Arsene plays the financial doom card early this window | FA Cup day – Arsenal head to Swansea

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It’s FA Cup third round day, the boys head down to deepest darkest Swansea. An area of Wales famed for it’s love of steroids and alcohol fuelled bar fights. I’m sure the away fans will have had a good time if they went down their last night. It’s so cultured.

What is cultured is the Swans football. They’ve had some ambitious managers over the last 5 years who have injected the Welsh club with a fabulous style of pass and move football aided with pace and skill. They’ve landed in the Premier League and bucked the trend of needing to survive playing Sam Allardyce brutalball. This mindset to the game has led to a bit of a trend among other young managers who have laid down similar blueprints at other poorly funded clubs like Southampton, Blackpool and Norwich.

The game we’re heading into carries massive importance to the fans and the manager. Well, at least on paper it carries massive importance for the manager. The last time he tasted success in any competition was against Manchester United in 2005… Patrick Vieira delivering the penalty that took us to victory in an undeserved shootout. That was was our famed captains last game in an Arsenal shirt and pretty much the signal that things were about to get pretty bleak for Arsenal.

What acted as the springboard for a squad decimation and a stadium move can now act as an injection of hope into the flagging career of a manager who has forgotten how to win trophies. A manager who has become so wrapped up in securing the careers of average young players he’s forgotten the purpose of the stadium move and the reason he was given such a massive contract in the first place.

The club can start today by taking this game with the deadly seriousness is absolutely deserves. No one is expecting an easy ride out there, what we do expect is 100% commitment from every player on the pitch. We expect to see a marked improvement over the horror show that was put forward at the Emirates and we expect to see a different game plan.

Wenger has a pretty much a full squad to choose from. Though I don’t expect him to roll out the same team as he did last week, I’m looking to see a near as full strength as possible. I think this game may be more suited to the pacier centre back partnership of Laurent and Thomas. I’m thinking that it’ll be an impossibility to change the midfield from what it was, so expect a Santi, Jack and Mikel line up… then up top, you’d imagine as Theo hasn’t signed on that he’ll take the central role along with Chamberlain and Podolski flanking from the wings. If we had a bit more depth, it would be nice to slip a couple of alternative widemen in for this game. Those two looked very weak against Southampton… as we don’t have depth, there’s no one else we can call on bar Aaron Ramsey… a move that wouldn’t shock me in the slightest.

We need to play a fast pass and move game. We need to accept that they will press us for the full 90 minutes, so we need to counter that with an even faster pass and move game, the type we used to play. If we don’t match Swansea for effort, they have the quality to take us apart. There can be no individual mistaks borne out of sloppiness. Everyone has to be focused on the prize of another game in the FA Cup. Steve Bould needs to make sure he has everyone revved up… maybe share a few FA Cup winning stories of his own. Get the players as excited as the fans… make sure they know who they’re playing for out there.

On the transfer front, Arsene Wenger is pleading football poverty again. He’s predicting a quiet window because football clubs are skint.

“That [the economic situation] could [affect movement], because the clubs have to look at the finances. What makes the clubs are the fans and what makes the fans is the economy. On that front, nobody is really sure what will happen in 2013.”

Wenger can talk about fans affecting clubs finances, but he forgets we all know what’s going on with those TV deals. Football clubs earn most of their cash from those revenues anyway. It’s only Arsenal and United who absolutely cream it in from massive gate reciepts. The economy isn’t an excuse for not buying, it’s an opportunity to make sure we go all out and take advantage of clubs who haven’t been prudent. When things are on their knees, there’s no excuse to get down there and pray like the rest of them. You have to strengthen and ensure you don’t collapse under the doom. We saved for the rainy day, that day is now… so go and make hay Arsene, stop with the constant peddling of impending financial disaster we can see Arsenal have been bullet proofed against.

As for not signing Demba Ba because he’s like Giroud… well, we only play one striker, surely have two the same isn’t an issue? Especially if one is more prolific!

Right, enjoy the 13:30 kick off and have a damn fine day!

Update: 13:30 kick of tomorrow. What a f*cking idiot.

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  1. Dannyboy

    Wanyama is a classic example of a player that Arsenal fans think is brilliant if he signs for a rival, but if we got him, we’d be angry that we signed a player like that, instead of a M’Vila/Strootman. End of the day, he is excelling in a league that is so poor, that Kris Boyd used to routinely score 40 a season without breaking sweat, how would Wanyama handle top level strikers?

    Much better players out there, that are within our magical price limit, and would be willing to join us, so thanks, but no thanks in that respect.

