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Ahhh, well some of you may have been expecting a match report this morning. Most of you probably knew the Arsenal game wasn’t until today. So if you want to read my match preview, check yesterday’s post. It was most enjoyable, even if a touch early!

So, instead, today, I’ll just hammer into some transfer stories and we’ll see how far that take us.

First up, finally, Wenger has delivered to news we’ve been telling you for ages. He’s the man responsible for the wage structure… you know, the one that pays the poor players too much and the great players not enough.

“We don’t have a big gap ­between what our players earn at Arsenal,”

“We are more a socialist model and vulnerable because of that.

“We have something that is ­defendable in front of every single player. We make ­exceptions, but the ­exceptions are maybe not as high as elsewhere.

“We have an amount of money that is dedicated to wages. Within that we try to do things that make sense and are defendable.”

“I’ve believed all my life to pay well people who work for us. If you can afford to do it, you do it. But we have no players on £200,000 a week.”

So there you have it. The problems we’re having at the moment with certain players is down to one man and a CEO who refuses to challenge a fatally flawed philosophy. We don’t have any players on £200k a week, yet we have the same sized wage bill that City had a season ago. So it’s not like we can’t afford it. Wenger is supposedly umming and ahhhring over whether or not to sanction Theo Walcott on £85k a week, y et he’s more than happy to sit on £140k a week himself!

Our wage structure doesn’t stand up to basic sporting ideals. Sport, in essence, is a meritocracy. You earn what you’re worth. Sometimes, you earn what you could potentially earn, but mostly, it’s down to what you can do. If the club you’re with can’t pay you that, you tend to go to one that can. Arsene Wenger has taken the merit out of giving out deals. For me, that’s buying love… which again, everyone knows you can’t do. It works with poor players, because they’re never going to get better elsewhere, it works with very young players because it means they don’t have to work for the big dollars… but as soon as the money drys up, the players whose talent exceed their salaries look elsewhere.

Arsene, just because you can afford to do something, doesn’t mean you can defend it and it doesn’t mean you should do it. The very fact you haven’t defended it in your comments says it all. The output of the wage structure shows it’s not defendable… our best players leave, our worst ones won’t leave. Could it be any clearer?

‘If you can afford to do it, you do it.’

The above snippet is exactly why there is no wiggle room in our wage bill. If we paid our players what they were worth, we’d probably have £50million more a year in profit which would mean we wouldn’t have to sell to buy and it would mean we could bring in some hefty talent.

Anyway, back on the transfer round. So, David Villa was heavily linked yesterday. Upon further reading, it would appear Barcelona don’t want to let him go this summer. There’s a chance of a loan move and apparently Wenger has called him personally. He’ll apparently go for £16million. Now, there is so much smoke here, there must be a fire somewhere. For me, I’m not a fan of the deal. So many people have said ‘oh, you want world class players, now you’re moaning’, well, for me, that’s a pretty dim way of looking at some valid concerns.

A few reasons I’m not a fan of this…

1) He’s two years older than Robin Van Persie was. Unlike Robin, he doesn’t have 56 games of fitness behind him. He’s coming back from a very bad injury on the wrong side of the thirty. Our most expensive buy every should not have these risks attached. It was ok when it was Overmars because he was 24…

2) He’s world class, don’t get me wrong, but he’s played his whole career in La Liga. If he was 28, I’d be game on. However, at 31, it’s a massive ask to come over the toughest league in the world and hit the ground running. Sure, Didier Drogba was banging them in late in his career, but he was build like a WWE wrestler. What happened to Shevchenko at 29?

3) The whole Theo Walcott deal hinges on him playing central striker. Now we’re bringing in an old player to step into that role for £16million? How often has Wenger ever killed the career of a love child?

4) Sticking him out on the left makes little sense as well. He’s just invested £90k a week in Podolski. When has #WengerLogic ever seen him give up on a player after 6 months?

5) He purchased the 26 year old Giroud who has 11 goals and 9 assists for a half season. I’m struggling to see how he’d make a marquee signing which would effectively relegate him to 3rd choice striker… because you’re not rotating a £120k a week player are you?

Now, if we sign him and he bangs in loads of goals, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m not saying he can’t be effective, or he’s a bad player. However, for me, I’d prefer to see us invest in a player the right side of the 30 so we’re not scrabbling around next January because we’ve got a massive injury pile up on our hands. If we wanted value for money, for the life of me, I still can’t work out why we ignored Demba Ba who banged in two goals for his new club yesterday. He’s 4 years younger, has proved his fitness and he’s Premier League ready… for half the price.

Anyway, we’ll see. David Villa looks like we’re buying a name. He’ll get goals for sure, and I’m not saying his signing wouldn’t mark an exciting turn of events… I just question the value of making our most expensive signing ever a 31 year old who Barca are looking to shift on? Why would they sell him? What’s the underlying reason here? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to keep our 29 year old Dutchman on board for another season?

The fact everyone seems to be ignoring is that it’s not actually the strikers that are the problem. It’s that we don’t seem to be able to get the ball to them. Theo has some of the best conversion stats in the league, yet he hardly had a sniff the other day. For me, it’s that box to box midfielder we lack. David Villa is going to be no use if he doesn’t see the ball for ninety minutes. We need to be looking at someone who can take people on in midfield… a player who can intercepts and turn with pace… someone who can boss the midfield like Patrick Vieira used to. It’s a shame Mark Van Bommel isn’t 7 years younger… he’d do very nicely!

United are apparently looking to sign Dortmund’s Sven Bender. A player we’ve seen a few times line up against us. The German defensive minded midfielder is 23 years old and he’s a born winner. Just the sort of player we could do with at Arsenal. Why are we not linked with him? At £15million he’s well within our reach. In fact, why is there no smoke around centre midfielders or any player outside of an attacking one? It’s all very odd and very disappointing. Wenger doesn’t see what the fans see… or the pundits, or the ex-players… and that costs us year after year.

Anyway, enjoy the game today, see you tomorrow with the match report.

P.S. Looks like JD didn’t take a pay cut as he left on loan… defend that Arsene!

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  1. Cesc Appeal


    And let’s be honest Spurs might as well get fourth.

    At least they’ll use the £35 Million of new money to invest!

