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Ahhh, well some of you may have been expecting a match report this morning. Most of you probably knew the Arsenal game wasn’t until today. So if you want to read my match preview, check yesterday’s post. It was most enjoyable, even if a touch early!

So, instead, today, I’ll just hammer into some transfer stories and we’ll see how far that take us.

First up, finally, Wenger has delivered to news we’ve been telling you for ages. He’s the man responsible for the wage structure… you know, the one that pays the poor players too much and the great players not enough.

“We don’t have a big gap ­between what our players earn at Arsenal,”

“We are more a socialist model and vulnerable because of that.

“We have something that is ­defendable in front of every single player. We make ­exceptions, but the ­exceptions are maybe not as high as elsewhere.

“We have an amount of money that is dedicated to wages. Within that we try to do things that make sense and are defendable.”

“I’ve believed all my life to pay well people who work for us. If you can afford to do it, you do it. But we have no players on £200,000 a week.”

So there you have it. The problems we’re having at the moment with certain players is down to one man and a CEO who refuses to challenge a fatally flawed philosophy. We don’t have any players on £200k a week, yet we have the same sized wage bill that City had a season ago. So it’s not like we can’t afford it. Wenger is supposedly umming and ahhhring over whether or not to sanction Theo Walcott on £85k a week, y et he’s more than happy to sit on £140k a week himself!

Our wage structure doesn’t stand up to basic sporting ideals. Sport, in essence, is a meritocracy. You earn what you’re worth. Sometimes, you earn what you could potentially earn, but mostly, it’s down to what you can do. If the club you’re with can’t pay you that, you tend to go to one that can. Arsene Wenger has taken the merit out of giving out deals. For me, that’s buying love… which again, everyone knows you can’t do. It works with poor players, because they’re never going to get better elsewhere, it works with very young players because it means they don’t have to work for the big dollars… but as soon as the money drys up, the players whose talent exceed their salaries look elsewhere.

Arsene, just because you can afford to do something, doesn’t mean you can defend it and it doesn’t mean you should do it. The very fact you haven’t defended it in your comments says it all. The output of the wage structure shows it’s not defendable… our best players leave, our worst ones won’t leave. Could it be any clearer?

‘If you can afford to do it, you do it.’

The above snippet is exactly why there is no wiggle room in our wage bill. If we paid our players what they were worth, we’d probably have £50million more a year in profit which would mean we wouldn’t have to sell to buy and it would mean we could bring in some hefty talent.

Anyway, back on the transfer round. So, David Villa was heavily linked yesterday. Upon further reading, it would appear Barcelona don’t want to let him go this summer. There’s a chance of a loan move and apparently Wenger has called him personally. He’ll apparently go for £16million. Now, there is so much smoke here, there must be a fire somewhere. For me, I’m not a fan of the deal. So many people have said ‘oh, you want world class players, now you’re moaning’, well, for me, that’s a pretty dim way of looking at some valid concerns.

A few reasons I’m not a fan of this…

1) He’s two years older than Robin Van Persie was. Unlike Robin, he doesn’t have 56 games of fitness behind him. He’s coming back from a very bad injury on the wrong side of the thirty. Our most expensive buy every should not have these risks attached. It was ok when it was Overmars because he was 24…

2) He’s world class, don’t get me wrong, but he’s played his whole career in La Liga. If he was 28, I’d be game on. However, at 31, it’s a massive ask to come over the toughest league in the world and hit the ground running. Sure, Didier Drogba was banging them in late in his career, but he was build like a WWE wrestler. What happened to Shevchenko at 29?

3) The whole Theo Walcott deal hinges on him playing central striker. Now we’re bringing in an old player to step into that role for £16million? How often has Wenger ever killed the career of a love child?

4) Sticking him out on the left makes little sense as well. He’s just invested £90k a week in Podolski. When has #WengerLogic ever seen him give up on a player after 6 months?

5) He purchased the 26 year old Giroud who has 11 goals and 9 assists for a half season. I’m struggling to see how he’d make a marquee signing which would effectively relegate him to 3rd choice striker… because you’re not rotating a £120k a week player are you?

Now, if we sign him and he bangs in loads of goals, I wouldn’t be surprised. I’m not saying he can’t be effective, or he’s a bad player. However, for me, I’d prefer to see us invest in a player the right side of the 30 so we’re not scrabbling around next January because we’ve got a massive injury pile up on our hands. If we wanted value for money, for the life of me, I still can’t work out why we ignored Demba Ba who banged in two goals for his new club yesterday. He’s 4 years younger, has proved his fitness and he’s Premier League ready… for half the price.

Anyway, we’ll see. David Villa looks like we’re buying a name. He’ll get goals for sure, and I’m not saying his signing wouldn’t mark an exciting turn of events… I just question the value of making our most expensive signing ever a 31 year old who Barca are looking to shift on? Why would they sell him? What’s the underlying reason here? Wouldn’t it have made more sense to keep our 29 year old Dutchman on board for another season?

The fact everyone seems to be ignoring is that it’s not actually the strikers that are the problem. It’s that we don’t seem to be able to get the ball to them. Theo has some of the best conversion stats in the league, yet he hardly had a sniff the other day. For me, it’s that box to box midfielder we lack. David Villa is going to be no use if he doesn’t see the ball for ninety minutes. We need to be looking at someone who can take people on in midfield… a player who can intercepts and turn with pace… someone who can boss the midfield like Patrick Vieira used to. It’s a shame Mark Van Bommel isn’t 7 years younger… he’d do very nicely!

United are apparently looking to sign Dortmund’s Sven Bender. A player we’ve seen a few times line up against us. The German defensive minded midfielder is 23 years old and he’s a born winner. Just the sort of player we could do with at Arsenal. Why are we not linked with him? At £15million he’s well within our reach. In fact, why is there no smoke around centre midfielders or any player outside of an attacking one? It’s all very odd and very disappointing. Wenger doesn’t see what the fans see… or the pundits, or the ex-players… and that costs us year after year.

Anyway, enjoy the game today, see you tomorrow with the match report.

P.S. Looks like JD didn’t take a pay cut as he left on loan… defend that Arsene!

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  1. andy1886

    Hang on a minute, has Kronke seen Wenger’s wages explanation? Can anyone really believe Kronke would in any way support a ‘Socialist’ wage model??? The great capitalist? To guys like him ‘socialist’ is near as dammit ‘communist’!!! What the f*ck is going on???!!! Anyway you look at it this is madness. And what has Gazidis got to say about it? Nothing, becuase either he knew what Wenger was going to say, or Wenger can say or do what he likes and there is nothing Ivan can do about it. Disgraceful.

