE- Highbury square averaged £400k per apartment.

  39. El Tel


    The truth is most immigrants are hard working, although I agree there are far to many in London, but the spongers are the reason things are costing us so much and most of the spongers are from oop North Mate.

    I have no problem helping the needy but have you seen them lard arsed birds who drop kids at one per year because there is a pay day in it for them and their beer/drug swilling other halfs.

    Why go to work when you can have money given to you for fuck all.

    I went to look at some new houses in Kent a few years ago. They were in the £500 000 bracket.

    On the plans was an area which had no houses but was shade out. I asked what it was for and was told that the houses were for those on benefits.

    Tell me this, would you buy a property next to a mob of Asbo kids who will nick anything they can get their hands on and cause no end of grief.

    I was living in a fairly run down area of Bethnal Green from late primary school to late teenager and never saw the crap that goes on today.

    Fucking hell, nobody even locked the car doors in them days, maybe because the cars were not worth nicking but mainly because it wasnt the done thing.

  40. Ric

    El Tel

    I had a subscription two years ago and that was about 50 quid, so I thought it was about the same, but I did a safety check and currencycalcedit and now the cheapest I could find was 70,9 something.

  41. El Tel


    Would tou pay £400 k for an apartment there Mate?

    I know I wouldn’t and I love the place.

    The flats are probably very square with paper thin walls. No substance to them at all, yet they want £400k for one.

    You are right, the suburbs are almost as expensive too.

    Compare an average three bed house in the Manchester region to onenin the London and close by counties.

    Massive differences.

  42. Nasri's Mouth

    Hitman: 1. They actually have to travel down to London – unlike their Utd counterparts.

    Dunno if that’s fair, Utd fans have to travel all the way up from Cornwall, that’s a similar distance to the City fans coming down from Manchester

  43. El Tel


    A lot of Guys on here stream Arsenal matches and although the quality is usually poor it is for free, apart from your internet suscription of course.

  44. gambon

    El tel

    I had a look at one, wasnt interested, just felt like having a look.

    They are well made, but £385k for a shoe box 1 bed is mental.

    I have a mate who lives in Warrington. Has a 5 bed semi, only 7 years old, was £210k plus a bit extra for an extension.

    Where i live in Sussex its a £500k house, in London well over £1m.

  45. El Tel


    We have many fans travelling too.

    There is the Daventry mob and many from Wales. I also notice a fair share of Paddy’s attending matches too.

    We also get many Americans and lots of Jap/Chinese.

  46. gambon

    Theres a bug German guy, Torsten and some Belgian nutcase teenagers that come over a fair bit and go to a lot of Euro away games.

  47. El Tel


    Do you not agree that this is a pointer for the over pricing from our Club just as much as trying to rip us off?

    I am not for one minute agreeing about the prices of our tickets being ok. I just see a bit more of a reason as to why.

    You usually make good comments when you look into things.

    My House is a three bed seni with a big garden i would guess that in the Manchester area it would probably be worth £200k+ instead of the £400+ which is what it is worth in London suburbia.

  48. El Tel


    Many Scandinavians in my block too. Truth is most of these guys will only visit the once.

    Arsenal could easily get another 20 000 regulars if the prices were right.

    Standing areas could be the answer as long as the violence doesnt return as they were really awful days.

  49. gambon

    I can understand more expensive tickets, but i think its a bit much.

    I dont care what they charge at the top end, but every club should have a £500 ST option, even if its only 10000 tickets.

  50. Arsene's Nurse

    Doesn’t matter if the Emirates could hold 80,000, 100,000 standing or sitting because there are two bodies that need to be satisfied:

    1. The FA – Taylor report recommended all-seater stadiums etc so they would need to be convinced. (I agree that limited and managed standing would be great at all grounds capable)

    2. Local council. Emirates was limited in height and capacity because of planning restrictions and local infrastructure being able to cope with more than 60,000 getting in and out of the ground. I believe that the ground was built with extension in mind, but if AFC want more than 60k then there’s a need to upgrade one of the underground stations and the council will not pay for it and rightly so. AFC would need to fund a large part of this cost.

