Quadruple exit planned… joy, joy, joy | Adrian Lopez haggling begins | Spelling nightmare linked…

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Goooooooooooood morning sports people.

Why the big gooooooooood? Because goooooood news hit the newswires last night. So much good news, I felt like doing one of those little dances you do on your own when you’re watching Arsenal tanking Spurs.

Anyway, here’s the good news in order of goodness.

Johann Djourrou

He’s leaving people. The man with the million dollar smile is upping sticks and heading over to Hannover to continue his career. I have no idea what the details of the deal look like, but it’s highly likely he took a pay cut to head over to Germany. He was apparently 4 months away from his testimonial season, pretty poor when you consider he barely managed 120 games over that time period. I always find it amusing when people talk about him as a great servant of the club. Please… he was anything but. He had a very small stint as a half decent player, the rest of his career was littered with defensive hashes and big fat pay days.

Still, he’s gone now and I think we might have even managed to land a fee.

Seb Squillaci

Yep, he’s finally coming to the end of his tether.

“I will be out of contract at the end of the season. As things stand, I will leave, perhaps during the January transfer window or else in June.”

‘Marseille, Nice, Monaco, Bastia and Ajaccio are clubs who speak to me. I am 32, and I still have two or three good seasons left.’

Now, I can slightly understand this guys intentions for staying with us. He was never going to get another contract that good. He’s right at the back end of his career, so it would have been silly for him to go. I also kind of understand why we bought him. He was Champions League experienced (a runner up I think), he’d been capped internationally when France were good and he’d performed well in La Liga. Things just didn’t work out for him. Still, at least that’s potentially another £3million off our bloated wage bill.

Andrey Arshavin

Now, I’m not that excited about this guy going because he’s an absolute talent. However, for whatever reason, be it laziness or not being played in his favoured position… he’s rumoured to be off. PSV are the favoured destination with Reading dropping out of the race. He’d be looking to link up with former Russia coach Dick Advocaat. I thought obtaining European residency was an issue for him… I was told the other day if you buy property in Spain they’ll give you residency within 2 years. Just putting it out there Andrey… they grow nice oranges and they have this stuff called chorizo you might like.


Lille are showing an interest in him. I have nothing more than that. We get this every transfer window. Then his agent writes the number a week he earns in pound notes… and things go down hill pretty sharply after that. I don’t really hold out any hope for the Morrocan leaving. From what I’ve been told, the reason he won’t go is because he doesn’t want to. He likes living the lazy life in London and he’s perfectly happy as he is. How a professional athlete can behave like that is beyond me.

Total Wage Bill Reduction: £277k p/w n(£14.4m)

As for  the the other major rumours flying around? Well, they’re as followed.

Firstly, the major one for us is that Theo Walcott is apparently set to agree a brand spanking new deal with Arsenal. He’s looking ink a new £90k a week contract over the course of 68 years. I half expected him to sign on the dotted line, I don’t think he’ll get the same footballing opportunities elsewhere unless he proves beyond doubt he can be a striker for Arsenal. This news has apparently shelved our interest in Zaha. I’m not quite sure how that works. Isn’t Zaha a winger… and isn’t Theo now a striker? If we think the Crystal Palace man is that good, shouldn’t we be snapping him up anyway?

Adrian Lopez is a big time on our radar apparently. Wenger isn’t interested in paying out on his £14million buyout clause. Why would he? His deal is up in a few months time. Simple fact here is that Arsenal are in for a striker of some sort as Wenger has curtailed his interest in Thierry again. I’ll be mightily hacked off if we don’t get Lopez this window because we were haggling around the £3million mark. It wouldn’t be out of character for Wenger to balls up the second half of a year because he’d rather have depleted squad than spend some money. He did it with Cahill… he went to Chelsea and won the Champions League.

Palermo midfielder Afriyie Acquah whose real first name is Ebeneezer is also on a radar. This seems like a Wenger signing. A big, bustling athlete no one’s heard off. On the other hand, it sound so curve ball, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was pure agent talk. Zarate of ex-Birmingham notoriety is having a contract fight with Lazio… we always get linked to him,  I think he’s talented, but I doubt he’s on our radar.

It’s Swansea in the FA Cup this weekend. The big question is whether our core of British players care about the competition as much as the domestic fans do? Kieran Gibbs, the go to man after a defeat beleives so.