  2. Dannyboy

    Dan Ahern. hats off to you mate, what a marvellous idea! Now if only somebody could make Arsehole Wanker see it that way?..

  3. Dan Ahern

    The Dan Jan Plan
    (a.k.a. another fantasy that won’t happen)

    I don’t study goalkeepers and defenders too much, so I’ll leave LB/GK up to you. But here are my midfield+striker picks:

    M’Vila £9m
    Wanyama £4m
    Beñat £16m
    Villa £14m (or free, if reports are to believed that Barca owe payments)
    Negredo £15m

    Insane improvement for as little as £44m! Order today!

  4. gambon


    Id guess that is lazy journalism.

    He walked off the pitch the other day = clearly hes looking for a move.

    I call bullshit.

    We wouldnt pay the money or the wages.

  5. Relieable sauce

    This vomiting virus epidemic is pure bull.
    Just gooners having to stomach RVP’s goals week in, week out.
    It very nearly made me puke.

    RVP could well score the goals for MU to do a double of some kind, maybe even a treble. He will certainly sweep the domestic player awards again & who would bet against him winning the big prize?…well probably not with messi around but not inconceivable.

    “Sold for footballing reasons”……………..What the fuck!!!???

    Someone did actually say that!… & in the deluge of bs,insults, disdain,contempt & gibberish, i can’t actually remember if it was one of Wongas gems or deadwood at an AST.

  6. Hunter

    Your Comment HereI was fortunate enough to spend the New Year in Barcelona and thought whilst there I would take the tour of the stadium,gotta say Camp NOU was very impressive but I’ve got to say I think the Emirates is just as impressive!I met a fellow gooner during the tour and like me had nothing but disgust at WENGER and what he has done and is doing to our team.Most spanish supporters of Barca just laughed when we spoke of AFC and said that we are now meerly a feeder club for them(cant argue with that) but now feel that the ‘SPUDS’ are the force in North London and Chelski to the west!! what was more sickening was that we were surrounded by pictures of Fabregas and bloody Song!that in itself made me want to peuk.Their museum was filled with CUPS similar to our but a ratio of three to one there favour in titles both domestic and european!They are a ‘peoples’ club run by fans and paid for by fans,their managers have been awesome,Cruyff through to Guardiola,that included Reykard and TITO,all have been young managers with fresh ideas but keeping to the Barca tradition of pass,close down and score goals,similat to the team that was our ‘INVINCIBLES’,when it hasnt worked they change the Manager,and thats what is needed at AFC,get rid of WENGER……NOW!!.Barca fans demand that their team WINS,they dont have any other expectation,they are NOT afraid to buy when needed and are reluctant to sell,so we can forget getting Villa !The sad thing is they just laugh when AFC is now mentioned in conversation,when once upon a time we were feared by them and isnt that just the story with all the premiership teams now?For the next few years we are finished as a power and ruined by a dick head of a manager,board,chairman and above all the CEO,who has the power to change things but isnt prepared to!SADDAYS

  7. gambon

    “gotta say Camp NOU was very impressive but I’ve got to say I think the Emirates is just as impressive!”

    Couldnt agree less.

    Whoever designed the Emirates probably spoke to Wenger. Its all too pretty and not intimidating enough, no wonder it lacks atmosphere.

  8. dave


    Just had exactly the same experience in Florida. When talking about “soccer” I said I was a goober and got laughed at. Man Utd, Chelsea and Man City was the teams supported. Most people know we are a selling club and could list the players that we have sold but knew little about our current crop

  9. Dannyboy

    first thing they need to do at Ems is move the away support right to back of the top stand… At Nou Camp for big games they have 90k fans in the ground with less than 1k away fans in there, Monstrous atmosphere. Compare to our 55,000 prawn sandwich eaters, and 5k away support out-singing us every game. fucking embarrassing.

  10. Dannyboy

    KPB is an angry man just like Balotelli, He is likely still pissed at himself for that pathetic penalty he took in the FA cup final against Chelsea. Probably would have won it if he buried it. Balotelli is just pissed because he is adopted, and even after he became rich and famous, his parent still wanted nothing to do with him.

  11. sam

    no ba, no sturridge but we are paying 3 millions for an american player with no premiership experience. we are probably signing him for levante coz there is no way he’s gonna get work permit with only 2 national caps.

  12. gambon

    The problem with the Emirates is the seats are too far away from the pitch, especially behind the goals.

    The dips in the corner also reduce atmosphere & the intimidation factor.

    We shouldve just gone to the people who did the Millenium stadium and said we want an exact copy of that, with their North Stand being our Clock End.

    Its bigger and better, yet cheaper than Emirates.

