Quadruple exit planned… joy, joy, joy | Adrian Lopez haggling begins | Spelling nightmare linked…

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Goooooooooooood morning sports people.

Why the big gooooooooood? Because goooooood news hit the newswires last night. So much good news, I felt like doing one of those little dances you do on your own when you’re watching Arsenal tanking Spurs.

Anyway, here’s the good news in order of goodness.

Johann Djourrou

He’s leaving people. The man with the million dollar smile is upping sticks and heading over to Hannover to continue his career. I have no idea what the details of the deal look like, but it’s highly likely he took a pay cut to head over to Germany. He was apparently 4 months away from his testimonial season, pretty poor when you consider he barely managed 120 games over that time period. I always find it amusing when people talk about him as a great servant of the club. Please… he was anything but. He had a very small stint as a half decent player, the rest of his career was littered with defensive hashes and big fat pay days.

Still, he’s gone now and I think we might have even managed to land a fee.

Seb Squillaci

Yep, he’s finally coming to the end of his tether.

“I will be out of contract at the end of the season. As things stand, I will leave, perhaps during the January transfer window or else in June.”

‘Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Bastia and Ajaccio are clubs who speak to me. I am 32, and I still have two or three good seasons left.’

Now, I can slightly understand this guys intentions for staying with us. He was never going to get another contract that good. He’s right at the back end of his career, so it would have been silly for him to go. I also kind of understand why we bought him. He was Champions League experienced (a runner up I think), he’d been capped internationally when France were good and he’d performed well in La Liga. Things just didn’t work out for him. Still, at least that’s potentially another £3million off our bloated wage bill.

Andrey Arshavin

Now, I’m not that excited about this guy going because he’s an absolute talent. However, for whatever reason, be it laziness or not being played in his favoured position… he’s rumoured to be off. PSV are the favoured destination with Reading dropping out of the race. He’d be looking to link up with former Russia coach Dick Advocaat. I thought obtaining European residency was an issue for him… I was told the other day if you buy property in Spain they’ll give you residency within 2 years. Just putting it out there Andrey… they grow nice oranges and they have this stuff called chorizo you might like.


Lille are showing an interest in him. I have nothing more than that. We get this every transfer window. Then his agent writes the number a week he earns in pound notes… and things go down hill pretty sharply after that. I don’t really hold out any hope for the Morrocan leaving. From what I’ve been told, the reason he won’t go is because he doesn’t want to. He likes living the lazy life in London and he’s perfectly happy as he is. How a professional athlete can behave like that is beyond me.

Total Wage Bill Reduction: £277k p/w n(£14.4m)

As for  the the other major rumours flying around? Well, they’re as followed.

Firstly, the major one for us is that Theo Walcott is apparently set to agree a brand spanking new deal with Arsenal. He’s looking ink a new £90k a week contract over the course of 68 years. I half expected him to sign on the dotted line, I don’t think he’ll get the same footballing opportunities elsewhere unless he proves beyond doubt he can be a striker for Arsenal. This news has apparently shelved our interest in Zaha. I’m not quite sure how that works. Isn’t Zaha a winger… and isn’t Theo now a striker? If we think the Crystal Palace man is that good, shouldn’t we be snapping him up anyway?

Adrian Lopez is a big time on our radar apparently. Wenger isn’t interested in paying out on his £14million buyout clause. Why would he? His deal is up in a few months time. Simple fact here is that Arsenal are in for a striker of some sort as Wenger has curtailed his interest in Thierry again. I’ll be mightily hacked off if we don’t get Lopez this window because we were haggling around the £3million mark. It wouldn’t be out of character for Wenger to balls up the second half of a year because he’d rather have depleted squad than spend some money. He did it with Cahill… he went to Chelsea and won the Champions League.

Palermo midfielder Afriyie Acquah whose real first name is Ebeneezer is also on a radar. This seems like a Wenger signing. A big, bustling athlete no one’s heard off. On the other hand, it sound so curve ball, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pure agent talk. Zarate of ex-Birmingham notoriety is having a contract fight with Lazio… we always get linked to him,  I think he’s talented, but I doubt he’s on our radar.

It’s Swansea in the FA Cup this weekend. The big question is whether our core of British players care about the competition as much as the domestic fans do? Kieran Gibbs, the go to man after a defeat beleives so.

“It would be great to get a trophy, of course. We go to Swansea like it’s one of our biggest games of the season,”

Good chat Gibbsy… more on that game tomorrow!