“It would be great to get a trophy, of course. We go to Swansea like it’s one of our biggest games of the season,”

Good chat Gibbsy… more on that game tomorrow!

Wow… a busy morning eh? Who do you think is smoke and who do you think is fire? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Leedsgunner

    It’s been said here before a 1000 times. I doubt we will sign anyone. Diaby and Rosicky will be proclaimed as “new signings”… then they will play their custimary three games post Christmas break and spend the rest of the season p****** themselves laughing collecting their big fat wage packets doing f*** all.

  2. Thomas

    northerngunner @

    We’re signing fuck all since Wilshere, Chamberlain, Jenkinson, Gibbs, Ramsey, Diaby and Rosicky are all considered new signings to Wenger.

  3. Cesc Appeal

    TalkSport are throwing up some good stuff about Cash strapped clubs looking to offload stars.

    So much of that around Europe right now and all our penny pinching might actually prove useful here…but it won’t….because Wenger will ignore all of those deals.

    Spurs are a team that definitely won’t…do not be surprised to see a player like Sneijder/Negredo/Llorente come in for them.

    Wenger’s too old, too stubborn and too afraid

  4. Cesc Appeal

    What I wouldn’t give for a CEO and owner with some nuts. Just someone to say STFU Wenger, you need players.

    Of course I’d love a new manager as well.

    I asked for Pep, Usmanov and Dein for Christmas – must have been really, really bad this year because Aaron Ramsey got a new deal instead!

  5. TOLI83

    Good point cesc… Afraid been the main word. Making bold signings means the expectations of the fans and board go up. Why would he want to do that when he has just dragged the expectations of everyone down (apart from us lot)….

  6. Devang Gandhi

    Long time reader, first time poster.

    I’d start by saying that I still believe in wenger but I would not put myself in the “AKB” mould. My faith in Wenger’s management has been fading ever since The Whole Lot decided to Ship out Van Persie to ManUre and then Alex Song (one of our best players from last season, second only to van persie probably) to barca. Fair enough, they didnt want to stay or got offered twice maybe three times their pay packet at arsenal. We got roughly £24m for RvP and £15m for Song. What I don’t understand is why not splash it out for like for like replacement? That is what is wrong.! Its either Wenger or some one else thats saying No thanks we’ll keep that in the bank and earn a hefty dividend at the end of the year coz our books will look good!

    other thing I will like to point is Sponsorships. Nike is good example because its out there to be seen. they are negotiating both United’s and our deal and the difference is literally galaxies away! Nike make United’s and our shirts. Though I’m a fan of addidas shirts (simply because they look much cooler than the Nike ones), Nike have very different deals with both clubs. United get paid shed load more than us from Nike. Why? simply because United win trophies, even if its one per year! Big brands love it if their logo gets printed on a winning team. Surely it would make sense to spend some money and build a quality team, win trophies and reap the rewards of that spending from sponsors! winning the league means a good £20-25m prize money. add that to increase in Tv revenue as channels would want to pay money to get the team represented on their network, which means more exposure for sponsors, which in turn means more sponsorship revenue.

    I may not be a business expert and maybe the above isnt how it exactly works but thats its looks like a good business model! what Stan and his band of baboons have right now makes no business sense. why settle for 4th place revenue when you can try to double your income by actually trying to accomplish something worthy of calling ourselves the best club in the world. I know we sing that every time at every match, but honestly, come on are we by far the greatest team the world has seen? Not really. In fact we are miles away from being that and infact going backwards. We won’t even cough up £8m for a proven premier league striker like Demba Ba says it all, yet we are easily prepared to splash out £10-£12m on Lopez (if rumours are true) who honestly I didnt even know was a player until these rumours popped up. Thank god for wikipedia to provide some insight of how good is he!

  7. kwik fit

    Arsene Wenger has insisted that tying down Theo Walcott to a new deal is the main priority this January rather than any other improvements to the squad.

    Fuck you Wenger and all you cohorts taking us poor long suffering Arsenal fans for a ride. No more Wenger…….. No More I Tell You!!!!!

  8. Cesc Appeal


    I think it has something to do as well with him wanting to feel special.

    I would love to delve into his relationship with his Parents…whether he had siblings. What size and how tightly knit his family was.

    He always wants to be the centre of attention, the stand out guy.

    Anyone can sign a load of players and have a great team – he wants to do it a different way…sign no bodies or fetuses…persist with players 99% of managers would have given the boot to….