  51. gambon

    Arsenes Nurse

    With the Hillsbrough revelations that it was not fan overcrowding I expect standing to be common place in the future.

    I would like to see standing in the bottom tier, close to the pitch, and the corsers filled in, as dipped corners really reduce the atmosphere & intimidation factor.

    Yes, they would likely need to pay for an upgrade to Holloway.

  52. pmars

    You know I did a search for any AKB blogs or sites, and of the ones I found there have been no recent postings. The most latest was Dec 2012, but the majority are over a year old. AKB is dying, just like AW is killing our club.
    Oh and as I’m sure you’re all aware, WALCOTT STILL HASN’T SIGNED! Again a ploy by AW. He’ll have Theo wait until the end of the month to “agree” and then after he signs it’ll be the, “well I deed say I would sign no one unteel after Theeo signs, and I will steeck to my guns.” (Read it in a English speaking French way).

  53. Nasri's Mouth

    Gambon, it wouldn’t surprise me if standing came bac into favour in the future, but I doubt it’ll be for a few years yet, and as Arsene’s nurse says, both the ground and the access to it would need to be upgraded to satisfy the council, the police, the safety regs etc.

    Given that a standing ticket would be cheaper than a seating ticket and as I’d guess the additional costs would increase more and more for smaller and smaller increases in capacity I can’t imagine the Arsenal hierarchy being too keen on implementing it.

    Personally though I’d love to see it happen

  54. Cesc Appeal


    His wife’s family are the Walmart family.

    Worth around $25 Billion…but means nothing, they’ve never invested in his franchises, they are all like us, mediocre, profit makers.

    Rumours around Stekelenberg to us or Fulham for £3.5 Million…steal.

    Schez and Steck would be great 1 and 2 keepers

  55. Nasri's Mouth

    @Cesc Appeal

    heehee, I know, I was just curious as to how any of that would lead to him being implicated and indicted…

  56. Dan Ahern

    NM – He’s married to a heiress of the Walton fam (people who started Walmart).

    It’s just wishful thinking.

  57. iffy da goon

    I read a little about Stekelenberg. Apparently he’s made lots of recent high profile errors, got sent off a couple times too. Roma got fed up, brought in a keeper on loan and now he’s fallen behind the dude in the pecking order

  58. TOLI83

    My best friend lived in highbury square couldn’t swing a cat in those rooms.

    Did anyone see the gaffe on they had to take down this afternoon?

  59. TOLI83

    Nothing that affects the first team. They put all the details of the next gen’s next round cup game against inter Milan even though the draw has not happened yet. Got taken down after half an hour.

    Some commented on it saying it points towards to either the draw is rigged and the club know …… or more likely its just inept on the websites writers parts…

  60. sixx pac

    January 10, 2013 18:14:06
    Where have you been sixx pac?

    Been here mate. Just not posting as much. How’s Berkley?

  61. Relieable sauce


    Intriguing stuff, do you know when the draw is made?
    I’m sure there’s plenty of shady goings on that football fans can’t bring themselves to think about. TR’s claim that his vote for the ballon d’or was changed as well is very alarming if true. Sadly ineptitude would seem like the logical reason looking at the way AFC has been run of late.

  62. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Bernie Miklasz, St. Louis Post-Dispatch: “Once upon a time, Kroenke was accessible and visible at Rams games, but he’s completely gone underground in an attempt to stay away from reporters. So no one has been able to determine whether Howard Hughes — I mean, Kroenke — wants to keep his 40 percent share.”

  63. TOLI83

    Draw is made soon, keep an eye out and see if we get inter. I agree with you, it’s all smoke and mirrors these days. Messi would have won it anyway surely but worrying if correct.

    Just seen we’ve been linked with Negredo in Spanish press. I don’t know to much about him???? Scored 11 in 18 this year though….

  64. Relieable sauce

    I don’t know much about him either but they want 18mil for him so i guess that rules us out. I read somewhere sevilles president is here to finalise his move to the spuds since they can’t get damiao.

  65. TOLI83

    Wicked, we don’t want him because he’s to good so he goes to Spuds. I just been finding out bit more about him on net, he defiantly looks like a good buy to me. Saying that iv said that about 10’players so far and we won’t be looking at them.

