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The big news this morning is that Theo Walcott has put pen to paper on a 5 year deal worth £25m plus a £3m signing on deal. His wages will rise to £90k a week… a significant increase on his previous deal and representative of what a young English goal scoring striker come winger should earn.

Do I think he’s worth it?

It doesn’t matter what I think. The market rate is what the market believes the player to be worth. Could he have landed a better deal elsewhere? Maybe. Not significantly better. Has he made the right decision to further his career? Absolutely.

I don’t believe any other club in the country would give him the chances he’s had with us and I don’t believe there are many other managers as good in the league at turning an average striker in a very good one..

His stats speak for themselves this season. He’s landed 14 goals, his shot conversion rate is around the 30% mark. Does he have the X-Factor a player like  Drogba or Henry had? Not at the moment. Could he develop those traits? Well, at 23, you can’t ever rule anything out… but for me, he’ll never be much more than a speed demon. I don’t think he has the natural gift of football some of the more elite strikers on the planet posses.

This re-sign signifies a turned page. We’ve managed to secure a player we didn’t want to lose. We have our core of English players lined up ready to take the next five years on. At the very least, if Theo does bomb, there will always be a Liverpool ready to snap him up. So I doubt we’ll lose in quite the same way we have with players like Chamakh.

Now the race is on for him to prove himself. The spotlight will be burning more brightly than ever before. Once the joy of him signing dissipates, which will take about 5 minutes, the grumblings of, ‘how did he miss that? If I earned £90k a week I’d have buried it’ will begin. He has to live up to that contract in the eyes of the fans.

Did you know Theo Walcott’s sister is a body builder?

Cassandro Rossel has put a kibosh on our David Villa approach…

“I completely rule out the transfer of Villa during the winter market.

“He is ours and we need him, there is a lot of the season left.”

They never do us a favour do they? Not that I’m particularly fussed about this. I’d dearly love him in on loan, but if that £17m is all we have to spend on a striker, I’m pretty sure there’s a younger version we can find somewhere else. If we have Theo and Giroud, signing a tall powerful and fast striker is what we need to complete the pack. If he can finish, that would be totally marvellous. A 31 year is a short term solution. It wasn’t long ago we were turning our nose up at 28 year old strikers… still, if it’s a signing to help bed in Pep Guardiola, I’m game for him!

Did you know that 78% of NFL players go bankrupt 2 years after retirement?

My favourite piece of leaked news yesterday was the piece about the Fellaini release clause. It sits at £22million. This will have been leaked by his agent and apparently the story started in The Times. So it’ll have an element of truth to it. Usually this type of noise indicates the player is thinking about pastures new. Usually, headbutting a player for no real reason during a game indicates your discipline is flagging because you’re frustrated. Remember Alex Hleb and his late red card before he left us?

The ice cream loving melt…

Anyway, this season, so far, he’s scored nine goals and made five assists… he’s also had more shots on goal than Theo Walcott which is amusing. He’s the box to box midfielder we need. He’s 23 years old, he has physicality in abundance but that is combined beautifully with a deft touch and an eye for a killer pass or ruthless shot. I’ve been told by someone I sat next to at the AST that Wenger loves him as a player… this chap (@mattspicer66) had dinner with Arsene… but the issue was the £30m price tag. Well, now it’s £22m. Wenger is on record as saying, ‘if you can afford it, you should do it’… well Arsene, we can certainly afford it. Do we have the conviction to make a move for a player we clearly need? Or are we once again going to pass on a player we can easily afford because signing a big name might bring some sort of expectation for the manager?

… to digress… I still can’t quite believe that if Wenger has a bit of spare cash floating around, he’ll bang it on a players contract. That is such a negligent attitude. If you have spare cash and you don’t have anyone who merits earning it, save the money so we have more money for squad improvement. Our wage bill should be the same size as Tottenham’s… if it was, we’d have £50m spare for players each summer. Shocking mismanagement just because we can afford it. It’s like an old boys club… tantamount to the way CEOs ramp up their pay because the people who sit on their salary committees are their mates.

and back… that’s what’s interesting at the moment. 5 years ago, when a player moved to another club, we could just play the ‘we’re poor card’… when a Demba Ba moves for £7.5m, Wenger had to excuse his lack of interest with nonsense like… ‘he’s too similar to Giroud’. No he’s not Arsene, you just didn’t fancy him for some strange reason. For me, if we’re willing to spend money on contracts, just because we can, we should have that approach to top quality players

Can we afford him? Yes. Should we do it. Yes. It’s as simple as that… well, providing he’d move.

Anyway, plenty to talk about today… see you in the comments.

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  1. Bade


    SZCZ case might show as well how Arsene dropped in “developing” young talents, especially when it comes to defensive attributes.

    When SZCZ first burst into the scene he was arguably better than what he is now

    He had since two major failures, his horrible ball distribution & his long shots blocks. Two and half years on, you feel he’s not developing in those areas, he’s even arguably worse now. One can easily conclude that no one has been helping or guiding him to improve in both areas

    Under any fully functioning coaching staff, SZCZ by now would have had a much better ball control & distribution and better in dealing with long shots fired at him.

