Quadruple exit planned… joy, joy, joy | Adrian Lopez haggling begins | Spelling nightmare linked…

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Goooooooooooood morning sports people.

Why the big gooooooooood? Because goooooood news hit the newswires last night. So much good news, I felt like doing one of those little dances you do on your own when you’re watching Arsenal tanking Spurs.

Anyway, here’s the good news in order of goodness.

Johann Djourrou

He’s leaving people. The man with the million dollar smile is upping sticks and heading over to Hannover to continue his career. I have no idea what the details of the deal look like, but it’s highly likely he took a pay cut to head over to Germany. He was apparently 4 months away from his testimonial season, pretty poor when you consider he barely managed 120 games over that time period. I always find it amusing when people talk about him as a great servant of the club. Please… he was anything but. He had a very small stint as a half decent player, the rest of his career was littered with defensive hashes and big fat pay days.

Still, he’s gone now and I think we might have even managed to land a fee.

Seb Squillaci

Yep, he’s finally coming to the end of his tether.

“I will be out of contract at the end of the season. As things stand, I will leave, perhaps during the January transfer window or else in June.”

‘Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Bastia and Ajaccio are clubs who speak to me. I am 32, and I still have two or three good seasons left.’

Now, I can slightly understand this guys intentions for staying with us. He was never going to get another contract that good. He’s right at the back end of his career, so it would have been silly for him to go. I also kind of understand why we bought him. He was Champions League experienced (a runner up I think), he’d been capped internationally when France were good and he’d performed well in La Liga. Things just didn’t work out for him. Still, at least that’s potentially another £3million off our bloated wage bill.

Andrey Arshavin

Now, I’m not that excited about this guy going because he’s an absolute talent. However, for whatever reason, be it laziness or not being played in his favoured position… he’s rumoured to be off. PSV are the favoured destination with Reading dropping out of the race. He’d be looking to link up with former Russia coach Dick Advocaat. I thought obtaining European residency was an issue for him… I was told the other day if you buy property in Spain they’ll give you residency within 2 years. Just putting it out there Andrey… they grow nice oranges and they have this stuff called chorizo you might like.


Lille are showing an interest in him. I have nothing more than that. We get this every transfer window. Then his agent writes the number a week he earns in pound notes… and things go down hill pretty sharply after that. I don’t really hold out any hope for the Morrocan leaving. From what I’ve been told, the reason he won’t go is because he doesn’t want to. He likes living the lazy life in London and he’s perfectly happy as he is. How a professional athlete can behave like that is beyond me.

Total Wage Bill Reduction: £277k p/w n(£14.4m)

As for  the the other major rumours flying around? Well, they’re as followed.

Firstly, the major one for us is that Theo Walcott is apparently set to agree a brand spanking new deal with Arsenal. He’s looking ink a new £90k a week contract over the course of 68 years. I half expected him to sign on the dotted line, I don’t think he’ll get the same footballing opportunities elsewhere unless he proves beyond doubt he can be a striker for Arsenal. This news has apparently shelved our interest in Zaha. I’m not quite sure how that works. Isn’t Zaha a winger… and isn’t Theo now a striker? If we think the Crystal Palace man is that good, shouldn’t we be snapping him up anyway?

Adrian Lopez is a big time on our radar apparently. Wenger isn’t interested in paying out on his £14million buyout clause. Why would he? His deal is up in a few months time. Simple fact here is that Arsenal are in for a striker of some sort as Wenger has curtailed his interest in Thierry again. I’ll be mightily hacked off if we don’t get Lopez this window because we were haggling around the £3million mark. It wouldn’t be out of character for Wenger to balls up the second half of a year because he’d rather have depleted squad than spend some money. He did it with Cahill… he went to Chelsea and won the Champions League.

Palermo midfielder Afriyie Acquah whose real first name is Ebeneezer is also on a radar. This seems like a Wenger signing. A big, bustling athlete no one’s heard off. On the other hand, it sound so curve ball, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pure agent talk. Zarate of ex-Birmingham notoriety is having a contract fight with Lazio… we always get linked to him,  I think he’s talented, but I doubt he’s on our radar.

It’s Swansea in the FA Cup this weekend. The big question is whether our core of British players care about the competition as much as the domestic fans do? Kieran Gibbs, the go to man after a defeat beleives so.

“It would be great to get a trophy, of course. We go to Swansea like it’s one of our biggest games of the season,”

Good chat Gibbsy… more on that game tomorrow!

Wow… a busy morning eh? Who do you think is smoke and who do you think is fire? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. gambon

    “A lot of us would have loved to see Torres in our squad before he went to Chelsea, how many chelsea fans today are happy with his performance?”

    Giroud – 9 goals

    Torres – 14 goals

  2. Bade


    We all know Diaby is back for the transfer window, then the 1st game after the window closes he’ll try to pass the ball to a player 3 yards besides him, pull a muscle & sit out for the rest of the season

  3. SDE

    A lot of us would have loved to see Torres in our squad before he went to Chelsea, how many chelsea fans today are happy with his performance?

