2013 starts with a whimper | Wenger can’t motivate

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The ball was laid down on the roulette table and it landed on flat, deflated and well below the standard you expect of a team that should be challenging for honours. When it’s ability you lack, you can understand performances like yesterday to a degree. However, when you know the team has 7 goals in them against top opposition, well, you know it’s just down right laziness.

There seems to be no such thing as turning a corner for this Arsenal side. If the players fancy it, we’ll see a great performance, if they don’t, we’ll drop points. Do we have a group of players who aren’t up to consistent top level performances, or do we have management who don’t understand the basics of motivation? After 7 years of watching our players leave us and go to clubs where they sustain top level performances, I’m starting to think it’s management.

Well, that, and some very average players as well.

Yesterday’s tepid showing highlighted a few problems we’ve had this year. Firstly our inability to keep a clean sheet. God knows what Podolski was thinking when he put the back four under pressure with his horror show pass, followed up with a Sagna sliced clearance which met Puncheon, who played in Ramirez for the goal.

I’m not sure what’s going on with the Bacman… He’s certainly not focused and he’s struggling with his form. He needs to be pulled out the firing line for a couple of games based on what he’s producing on the pitch for us.

It didn’t take long for us to get back level, courtesy of an own goal. Theo Walcott slipped a cross into the box which was put into the back of the net by Guly. A welcome gift.

What frustrated me about the opening 45 minutes was the lack of effort applied to taking on Boruc. He was clearly a bagof nerves after dropping an early cross… so why weren’t the team peppering the goal? We’re supposed to be a team packed full of intelligent players, yet we rarely have the intuition during a game to pounce on an obvious chink in the armour.

The second half wasn’t much better. Theo Walcott is pretty unproductive unless he’s given acres of space and our two wide men were marked out the game by the Southampton fullbacks. Luke Shaw did his CV no harm…

Our keeper earned his wages with a few fine saves that kept us in the tie. Giroud came on the give is some height and presence, sadly, he couldn’t offer anything worth while. All in all, a very disappointing start to 2013. Even more so considering everyone else raced away from us. A particular worry being Spurs…

Arsene Wenger needs to earn his money this transfer window. This stuttery form isn’t a blip, it’s a main stay. Inconsistency is woven into the make up of this side. I’m not sure if new players can pull us out of this mess, I tend to think prematch preparation and how Wenger instructs his team is more of a problem. However, a box to box midfielder would be a great start along with an explosive striker who can cause trouble in games like yesterday.

Not a massive report today. I’ll be back at 9 tomorrow! Have a great day. See you in the comments.

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  1. bergkamp63

    El Twat !!

    “You can throw your insults as what is said on this site is irrelevent. By the way I have a senior Management role at a very big Company.”

    Run 2 successful businesses and retired millionaire at 45 ‘pal’

    Good luck with the day job !!

  2. El Tel

    Well done Bergy

    Both Arsenal fans with differing opinions.

    Carry on getting angry Pal.

    No need to get so angry with fellow fans. I work there too so might even get to speak to you when you return Mate.

  3. kev

    unless the purse string are loosened up a bit it wont matter whos brought in as manager or director of football. everton bought fellaini for £15 or £16 million it would probably take £25 million plus for them to even consider selling him. we just wont pay anything like that and i dont know if we ever will. whats our club record – £16 or £17 million?

  4. El Tel

    Fuck me Bergy

    One upmanship or what.

    Why are you commenting on here for Mr perfect?

    Nothing better to do but throw insults at the paupers?

    Am I supposed to be jealous? Does that make you know better.?

    I know many Millionaires and a lot of them are there because of who they know not what they know.

    Well done Mate and good luck in your retirement.

  5. iffy da goon

    Came up with a nifty way yo get to the comments if yours gets frozen out like mine. Just click in the address or search bar and keep hitting tab till u get to the comments.

  6. Bade


    Good for you mate

    In Israel those sort of booze will cost you fortune. It’s like double of the price in England!

    My only hope to get those is from clients or friends touring abroad

    I had a RM OX twice. fantastic taste. I got a Hennsey VSOP from a relatives the other day … 🙂

    We live once indeed!

  7. Max85


    Yeah. But considering we would have avoided Chelsea in the next round in any case, it was one of the best chances we’ve had of going all the way. Even you can admit that.

    Fucking hell you’re pedantic, all you do is try and start arguments. I bet we pretty much agree on everything regarding what state the club and management are in but you’ve got nothing to contribute.

  8. bergkamp63

    BubbleJanuary 2, 2013 18:34:13
    Bergkamp63But he’s at a small club isnt he? He’s a world-class player in a small club. Stop making it sound like there are no world class players in small teams. A player as good as Fellani can walk into the Man-u team, but look where he is. (& oh Arsenal isn’t a small team).