    But this case really exposes how week our defensive set up, not able to improve blatant defending deficiencies in their No 1 GK

  2. Jeff

    Maybe Arsene has decided the writing is on the wall and is not going to sign anyone of note so that the next manager can come in and claim the credit (much like he did when he turned up and inherited the best defence in the league).

    Inwardly, Wenger does not take kindly to being proved wrong or shown up. It hurts him enormously to abandon his sacred policies. This latest episode with Walcott has taken so long because Wenger always leaves things till the last minute to see if the other side changes their mind or if his hand suddenly becomes stronger because of events on the pitch. Theo’s agents have stood firm and Wenger (I think for the first time in his reign) has conceded.

    That tells us something very clear. Wenger is in survival mode and only the powerful call of self-preservation can override principles and conceit. That unfortunately tells us something else. It says he’s willing to do anything to stay in the job which means he must be close to losing it and the only reason that can be is because we are in real danger of dropping out of the top four.

    So, here is how I think this transfer window will go. He will bring in no one at least until the game with Man City. If we happen to win or draw that game, there will definitely be no new players. If we lose it, he will wait till after the Chelsea game. If we lose that as well on 20th Jan, then you will see movement because self-preservation will kick in once again. He won’t dress it like that but he will put a spin on it to make it look like he was chasing a certain player for a while and it only came to fruition after those games.

    I think we all know what sort of lunatic we are dealing with by now.

  3. Norwegian Gooner

    @ gunner2301

    Even if it feels like it, the manager doesn’t speak to the fans exclusivly. He is the face of the club and has to weigh his words when he speaks. Like Ferguson said, he would be an excellent poker player. As a fan I cant say I actually like it but I understand that it is necessary. I think we will understand it a lot better after he has retired an hopefully writes a book about hes career.

    I think the sallary policy was well ment and was made to keep the group of young players together, but it did not work out that way, when the best players moved on for more money (and glory) elsewhere. It does look like that policy is changing now.

    Regarding Chelsea: http://www.3news.co.nz/EPL-transfer-talk-Chelsea-going-cheap/tabid/415/articleID/282046/Default.aspx?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+co%2Flehb+%28TV3%29

    -Keep in mind that UEFA cant say one single word about anything unntil they have decided, because of prejustice.

    I don’t know excactly how the will enforce FFP, and I don’t think anyone knows. I just know that the whole fotball world, with a few exceptions, will fight for it and probably cover every loophole and win in the end.

    My guess is that PSG will be excluded from next years CL, and I can’t wait to see the look of Zlatans face it happens:)

  4. Cesc Appeal

    £22 Million for a player the board can sell for £40 Million in two years HAS to be good business.

    Make that £30 Million for Fellaini AND M’Vila and your middle is sorted.

  5. kwik fit


    Arteta Jack Cazorla

    Individually class but doesn’t work collectively .
    We need a ‘fit Diaby type’ to provide the mobility and strength that we lack.
    Regrettably Arsenal does not have a ‘fit Diaby type’ on its books so we must buy. Arsene knows this but the ‘fit Diaby type ‘ that we need costs too much and Arsene won’t spent on whats needed.
    In the meantime he puts forward the idea that the ‘unfit diaby type’ which we do have on the books will become a fit diaby type’

  6. S Asoa

    Fellini for us is superb considering the number of sissies except Wilshere n arteta in the park . To the question whether Wonkie will move for him is a simple NO . Wonkie will sit on his backside pleasuring with the thought of money in hand n pockets of trio if he does not spend on purchases .

  7. GS88

    Guys I dont know what you think but for me I think we lost our winning edge when ManUtd beat us end our remarkable 49 game unbeaten run in 2004. Up to that point, we were well feared wherever we went and our opponents were always quaking in their boots at the prospect of facing us.

    At that period of time, world class players, if you guys remembered, wanted to play for us. I can recall the likes of Luis Ronaldo, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldinho, David Trezeguet to name a few, all wanted to taste the Arsenal experience but as usual we did not capitalize on it.

    Wenger has to stop being an idiot as well, the board are too victorian stuck in the dark ages it gets me so bloody mad. And by what I’ve read most you on here are sick and tired of it as well.

    If Mourinho were to get a hold of us he would really shake us up and give us a kick up the backside. Wenger is too passive and has long lost the inital hunger and drive he had when he first came to north London.

    Anyway here are my new signings:


    We can make these signings we need to make these signings it about bloody time too I’m getting really fed up.

  8. Johnty79

    Norwegian Gooner, firstly stop killing whales…

    Secondly if u think Ffp is a reality u r one stupid lemming. Even man city will comply with Ffp as they spent all there 200 m before it came in. Man city wage bill 170 m but there turn over has risen to 220 m plus.

    Anyway do really think uefa will ban a club for failing it. Uefa will be sued out of site.

    U have been brain washed like he board how much is wenger paying u. Must be at least what diabys on?

  9. Relieable sauce

    I didn’t actually know that FFP was in place during the 2011-2012 season & that UEFA have already ruled out transfer embargoes on clubs after taking legal advise in early 2012.
    The truth is there will be ways round this & any action from UEFA is likely to be met with legal challenges due to the ambiguity of the language used to make them the laws.
    Its how lawyers make their money & its how the rich & powerful can get away with murder, let alone a bit of overspending on their own business.


