New Addidas kit pics do the rounds | Theo still looking good | Villa not a red herring | Boycotting Swansea?

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So, two days have passed and I’m still not quite over the performance of the team against Swansea. It’s quite apparent, that despite getting outsmarted on more than one occasion  the manager still has no interest in making any sort of notable changes to the way he sets up his team. I mean at a very base level there are a few things I’d have liked to have seen. The first one is most certainly putting players where they need to be played.

Aaron Ramsey, love him or hate him, is not a player who plays well out wide left. I’ve no doubt he puts his all in, he’s a hard worker. However, I’d guess that even he would tell you he doesn’t favour playing wide left. Now, I might be wrong here (I really might be), but I’m pretty sure Cazorla has played wide left for Malaga and I think he’s done the same for Spain. Now, why not try him there for Arsenal. He hasn’t been majorly effective in the middle for a few games of late, but Rambo is almost never effective out wide. Wouldn’t it be an interesting experiment? It’d give a bit of balance to the front three. Having someone who can control the ball, run with it and make an incisive pass.

On Cazorla, he’s only just come over to England, he looks tired at the moment and it appears to be affecting his performances. Again, why is he being taken all over the country and flogged to death in our midfield. Why was he taken to Bradford in the Carling Cup, shouldn’t we be giving him a bit of rest when the club really shouldn’t need to play a super powerful first team?

What does this come down to? Trust…

Wenger starts every season and says that our squad is so bustling with top quality talent, he doesn’t need to make an entry into the transfer market. We’re now in January, how many times have our key players been rested? I’ve seen nothing of Coquelin this season. I’ve seen nothing of Rosicky, a player who was top quality last season. How about Andrey Arshavin? Totally frozen out despite being more than capable of deputising for Cazorla. What about Frimpong? If he’s that useless, why did we give him a squad number? Same with JD and Chamakh.

Rafa Benitez was in a press conference the other day champing his squad rotation policy. He was saying that he analyses reams of data on his players to work out who is playing with the most efficiency, who has the best fitness and who is mentally in the right state. He makes small changes every week according to the data which should mean he has players who are ready to fight for the cause every week. We don’t do that at Arsenal. We put the same people in every week because we have to. Never mind the physical fatigue, what about the mental side of the game? You know what it’s like when you have to work 13 hour days for two weeks, you might love what you do, but the whole thing becomes tedious. You start to dread going in to work. It’s the same for footballers. That is so obvious to see when you see some of the wretched performances put on show. We don’t treat the players like people, we treat them like robots.

If anyone still carries the notion that Arsene Wenger is man ahead of the times, just look at how we set up every week. Look at how tired our players always look. Look at how flat out of ideas everyone is.

We have a whole squad of players Wenger doesn’t trust, which means we over play the ones he does… which generally results in an injury somewhere along the line.

On the injury front, you have to give it to the medical team. It’s a minor miracle we have a fully fit squad in January. That said. If he doesn’t start resting players, a full squad won’t last long.

Arsene Wenger plays the game well. He knows that Stan Kroenke doesn’t really care about what the club achieve on the pitch providing his asset appreciates. I’ve been told that the people in power at Arsenal are fully aware of the deficiencies our manager boasts. Why wouldn’t they be? They read all the press around the club. They see how others operate. But they know there’s a power vacuum at the club. Wenger holds far too much weight. His silly one man crusade against the big bad beasts of capitalism will go on as long as he produces a profit every year. Even when he drops out of the top 4, he’s stored up enough profit points to ensure he gets another crack at the whip. That’s not only with Stan, that’s with the press as well.

Mourinho sums it up well…

“Yes I would love to have that stability at a club.

“But at the same time I think for my mentality I also need the pressure to succeed. And if no one imposes that pressure on me then I would impose that pressure on myself.

“The pressure to win things.

“Yes it’s possible to be one or two seasons building for the future and not being at the level to win things.

“But no longer, because my mentality is I always need the pressure of winning things. Maybe it could happen soon for Arsenal.