    This is too easy with you Neanderthals !!

    Err he’s 23 ? RVP didn’t move til he was 29 but only after he became world class at the age of 28 !!

    Oh, and Arsenal ARE a small team these days !! Even Wenger says so, remember ? You can’t say you are a big club if you sell your 2 best players ?

  9. iffy da goon

    I think everton will want at least 35m for fellaini….to be honest. That’s what i’d expect if my team sold such a player, don’t see why they’d think different

  10. bergkamp63

    El TelJanuary 2, 2013 18:46:13
    By the way Mr Millionaire, if you love the Club so much put some of your own cash into getting involved

    The difference between a Millionaire and a twat is a Millionaire invests his money wisely and a twat doesn’t, that’s why he’s a millionaire !!

  11. bergkamp63


    Hennsey VSOP is very nice also and I approve !!

    I would never diss a person who has taste like you !!

  12. bergkamp63

    gambonJanuary 2, 2013 18:48:37
    BergkampCavani is Uruguayan, so he’ll travel just fine…..to the Emirates.Yeah right!

    You know it buddy !!

    The last place in this planet Cavani would end up is Arsenal unless Guardiola was managing our club !!


    I am so bored with it all really,i wish January will hurry up and pass so we can get on with the season.We will endure this sideshow called transfer season,and continue with Wenger until he retires.I don’t like what i see , but it is what it is.I wont go in to theatrics and say it’s the only way to keep my sanity,but it will make life less irritating.Watching my team all i can think is SHIIIIIIITY NEW YEARRRRRR.

  14. Thomas

    I honestly think Wenger has some kind of mental condition. That or he deliberalty wants to fuck this team up. There’s no other way he has made such bizarre decisions and statements as of late. Look at him sitting on the bench. He looks mentally ill.

  15. iffy da goon

    Bermy boy i completely agree with you. I don’t care who we sign in January, i hope we don’t sign anyone as usual so the transfer kitty remains intact.

    I’d like to see the end of January and the end of this awful season as quickly as possible

  16. kev

    everton dont have bags of cash – i think an opening bid of £25 million would be extremely tempting for them. doesnt matter though because hell will freeze over before our club parts with that kind of money

  17. Reality check


    ‘Reality check yesterday’

    Huh? Me? Or the draw. I’m thinking you meant the draw.

    Did wenger say we will have to sell our best players to supplement the stadium move?

    Ive seen one or two ppl say he said this and nobody pulls them up on it.

    Is it true? I googled it. No joy

    If its true, then wenger (in the beginning anyway)

    Told the truth..?

  18. Bubble


    “..RVP didn’t move
    til he was 29 but only after he
    became world class at the age
    of 28 !!
    Oh, and Arsenal ARE a small
    team these days !! Even
    Wenger says so, remember ?
    You can’t say you are a big
    club if you sell your 2 best
    players ?


    Oh. So Fellani isnt world class because he’s 23. So basically you saying players don’t turn world class until they turn 28?…….. Err, how old is Messi again? How old was he he won the ballon-d’or? FFS how old is Neymar who people are already calling world class. Haha Arsenal is still a big club fella, we just have a shit team & manager.

  19. Jeff

    If Wenger doesn’t buy anyone in this window it means he thinks he can still achieve fourth with the squad as it is. Don’t forget; you have to see this through Wenger’s eyes and for him 4 is higher than 1, 2 and 3.

    Champions League football has become for him an annual pilgrimage that must be undertaken without fail. It is the holy covenant between him and his beloved followers; nothing else matters.

  20. James Wood

    Poldoski-Giroud both PLODDERS no real pace,not acceptable at this level.
    Walcott-Gervino both have pace but really don’t have football brains,again
    at this level not acceptable.

    Well Jack showing signs of a long season already,again no pace,relies on a trick
    but is getting read more and more,keeps getting the ball nicked of him,?????

    Sagna-gibbs get so far out of position it’s embarrasing.

    The Ox- average,has had his natural game trained out of him.
    Im not sure many top players are really up for moving to the Arsenal
    dire wages,by comparisom,and a team and Manager who have run out
    of Ideas.

  21. Jeff

    Oh and the other thing that stops Wenger from buying in January (if he can at all help it) is that it is an admission of failure in the previous summer window and he’s not very good at admitting his faults; well when I say that what I mean is that it is impossible for him to make a mistake in any football sense. He is basically the infallible pope of the football world. Anyone who does not see eye to eye with him is basically following a different religion.

  22. SpanishDave

    We will be in crisis before the end of Jan look at the fixture list. Wenger will then panick and buy cheap dross , the leftovers and on we shall go. We have no chance of finishing 4th.