Wow… a busy morning eh? Who do you think is smoke and who do you think is fire? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. andy1886

    Pedro, I heard that Djourou and Arshavin were going initially on loan with an option to buy in Djourou’s case (which means he’s back when they discover he’s crap). So we’ll be still paying the majority of their salaries.

  2. andy1886

    Don’t worry DG, we’ll haggle about pennies over Lopez and someone else will come in and pay the money. As for Zaha Wenger will be convinced Theo is staying so there is no need right up until February 1st when we discover he’s gone in a last minute deal.

    I can’t rule out that we’ll spend 50p on an unknown 14 year old though who will be the next (enter name of favorite player here…).

  3. gambon

    Zar has the mental age of a 12 year old, how utterly pointless.

    Lopez has 3 years left on his contract. I still have no idea why we are targetting this guy so much, Wenger has a terrible record with strikers recently.

  4. Doublegooner


    We all know he has a terrible record with any player position.

    Either the players are crap or his tactics are shit – or both.

  5. salparadiseNYC

    Wenger does nothing to help his cause, the obvious road to take is always averted for a much more difficult beast of route, switchbacking from tit to tail, and usually ending up on planet Uranus.

    It would be nice to sign the obvious choice. Proven, costly and most important game changing.

  6. maroc

    sport 360: yann m’villa to become a gunner by the end of today.
    metro: lewis holtby to sign pre- contract wid da SPUDS!!

  7. gambon

    Anyone else find it strange that we’ve renewed contract talks with Walcott at the very start of the transfer window?

    What are the odds this rumbles on til Jan 31st in order to completely distract the fans from the fact we aint signing no-one?

  8. Afc53

    Good news squill off djourou too and let’s hope chamakh as for Arshavin I’d keep him and ship out gervinho and Diaby instead of the little meerkat at least he offers something.

    While at it get rid of the 4-3-3 and zonal marking and revert back to playing two up top from giroud podolski/theo

  9. gambon

    “Im convinced it will have a positive affect on the rest of the team if we can sign him”

    Oh for fuck sake Wenger, you fucking idiot.

    What has a positive impact is buying top class players.

    Wenger will do ANYTHING to avoid going and buying established players. Now signing Theo is gonna boost the whole team, just like “educating them together and growing up together” was gonna lead us to glory, just like “mental strengz” was gonna lead us to glory.

  10. John Gee

    Doublegooner, you are a no nothing, probably Spu* in disguise. Like the noisy minority, you should be careful what you wish for. No doubt you would prefer Stewart Robson or Tony Adams in charge !!!

  11. gambon

    Geoff Shreeves “Hi Olivier, an amazing performance, 5 goals against UTD, and thats 20 in your last 15 games, how do you explain this?”

    Giroud: “Well Theo signed the contract and it made me a world class player instantly”

  12. Abdulla

    A bit sad Arshavin is leaving, since he remains one of our more creative midfielders, I couldn’t be happier though with the rest of the garbage being taken out of the club finally. Hopefully we’ll get a few good players this window, even though I’m pretty sure we’ll end up with nothing. One can dream though.

  13. the_real_andi

    that would mean no toures against us? oh my god … I´ve just recognized no gervinho against them … 3:0 to us

  14. the_real_andi

    gambon are you happy with giroud so far? his stats are quite good for a player joining in summer arent they?

  15. gambon


    Giroud should have replaced Chamakh, I wouldve been very happy with that.

    The fact is, he replaced RVP, which is terrible.

    I like the player, but we need a true top class centre forward.

  16. home and away

    We Wont sign anyone who will make a difference and wenger wont go and Walcot if he signs , will return to being a little scared girl when the pressure is back on and we will scrape 4th

    Oh and you watch PSV get a game out of Arshavin if he goes there !!!!!!

  17. Doublegooner

    John Gee

    Perhaps you’d like to meet me at the Armoury roundabout at our next home game & tell me I’m a spud to my face.

    You fuckwitted cunt.

  18. the_real_andi


    maybe you´re right there. but replacing the best CF in europe isn´t that easy. he needs more deliveries from his teammates while the dutch were able to deliver on his own regularly. but I still think – with the right service of course – giroud will be a 20goals a season striker without any problem

  19. gambon

    MVila would be a good signing IMO.

    Undoubtedly lost his way, but you dont lose talent. If hes serious, and he wants it I would sign him. Good tackler, good passer, and will be more effective than Arteta.

    We know Wenger wants an orthodox DM, so it makes sense.

  20. salparadiseNYC

    Cavani is the obvious, we can afford him and he’d have IMMEDIATE impact.
    RVP replacement.
    This Lopez character is SO Wenger… right team, wrong player.
    No Arsene its not that Gervinho chap we wanted it was Hazard.