  2. Jeff

    Kroenke’s only directive is this. Make me a profit of any kind. Don’t care how you do it. If you want to carry on with the “socialist model” so be it but there must be profit at the end. The only way to do that is to sell the best players and keep the dross. Result.

  3. andy1886

    NickD – Maybe you’re right, but yes it could be much worse – we could sign more Park’s more Squid’s on long term contracts for huge wages. The only way that this club isn’t going backwards fast is if Wenger goes, and right now that isn’t going to happen. In fact, I’d bet the odds at the bookies are that Wenger gets a contract extension in the summer. Mental.

  4. Jeff

    Wenger cannot change now. It would mean having to go back on a huge principle which he’s defending even now when we’re facing the abyss. He has to step down; there is no other remit, no other alternative. But he won’t do that either because that is also driven by another big principle which is that he MUST see out his contract. Will someone please tell him that nobody on this planet will hold that one against him; nobody.

  5. Jed

    Good post Pedro, Wenger condemns himself with his comments and is proving to more and more of the Gooner faithful that he’s a fantasist who has lost touch with reality.

    Imagine what AFC could achieve with a manager who did not make basic errors in wage structure, transfers, motivation and tactics. Details details!

  6. andy1886

    Jeff, what’s your take on Villa (not that I’m convinced that it will happen, but let’s speculate that it does)?

    I agree with a lot of what Pedro says, but hope that IF it happens Villa is a huge success, bangs in loads of goals and Wenger finally sees the light that so called superstars really can have a huge positive effect on a team.

    I must be deluded.

  7. Viveora

    We have something that is ­defendable in front of every single player
    Within that we try to do things that make sense and are defendable.”

    A worrd i take from that is defendable. He wants no confrontation or excuse when players like gervinho or chamakh want a pay rise. ‘Why you earn as much as our top earner’

    This is getting to the point where the policies are now killing our competitiveness

    Also, we are not signing anyone. Same shit happens every year,
    Oct- we have a new squad that needs time
    Nov-We are looking but its hard. its very hard in Jan
    Dec- we will strengthen if we find the right player
    Jan- we dont need to spend. our squad is very good. we must keep our player.
    Feb- (after Ba,diame and others move to other clubs) we looked but we saw no one that would add quality.

  8. andy1886

    Wenger has caused me more stress than you can imagine, but if he wanted to take early retirement I’d chip in for a leaving gift, book him a cab and even send him a thank-you card and mean it!

  9. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    PHW Has got some (deserved) stick for some of his senile comments. However, this is the man who has been saying since 2007 that money has been available to Wenger. (which he has NOT spent)

    Ivan Gazidid. The same: ‘The money we generate is available to our manager’ Gazidis; 2012 Annual report

    Stuart Wisely, our treasurer, has consistently stated in annual reports since 2007 that ANY profit from player trading is available to the manager.

    The waters have been muddied by Wenger supporters who consistently claim that the board ties his hands and that money is not available etc..

    It’s time that ALL supporters realise that the board have in fact NOT been lying to us regarding finance. If one does not accept that we have underspent deliberately (on transfer fees) and overpaid on salaries the you are essentially calling the board a bunch of liars.

    I do not believe for one minute that these ‘businessmen’ (and that’s what they are) would put such false (or misleading) statements in the clubs annual report.

    Further evidence of the ‘control’ Wenger exerts is provided in his ‘I decide the wages’ statements yesterday.

    Now the evidence is clear. We have a policy. We know who decides it. The question is has it been successful? Well No.

    Then there is only one answer.

    Arsenal football club is the Altar. It’s time the final lap was commenced and those worshipping at the feet of the Church of the Latter day Arsenes came back to the fold.

  10. Viveora

    May- (Ba proceeds to complete a 30 goal season) yes we looked at him but we did not know whether he was available.

  11. pharo9ja

    I’m almost certain we wont make top 4 this season I also think Wenger and the board accept this reality hence the inserting of the clause that slashes player wages if we fail to qualify for the champions league.
    I see Mourinho has got quite alot to say about Wanker.

  12. T Bone

    Just as I suspected, Wenger is a commie fuck. He’s just condemned himself out of his own mouth! Rewarding mediocrity and not punishing failure has characterized the last eight years of Wenger’s reign. Financial constraints do not explain the depressing decline of our great club; it’s the fault of a senile, delusional manager whose decisions no-one but himself can understand. Has the past 7 seasons of failure shown him nothing? Something is very wrong with this club and the only way it can be addressed is by showing Wenger the door and kicking him through. Cheers for the first half of your Arsenal career Arsene, but seriously just fuck off.

  13. nepGunner

    Lets be honest here, Wenger “purposefully” let that rabbit outta his hat. He likes to instigate fans, media, public et all and enjoy the subsequent outburst, media frenzy and cyber-war. So that everybody is busy trying to “decode” his nonsensical rant while the important matter (in this case, January transfer window) crawls below the carpet and lo behold, its February! Then he’ll churn his usual “we tried our best to find some top top talents, but its hard to find one in January” rhetorical while teams around us bolster to their need.

    It was a known fact that he controls the club’s wages, its just “open” now. Lets not give that frugal cunt and his bizarre ideologies opportunities to make us stark mad. And all the best to the lads for today’s game against the Swans. COYG!

  14. davi

    Definitely agree with the assessment of the potential Villa transfer. It’s an enourmous risk. The only positive thing I could imagine is that he could do an Arshavin and fire us into the CL spots this season, but still it’s a huge short-term investment – I suppose a CL spot would be worth more to us than his transfer fee and wages, but there’s no guarantee that he could even play that many games. I’m not so worried about his ability to score goals in the PL, but I am concerned that he just won’t be fit enough to play enough games to justify the transfer fees. The fact that he’s apparently quite keen on leaving Barca for more 1st team matches is a positive sign, however.

    Not sure about Sven Bender, though. Haven’t seen much of him recently but he never stood out when I saw him play before. It doesn’t look like he’s even playing many games at the moment, which makes the apparent 15m fee seem strange?