    He has an inferiority complex probably brought about by instant success, adulation and constant praise which has now turned to mediocrity, criticism and mocking

  9. TOLI83

    So far we have signed


    And maybe Walcott . Our scouting network might as well be made redundant! Wenger using the motto why buy burgers when you have steak at home 😉

  10. Kemp1886

    So many people on Le grove speak sense compared to twitter.Commments like,’We should buy Balotelli because Wenger would be able to control him’ is typical twitter bollocks.Gives me hope when I can see that others on here can see what I can see.

  11. Cesc Appeal


    Remember in the summer?

    Ivan Gazidis ‘we’ve got our most important signing out of the way of course, Lukas Podolski.’

    A collective…oh shittttt rang out through the Gooner World.

    So, so, so, so, so many bargains out there, Sevilla need to sell, Atheltico, the Milan’s, Malaga even Madrid are looking to shift some players on.

    Virtually the entire Spanish League is a buffet right now, we’ll be the twats sat in the corner too scared and shy to go up first whilst everyone has their fill and we look on enviously.

    Then going to have whats left, the cucumber sandwiches and onion and cheese sticks.

  12. Relieable sauce

    Hello Devang

    I don’t share your faith in wenger & neither did RVP it seems but each to their own.

    On the sponsorship subject, you are right when you say that nike pay MU much more due to their trophies. Nike was the god of victory & sadly Arsenal & victory are no longer associated with each other, can’t blame nike for sticking to their principles.
    Not sure if there was a god for also rans but there is a patron saint for lost causes, just can’t recall who.

  13. Lordbergkamp

    Cesc – it’s seriously depressing..

    It’s seriously embarrassing and will define this season, and probably the next 3-4 years, as imagine what will happen when we don’t make the top 5 this year…

    Financial carnage and a fire sale of all our talent… Financeageddon!

  14. Lee Pace

    I’m gonna fill a huge tub with water and leave it outside, I bet the water inside evaporates long before we hear anything positive or see an incoming signings confirmed on Arsenal.com.

  15. Gunner2301


    LMAO I don’t even go on Twitter. The name says it all.

    The reason Wenger would never last at Madrid despite his proclamations is exactly the same reason he’d never sign someone like Ballotelli. He can’t deal with egos.

    This shows exactly the mettle of the man http://www.arsenal.com/news/news-archive/-stripping-gallas-of-captaincy-was-difficult- So he didn’t strip him of the captaincy for Birmingham but for comments a year later. Really Arsene? The most difficult decision of your career? And you’d survive all of 5 minutes in Madrid.

  16. Lordbergkamp

    Wenger wouldn’t last 5 mins at Real coz they wouldn’t put up with this 4th trophy bullshit.

    He’d last one year tops at Madrid. Fact.

    They want trophies. They spend big on players. They expect to be champions.

    He couldn’t deal with the pressure of expectations… He likes arsenal coz its 7.5mill per year for no expectations and job security for life.

    Why make life hard for yourself?? Wanker.

  17. Jeff

    We need to get pummelled by someone again for Wenger to get moving with the buying thing. But in all honesty whoever he buys it’s bound to be some cheap unknown from somewhere. It’s not going to be a world class star. It’s not going to be a Van Persie or a Cavani. So let him sit on his hands – it really doesn’t matter one way or the other – our season is over. The only possible result of Wenger signing someone now would be that we’ll just end up with more dross to add to what we already have. Do we really want that?

  18. kwik fit

    Arsene Wenger has just entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. The show finishes 31st January. The fucker will do anything to avoid making any transfers……Fucking cheapskate!

  19. maroc


    chamakh holds the record for one of the fastest goals in arsenal history? hes 30 sec goal vs wolves.

    he also quite an impressive CL record that messi surprisingly hasnt broken. hes the only player to score 6 consective goals in the

  20. Jeff

    Just reading some of the comments regarding the idea that Wenger might go to Real Madrid; I burst out is a hearty laughter at the suggestion of it. The only reason any reputable club would go for Wenger is if they are stupid enough to think that all this messing around with second rate players and juniors in nappies is because they think he’s got no money to buy anyone. Little do they know it’s all self-imposed insanity.