  21. the_real_andi

    his movement is really excellent I have to admit. I would love theo losing his pace to giroud – he would be unstoppable 🙂

  22. gambon


    We will never play to Girouds strengths unfortunately.

    We shouldve tried to sign someone who can reach RVPs level when it was obvious he was leaving.

    Jovetic for example.

    If you look across our squad we have a lot of good “squad players”. What we dont have is an absolutely top class spine that we can rely on to win us games. Weve sold the world class duo we did have (RVP, Cesc).

    Drop Hart, Kompany, Yaya & RVP into our current squad and they would be 15 points better off so far this season.

    We need to go and find them players.

    A top keeper, a top midfielder, a top striker, maybe a top CB.

  23. GEORGE

    Knowing Wenger and Arsenal I’d say it’s all smoke!! Wouldn’t surprise me if Wenger offers new contracts to Djourou, Squillaci & co and then blinds us with his rubbish when Walcott signs his new deal by insisting that he is like a new signing. He’ll apply the same logic to the return of Diaby (albeit for about 3 weeks before he gets injured again and is out for the whole season) by stating that his return will be like a new signing. Heard it all before so unless something drastic happens then I’m afraid it’s hard for me not to be cynical… Bring in Usmanov and Dein…

  24. TransGunner (@BeZSe07)

    Even we offload two of them is good. I don’t thiink Chamakh is going, as you said Pedro, he would be. Anyway, like every year, he will not sign anybody untill 25th Jan. Just spectaculations and shits like that. There are plenty options for us to strengthen our squad, but this idiot can’t make a good move.

    For me, we need a very good winger, not Zaha, he’s not ready – but he can come also – and a good defensive midfielder. That is my wishlist, no names.

  25. the_real_andi

    oh gambon you´re so right there

    I´ve just thought about what means to me being world class – it´s not necessary a player scoring 20+ goals a season but a player capable of scoring or playing well while the team plays badly. that´s the reason walcott is not a world class player as he normally only plays well in case all others play well too

  26. gambon

    At least the club are trying to offload players.

    That is the key to us challenging again, wage control, and a change in wage & transfer policy.

    I honestly think Gazidis knows what he’s doing. I think the big problem is Wenger, and I think there have probably been some very frank conversations.

    I would also not be surprised if Wenger walks in the summer, as he would be disgusted at the idea of anyone telling him what to do.

  27. Alfie

    DoublegoonerJanuary 3, 2013 10:18:29

    “John GeePerhaps you’d like to meet me at the Armoury roundabout at our next home game & tell me I’m a spud to my face.”


    My dad could beat your dad up!!!

  28. Rohan

    I wake up each morning hoping ill hear something about Yann M’Vila or Wanyama … I dont think the goals are the problem. We dont have anyone to win the ball back in midfield and not having the ball for long periods and chasing shadows just leaves us losing rhythm way too often.

  29. the_real_andi

    diaby´s back in full training. any bets on how long it lasts this time? I go for 4 weeks and 2 days, so we will see him in treatment room latest 05february

  30. Aussie Gooner Dave

    If Holtby goes to the Sp*ds, I’ll fuckin spew. Mind you, why would he want to come to us at the moment…

  31. nedox

    For thoe going on about Jovetic as world class, you have to really define what you mean by that as he is soooO inconsistent it hurts. Much like Pato

  32. the_real_andi

    I think we should bet for suarez. he has proven his worth to lpool although being surrounded by far worse players than we have. he decides games on his own, he plays more or less every game wihtout seeming injury prone at all …

  33. Dream10


    Jovetic is class and has massive potential. But I dont see him as a #9. He’d be great in a 4-4-2 with a partner

  34. gambon


    RVP wasnt a number 9, hes now the best centre forward in the world.

    Jovetic could play as a false 9, as a wide player in a 4-3-3, or in a 4-4-2 with any of Podolski, Giroud & Walcott

    He has a good physique to play upfront, hes got rid of that silly hair, he scores some crackers which is important in tight games, he plays for a small team who really cant hold on to him for long.

    I would hate it if he went to Milan, Inter or Juve for £20m and we didnt even try.

  35. Johnny5

    It’s all smoke pedders no fire at all. Like I said the other day and gambon said earlier they’re gonna drag Theo’s contract out all transfer window. It’s so fucking obvious and the Lopez thing is blatantly bollocks. It’s so wengers style to offer less than a contract buyout clause so when the window closes he can tell the less educated gooners among us that he tried to bring in the player but no deal could be done coz he is a cheap cunt.