    Also given that we have over 15 players on loan, does anyone know of one player that is doing well and we can use when they return…. No, me neither?!

  66. Dan Ahern

    Sorry, I meant “it might actually happen” referring to him going to Spurs. Just taking a swipe at the Daily Mail’s credibility.

    I like him.

  67. R.S..P.C.Arsenal

    I dislike the way chairman wenger Mao releases a story that we are after zaha, just blackmailing theo really oh and mugging off the supporters . The sooner he goes the better then we can be a football club again

  68. Doublegooner

    Was watching a Sky feature on Negredo earlier in the week.

    He looks a Prem player for sure. Big strong centre forward who knows where the goal is.

    Definately not for us then.

  69. USAGunner

    More fuel for the no transfer fire. Quotes allegedly taken from an interview with AW.
    “At the moment no, [no one is leaving],” Wenger told Arsenal’s official website. “We have a good squad, a balanced one. MEANING: We are not buying anyone.
    “At the moment nobody can go out, unless we buy somebody. At the moment our focus is to keep everybody. MEANING: We are not buying anyone.
    “In every position we have two players. Three is too many and one is not enough.” MEANING: We are not buying anyone.
    AW has basically said in three quotes that there will be no buys during this transfer period. Sorry fellow Gooners but, as they say here in the States, the writing is on the wall. I can’t wait to hear, “Ladies and Gentlemen, Wenger has left the building.”

  70. Jeff


    We simply cannot take seriously ANYTHING that Wenger says. He changes his mind daily. It will largely depend on how the next three or four matches pan out. He might even let it go to the wire by waiting on the result in the game against Liverpool on 30th January. If there is a danger that we’ll drop out of the top four, he will panic and buy. If he thinks there is even an outside chance of making the top four he will ignore the market.

    You should know by now how he operates. He’s basically a serial liar who thinks he’s being clever and tries what little he knows about psychology to manipulate the world around him. I have learnt not to trust anything he says simply because he has been caught out so many times and he does it year in year out.

    The other thing that I’ve noticed over the years, and it is on the increase, is his love and desire of the limelight. He loves to sit in front of a mike and answer questions coyly as though to say: wouldn’t you like to know? Frankly, it is pathetic but there we are.

  71. iffy da goon


    Wenger makes me sick when he acts like that…it`s like he knows the fans are suffering, he knows he has the power to change things but he decides to do the exact opposite of what the fans want. Him and his board understand the nature of the relationship between fan and club, and they are taking huge advantage of that relationship.

    One reason i want wenger to go is because he`s accountable to no one. I trust that if he manages to win the FA cup this year he`ll have bought himself another 8 years for project “even more youth”

  72. TOLI83

    Could list 5 or 6 strikers I’d want instead of Remy. Not for me at all. All these clips if seen of Negredo and what iv read, he’s more my cup of tea.

  73. TOLI83

    Could list 5 or 6 strikers I’d want instead of Remy. Not for me at all. All these clips iv seen of Negredo and what iv read, he’s more my cup of tea.

  74. Jeff

    It’s all hogwash. All the links and rumours are so unrealistic that to take any of them seriously is folly. Wenger’s position is safe as houses so long as fourth is achieved. So he will do his utmost to secure that. Everything else pales into insignificance.

  75. Doublegooner

    Morning DDM

    Sad days at our club. Reports of Loic Remy ffs.

    Another ‘safe’ Wenger duffer.

    I don’t want him to sign anyone. Fingers x he’ll go in the summer. We can only hope.

  76. goonerboy

    Wenger is probably the most frustrating in a long line of frustrating managers at Arsenal. Initially one of the most innovative and successful, now possibly the most perverse, inflexible, out of touch manager in our history. Apart from the odd blip-we are painful to watch this season.

    I am sure that this frustration is due to the lack of proper over-sight exercised by the BOD- a body that are clearly not fit for purpose to run a top football team. They are just sitting on their hands while Wenger takes the team down the toilet. You’d have to believe in fairies to consider this team as being competitive for even 4th place. We are about to be shown up for the shambles Wenger has made us into in the next 4 games or so- and it isn’t pretty.