  21. TOLI83

    Thing is we will prob beat city and poss Chelsea as the players can raise themselves for those games. Make no mistake we have the quality to beat our rivals…

    Just the other 80% of the time when the occasion is massive like an away in champs league ko match or a game against the lower league teams, Wenger simplyhas no clue how to raise our game. Clueless…

    Everyone having a pop at Mancini … Would never see Wenger that animated on a training pitch unless he was on all fours (with Diaby and ramsey In close proximity)….

  22. Arsenal 1886-2006

    A question for somebody with the latest prem earnings figures. If spurs get CL football and we miss out then what is the financial difference between the two?
    With the extra income for that lot and the decrease for us it will surely put us on a near level footing considering Emirates has the clause in the new deal about CL football. They will also be able to renegotiate deals if they are in CL which will boost their profile and income.

    Might sound a bit doom and gloom but it is a possibility that within a couple of years we could have gone from the biggest club in London to the 3rd.

  23. Arsenal 1886-2006

    kwik fit January 3, 2013 21:19:55
    Arsene Wenger has just entered the Celebrity Big Brother house. The show finishes 31st January. The fucker will do anything to avoid making any transfers……Fucking cheapskate!

    With a bit of luck he will do a Jade Goody…..

  24. Jeff

    The thing that surprises and baffles me the most is this. Why does Wenger actually still hang around? He must know there is no chance of winning anything. He must realise there’s going to be no trophies. I mean can it really be about the salary? The thing that worries me the most is that he’s going to try and do a Ferguson and go on till his seventies. A frightening thought; no scrub that; acutely depressing is better.

  25. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Arsenal’s Johan Djourou has tonight confirmed that he is set to move to Bundesliga side Hannover on a six month loan deal until the end of the season and, surprisingly, there is no option to buy included in the deal with the player expected to return to Arsenal when the deal expires and see out the rest of his contract [which runs until 2015]. Of course, things could change between now and then, but for now, it is simply a loan deal.
    About the move, Djourou said
    I joined the club who wanted me the most. At my age, the priority is to play regularly.
    To do this, I did not hesitate to refuse offers with the most exclusive clubs who made important financial efforts.
    Djourou has been at Arsenal since 2003 and is the club’s longest serving player.
    He is expected to join up with his new teammates at their training camp in Portugal this Saturday….

    The day just gets worse…

  26. Relieable sauce


    I only just read that article but i can’t believe that this guy isn’t a stooge of SS. No-one can be that misguided & stupid. Either way its a terrible piece of journalism, no wonder they don’t put there name on the article.

  27. gambon

    So Djourou is only a loan.

    Wenger has utterly fucked this clubs.

    32 players on the books that have no right to be here, and we’re completely hamstrung by a pathetically big squad, none of whom Wenger trusts, a bloated wage bill yet no world class players.

    You wanna know why Wenger stays?

    Well he doesnt give a fuck about winning, and hes assumed more power than any other manager in world football. Who else can be 6th after 20 games and keep their job?

  28. TOLI83


    Don’t worry there will be a bronze statue of JD to Remind us of his dedicated near decade or service….

  29. TOLI83

    Frimpong got sent back because of his attitude and he wasn’t frankly speaking good enough…. From Charlton…

    A lot of our squad aren’t even championship quality including this twitter loving chump.

  30. Relieable sauce

    Jd looks like he’ll get his testimonial then. Good luck selling those tickets.

    This transfer window is gonna be like watching someone try to scrape dog shit off there shoes.

  31. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Relieable sauce January 3, 2013 21:56:55
    This transfer window is gonna be like watching someone try to scrape dog shit off there shoes.


    RVP managed it…

  32. TOLI83

    So lets get this right…

    All we are going to do is sign players we already own to longer deals even though they haven’t won us anything?

    Then not sell anyone just loan the players out that don’t play… So we don’t buy or sell anyone, thus left with the same shit that’s 6th and trophy less for nearly a decade?

    Nice plan, you’ve got it down to a tee Wenger, to a fucking tee my son..

  33. gambon


    £350k per week for these guys, Diaby is the only one thats started a league game out of all of them.

    Cant afford superstars?

    That would pay for 3 x £120k per week players.

  34. Gunner2301


    You just ruined my day. And Pedro promised Djourou was going for good. Well we better get the party hats out for his testimonial.

    After a player has been with us so long without making an impact surely the manager must look at that and say its time to get the cunt out?