    & how many Chelsea fans overall are,or have been unhappy with their current squad..?


    & how many Arsenal fans overall are happy with our current squad?

    Theo(only this season)

    Beyond Carzola,Podolski,Wilshere,Sagna,Arteta &AA23(if & when he can be bothered to pull his finger out..)..
    I don’t think we have anything remotely resembling a decent WC squad…

  4. gambon

    Balotelli is such a waste of talent.

    If he doesnt want to be a footballer he should just fuck off. This “troubled kid” bullshit is getting old, hes 22 now, playing for one of Europes top clubs on over £5m per year.

    If he had Henrys attitude he could be one of the worlds best. Idiot.

  5. Thomas

    What an embarrassment Wenger has become. Talking about other teams failures to tone down our own. And how convenient that the Walcott contract talks start now to distract the fans. You’re not fooling anyone you senile fool.

  6. gambon


    Sorry there mate, can you just confirm, are we discussing the same Fernando Torres that won the Champions League last season with Chelsea, who have overtaken us off the pitch as well?

    Terrible signing.

    I would just hate to win the biggest trophy in football.

  7. Bade

    I think the best way for Balotelli is to assign Steve Bould as his personal coach, then he should try & have a bust up with him …..

  8. PieAFC

    So it begins the bullshit transfer saga with Arsenal….

    We all know the story yet I myself included will continuously in vain constantly check this site and all the other bollocks to see if our hopes are true… Following probably defeat by Swansea come Sunday.

    Oh how the realism of this window is already seeming alarming.

  9. Johnny5


    We should put in a cheeky bid of 10m to nab him cheap. Wenger style. I reckon he will grow up and realise he’s a cock and when that happens he will be a monster.

  10. gambon


    I would have agree with you a while back but hes a fucking idiot. Wouldnt want him anywhere near the club.

    He could be just about the most unplayable striker in the world, but hes such a cunt he will never fulfill 30% of his potential.

  11. Keyser

    gambon – Yup that’s right, the Torres that scored 3 goals on the way to the Champions League final.

    The same 50 million pound Torres that scored 3 goals in this years competition..

    As Chelsea became the first holders of the Competition to not advance beyond the group stage.

  12. Mr Briggs


    I agree we dont have a squad as decent as the one down d road, isnt it credit to our manager that we compete with Chelsea? Do u think it was Wenger who set our season expectation to qualifying for champions league? Dont u think somehow the board realised that we dont have as much fund (even if thats to make them realise more profit margins) to compete hence the drop in expectation from being title contenders to winning a champions league spot?
    Like i mentioned earlier if we as fans can read between the lines the club’s ambition is clear for us to see.

  13. gambon


    There is no chance for Chelsea to win it this season.

    Man utd barely have any tough games to go apart from Spurs away, and they dont usually lose the league 2 years running.

    Unlike us they see that as failure.

  14. Relieable sauce

    Wonga sounds like a broken man thats tired of hearing his own BS & its not gonna get any better for his mental health this season.
    Could be the last transfer window we have to suffer his ineptitude as we all know we are not going to sign the players we desperately need anyway.
    Roll on Feb 1 & the guff storm of Wonga excuses.

  15. Johnny5


    I know but out of all the players we risk millions and millions on in the hope they’ll come good and exceed expectations he’d be worth the risk surely?, there’ll be more chance that he comes good than all of the others combined.

  16. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Balotelli reminds me of Anelka, so much talent that when he wants to play he is near on unplayable, but when he has a bad head on he is a disruptive influence.
    I would sign him on the off chance that if he played regular football he would eventually mature.
    There is also the possibility he would chin Wenger.

  17. gambon

    Milan, Inter or Juve…..maybe Anzi will buy him.

    Good luck to him, the cunt.

    They should just make Dzeko their target man, and replace him with Guidetti.

    They offload Balotelli, Kolo, Santa Cruz & Bridge, and they will break even, pretty impressive 5 years for the Arabs.

  18. Keyser

    Lol erm yeah, was kind of the point, whatever talent he’s got he’s too stupid to make the most of it. Another efficient Citeh player though.

  19. Zeus

    Balotelli is a nutter!

    Hehe. He is gonna reach a point where no one will touch him. Not even Tevez was this bad.


    What a tangled web we weave when first we practise to decieve.

    Don’t fall for it……………………………….

  21. Paulinho

    Balotelli hasn’t got the pace of Henry, doesn’t seem to have the physical recovery powers. His shooting is a bit mediocre in terms of placing as well, often just shoots centrally and hopes for the best.

    Overall talented but not enough to justify all the fawning over being ‘misunderstood’.

  22. gambon


    He was Citys 4th choice striker last year…..scored 13 goals

    Chamakh was our second choice striker last year…..1 goal

    So yeah, pretty efficient.