  10. Gunner2301


    Wenger took advantage of the board who are weak and know nothing about football. He convinced them to give him more control. His transfer dealings are a self imposed exile because after selling Project Youth to everyone and justifying paying kids a fortune he felt he had to deliver on that front and going into the transfer market was an admission of failure.

    Even now he can’t admit he has failed signified by him buying all those average players in one window who were over 26. I wouldn’t be sat around waiting for Gazidis to do the honourable thing because he’ll never sack Arsene. He already said that Arsene is accountable to the fans not him or the board, which is him telling us in short if you want rid of him you’re going to have to do it yourselves.


    I agree Chesney was better in the beginning. I suppose there is no real effective goalkeeping coaching since Wilson left that coupled with Arsenes philosophy of fuck the defensive training and lack of competition for places has left Chesney going backwards instead of forward.

    I’m ambivolent about him. All i want is a top keeper, don’t care who or how but we need one.

  11. Johnty79

    Don’t worry people only 6 games to go before wenger is sacked. My curse is guranteed to lose us the next six.

    Get those cunts gazidas, kronke out to follow.

    worst team to support in the whole world

    God damn u arsenal, U’ve ruined my life!

  12. Norwegian Gooner


    What do you base your bold statements on? Do you think it is a football club’s right to be in the Champions League if they qualify on the pitch? What excatly are they going to sue UEFA’s ass for?
    Just because a club has posted their result does NOT mean UEFA have accepted it.

  13. Gunner2301


    That would fit in with Wengers “Do the bare minimum” modis operandi. He’s done it so many times before. When we got Arshavin, when we got Arteta et al, There is no strategy at Arsenal, which Wenger statement shows. He makes a judgement game by game to decide if he will dip into the transfer window. How can someone who is obviously so inept be running our team?

  14. Gunner2301


    Even if we drop out of the top 4 the board/Gazidis won’t sack Wenger. They will give him at least one season to rectify things they will see that they owe him that much. Given that his contract expires in 2014, that is the more likely scenario. If we want rid of him sooner, WE the fans have to do it ourselves.

  15. Cesc Appeal


    Dropping out of top four, coupled with the soaring tickets prices and emptying ground every week will be enough to see Kroenke off.

    And that is THE most important person to get rid of.

    Kroenke would approach Usmanov to make an offer for his shares as soon as they started depreciating that Summer.

    Kroenke in would see the end of Gazidis who’s been instrumental in keeping him out of the board.

    More than likely David Dein would be made CEO and I think a few up and commers in Alisher’s employ across the world would be put on the board to utilize their contacts and bring extreme levels of revenue into the club whilst allowing men like Dein to actually focus on FOOTBALL.

    Wenger’s has preached about his ‘morals’ and his ‘principals’ for too long to be allowed to work under Usmanov – the media would crucify him. He’d probably take a quiet back step and pocket a few million in ‘parachute’ payments.

    That would leave, Dein and Usmanov to run the club….well really Dein and his team, Usmanov is the backer, the power and the presence.

    That’s the dream.

  16. Hunter

    Your Comment HereTo think that we have been shafted well and truly by WALLNUT,he must be laughing himself silly and walking around with a big grin all over his shite little face if he truly HAS signed for AFC!.This useless tosser is now dictating where he plays,when he plays and How he plays as can be seen from his last game.Drifted wherever he wanted,no help to sagna and totally playing for himself.We have waited six or seven years for him and wasted god knows how much money in the course of his so called ‘development’.He has Wenger over a barrell now,what a farce of a manager,weak and gullable.same goes for the Diaby situation,for christ sake just get rid of the geezer,he is raping us dry and taking up a valuable squad place too.he’s NEVER going to be 100 pct fit so why persevere with him.No wonder we are a total laughing stock to all of the worlds clubs,the once ‘GREAT’ AFC has been conned,by players,by wenger,by gazidis in fact by everyone.The people that have the power to eject wenger is the press but for some insane reason even they love him and wont slate him or his methods enough,it certainly isn’t in the fans hands as we all seem so totally at loggerheads nothing will materealise that could force the issue.We are well and truly f****d,so get used to it guys and gals,we can moan,debate,deliberate all we want but someone will have to turn the light out and that person will be WENGER who will be the last man standing and you can bet your home on that!!!

  17. Gunner2301


    I hope that’s the case. Something needs to kick start this process. The cobwebs need to be swept out of Arsenal the current incumbents have been holding us back for too long.

  18. Keyser

    That’s the dream ? fucking hell.

    After 7 years you’re still dreaming.

    Wenger didn’t take advantage of anything. Chesney hasn’t really got worse we’re just half the team we used to be and we’re left with more inconsistentcy.

    If after all these years Gazidis or the board sack Wenger now, all it does is allow them enough wiggle room to fleece the fans even further.

  19. Keyser

    Usmanov would love Wenger, and if not would probably listen to him ether way, if not there’s always Wenger’s best mate Deino.

  20. Gunner2301


    We should have been able to make an assessment of Walcott in the first couple of seasons of him playing consistently in the first team and fucked him off to another Club when there was all that hype around him. By keeping him we passed the tipping point i.e. we had invested so much our hands were tied and we would never make our money back.

    This is shocking mismanagement and Wenger has done this so many times. So they wouldn’t allow RVP to dictate policy to the Club but they’re allowing Walcott, who would struggle to get a game consistently at any top Club. LMFAO. Well if the fans are prepare to finance this debacle in the words of Arsene “Why shouldn’t he?” be giving out such contracts.