    Jeff – I agree Wenger should sit on his hands and not spend another penny. Unless he’s dying for a piss of course 😆

  35. nathan

    Ol’ Wenger is a right ol’ cunt in he……he buys these too bob players , gives them banging contracts but cant shift them . I love this club.

  36. TOLI83

    Kwik fit

    She’s lovely…

    Would you spend a night with The fat one from steps if it meant rvp coming back? 🙂

  37. Jeff

    I think Barcelona should give us Villa for nothing considering they took Fabregas forcibly and haven’t even paid for him yet.

  38. Lordbergkamp

    If they haven’t paid for fab and song, why haven’t we:-

    1. Asked th fuckers to pay up, now., or
    2. Get Villa for free to write off the debt, or
    3. All their youth team crated up and shipped over?

    We have no fucking balls…

  39. Relieable sauce

    Arsenal 1886

    True i guess, i never looked at it that way. RVP felt he could wade through the shit no longer & went out & got some new shoes more befitting of his class.

    AW has no self respect anymore, its been devoured by his misguided sense of pride & monster ego. I think the majority will realise he is not up to the job come Feb 1, i mean he has said, lets get TW signed up & then we will see IF (IF FFS) we need anyone.
    Delusion, madness, dementia, egomania, criminality? Whatever it is, the mans just not up to the task.

  40. TOLI83


    Like your style Kwick Fit…

    I’d imagine Diaby would sustain every injury possible if he had a night with her… Lets make it happen for a laugh and stand by the door and listen.

  41. Jeff

    I’ve just had a thought. Why don’t we sell Wenger to Man U? He can make Van Persie the captain and we can buy him back within a year.

  42. Relieable sauce

    The day started so promising but has ended with disappointment & AW patronising the fans again.
    We won’t be satisfied with anything less than Messi ?! FU Wonga you prick!

  43. Arsenal 1886-2006

    But Wenger says the market has changed dramatically since he first arrived in English football in 1996 and brought over the likes of Patrick Vieira and Emmanuel Petit.
    Wenger said: “The competition is higher on the scouting front. That is for sure.
    “The country where we were really, really competitive was France. They produce less players than they did 10, 15 years ago – at top, top, top level – in France.


    So basically what he is saying is that since the French stopped producing top talent we are fucked.
    I thought he was supposed to be the great talent maker, the great coach who turns young unknowns into stars.

  44. TOLI83

    The cunt would get mullered mate . As soon she gets on top his cruciate, Achilles, and vertebrae will have gone. By The time we open the door and sneak in, the hip and pelvis will be on there last legs…. Poor cunt….

    Then Wenger will turn up and have a go at me and you for letting this happen. He’ll tell fatty he can get her on the payroll somehow if she promises to hook him up With a 17 year old female rap star or her old mate h. Then lastly he gives Abou a new 5 year deal to cheer him back up.

    Could happen…

  45. Royal Bludger

    Wenger really is declaring war against the fans – “we only want Messi” apparantly.

    Typical Gambon strawman argument – attack a position nobody is holding.

    Fucking madness. Wenger – it’s time to go. Really.

  46. SDE

    The Djourou tale,about him being offloaded I knew was complete bollocks..

    I wanted to earlier comment on it..

    Here’s why..
    Djourou is Wenger’s loyal servant..He get’s rewarded for being 4th choice CB…& for his media interviews..The mouthpiece for OGL..He has a special role our Djourou,just not on the pitch,but off it..

    The Swiss manager -Hitzfield told Djourou,that for him to be continually picked for the national team prior to the Euros,he needs to move from Arsenal & be playing consistent 1st team club football..

    Djourou’s response,he activates a clause in his contract prior to the Euro’s last season that bumps up his pay@AFC..

    Now correct me,if I’m wrong but when has OGL,ever offloaded a loyal,subservient player in recent times..?

    Secondly Djourou,might be a crap player,but he’s no chump..

    As in,why would Djourou,short of his 3 month testimonial,decide to jack it in..

    It makes no sense to him..In 3 months he gets a hefty wad coming his way for 10 years service..Chink,Chink..The lottery strikes twice in a year for him..

    He would be foolish to jump ship now & I’m sure OGL will allow Djourou to stick around to collect that hefty testimonial cheque,as a way of thanking him for remaining the loyal & subservient player..

    Besides,it’s all in line,with what the vast majority of players at AFC are doing,or what Nasri alluded too,last season..
    Collecting hefty salaries,for doing very little..
    Or running down their contracts before departing..