  23. Bade


    Indeed in the recent years it happened just twice that they failed to win the league for more than 2 consecutive seasons

    I still see them getting troubles with scoring when the teams will be fighting for every point

    They also have a dodgy defence & although Red Nose stated they’re not in for any player I will be surprised if they didn’t try to add there

  24. Keyser

    I dunno maybe they just don’t close off the training ground to the press, they’ve had a few fights I think, Kolo and Adebayor.

    Found this.


    “the club’s decision in the year 2000 build their new training ground next to a popular public footpath — the perfect location for scandal-seeking paparazzi — is ensuring that the old City naivety continues to be a thorn in the club’s side today. “

  25. Keyser

    Chamakh came on a free..

    Citeh’s 4th choice striker cost £20 million, so not very efficient.

    Our first.. ah, shit sorry couldn’t complete that without getting upset.

  26. Guns of Hackney

    Why the erection for Bolloctelli? He’s a piece of shit and an overrated idiot…and not even in the Gascoigne way – just fucking boring to behold.

    His anger stems from the fact he’s been adopted – he can’t get over it.

    Have Arsenal bought anyone yet? No? Quell surprise. Cunts!

  27. Keyser

    Ballotelli’s kind of like Ronaldo’s free kick technique, looks spectacular when it comes off and makes people forget about the other 50 attempts that went wide, hit the wall or 50 yards over the goal.

  28. gambon

    “Chamakh came on a free..”

    And was paid £3.5m last year to score 1 goal


    Park paid £2m to score 1 carling cup goal and play 6 minutes?


  29. Thomas

    What a stupid person Balotelli is. He will be dropped from Man City and no other club will be interested in him now thus pretty much ending his football career.

  30. PieAFC

    Balotelli is just an egotistical prick. Like a lot of the new breed twitter footballers. Spending more time coming up with a new hash tag craze or fashion statement than giving a shit about what they should care about. Too much money too soon!

    The team for Swansea, if we go out of the fa cup again. Fuck me, heads have to roll for this one. Jesus, my pessimistic attitude is shocking. Clearly we never know what team will show up.

    Sitting up till 6am watching that shit the other night. Fucking hell.

  31. Guns of Hackney


    You mean like Stevie F-ing Gerrards ‘Hollywood Crossfield Passes’?

    Now there’s a cunt who needs to smile more – the low forehead, scouse shlepper!


  32. SDE

    Mr Briggs
    isnt it credit to our manager that we compete with Chelsea

    Slight error of our judgement there on your behalf..

    That ship has sailed a long time ago..
    We no longer compete with Chelsea…

    We now compete with the likes of Everton,Newcastle,Liverpool,Spurs,Fulham,West Brom..
    Teams in the past that were historically below us..

    The points gap,between us & the top 2/3 teams has been growing ever larger..19 points was the gap last season b/w us & the top 2 Manc teams..
    Season before,it was 12 points..

    Whilst the gap, points wise b/w us & teams below us has been narrowing..
    B/w us & Spurs was 1 point & below Spurs was Newcastle..With 5 points separating us & the barcodes..

    Season before -2010/11..the gap b/w us & Spurs was 6 points & the next team below-Liverpool,with a 10 point gap..

    So if you’re looking@ how well OGL has done,compared to the Mancs..
    Well that’s your call..

    If you’re looking at how well OGL has done with teams below us,on considerably a far lower budget & a smaller squad..
    Then quite frankly it’s a joke..

    What’s even a bigger joke,was that we fielded our A team,against a Bradford team,almost 65 league places below us,in the COC..

    Our starting XI littered with international players,with almost 400 international caps b/w them..costing almost £70 million in transfer fees..

    Could not beat a team that cost a princely sum of £7500 to assemble..

    & even with our vast array of “Super,Super Quality Talent”,dump them out..
    Talk about dumbing down of expectations/standards..

    But that Bradford match takes the proverbial biscuit..

  33. gambon

    If you cant see the talent in Balotelli then you dont know anything about football.

    By the time he turned 22 he had won 4 league titles, an FA cup (Man of the Match) and the Champs League.

    He has scored 9 CL goals, has 5 international goals in 16 caps for a good Italy team, and scored 3 at the Euros.

    He has played at the very top level since the age of 17.

  34. Real Madras

    Lets’s face it there won’t be any major transfers in, Walcott will be our biggest signing ‘sigh, that’s how low the current standard is that he is seen as our main player. Why wasn’t the same effort applied to keep the world class players that have been leaving since 2005???

    These are painful times and i just can’t see it improve for a few years as project youth II has been activated. We have a manger who’s ambition is to just finish 4th and break even, has a poor scouting network and an average team that he can’t motivate.

  35. Guns of Hackney


    Winning titles doesn’t mean fuck all, mate. He’s part of a title winning team…he was never the top scorer, player etc. Any old squad player can pick up a winners medal in a very good side – 10 games, isn’t it? And that includes sub appearances…he’s a fucking overrated animal.

    A luxury player who’s adopted. Can’t get over it.