  36. kay

    Sagna – verthonghen – mert – baines
    ————-m vila————–
    wilshere ——— Fab
    theo —- RVP —– Suarez


    This is the team we should be having aint it???

  37. nedox

    Dream 10, being an arsenal fan, you should know hat potentias don’t always cut it. What with Miyachi, Joel Campbell, th guy wasting in spanish segunda, what’s his name? And, dare i say, theo!

  38. maroc

    not reina, he has a habit of makin sum real mistakes sometimes. still think for GK we should go for butland or stockdale or even celtics froster. they would give shezzers a real chase for his place in between the sticks.

  39. gambon


    Thats absolute bollocks.

    RVP exploded in 06/07 at the age of 23 (Charlton goal, Man Utd equaliser etc) but did his metatarsal, this was as a second striker by the way.

    He was our player of the season in 2008/9 as a 25 year old.

    He was moved to CF at the start of 2009/10 as a 26 year old, and ever since then has been immense, scoring 73 in 100 league games since he transitioned, as well as a high assist rate.

    Its absolutely ridiculous to think Giroud has that kind of class.

  40. Dream10


    Jovetic is great talent who is proven unlike the two. At 20 years of age he scored 5 goals in 6 matches for Fiorentina include two against Liverpool and two against Bayern Munich. He almost single handedly eliminated Champions League Finalists Bayern.

  41. Doublegooner


    I don’t want want him anywhere near the funds whilst he’s here or when he fucks off !!

    I knew what you meant tho. :))

    HNY Goon.

  42. dennisdamenace

    Lopez……………2nd/3rd tier signing yet again………

    The only fucking player we should be getting this window is Fallaini, then Wenger can hand the reins over and fuck off to PSG.

    But, we all know he’ll piss the cash up the wall on technical midgets who are either French speakers, teenagers or failed pros from lesser leagues….

  43. dennisdamenace

    Wenger: ‘Our priority is to keep players at the Club’

    Yeah, coz that’s worked really well recently hasn’t it you fucking mug. The only ones you’ve managhed to hold onto are the ones that no one else wants.

  44. gambon

    Wenger said something along the lines of “lets try to keep our players before we look outside”

    How does Theo staying have ANYTHING to do with the fact we need a left back, a centre back and a top midfielder?

    This has been 100% planned to fool the fans into thinking we were too busy to sign anyone in January.

  45. Rohan

    Apparently the desire is still there to sign Walcott … What in the world are they still talking about …. So f’in ludicrous …. I think we all know where this is going …. At the end of the transfer window no deal will be struck and TH14 will be off to another club sold for footballing reasons …. Arsenal are going to drive me Insane !

  46. Ché C Cheriton

    So from what I can see, only Djourou has left and the other three are likely to remain. Great.

    Shouldn’t people be bringing Wenger to account on just how poor these signing have been and why the fck the likes of Djourou et al have been collecting a pay cheque from us for so long.

    Fck me the man is beyond question.

  47. bergkamp63

    gambonJanuary 3, 2013 11:31:37

    You know as well as I do that these players are NEVER going to happen.

    Lopez & Shaw would probably be the only players in with a few of the dross out.

  48. bergkamp63

    We will probably balance the books by getting rid of a 2 or 3 off the books and bringing in Lopez & Shaw.

    You know it, I know it !!

  49. mike

    good news if they all go for me, i like arshavin but has been consistantly poor for us, now that might be his ability and or pace gone, or his attitude, either way i havnt seen anything from him that would make me want him. If theo is to be played up front then why buy another striker if maryanne stays ? that would be five strikers, if you count pod, for me theo is the best finisher we have, giroud is ok but he is not good enough to be in the Arsenal first team, not the one i want to see. m’villla, a very good CD and two wide front players, one young , one already made. game against swans will be interesting after the way they beat us recently, i think it could be a good marker

  50. Joppa Road

    We really should be going all out for Begovic and Baines. If I had my way we would go for Jagielka or Shawcross as well and potentially solve our DM role by giving Verm a run in the position.

    GK – Begovic

    WBL – Baines
    CB – Jagielka/Shawcross
    CB – Mert
    WBR – Sagna / Jenks

    DM – TV5
    MC – JW
    MC – Coz

    AML – Podolski
    FC – Walcott/Giroud (For Theo to work as a front man he will need help).
    AMR – Ox

    That team works for me, although we are still missing an imposing midfield centre in the Vieira mould. Not a bad team though. I also worry the formation leaves Theo too isolated. As you know I am not a big fan of Giroud on is own up front and also think unless we can play on the counter attack then Theo will struggle too. I would prefer a 4-4-2 shape.