    Why would Djourou,break that cycle…?

  47. Jamal

    “This is how Wenger “tries” to buy. He makes an offer they will refuse and then blames them for refusing”.

    LOL That’s exactly what the cunt does.
    then another team comes in with a reasonable offer and we miss out on the player.

    But Wanker deserves credit for trying according to the AKBs.

  48. Dannyboy

    Pedders, you know as well as I do that if Lloris played for the Arsenal you’d be championing him like mad! As much as you automatically have to hate him for being a Spud, Lloris is a top, top keeper, look at how many clean sheets he already has at Spurs, he will easily save them 10 points this season, possibly more…

  49. Cesc Appeal

    Everton post and INCREASED loss on last year…

    Seriously we could nip in and make offers for Jagielka, Baines and Fellaini. £6 million, £10 Million and £20 Million.

    Everton would seriously consider it, no doubt at all…only one they may object to his Fellaini but don’t know….Moyes has already stated he has ZERO cash free.

  50. Sourcefootball

    14.4m saved in wages is good news but i doubt wenger will use it to by a ‘top quality player’. What do you think we need in the transfer market. Personally I believe that we need a top striker, another cam and a world class DM

  51. Dannyboy

    Cesc Appeal – Gamberini is right there, Jagielka has just signed a new 5 year contract today, so a definite no go there. Felli and Baines would be incredible though, however we have Gibbs just signed a new 50k a week contract (more than Baines is paid… I know right???) and Diaby, who is ‘like a new signing’ therefore we will get neither.

  52. Thomas

    LOL Wanker is really trying every which way he can to avoid buying players. Class A cunt.

    Baines 10m
    Cabaye 15m
    Fellaini 20m
    Cavani 30m

    That’s 75m

    Combined deadwood and youngsters thats never going to make it 35m

    So in total we spend 40m. So that’s 30m left of the transfer kitty.

  53. Cesc Appeal

    I hate the way Wenger always comes out and says:

    ‘Fans want us to spend £200 Million.’

    ‘We can’t afford £250 000 a week for a player.’

    ‘Fans wants us to sign Messi.’

    No one is asking that!

  54. Dannyboy

    Wenger and the AKB’s are basically one and the same nowadays,,, Both seem to think that we are either demanding Messi – like signings, or to spend 50 million on players. When in reality, all we really want is to buy players that are available, affordable and would be willing to join us… i.e. players in the Fellaini/Baines/Strootman/M’Biwa/M’Vila mould, who are all at clubs much inferior to Arsenal, and we could easily afford, if Wenger wasn’t such a Tyrannical Nazi prick.

  55. Dannyboy

    Bludger – no chance, Wenger thinks we are all 8 years old, and don’t understand the difference between the best player to ever play the game, and players that would be good enough to help us challenge for the title. He thinks when we say we want new signings, we expect to sign Messi or nobody,,, so he signs Nobody cos he can’t get Messi… what a cunt.

  56. SDE

    I’m happy OGL is not spending..I hope it stays that way..I really do..
    We have enough pigeon droppings at the club..Why add to it..& urinate more money up the wall..

    Let him ride off into the sunset,hopefully soon..Never too return..

    Then we can begin the process of rebuilding with a far more ambitious manager,with balls galore & hopefully an equally ambitious owner with bigger balls & gigantic warchest..Here’s hoping..

    This is actually the first transfer window ever for me..Where I’m actually quite happy with us doing nothing..I’m enjoying it..The circus act of the madman..Leading the fans & the media,on a merry dance..
    Playing cat& mouse..The loony toon,playing hide & seek..

    It seems he devotes more energy,towards his hide& seek & bullshite games with fans & the media,than he actually does in identifying world class targets & purchasing them..

    A very odd man..& he’s being doing this for over 5 years now..

  57. Phil

    So last week he was building a british team.
    This week he is looking at Spain, Germany and Japan!
    well the Japanese experience has been exceptional so far.
    But of course the scouting network can’t spot talent at small clubs apparently which is why Michu wasnt on the radar.
    I thought that spotting talent others were slow to identify was one of the necessary traits of a good talent scout.