  36. Radio Raheem

    One would have thought they’d have done something about how exposed their training ground is. I’m sure fights happen on most grounds…anyway this is getting boring already

  37. gambon

    “he was never the top scorer, player etc. Any old squad player can pick up a winners medal in a very good side”

    He was 17/18/19 years old, why the fuck would he be top scorer.

    As for “any old squad player can pick up a winners medal”

    Yeah how does a shit 17 year old get into a title winning team in the first place. Theres a reason Balotelli was in the Inter team at 17 and Chamakh was sucking cock in France at the time.

    I do worry for Arsenals future with the brain capacity of our fans.

  38. Relieable sauce

    I agree that MU defence is relatively average but considering that they have already played carrick there this season, i don’t think it is a major concern for them.
    With smalling, vidic & jones back they now have all the options they need, add to that a great team ethic & the ability to get a goal in fergie time, i can’t see fergie losing much sleep from now to the end of the season.
    Stick carrick in our back four with wenger coaching & motivating him & we would all be calling for JD.
    Its like winning by numbers with fergie, where wonga just likes to add them up & spout them out.
    I guess the penny will never drop for some.

  39. SDE

    Balotelli..I’m afraid has peaked..Not in terms of playing ability,but in terms of attitude I reckon..

    He has so much talent,that if he really knuckled down, could far surpass CRonaldo..

    But his biggest achilles heel,is his attitude..

    He will probably go the same way as other players who had the talent,but lacked the necessary attitude to elevate them to the heights,that the Zindane’s, the Messi’s of this world were & are able to do..

    Think Stan Collymore,had it all..
    But had a severe attitude problem-dressed up as depression..
    The common perception at the time,was that he was misunderstood..
    Come to think of it..He still is..!!

    Stan Collymore-The misunderstood,opinionated-“let’s take this outside” lone nutter.

    Adrian Mutu…..-The playboy

    Mark Bosnich….-The playboy

    Dwight Yorke…..-The playboy

    Talented players,that never fulfilled,or maximised their true potential..

    Seems Balotelli,will be another casualty..
    “The why always me,misunderstood playboy”

  40. Guns of Hackney

    Gambon, you jerk.

    He only had to go on the pitch 10 times to get a medal – is that too hard to understand? It does not mean he is good.

    I don’t remember comparing Ballotelli to Chamack.

    And yes, in a very good side, a squad player can get a winners medal – again, fairly straight forward but logic isn’t exactly your strong point is it?

    Go and get some stats for Ballotelli – your new fanboy.

  41. Keyser

    Buns – Gerrard did get one right last night for Suarez, so sorry mate, right now I’m thinking he’s still World Class.

  42. salparadiseNYC

    I’d take that nutter Ballotelli in a hot minute.
    Pure talent, was a beast at the Euro and will come good soon but not with Mancini those two must loathe one another.

    Coming out of this window with Balotelli and Fellaini?
    Totally different dynamic, power and finesse.
    Too many options for Wenger to digest may have to actually manage.

  43. Real Madras

    Man U haven’t had a stable back four all season but that hasn’t mattered much as we gifted them the best striker in the PL, but it seems like their defenders are coming back just at the right time. They squandered an 8 pts lead last year but somehow i don’t think it will happen this year and they already played the likes of City, Chelsea, Liverpool away.


    Our biggest deal of the transfer window will be to get rid of two boat moorings,and appease Wally boy.zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  45. gambon

    Guns you twat

    What you seem to be ignoring is that Balotelli didnt play 10 games. he played 40 times as a 19 year old for the European Champions managed by the best Manager in the world.

    Theres a reason he was a part of that squad, and it wasnt cos hes shit.

    You are such a mong its unreal.

    Theres a reason that by age 21 he had won 6 major medals and is an established international.

    Van persie by age 21? In the Holland U21s, and making his debut for Arsenal having never played for a top club.

  46. Guns of Hackney


    Gerrard was, is and never will be world class. Good, not great. Same as fat Frank.

    Got some nice medals though so I suppose he’ll do ok Dj-ing after he packs it in

  47. Inter YourGran

    Happy New Year all you Groovers!

    Got to agree that if we are going to talk about theo all window and names like lopez this is going to be a ball ache!

    If i’m honest we need to keep Theo to stop the rot, but is he worth 90k? You’d probably have to say yes, given what current england internationals and top clubs pay. Is he a centre forward? Not in our 4-3-3 he isn’t. He doesn’t have the full skill set to play there and we can’t accomodate this change half way through the season. It’s nuts! Theo will only work in a 4-4-2 and if we are not going to revert to it, might as well leave it there, let him go (what top european club is seriously going to play him upfront on 100k a week?) well alone.

    I’ve always been a firm believer that Wenger chasing some 4-3-3 total football, possesion play a la Barca was doomed to failure. We don’t have the gifted techincal players to play out wide and drift inside to make it a 5 in mdifielder when we havent go the ball, we dont have a top centre forward who can play as a flase 9 and we do not have a powerful defensive box to box lynchpin who can take the ball past two players with a run or break up play intelligently.