  15. The Real Gooner

    Much as I care little for Sir AF, Jose or any of the recent successful Abramovich puppets or even Mancini…..they talk live and breathe football. AW used to do that when we were successful. He has become obsessed with socio-economics over the last few years, form the comfort of his £7m per year cushion and like all socialist dictators ensuring that we the proletariat suffer with promises of a bright new future. We have had an ok run against some of the leagues lesser teams the next few weeks I believe will see a return to normal service and an unseemly scramble for 4th in our Orwellian nightmare…..

  16. Johnty79

    Wenger has destroyed this club….as I just said in yesterday’s post. Spurs sign the kind of players we can only dream of.. Losing holtby is a disgrace. All we can do as arsenal fans is prey to god that wenger is removed from this club one way or another. In 16 years I have only been exited by 6 signings. Vieria, over mars, pires, Anelka, Henry, Campbell. The exceptional players at arsenal have covered up the crap…

    I hate wenger. If u lot can’t see we r going to be left in tatters then you thick as pig shit. 2 years time mid table playing in front of 45 thousand is the prediction.

  17. Jeff


    I have to part ways with Pedro on the Villa issue. I don’t believe for a moment he’s coming to us (especially in this window) because it is clearly another one of Wenger’s “we tried but couldn’t do it” spin motifs.

    If however he did come to Arsenal we would benefit greatly even without a box to box midfielder. We have to start with the stance that Villa is just as good if not better than RVP. His match fitness isn’t great but the fact that he’s hungry and wants to play means he has the desire to please, wants to prove a point and he will try his best to do it. There is too much competition at Barcelona and that is why he doesn’t tend to get a game. Just have a look at what happened with Joe Cole yesterday. Hunger and desire is a phenomenal driver.

    As for the box to box midfielder, I don’t think we had much of a player of that description (maybe he’s thinking of Song) even when Van Persie was still at Arsenal and yet he managed 30 odd goals. A striker with a proven track record of the calibre of Villa would do wonders for the other players as well – to have him playing amongst them. There is no way we can win PL or CL even with Villa but it would secure a better starting position for us next season if we can get top four.

    That of course comes with another price; the remit to give Wenger another season and right now I can’t decide which is more profitable for Arsenal? Keep Wenger or let Arsenal fall so it can rise again with a proper manager? It is the same dilemma facing everyone.

  18. Johnty79

    Davi, arshavin never fired us anywhere. He has been one of the top 5 flops in pl history. 4 goals against Liverpool and he still played badly in that game.

  19. davi

    Johnty79 – Believe me, I’m no Arshavin fan (his inability to motivate himself is frankly disgusting), but he did give us a massive boost in his first half-season – 6 goals and 7 assists in 12 games ffs! Since then it’s been all down hill and he should have been moved on a season or 2 ago IMO.

  20. kwik fit

    The only risk with the David Villa proposed transfer is Arsene loses 16m.
    That’s the only risk money. Who cares it Arsene loses 16m of his own kitty. I certainly don’t.

  21. useroz


    Wenger can fuck off to France, errrr….which other countries adopt/ promote a ‘socialist’ wage structure for elite sports???

    Not even China FFS!!!

    Wenger out.

  22. kwik fit

    ‘Would fit into our midfield like a dream’

    Perhaps he would Rohan but dream is all we can do. Wenger will not be spending any of his transfer budget this window. Lets hope that this is wenger’s last window and we can’t get someone in who actually wants to improve the squad.

  23. Johnty79

    Take cazola and Walcott out this side and I think we all agree we’re in a relegation battle…..

    Whisper it quietly theo Walcott to spurs on free transfer…apparentlybavb wanted him at chelski. I would laugh my nuts off. Half our wage bill half our attendance and they take our best players. Wenger still wouldn’t go.

  24. Wavy

    It reminds me of the AA23 saga. There was an outcry from the fans that we were short of world class players, we were slipping down the league, we needed a marquee signing, Arshavin was available, at a price, Wenger paid it and all the rest is history. Somehow I think if the David Villa thing has any legs in it and we bought him we would merely be recreating the same situation. At enormous cost and little hope for the long term future of the club/team.
    I could go on, but I wont.

  25. Johnty79

    Davi what got my got about signing arshavin was wenger turned down modric as he wasn’t up to the physicalities of the English league. Six months later we sign him. The first thing he worried about when he joined was that tax went up 50 % for those earning over 150 k. 80 k aweek for 4.5 years.discgrace of a player.

  26. kwik fit

    Arsene Wenger has phone called David Villa to convince him to join Arsenal.- wenger speaks spanish amongst other languages. He’s multi talented our Arsene 😉

  27. bergkamp63

    “When has #WengerLogic ever seen him give up on a player after 6 months?”

    Park ?

    I do agree with Pedro with regard to the box to box midfielders as I pointed this out on numerous occasions, some twat on here recently was slating Theo (I’m not a great fan of his BTW) for being non existent the other night, it doesn’t matter who you are if you don’t get the service from your midfielders, you score many goals as long as you have a hole in your arse !!

    Arteta (sideways or backwards passing), Cazorla (not enough forward passing) & JW (doesn’t possess the deft touch as yet) are never going to be providing enough ammunition for any forward.

    If RVP had a great midfield to work with, he would probably had score 40 or more last season in the PL.

  28. andy1886

    Jeff, I agree that IF Villa comes I think he’d be a success (provided Wenger sets the team up for him and plays him in his true position – not a given by any stretch).

    I can’t help also thinking that the formation really is a problem this season (and probably last season too). We need more solidity and structure, a 4-4-2 or 4-4-1-1 where the full backs know their first responsibility (defending) and where we have the right personel in the correct postion.

    The sad thing is the PL really isn’t in great shape right now and with a decent (not necessarily great) team set up properly we’d be in with a decent shout. But Wenger doesn’t do tactics, is more interested in pet projects, and is incapable of seeing the big picture.

  29. Josip Skoblar

    All lovers of free-market politics on this blog can be reassured. Wenger talks nonsense. He’s no Socialist at all. He loves money and he’s a strong believer in capitalism. He was a Sarkozy supporter in France, the President of the rich. So why does talk about ‘Socialist model’? It’s part provocation, part to further infuriate the people who pay too much attention to what he says. He may be a right-winger, but he’s essentially stubborn and an egomaniac.

  30. andy1886

    Maybe Wenger will propose the same loan arrangements for Villa that he agrees for JD, Chamakh etc – we take the player Barca pay the wages. If that comes off I’ll eat my left nut.

  31. hughie

    We shouldn’t be looking at buying any players while this clown is in charge.
    He will only ruin them and become de-motivated as most of the current squad has become.
    Please go Arsene before you do any more damage.