  23. Evan

    Every window sign 1 or 2 players that make us better, not squad players, players of high caliber, Its flippin simple

    I miss the days when Wenger used to know quality players

    Wenger said: “Robert Pires is the oil in our engine.

    Gervinho said “I really hope to emulate Robert Pires in my second season, hopefully do even better, but I hope to carve out my own niche of course

    Wenger must be able to see the massive gulf in quality right???

  24. Evan

    If Theodore had Poldolski’s talent then we would have a Superstar.

    If Gervinho had Santi’s ability we would have a Superstar

    If Ramsey wasn’t Ramsey we would have a non league, substitute walking straight into the first team after 9 months bench warming Injury ridden like a “new summer signing” youth project 50k a week prodigy, who can play anywhere soon to be selected for country and no doubt be an International with ze mental strength negotiating a new contract with YEARS remaining

    Mentalist Manager

  25. Ché C Cheriton

    Somebody tell me how long I have been calling for Baines? I remember arguing with Pedro last season that he was better than Santos! (Of course Pedro insisted Santos was miles better!).

    Can anyone see Gibbs getting a goal like Baines did tonight?


  26. Joppa Road

    Basically, I get 95% of things right on Arsenal.

    Baines, Reina, Fellani, Jagkeilka, Zaha.

    Ship out Gambon’s list of players and get Arsenal back to Arsenal.

    Ship out the board and Wenger.

    Progressive change. USMANOV IN.

    Listen to Joppa.


  27. kwik fit

    You guys are getting all excited by Everton’s players. Has they say in Liverpool Calm Down Calm Down guys.
    Good players (not great) perform well when they have a top manager to motivate and organise. AKA David Moyes.
    I fear all those players you list guys would look decidedly average in an Arsenal jersey under the tutelage of One Arsene Wenger.

  28. kwik fit

    If your watching the Everton match just watch who all the players are working their socks off and this will last to the final whistle.
    So different from Arsenal. Our players are lazy and their idleness emanates from our lord and master.

  29. Samir


    And we’d beat Bayern.
    Get top 4.

    Surely it’s worth spending alot of money now to guarantee a champions league place? (30M comes with that doesn’t it???)

    You could even look at it as free players that way…

  30. Jeff

    Tottenham must be loving it. They remain 3rd, 1 point in front of Chelsea who have 1 game in hand. We are 6th as it stands.

  31. Jeff


    I think one could be right in either direction really. Abramovich dropped a clanger when he let Mourinho go and that was his mistake. Everyone else since then has basically been a flop with the exception of Di Matteo who won the CL but was sacked anyway. That’s what I call extreme management.

  32. bazza

    “Why you should take offence at the idea that it is the AKBs keeping Wenger in power is obvious to all and sundry. The rot started long before Kroenke turned up. His only crime is to turn the other way.”

    You really are an illogical twat. You maintained that AKBs are keeping Wenger in place. I responded by saying that no one group of fans whether they be AKBs or any other group have the power to remove or indeed appoint the manager. I’m neither supporting nor condemning AKBs, I’ m merely stating the bloody obvious, namely that the owner, whether we like it or not holds the power. Of course you have the perfect right to demonstrate, hold up banners, have a temper tantrum or anything else you wish, but it will have no impact at all on the future of the manager or the composition of the Board, this will be determined by the owner.

    Whether or not the rot started before Kroenke has nothing to do with my argument. I merely said that the owner holds the power at Arsenal and not any particular group of supporters. I wish this wasn’t the case but it is.

    For someone as limited as you, I suppose it’s easier to blame everything on AKBs rather than attempt to use your brain to think it through.

  33. Royal Bludger

    The biggest lesson for me so far this season has been how vastly more motivated and committed than are Arsenal.

    And it’s bleeding obvious that the apathy comes from the very top.

    Plus a total mess of a wage structure, and a diabolical list of useless players whose wages we pay everytime we go to a game.

  34. bergkamp63

    BubbleJanuary 2, 2013 19:18:53

    Oh So Fellani isnt world class because he’s 23. So basically you saying players don’t turn world class until they turn 28?…….. Err, how old is Messi again? How old was he he won the ballon-d’or? FFS how old is Neymar who people are already calling world class. Haha Arsenal is still a big club fella, we just have a shit team & manager.

    That’s the trouble with the internet, people who can’t function in real life think they are normal online !!

    Who mentioned you have to be a certain age to be world class exactly ?

  35. Jeff


    Why beat about the bush. Just admit you are an AKB and we’ll call it a night. No need to be anal about it.

  36. kwik fit

    Now if Our players played with the same commitment and aggression all season as Everton have done tonight , then we would up there with the Mancs IMHO

  37. Gunner2301

    Happy New Year everyone.

    This post is long so I’ll apologise for that now so skip it if you don’t like reading and don’t complain if you end up reading it!