    Arteta is a sub at a top club as is pretty much every player in our back 5 and defensively, since the formation change, we have been woeful at defending as a team and have not 1 single player who love defending and the amount of times they get caught out of position is embarrassing. It raises so much questions about the training, tactics etc.

    The real problem is these players aren’t held accountable for failing at this club. and by failing i mean being title & trophy winners. 4th is not, and will never be, a trophy regardless of the financial gain for the club (who then dont reinvest it adequetly). It’s created a sense of ‘just doing enough’ and ‘never mind, always next time’ which for top sports men are pathetic. Van Persie, even though he’s gone to united, will feel totally vindicated of his decision as things stand right now.

    Also, buying cheap and hoping you can keep polishing turds usually only leaves you covered in excrement. Podolski is so shit it’s unreal. Never was an Arsenal player, but special mention goes to Gervinho. Giroud and Cazorla have done well to be honest, but the change has been too drastic. I don’t think we are going to accept another re-building process and the only way to bypass another set of barren years is to buy top quality.

    In my opinion we need to make a statement of intent and basically Arsenal fans crying about ‘no one will come to us’ etc. is just bullox. We haven’t suddenly become Stoke, but other than a top stadium and training facilities all we offer is CL football and decent wages (not bad tbf). Once the CL football goes, clubs can and will pay more money for quality where as we seem hell bent on a squad wage parity system. This has left us with about 12 first team players not good enough and ones we cannot get rid of.

    The fault is purely the managers for the mentality, player selection, motivation and tactics and what he spends his budget on. You can call gazidis and Hill-Wood names but we don’t exactly have a manager demanding the funds to buy world class players and calling seasons failures if we finish outside the top 2.

    If we’re going to buy players (within our current budget) i’d take;

    Begovic (GK // 1st team starter)
    M’Biwa (CB //1st team starter)
    shaw (LB // squad player)
    Strootman (DCM // 1st Team starter)
    Cavani (CF //1st team starter)
    Zaha (RWF // squad player)








  48. Guns of Hackney


    It means nothing. When he is a broken down alcoholic wreck he’ll say “at least that chap Gambon from Le Grove believed in me, even though the best manager in the world thought I was a cunt and got rid of me, I then scored a goal and did a stupid pose that went viral, I had a silly t-shirt on once, a silly haircut and I made my car into a camouflage one”…

    He’s a no talent div.

    But therein lies the English disease – reward stupid antics with blanket media coverage and call the manboy “misunderstood” – he is the poster boy for the Big Brother generation – short attention span, beer swilling louts who read Zoo/Nuts and still have pics of a Ferrari F40 on their wall.

    Gams, which car do you have up on the wall? I think you’re a Astra GTI man.

  49. Inter YourGran

    Gerrard was world class as was lampard. You dont score 15+ goals in the prem for seasons on end, win trophies (CL, prem etc.) from centre midfield and then be rounded off to some has been.

    Some Arsenal fans are, quite frankly, fucking nuts!

  50. SDE

    Rio is no longer the player he was..Age& injuries have caught up with him..

    Pace has gone..All he can rely on is positional sense & experience..
    & even that’s on the wane..
    I’m sure he’s due to collect his pension soon..A hefty one at that..

    Johnny Evans,is a bit hit & miss..

    Evra,is no longer the player he was..Pace has gone..Leaves acres of space at the back,with his constant bursts forward..

    Rafael,lacks height to deal with aerial bombardment..

    Smalling..Still wet behind the ears..

    Jones being used as a utility man,rather than a CB,seems unsure of his role..

    Vidic..Not the player he was..

    But what seems to be the difference this year,is their forward line & their attitude..

    You can’t buy attitude,as evidenced by our team of misfits..
    But those Man Utd boys have it in abundance..
    Drilled into them from their Manager & if they screw up..Not only the manager comes down on them like a ton of bricks,but so do their team mates..

    All that said..I’d be quite happy OGL buys no one in the Jan Window..
    If he does buy & their mediocre..They will just regress beyond recognition.

    If he buys quality..He will stifle their progression at best,or they will just disappear into the abyss at worst.

    OGL needs to take his “4th place is a trophy” mantra to Real Madrid..
    & get a feel for what it’s like when the Real fans start baying for his blood, chuck a pig’s head onto the pitch & start waving their white handkerchiefs..

    & the Marca devote an entire 2 page spread everyday calling for his head…

    Then he might finally know about standards/expectations,pressure & attitude in spades..Here’s hoping..

  51. Guns of Hackney


    Can you please highlight what exactly ‘World Class’ is? It’s thrown around so frequently these days, I feel it has lost its uniqueness.

    Go on.

  52. Inter YourGran

    I’d take Balotelli… Top player on his day.. But neither Mourinho or Mancini seemed to be able to keep him under control or get the best out of him.

    Wenger does have a proven track record with young players and those particualy who were seen as problem players…

    A loan bid couldnt hurt.. A try before you buy….