“They play good football and produce good players.

“And they’re always buying players in every transfer window so surely sooner or later they should do something, should win something.”

There’s not pressure because we have an owner who doesn’t care about winning and we have a manager who has winning as a low priority.

Things won’t change until he changes. Or goes. I know which one is more likely to happen. I think two more years at the most before he leaves. I’d be surprised if he signed up to four more years of criticism. I don’t think he’d be able to take it.

Fans are already talking about boycotting the Swansea game. I don’t think that’ll happen. What people say on Twitter rarely translates into offline action. Personally, I don’t agree with match day protests. It’s not the players fault the manager is antiquated. I pay for my ticket because I have unconditional love for my club. I can’t just abandon it when things aren’t going my way.

I think what rankles me about ideas like that, is the only way Stan Kroenke will listen is if he’s hit in the pocket. Fans not going to the games is one of the few ways he’ll ever hear the message. I won’t partake though. We’re not Newcastle fans. That’s not to say I’d critique anyone who did want to take part. If you are going to do something like that… then call a spade a spade… you’re protesting against Arsene Wenger and his employment at the club. Don’t sugar coat it around greed in the game or the direction of the club. That’s not the board. That’s Arsene Wenger.

In other news, the vibe is still strong at the training camp that Theo is going to sign on for another long term contract and all the David Villa talk is real. I don’t know whether it’ll end in something permanent, but it’s certainly not a red herring for something else.

In other news, The Mirror has us linked to Eduardo Vargas. This was a rumour made up on Twitter. Just goes to show you how much bullsh*t goes into producing newspapers. The other story of the day is around Lucas Biglia, again, seems nothing more than agent talk.

Finally, these pictures might be utter nonsense, but apparently they might not be… via @NwankwoKanu1981

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  1. TOLI83

    If Wenger won’t spend 7.5 million on BA he certainly won’t spend 22million on Fellaini. Even though common sense shows he should have got both.

    City eyeing up getting Cavani to replace Ballotelli, sickening.

  2. Jeff


    You and I both know it’s not incompetence. Wenger’s madness goes beyond that. It’s not who the player is or how good he is; it’s first and foremost how much and he must not be obvious. I don’t think any player he’s bought has been predicted much before the actual purchase. He has to be allowed to take ALL the credit for it otherwise it’s no use to him.

  3. Jeff


    I’m with you on that one. Wenger buying Fellaini is like people dreaming about winning the lotter: that’s how improbable it is.

  4. TOLI83

    5.5 for Sneijder?

    So given our model of spending as little as possible we still could have had him BA and Michu for £15 million on the nose and we’re still not interested.

    Makes the £11.8million for gervinho look even worse now !

  5. kwik fit

    There are bargains to be had , unfortunately wenger has no intention to pay even slightly more than rock bottom prices. He wants everyone for nothing and when it comes to selling he wants top dollar. Get the fucker out!

  6. Jeff

    Wouldn’t it be so nice if we showed a bit of ambition and went out and bid for a couple of really world class superstars; surprising everyone. I’m talking blowing £50m on two or three top players and pay them a wage at the going rate. It would certainly save Wenger’s skin but he’s far too set in his ways to even consider something like that. It’s sad isn’t it?

    I know some will say “oh we can’t afford it” but the returns you will get from the presence of star players in the team both financially as well as psychologically would be phenomenal and in the long run the venture will more than pay for itself if we start winning things. Gambon always pushes this line and I happen to agree with it.

  7. geekpie

    re : villa. could some arsenal players please let the media know that he would “be perfect” for arsenal, only to piss barca off. their mob have done it plenty to us.

  8. TOLI83

    We are like the battersea dogs home for footballers. We take the strays that no one else wants off the streets and pamper them, the ones that stand out go off to a new better place and the ones that don’t improve stillhave a home for life with a loving unconditional owner.

  9. SDE

    I thought the whole point of experiments, was to explore & tinker away in your laboratory at your ‘lil pet project..

    In the end hoping your experiment corroborates your theory & is backed up with empirical evidence..