    Where do we begin?

    For about 3-4 years now I have not attended any games and withdrawn all finance from Arsenal. Why? Because I recognised a change in the ethos of the Club and the team Arsenal were putting out, the character or lack of character in the players, the glaring problems that were never fixed and the arrogance of a manager who pursued his own ambitions before that of the Club. Hence we saw players who were not nor ever would be good enough to pull on the shirt for Arsenal paraded in front of us and talked up by a manager in such an arrogant manner, who could not see further than his own nose in pursuit of his own agenda. The bar of quality was removed to allow him to indulge his favourites introduce inferior players that he pushed to promote and we have been declining ever since. Ask yourself honestly who out of the current squad would have been considered during our last years at Highbury and you get the picture. Jack Wilshire and I’m struggling beyond that perhaps a few more as squad players.

    I figured if I was going to speak out against it I couldn’t justify supporting the Club financially because our financial support is what is fuelling the madness that is going on at the Club. Finance or the starvation of it is the only voice that will make them sit up and take notice

    I have steadily watched things get worse since then year on year. We have not only declined on the field but we have declined in our values to a point that I have no idea what our club stands for anymore, not in footballing terms anyway.For years players have been trying to make us aware of what was going on at the Club but we were either too faithful to Wenger or too blind to see and castigated players who had some ambition for leaving calling them money grabbers amongst other things. Understand one thing. A players career is short. If you are going to make an impact you have limited time to do that i.e. your peak years. Would you stick around to support a cause which contradicts everything you have been taught about competing? i.e. 4th is a trophy, if we miss out on the CL it doesn’t matter, the Cups are mickey mouse, we’re not interested in them.

    Players want a glowing decorated CV to look back on when they retire. For sportsmen they are in it to win it not to participate or come off as second best, that’s what drives them to be the best. Wenger who did nothing as a footballer, has a much longer career as a manager so whilst he may want to pursue his philosophy this does not fit in with that of an ambitious player with limited time.So you see why players we have had with ambition looking for that decorated CV have realised that they would have to leave in order to fulfill that. In contrast to that you have players who have been plucked from obscurity thrown onto the biggest stage payed a fortune without proving anything, without being pressured to perform and can’t actually believe their luck, it’s like a perpetual lottery win every year they are there. These are the players who have no ambition are comfortable with that and don’t really aspire to anything other than the next pay cheque.

    Lets look at the RVP situation. He said before he left “Out of my huge respect for Mr Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we, in many aspects, disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward” so the explanation why he is leaving. Now we get another message from RVP “I feel that I’m surrounded by champions. Everybody wants to help each other. Everybody’s keen for everyone to score. Defenders are working their socks off for the midfielders, the midfielders are working for the strikers. Everybody wants to run and everybody has one target in their mind”. He is basically laying out the contrast between a Club like United who have the right footballing strategy, ambition and mentality with a manager who enforces these values and a Club like Arsenal where we have a manager who has no values or ambition whatsoever.

    I have been saying for years that Wenger had less to do with our successful years than some of us might think. People have laughed and ridiculed this saying I should give him some credit. I do but I give him the credit he deserves and no more. He with the help of Dein brought the players in he even changed some of them positionally, Lauren and Kolo come to mind, but I am very realistic in my recognition of the way in which the team worked previously and this was mainly down to key players who took charge of matters. Wenger told his players to (Cesc Fabregas) “Go out and play your game” directed at flair players particularly midfielders and strikers who were allowed to express themselves, Fabregas told us during the World Cup that he had never viewed video of the opposition until he went to the National team i.e. little direction from the manager. Wenger doesn’t do tactics according to Tony Adams and doesn’t say much in the dressing room at half time. So you have a manager who is pretty hands off when it comes to preparing for games and turning games around on match day.

    Do you know of any top manager who appears to be this hands off? You see Fergie at matches either sizing up opponents or scouting players and he’s the best. Wenger doesn’t feel he needs to why? Because we don’t really buy players from our league and he doesn’t care what the opposition will do on a match day because his teams are sent out to play the same way every time regardless of the opposition. You may call this arrogance or even careless, but the fact remains that this is what the man we are paying 7.5 mill believes is what is needed in todays game to be competitive.Do you see the difference between Wenger and other managers or lets just look at top managers on a match day? Mancini, Ferguson, Benitez, PeP, Maureen, You name them they are actually directing the game in-play. Yes IN-PLAY remember Ranieri the tinkerman, yes a little erratic but he recognised when something needed to change in a game and he would react to what direction the opposition manager was giving or what he was doing. Wenger doesn’t do this he will sit and wait regardless of what is going on and change on 65-70 minutes. This is a fatigue measure.