  58. Dannyboy

    Crazy news coming from SSN. Apparently United wanted 4 million for some youth centre back, so Spurs got Sporting (Their feeder club) to sign him on a pre-contract on a free transfer, and now Spurs have signed him on a free themselves. United furious! 10 point penalty on the cards! (I made the last part up, but it’s getting to the stage where we are that desperate!) very worrying times for us Arsenal fans, unless we see investment in the next 4 weeks!

  59. Johnny5

    Evening standard reporting that wenger has said signing theo to a new contract is more important than strengthening the team this window. What a joke that cunt is. He’s gonna spend the whole window pissing Theo’s rep off with his tightness then blame the agents when he doesn’t bother signing and fucks off to pool or Chelsea whilst not bringing in anyone worthwhile. And mark my words if theo gets his contract expect him to go back to being shit. He will suddenly come good again around the time of the next contract negotiations

  60. SDE

    Expect Theo is off to Chelski..Whether in Jan,or in Summer remains to be seen..

    Summer seems more of a realistic scenario..But I expect Chelsea to show impatience & get their man-Theo now..!!What RA wants,RA gets..!!

    Bye,bye..Theo!! Don’t forget to switch the lights of ,when leaving the Emirates..

  61. Jeff

    Quotes from Wenger:

    “It’s very difficult because the level of expectation is very high,” Wenger told Arsenal’s official website.

    “People want to see Lionel Messi. They don’t want to see a promising guy.

    “First of all the name gives hope. When a guy has no name people are already sceptical. So it’s much more difficult for us.”

    The most telling and damning phrase is “promising guy”. All he ever wants to sign is a “promising guy”. Is that not an admission and a full blown confession that it is he that decides and not the board? If substantial transfer fees are available as Gazidis keeps telling us, we don’t need to ALWAYS go for a “promising guy”. We can SOMETIMES go for a “world class guy”. But no, that’s too obvious and difficult. The problem is we’ve had so many promising guys that have turned out to be the very opposite.

    Isn’t it time to stop buying “promising guys” and start getting in some real players? Well, we all know that but Wenger reckons he can still get fourth and I think he bases that on the fact that he managed it for the last 15 years. Good, let him stake all his chips on the number four and we’ll see what happens.

    He is highly delusional and irredeemably stubborn; a lethal combination for any leader. He believes himself to be the best manager in the world and is too stubborn to admit mistakes. I beg to differ.

  62. Moray

    I’m still trying to come to terms with the fact they let Wenger have another round of wage increases to players we should be getting rid of rather than keeping. The idea of Gibbs, Ramsay et al on 50-60k p/w after repeatedly failing is frankly incomprehensible, especially when we let our better players simply run down their contracts. The evidence of this folly is before our very eyes with the cases of Denilson, djourou, squillachi…Ferguson must be crying into his whisky laced cornflakes every morning. We could have been their greatest rivals but Wenger blew it big time. What a cunt!

  63. SDE

    So AFC fans pay the highest season ticket prices in world football,just too indulge OGL’s fantasy of indulging “promising young talent..”

    The man is & has been taking the piss to put it bluntly..!!

    Oh well I wish all you AFC fans all the best..

    I’m off to indulge myself in other self-fulfilling past times..

  64. iffy da goon

    Anyone that knows Wenger knows that he’s only said that stuff about expectations and lionel messi because someone’s spoken to him about the way he conducts transfers and he won’t be allowed to buy “promising guys” anymore.

  65. SDE

    “It’s very difficult because the level of expectation is very high,”

    So finishing better than 4th,with a few quality additions,is now deemed as a level of expectation that is too high,by OGL’s reckoning..

    Could not make this stuff up..!!

    He does come up,with some pearlers our Wenga Wonga..

  66. Jeff


    The phrase: “It’s very difficult because the level of expectation is very high,” shows I think that he is acknowledging the fact that there is a large faction of supporters out there who no longer appreciate fourth. For a long time he thought he knew he was keeping the board, himself and the fans happy by walking a very wide plank but now he’s finding that it is getting narrower as the seasons pass and there will come a time when he will fall off.

    Don’t misunderstand though. If he does manage to achieve fourth again he will be the hero – again. It is only because that position is looking unlikely and more of the floating AKBs are turning away from the Wenger vision. It is amazing though that it only takes one win, or one little run to get them all screaming his name again. Of course we are bound to win one or two but that isn’t what is in dispute here. What the AKBs won’t understand or acknowledge is that even fourth is simply not good enough – not any more.

  67. SDE


    I hear you & am in full agreement..