    Would that not be a Eureka moment..!!

    Seemingly,OGL has had 7 years to tinker away & all that is happening,is that his lil’ pet scientific project is blowing up spectacularly in his face..time & time again..

    Maybe it’s time,a more younger & capable assistant(Pep,Klopp) takes over..

    With a new owner in a supervisory capacity,to guide the young new recruit..

    Starts the lab experiment,with a simple model to begin with..Get’s rid of the dross,buys quality,plays players in their rightful positions,dismantles the wage structure & shows clear purpose of direction,aligned with that of a new owner..

    Not really that hard,or should I say” Rocket Science..!!”

  10. kwik fit

    Sneijder and Ba were just too ready made . Wenger’s ego dictates that he must ‘find’ the next big thing. Just like he found ‘gerv’ ,just like he found ‘den , just like he found wellington…vela…park…santos..squid..and wait for it…. one .Armoury Bishoff.

  11. Royal Bludger

    TOLI – spot on – Ba , Sneijder, and Michu for less than 15. We get top top quality Gerv for 10.

    Wenger can’t can’t afford to pay 50 mil for a player, of course.

    It’s so incomprehensible, there must be something untoward going on …

  12. gambon


    Yep, quality players and quality teams pay for themselves.

    Dont forget though we have £70m to spend. We could buy 3 £25m players, finish 4th next season and be absolutely fine.

    That said, you only have to look at how much more Man Utd make than us, even taking away commercial revenue.

    You get £2m for making the CL quarters, £3m for making the semis, not to mention the £3.3m per game we make. You get £1.6m for finishing second as opposed to 4th.

    For example, taking commercial money out of the equation, in 2011 we made £180m, UTD made £228m

    So thats £48m more than us purely based on success.

    Now if the board dont think Arsene is capable of spending £100m and getting us competetive then they have to sack him, cos you can be damn sure Klopp, Mourinho & Pep could.

  13. Royal Bludger

    Wenger is continually insulting the fans these days – apparantly we wouldn’t accept a 2 mill Michu … you see, it’s our fault, not his or the scouting network.

    That’s why we got a 10 mill Gerv instead. So there.

    I feel a civil war brewing. An Arsenal spring, in which the hated dictator is overthrown (regardless of his band of brainwashed fanatics)

  14. Royal Bludger

    The Board cannot pay 50 mill for a player

    The fans willl not accept a 2 mill Michu

    I can’t pay 22 mill for Fellaini – the club record is 15 mill (yes, 15!) – for Arsharvin who was played out of position, demoralized, and then ostracized.

    Wenger is a devious liar – and possibly now mad.

  15. Jeff


    What a lot of people don’t realise or grasp is that everything is a gamble. But there are proven systems that work best and there are those that do not work. Who in their right minds would say that Wenger’s policies have worked? What does success actually mean? That is what people have to start redefining first. Fourth is not success if you fail to build on it.

    My definition of success is one that enables you to progress from your current position in an upward direction; it is not about remaining where you are which is what we’ve been doing position-wise but at the same time steadily diminishing the quality of the team. The whole idea of progress is so you can reach the highest step on the podium and remain there for as long as possible and if you should be deposed by a rival, fight like the devil and do anything you can to get back up again. If your ambition does not encapsulate that paradigm, nothing you do can be deemed as success.

    The current way the transfer game is being played by all the other top managers is to buy numerous world class players and pay them the going rate while keeping the majority on a much lower pay scale and make them work their socks off to impress. Unless and until this policy is installed at the club, we will carry on being slapped around by the big boys as well as the smaller ones and Wenger will agonise on the touchline wondering where it’s going wrong.

  16. Dan Ahern

    kwik – Don’t think all those players support your claim.

    Gervinho – Played in the World Cup a year before we signed him
    Park – Same.
    Santos – Brazilian international
    Squillaci – Won Spanish league cup before we signed him

  17. salparadiseNYC

    What a fucking debacle this has become.
    Intentional, surely it must be?