  32. GoonerDave

    Im a Wenger supporter, but I think Wengers biggest mistake was the management of the wage bill. It was a ridiculous notion – everyone on the same pay, regardless of stature. Removing the pecking order also removed the ambition, and in my opinion, might have stunted the development of our younger players.
    This one error has led to all kinds of problems for us, notleast the fact that our best players always leave for higher wages.
    As for Villa – Id love him at Arsenal! Top quality player. I know he seems a bit on the expensive side, but we have wasted more money than that on players who barely get a game. Villa would not only give us a lift, but might address that problem we seem to have lately – a real lack of urgency.
    I honestly doubt we will sign him though, so dont want to get my hopes up.

  33. Paulinho

    The Black Scarf movement being made to look utter mugs.

    “This protest isn’t against Arsene”

    Yeah, despite the fact he’s the reason all the things your protesting against are in place.

  34. bergkamp63

    Yann Mvilla’s contract expires this summer so he would be available for around £7m.

    His temperament might be in question but his talent certainly isn’t, his passing is very good for a DM.

    Go get him Wenger !!

  35. james

    I think Villa potentially arriving is very interesting, it would leave us having 4 strikers in Giroud, Podolski, Walcott and Villa, three of which can play on the wing also. With the loss of Gervinho to ACON and Chamakh leaving I think it is realistic we buy as striker, as Theo wont be able to play all games up front, and Podolski is rarely preferred, but can obviously do a job there. Raul has scored something like 90 goals since his 31st birthday i saw on twitter yesterday, and although he is a different player to Villa, i wouldn’t be surprised to see a return from Villa which is comprable. His signing would boost shirt sales, and would bring some excitement to the club imo, which is badly needed at the moment. I understand your hesitation in spending such a large amount on a player who is in the situation he is currently in, but Arsenal of all clubs wouldn’t be spending money they didn’t have, for something they do not think is completely worth it. His arrival would excite the players too, as he is a world cup winner and highest scorer for arguably the best international team ever, his arrival could give the players some impetus to stop churning out performances like they did at Southampton.

  36. Matchy

    arsenal wage bill is 4th highest in the league and they always finish 4th of higher .. so that means wenger has achieved and over achieved.

    if you wage bill is highest and u finish 2nd then you fail ..

    if you wage bill is 2nd and you finished 3rd then you fail.

    if you wage bill is 4th and you finished 5th then you fail.

    so wenger has achieved and over achieved.

    in fact he has over achieved because he has aggregate spending over 16 years.

    so you defend that little one?

  37. james g

    I think Villa potentially arriving is very interesting, it would leave us having 4 strikers in Giroud, Podolski, Walcott and Villa, three of which can play on the wing also. With the loss of Gervinho to ACON and Chamakh leaving I think it is realistic we buy as striker, as Theo wont be able to play all games up front, and Podolski is rarely preferred, but can obviously do a job there. Raul has scored something like 90 goals since his 31st birthday i saw on twitter yesterday, and although he is a different player to Villa, i wouldn’t be surprised to see a return from Villa which is comprable. His signing would boost shirt sales, and would bring some excitement to the fans and the club, which is badly needed at the moment. I understand your hesitation in spending such a large amount on a player who is in the situation he is currently in, but Arsenal of all clubs wouldn’t be spending money they didn’t have, for something they do not think is completely worth it. His arrival would excite the players too, as he is a world cup winner and highest scorer for arguably the best international team ever, his arrival could give the players some impetus to stop churning out performances like they did at Southampton.

  38. bergkamp63


    If you are going to use that logic then it would be fair to judge Wenger against other managers wage bill’s also ?

    I wonder where he would stand on a points to wage bill ratio with the likes of Everton, Spurs, Wigan, Stoke ????

  39. Thorough

    Pedders. We dont need Villa to play all matches this season. If he plays 10matches and wins 5 for us that will be okay by me. Imagine we had him since June and he won us games at Aston Villa, Sunderland and Stoke? And i dont care about the price. That idiot is getting all of us obsessed with money. Just do it.

  40. Dannyboy

    B63, M’Vila will arrive in the summer after Wenger refuses to pay a few million extra to get him 6 months early.. A la Chamakh..

  41. Jeff

    It is not the “amount” that is spent being discussed here. It is “how it is distributed” and the “problems” it has caused and continues to cause.

  42. Thorough

    I wish this was Colombia, Wenger wont need two holes, he looks dead anyway. How can you have Ba, Llorente, Remy, et al for under 10million and your still looking for a striker? Even if we were cheap, which Wenger is, we still can have our pick…of striker. Wenger is mental, pure and simple.

  43. Ogunlaja Nurudeen

    Am an arsenal fan but I cannot watch arsenal match with my penny. Wenger and the board are making money from the fans and trading the same with sorrow. With Wenger, Arsenal will never be great again. Stupid manager with selfish board.

  44. Afc53

    David villa would have been a fantastic signing 3 years ago but now you must be kidding.

    Don’t get me wrong Villa is class but for 16m he should have bought Ba for 7.5 at least he has prem experience.

    AW has to bring in a LB DM and winger moving Theo/Podolski up top with Giroud and change the formation and dump the zonal marking otherwise 4th is a long way away.

  45. andy1886

    That Arsene’s aggregate spend is so low is his choice, the money was there but he didn’t use it that’s the shame of it. I can think of two or three years where a little extra investment would have seen us over the line. Wenger chose not to make that investment and we failed.

    Wage spending isn’t the be all and end all. Great managers beat the odds. If it came down to who pays the most why play football? Just compare the wage bill, allot the points and we can all go home and not give a toss.

    Wenger failed because he has made poor use of the resources available to him, a fact proven by his own explanation of the wage structure he promoted.

  46. kwik fit

    ‘How can you have Ba, Llorente, Remy, et al for under 10million and your still looking for a striker?’ So true Thorough

    Wenger will sign no one. Maybe Henry maybe not. All Dictator’s come to a sorry end and Wenger will be no different.

  47. bergkamp63

    Mourinho talking about Arsenal:

    “Yes I would love to have that stability at a club.
    “But at the same time I think for my mentality I also need the pressure to succeed.
    “And if no one imposes that pressure on me then I would impose that pressure on myself.
    “The pressure to win things.
    “Yes it’s possible to be one or two seasons building for the future and not being at the level to win things.
    “But no longer, because my mentality is I always need the pressure of winning things.
    “Maybe it could happen soon for Arsenal.
    “They play good football and produce good players.
    “And they’re always buying players in every transfer window so surely sooner or later they should do something, should win something.”