  13. Dan Ahern

    Hunter — I also toured Camp Nou over the holidays. Very impressive place, I agree! The sheet magnitude of the stands is crazy. It must be stifling to play against them there. The amount of trophies was disgusting too. Houses 4 CL trophies, Messi’s 3 Ballons d’Or, and an endless wall of other achievements. The history is palpable.

    My heart sank a little seeing Cesc’s massive picture in the tunnel. But luckily Song was nearby to give me a laugh.

    As a side note, the sheer amount of merchandising for Barcelona and Madrid all over Spain is mind-boggling. I noticed Arsenal gear on a few shelves in a Heathrow gift shop, but at least 5 different stores in Barajas sell all manner of Barça and Madrid gear.

  14. Phallusaurus

    This American lad we’ve apparently splurged a cool £3M on, he’s not spawned from the great thieving touped one by any chance? Yet another avenue from which to siphon even more money from the club no doubt.

    Can’t wait for the books to be laid open one day and this whole sorry episode in our history exposed for the downright nest of treachery that it is. A handful of greedy men & 1 stupid women have done for this club where a century of competition failed, they have royally shafted us.

  15. Dannyboy

    Agreed Gambon, I got up 2 hours early to try and get the best possible tickets for the West Brom game last month, I managed to get seats on row 2, right behind the goal at only £25 a pop, and I thought I’d be within touching distance of the pitch, Massively disappointed when I got there, and we were at least 10 metres away.

    According to the stewards, it’s something to do with new FA regulations, but sounded like a load of bullshit to me.

  16. Samir


    Hannover manager Jörg Schmadtke claimed the club wanted an option to buy for Johan Djourou but Arsenal refused.

  17. Dannyboy

    Also, we are the only club in the country which has the seats closer to the pitch, as the cheapest seats. Surely demand would be higher if those cost a bit more, and the seats higher up, were a bit cheaper? Might sort out the empty seat issues.

  18. Dannyboy

    Samir, another reason why Wenger has lost it, It’s probably, because in his bent, fucked up head, he thinks ‘the fans will be angry if I sell another of our top players, so I should only loan out Johan out as I don’t want the fans to think we are a selling club….’ .

    What a complete cunt.

  19. gambon

    “Hannover manager Jörg Schmadtke claimed the club wanted an option to buy for Johan Djourou but Arsenal refused.”

    Haha, he will sell RVP but not Djourou!

    The old cunts desperate to be proved right when JD triumphantly returns.

  20. Dan Ahern

    I made a joke the other day about Djourou just missing out on his testimonial. And then it turned out it was a loan. With AFC rejecting a buy option. Joke’s on me, AW’s just getting him match-fit for it.



  22. Samir

    What an absolute joke of a club…
    Mismanaged SO badly in SOOO many areas…Cannot believe these people are still running this club…

  23. Jeff

    Let’s face it. Behind his back, Wenger is a laughing stock. Nobody on mainstream TV will say that but I am 100% sure that behind closed doors and in private conversations he must be the butt of every other joke our Arsene.

    People who don’t actually support Arsenal are quite happy to sing Wenger’s praises because they’re just being nice and neutral. Those of us who suffer daily the predictable stupidity sheer ineptitude for want of a better word, we know different, don’t we?

    So what’s the latest? Well all this time we were thinking that players like JD could not be sold because they are just too rubbish for anyone to consider. But hey, hey; wait. What’s going on here? A prospective customer wants a buyout clause. Non, he is not for sale! Sorry; he is too precious and central to our plans. But you never play him. That has nothing to do with it. Oh, OK, alright, thanks, sorry to have troubled you, bye.


    We are being destroyed from the inside out before our very eyes,it is incredible to watch.What this man is doing is nothing short of premeditated,calculated and malicious.We need to uncover what his motive is before any more damage is done.If what i have said is without fondation then we have to assume some type of early stage mental illness is the cause.

    If you eliminate the possible,the impossible no matter how incredible will inveriable be true.

    Sherlock Holmes,

  25. Jeff

    We are a mentally strong team 🙄
    – Diaby, Denilson, Rosicky are good midfielders :banghead:
    – We will overcome our fitness problems 😆
    – Bendtner is a world-class striker 😳

  26. Jeff

    Sorry the banghead emoticon did not work. 3 out of 4 is not bad. I don’t like using them but in this case they work.

  27. Dan Ahern

    Bermy — I don’t think it’s malice. I think it’s more delusion. These are his players, how could they have turned out badly? Surely they just need games and they’ll get into form. Hence the endless loans and never sales for dross. Many say it’s high wages preventing their sale, which may be quite true in many cases, but now we see that that’s not an iron-clad rule. We can’t blame a lazy player in every case. There’s simply no effort to move them on.