  51. Bush Gooner

    Cant we buy the garbage out of their contracts and tell them to fcuk off instead of loaning them out with a view to a permanent move? That try before you buy shit has never worked. You just need to look at the Bendtner, Denilson, Manone situation and see that they are still at the club bleeding our resources dry.

    Wenger and that lot out !!!!

  52. Mr Briggs

    If i had access to Wenger, I would advice him to read dis blog. Its my favourite blog for laughs.
    Wanna-be coaches who cant manage a fotball match with their family members keep on screaming for Wenger to leave. I am no AKB as much as i loved his achievements in the past. I feel he has made alot of bad judgement but really who doesnt.

    We were informed yrs ago we will be a selling club and no one objected, suddenly we have football coaches all over who keep mentioning names of players they havent even really watched play as possible buys.
    I love to read Pedro’s critism as they are mostly constructive, but some of the comment here are so shallow that i wonder if they are fans or just some jobless peeps who cant wait to slate th manager after every game

  53. Joppa Road

    LOL, did I just read Giroud has the same potential as RVP? Did someone really write and think that?

    Like I’ve said for a while: Arsenal fans doing their best to be the new Spurs fans.

  54. bergkamp63

    Mr Briggs,

    That’s probably fair comment,

    But then again, Wenger has been providing these people with ammunition for the last 7 years in which to have a pop at him.

    If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen !!

  55. Dangunnerman

    As many wrote before we need steel in midfield. We have no ballwinner.
    I would opt for M’Vila. He is cheap but loads of potential.
    We also need a centre back as Kosc and Verm is way to inconsistent.
    M’Biwa is really good. He can also play def mid if required.
    Felliani is a guy we should break the bank for.

  56. maroc

    im afraid mr briggs is right, on our move to the emirates wenger was honest and said we were (and still are) a selling club for about 10 years due to the debt

  57. Joppa Road

    Mr Briggs….oh wise one. What blogs do you read then? I will then give my opinion on them. LeGrove certainly isn’t a blog to be laughed at or make snide remarks about the people who comment on it. I don’t see you offering any solutions or new ideas, in fact you seem a bit flat in that department.

    It’s a blog, it’s about opinions. Get over yourself.

  58. Joppa Road

    Maroc – that’s bollx. We have plenty of money and also a man who if he had his way would make us rival Barca, Madrid etc within a few years. There are no excuses for the poor management of this club so stop offering them up.

    We have a very good wage bill which allows the purchase of world class players.

    We have Usmanov who wants to make us the greatest team in the world.

    Why are we so resistant to the above two points? I mean are we really happy signing the likes of Den, Bend, Squid, Gerv etc whilst letting Cesc, RVP go? Is that ambition. We waste so much fkin money, sell so many good players and still charge the highest prices in world sport.

    Fck off with the excuses.

  59. gambon

    “I would advice him to read dis blog”

    If I was looking to teach someone English I would ADVISE him not to read a thing you write you silly prick.

  60. Mr Briggs

    Joppa i av no problems with people giving opinions…i only dont see the need in using names like wanker and cunt to refer to the manager. By the way i have read dis blog for 4yrs and not once has either Geoff or Pedro used such words. The disrespectful words takes away the meaning in a good comment. That was what i meant by the laughs

  61. Marko

    Are we finally gonna see some sense getting rid of two shit defenders and thus freeing up money for a really good one and getting rid of two useless forwards to bring in a world class one? I fucking hope so

  62. Mr Briggs

    GAMBON…..I wouldnt join issues with someone so low. You obviously av a poor upbringing so u go about insulting everyone. A man who decides to go dancing with a madman in the village square might be seen as a mad!

  63. gambon

    Lol, Briggs is not only very very thick, he is also a weirdo.

    “A man who decides to go dancing with a madman in the village square might be seen as a mad!”

    Sounds like the words of some cunt in a mud hut.

  64. TitsMcgee

    Walcott signing, if true, seems like a massive PR move. Just like the “sudden” return of Diaby to training.

    Done in order to deflect.

    Adrian Lopez is a lazy,cheap signing. Other teams are banging down the door to Athletico Madrid for Falcao. We are knocking on the door and asking to speak to Adrian Lopez.

    Cheap,lazy scouting.

  65. Mr Briggs

    Joppa as much as i agree with you concerning Usmanov taking over, how do u expect a majority shareholder in a profitable venture to give away his shares.
    I believe we as fans already know the truth we only wish for better and believe me my friend a man who lives far away in the US doesnt care about the wishes of the fans. As his interest is about maximizing profit.