  48. Jeff


    You’re right of course. All we ever seem to talk about these days is Wenger but there is a very good reason for it. For example, I start thinking about say bringing in this player or that player and immediately follow that thought with, oh but Wenger would never go for it.

    Then we start talking about different formations and end up with, oh but Wenger won’t change.

    Then we talk about individual games and how we played but invariably it is marred by Wenger again because of his often inane substitutions and demeanour. Then the post match interview kicks in and the bile begins to flow much thicker because we lost or drew a match that we should have won. All roads lead to Wenger, unfortunately.

  49. GoonerDave

    The money to spend on players wasnt there really. The fact that until recently, we had to sell before we could buy shows that.
    Wenger has overachieved – he has spent 4th or 5th highest wage bill, with no outlay for players. Thats a big deal, the fact that we have spent nothing on transfers!
    Im all for criticising Wenger for what he got wrong, but he got an awful lot right too.

  50. Savage

    Luverly, a doomer post telling Wenger not to buy stars and increase the depth of the squad with known talent. Sometimes you just make a point of fighting Wenger for fighting’s sake.

  51. BossTanaka

    With regards to Villa being a ‘risk’ because he’s ‘not good enough for Barca’ we all know that this is only true because their team revolves around one man.

    Eto’o & Ibrahimovic were in the same situation and failed to hit their usual best when Messi came to the fore. I’m sure you would’ve loved both of them at our club regardless.

    The fee for Villa would be €16m and he is an intelligent striker like Inzaghi who can be a nuisance for defenders, with clinical finishing for at least another 4 years.

    He’s also had one major injury in the last god knows how many seasons and despite playing a handful of games to boost his ‘questionable’ fitness, his stats are great.

    In the grand scheme, he’d do a job, boost morale, sell shirts and give us more pulling power for future transfers.

  52. bergkamp63

    The bottom line is as far as Wenger is concerned.

    Ask yourself one question, if it was YOUR business & YOUR money being spent on the wages of Chamakh, Squillaci, Djourou & all those names I can’t be bothered to type any longer.

    Do you think you are getting value for money ?

  53. Bade

    That interview didn’t change anything really

    AKBS will still claim Arsene doesn’t make the decisions, he’s asking for the board’s authorisation & he consults with them ….

    Yep, as if any of our board members can name our squad members exactly …..

    But what this shows me, is that Arsene is feeling the pressure from fans so he’s slightly shifting pressure so it’s “him & board”, not only him, making decisions

    Well Arsene, give me a break. You make all the decisions, the board members may need to approve it after all, but they’re no more than rubber stamp to what you want to do

  54. chukwudi

    Wenger is causing the fans a lot of heartache,always saying what he can’t do Villa at 31 for 16m is too expensive.Now Wenger want to sign him but refuse to give Sagna a new two years deal and yet he want to sign Villa at 31 will he give him 1yr deal.Somebody should talk to this man he is killing the joy and love the fans have for the team,he should know that most fans are there before he came and they will be there after he might have leave.Wenger is full of lies always lying to the fans about what he can’t do and the players he can’t buy.Thanks Pedro for your posts are eye opener to the fans weldone!!!!

  55. Bade

    The biggest problem concerning our wage bill is the flawed ideology behind it

    You can’t dictate an equitable wage structure, because it’s unfair to the top players & it’s spoiling the young players & the average ones as they no longer need to prove themselves to earn their money, so they lay into the comfort zone of fantastic facilities, great city to live in & hefty wages that will secure their financial future, with no need to sweat really

    If you don’t believe me, ask Almunia

  56. bergkamp63

    This article illustrates what I was saying earlier in reply to Matchy,

    It’s 18 months out of date so our position has worsened considerably since then !!

    “Man Utd’s wage bill per Premier League point is £1.6m, just a fraction more than Arsenal’s £1.5m.”

    Just because Wenger has the 4th highest wage bill & finished 4th, doesn’t mean he performed better than other managers, in fact he performed much much worse !!

  57. tony

    Great post ! you said everything in my mind. Sometimes I don’t know what goes on in Wengers head. It’s seems logical that we have needed a CDM for years. We have always been known to dominate teams back then but also concede cheap goals everytime to make the score so ugly. Reason for that was clearly CDM we have never had the same candidate for CDM role probably back to Patrick Viera/Gilberto days. Sad day for Arsenal fan who look forward for promising January activities yet we are left disappointed once again.

  58. Jeff

    Makes you wonder if the players knew about the socialist wage policy and what they think of it. Obviously this won’t go down too well with Walcott because he’s trying to put a dent in that policy and Wenger is pretty much saying it’s not going to happen. I wonder who’s going to win that little battle. What is the betting that before long we could be on the receiving end of a goal from Walcott playing for a rival club? It only took 2 months and a bit for it to happen with Van Persie after he left us.

  59. Jeff


    AKBs will always find some redeeming hole to scurry into but I’m hoping this latest revelation will decrease further the baseless support Wenger receives from his die hard supporters and make his position a little bit more untenable than it already is. This won’t get him the sack but it will be another drop of oil to get the dismissal wheels moving – or at the very least get Wenger to resign a little earlier than he would have anyway.

  60. Bade

    Also using the term “defensible” is truly pathetic

    Is “defensible” is what Arsene is looking for, rather than “aspiring” or “ambitious”?

    This is a poor say from Arsene that only reveals his poor starting point to our club. Defensible. What a negative notion that is

  61. andy1886

    Dave, a fair point, but consider how much money was wasted on poor players and undeserved wages, and how little the cost of one good signing may have been compared to the wealth generated by another title win, and you’ll see what a false economy not investing was. And let’s be honest, we have been one (or max two) good signings away from a title on at least two occasions since ’95.

    Maybe you can try to blame the board but remember, Wenger himself said he did have the money (but didn’t want to ‘kill’ another player). AW made those decisions, he was quick enough to take the plaudits well deserved as they were at the time, now he has to take responsibility for our decline which he has overseen.

    A lot us would have much more respect for Wenger if he stood up occasionally and say “Yes, I made mistake, I will learn from it”.

  62. Relieable sauce


    Its completely on its head, the only people he feels accountable to are his favourite players.
    I wonder how he defended it to RVP,?…not that money was the key factor in his move.