  28. Ché C Cheriton

    gambonJanuary 5, 2013 20:55:52

    “gotta say Camp NOU was very impressive but I’ve got to say I think the Emirates is just as impressive!”Couldnt agree less.Whoever designed the Emirates probably spoke to Wenger. Its all too pretty and not intimidating enough, no wonder it lacks atmosphere.”

    100% It’s got Wenger’s stamp of comfortable all over it. For the money they spent on it, for me it’s a disappointment. No atmosphere, bland, sanitised. Looks OK but give me Highbury over it any day of the week.

    Absolutely zero intimidation. ALL CORPORATE. Sums Arsenal up.

  29. Dannyboy

    Somebody posted a link from 2007 the other day, from the time Villa was flirting with us saying we are an attractive club. Wenger immediately came out and thanked him for his kind words, but rubbished his chances of joining us, by saying ‘Bendtner and Walcott need more games..’ 5 years on, Villa is one of the best strikers in the world, Bendtner is a fat lazy cunt who never plays, and Walcott is on his way out after refusing to sign a contract…

    Another good decision Arsene you fucking bell end.

  30. Jeff

    So we only ever sell our best players because they really, really want to leave. If you don’t want to go, you won’t be sold. So it’s up to a player whether he wants to stay or go. So what are we going to do with all these players that we can’t use, who don’t want to leave but have to keep paying them? It’s obvious. We carry on renewing their contracts.

    Maybe that is why he is reluctant to buy anyone because he knows he won’t want to sell them if they flop; makes sense.

  31. gambon

    Fuck me, sack the Jimmy Savile cunt right now.

    Hes just admitted that its his idea to implement a fucking pathetic wage structure that sees Djourou earning the same as our best players.

    What a fucking cunt.

    Cesc, Nasri, RVP, Song all sold but we literally cant shift Arshavin, Chamakh, Djourou & Squillaci.

    Utter embarrassment of a manager & a man.

  32. Jeff

    So we have another revelation. Wenger distributes the wages which means he decides what goes into each contract, he decides who to renew (that’s pretty much anyone who wants it) and therefore, by implication, he sanctions the leaving of players to other clubs; like Van Persie.

    The board and owner just sit back with arms folded and watch this unfold without batting an eyelid. There is something very wrong here; something very fishy. I guess we’ll find out in the future went he’s gone.

  33. Samir

    Sunday People Sport can reveal that Chelsea are close to announcing the £15million signing of Malaga’s Isco


    Hope this is bullshit.
    What the fuck is Wenger doing?
    He should have already signed;
    David Villa

  34. Marko

    To a certain extent it’s good cause you don’t want a situation similar to QPR but the man has too much control something has to change whether that’s Dein back or an Arnesen or Marwood or someone coming in.

  35. iffy da goon

    “We are more a socialist model and vulnerable because of that.”

    This coming from a man with an economics degree is appalling. How can you advocate a socialist pay structure in a game like football where talent varies widely. Wenger imposes restrictions on himself then sets low targets for the season. He makes it seem like there are no resources available or that these restrictions have been imposed on him.

    It is clear that his loyalty is to the board, and the fans are very low on his priority list. When he’s gone i don’t think any other manager will enjoy as much power as we have allowed Arsene.

  36. Jeff


    That’s right. The AKBs will not be able to hide behind the board and say it’s them imposing their will on poor Arsene. We kind of knew it was him all the time but there is always an element of doubt without the proper facts. Wenger has just confessed so there is no more doubt. It’s extraordinary.

  37. Jeff

    I wonder if this sudden confession is going to lead to something. Perhaps a change in policy – or is that too optimistic?

  38. Jeff

    “To recruit [and] to keep the players, you need to be in the Champions League first.

    It didn’t work with the long list of captains we lost, did it? So that’s a load of bull.

  39. Dannyboy

    Gambon, judging by the latest revelations, it wouldn’t be that surprising if it turned out we have many takers for them shit fuckers you listed, but Wenger decided he didn’t want to sell them.


    No all Arsene is saying is ….yes i’ll admit you all were right about me ,but you still can’t do fuck all about it.

  41. dave

    So he admits to making us “vulnerable”, losing all our top players, keeping the dross and still continues with his policy. You couldn’t make this shit up.

  42. Dannyboy

    Jeff, that’s also a load of bollocks. Champions League is not really that important in todays game, where money talks. Look at Liverpool, recently signed Gerrard, Agger and Suarez (there 3 best players, essentially Cesc, RvP and AN Other) and Spurs with Bale, they managed to keep there best players even though they had no Champions League to offer, and it’s likely we could have done the same quite easily.. we just didn’t bother trying cos Wenger didn’t want to.