  66. Ché C Cheriton

    On the subject of motivation this is still my fav ever LeGrove comment from must of been late 2010 after the Arsenal v Villa match (Arsenal 2-0 down at H/T but went on to win 3-2).

    “Wenger went into the wrong dressing room at half time”.

  67. GoonerDave

    I dont want Lopez either, and I think we are aiming too low. Again. There have never been so many top strikers available, Falcao, Villa, Llorente, Cavani, Jovetic, Ba (was) etc. etc.
    We seem to be bargain hunting again, looking for players with expiring contracts in order to pay the lowest possible fee. Trouble is, we are the only club who allow our best players contracts to run down, with very few exceptions.
    I support Wenger, at least until more info about our finances comes out – but surely we are better off waiting in order to bring in the best quality? Our squad is reasonably big, its not numbers we need, its game-changers.

  68. Mr Briggs

    Just wondering if Wenger bought Michu in d summer how many of u here would have gone on with talks of the manager buying cheap useless players!
    I think the moment with start supporting what we have….especially during d season we would help the team confidence.

  69. marxdrive

    The statement read: “Juventus football club reported on January 3, 2013 to us that with Fernando Llorente’s contract expiring on June 30, 2013, they have begun negotiations for the player to join their club.”


  70. Johnny5

    Mr Briggs

    You are talking absolute bollocks mate. The players couldn’t give a shit what we say or do it makes no impact on their confidence all they care about is pound notes and trophies both of which are easier to come by at other clubs and I bet that half our squad are plotting their next transfer.

  71. Colonel Mustard

    Mr Briggs – Happy New Year…im done with Wegner and this board/regime…they are all complicit in our decline. We are incapable of winning, until Wegner et al give this team what it need to compete (not even win), then I firmly in Wegner out side. The club would benefit so well from a new manager, the players are waiting for it. I cannot forgive them for selling Van Persie to a league rival. the most insane bit of football business in my 30 years a gunner. Utterly unforgiveable and has backfired in the most spectactular fashion.

  72. TOLI83

    Good news the infamous four are going.

    Lets also sweep the shit off the bottom shelf as well… The likes of Watt, Frimpong and all the lot that the shit clubs on Bradfords level (oh hang on) who don’t want to extend their loans… A good dozen players that will never make the first XI or bench can leave there…

    Chelsea and Spurs involved, I thought you said the title was over at the weekend Gambon… Making it a one horse race? Much to my dismay.

  73. gambon


    So Briggs thinks we should congratulate Wenger for signings he didnt, but couldve made!

    How pathetic.

  74. Viveora

    baines would be fantastic, but dont think hes available, nor will we try
    People still banging on about cavani? Do they realise that arsenal dont spend that much?
    I dont see the need for another CB, 3 first choice and miquel as a cup game player seems more than fine
    Buy an athletic DM. someone like viera who creates space with his runs. Etienne capoue maybe, cant say for sure
    If theo signs on, sign zaha.

    Sagna kos Mert/verm gibbs
    New DM arteta
    Santi theo/giroud zaha/podolski

    not too many signings, we dont need a new team, rather 2 signings that have a positve effect on first team then the drab of shit summer 2011 (part from per and arteta)

  75. gambon


    It is over, im joking,…..because Wenger was trying to hint that we were still in the title race, because thats how mentally ill he is.

    The chances of UTD winning the PL are 90%, City 9%, Other 0.5%

  76. SpanishDave

    Wenger was seen at the dump last night looking for a second hand zipper for his
    coat. While he was there he was asking if anyone knew of some cheap players getting over injuries . Walcott now a new signing. Watch out Diarby has found his way to the training ground with his new gps.

  77. Johnny5

    Isn’t it funny how yet again our standards have been forcibly dropped previous seasons we’ve had contract dramas with proper players. This year were pinning our hopes on a player who until 6 weeks ago we all wanted rid of because he’s been that shit for us. Well done mr wenger transformation complete even us fans have lowered our expectations well played

  78. TOLI83

    Fair enough Gambon. Im not writing City off yet…

    Yeah he came out with a comment along the lines of ‘I will be busy in the transfer window, will I be concrete? I think so yes’…

    The words of someone who needs some help…

    This Lopez irks of Wenger. Average player with poor form, not sure why Pedro wants us to buy him so much. Chuck homesickness in come March and we will have another surplus on our hands…

  79. gambon

    Diaby is just broken. Wenger admitted he wasnt able to play regularly at a high level, he just wont do anything about it cos they are lovers.