    We will draw out this soap opera ,and run out of time.Fuckin with Theo is just a thin smoke screen at best.

  54. Guns of Hackney


    Don’t bother answering my query. You are an idiot.

    If the best manager in the world can not control Bollocktelli, what chance does the quivering amphibian have?

    What troubled players has Arsene harnessed? Please elaborate or are you from the usual Le Grove “I’ll just say it and see what happens” clique.

    Arsene buys weak players – he does not, and never has wanted his authority questioned.

  55. Inter YourGran

    GOH –

    World class is a word bandied about frequently these days, but they (Gerrard & Lampard) have reached the echelons of world class .

    Demand during their careers, general talent, return stats (goals/assists/mins played/win loss record with them involved etc.), value to current club/country are some of the things to go by.

    But let’s be honest here, everyone has a slightly different interpretation of what makes a World class player…

    SO, even if you disagree.. It’s all arseholes & elbows i’m afraid!

    How does my comment about Ballotelli make me an idiot then you spout some bullox about our manager being an anphibian when he’s had and handled pretty big characters during his tenure… Sure, he’s weaker and surrounded by weaker characters but why make that remark…

    Pot, kettle, black!

  56. SDE

    A loan bid couldnt hurt.. A try before you buy….

    I wish we could have that scheme for Managers..

    You know Real Madrid approach us for OGL..On a try before you buy loan agreement..We add in,a stipulation that if he wins you 5 games..You then activate a clause where you are contractually duty bound to buy the nutter
    & he can take half the dross with him as well at no extra cost..

    I know..I’m just being silly..Can’t always be despondent about the machinations at our club..

  57. gambon

    “Arsene buys weak players – he does not, and never has wanted his authority questioned.”

    Thats true.

    Henry started questioning him = Henry goes

    Cesc started questioning him = Cesc goes

    RVP started questioning him = RVP goes

    Wenger being the big man is more important than Arsenal winning anything. The fact that Wenger earns more than his entire squad is absolutely ridiculous.

  58. Guns of Hackney

    Inter – I apologise for calling you an idiot. But, Arsene has never managed a troubled player – the only one I can think of that demonstrated ‘troubled’ was Anelka – and the moment that started happening, he was sold on for a healthy profit. Likewise, Gallas – after his little meltdown, he went.

    Arsene is a coward and could not handle anyone who might be considered ‘troubled’.

    World Class…ok I was being a dick.


    I apologise, also.

  59. gambon

    Nah Inter

    Hes not intelligent enough to realise what he needs to do to become the best. Hes impossible.

    Look at RVP, family man, obsessed with football, obsessed with every little detail and becoming the best. Apparantly trains like a beast.

    Look at Henry. Highly intelligent, dedicated to being a great footballer. Apparantly him & Dennis used to practice that curling shot from the inside left channel after training every day.

    Look at Ronaldo. Was a diving, skinny, over elaborate dribbler. Put on about 2 stone of muscle and used to practice his finishing constantly, next thing you know hes a monster of a footballer.

    Balotelli would never just think “right i need to work on x, y, and z, and improve my finishing by x% to be the best”. He thinks hes great and thinks anyone that doesnt agree is just an idiot.

  60. SDE

    I find the Theo saga,quite hilarious…

    Quite frankly he’s taking the piss..Don’t blame he though..
    If he can get away with demanding £100K & ask for the CF role as well..

    Can you imagine this scenario under Fergie, Mourinho,Pepe,or even Benitez..

    He would not dare under Fergie..In fact,he would beg Fergie to give him a contract..He would play anywhere Fergie deems it necessary..

    Theo would know,how lucky & fortunate he would be to have the opportunity to win things & be surrounded by a team bristling with a winning mentality & trophies..& Fergie by & large calls the shots..

    Same with Mourinho..Same with Pepe..The huge respect by Theo to the manager’s in question,would have him eating humble pie..

    To Wenger,he questions his starting position & then demands £100K..
    Quite funny…

  61. Inter YourGran

    GOH – I’m likely to agree with your assesment of Wenger now but Van Persie was trouble, Henry became an enigma (long before we eventually sold him), Vieira was a diciplinary nightmare, Anelka, Lauren, Merson, Adams etc. Big Characters and certainly not yes men….

    I just think balotelli needs to find a home..

    Like i said a loan wouldnt hurt with the option to buy..

    We’ve done city enough favours with transfers… Of course, there is the wages however 😆

  62. Dannyboy

    just watching Premier League Years from the unbeaten season. Not only is it saddening to watch how good we were a few years ago. But it’s also worth noting at the halfway stage, Spurs were 18th with 17 points from 19 games… Imagine if they had gone down and Leeds stayed up? Premier League would have been such a better place!

  63. Thomas

    LOL we have 70m in the bank and probably won’t spend a single penny. Then you know you’re a joke of a club.

  64. Guns of Hackney


    If we are going after forwards, I’d take their other one: Dzeko before Balotelevision.