    But he’s been taking the fans,the media for fools for so long..
    That eventually this man will fall on his sword..

    It’s gone far beyond a joke now..If the few remaining AKB’s still back this joke of a manager..They only have themselves to blame..

    I just don’t know,how he has the gumption to come out,with half the baloney he does..

    It’s incredulous..

    Sorry to rattle on this morning,I can no longer stomach this man,or the club for that matter..

    It takes up too much of my energy..They can all rot..

    Oh by the way morning Jeff & a happy belated new year to you..

  68. Cesc Appeal


    Well look how many people were licking his rectum last year as getting to third was considered ‘his greatest achievement.’

    The Charge of the light Brigade was considered a great achievement for the stoic men who charged….but it was a military fuck up, those guys should never have been sent into the fray in the first place by their Commanders.

  69. Sean

    @Reliable Sauce, @IvoryGoonz

    St Jude ‘The Saint for the Hopeless and the Despaired’ is the one AFC fans should pray to…

  70. gambon

    Oh fuck me here goes Wenger with his utter bollocks again. I swear the guy is on some crazy medication to help his mental illness, he talks so much shit its unreal.

    “I expect the market to be calm as there is no money”

    Yeah, you said that in the summer you silly cunt, in what turned out to be a record breaking transfer window.

    Liverpool have signed Sturridge & Ince, Chelsea have signed Ba, Cole is off to West Ham and this is 2 days into the window.

    All we have seen for the last few days is excuse after excuse after excuse for not spending money this month.

    “My first priority is to keep Theo”

    “We will only sign top quality players”

    “Everyone is asking for Messi”

    “The market will be calm”

    Just fuck off, you are out of your depth you stupid old cunt.

  71. SDE


    Aren’t you exhausted by OGL’s incessant b/shite & actions..?

    Isn’t he beginning to wear you down..?

    I just can’t be bothered anymore..I’m so over it..Done,dusted…

    Where do you get the energy from?

  72. Jeff

    It seems to me like every time Wenger opens his mouth the anger needle swings to the right. He won’t do what is necessary. He just will not do it and I think he takes delight in not doing it and knowing that he can get away with not doing it.

  73. Jeff

    The latest is: “Arsenal looking at Holtby”. Wow he must be the answer to all our problems. I personally hope he doesn’t waste any more money but that’s just me.

  74. SDE

    JeffJanuary 4, 2013 10:12:18
    It seems to me like every time Wenger opens his mouth the anger needle swings to the right. He won’t do what is necessary. He just will not do it and I think he takes delight in not doing it and knowing that he can get away with not doing it.

    Spot on..He’s not normal..Definitely mentally ill..Fact..!!

  75. Gregg

    The whole promising guy thing does really irk me. Fact is and theres no getting away from it; Best player ever at Arsenal ? Dennis Bergkamp and bought for a record fee at the time. Worth every penny yet this guy Wenger by his own admission would never buy that type of player.

  76. SDE

    How anyone can enjoy watching Arsenal,with this madman at the helm is beyond me..

    If anyone still enjoys the shower of shite on display,then you’re just as equally demented as the man(OGL) himself..

  77. wanger-wenker

    Why do fans have any faith that this “lunatic” of a manager will do anything remotely correct unless by some lucky break???? He only signs cheap frenchies(that turn out to be a waste of money), or he panics such as when we were thrashed by the mancs. We are unbeaten for 5 games, and thats all wenger needs to justify his strategy for not spending. He wont spend because he feels that his recent acquisitions are good enough. To buy a striker undermines his judgement in giroud and maybe gervinho , also the walcott situation complicates that option to buy.
    We need to pray that swansea turn us over.Realistically we have no chance of winning the cup as the big clubs will compete for ANY trophy as chelsea, man utd and city know that its conceivable they wont win anything with such competition. For many it will give wenger a shove to sign better players, for me its another nail in his coffin. Even arrogant and egotistical wenger wont be able to continue when the pressure gets turned up another few notches.The sooner this fuckwit goes the better.

  78. Phil

    We don’t have the money because of the stadium move.
    We can’t compete with the mega rich clubs, but at least we comply with FFP.
    We were good sourcing players fom France, but France isn’t producing anymore.
    We are a big club so can’t identify talent in small clubs.
    The supporters expect Messi type signings

    So basically it is everyone’s fault but your own. You moral coward