  43. Jeff


    The optimist in me says that if you are right and the large selection of useless players we have can in fact be shifted, any new manager should have no trouble moving them on. That, in a way is good news, wouldn’t you say?


    We can’t do much about it but he can’t go on forever either. In fact, the long rope he’s been given he will eventually use to hang himself after destroying his legacy. So I’m not too bothered with that but whatever possessed him to come out with this now totally vindicates a lot of people here who were laying the blame squarely on Wenger’s shoulders and getting shot at by AKBs who would bring their own grandmothers into suspicion order to shift responsibility away from Wenger. At least that side of it is now dead in the water.

  44. Samir

    Telegraph reporting that Tottenham are set to make a £15million bid for Leandro Damiao while Mirror are reporting a £20million bid

    Tottenham began talks with Crystal Palace for Wilfried Zaha after agreeing to loan the player back until the end of the season. 1/2

  45. Dannyboy

    I would 100% wholeheartedly agree with you there Jeff… there’s just one slight problem. Adolf Hitler is our manager, and he won’t be going anywhere until he decides to put the bullet in his head himself.

  46. Dannyboy

    Samir, Isco to Chelsea? no chance, the January transfer window will be very quiet remember? The Fuhrer talks, and we listen, remember?

  47. Mike

    The wage structure is well and truly screwed
    Wenger has so much power .
    Bad news

    I will never hope we lose but this fu**er needs to leave


    The board are still guilty for looking the other way,oh believe me they’re not getting off the hook that easy,they are guilty by association.

  49. Jeff

    “Wenger is understood to have contacted Villa, with Barcelona’s permission, to explain his plans for the future. A deal this month would be worth £16million to the Catalan club – but that would drop to around £12m by the summer. Ideally Wenger wants him on board now but he is willing to wait until the summer if it is the only option.”

    He definitely won’t be coming now if Wenger spoke to him directly.

  50. Dannyboy

    Jeff, he probably said ‘we will give you 60k a week, zat iz zee same as Squillaci non? He is more experienced than you so really I should only offer you 50k but I would like to touch you, how I wish you were younger… BEEEEEEEEP.’ *phone goes dead*

  51. Ché C Cheriton

    Like we have known for a while Wenger is out of control and has far too much power. It borders on insanity and is not right.

    Pedro, I fully expect for LeGrove to start the calls for his resignation. Like I have asked for a long time now. The man and the board who let him get away with this need to go and the sooner the better.

    Totally fkin ridiculous. Perhaps people will not see why we call for his head, The man is a lunatic.

  52. Jeff


    I know. Sometimes the anger comes out in the form of satirical humour. It’s good. Fabregas and Song will probably have a quiet word in his ear and tell Villa all he needs to know about Wenger. Remember how Mourinho told Sahin to stay clear of us (even with CL football on the table) and go to Liverpool instead? I’d love to know what reasons he gave.

  53. Dannyboy

    Che, i’m expecting a strong worded post tomorrow after tonights ‘shocking’ revelations… Wenger really has shown himself up to be the cunt we always suspected him to be.

  54. Mike

    It does amaze me how pundits stick up for him though. Even our old boys …
    Unless the pundits are biased and love how shit wenger is making us.

    10 years and no trophy ? What then ? Maybe we could do djourous testimonial to coincide this???

  55. Dannyboy

    Heh Jeff, being an Arsenal fan these days requires the ability to laugh at times when you feel angry, or else we’d have all probably killed someone/ourselves by now.

  56. Dannyboy

    Quite simple Mike. The media hate Arsenal, therefore they love Wenger, as it’s clear for all to see now that he also hates Arsenal.

  57. Jeff

    I wonder if the board had a word with Wenger and told him to reveal who is behind the wage policy. The AKBs would always argue that it was the board and maybe they started getting a lot of flak via emails and letters so they decided it was time to tell everyone who’s really behind it. Fair play if that is the case; the truth should not be hidden from those that pay for the damn thing because they might just blame the wrong entity.


    Please don’t tell me you all are falling for this David Villa story.We have had players practically lock,stock and barrel and wha,the deal dove south.NO,it’s not sour grapes talking,it is Arsenal life experience.

    Come on people!!!!!!!

  59. Mike


    One of mourinhos reasons would surely have been that he would be played out of position

    Also his game would no doubt suffer – since wenger doesn’t do coaching

    Plus he’s a voyeur

    And not very special 🙂

  60. gambon

    Hazard, Mata & Ba tear Southampton apart.