  21. Cesc Appeal


    That’s why everyone has to go.

    Aside from Jack Wilshere, Cazorla and Chambo I’m going to go out on a limb here and say the Arsenal fans wouldn’t give a shit about anyone else going, Manager, Players, BoD or Owner.

  22. Gunner2301


    Study Usmanov. How can you even think he would entertain someone like Wenger in his air space? If Usmanov said nothing everyone would think the writing was on the wall for Wenger, that’s precisely why Usmanov is sounding supportive of him. It’s a ploy he doesn’t want to alienate himself with the fans and people like you who may have been against Usmanov will welcome him with open arms if he appears to be sucking Wenger off as much as you guys. You’re being played.


    AW will see his contract through to the end, who cares about players we’ll never sign,and players we’ll never get rid of.What you need to do is concentrate on the cancer not getting a new contract.Why worry about symptoms when you already know what the underlying cause of the problems are.

  24. Keyser

    Walcott is a good player, you don’t make a judgement on someone at 16 really, when did he make that run against Liverpool ?!

    This is modern football, he’s an England International that’s been playing regularly for club and country, this is what happens.

  25. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Wake up, who’s being played here ? You think Usmanov’s making all these ploys, he’s biding his time, he’s clever, he’s like a Tiger waiting to pounce, what happens in the meantime ?! You’re sucking him off already and he hasn’t done anything.

    Imagine in a couple of years time we re-new sponsorship deals, FFP seems to be having an effect and you get your wish, Usmanov takes over, he doesn’t really have to do anything with the club. The club basically continues to do what it’s always done run itself.

    Who misses out ? The fans.

  26. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Forget your dream here, how realistic do you think that is ?!

    Chelsea and Citeh are already making steps to turn a profit, to look like they’re at least trying to turn a new page and run the club itself.

    It’s going to take ridiculous amounts of money to turn over that many players.

  27. Keyser

    Kushagra India – Nah not yet, I was put off by the reviews, I’m trying to get my brother to lend me his projector and then watch Samsara was it ? Because supposedly it’s not half the experience without a big screen.

  28. Gunner2301


    So you think the fans aren’t missing out already?

    If I didn’t think Usmanov would be beneficial for the Club I wouldn’t want him here. What are you afraid of? Do you think he would be a worse owner than Kroenke?

  29. Gunner2301


    I don’t particularly care if Usmanov puts money in as long as the money we are making is spent on the team and he can grow the commercials and make us more efficient in revenue. Oh he has to get rid of Wenger as well of course because I don;t think he would tolerate his money being squandered like Wenger has been doing.

  30. Keyser

    Kushagra India – Sorry, listened to some reviewer from America, then forgot about it. I’ll download it today maybe.

    You seen – “la vita e bella” Old, but good.

  31. Ramsey's backpass


    there would be a way over FFP,there is always a way when no one thinks there is a way.

    I dont think usmanov and whoever he wants as coach would be worse than Silent Stan/Gazidis/OGL

  32. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – I don’t really care, from day one I didn’t want a takeover, you shouldn’t have to have billionaires pumping money in and we didn’t.

    I don’t really get people monging out over 7 years without a trophy, then saying ‘Oh, we might aswell wait another few years for Usmanov aswell’, when he’s already got a 29% stake in the club and done fuckall.

    Here’s where people make excuses and say shit like ‘He’s not stupid’.

    If you truly look around the competition and think we’re the only ones squandering money, then you need to think about how much it’s going to take to beat them to titles.

  33. Kushagra India

    Don’t dare download it must see in theatre . Will check out life is beautiful has been on the wishlist for a long time meanwhile this is the other Samsara very good too especially the ending

  34. Norwegian Gooner

    @Ramsey’s bacpass

    When UEFA decides to punish a team or a player is it really a way around it? Examples please.

  35. Keyser

    Ramsey’s backpass – We’ve seen the Invincibles, we’ve watched numerous youngsters come and go over the years, and you’re not frustrated enough by that, that you want to go another few years.

    Just tired of people going on like he’s the 2nd coming.

  36. Keyser

    Kushagra India – Don’t really get to go soo much nowadays and usually have to take someone who’s always asking me what’s happening, lol.

  37. Keyser

    I usually get a small tub of haagen daas, I swear they saw me coming last time and hid both the small and medium tubs, they knew I’d take the large.

  38. Leedsgunner

    Maybe I’m being overly pessimistic but if I’m truthful I don’t really trust Wenger with the players he brings to the club.

    For whatever reason he has lost his mojo and although it cannot be denied that he made TH14 and PV4 into genuine world class talents I find myself struggling to find another player who has blossomed into a world superstar and STAYED with the club.

    Cole, Fabregas, Nasri and RvP arguably the four genuine world superstars nurtured during the Invincibles era all decided that they didn’t trust Wenger, his promises and his tactics and decided to leave.

    Great coaches inspire average players to stretch themselves to become good. Great coaches inspire good players to greatness.
    Great coaches inspire great players to loyalty so they commit their futures to the club so that a dynasty of success can be established.

    Based on this criteria when discussing modern club football — you could place Ferguson, Capello, Ancelotti, Guardiola and even Mourino. These guys have proven themselves as winners over and over again.