    I’d like to spend the day taking in some of the local flavors of Amsterdam, hope at the very least he gets a hand job to ease his grip on the pile of money he’s hoarding.

  18. TOLI83

    One thing that I don’t think Wenger realises is that the fans don’t want big names for the sake of it. If he was unearthing gems every summer and spending very little and selling our stars, whilst we were still winning trophies then as fans we’d watch in marvel and have nothing but praise.

    But it hasn’t gone that way, infact it’s gone horriblywrong. Most of these buys have turned out to be worthless and a cost to our club with no positive impact. What gets me is that I am sure Wenger is thinking, in this window and the others previous to this is that’ its the typical football fan just wanting a headline name which is not guaranteed success. However the only thing we have to go on is his repeated failed attempts with risky buys.

    And that Wenger is why you need to spend. Not because we’re fickle and want a superstar or galactico as they are called in Spain. But we have watched you try everything else but spend and fuck it up.

  19. Royal Bludger

    Every game we play these days, Wenger has to look in the mirror – and realise that when he was sleep-walking for 6 years, thinking he was the General Manager of Finance and Accounting, and spent more time in the boardroom than on training or scouting –

    Like every mad dictator – he thinks he can fix it all – that he’s the only one who can! Even at this late stage of his terminal decline. But the reality of his neglect, is reflected in his grim and agonised facial contortions on the touchline, as the realities run away from him.

  20. Dan Ahern

    kwik — That is true. Lots of puzzling choices there.

    Almost like waking up on Dec 24 and realising you haven’t bought your wife or children anything for Christmas, then rushing out and buying the first things you see. Doesn’t matter what. You just need presents, and you need them now.

  21. wanger-wenker

    i hear wenger is in france talking to isbian mandibolou a 19 yr old gabon international, hes mainly on the bench for french-league side rouen but has impressive stats. Apparently wenger is impressed with his appearance ; looks like a young vieira. Wenger has offered 500,000 but rouen want 1million plus diaby.
    A rouen insider said that wenger was furious that his generous offer wasnt respected and stated that he(wenger) sets the price for players. He also commented that diaby would never be sold or loaned and was the future of arsenal.
    Expect a statement from wenger declaring that he tried to sign quality players but none are available

  22. TOLI83

    Then the only thing you can get your hands on is a bunch out of out of date flowers for the mrs from the local shell garage and a kinder egg each for the kids 🙂

  23. kwik fit

    Your right Dan I was just throwing names in their without full consideration surrounding their initial purchase. I came up with a few gems but also on reflection missed a many obvious choices.

  24. SDE

    ThomasJanuary 8, 2013 22:50:00
    How did it all end up this bad?

    When DD left & there was a power vacuum..

    In stepped OGL& assumed more control,than any current living manager & the rest is history..

  25. Dan Ahern

    kwik — Yeah, I was just saying they don’t support your theory. But there are others who do. I don’t think it’s AW’s only motivation but he’s definitely intent on ‘discovering’ talent, or at least finding overlooked (cheap) players.

    It’s not even a bad thing in and of itself, but it’s ruinous when you don’t maintain any of the quality in your team. You can’t eternally play future gems unless there’s a good team in place already.

  26. arshavin

    It’s too depressing to watch arsenal matches these days,but I’ve decided that I won’t be watching arsenal play until that wanker wenga leaves the club,thanks to the guy who reminded us that we had a gem named arshavin,who has been frozen off completely to favour players like ramshit and gervshit who can’t even hold a candle to vastly experienced pro like arshavin.I,personally admire arshavin very much and to see him not feature in the team is very saddening.Hope he goes somewhere,where he will get more game time and respect.We play appaling football these days and we all know who is responsible for that yet these AKB’s will stand by wanke forever,it seems.

  27. SDE

    Wenga Wonga is no more a socialist than Robert Mugabe,or Assad of Syria..

    An arch manipulative dictator,hell bent on not relinquishing any power,but just spouting rhetorical nonsense,in order to consolidate his position & continue his M.O.