    3 players Wenger decided werent good enough to improve Arsenal.

    Wenger prefers Ramsey, Gervinho & Park.

  61. Arsene's Nurse

    Everything we have been saying about Wenger and how the club is being mismanaged is true. How the fuck can you allow the manager to dictate wages? It’s madness and leads to exact;y what we have now. Who’s in charge of the club – the owner(s) and the board or Wenger?

    His socialist model is a complete failure – you don’t pay a road sweeper the same as a surgeon. I hope the man fucking chokes on Diaby’s cock.

    He has to be gotten rid of ASAP otherwise the longer the prick is at the club the deeper the mess he’ll create.

  62. Mike

    No chance with David villa . Not buying that story at all.

    Arsene clearly lost it , I cringe at every press conference , every quote , every interview , he comes out with some head scratching bullshit

    Whereas earlier on when we were winning trophies he was good value , came out with some classic quotes and seemed to talk a lot of sense .

    I genuinely believe we will finish behind spurs this season, even 6th.
    Surely he’ll fall on his sword then

  63. Dannyboy

    Every time the dutch cunt scores, it annoys me that little bit more that it says ‘RVP 100’ in the top corners of the picture that Pedro re-uses regularly for the daily blog..

    Arsene’s Nurse – ‘I hope the man fucking chokes on Diaby’s cock.’ – comment of the day right there my friend. I second that!


    You all want Wenger out,i know a guy who knows a guy who knows a guy that hates Wengers guts.Think about it you have about ten million suspects to question,should tie up the investigation forever.

  65. Dannyboy

    Mike, I went from enjoying his pressers, to watching them just to laugh at the bullshit he comes out with, to know, where I can’t even tolerate listening to the cunt…

  66. Dannyboy

    NoMoreCesc, haha could you imagine if cunts like that actually got a testemonial. Would be about as popular as Bin Laden having his 10 year hide and seek anniversary at the McDonalds near Kings Cross.


    If i had a magic wand i WOULD change his actual mouth into a cunt and watch all the AKB’s fuck him.
    looking like one of those got milk ads when they are done.

  68. Dannyboy

    haha Mike, First half is played in green Paddypower boxers, second half is played in skinny jeans that have the players arses sticking out of the top.

  69. Mike

    Is the criteria for a testimonial 10 years service ? That all?

    Johann has barely played . God he’s shit .

    Only tickets sold would be to his family

    Oh p.s.
    11th april 6pm kick off bexhill utd v all stars. Nigel winterburn kerry dixon razor ruddock perry groves luther blisset and others. £5 entrance on the night.

  70. Paulinho

    He also reveals how basic his thinking is when he uses the Newcastle game to show how great we are offensively and then the Southampton match to indicate the opposite.

    It’s quite obvious that the Southampton type performance is more indicative of our true level but yet we score a few pointless goals against demoralised and tired Newcastle and he thinks it carries weight.

    He really hasn’t got a clue. Cannot see that as soon as we face a well drilled team our chronic indecision and lack of cuteness in the middle third always becomes blindingly apparent, and it’s only against tired or teams that are too open that we can get into their final third enough times to look remotely dangerous.

  71. Dannyboy

    Bermy, that ad would give me so many nightmares, like a bad porno, the ad ends with Wenger doing his big paedo grin, with AKB spunk running out of his mouth.

  72. Arsene's Nurse

    Previously Gazidis has come out and said that the wage structure needs changing. That goes directly against Wenger and his socialist policy.

    I suspect that it’s in Wenger’s contract that he dictates wages, because I can’t see how would have gotten improved contracts having only just come into the club.

  73. Mike

    Come to think of it – I would say we have played well in only 5 games this season

    Newcastle ( attack only )
    West ham
    Southampton (were shite)

    Most other games – that’s our level. Southampton away summed us up

  74. Mike

    Come to think of it – I would say we have played well in only 5 games this season

    Newcastle ( attack only )
    West ham
    Southampton (home) (were shite)

    Most other games – that’s our level. Southampton away summed us up

  75. Dannyboy

    Mike, I’d say off the top of my head, the only good performances were Liverpool, West Ham, and Man City.
    Newcastle and Southampton were terrible defensively, and made it far too easy for us. Not good enough for a team like Arsenal

  76. Arsenal 1886-2006

    “Arsenal’s highest earner is thought to be Lukas Podolski, on about £90,000 a week, but even players towards the bottom of the senior squad pay scale pocket £50,000 a week”

    You cannot blame Bendy and the others for not wanting to leave. The sad thing is they all probably tell him to his face that they worship and idolise his methods, while behind his back they mock him and sneer at him in a derisory fashion.
    He has to much power and that is killing this clubs prospects for the future.