  80. Mr Briggs

    Colonel Mustard…HNY, I think d issue is more of a boardroom problem than with our manager. I dont think any manager would subject himself to so much heartache every season. Do u really think the manager likes to look at his bench and realise his options are limited?
    Against Milan at home last season u could see dat he was completely not happy with what he had on d bench at a point when we needed to score just one more goal

  81. SDE

    How can getting rid of Squillaci,Djourou,etc,etc be seen as good news..?

    All OGL will do,is replace like for like..
    Out with the dross..In- with some more dross…

    That’s how the madman rolls..!!

    & the circus act continues..

  82. Johnny5


    I agree bud this Lopez thing stinks like a typical wenger type purchase. Average player with relatively poor form but cost pennies so wengers on it like a car bonnet. I’d rather he just brought one proper good player preferably a striker on a par with RVP than buy 2-3 shit players.

  83. nedox

    I think this blog would be excellent if people actually desist from name calling and reminders that people can’t speak english. Its “just” football.

  84. SDE


    “Yeah he came out with a comment along the lines of ‘I will be busy in the transfer window, will I be concrete? I think so yes’…”

    OGL has been saying that since 2008,in every fornicating transfer window..

    It’s 2013..5 years down the line..

    What he forgot to add,when stating that he will be busy in the transfer window for over 5 years now..

    Was that he’ll be busy team-stripping the club to it’s bare bones..


    For 2013-read Sagna & Theo..!!

  85. useroz

    We cannot accept any more loan deals on dross and surpluses…

    Just rid of them; buy out/ cancel contracts…there’s always a means IF the club decides to do it

  86. Mr Briggs

    I think d area that needs strengthening is out Defensive midfield, goal scoring is not d problem with this club. D fact dat we dont have someone to boss the midfield is what restricts us

  87. the_real_andi

    gambon …

    let´s talk about sir alex (who´s your fav manager as far as I know) and mancs (your fav club? I´m really not sure). there was a guy called hargreaves who was a really talented boy. he´s not similar to diaby but his influence on the pitch is comparable to him I think.

    how long was he injured 80% of the season before SAF got rid of him? 6 years? I´m really not sure about how long but I know it was a very very long time.

    what I want to point out is – if a player CAN be as influential as one of those two you HAVE to hope he will become less injury prone in the future as they could be so so important. THAT DOESN´T MEAN YOU SHOULD COUNT ON THEM THOUGH. I don´t want to agree with AW on his squad management regarding diaby – he is a wonderful player IMO but you should not bet 1 penny on him being fit for more than 5 games a year. he´s more of a bonus, play him when he´s fit but don´t try to build a team around him

  88. TitsMcgee

    How Wenger can look at this squad and NOT decide that we need massive upgrades(at least 1) at every level is beyond me.

    Time to admit you don’t have that “eye” anymore and really and truly only ever struck GOLD once with Henry.(in terms of attackers)

  89. Rohan

    There seems to be a Rohan posting here now and again. Would just like to categorically state that that imposter is NOT the rohan of old.


  90. marxdrive

    Here’s a post from an Atletico blog after they had just signed Adrian in the summer of 2011.

    “He hasn’t had the best of goalscoring records at club level (scored 22 goals total since 2005) but now that he’s in the presence of better players, and is coming off of a hot streak at a tournament, he’ll be likely to succeed as long as he works hard. Our strike force is now complete and this season we’ll be counting on Forlan, Diego Costa, and Adrian, the latter two being players who have extreme potential and are still ready to contribute.”

    The things that stood out were:

    22 goals in 5 and half years
    “extreme potential and (Is) still ready to contribute.” (the same thing we are saying now).
    “coming off of a hot streak at a tournament” (the same thing we are saying now).

    Note: he turns 25 on January the 8th (I thought he was younger).

  91. SDE

    Mr Briggs
    “I think d issue is more of a boardroom problem than with our manager. I dont think any manager would subject himself to so much heartache every season. Do u really think the manager likes to look at his bench and realise his options are limited?
    Against Milan at home last season u could see dat he was completely not happy with what he had on d bench at a point when we needed to score just one more goal”


    So Demba Ba is off to Chelsea it seems..Another one bites the dust….
    So OGL says he will only buy,if there is better than what we currently have..
    Only super,super quality..exceptional talent..So in recent times,we’ve missed out on..

    Di Maria
    Luis Suarez

    That’s just a few to list..& you’re telling me those above are not better than the current crop of dross that litters our squad


    All you can do is shake your head..From the sublime to the ridiculous..
    The comedy continues Series 5..2013..OGL”The Point Of No Return”..