    Anyway, moot point as the amphibious one aint spending shit this January. The signing will be ‘Theo’…

  65. Inter YourGran

    GOH – To be fair i’d take that….

    I wouldnt trust wenger with £2m these days let alone a £70m war chest..

    Can you imagine the wages Diaby will be on if he can string 3 games together in February 😆

  66. Johnty79

    Well according to football 365 everton had a wagebill of 63m for last season compared to our 143 m. Spurs 91 m, man utd 152 m and best of all Swansea 17 m. Why has no in the press thrown these figures at wenger in press conference.? A squad of over 35 players and wenger only trusts 14-16 to play. Sort it out wenger and gazidas. Spurs have more talent than us and a massive squad apart from up front. Levi in!

  67. Relieable sauce

    I think that MU are gonna win the PL at a canter if city continue with this meltdown.
    There signings were poor in the summer & i’m not convinced the owners have much faith in him either.
    Barring some huge signing from the chavs i just can’t see another serious contender.

    If Moyes had 70m i reckon he could finish 2nd this year with everton. 70 m & our squad i think he would have a shout at the title.

  68. Guns of Hackney


    Diaby is a new signing, Theo will be like a new signing, Rosicky will be like a new signing…

    The manager is sick and needs replacing. You hit the nail, my friend – Diaby will play 2 games and get a pay increase (because every team in the world are after him, right) and a bumper new contract until 2034.

    Meanwhile, back at the batcave, RVP is leading scorer, will win the league, chance of the CL and FA, PFA player of the year again…but we have Giroud.

    Those 19 goals for Man U – if translated would have made RVP our 5th highest scorer – he’s probably have passed Wright in a season if his form continues.

    But hey, who wants a legend at the club?

  69. SDE

    Balotelli might probably go back to Italy & play for his much beloved AC Milan.

    Maybe,that’s his spiritual home,where he will find himself..

    Then again,with his salary & lifestyle..Assuming his burning through money at the rate of knots..AC Milan,might not be able to front his wages..
    In fact Italy is cash-strapped..Most of Europe is..

    & I doubt,he would be willing to take a paycut,especially at the grand old age of 22,when he’s just finding his feet as a young man..
    You know,woman,wine & fast cars..
    With such a massive entourage to take care of & his renowned generosity to less fortunate souls of this world..

    My feeling is a Russian Club,like Anzhi could afford to bankroll his lifestyle+the transfer fee..

    Problem is,will he fit it in,over there..?
    He could always call Uncle Eto’ for a heads up..?

  70. SDE

    “We’ve done city enough favours with transfers… Of course, there is the wages however”

    So now,we’ve reduced ourselves to handouts..

    £70million warchest..The 5th richest club in world football.
    10th most valuable club in the world valued at £825 million

    Now goes around with a begging bowl,pleading financial hardship..
    Scraping the barrel for leftovers & loans..

    The way the club is run,or the impression OGL gives, is almost reminiscent of how those zingari’s you see down Oxford Street/Edgeware Road operate.

    Clutching their 3 kids,dressed in rags,hawking fake jewelry/shit flowers & putting on the please we are poor,do help us expression..

    Then after a day’s work is complete..Return to one of their many respectable homes,stuffed with £100k in cash,along with a property portfolio,that would make your eyes water..

    There’s a name for them..!!!

  71. Yippee Kai Yay

    Dannyboy, I know what you mean. There was a time when spurs were merely a footnote in any monday morning conversation, a sort of ‘…and finally’ where you could have a chuckle. I still remember those days, but they are starting to fade all too quickly.

    I have to confess I didn’t get the ‘spurs have depth’ compared to us at the start of this season, I thought both were pretty reliant on the same starting 11 and a bit sketchy outside of that, having sold arguably two of their best players.

    Then they switched 1st choice keeper from Lloris after a couple of months, and last weekend Parker started for the first time since euros. I’d actually genuinely forgotten he had signed for them until recently.

    Still don’t understand why the club didn’t sign both of those players at the time, and it makes me more nervous about the outcome in May.

    Now, and even more frightening, it seems that even Everton are upping their game, and on a fraction of the budget. I wonder if Arteta is starting to question if he did the right thing for his career by taking a pay cut?

  72. Arsenal 1886-2006

    SDE January 3, 2013 15:24:49
    “OGL needs to take his “4th place is a trophy” mantra to Real Madrid..
    & get a feel for what it’s like when the Real fans start baying for his blood, chuck a pig’s head onto the pitch & start waving their white handkerchiefs.”

    I don’t believe he could handle a squad full of strong minded individuals, he needs to surround himself with players who are grateful that he has given them big contracts that far outweigh their talents.

  73. Cloggs

    Arsenal 1886-2006 16:50:59

    I don’t believe he could handle a squad full of strong minded individuals, he needs to surround himself with players who are grateful that he has given them big contracts that far outweigh their talents.

    And he gets away with landing 7,5M /A on his bank account for winning f*ck all.