    He will rarely change to react to what is happening in real-time and if he does often makes the wrong decisions i.e. puts on a defensive player when we need a goal. His decision making has been shocking for years to a point where he is even being out smarted by the younger managers hence the results against smaller teams.

    So what’s happened?
    We Got rid of experience
    We let our standards drop and allowed anyone in
    We lowered the bar
    We failed to invest
    We had no strategy and no plan B
    We sold our best players instead of building on the quality we have
    We have been constantly re-building
    We rewarded mediocrity
    We sacrificed our principles
    We lost our ambition
    We tolerated complacency
    We failed to improve

    Wenger basically got left behind because he has not kept pace with changes as the PL has evolved.

    We all know the above is true so how can we fail to understand why we are where we are? There is nothing in that list that says we should be champions material or we are aspiring to be that quite the opposite.The truth is Wenger has lost his ability, partly because he has always been a weak manager, which works ok with disciplined committed, self motivated players as we have had in the past, but now he is faced with a new type of player who aren’t disciplined, committed or self motivated and don’t have some fundamental understanding of the game and has no idea how to instill these things in them. He has never been a great tactician and the game has got more tactical because of the small margins of error required between a win and a loss. Instead of delegating so he can focus on various aspects of the team he has grabbed more power in order to enforce his view of what the Club should be. What does somebody do who doesn’t really know how to do their job? They pre-occupy themselves with anything else but the job in hand i.e. their way of burying their head in the sand. Has Wenger not given this appearance over the years?

    Given we know all of this we cannot carry on supporting a manager who
    A. Doesn’t give the appearance that he knows what is wrong and how to fix it
    B. Keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over hoping for a different outcome
    C. Will not recognise that the lead for the team comes from him and if he thinks through his words and actions that 4th is a trophy, so will his players.
    D. Will not act decisively with under performing players
    E. Enforces a wage policy that supports mediocrity and has taken no steps to change this (with the latest round of contracts for nothing)

    We don’t need Wenger spending any more of the Clubs money, anyone coming in will continue to paper over the cracks. We should deal with the squad we have until a new manager can be brought in and give him that money to re-build because it will take years no less than the length of a contract 3-4 years to turn this around and cleanse the club of Wengers wasters.

    If we don’t make the CL or win anything so be it as long as change is happening. Maybe Kroenke will sell up to Usmanov when we’ve declined far enough and we can be competitive again.There are many managers out there who could get this team working better and build on this in future years to get us challenging, so this should not be an issue or anything to fear.

    We need to make 2013 the year we get our Arsenal back because what we have seen over the last 7 years is not Arsenal. Those who want change if you have a season ticket rent them out, boycott matches and make the stadium appear empty, don’t give them any financial support, starve them of the oxygen that is keeping this madness going. We have to start making the short term sacrifices for the longer term benefit if we want our Club back.

  38. iffy da goon

    Motivation and commitment comes from knowing what you are playing for. United are playing for the title, Southampton are playing to stay up, spurs, everton and lvpool are playing for the champions league.

    Arsenal lost its mojo a while ago. The mgt didn’t give the team a fighting chance for the title. The team quite frankly has lost its way.

    The job has become monotonous for the players. There is no goal at the end of the road that is worth fighting for. As a matter of fact at the end of that road there is only a handshake from Arsene Wenger and the greedy board.

    And that is definitely not worth the extra tackle that might save a game

  39. iffy da goon

    Am i the only one that thought the head on collision between sagna and the saints player at the start of the game was calculated? Sagna seemed to look at the player before putting himself in the mix. In the end the saints man took the brunt of the effect.

    Meanwhile Phil neville is bleeding for david moyes right now, at some wee club in the north east

  40. Jeff


    From the heart but absolutely right; nothing you said I would disagree with. I also haven’t been to games for a long time and never held a season ticket anyway. My son went occasionally but he’s given up as well from what I can see. The joy has gone out of it and you’re right; the fans absolutely can make a difference by starving them of the thing that keeps them where they are: money.

    Well constructed post.

  41. Marko

    Any news fellas? If we just sign Adrian this Jan Wenger out. We’ll need more and better than him to save this sinking ship.

  42. Royal Bludger

    Gunner2301 – a masterpiece of analysis. I’m going to print it out and read it everyday until Wenger has gone.

    Thank you.

    Email it to Gazidis.

    (Oh, and can anyone imagine Gambon’s blog post would have anything like this sophistication – rather than cheap and easy filth and bile).

  43. kwik fit

    I am really sad to be the bearer of bad news guys but Sebastian Squillaci has confirmed he will be leaving Arsenal.


    Top post. Pedro could use it as a lead.

  44. Jeff

    Here we go. Does anyone know anything about this fellow that we’ve been linked with? Doesn’t sound like much at 9m Euros but well in Wenger’s ball park.