    Wenger? Once good, maybe even approaching greatness in his heyday, but he is only a legend in his own mind.

    Whoever he brings to the club will not improve but in all likelihood go backwards.

  39. Ramsey's backpass

    Norwegian gooner

    i believe there is something called corruption,bribery et and it can be twisted for one’s purpose

    it wasnt a god that wrote that law,they were writing by bloody humans

  40. Lordbergkamp

    Don’t know if anybody has picked this one up, but I overheard a couple of chaps at work (work in corp banking) discussing the arsenal managers position. They manage the business interests of somebody connected to the board.

    The conversation was around the fact that the board are almost decided on Wenger leaving in the summer, a non CL finish will seal it. And they are ready to poach Laudrup from Swansea.

    Apparently sticking point is whether they let Wenger spend now and big, or decide to spend small now and see what happens and save any investment for new manager. They were also clear that the signing policy is wengers, but the reasons the top players are leaving is they want to leave when they realise that they won’t be joined by top names. Cesc went on strike and robin was clear he wanted either of the Manchester clubs, all due directly to a lack of trust with Wenger.

    Don know how true it is, but sounded plausible…

  41. kwik fit

    All this nonsense about not signing anyone until Walcott is signed up is a load of pig swill . Trip if you will. I mean why to fuck as theo signing da ting got to do what our need for new players?
    Arsene you really are a pain in the rear end .

  42. gambon

    The biggest problem at Arsenal?

    “Can we compete at top salary levels? Yes we can, but we have an ethos at the club – the way Arsène expresses it is that it is not about individual players, it is what happens between them”

    From Gazidis himself

    Wenger is a loon. Thinks you can win things with a group of average players, because “they bond together”……yeah cos the best way to bond a group together is to make it perfectly clear that no matter how good they get they will earn the same as the cunts who are useless.

    Wenger is an idealist, and he pretty much gets everything wrong.

  43. Incesc

    Haha sorry

    Would be amazing If he left this Summer and the new manager has a nice big budget to spend. A few of the denilsons will be out of a contract as well?

    Bet it would be like a huge weight lifted off the club. Fresh ideas, motivated, drilled plAyers. Proper transfer targets. This club is a sleeping giant.

    Bet Wenger signs a new contract though 🙁

  44. Jeff

    What a wonderful night’s entertainment. Chelsea lost 2:0 to Swansea at Stamford Bridge. Wonderful. What a manager Laudrupp is turning out to be.

  45. TOLI83

    Laudrupp has nailed it hasn’t he Jeff, I admit I was dubious when he took over. Michu again, superb player and will turn out to be one of the all time bargins . If he played for us, our management would already be discussing how they will offload to highest bidder In the summer 😉

    P.s if anyone can shed light on his ear shaking celebration I would be very interested !

  46. Norwegian Gooner

    Ramsey’s Backpass

    So what you’re left with is the chance of corruption and bribery? Regarding FFP i don’t see how that can happen without every other club starting to ask questions. Not saying somebody in UEFA could not be bougth, but in this case they have to much to loose and it will be to transparent.

  47. gambon

    Get Laudrup in before someone else does.

    We need to be opportunistic, sack the french Jimmy Savile and get him in.

  48. Jeff


    Laudrup appears to have all the right ingredients to get the best out of his players. They all played with belief, heart and desire. He also seems to be able to play the passing game as well as defend; a very tricky balance that we haven’t been able to strike in recent years.

    The other thing I like about him is that he appears to have the tactical side of it sown up as well; the right substitutions at the right time, the right formation for the game in question but not compromising on the main style of play. I actually enjoyed watching Swansea play. I may also add that they are playing a better game of football than last season when Brendan Rodgers was in charge. Good luck to them.

    Just proves what you can do if all the right ingredients are there. I saw a great deal that is missing from our own game. It’s not so much that we lack good players but there doesn’t appear to be anything driving them to perform. In most games it is as if it doesn’t really matter. You notice that we up our game in high profile matches and that little extra sometimes means we can gather a bit of momentum and turn teams over. But often times, I can’t explain what happens to them, they just play kick about and nothing happens until the opposition scores and we’re running around like blue arsed flies.

    As you say, it probably won’t matter who we buy. A few games in and any new addition soon becomes like all the rest. It’s a tragedy that is unfolding slowly before our very eyes.

  49. useroz

    Radio Raheem

    What a cheap cunt that Wenger is. As long as Wenger manages plays we have a chance of finishing outside the top 4.

    So Chelsea is safe!!!

    Wenger OUT.

  50. TOLI83

    It’s all to do with the respect you have for the manager don’t you think Jeff ? Iv heard four/five Swamsea players say in interviews that he could get in their team and they reckon he is the most talented man on the training field, yet he’s their manager!

    That’s one of his ways of getting their respect.

    Now I don’t know what Wenger does to make them stand up and listen. When they look at him they see are man who hasn’t won anyone anything and sells his stars. Furthermore unlike laudrupp he can’t rely on his talent and young ambition to impress either.

  51. Marko

    Yeah he was ok not really great at Gatafe and rubbish at Spartak so I wouldn’t get carried away with Laudraup just yet

  52. TOLI83

    I’d want someone young fresh and exciting, no saville comments please.