    Pick at least 10 of those players from the above list..& they are easily within our budget..2 per year..It’s not really rocket science..

    If Spurs can afford Van de Vart,before offloading him along with Lloris,Vertogen& Friedel on a wage bill,that is somewhat significantly lower than ours & without CL football..

    What is our problem..?

    We’ve been offering CL football for the past 16 years & along with a burgeoning wage bill..Yet for our efforts..No WC players..
    Good players in the mould of Wilshere,Carzola,Sagna..

    But no real class players to justify the huge outlay in our wage bill,nor the highest season ticket prices in the land..

    I’m sorry neither the Board,or the Club, pick the players..
    That’s OGL’s remit..
    He’s given a budget & conspires to butcher it@ every given opportunity..

  92. maroc

    we maybe in debt but the fact the board said it wont be a finacial disaster if we dnt make cl footie last season tells us how loaded and cash strapped they are. they are capable of buying big, however had we just simply kept our players (rvp csec etc) we wouldnt need to as desperately as we need to now.

  93. ikon

    Ferguson doesnt find use for OShea and Fabio, sells them. He doesnt find Hargreaves to be half as fit as required, dumps him without 2nd thoughts. For that guy, who is clearly a maniac for winning games, the state of the squad is more than anything else. For Arsene, his ego comes first, then the players ego needs to be warmed and then the club, and ohh the fans dont really feature.

    Rejoicing Theo’s walcott’s contract extension is plain sad. Sacrificing the state of the squad where prolly Giroud would do with a run of games or maybe Theo with Giroud in a front 2 formation will give the partnership at least time to develop and instead whetting Theo’s apetite by playing him upfront is absolutely bonkers

    No manager in the world will do such a insulting act. Fucking just get the players we need and dump ppl who think they are big enough for the club.

    And after all this, one of most dependable players in the club Sagna hasnt even been offered a contract extension. What a bunch of cunt these guys are!

  94. ikon

    Adrian is not the answer to the problems we are having. It is all about motivation. For the 1st time I saw Sagna having a really piss poor game. Wenger is turning him into a bad player as well.

  95. Zeus

    Morning boys. Still haven’t signed anyone I see.

    Funny reading through the comments. Why is everyone sucking off Gambon?

    “Your right Gambon” “what are your thoughts Gambon” your my lord and saviour Gambon” lol.

  96. gambon


    Very, very poor post.

    Fergie….im not a big fan of the man, but the manager, simply outstanding, makes Wenger look like an idiot. Man Utd? Outstanding football club, everything we arent.

    Hargreaves? He got injured after one season at man utd and then barley played for 3 seasons in a row.

    The difference is Fergie didnt design his team around the crock, he wound his contract down and let him go.

    So that was 3 years he was at the club after he picked up his injury.

    Diaby was injured by Dan Smith 6.5 years ago, and has signed muliple new contracts since.

    I would have no problem with Diaby if Wenger froze him out, bought someone to do his job, and told him he was out of the club once his contract run out.

    Oh and before you try to compare the situation, you need to understand that in the time Hargreaves was injured UTD won the league 2 out of 3 times.

    If we had won the PL the last 2 years do you think anyone would care if Diaby was on £2m per week?

    The problem with Wenger is he makes terrible decisions AND hes a useless manager.

  97. Mr Briggs

    Will u honestly say Kolscieny didnt com good last season? Vermalean is a left footed CB how do u expect a manager ti buy Vertoghen another left footed CB?

    We have seen glimpses of the attacking nature of this team. Yes the manager has failed to sign some quality players, but what guarantees do u av that they will come here and be great?

    We all were happy with the capture of Ashavin, Baptista and even Suker. I am sure these are few players we hard high hopes for, but finally got disappointed. My point is when managers go out to buy players they find d quality that will improve their team based on the budget they are given. Nothing guarantees that these players will come good.
    A lot of us would have loved to see Torres in our squad before he went to Chelsea, how many chelsea fans today are happy with his performance?

  98. TitsMcgee

    You know you are grasping at straws when you start pointing out the “failures” of others and comparing your defeats to another team’s defeat.

    Wenger is fresh out of ideas.

  99. Gunner2301


    Didn’t Djourou exercise an extension clause in his contract last season? We kicked off about it remember?


    That would mean a loan and carry on paying him unless we buy out his contract. This will be one of those quiet ones like Denilson where we find in 3 years time he’s still our player.

    As for Squillaci why would he leave in Jan for less money when his contract is up in the Summer?