  45. Marko

    Seeing as United are in for Zaha we should forget him and not make it a big transfer that it’s not. The worse thing we could do is battle all month for Zaha and make it seem like a big signing. Hopefully we can make one Chelsea signing Ba might mean the end of their interest in Schurrie or Willian.

  46. Jeff

    The thing I fear the most is that we would have spent ages trying to get rid of Djourou and Squillaci but could just replace dross with other dross in an instant. A horrible thought I know but more than likely where Wenger is concerned.

  47. iffy da goon

    “The Ghanaian youngster was handed to Parma this summer on loan with an option to buy at the end of the season, but they do not seem intent on taking that up.”

    If Parma don’t want him, what could he possibly do at Arsenal?

  48. Ché C Cheriton

    This is my mainly British XI:

    Fraser Forster/Szch

    Baines / Gibbs


    Theo/Giroud (that is a weak front two).

    Of course no change of getting Everton’s three best players but I would love Baines.

  49. Jeff


    That’s what I thought. I hope it’s not true but just look at the price tag. It worries the hell out of me.

  50. Relieable sauce

    Bloody hell gunner 2301, get your own blog!

    Only joking….one of the best posts i’ve ever read on LG.

    Just a small query on the adaptation of Toure by Wenger. Hadn’t he played in almost every outfield position for the ivory coast before he joined us? Not sure if i’m right there but if so Wonga deserves no credit.

  51. Relieable sauce

    Yep great news if JD & squelchy are off 🙂
    Another CB is on the radar then i guess, anyone got any idea on potential targets?

  52. kev

    badstuber or hummels would be good additions. in my dreams. hummels and mertesacker first choice pairing? great stuff

  53. kev

    all i can see about djourou is a rumour about a loan deal? for fuck sake can we not just get rid of them? give them away or something

  54. SDE


    Happy New Year to you..How’s it going?

    Great post..Summed up all our feelings & thought’s over the years as rational fans in one..

    Now,I’m just waiting for Heil Keyser,to pop up from his ‘lil’hole & pluck a line,or sentence out of your post, & commence his diatribe.

    Either way,maybe it’s time Pedder’s allowed you a guest spot on Le-Grove..

  55. Relieable sauce

    axed- yeah its hard to believe that a club has actually shelled out some money for SS, needs confirmation before i believe that one fully.

    kev- I haven’t seen much of badstuber but seen hummels a few times. He seemed to have the odd mistake in him but looked like a proper defender & was impressive for his surprisingly young age.

  56. kev

    i dont think youll ever find a centre half thats 100% mistake free. hummels is probably as good a defender youll get. way out of our league as regards price but sure its nice to dream!

    personally id love to bring in a really top class cb and demote verm. not good enough and making him captain was a disaster

  57. kev

    thing is bringing in new players would probably do nothing for us. we need a manager and coaches that actually know something about tactics and defending. if we had maldini and nesta in their peak wed still be shit defensively.

    would definitely help to have better quality players though. hopefully we can get rid of squillachi and djourou and use that as a starting point for shoving out the dross

  58. bazza

    Agree with your analysis but not the conclusion.

    1. Explain to me why you think Stan will sell if revenue goes down. Do you really think he’ll just panic and sell up? A more likely scenario is that he’ll just hang in there hoping for a revival.
    2. Why would loaning out season tickets make any difference to attendances?
    3. If some fans boycott games it will make virtually no difference to revenue.

    If like others on this site, you want Arsenal to become a mid-table club with a fan base that has turned on its players, you are truly misguided. if you think that sinking into mediocrity is the answer to Arsenal’s problems you really need to start thinking it through.

    Let’s follow your logic. Lets assume:

    -Fans boycott games and stop buying merchandise etc.
    – On match-days fans show their displeasure by waving Wenger out banners and boo the team each time they don’t perform.
    – Fans don’t renew their season tickets on a widespread basis

    What will this achieve?:

    – The atmosphere at games would be terrible, which would translate to the players, thus reducing their confidence even further
    – Arsenal take the hit from not qualifying for Europe, which will reduce our financial muscle and make the club less attractive for transfer targets
    – Our sponsors will reduce monies paid to the club and ultimately would withdraw completely causing financial havoc
    – The club will become less attractive to Usmanov (why would he want to buy a mid-table club with a disaffected fan base?)

    I would also suggest that this will create a tailspin from which we quite possibly would not recover.

    Some of you have got your heads so far up your arses that you can’t think straight. We are competing in a league where 3 clubs have far greater resources than us and you are seriously suggesting we do our best to wreck our finances to the point where we would not be able to compete on any level.

  59. Relieable sauce

    Yes Lescott!
    He is a better defender than anything we have, if we’re talking defending.
    Won the prem last year & his absence in the MC line up is considered by most to be the reason for MC defensive failings this season.
    Why is he not a serious option?