    I fully expect either Sneijder or Moutinho will sign for them…or at least someone on that sort of level…perhaps Willian who AVB has a hard on for.

    Look at us! £70 Million to spend, we act like Hull City FC…I detest everything about us…I’m even starting to loathe the players…even my favourites like Santi and Jack….I look at them and it makes me angry…

  2. Jeff

    I don’t think we’re getting Villa. I’m watching the Barcelona game now and the commentators said at the beginning there was no way Villa is leaving before the summer (especially as his wife is expecting in the next month). Don’t forget, this is Wenger we’re talking about. Every link, every rumour buys him another day of doing nothing in the window which he hates as we all know because it means he can do something about the mess and will be blamed for not doing it.

    It’s all about dodging blame and staying in the job. I don’t even think it’s about CL position any more. That is only important because it buys him another season. That’s the way I see it.

    By the way Barcelona are 2:0 up already and it’s only 15 minutes in. Messi scores the second one against Espanyol

  3. Johnty79

    Wenger is destroying us. But all those who r season ticket holders r to blame. They let him get away with disastrous decisions since 1998. I work with a season ticket holder at work and constantly says he just supports the team never boos. What is the point in these people going to watch arsenal under wenger. Where is the enjoyment.

    Looking back if he never signed vieria. We would have won nothing and he probably would have been sacked after 3 seasons. The last 26 years supporting arsenal wengers rain and Graham’s last 6 months have been the worst. At least with Rioch in charge it looked like we were going to try and be a big club. It was just a shame platt was finished as a player when we bought him.

    Only 2 truly satisfying seasons out of the last 16. 1998 and 2002. The rest has been a complete disappointment every season.

    Can anyone disagree?

  4. eboue

    yes i can disagree you mug try adding 2004 to that list i seem to remember us winning the league that season while also not losing 1 game in the league that season!!

  5. Johnty79

    Cesc appeal I make you right. I think wilshere should have turned round and refused to sign a new deal. He should have said no way I’m staying at ths loser club anymore and told the press. Only then will fans start to get the picture.

    I predict spurs to win the league next year or go close.
    I heard there going to spend 27 m on a striker. This may be cavani or daimo the Brazilian. I’ve heard avb has suggested Walcott to the board also.

    I think we should boo the team and sing spurs songs just to get le dictator out. I just no we r going to end up as a disaster next year.

  6. Johnty79

    Eboue we through the quadruple away in 2004. Spurs celebrated more than us at white hart lane. The season was a major disapointment. Wenger refused to rotate against shit teams that season. That’s what cost us.

  7. gambon

    No wonder Wenger the Wanker wants Adrian Lopez,

    Another average cunt that will fit in nicely with the socialist wage structure on £50k per week, and most importantly a signing so average that no-one will pressure Wenger into winning things, something hes terrified of.

  8. Jeff


    I’m going to stick my neck out and say that if Wenger leaves this summer (and I mean leaves Arsenal completely, utterly and totally) we will bounce back pretty quickly. Since hearing that Wenger is responsible for the wages policy it means a new manager can ask for that to be changed. We don’t have to spend any more than we are doing already. We just need to adjust the hierarchy so that we can bring in world class players.

    I know it sounds contradictory but I’m actually quite encouraged by the fact that a new manager should be able to change things around within a relatively short space of time. We just need to get rid of around a dozen of Wenger’s useless players, recruit something like 5 world class ones and we can start to challenge. I am quietly optimistic but it needs Wenger to leave and hopefully this summer will be his last at Arsenal. The catalyst for that to happen is dropping out of top four and finishing as low as possible – say 8th or something like that.

  9. Midlandgunner

    David moyes was asked a question about evertons finances he replied I don’t really look at the figures it’s not my department whereas Wenger laps it up,nobody cares about profit margins and ffp all we care about is having a proper team on the pitch that can compete I cannot wait until he is gone and we have a proper boss in charge we are going from bad to worse under arsene,I remember a few years ago we played great football but still won nothing now we don’t even play well anymore,Wenger is finished the sooner he is gone the better,I will not attend another game until he is gone

  10. Jeff


    If that’s true it is the funniest thing I’ve heard today. That’ll teach him to hide behind the wall.

  11. CowleyGooner


    Only twitter rumours but it made my fucking day.

    That mercenary cunt deserves everthing coming to him!!

    Good luck at Hibs away in Feb??

    How the mighty have fallen!!!

  12. SDE

    gambonJanuary 6, 2013 18:10:48
    No way are we getting 4th this year.Anyone else find it strange that the 2 times we have scraped CL football on the last day it was a bit dodgy?Firstly Spurs’ entire team come down with food poisoning.Then last year West Broms keeper gifts us 3 goals

    I’ve said it along about the W.Brom game..
    Go back to my posts straight after the W.Brom game..

    It smelt big time..Roy Hodgson announced as England Manager during the latter part of the season..

    He’s still managing W.Brom.albeit with them safely secured with Premiership status..

    The issue of picking TW b/w Woy &OGL for Euro’s 2012 comes up in some discussion..

    Wink,wink,nudge,nudge.Quid Pro Quo..
    I’ll give you TW,if you give me 3 points..

    Hence Woy,drops Foster who literally played all season,for the No2.M.Fulop & then conspires to give us 2 soft goals..& we win..It smelt big time..

    I had my suspicions about the Spurs game,back when we were at Highbury..But overlooked it..That said,after the W.Brom game..I think there was a bit of skulduggery behind the Spurs game & as a consequence I’ve lost all respect for the beautiful game & AFC…

    I don’t need evidence to connect the dot’s..Just what OGL has been doing behind closed doors,over the years is enough..!!

    I too have more sources..& quite frankly it’s disgusting..

    Anyone that thinks OGL is a saint..
    Diplomatically,you are terribly misguided..

  13. Bergkamp10

    FCUK arsenal FCUK wenger FCUK the board

    first time in months i did’nt even read le-grove post just straight to comment i am now bored of my team and the way we run things sad thing is theo walcott aint even that good and we are that bothered about him signing we have one player of any class that is jack wilshere R.I.P ARSENAL

    before any1 rambles on about santi cazorla of malaga is he better than mata or hazard?? i think not fcuk arsenal

  14. Dan Ahern

    Bit of news:

    It’s reported that Everton have signed Vegard Forren, a CB who plays for Molde (that Norwegian club managed by Ole Gunnar Solkjaer, or however you spell his name). £4m.