    Klopp, Pep or maybe Laudrupp would do off the top of my head.

    Benitez, Ancholotti, Capello etc just wouldn’t excite or breath new life into the fans again in my opinion.

  53. Marcus

    Sneijder available for £ 8 million, the money you save on the transfer-fee could be used to pay his wages. We need a creative Dutch player, we were great with overmars, Bergkamp or RVP!!

  54. Samir

    M’Vila – 8M
    Fellaini – 22M
    Stekelenburg – 3.5M
    Mbiwa – 10M

    43.5M spent.
    That would transform us from average to very very good!


  55. marcus

    and by the way… you guys who think there is a freaking chance in hell that Wenger will step down and Pep take his place… head over to betsafe because you can make a fortune:

    Next permanent club for Pep Guardiola?
    Manchester City: 2.60
    Manchester United: 2.75
    Chelsea: 6.50
    Bayern Munich: 8.00
    AC Milan: 20.00
    Paris SG: 25.00
    Juventus: 60.00
    England national team: 70.00
    Arsenal: 75.00
    Liverpool: 75.00
    Real Madrid: 100.00

  56. arshavin

    Ramsey’s backpass
    very true about the arseblog thing,that put me off their blog,it was so infuriating to see comments like “in arsene we trust ” after bad games that were directly a result of poor decisions from wenger.They just ca’t stand a word against wanke,perhaps wanke himself runs that blog to keep his ratings high.

  57. JJ

    We won’t pay 8.2M for Sniper? What is wrong with Arsene???

    Don’t give me any BS about his wage demands. We easily find ways around that by giving sign on bonuses. What fool would not prefer the money upfront anyway?

    Just when I thought I couldn’t hate Wenger any more, he exceeds my expectations…

  58. Doublegooner

    The big worry is Kroenke will offer Wenger a new contract beyond 2014.

    We’ll be stuck with him him indefinately, whilst the club sinks, also missing out on any top established or even strong up & coming managers.

    If the Peps or Klopps of the world are beyond us, I’d take Laudrup now.

  59. Dan Ahern

    ‘Sup Grovers.
    Interesting window action: Galatasaray say they agreed to a fee for Sneijder and it’s down to personal terms, Zaha reportedly going to ManU for £12m while others say he’s coming this way, and Mainz says we haven’t contacted them.

    Also the matter of Stek, who apparently won’t move.

  60. JJ

    Doublegooner – Wenger has already been offered a contract extension. It happened at the start of the season but he has not agreed to it yet. He said he wanted to wait.

    Northerngooner – again, we find ways around salary demands… sign on bonuses, loyalty bonuses. It is smoke and mirrors to keep everyone within salary bands.

  61. Dan Ahern

    Laudrup’a great but I like him where he is. Swans are fun to root for. It’s a shame AFC is a bit joyless of late.

    Besides, we should focus every effort on getting Pep.

  62. JJ

    Dan – “fun to root for”? How about on Wednesday night?

    We only have a shot at Pep if Wenger walks. I think we have to be bottom half of the table for that to happen.

    Also, when you say “a bit joyless of late”, I presume you mean the last 8 years…

  63. Dan Ahern

    JJ — When I say “of late” I mainly mean through the last several windows, losing stars and never replacing them.

  64. Arsenal 1886-2006

    “£6m-rated England keeper Jack Butland, 19, says he will only leave Birmingham City for first-team football – not to be a reserve.”

    This kid can knock Joe Hart of his perch with the right coaching staff, stay well away from wenger son if you want to progress.

  65. Dan Ahern

    Butland is smart. He’s good enough already; doesn’t need to go be a backup at a top club. Only move to be 1st choice at a lower team and he’ll eventually be moving to a top team to start.

  66. JJ

    Fergie will get Butland. He knowsDe geezer is not working out. Unlike Wenger he will recognize and adjust, not persist for 3 more years.

  67. Dan Ahern

    Yeah could definitely see him going to Chelsea in a year or two. United not sure though, due to SAF’s frustrations with de Gea (he’d prob prefer experience).

  68. h4rj

    I think Wenger should go because Arsenal fans have no class.
    He is our greatest manager (fact) and he is subjected to name calling. It’s a disgrace and a good reason for pep and others of his ilk to stay away.
    Van Persie was always injured before he became the god of arsenal, thierry henry was a flop without a football brain before he became a god at arsenal (very similar to Theo), bergkamp was labelled ‘an ordinary player’ before he became a god at arsenal. Can anyone guess why wenger has kept faith in diabe when everyone else has labelled him as a waste?
    Wenger is still the best manager for arsenal.

  69. Cesc Appeal

    Shaw signs new long term deal…can’t even get him!

    Should absolutely offer for Baines. £10 Million, that would erase Everton’s increased loss of £9.7 Million this fiscal year. The board there would take it and tell Moyes to replace with youth.

    If United are going in for Zaha at £12 Million then offer them £15 Million for Nani…see what happens, Nani will be doubly pissed off with the signing of a new winger and United might want to recoup some money for more buys and take a ‘lower’ offer.

    £7.5 Million for M’Vila…no brainer.

    Then loan for Villa…cheap for Negredo…lots of European options.

    £10 Million Baines
    £15-18 Million Nani
    £7.5 Million M’Vila
    Loan David Villa

    That would be enough to push us right on to the summer.