    It would be interesting to see his book library in his palace..

    I’m sure it would make for interesting observation on the man..

    Titles adorning his book shelf would possibly range from..

    R.Mugabe..”The Land Grab” Volume 1

    R.Mugabe..”How I Quelled The Uprising”.Volume II

    Assad..”The Road to Hell”

    Life & Times of Bernie Maddoff..”The Ponzi Scheme”
    “How I got away with it for 20 odd years”

    Gaddafi..”Confessions of The Eternal Madman”

    Assad..”The Time Travel-The Good,The Bad & The Damn Right Ugly”

    George Galloway..”The Champagne Swilling,Cuba Smoking,Bentley Driving Pseudo-Socialist”

    Margaret Thatcher..”The Milk Snatcher”
    & “This Lady is not for Turning”

  28. TOLI83

    Don’t you think the board are to blame as much as him as they have given him to much autonomy in the first place.

    Like giving a kid everything he wants then complaining afterwards that he is spoilt?

  29. Adam Bucci

    its a shame the kit makers feel its more important to make sure their ‘brand’ is more evident than the team’s identity. these have to be the ugliest kits to date. a better option would have been a simple red and white jersey – circa 71-72 – and use a semi reflective white material for the adidas stripes on the sleeves.
    and where did that dark blue patch come from?
    and will we ever get yellow and blue again?

    as for everything else, we are as bad as villa, only they lost in regular time.

  30. Arsene's Nurse

    kwik fit January 8, 2013 22:52:11

    Adam Szalai to Arsenal for €20m must be some kind of a joke?

    The media are now taking the piss! Fuckers!
    It’s a typo kwik. It should read Adam Sandler.

    He’s being bought in as Wenger’s Waterboy. Everytime Wenger needs to kick or slam a water-bottle Adam will provide one.

  31. The Poldi Prince

    Imagine we had a half decent manager in the last four years.

    Say we never got rid of cesc, rvp,

    Had’ve signed Alonso when we had him for a pittance.
    Had have signed Mata when we had him for what looks a bargain now.
    Hadve signed yaya when he Fucking trained with us.
    Signed ba and michu for Fuck all in the last 12 months.

    Hadve signed Cahill for Fuck all.
    Could’ve had van da vaart for nothing.

    All we would need is a LB and we would EASILY win multiple trophies and bring in an extra 50mil a year to cover excess wages.

    Instead we have Ramsey, gerv, diaby, squid etc and still burn through 150mil per year of salary

    It should be jailed.

  32. Arsene's Nurse

    iffy da goon January 9, 2013 00:16:28

    Aerial Photo of Highbury

    Their is a brilliant website called “Britain from Above” which has aerial photographs of Britain from the 1920s and 30s.

    There are some great pics of the ground. I typed “highbury” into the search. See here

  33. Arsene's Nurse

    When you look at the pictures and surrounding buildings you will understand where the phrases “North Bank” and “Clock End” come from. 🙂

  34. Adam A. Carbarundum

    Said it before countless times starting all the way back in the summer. Wenger will do nothing in January and cling to his belief that he, above everyone else, is the only one that knows what he is doing. The fact that the wage bill for Arsenal is almost identical to that of ManU and yet we have nothing but pure shoit to show for it beyond perhaps one or two players…well, that says it all, doesn’t it?

    Truth be told, I’d love to work for someone like Arsene Wenger. I could perform like crap and he’d still pay me a fair wage. He’s a lazy ass’ dream!!!

    Fricken wanker…and speaking of, those jersey’s are pure fakes. Not even Arsenal would be that fricken stupid to approve those monstrosities.

    Arsenal are no better than 6th and I’ve said it since August. The end is finally near for that old senile goat named Wenger. Humiliated through his own hand – the perfect ending!

  35. salparadiseNYC

    Thanks for those.. so beat down by current nonsense I forgot.
    AA23 second was wicked as well…. but that run, Walcott at full bloc and Arsh
    comes from the back.
    I miss him.