    That and the fact the club were reportedly £9m down might indicate a sale coming? Doubt AW’s still looking at Jags but maybe hope for Baines of Fellaini has gone up just a hair?

  15. SDE

    Willy,Wenga,Wonga is a degenerate gambler..

    Pure & Simply amongst other things..
    The unfortunate thing(from the side perspective of fans & ambitious player’s)
    is that he play’s with the club’s history at stake..

    To everyone’s detriment..

    He play’s with the club’s decent money,on high odds with shit players,hoping they will come good..
    In order to massage & feed his egomania..
    Not the club’s,but his..!!
    F**K the fans,the plebes,or the wider audience..

    He’s not really the socialist,that he panders to be in media circles..

    But a pseudo socialist -degenerate gambler,that is in the unfortunate position to be bankrolled by the club,in order to feed his gambling addiction-figuratively speaking.

    He pro-offer’s a litany of excuses for not trying to compete,but simply trouser’s a shedload of money to the tune of £50+million in wages over 7 years..+ consultancy fees from Canal+& Castrol based on his past legacy..All behind a veiled smokescreen of FFP & the rest..

    His Ponzi Scheme:-

    1) Project Stadium Debt
    2)Project Dismantling/Transition.(i.e.Project Youth Mark I)
    2b)Intertwined with the new Oligarchs & Sheikhs..
    3)FFP & Sustainability
    4)Project Panic Buying Cheap Experience
    5)Project British Youth..Makrk II

    Is this not what degenerate gamblers does..

    Lie at every turn,to maximise/raise as much money as they can to fuel their addiction/delusions & simultaneously try too recover their losses,or recoup some small profit to make up for the losses via the same method in which they lost it,in the first place..

    & then when it goes tit’s up,hide behind the very people that they know will protect them(the Club)..

    Of which AFC inadvertently become enablers of the twat(OGL)..

    As they, the geriatrics & the naive AKB fans are unable to decipher/comprehend the intricacies of the game,other than top 4 brings in £XXX million from CL qualification..

    But not daring to ask,the ever important question(s).

    Such as for example-“What if we invested in more WC player’s & win the EPL OGL..?”

    “What money does that bring to the table & the spin-offs from winning?”

    It’s always today, &never tomorrow(as tomorrow will take care of itself),with the degenerate gambler..!!

    “Trust me I will show you.I have so far made £10k today(i.e. when in actual fact he’s busy chasing a £100k loss from the previous night(s)),but in the past I made over £500k in profits.”

    Using the £500k track record,as a way to secure more funds & proclaim he still has what it takes..

    “With a liitle more bankroll,I could surpass my profit record..”
    (the degenerate gambler never revealing his true loss).

    The words of a degenrate gambler..

    When in actual fact,his true loss is fast approaching £1 million+.

    But that is a minor detail he overlooks..

    For his benefit & your’s in which he is trying to procure as much money as possible from your’s truly.

    Preferring to tell you,that he’s made £10k today,& in the past £500k in profits from a stake of £10.00.
    Therefore by all accounts,you should be mightily impressed..
    Just on past performance,which he thinks is indicative of today’s & the future alone..

    The equivalence in OGL’s word’s every season..

    “This is the best squad,I’m confident we will win the EPL,or some trophy..”

    Whilst downgrading the quality of the team every season,year-on-year..& replacing them with dross..

    Thus spunking of how many millions up the wall through his signings & re-contract signings on dross-dressed up as a socialist wage structure..(i.e.another convenient lie,which I’ve alluded to in the past,will come to that later in another post).

    As long as he has a sponsor,to enable his addiction(unknown to the sponsor,’cos of all the spin-doctoring-see points 1-5)..
    The scheme will continue with gay abandon.

    What member’s in the club,or on the BOD,know one thing about football?Didley Squat..

    Question,one should ask,is who’s spinning who?The Club,or Arsene..?

    The fact that OGL has broken rank,suggests to me this is a pre-emptive strike,to either deflect any blame from him,or share the blame equally when the proverbial shit hit’s the fan..

    The club have backed him in the past & continue to do so..
    PHW(The mad man),IG(The slippery snake),Fizman, have repeatedly said over the years..”OGL has money to spend”..

    His latest utterances about the socialist wage structure,suggest the last words of a broken man,who is now desperately latching on to whatever branch he can reach out too,to save his own skin…

    Forever going round in circles,when in actual fact..All that is happening in the long-run on average,
    is that OGL is forever burying the club in deeper financial woes,thanks to his tyranny& looking for a way out eventually,smelling of roses..

    & with his latest pronouncements,he’s now trying to share the blame,or pass the buck,with his statements about his wage increases for player’s, albeit on his time watch.The final rubber stamp/authorisation being with the board..!!

    OK Arsene..We understand…

    My friends I bring you the equivalent of Paul Merson,of the “Managerial World”..He womanises,urinates money up the wall,gambles with the club’s money& is a consistent,compulsive,manipulator of facts..

    The man has a problem..
    OGL make the call.D.A.A-
    “Dictators Anonymous4Arseholes.

  16. gambon

    Dan Ahern

    Rumous yesterday that Everton were after a CB cos theyre selling Heitinga to Ajax, cos theyre selling Alderweireld to us.

  17. Gunner2301

    Arsenal 1886

    I don’t believe he got Dein out otherwise Dein wouldn’t let him on his yacht during the transfer window.

    I believe Wenger convinced the board that for a few mill more he could cover both bases as well as negotiate the catering contract in his spare time.

    Instead of doing the right thing and get in a director of football Wenger saw an opportunity for omnipotence and grabbed it with both hands.


  18. Dan Ahern

    I don’t know shit about Alderweireld. Haven’t seen Ajax in a while. Any chance he can play as a defensive mid, or would this be a Djourou replacement?

    A penny for your scouting report?

  19. Arsene's Nurse

    Gunner2301 January 6, 2013 19:29:59

    Arsenal 1886

    I don’t believe he got Dein out otherwise Dein wouldn’t let him on his yacht during the transfer window.

    I believe Wenger convinced the board that for a few mill more he could cover both bases as well as negotiate the catering contract in his spare time.