  70. Jeff

    What have all these players got in common?

    Giovanni Van Bronckhorst
    Robert Pires
    Patrick Vieira
    Ashley Cole
    Thierry Henry
    Mathieu Flamini
    Kolo Toure
    Emmanuel Adebayor
    Gael Clichy
    Samir Nasri
    Cesc Fabregas
    Alexandre Song
    Robin van Persie

  71. Gunner2301

    I think h4rj is on crack cocaine personally?

    Yes Wenger did many good things, but in the last 7 years he has shown us enough ineptitude to question how much of the former success was actually solely down to him.

    Wenger has shown without experienced players he hasn’t got a fucking clue, he’s no Jurgen Klopp (who accomplished what Wenger tried to on a smaller budget in 3 years) even though he’d love to be.

    Lets not even mention the record breaking shameful (and I mean the kind of shame that makes you want to stay away from work) lows we have experienced over the last year and a half.


  72. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    Stop trying to be so cheap.

    Nani will not be sold for £15m, Baines will not be sold for £10m, Villa on loan is a ridiculous idea.

    We have money, lots of it. We dont need to scrape around in the bargain basement.

    We just need a new manager.

  73. Ramsey's backpass


    the only part of what you wrote that makes sense to me is “i think wenger should go”

    wonga was a good manager(not great) but now his ideas have been caught and others are upgrading it while your lord is still stucked in 2000

    le senile didnt buy bergkamp.
    Bergkamp was a maquee signing when bought.OGL just used what he met bar viera.

    RE Henry: the wanker was lucky with henry
    like Pedro said,after theo’s speed dries up we a left with the shittest footballer the game as ever seen

    van persie was class when fit.

    You didnt talk of wenger ruining arshavin’s career or mismanaging chesney,gervinho or a manager that signs ramsey to almost a life contract

    p.s diaby is pretty average

  74. gambon

    “I think Wenger should go because Arsenal fans have no class.”

    I think you should walk in front of a train cos youre a cunt, but we dont always get what we want.

    “He is our greatest manager (fact) and he is subjected to name calling”

    He’s subjected to name calling cos he’s the French Jimmy Savile, and hes a fucking dickhead.

    “Van Persie was always injured before he became the god of arsenal”

    Yep, absolutely. Who was responsible for them constant injuries? Yep, your god, LeSenile Wonga

    “thierry henry was a flop without a football brain before he became a god at arsenal (very similar to Theo)”

    Hahaha, Thierry Henry, who had won the world cup, scored 7 Champs League goals in one season, won Ligue 1 young player of the year, and made a big money move to Juventus, one of the biggest teams in the history of the game?

    “bergkamp was labelled ‘an ordinary player’ before he became a god at arsenal.”

    Oh that would be Dennis Bergkamp that Bruce Rioch signed. You do know that? Of course you dont you silly cunt.

    “Can anyone guess why wenger has kept faith in diabe when everyone else has labelled him as a waste?”

    Because he gives good blowjobs, no other reason.

    Now fuck off back to your usual site, which I assume is Untold you silly little prick.

  75. Gunner2301


    Forgot to mention Bergkamp was already a top player when he came. I think h4rjs perception is being obscured by Wengers left bollock as he’s sucking him off.

  76. Ramsey's backpass

    Gunner 2301

    “I think h4rjs perception is being obscured by wenger’s left bollock as he’s sucking him off” hahahahahhaaahahahahahahahahahahah.

    Me thinks h4rj is wonga’s favourite c**k sucker

  77. El Tel

    Who are the best TEAM in the EPL?

    I see nothing but player playing for themselves .

    We have Van Judas at the Scum

    Ah Ah Toure at Shitty

    A number of players at the Chavs

    Batman with the monkey features at the Spuds

    Fellaini at Neverton

    Cazorla at the Arse

    You see where I am coming from. Apart from the scum of the earth and Shitty al, the other teams are getting eat occasionally by inferior opposition and even those two have lost against average teams if you include Europe and the League Cups.

    Take away the traitor and the Mancscum are really no better than the Arse this season, they leak goals like never before and if it were not for the good forwardmline they have they would have lost more games than us in my opinion.

    Shitty have been a bit more consistent but maybe having to many draws and many average performances are hoding them back with almost all their star players having a quiet season so far.

    The Chavs are very similar to us, beating someone by a cricket score one week then losing to the bottom team and Swansea soon after.

    The Spuds are really playing above themselves at the moment but the Monkey is the stand out player for them and they will lose more games this season.

    Everton look like a bit more of a team than those above them but again the outsatnding Fellaini is making the difference between where they are now and where they usually are at this timemof the season.

    We are the real under performers with good players like Podolski, Arteta,The Ox, Theo and Giroud blowing hot and cold. I aslo don’t buy into this tired bollocks as the reason and Pedro’s post yesterday which seems to me like He has been duped by Wenger. Wenger is awful this season, even worse than the past eight seasons. He looks as shot to shit as his team and sends out the wrong message to the players and many fans by harping on about fatigue and mental issues.

    Keep telling someone they look tired and they will think it themselves. I have never heard any of our opponents complain of tiredness apart from Pardew who was probably only taking the piss out of Wenger for keep mentioning it anyway.

    All good players never want to miss a minute and so they should not unless they get injured.