  77. Mike

    Yeah went to the barcodes match . Sagnas crap defending was all my side , I did miss the Gibbs horror show on the other side though. Thanks to MOTD for that .
    A very bad defence – I’m afraid that ( especially after seeing vermaelen v Swansea in particular ) we have a captain with NO leadership qualities , no voice on pitch , he bombs forward like a mad-man .
    We all thought Thomas was our centre back saviour but I’ve really gone off him this year …

  78. Dannyboy

    its very noticeable that unlike Cesc and RvP before him, Vermaelen just doesn’t have the charisma to be a captain. Those 2 players used to do a post match interview every single week, win or lose, I think Verm has done 2 all season and they were both about 2 minutes long, and involved him saying ‘erm… we need to improve.’ great…. thanks for that capi.

  79. Marko

    I’ll fucking çry if we do fuck all business cause of a “lack of quality” available in the window all the while our so called rivals strenghten. Why the fuck don’t we sign from Brazil their league is over. Paulinho, Damiao, Bernard and Wellington Nem are quality.

  80. Mike

    I think arteta should be captain for now .
    He’s outspoken enough.
    But , at arsenal , if you are captain , you are SOLD!

  81. Mike


    Get the tissues ready ….

    We won’t buy anyone . So far it has been horrendous – got rid of two deadwood but only on loan ! Not good enough .

  82. Dannyboy

    Definitely Mike, Arteta ticks all the boxes, he is up the managers arse like Cesc and RvP used to be, he talks a good game and he doesn’t look like a pale dead body like Vermaelen does.

  83. sam


    a captain has to confront the coach sometimes and at arsenal you don’t do that or you are sold.
    its been happening since vieira so don’t wish anyone to be captain at arsenal unless they are heading for the exit door.

  84. Dannyboy

    Actually made me a bit sad the other day watching 03/04 Premier League years, and not even because of how it shows how shit we’ve become in recent years… but the fact that in those days Wenger was literally the man. He was so arrogant and sure of himself like an early years Mourinho, And now he looks like a madman, driven insane by his own foolish tendencies.

  85. Cesc Appeal


    That’s very true.


    If Swansea are on song, in their own stadium they’ll rip us to shreds.

    You’re right, Wenger will take a win, no matter how dirty/controversial if it saves his hide and his philosophy.

    People are dooming about Spurs overtaking us…but I say let them.

    Let them have our slot, at least they behave like an actual football club…they should have that £35 Million a year because they’ll spend that £35 Million not bank it/give it to Stan/spread it out in bonuses….

  86. azed

    I’d like to see uncle Tony and his band of wankers at untold blame, UEFA, EPL, AAA $ity,UTD and Chavs for this socialist wage structure.

  87. azed

    Wenger said that his principle was “to pay something that makes sense and is defendable in front of every single player”

    How the fuck can you defend paying Diaby, Squillacci and Chamakh a salary?

  88. gambon

    So the playing squad earns no more than £90k

    Yet Wenger earns £145k per week.


    Sounds like Anumal Farm to me.

  89. TOLI83

    Just watched the Man U game on sky + …. Was i surprised united scored a last minute goal?… No!

    Was I surprised rvp scored a screamer , no!

    They have character through their manager installing that never say die attitude. If they lost he would have called them all out in public. Wenger would have blamed the ref or tired tiredness or mental issues in the team.

    Complete different in mind sets. RVP is where he should be, playing for a club that can match his ambition, end of….

  90. TOLI83

    Zeus he should brought to court by a footballing NATO for crimes against the ‘contact extensions and transfer window treaty’….

  91. Gunner2301


    Gazidis said that Wenger controlled wages and contracts at the last Q & A last season he and the board don’t interfere. This was in response to being barracked about Diabys wages and others who are well paid but don’t contribute.

    Hence the reason the other week when I had the “discussion” with Keyser about Coles “5k” that they wouldn’t pay. I was saying Wenger decides what he believes a player should be paid in contract renewal or if the player is not wanted at all, he was saying it was Dein and the board.

    Wenger is the architect of project youth and the wage policy that is crippling us with arseholes like Almunia who say they should have left really but the money was too good.

    The only outcome if such a policy is your best players leave and your left with the hangers on who wake up every morning and have to pinch themselves because they can’t believe they’re still here.

    Add to that the lack of competition for places, the tolerance of complacency and consistently poor performances, we can see Arsene is running Disneyland.


  92. Jeff

    I wonder since when has Wenger been given this authority to decide on the wages? I don’t think he was given it at the start. It has to be just after the invincible season 2003/04. After that all we managed to win was the FA cup in 2005 with nothing since and of course that is when the exodus of big names (without like for like replacement) also began; kicked off by Vieira. It all begins to make sense now.