  63. bergkamp63

    “A lot us would have much more respect for Wenger if he stood up occasionally and say “Yes, I made mistake, I will learn from it”.”

    Hell will freeze over before that happens !!

  64. Phil

    The only time Wenger’s wage philosophy could work is in a environment that includes a salary cap. But even then, players accept that the stars will get money.

  65. Bade

    Jeff, RS

    Those small things his comments tells the truth more than anything else

    All Arsene after is a defensible actions, nothing progressive, nothing ambitious, nothing of any positives really

    I just can’t wait until he fucks off

    We may not get a better manager, but we’re surely going to get a manager that will try his 100% & not like a scientist in a freak laboratory

  66. Real Madras

    Being a an Arsenal fan living in manchester is now totally killing me as i have to watch RvP saving the manure time and time again. How can the sale of the best PL striker to man u be defendable and we are now here talking whether a 31 yr old recently returned from injury for £16m will be good for us.

  67. Cesc Appeal

    I love the LeGrove and will read everyday….but I don’t even bother to look at the Daily Mail, The Sun, The Mirror etc sites for Arsenal stuff…I’m just sick to the teeth of the club.

    £70 Million in the bank NOW

    Another £30 Million to be added in new money in the summer.

    Another £25-30 Million in the next 12 months from the new kit sponsor

    Richest man in Russia wanting to take over.

    And we behave literally like a £2 Million deal could plunge the club into the red financially.

    Look at our wastage, Ramsey £60 000 p.w should be on £15 000 – 20 000 p.w
    Oxlade Chamberlain £60 000 p.w should be on £15 000- 20 000 p.w
    Jack Wilshere £80 000 p.w should be on £30 000 p.w
    Gibbs £30 000 p.w should be £10 000 p.w
    Jenkinson £25 000 p.w should be on £10 000 p.w

    And the fact that they allow Wenger to do EVERYTHING is the most worrying. He’s like the cog that powers the WHOLE machine and if that cog BREAKS or gets RUSTY (which it has) the WHOLE MACHINE grinds to a halt or starts working well below par….

    This is what has happened and there are no back ups because NO ONE else has any say or power at the club to intervene and rescue the situation.

    Our stars earn so little they can be swiped away easily…Our shit earns so much that we can’t GIVE them away!

    Nothing about Arsenal FC is right, wrong ambition, wrong direction, wrong tactics, wrong players, wrong financial model, wrong contracts, wrong transfers.

    This is a mess that can only be cured by a change in regime!

  68. Cesc Appeal

    Wenger is like SkyNet in Terminator, the programme in control of everything, but’s it gone rouge become self aware and arrogant and has fucked everyone and everything

  69. Jeff

    Swansea’s wage bill in 2011 was £17.4m. They still managed to beat us and are going for a hat-trick today.

    Bradford City’s wage bill is £1.2m per annum. Chamakh’s wage bill is £2.4m per annum. They managed to knock us out of the League Cup. Look here if you don’t believe me;

    Norwich City’s wage bill is around £12m per annum. They beat us as well.

    I know things can go wrong in one match duels but it seems to happen to Arsenal too often to just discount it as accidental. We’ve had 8 years of accidents. Maybe they’re not just bad luck after all.

    Does the above sound like we’re doing well and will recover under Wenger?

  70. Cesc Appeal



    For someone who won’t pay over £100 000 a week he sits pretty on £145 000 a week!

    Hypocrisy of the highest order!

    It’s like that Little Britain Sketch with the FAT FIGHTERS Club and the leader of the group always having a go at them for being ‘morbidly obese’ then stuffing her face with everything in sight….

  71. Relieable sauce


    Yeah spot on its very telling stuff & the scientist comparison so apt.
    Last night i read his comments thinking it was an admission of failure but reading it in the cold light of day i can see its nothing of the sort.
    It might wake up the last of the AKB’s with any sense but the very least it should see a massive reaction from many footballing quarters, most importantly our board & owner. They need to tell fans if they condone this & are willing to let it continue along with the many other glaring failures.

  72. hughie

    I really can’t understand why JD was allowed out on loan. I’m sure we are paying most of his wages. AW had three choices: let him rot in the reserves, move him on or start motivating the cunt. Scream shout at him but FFS don’t loan him for someone else’s benefit. His first two games back from injury where half decent but then became infected with the dressing room malaise and went to shit.

    Grow a pair Wenger or leave.

  73. bergkamp63

    I can’t believe that supporting Arsenal for nearly 50 years (35 year season ticket holder) I have found myself wanting them to lose today ?

    It doesn’t get any more painful than this !!

  74. Mayank

    Haven’t been on here for a bit but I did expect a little more scrutiny of Wenger’s comments, rather than just jumping onto the bandwagon.

    From ESPN(via Arseblog)

    -Wages are decided by me and the board
    -If I want to pay a player more than budget then I ask for authorisation from the board

    You could argue he should be harder on the board. But to say that he decides the wages and how the budget is spent is a bit of a stretch. Actually its a bit of a lie.

  75. jack

    All of you are just being repetitive and its fucking boring. Everything has been said about Wenger, the pay structure and the board for years now. I want wenger out at any cost. I want us to finish 6th or lower. For some of you talking about Villa and transfers again is pathetic. Do you really think the french Wanker will change. With wanker in charge I don’t give a fuck if we lose, in fact the more the better. Come on Swansea

  76. Mayank

    Is there any club apart from maybe City and Chelsea where wages aren’t decided in this fashion?

    And isn’t it telling from the comment “If I want to pay a player a little more than the budget, then I ask for the authorisation from the board” where the balance of power is?

    People are looking at Wenger’s removal as the panacea to our problems. The problems run much deeper within our club and football as a whole.

  77. Afc53

    AW needs removing from the helm and someone coming in with a fresh broom.

    Moyes would be a great replacement a man who can run a club on a shoe string and get results.

    Moyes spending 4-5 million on a player is like man city spending 30 million he could bring his scouting network along or pinch the ones from Newcastle.

    AW constantly misses the point we don’t want Messi and ronaldo we just want improvement from the dead wood we have but he is too ignorant to admit he is wrong.

  78. Mayank


    Reading between the lines? Do you mean looking for what suits my arguments? Yeah not my forte.

    Wenger has said nothing of note in this interview. As is with most of his interviews.