    Do we say Ah poor old Messi is jaded and needs a rest, same for the greasy cunt and all good to great players. Barca play almost the same five Super WC players every game and they don’t look tired. Yes they play less games but they probably play more intense matches than we do as I never see them lower the tempo whenever I have seen them play.

    I also believe Wenger over trains them early in the season which usually means a benefit to them by mid to end of season although recently that has shown to be wrong. I am sure I read about this a few years ago.

    I see more and more Gooners getting upset this season because the League is truly average and with the players we have we should be fighting at the top.

    Even Gervinhio has shown he can be a good player yet He has gone the way of Arshavin but much faster. Playing Podolski out of position will finish him off too very soon if it hasn’t already. And Cazorla looks to be wilting with every game. I don’t think Cazorla is fading because of tiredness as the little fellow is running all over the place but He just has nothing to aim at when he gets on the ball apart from Jack who is getting roughed up by every opponent.

    I know it is a long post and am sorry for this but I just want to say that the League really could be there still for the taking if any of the top four lose their star players for a Diaby like stretch.

    Unfortunately we will not be ready to take the opportunity with this raving nutter as Manager.

  78. gambon

    Swansea are the beast “team” in the PL. Thats why Laudrup will be hot property this summer.

    As for the RVP comments.

    Firstly I dont agree, he isnt a particularly selfish player, hes probably the best all round CF in the world, he sets up a lot of goals and plays his team mates in a lot.

    He cant help it if hes just truly world class.

  79. El Tel

    Wenger was a great Manager no matter what a few of you think on here. You are letting your hatred of him judge him wrongly.

    The Invincible team was His team and no matter how many titles the piss head Jock has fiddled He will never be able to do that.

    Wenger has dropped standards alarmingly in recent seasons but to say He wasnt a great Manager is wrong.

    He also was not to blame for the Traitors injuries as most of them were caused by him getting a knock or rolling his weedy ankles. He was nicknamed Robins choco legs for a reason which had nothing to do with Wenger over playing him or over training him.

    People go on about Wenger being successful because He inherited Georges back five and to an extent yes this is true but the Invincible team was nearly all his with a defence left with only Keown from that time.

    I read the other day somebody say that he only bought two great players in PV4 and TH14 but He was signing one great player after another and also selling star player way back then.

    He signed Overmars and sold him only to replace with the awesome Bobby Pires. He bought and sold Petit and replaced him with Edu and Golberto.

    Anelka was another WC player Wenger sigend, Freddie was a success although not a fantastic player and Sol Campbell was really only an half decent defender at the Spuds before becoming immense at the Arsenal.

    Wiltord was a very under rated footballer who helped us win the League and we then got to see the traitor eventually and the wonderful Cesc Fabrigas. Hleb for me was another good signing and Samir Nasri was a good player who could have been a great player if the Sheikhs hadnt waved the dollars at him.

    Ade the whore on his day is as good as Drogba bit he was also as good as Kaba Diawara at his worst.

    Lauren,Ashley Cole and many I cannot remember were very good players who he signed and integrated into a uccessful team.

    For me it wasn’t just the Billionaires who fucked Wenger over it was the pisshead and all his Northern gangster pals who decided to kick shit out of us and stop us playing.

    They kicked us about so much that Wenger in my opinion has had enough as no matter what he said about this and maybe tried to do the corrupt EPL just let them get on with it.

    Thats my opinion and the reason I want Wenger to go. I don’ t care how much I get slagged off on here as it will make no difference to the results of the team WE all love.

    I do not watch any other football apart from Arsenal these past six years because I see bent Officials EVERY game win or lose. I see the media take the piss out of us and only us and I see other Managers hating the fact that a Frenchman is better than them.

    By all means have a go at Wenger but please don’ t lie and try to take away his past glories. Unless you are not Arsenal fans after all which I suspect you are not.

    Good night.

  80. El Tel


    You go on about other posters on here sucking Wengers dick because they say something you dont agree with but I say take the traitors cock out of your ring piece as you are enjoying him way to much.

    He is greedy, He is a good player but He isn’ t even close to the great players we have seen at the Arsenal.

    Ask how many would take him before Cesc?

    He missed loads of chances with us, he was shite at free kicks and he took corners for whatever reason only he knows.

    The man is 6 foot plus and rarely even challenged for an header. He was petulant and was always close to getting a yellow or red card.

    Yes He scored some wonderful goals and was technically brilliant but He is not as good as you think he is apart from creaming your arse hole.

    Wenger was not the reason he got injured as he never played enough matches to get injured through over playing. He was physically weak.

    The teams he has played for us and them were scring goals but leaking even more at the back. If he never had Looney, Well beck and the Pea as support they might not even be as good with him in the side.

    Sorry Mate but When did you last see him challenge a defender and win the ball back for hos team.

    He used to float around mdfield like the big I am running like a Lady and scotring goals now and then and thinking. ” Oh, I done my bit”

    Ther are rumours that he fell out with Wenger and Wenger dumps him and this is bad but it is ok for Fergie to dump Stam for the same reasons ans seen as a positive.

    RVP = RIP for me and I am one of the few who is not unhappy that He went but angry that the cunt chose them after pledging his love for us Arsenal fans and the Club.

    Fuck the no good cunt.