    He’s basically been abusing the club with a crippling wage policy (and of course all the other detrimental things he does) just because he can. It looks like that invincibles era cost us more than we could ever have dreamt or imagined.

  93. gnarleygeorge9


    Like I’ve said before, so long as Arsene Wenger continues to be like an old pair of jeans to The Board (a comfy fit to old geezers Arsene’s age) Arsene Wenger is going nowhere.

    But, surely in this gr8 big old world we live in there is a man capable of taking The Arsenal to the next level, that is winning tropheys.

    The continued lack of ambition by those @ the top @ The Arsenal is eroding away my edge for The Arsenal. Still, in saying that on this bloody hot Summers day :cool:, I am up for this FA Cup tie & will be watching.

  94. Jeff

    I am actually a little shocked that this revelation should come now. It has to be the Walcott saga that has triggered it because everyone is asking why he doesn’t give Walcott what he’s asking for and in a desperate attempt to explain it he has to give us the whole story. He could have told us the same when Van Persie wanted to leave but that was slightly different.

    Van Persie started talking about not agreeing with the club’s vision and where it was going and took a lot of flak for doing that so it took the focus away from Wenger’s refusal to change the wage policy. Walcott has kept his views to himself and that has prompted a deeper scrutiny of Wenger by the wider community. Well done Theo; well played.

  95. SUGA3

    konichiwa bitches :mrgreen:

    I called this whole French champagne socialism nonsense years ago, it really was and still is obvious…

    socialism does not work: it kills creativity and willingness to enhance one’s abilities in the up and coming individuals, whereas the top talents don’t want to be stifled in the area of trophies won and monies earned, it is that simple…

    IMO, Wenger was given all this power the moment DD was ousted, as no one else on the board had any clue anyway!

  96. Max85

    Agreed Suga, none of the board has the first clue about football! They just give Wenger a premium salary package to deal with everything – particularly keeping the CL money coming in and remaining profitable – while they spend their time at the senile gentleman’s club.

    Truly embarassing! We need a David Dein/Daniel Levy.

  97. Jeff


    I think you are right. Dein had great financial acumen. He had proper power over Wenger and assumed responsibility for player wages and many of the other things that Wenger has completely buggered up. After his departure in 2007 it looks like a huge void was created which the board decided to fill with Wenger. What a colossal mistake that was.

    As well as his normal managerial duties, they basically gave Wenger most of Dein’s responsibilities as well after he left. No wonder we’ve gone downhill since then and are now hurtling towards rock bottom.

    I can’t believe they put this madman in charge of finances. It is insane. Being a football manager of a big club is hard and stressful enough without having the responsibility of negotiating wages, contracts and all the other duties a vice chairman has to discharge. Why did Kroenke go along with this? Why is the board so stupid and inept? Why does Gazidis just lap it all up and say nothing? Why is this lunacy allowed to continue? This has to be the biggest mystery in the world of Football.

  98. Jeff

    More drivel from the bloke in charge. The first line of the third paragraph has incompetence written all over it.

    “I find it difficult to analyse the players and to know what they are capable of. When you score seven goals in one game and only an own goal in the next one, of course it is hard.”

    “We have good offensive potential and that shows in some games. We are not consistent enough, though.”

    “I change my mind whether I need to go into the transfer market from game to game. That is because the players have a basic quality, but the performance of the players is analysed and you think, what could we do to be better?”

    “If you look at the Newcastle game, you would say fantastic. If you look at the Southampton game, you can come out and say we need to strengthen our offensive department. Football is like that.”


  99. SUGA3


    if he is actually serious when saying that he is changing his mind as to whether he should go out and buy players every game, then maybe it is for the best for him not to spend, the whole season to go tits up and for him walking the very moment it is mathematically impossible to clinch the fourth place trophy?

    seriously, the man has just admitted that he has no clue and when you couple that with his admission that the whole crippling wage structure is of his doing alone, then surely, this is reason enough to sack the cunt?

  100. SDE

    After OGL finally admitting what we have all been carping on about since time immemorial..

    Question is where’s Heil Keyser when you need him to defend OGL’s indefensible confessions..?

    Probably flagellating himself in some darkly lit corner of his room..”Crying why Wenga Wonker?”
    “Why did you have to open your stupid big demented mouth..”
    “You have sold me down the river,like the rest of our great players..

  101. PieAFC

    Haha. After wankers comments where is keyser defending that cunt now!!

    Comical fucking joke. When he goes will be a good day for football!