  79. SpanishDave

    Cesc appeal you summed it up well, well done. The only way change will come isby failure and a crop of bad defeats, which could happen this month. Its sad for us fans to have to ho through this route to get a change of attitude and management. What a mess.

  80. PieAFC

    Once the power got to Wenger he realised what he could do with it. Players who questioned it and suddenly saw past it and made sure to make a deal put of it get punished by it. Ferguson did t with stam. But at least bought like for like.

    Wenger does it cuts his nose to spite his face… He has lost the plot and it’s sickening to watch.

    Watching the game in the early hours of the morning to watch what inevitable will be fucking shit performance and a shit team put out by Wenger will be hopefully another nail in the coffin.

    He needs to go. And I’m hoping the board and getting fed up with the constant abuse and media fulles speculation aimed there way and finally thinking enough is enough its Wenger.

    Perhaps there hoping for him to resign or leave when his contract expires. He never leaves a contract remember… Fucking worse person to ever be loyal in footall.

  81. Jeff


    I think you miss the biggest point of all. It’s not so much that he pays the better players low but that he pays the worst ones too high. He doesn’t have to argue with the board to pay Djourou £50k per week does he? He could have got away with paying him £15k in his most recent renewal (last year I think). No he just does it but Djourou is not worth £50k per week, never was and never will be. The same goes for all the other undeserving players (and they are many) that are on something way more than they should be.

    The argument then follows that if those rubbish players were never bought or were never paid that much, we could afford to pay the best ones something closer to the rate they would get at other big clubs and stop them from leaving. But as soon as a player like Van Persie asks for 200k, the economic card is played and all of a sudden we can’t afford it and we can’t break the wage policy. It is madness and he’s culpable, you must see that.

  82. Danish Gooner

    Because if we signed Sven Bender it would kill Diaby and we might even get double lucky if Deck chair returns from his loan,wouldnt that be wonderful ??

  83. bergkamp63

    ““If I want to pay a player a little more than the budget, then I ask for the authorisation from the board” where the balance of power is?”

    I’m not sure which worries me the most ? the fact that Wenger wants to pay any of our current players more than budget (not that most of them should actually be at the club ?) or the fact that if indeed he needs authorisation, the BOD’s are actually granting permission for these rises ?

    Either way, it’s very worrying !!

  84. kwik fit

    Szczesny, Sagna, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Gibbs, Arteta, Wilshere, Ramsey, Walcott, Cazorla, Giroud

    Ransey on the right wing. Well played Wenger you fucking Halfwit!

  85. Relieable sauce

    The problem is the wages aren’t decided, they are dictated by a flawed wage structure….for Arsenal anyway, or any team with a squad burgeoning with mediocrity. Funny that it would work better at our parent clubs Man $ity (irony!) or barca.

  86. Thorough

    Genius Wenger does it again – Ramsey starts on the wings. Team remains as last match aside Per coming in for Vermaelen. With Ramsey in, we sure have the odds stacked firmly against us now.

  87. bergkamp63

    The reason we “can’t afford” world class wages for world class players at Arsene FC is because he’s spunked all the wage bill on crap leaving no room for manoeuvre !!

  88. Mayank


    I’m with you on that. Our non-starters get paid way too much. My point was, from Wenger’s comments, it’s obvious that the board and Wenger sit together and decide the players’ wages. Therefore it follows from that, that the socialist wage structure is also not something Wenger would have come up with himself.

    The real problem is, neither the board or Wenger is willing to stir the pot for the betterment of the club. Like I said the problem is deeper than just kicking Wenger out.


    Haha… Can’t argue with that. However, I think he was speaking about his tenure at the club rather than this season. Notably the pretty packages he gave Henry and Cesc and the one RvP would’ve no doubt gotten.

  89. GUNNER786

    Wenger loves playing against Europe’s elite. It would kill him to go an entire season without taking any part in the champions league.

    I really hope that we don’t finish fourth. Maybe then he might just leave us for another club who has qualified and leave us in peace.

    Come on Swansea.

  90. gambon

    Matchy, you dickhead

    You are such a weak little loser.

    “We have the 4th highest wage bill so we should come fourth every year”

    Its a shame other clubs arent as pathetic as you.

    Man Utd havent had the highest wage bill in England since 2004, since then theyve won 4 PLs (soon to be 5), the Champs League, and 3 League Cups.

    Dortmund have never run the highest wage bill in Germany, they have just won back to back leagues, and the German Cup.

    Madrid won La Liga last year with Barca having the highest wage bill.

    Chelsea won the CL last year, beating Barca in the Semi, who have the biggest wage bill in Europe.

    Birmingham beat some London team in the CC final 2 years ago, with a wage bill 20% of that pathetic teams…..guess which team that was?

    You my friend are a sad excuse for a human being. Wengers perfect fan.

  91. andy1886

    If Ivan is supposed to be restructuring the wages as we’ve been told how does that sit with AW’s latest kack? That JD got a stupid raise and we’ve recently seen unwarranted increases for amongst others Gibbs, Jenkinson and Ramsey suggests that Ivan is pissing in the wind. Nothing against the last three mentioned (Ramsey at least tries even when played in a false position), but the club (essentially Wenger) hasn’t learned a thing despite the rhetoric.

    Here’s a solution (free of charge to you Ivan) put Wenger on performance related pay!!!!

  92. Spectrum

    Thorough – ” How can you have Ba, Llorente, Remy, et al for under 10million and you’re still looking for a striker ” ? Very good question. Answer : In Wenger’s mind, those players aren’t good enough. So either Wenger is a) a liar when he talks about “super, super” quality, or “top,top,top quality”, b) he’s completely out of touch, or c ) he’s a miserley skin flint egotist, who’d rather buy unknowns and kids than proven talent . If this was a ” bait and switch ” game, you’d win everytime, wouldn’t you ? Because he’s all three.

    We’re now almost a quarter of the way into the transfer window, and still no signings announced. This window is one in which we NEED to be, and SHOULD be, PROACTIVE and aggressive. But nothing. ” We can’t sign anyone until we sort out the existing players’ contracts first ” he says. At the rate Wanker is going, if he ever gets round to being decisive on this, it’ll be too late, and the cream of the talent will be gone. Not that that bothers him much.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  93. Mayank


    How many clubs with the 4th highest wage bill have won their league?

    Man U winning the PL with the second highest wage bill is like us getting 3rd last year.

  94. GUNNER786

    kwik fit January 6, 2013 12:31:55
    Wenger said that he’s fed up with other teams winning trophy’s.
    Well do something about it you fuckwit!