    Instead of doing the right thing and get in a director of football Wenger saw an opportunity for omnipotence and grabbed it with both hands.


    That is why he’s on such a high salary. He’s doing more than one job with disastrous consequences. Wenger saw the chance for total control and persuaded everyone to go along with it. He looks frazzled as a result, completely burnt out.

  20. mystic

    Johnty79 January 6, 2013 18:25:29
    ‘Cesc appeal I make you right. I think wilshere should have turned round and refused to sign a new deal. He should have said no way I’m staying at this loser club anymore and told the press. Only then will fans start to get the picture.’

    Why? Because Wenger is a cunt the players don’t have to fall to his level? Refusing to sign would hurt the fans more than Wenger. If the stupid wanker finally fell on his sword it would be a nightmare for anyone taking over at the helm because all the best players had left – is that really how you see the way ahead?

  21. Jeff

    Alderweireld doesn’t look bad. We need a good defender. But of course YouTube is nothing to go by. Here it is anyway (just in case).

  22. Inter YourGran

    Cavani scores again…

    Did anyone notice that we can’t even pass properly anymore. We play shit football and lack pace & guile in the final 3rd. Then there’s the disaster that is the defence..

    At least we could bang on about beautiful football when were winning fuck all 4 years ago, now we’re just shit!

    Honestly, Podolski’s our best player and he’s average who got relegated with his hometown team last season.. You couldn’t make it up how far we’ve descended in the last 5 years..

    All the while we charge the highest ticket prices in world football….

    Something’s got to give, because i don’t think anyone in their right mind would pay £50 notes to watch Arsenal in a cat b game at the moment and those who are have more money then common sense…

  23. Dan Ahern

    “Michu is a one season wonder.”

    That’s one of the stupidest things I’ve ever read.

    Michu scored 17 goals for Rayo Vallecano (a shit club that finished 15th), which was more than any other midfielder in La Liga.

    Last year.

    So unless you’re writing off his current amazing season and shit, he’s already more than a one-season wonder. Either way, idiotic remark.

  24. dave


    In the premiership. He shinned a goal today and
    got motm. If he scores loads of goals next year come back and call me an idiot. If anyone thinks he is the saviour for Arsenal, I’m lost for words.

  25. Rocky87

    Cannot believe Wenger’s comments on our “socialist” pay policy. I support a football club, not an f’ing political party.

    Admitting we pay crap players great wages, and great players crap wages, which we all knew, and saying it leaves us vulnerable, should be a sacking offence in itself!

    He has built a club, that everyone is laughing at, and is the complete opposite to how anyone would run a business in the real world. Self-sustaining my arse!

  26. Dan Ahern

    Cheers for the vid, Jeff. He looks pretty good on Grimantube with those cross-field passes. Perhaps we can upgrade Belgians?

    (side note: what’s up with Belgium randomly having an amazing generation of footballers?)

  27. Inter YourGran

    Plus, Michu has the physique for the prem….

    Lol @ arsenal’s diddy men midfield… wilshere, arteta & cazorla… Cazorla’s gone right off the boil and Arteta has been found out at a top club where there’s pressure… Wilshere will end up injured the amount of games he plays and why he keeps starting Ramsey i do not know.. Either start the boy in centre mid or leave him on the bench… Trying to play him because you’ve given him 60k a week smacks of a man who’s lost it…

  28. Dan Ahern

    dave — Never said we should get him. Only that he’s certainly not a one-season wonder. He’s averaging more than a goal every other game. How badly to you presume he’ll fall off?

  29. Jeff


    It’s outrageous but Wenger is allowed to get away with it as he does with a lot of other weird and wonderful things that he does. It is fast becoming one of life’s imponderables how such incompetence and blatant, wanton ineptitude that is doing untold damage is being allowed to continue and not only that but being fully endorsed by the board who are actively seeking from him his signature on yet another contract. It has to be a nightmare from which we shall any minute all wake up and laugh at. It is getting damn silly and surreal.

  30. f4phantomphreak

    Listen to some of these comments, “I want Wenger to be shot,” “Spurs will win the league next season……” Come on people isn’t’ that stretching a bit too far…? Look I’m just as peeved as the next person, but some of you need some serious psychologist help and fast… Wenger won’t spend the money we need, we all know that so stop complaining like little school girls and get out there and do something

  31. Thomas

    “Overall, we have shown good mental quality.”

    Wengers comments after the game

    We lost from a losing position you little cunt.

  32. dave


    Walcott has 14 goals in a shit team in what is arguably the most competitive league in the world this season/campaign. Don’t make him a superstar. I can’t see Michu having such an impact next season, hence the one season wonder comment. Might be wrong . Come back next season and we’ll see who is the idiot.

  33. Rocky87


    His comment that his pay policy is defendable in front of every player is the most comical. If that was the case players like, RVP et al would never have left.

    What that actually means, is if a player gets too good we have to get rid of them, as they just laugh at the fact they are getting paid the same as the dross!

    I think the nightmare will continue until he is taken away in his straight jacket!

  34. sixx pac

    I can’t believe that you are questioning Villa. A world cup winner, Euro winner, Champions league winner, Spain’s all time leading scorer. I don’t see what the downside to that transfer could be. He’s 31? We bang on about experience all the time don’t we? He cost 16m? Would it be ok if he cost 10m? I’ve heard it reasoned on here before that a good player is a good player no matter his cost.

  35. kev

    another pile of shite today. walcott should never be allowed near a free kick again and if he signs a new contract sell him to the highest bidder – hes a total waste of space.

    gibbs played well today i thought – was probably the man of the match. great strike too it was very well taken

  36. dave


    Didn’t know we were having an argument. I think Michu is a one season wonder (this year in the premiership), you don’t. I got called idiotic because Michu has impressive statistics last year. I was trying to point out that stasticisc are not everything. My response was to a comment that we should swap Giroud for Michu as if he is everything we need. Just my opinion.

  37. Gunner2301


    Why are you telling lies? I never said Wenger controlled everything. You were the one who brought that up it never came out of my mouth. You were trying to twist my words, which is your usual tactic to try to win the argument.

    Keyser December 23, 2012 18:50:26

    “You were making out Wenger dictated terms and conditions to Arsenal, the Board and David Dein, like he’s all the all knowing, all seeing power behind everything, always was and always will be.”