  60. Trickeygooner

    Great post gunner 2301,
    I think we all agree totally with you.
    And by the way.
    “Let’s all laugh at Chelsea,”
    “Let’s all laugh at Chelsea'”
    “Lala la la.”
    Good old Twitchy has made my night.

  61. bazza

    You really are pathetically thick.

    If anyone disagrees with your ill thought out analyses, you immediately try to ridicule them by calling them an AKB. Listen, you don’t attend matches, you slag off every aspect of the team and you make fun of fans that actually try to support their club.
    In my book you’re an ex fan that badly needs to find a hobby to fill the obvious void in your life

  62. SDE


    So what do you suggest as an alternative..?You’ve stated the reasons,why Gunner2301 conclusion is not a viable alternative..

    But have yet to state,what your viable option/solution to the decaying problem is?

  63. kev

    id imagine that if we were to become a midtable side the value of the club would plummet? if that did happen stan would have to try get rid and usmanov could purchase the club at a much lower price than it would cost him now.

    as it is with very little investment in the team and no real ambition to compete we could well become a midtable team in the next few years. its not beyond the realms of possibility especially if the financial fair play rules dont come into effect

  64. Relieable sauce

    Hypothetical question – Could Everton win the PL if they gave Moyes 70m+ ?

    Yeah he could, or at least give it a damn good try.

    Wonga is beyond trying.

  65. bazza

    I’ve given my view several times. I don’t believe in booing my team nor the Manager (although I would like him to gracefully retire at the end of the season).

    I believe the problem is Stan. Clearly he should have changed the Board when he took over and replaced Hill-Wood, Keswick and Phil Harris with younger and more progressive individuals. Any decent Board would not have allowed Wenger to indulge himself with his insane wages structure and almost total lack of accountability. It is only the owner that can effect the changes we all want.
    So the question for me is how do we encourage Stan to sell to the Russian? I haven’t got an easy answer but I do know that Stan has a giant ego. My suggestion is that the fans through Red Action, AISA and as individuals launch a Stan out campaign (I make a distinction between slagging off Wenger/the team and Stan). I have never met an American that doesn’t want to be loved. A concerted campaign against him to make his life a misery will focus his brain and give the green light to Usmanov.
    Not perfect but surely a better strategy than try to fuck the club we all love.

  66. bazza

    “id imagine that if we were to become a midtable side the value of the club would plummet? if that did happen stan would have to try get rid and usmanov could purchase the club at a much lower price than it would cost him now.”

    Maybe it would make the club more attractive to Usmanov (although I’m not sure that he would find buying a mid-table club attractive), but more importantly Stan will only sell if he makes a big profit.

  67. Relieable sauce


    Your points are hard to argue against because most of them are illogical & so are you.

    SS is toxic to competitive sports, as are you by your remarks. AFC doesn’t need your ” interest in OUR affairs”.

  68. Relieable sauce

    Crystalised kool aid : / its super super quality.

    I know my post was a bit OTT but yours was a bit of a rant as well. Guess thats what all Gooners have in common at this time, a need to let off steam.

  69. SDE

    The atmosphere at games would be terrible, which would translate to the players, thus reducing their confidence even further
    – Arsenal take the hit from not qualifying for Europe, which will reduce our financial muscle and make the club less attractive for transfer targets
    – Our sponsors will reduce monies paid to the club and ultimately would withdraw completely causing financial havoc
    – The club will become less attractive to Usmanov (why would he want to buy a mid-table club with a disaffected fan base?)

    In reference to your previous post..Questioning Gunner2301’s conclusion..

    You highlighted some points,which pretty much addressed,or pointed to the various reasons why Usmanov would buy the club..So in affect Gunner2301,was right..

    A 60,000 stadium,based in London,with a disaffected fanbase,commercials/sponsors drying up..
    Our financial muscle somewhat reduced..
    A sleeping giant,whose value has plummeted,but nonetheless still an attractive asset..

    This scenario would be the perfect opportunity& business proposition for Usmanov to step in..He’s buys an asset undervalued.Way below the market value..He is seen as a white knight by the disaffected fans..
    It’s a win-win situation for him..

    Why does that seem alien to you..?
    He’s a businessman first & a fan second I presume..
    He did not get to acquire £18 billion through sentiment alone..

    Now you stated the reasons,but it seemed it was tinged with sentiment..i.e as a fan,rather than thinking from a prospective businessman’s hat..

    So yes the removal of the owner SS-should be the focus of a sustained campaign to effect change..But the chain of events leading up to that,needs the fans to voice their approval in the first instance..
    Through whatever constructive method..Non-attendance of matches,boycotting of merchandise..etc,etc..

    A sustained & concerted media campaign to out SS..