  36. Adam A. Carbarundum

    No need to boycott any game. Simply put, select 2-5 minutes of the game and have all the fans turn their backs to the field and essentially the players and Wenger in particular. There can be no more a humiliating feeling than someone deliberately turning their back on you. If that does not get through to the old goat and the politburo then nothing will.

  37. iffy da goon

    The sign on fee thing is what wenger uses to pass money to his players while pretending to have a stable salary policy

    Wonder how much we’ve paid in sign on fees compared to other big clubs (not recently big like chelsea and City, but vintage like Arsenal, Bayern munich, united and AC milan)

  38. Bade

    What about getting back Ashley Cole instead of Santos?

    Give Cashley a 2 years contract for the same wage Santos gets + his sell revenue

    He’s worth the money IMHO & would be a great help for Gibbs success & development as a defending LB, as right now he’s better going forward than defending

  39. High Power Mutant

    Anybody know what happened to the adrian Lopez deal? A couple of days ago it sounded like a done deal, now it’s just silent

  40. Jeff

    Of course all this “I’ll only sign the right players” is the pretext to “We couldn’t find the right players” once the window closes. He actually thinks he’s fooling anyone but himself.

  41. Jeff

    Here’s another Wenger quote:

    “We have shown character and quality (against Swansea) and those are good ingredients for the coming weeks.”

    We capitulated late in the game after going 2:1 up and could have conceded more. How is that showing quality and character? What it shows is “no bottle” and “no desire”. Psychologically we are spent.

  42. Doublegooner


    Never mind him only signing ‘the right’ players.

    He should be held responsible for all the ‘wrong’ signings.

    I said weeks ago, personally I hope he signs no one.

  43. useroz

    If media report is to be believed…

    Theo to pocket 3m sign on bonus and near double pay…

    That’s mismanagement of financial resources.

    Theo’s contract should have been dealt with last year. Who’s he to dictate terms to AFC?? He’s not a RVP or Cesc…

    Ok, it’s better than (commercially) to lose Theo for free but whoever managing player contracts must be held accountable…am sure AFC did not need to table the size of their current offer last season.

  44. Jeff


    I suspect what Wenger means by “right player” is a world class player in the making that is only going to cost us £10m and we can get away with paying him £50k per week.

    If such a player did exist the probability of us scooping him up is so miniscule as to be virtually non existent. Why is this? When Wenger first turned up in the 90s and early 2000, the current generation of portable high speed communication devices weren’t around. In fact the first PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or as we like to call them smart-phones, became available in 2001. By the time they spread to the extent that practically everybody now owns one, we would be talking something like 2005 and on.

    Why do I mention all this? Well, in the field of unearthing the next “Messi” as it were, the speed of communication means you don’t have to have a scout in every city and every country trying to find world class players. All it takes is a smart-phone to send as many pictures, videos and goodness knows what else to whomever in seconds. I’m not saying Arsenal scouts are still using the phone box but what it means is that all the clubs have equal chance of finding that “gem”. As a result we have started to “guess” more often and we have not been very successful – Gervinho for example was a terrible mistake. What this has done is driven Wenger to go for more established players but ones that are within his “price range”. But in general mediocre prices bring you mediocre players.

    There are only two possible exit strategies for Wenger to get us out of this mess. The brute force method is to abandon this nonsense about the social model and lift the self-imposed transfer fee cap which leads to buying established world class players and being able to retain them.

    The other alternative is for him to just leave. I know which I would prefer.

  45. Cesc Appeal

    I knew Wenger would make sure his little Golden Prince stayed.

    Fabregas – no fight at all.

    Van Persie – INCREDIBLY no fight at all.

    Nasri – no fight at all.

    These three players, all a hundred times better than Theo the club sold for the profit. Now little Theo gets what he wants! £90 000 a week and a £3 000 000 signing on bonus!


    For what?!

    How about feeling lucky we paid you £60 000 a week for all those years when you did next to fuck all!

    Avergae player, good game against relegation fodder Reading, and struggling Newcastle who we banged 7 past.