    Keyser December 23, 2012 17:27:47
    “The fucked up wage policy is Wengers idea to promote equality within the team and is probably the single most policy that is fucking us up. ”

    I know it’s been ages, but come on, Dein denied Ashley Cole the extra 5k he wanted, which is probably bollocks anyway because he’s a bit of a cunt.

    So what then ? Wenger got in between Dein leaving and Kroenke taking over and decided to implement this wage policy. Though Kroenke was Dein’s idea anyway.

    “Wenger being the most powerful manager in football is not using any of this to his advantage in fact he is tying the hands of the Club with his outdated methods and naive idealogies. The majority of constraints we face are self imposed by Wenger nobody else.”

    You’ve probably repeated it soo much now, that you actually believe this is true.



    Gunner2301December 23, 2012 17:58:35


    Given that Gazidis has come out and said that Wenger is basically unsackable (FACT). What do you think he means by this? Do you think someone who is seen as being unsackable could have some leverage over those who would never sack him? I’m sure he could.

    What I’m saying is Wenger if he wanted to could use this leverage to get what he wanted out of the board, but guess what? He doesn’t have to because he has got what he want’s already. No interference in the playing side (apart from when he makes stupid statements like he’ll let Nasri walk free that was him getting above himself), no pressure, no-one looking over his shoulder and nobody questioning what he’s doing.

    Cole and Dein is a side issue. Do you know that it was Dein who said no to the 5k? Listen to what Gazidis said (FACT). Wenger recommends to them what he thinks a player is worth in transfer and wages. That was when the Diaby wages blew up at the AST.

    So if Wenger makes his recommendation why would you think Dein would take it upon himself to set wages on his own independent of what value Wenger places on that individual to the team? It wouldn’t happen.

    So to say off the cuff Dein denied Cole 5k therefore he left for Chelsea is absolute bollocks. Don’t you see the pattern Keyser? Our aim is to sell our best players and has been for years, set the wages low for top players and negotiate hard to force them out the Club (Walcott ringing a bell).

    We do not aim to keep players there’s no profit in that. Any player is for sale so nobody apart from Djourou will be retiring at Arsenal. If you haven’t realised that yet, where have you been living?



    KeyserDecember 24, 2012 14:28:52
    Love The Burbs.
    About yesterday’s conversation, I think people got themselves a little confused, all it was about was whether Wenger had complete control over everything, players, contracts and wages, when it’s generally been accepte that when Dein was around he and the board dealt with that side or at the very least were consulted and signed off on it.


    PS. You can bring your two little pussies marxdrive and jlp into this like you did the other night and I’ll educate the 3 of you all over again.


  38. Dan Ahern

    Tried kwik’s link. Google Translate up to it’s usual brilliance:

    “The fibrous gypsum athlete, however, states that the player still gives preference to São Paulo, but points out that you can not do anything if the proposal will prevail over the English club Sao Paulo.”


  39. Dan Ahern

    Pedro – Yeah, which is why I wanted to see the link. Thought it was pure twitter garbage.

    BTW you can forget about Cavani:

    “Cavani is a warrior who embodies all that’s best of the Napoli spirit and our supporters,” Napoli chief Aurelio De Laurentiis said. “It is because of this that I turned down an offer of 55 million euros.” [from City]

  40. Gunner2301


    I saw it it was so blatant I thought he would have been as honest as Arshavin. Those kinds of incidents they should be allowed to disallow the goal retrospectively.

  41. Jeff


    You know how infallible refs are. If they got it wrong it doesn’t matter. Mansfield actually scored after that and it would have ended up 1:1 and forced a replay. But the hand of God once again intervenes and nobody saw it (allegedly).

  42. Jeff

    I put this up early this morning in yesterday’s comments but I think it’s worth putting it out again. These are comments from some interview Wenger did for The Independent before today’s game. What do we suppose he’ll do after the Swansea result? Answer: same as he did after the Bradford one: nothing.

    “I find it difficult to analyse the players and to know what they are capable of. When you score seven goals in one game and only an own goal in the next one, of course it is hard.”

    “We have good offensive potential and that shows in some games. We are not consistent enough, though.”

    “I change my mind whether I need to go into the transfer market from game to game. That is because the players have a basic quality, but the performance of the players is analysed and you think, what could we do to be better?”

    “If you look at the Newcastle game, you would say fantastic. If you look at the Southampton game, you can come out and say we need to strengthen our offensive department. Football is like that.”


  43. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – Haha, stop doing that schooled bollocks you sound like you’re 13.

    “I never said Wenger controlled everything.”

    – “Cole and Dein is a side issue. Do you know that it was Dein who said no to the 5k? Listen to what Gazidis said (FACT). Wenger recommends to them what he thinks a player is worth in transfer and wages”

    – “The fucked up wage policy is Wengers idea to promote equality within the team and is probably the single most policy that is fucking us up. ”

    – “Wenger being the most powerful manager in football..”

    – “..The majority of constraints we face are self imposed by Wenger nobody else.”

    – “Given that Gazidis has come out and said that Wenger is basically unsackable (FACT).”

    – “Do you think someone who is seen as being unsackable could have some leverage over those who would never sack him?”

    – “no pressure, no-one looking over his shoulder and nobody questioning what he’s doing.”

    – “So if Wenger makes his recommendation why would you think Dein would take it upon himself to set wages on his own independent of what value Wenger places on that individual to the team? It wouldn’t happen.”


    What were you saying exactly ? So doesn’t control everything, just all those things you’ve listed.

    Do I really have to go back and find more of your quotes ?!

  44. Keyser

    By saying all of the bollocks you did above.

    “You were making out Wenger dictated terms and conditions to Arsenal, the Board and David Dein, like he’s all the all knowing, all seeing power behind everything, always was and always will be.”

    What’s wrong with this comment ?!

  45. gambon

    All of our problems are down to the ridiculous wage bill Wenger has implemented.

    He truely lost it.

    Do you honestly think Dixon, Winterburn & Parlour used to earn what Henry, Vieira & Pires earned?

    Usmanov said it right, we need to match, if not exceed what the other teams are paying.

  46. Keyser

    We need a couple of midfielders than maybe a versatile goalscorer.

    We’ve got Giroud and Podolski, why Ba ?!