  74. sam

    we are not signing anyone because wenger knew theo wanted to stay so he kept the deal on ice till january to make it look like our most important signing. same old circus under Le clown

  75. sam

    if arsene knew theo wanted to leave he would have sold him in the summer. do you really think he was going to let him walk for free?

  76. Gunner2301


    My earlier comment about Djourou. He extended earlier this year so I believe he will be doing a Denilson I.e swept under the carpet being paid by us for another 3 years.

  77. maroc

    it hurts being an arsenal fan seriously. . . every year the damn same again and again . . . im gettin sick of it and i just cant take anymore of it . . . . sound suicidal. . .

  78. Rohan

    Apparently Yann M’Vila served a one match ban for France coz he failed to shake Giroud’s hand while being substituted …. There goes that then !

  79. SDE

    My New Year’s Resolution..

    To see Wenger at Real Madrid..& see if he can stand on the shoulder of giants!! Or be reduced to a blubbering wreck..??!!

    For once,I would like him to show some balls..Prove himself elsewhere.

    I know,it will never happen..But you can only dream..Stranger things have happened in football..Like Benitez managing Chelsea..Still can’t get my head around that one!! RDM winning the CL. Cup.
    Or Liverpool coming back from 3-0 down to beat AC Milan on penalties in the CL..

  80. Dannyboy

    Yippee – and Spurs signed Lloris, arguably the best keeper in Europe, for £10 million… £2 million less than we paid for the great Forehead.. Sickening. Remember hearing Wenger continually going on about how good he is, and even coming out when he was criticised early in his first few games for Spurs, saying ‘he is world class..’ THEN WHY THE FUCK DIDN’T YOU SIGN HIM THEN?

  81. Pedro

    Kush, all the guys at work shagged my harem… it’s over.

    Gunner2301… no, I think he’s just doing one. We won’t be paying for him.

    Thank god…

  82. gambon

    “We should get Cabaye, Fellaini, Baines and Cavani.”

    Just imagine the atmosphere in the squad, in the stadium and worldwide if that happened.

    Make that


    And we would have the most exciting squad in the country

    The net result of £100m well spent would be more demand for tickets, more prize & TV money, more commercial money, more shirts bought.

  83. Gunner2301


    That team would be great but were only torturing ourselves. Wenger has already bumped up the contract of his kids so he’s hardly going to bring anyone in to stand in their way. That’s how Wenger is and he couldn’t claim to have made any of those in the list so he’s not interested in them.

  84. Zeus

    Gambon mate, why do u do it to yourself? 100m…….
    You know it won’t happen with this manager, this board or this chief executive.
    Don’t be a masochist.

    In some twisted way, I feel Wenger is taking it as a challenge. No one expects this squad as is to make top 4. He’ll show us though, he’ll show us all.

  85. Royal Bludger

    The supporters aren’t enjoying it anymore, the team isn’t enjoying it anymore – how much longer will Wenger put us through his misery.

    It’s finished – go away.

  86. Thomas

    It’s painful watching Wenger on the bench nowadays. He’s clearly not mentally well. Probably on a lot of medication. I remember someone on here posting a short story about Wenger sitting in a wheelchair and someone saying ‘Its time to take your medication now Arsene’. Hahahahahaha

  87. Thomas

    If we got rid of all the crap players we would have over 100m to spend plus get about 32m off of the wage bill.

  88. Thomas

    Wenger says there is no chance that we’ll sign anyone until the Walcott situation is sorted. WTF Why does that have to affect signing anyone? Arsene you could do both you little twat. He’s just using the contract talks to move focus from buying. What a cunt.

  89. Yippee Kai Yay

    January 3, 2013 17:48:04
    in this thread, Gambon continually gets owned by Keyser. yee ha.


    You’re still drunk from NYE, right?

    It’s the finishing off with the ‘yee ha’ which saves you from the assumption that you were in any way being serious, and ergo an imbecile.

    Keyser couldn’t own a pet mouse.

  90. kwik fit

    A goalkeeper is not urgent. We need a defensive Midfielder , Wide player and mobile striker ASAP.
    Wenger up to his old tricks me thinks. ‘We will not add until Walcott is signed up’ What a plonker. Walcott announcement will be delayed until the window closes. Arsenal treated with complete disrespect as per usual.

  91. Yippee Kai Yay

    gambon, you appear to have acquired some new years optimism, good on you.

    However, I might just start running a book on how long it lasts. Lowest odds currently on midnight 31st January. 😉

  92. Yippee Kai Yay

    Currently out of those recently suggested, begovic, baines and fellaini would solve 80% of the most immediate issues. Granted a striker will be the other 20%, but cavani is nothing but a pipe dream.

  93. kwik fit

    If Squillaci, Djourou & Chamakh all leave Arsenal in Jan the club will save around £180k a week in wages. Wenger must be getting very excited with that thought.

  94. ikon

    I can only imagine this team would do much better under a leader who is more vocal and has more of a whip about him. This team has potential to reach the 3rd place and prolly the 2nd. But its about how much steam as a manager you have, and Wenger has clearly lost much of it.