    LMAO :LOL:

  95. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    He’s not being criticised for finishing 4th per se..

    He’s being criticised for:
    finishing 19 points behind Utd who spent less than 20m more on wages. Yet they have 134 more employees on the payroll.

    for finishing 1 point better than spuds at a cost of 50m extra in wages.

    For persisting with players like Diaby, yet Auxerre admit they sold him because he did not play (injuries) and never got through a full season with them.
    Diaby played 10 league games in 2 season before we signed him in 2006.

    For overseeing the club when our best players were sold.

    For his ridiculous wage structure when we have no player on more than 100k per week. Hence, we have NO world class players.

    For overseeing the sale of our last remaining World class player to Man Utd.

    For leaving 153m cash sitting idle in the bank.

    For failing to recognise when a player is simply not good enough for Atsenal.

    For losing dismally to clubs who are a 10th of our size financially.

    For struggling in amongst the also rans yet we have a salary bill of double of most of them. Everton for example.

    For building a team over 6 years that then went and lost 8-2 to Utd.

    For 7 trophy less years…

    Rather than criticise him for 4th which I am not. It’s deeper than that. It’s the manner of finishing 4th. With the resources given to him, he should be putting in a better challenge. If he’s so good then he should be doing better. An average manager can finish 4th with the resources AFC give him.

    There are above average managers out there and with good resources and an above average or top manager don’t you think we could do better?

    Do better! Not necessarily win.. But do a hell of a lot better.

  96. bergkamp63

    I would love to see a points for £’s wage bill spend table, Wenger must be well down near the bottom.

    The fact that we have a £10m diff in wage bill to Man Utd but finish 19pts behind them must tell you something ?

    We beat Spurs on GD with a £50m bigger wage bill.

  97. Johnny5

    Aside from Ramsey the team he’s put out is ok but I’d rather have a hit and miss Ox or poldi over Ramsey hell I’d take bendtner out there over Ramsey

  98. gambon

    Answer this question for me, this will really highlight Wengers epic mismanagement of wages.

    Which of the following squads do you prefer?

    1- Our current squad
    2- Spurs current squad with the addition of Cavani, Gotze, Baines, Hummells & Vidal.
    3- Evertons current squad with the addition of Cavani, Falcao, Vidal, Hamsik, Hummells, Scweinsteiger & Casillas.

    Well, all 3 of them teams would cost roughly the same in wages.

    Im pretty sure ours is by far the worst team there.

  99. Lee Pace

    Even the espn pre match build up seems fed up with Arsenal, nothing to comment on other than the trophy drought and walcotts contract. Apart from the odd comment from Keown, 95% of the show so far has been pro Swansea. Compare that to when away teams come to Emirates and the amount of coverage they get.

    Can’t blame them.

  100. Relieable sauce

    AFC- Arsene’s Fairtrade Company.

    C’mon AFC lets whip these capitalist dogs. C’mon you reds!

    LOL. Just heard hum say – i think we lost because we wanted to win it so much ???

  101. Thorough

    Kwik fit. He played there in the 3-2 against Swansea last season and guess the result? Gave them one penalty and one assist. This yougman has been tried everywhere literally. He is not good enough. He will never be good enough.

  102. BERMY BOY

    Arsenes plan was exposed to the hilt in reference to the Ba transfer deal.He had no excuse not to acquire Ba,because he fit our demographic.
    1,He is a striker
    2,He fit the payroll
    3,He already plays in the EPL
    This bitch has no intention of buying anyone up front ,because he is relying on Theo to resign.He has no intention of buying in the middle because,what’s his name,oh yeah Diaby is 3 weeks away from returning for the 2014/15 season at best.Something tells me before the season is up someone is going to be in the belltower hugging an AK47,and babbling uncontrolably,don’t say i didn’t warn you.HOLLA BACK

  103. Spectrum

    Wenger’s favourite, Ramsey, back in the team again. Not surprised at all. He never changes, does he ? And still playing him out wide. Doesn’t ever learn either. ( Sigh ).

    And Matchy ; ” Like I said the problem is deeper than just kicking Wenger out ” . No it’s not. As Jeff wisely said earlier ; “All roads lead back to Wenger.” Believe it.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  104. kwik fit


    I’m with you . He’s far too slow. His best position is left back in the dressing room.
    Why doesn’t Wenger play Rosicky. Last season he was one of our best second only to you know who.

  105. gambon

    “Why doesn’t Wenger play Rosicky. Last season he was one of our best second only to you know who.”

    Really dont understand why people say this.

    Rosicky was garbage last year. Completely useless.

  106. Ché C Cheriton

    I have a few points:

    1. Why the fck would Theo sign for this team?

    2. It’s Red and Whites (not come on you Reds)

    3. COYG is a copy from Spurs’s COYS. Don’t do it.

    4. Wenger is a fkin raving lunatic. Ramsay on the wing. Mental.

    5. Gambon telling it how it is again.

    6. Joppa is way ahead of the curve.

  107. kwik fit

    ‘Who wouldn’t want to be here [at Arsenal] and commit their future? You’d be a mad man to want to leave.” – Kieran Gibbs

    Or the reverse perhaps?

  108. gambon


    Not really. Winning is good, and i’ll be pissing myself if we lose.

    Cant wait to see Wenger twitching and telling reporters hes managed 400,000 games if we get spanked.

  109. Spectrum

    jay2 oh –

    “Anyone else got a horrendous feeling about this game ” ?

    Yes, we could win it.

    ” In Arsene we rust.”

  110. gambon

    Of course Kieron os gonna say that, cos hes one of the massively overpaid players.

    If he ever becomes a top class player he will change his tune.

    This pathetic wage structure ensures we will always be a selling club.

    Young players will always join for the huge wages, and conversely top players will always leave as they are underpaid.

    Wenger has turned us into the only big feeder club in the world.

  111. Ché C Cheriton

    I would play Rosicky but in no way should the crock been rewarded with a bumper new contract (again disagree with Pedro here).

    Fkin mental club.

    Who knows what the score will be today. I expect Swansea to be more hungry and organised. We on paper are better but Wenger levels that out by being unable to motivate. I honestly don’t care who wins.

  112. Cesc Appeal

    I just wish one of the journalists would say:

    ‘I’ve managed none Arsene and I can see the deficiencies in your squad and philosophy…you’ve managed 40 000 or whatever and CAN’T’