    We score goals and then concede them because we have little to no control in midfield leaving the defence exposed.

    When we had Nasri-Fabregas-Wilshere- Song- Walcott.. We were sitting here saying we probably need someone better than 3 of those players.

  47. Royal Bludger

    Wenger: “I change my mind whether I need to go into the transfer market from game to game. ”

    So, have you got a fucking plan or not?

    No wonder he just flounders about in an indecisive fog. Do th custodians of the club read this utter bullshit?

  48. Jeff


    I dare say a day will come when AFC will go back to being a football club again instead of an orphanage for unwanted players with Mother Wenger shielding them from the big bad world outside by granting these ridiculous contracts.

    What else is there to say about a man who actually refused to grant a request by Hanover to insert a buyout clause into Djourou’s loan agreement? Is it madness? Is it senility? Is it spite? What is it that this man has against Arsenal that causes him to treat it like a subservient dog that he beats regularly for his own personal satisfaction?

    A player like Djourou is obviously worth more to Arsene than Arsenal. I don’t have the words for him anymore.

  49. Cesc Appeal


    Sevilla yeah.

    Just looked I think it was 11 goals in 17 games, that’s alright.

    Another cheap striker option, well below his actual value because of Sevilla’s shite financial position.

  50. Gunner2301


    I couldn’t even stomach the Henry handball. It’s so unfair when it’s obvious, but that;s the way things are.

    On your other post about what Wenger said. All i can say is WOW! This man is really in charge of our Club? He;d be better off saying nothing because everything he says just makes himself look more foolish and incompetent.

  51. andy1886

    “Abou Diaby is coming back and if we find one or two on the transfer market, then why not.”

    Hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wenger, you’re either completely and utterly mental or the funniest bloke on the planet.

    Let’s hope Diaby doesn’t get hit by a bus or we’ll have Wenger the Necromancer trying to bring the fucker back from the dead!!

  52. Jeff


    I agree that whatever he says makes him look even more foolish but what is even more idiotic than that? Answer: the board and owner who seem to be nothing more than a bunch of limpets sitting there ignoring everyting waiting to be sucked off by the tide of time.

  53. Dan Ahern

    The funny thing is, when Diaby comes back into our mediocre team we probably will look better, and Wenger will feel vindicated.

    Did I say funny? I meant debilitatingly depressing.

  54. Gunner2301


    You were caught in a lie, which you thought you could get away with because no-one would remember that far back. I challenge you to go back and find where I said Wenger controls everything and post my comments with quotes here.

    News you won;t find it as part of that discussion because it was never said.

    Maybe you’ll think twice next time before you spread lies. You can say what you want and we might have different opinions but I’m not going to lie and say you said something I know you didn’t.


  55. Pedro

    Dan, we need him back badly… our midfield, despite the hype, really has been poor of late.

    They’re not incisive at all…

  56. supergunner14

    Couldn’t give a shit about arsenal anymore…only so much one can take.haven’t been for 2 seasons,haven’t brought a kit for 2 seasons.lost my rag with wenger in 2008.nothing will change with him as “the man”,even cancelled sky sports.some will think its a bit ott.but don’t care,he ain’t signing anyone maybe if we get a drubbing it will force his hand.other than that expect the like a new signing shit.ill still follow my fav blog everyday 🙂 but the rest is not massive on trophy’s,all I care about is players that play for the shirt and have the hunger and fight,win lose or draw this team has nothing!

  57. Jeff

    I was just revisiting a press conference video from the summer showing Wenger trying to explain Van Persie’s departure. I wonder if he would be so laid back and flippant about it now (5 months on) knowing what would transpire? After 8 minutes of questioning he wouldn’t give us the real reason for why RVP wanted to leave.

  58. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – It took you 2 weeks to come up with that ? Mate this is getting embarrasing for you now.

    Look at what your own quotes say you nutter, fucking hell 2 weeks later and you’re still sitting there thinking abou it.

    I’m too shocked to even take the piss out of you.

  59. Dan Ahern

    ‘Dro — Agree but my point is regarding using Diaby as an excuse not to buy. And who knows how long he’ll be available this time. It’s like not getting a job because you play scratch-offs and you might win one of these days.

  60. mystic

    Wenger: “I change my mind whether I need to go into the transfer market from game to game. ”

    So in Wenger’s defence he does have the ability to ‘change my mind’, as opposed to my mum who is suffering Dementia and has effectively lost hers – though half of what she does is still more sensible than the bollocks he spouts.

  61. Kempster

    The Observer ran an article yesterday on that interview with Wenger where he says he finds it difficult to assess the strengths of his players titled “Wenger doesn’t know if his players are any good”.

    Which seems to sum it up.

    I’m very disappointed that nothing was lined up for Jan 1st. But ow I’ll be surprised if anyone comes thru the door before the end of the month

  62. Cesc Appeal


    What happens though?

    Cazorla – Diaby – Wilshere


    Diaby – Arteta – Wilshere with Cazorla playing higher

    We need to buy Yann M’Vila, Wenger wanted him at £15 Million…why wouldn’t he want him for £7.5 Million?

    He’s got an attitude? So has Giroud…so has Wilshere.

    If he’s too much of a pussy to control egos he has no business calling himself a football manager.

    Diaby will break after two games anyway

  63. TOLI83

    Jeff I was thinking about that yesterday . Talking about buying reporters carmellos etc…. So the joke is on them because he didn’t go to Juve, and went Man Utd instead!

    Nice to see Wenger still have his sense of humour and taking the time to joust with the media while the best striker in Europe is leaving our club.

  64. Gunner2301


    I think Wengers point with Djourou will be because we all say to him you’ve sold our best players in their peak and nobody with experience retires at the Club anymore he can wheel out the 36yr old Djourou who’ll be on his 120k contract by then 😆

  65. gambon

    Our midfield is just horrible.

    Diaby is completely average so lets not pretend he will help.

    Arteta, Wilshere & Cazorla are good players. However they shouldnt play together, and they are literally playing constantly cos we have zero depth.

    Its fucking embarrassing.

    We have no height, no strength, no power, no pace, no goals outside of Santi, whos been run into the ground.

    We need 2 quality midfielders. One more defensive and one box to box athlete.

    How the fuck can Wenger with his 30 years management experience not see this, its absolutely mental.