    Couldn’t influence the other games where he played up top…just not THAT player.

    If Theo has been signed on at the expense of someone else (as well all know will be the case with this parasitical American monstrosity of a club!) then people need to be shot.

    I couldn’t have cared less if Walcott walked away from Arsenal, he’s sapped cash out of the club for 5-6 years and given nothing back.

    Get ready:

    ‘You say we have signed no one, but I believe we have signed 6 players? As well as that we have Diaby like a new signing and Rosicky getting back to full fitness. So we have eight new players this January.’

    Pound to a pinch of shit!

  46. Jeff

    The bottom line with Walcott is that we are so threadbare that even losing him would matter. Wenger cannot stomach another high profile exit which is why he’s giving into Walcott, as much as he hates doing it but he only has himself to blame.

    I couldn’t care less either way to be honest. Walcott is not a difference maker; we will win nothing without further high profile additions regardless of who Walcott plays for.

  47. Doublegooner

    I’ve said for longer than most that his best years & the advantages he had were over.

    He doesn’t have the tactical nous.

    He doesn’t delegate with his staff.

    He still thinks he can run the club himself

    Long gone are the warriors type players who can lead without him.

    There is a rumour that he could be approached to replace Mourinho.

    Can’t see him taking that & ‘exposing’ himself. IMO, he’d last 5 minutes there.

    Hope he does go for it though !

  48. Jeff


    I’d take anyone right now if I’m honest. Of course we need a good manager; a strong manager above all is what we need. Someone who’s going to impose his will; has a proven track record and will not take any nonsense from anyone. The board would hate to have anyone like that. They are terrified that the paradise they’ve created for themselves at the expense of the club is going to come to an end. It’s madness.

    I am just listening to his podcast which is very sober and truthful. Have a listen if you have time.

  49. Crusaderrabbit

    It would be great if the guy who’d made that countdown clock could add a counter(s) showing what we’re spending everyday in wages on the utter dross festering in our squad (chamakh, gervinho, diaby etc) . That would help ram home the point as well. He could also do another counter showing the number of trophies won since 2005 – though reckon even I could program that one

  50. goonerboy

    When you state “who in their right mind could say Wenger’s policies have worked?” Well how about starting with the shareholders who have seen their share value sky rocket. How about Arsenal’s accountants who know he will faithfully balance the books at whatever price is on the pitch.
    Its clear that many fans have been so brainwashed about the debt crisis in Britain that they think the under-investing policy is the right one. There is a sizable minority of AKBs who believe that buying players is fundamentally wrong.
    Wenger is actually an an architect of this policy-from the outset.
    Arsenal is a business- football is incidental to profit. The people not in their right minds are those who believe the club prioritises results on the pitch.
    Wenger gives just enough success to keep his hero-worshippers happy- they don’t seem to realise it but they adjust their expectations downwards each year.

  51. wanger-wenker

    The only football related objective for wenger is achieving 4th place. Years of challenging for a trophy and failing and in the final few months pushing for 3rd or 4th has created a sense of mild euphoria in the mindset of many fans. At the end of each season,the talk is of getting into the champs league.Fans (particularly AKBs) swagger around sneering at the spuds who inevitably fail at this last hurdle.Dismal defeats and getting eliminated predictably from all competitions is forgotten by this new 4th place “trophy”
    Its like raising your kid to believe that success can be judged against others failure……a comparative look downwards at those less fortunate. Its the sickness of this club that expectations are so low and static.
    Football is ultimately about winning and challenging for a trophy,(or even promotion), it isnt about playing safe and making profit. As much as i detest the arrogant and devious wenger, i feel that AKBs are even more detestable in so far as they support this pathetic ethos spouted by the “socialist” wenger.
    Wenger is no more socialist than saddam hussain was, wenger is just a lot more intelligent and has these AKBs in his pocket.

  52. Josip Skoblar

    Is the “In Arsene We Trust” banner still on display at the Emirates these days? I can’t remember.