  66. Royal Bludger

    Dan Ahern … we won’t even bid 7.5m for Demba Ba. Almost everyone on LG was clamouring for it. But not OGL.

    He scores 2 in his first game.

  67. Gunner2301

    Keyser you posted at 18:06

    Keyser January 6, 2013 18:06:50
    Gunner2301 – When did he make the comment ? Don’t tell me it was 5 years after Dein left ?!

    You said Wenger controlled everything, when that clearly goes against what people think Dein actually did. It’s that simple. The Cole affair highlights that.

    I responded at 20:56

    2 hours and 50 minutes isn’t 2 weeks or are you in a time warp? My post sent you in such a spin that you ended up in a time warp? LMAO.

    Now it’s distraction techniques then you’ll move on to twisting your own words.

    I can’t see in your previous reply my quote where according to you I said Wenger controls everything.

    Or are you just going to man up and apologise for implying that I am a liar and take back your words?

    Go get the quote

    Im waiting ……TARAP ….. TARAP…….TARAP …… TARAP ……Flicks Sky to Channel 103 FA CUP Highlights TARAP…..TARAP……TARAP.

  68. Dan Ahern

    gambon — Diaby will still improve us because he has characteristics the rest of the midfield options sorely lack.

    As I was saying earlier though, absolutely no reason not to buy because it still won’t be good enough. Agreed we need DM and athlete especially. We have no platform for the passers to utilize.

    At a minimum we should get a DM to play with Arteta in 4-2-3-1.

    Could look like this for under 40m:


    (Did I leave out the part where we lie to Theo to get him to sign, then make him 2nd choice RW? Oops.)

    Or even the predictable route of only 1 signing, play M’Vila in 4-1-4-1
    (Theo–Caz–JW–Poldi) — It’s still a weak team but will have fewer defensive lapses.

  69. Dan Ahern

    Royal Bludger — Point taken but we at least have strikers, if not great ones (Giroud + Theo being bribed there + Poldi can fill in). At DM we have nobody, unless you count Coquelin. Which we don’t.

  70. Gunner2301


    He should really be looking at M’Vila but he wont. As long as we have Le Coq who can fill in there. Frimpong isn’t going to be anywhere near the team for years if he makes it at all so he should be bringing in a specialist to rotate with Arteta so one of the 3 can be dropped. Arteta can also fill in for Jack to give him a rest.

  71. gambon






    £80m well spent by July, whatever we dont get in Jan we get in June/July

    Its pathetic that Wenger has nothing like the ambition to go out and do this.

  72. Gunner2301


    I’d bring in Hummels for Mertesacker he’s too slow for this league and make it a round 100mill.

  73. Keyser

    Guner2301 – Man up ? You’re the one going on like a child with your ‘schooled’ bollocks, the ratta tap tap and BLOCK CAPITALS.

    You embarrassed yourself two weeks ago, so what happens..

    2 weeks later you ask about Wenger’s comments about wages ?!

    “What do you think to Wengers comment about being in charge of wages? Do you still think that it was Dein who denied him the extra 5k?”

    I’m watching ‘Thank You for Smoking’, I’m wondering the following..

    How old are you ? Are you English ? Have you been ‘Schooled’ at all ?!

  74. gambon

    Our attack needs more work than the defence.

    Baines, Begovic and 2 proper CMs and we will be conceding an acceptable number of goals…..especially with a new, non mentally ill manager.

  75. Arsene's Nurse

    Dan Ahern January 6, 2013 23:09:15

    gambon — Diaby will still improve us because he has characteristics the rest of the midfield options sorely lack.
    I hope you are quoting Wenger.

    Diaby will never improve us because Diaby cannot make it onto the pitch. Diaby should be shot and made into glue, because that is all he’s good for.

    I really don’t get why people think Diaby is going to be any use. Notice the word use rather than good. He’s fucked. Even Ledley King managed to play more than Diaby. Diaby should be forgotten about – you might as well claim Winston Churchill will improve us; it’s the same thing.

  76. Gunner2301


    Simple facts. You lied. Thought you could get away with it. I brought the evidence to shut you up. Your supposed to bring the evidence to backup what you’re saying otherwise you end up looking so foolish it’s not even funny anymore.

    I’ve been supporting Arsenal since 81. You work out how old I am. Oh sorry you can’t your in a time warp aren’t you? 😆

  77. Royal Bludger

    The root cause of all the problems is that Wenger thinks everything is all about him.

    The next time he calls the Arsenal FC “my team” I swear I will go on a rampage.

  78. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – No mate, this is tedious now, your pride got hurt two weeks ago, you sat there thinking and stressing about it and then decided to try and come up with something.

    Think about YOUR OWN quotes you nutter.

    If you weren’t saying that, wtf were you saying exactly ?! Do I have to list them again ?!

  79. Gunner2301


    Villa is another short player and who knows how he;ll manage with the physicality of the league, Reyes comes to mind. We really need someone who is PL ready as option 1 because Giroud (as well as he’s doing he may have a 2nd half season lapse) and Theo (due to inconsistency) cannot be relied on as our strike force.

  80. Dan Ahern

    Unwilling to abandon 4-3-3?







    Sign GK (-6m)
    Sell Theo (+14m)

    That’s about £50m of investment (counting Theo sale), and added salary that can be offset by releasing and selling off as much deadwood and as many mediocre players as possible.

    Mr. Hill-Wood, I know we can’t afford a £50m player. But can we afford an entire squad that keeps us in the CL, gives us a shot at the FA Cup, and ensures we’re on TV more for £50m? Think about it.

  81. Gunner2301


    Where we started 2 weeks ago. My view was Wenger was instrumental in whatever Cole was offered. You reckoned it was Dein and the board. I’m saying they wouldn’t have held back on 5k with the risk of Cole going elsewhere if he didn’t accept without Wenger saying what the maximum pw he thought Cole was worth.

    This isn’t disimilar to what we’re hearing now and makes perfect sense. We also heard some time ago about the TPA which I believe was around when Dein was here, what do you think that’s for? If it isn’t for Wenger to balance the team finances.

    Imagine a spreadsheet. Wenger gets his annual budget with transfer money wages etc, Cole wants X Wenger knows they can only offer up to so much otherwise it won’t balance.

    Why do you think he can sanction contract increases for players that don’t play or don’;t perform and be so blase about it i.e. if the moneys there why not? Because he controls the pot, controls what they can be paid and that is based on his own valuation hence we let Cole go Djourou stays, Denilson gets 40k Ramsey gets 60k Rosicky comes back and plays for a month and gets another contract then goes back to bed. You really think if the board were in control of this they would be seeing this as value for money?

    They signed up to Arsenes communist model. What Wenger does within this they don’t interfere or rarely. That’s why we see all this bizarre behaviour and like I said previously Gazidis already said as much.

  82. Dan Ahern

    Oh, forgot the best part: It wouldn’t even hurt the silly wage policy. We’d only stretch the top end some by having Villa and Nani on over 100k pw.

    Theo would be a 90k salary dump anyway, so we’re talking about mitigating an additional 250-350k pw. Now, where are we going to find 350k pw? Let’s see…
    Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, Arshavin, Diaby, Denilson, Frimpong, Santos, Squillaci, Djourou… where am I at? 500-something? K I’ll stop.

  83. gambon

    “”You take away [Lionel] Messi and [Cristiano] Ronaldo and Van Persie is probably the best player in the world,”

    The words of Joe Cole

    Thanks Arsene, not only did you sell the 3rd best player in the world, you sold him to a rival (yeah right) and you sold him for £24m.


  84. Gunner2301

    You still haven’t come back with the quote. Because it doesn’t exist and no amount of posting other statements is going to make it appear.

    So we can end this conversation knowing you made a statement that was a lie and failed to produce the evidence to back up what you were saying. SAD REALLY!


  85. Dannyboy

    Gunner2301, I really hate it when people reference Reyes as some sort of flop. He was a great player for us and scored the winner/equaliser in about 5 games in the unbeaten season. The only problem was his homesickness.

  86. gambon


    TV money goes up by £30-£40m next year so theres at least £20m we can add to the wage bill.

    Thats £400k per week,

    That said we should still clear out the deadwood, the 32 players I have been mentioning are a good start

    As it stands we are gonna see Wenger dish that £20m out to himself and all the cunts currently on our books.

  87. Gunner2301


    Wenger has a history of rolling over, RVP, Fabregas, Henry all in the Emirates era, I’d hate to know how much Barca still owe us.

  88. Dan Ahern

    gambon — Yes, good point. Plus the Emirates deal is supposed to be front-loaded. And we reportedly have £70m chillin’ in the bank account.

    We could basically do it without even taking a hit.

  89. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – I think that’s what it comes down to really, you not wanting to admit any failing in your argument, you’re another AKB.

    “My view was Wenger was instrumental in whatever Cole was offered. You reckoned it was Dein and the board.”

    ..and that’s different to saying ‘Wenger controls everything’ how ?!

    You’re basically saying the board and Dein were Wengers puppets, a means to an end, what else is there left to control ?!

    I mean YOUR quotes are there.

  90. Gunner2301


    If the account is empty what happens to the bank balance trophy? I think while Wenger is there we will always have a heavy surplus. To spend is an admittance of getting something wrong so he’s loathed to do it, then if he does he want’s to do it his way i.e un-established players, then when there’s a crisis he’ll dip in for experience.

  91. Dannyboy

    Gunner2301, haha reading that link, imagine if we’d have swapped him for the white Diaby, Michael Owen, Jesus that would have been disastrous. to be fair to Reyes, he was the most fouled player in the league every season he was with us, so it’s not surprising he was always getting knocks. I loved the guy when we signed him, and was gutted when we let him go. Seems like his career took a nosedive after we sold him.

    Cant compare him to Villa to him though, he’s different class and is guaranteed 20 goals a season without breaking a sweat.

  92. Gunner2301


    So you equate that statement to me saying Wenger controls everything? Even though I posted the evidence showing you was the one who said it.

    Are you a politician or something? Because I’d expect a politician to say black is white and bullshit their way out of providing proof of statements they made.

    You have some good points in general chat Keyser but you take your comments too far then when you’re called out you back track as we’ve seen today.

    The first thing I said was bring the direct quote. I’m still waiting and the longer I wait the sillier you look don;t you realise that? I’m starting to pity your position now. The nights nearly over and this will all be forgotten. I know that’s what you’re banking on and the reason why you’re keeping this up.

    But it won;’t change the fact that I called you out, you failed to provide the proof making you a liar and that will be gnawing away at you every time you see my name. I might just change it to “Keyser is a Liar” just to remind you. 😆

  93. Phil

    Wenger controls the transfers
    Wenger controls the salary system
    Wenger has confessed his system is Socialist in structure
    All players who have left clearly did so because Wenger allowed it to happen to protect his system
    So why would anybody of serious quality want to join us?
    Whilst he changes his mind from game to game about how good we are, and should he buy, the one thing he won’t change is the wage policy which has contributed significantly to our downward spin.

  94. Dannyboy

    Those AKB cunts over on Arseblog still don’t grasp what’s happening to our football club… someone suggested that Wenger should resign if we don’t get 4th. anf he got 33 thumb downs… these wankers obviously don’t support Arsenal Football Club.

  95. Gunner2301


    I liked Reyes too he had potential, but I don’t thi nk he was mentally with it. Villa would probably do alright in a team where the burden wasn’;t solely on him but we have been depending on 1 striker since we moved to the Emirates in a Chelsea or City he’d be great but he’d struggle to make the same impact with us. We are very limited in our play at the moment and struggle to bring Walcott into play so I think he’d be a big risk we don;t need to take given his injuries and age.

  96. Keyser

    Gunner2301 – “So you equate that statement to me saying Wenger controls everything?”

    No mate from the first point, it’s been about what you equate it to. You know what’s funny, to disagree with what I said, to ask for a quote, you’re admitting that Wenger doesn’t control everything, and that’s all I wanted to begin with.

    Or are you just upset with the words I used ? Heh.

  97. Dannyboy

    Gunner, I don’t think we would be that dependent on him, certainly not as much as a Liverpool or Chelsea would be, as we are much more offensive than those two, in terms of strikers. take Mata and Hazard out of Chelsea this season and they’d have struggled to score more than a goal a game.

    And at City he would really struggle, they really do have to many good strikers over there, even players like Tevez and Aguero are struggling to get into double figures so far this season.