    Fan Organisation’s fronting together to effect change..Majority of whom,are singing from the same hymn sheet..
    This opens the way for Usmanov to step in..Gives him the green light& possibly forces SS’s hand..

    If Liverpool fans,could assist in ejecting Gillet & Hicks..
    Why are we any different?

    Yes sacrifices will be made..
    But please tell me,what battles/wars have been won in the past,without casualties..?

    If you feel,that the club will go through a nice smooth transition from current owner,to prospective owner,without a fight,or blood on the dance floor..

    I suspect your analysis is rather tinged with fantasy..

    Maybe you need to rethink your logic & rethink whether you as a fan,are following your head,or your heart,in the grander scheme of things,with regards to the club’s direction/strategy..?

    From your post,it seems your heart..

  70. bazza

    I don’t think you read my post at all. I actually said I wanted a concerted campaign to oust Stan. But where we differ is that you think that the way to achieve this is for the fans to actively construct a diminution in the value of the asset and you think Stan will throw his hands up in the air like a schoolgirl and immediately sell to the Russian at a reduced price.
    This my friend is pure fantasy. Stan will not panic sell because revenue is down, rather he would pare the overhead structure and reduce the size of the overall asset. In other words he would be content to run arsenal as a mid-table club that makes profits. The man doesn’t care about football he just wants a positive bottom line. He would then just wait until an upturn before he sells.
    Stan bought this club to make a capital gain he will sell when he receives a bid that gives him a substantial return on his investment. Putting it simply he will sell if the Russian makes it worth his while to sell.
    Your strategy would guarantee that we are stuck with the silent one for many years.
    Also do you really think the Russian is looking for some sort of bargain basement price. I tell you he wants to buy a club that will win the championship within 2/3 years from his acquisition.
    I think it funny that you question my business acumen when your arguments are so naive.

  71. Arsenal 1886-2006

    I agree with Bazza, I do not think Stan will sell. He realises the potential for internet rights along with the worldwide TV rights, it will not be many years before clubs can sell their own matches online and that is where the money lies, and Stan knows this. This is the reason he bought the Club, not because he loves the game with a passion.
    I can also see the Prem moving to the US model of wage caps and spending limits within 5-10 years, it is already starting to shift that way with the FFP. This will put more money into the major shareholders pockets and selling the club will no longer be an option in Stans mind.

  72. Arsenal 1886-2006

    And that big transfer Fergie mentioned, I reckon he could be wrong on Falcao not being available. Falcao to Chelsea is a good bet with Torres going the other way. Not 100% but chelsea cannot afford to lose a top 4 place.

  73. Phil

    There are plenty of disenfranchised supporters in the USA who have seen their clubs fail to compete because of Kroenke’s ownership. He is obviously oblivious( try saying that 5 times fast) to the views of people outside the Boardroom.
    He doesn’t have a history of selling his sporting assets. He doesn’t need to sell.
    I don’t think he will be panicked into selling because the value of the asset cops a minor whack.
    Only a significant profit due to a sell would likely motivate him, in my opinion.
    So hitting the clubs finances might make us feel better, and yes it would make good headlines, but how much would it motivate a sale?

  74. Gunner2301

    Guys thanks for the comments. I think we need to make in roads this year otherwise nothing will change there is no salvaging this situation. Wenger is finished as a top manager.


    Kolo was played in different positions MF, RB i think he might have played as a striker previously, however I think his move to CB may have been more out of necessity than a Wenger masterstroke.

    At the time we didn’t really have many options we had Campbell who he partnered Cygan, Djourou, Senderos, Keown who didn’t get much game time as it was his last season.

    So he was more of a stop gap utility player that just happened to work out a fore-runner to the Eboue role maybe 😆

  75. Gunner2301

    Oh I forgot to post my elation at the news that Squillaci and Djourou are leaving. Has his been confirmed?

    I’d rather we didn’t replace them and lower the wage bill. Wenger would only fuck it up again.

    Look how long we’re gonna have to put up with TV seeing as he’s been wrongly made captain therefore undroppable. Another Wenger mistake.

  76. Gunner2301


    How’s it going mate? I’m not too bad, got a touch of flu but that’s nothing compared to what Arsenal have got Arsenitis. Funny thing is we have the antidote but are afraid to use it 😆

    Your points in turn

    Stan selling – think if it like stocks he has invested he doesn’t want to make a loss that he might not recover from. For all investors there is a point at which they will sell in order to escape this, Stan is no different.

    Loaning out tickets – you would still own it so when the club returns to the fans you could go back again. Ideally we need a full boycott but this is a start and maybe the person buying will not attend all games. Full boycott is a lot to ask anyone to do loaning out us a step in that direction.

    Some fans boycotting – it has to start somewhere we are where we are because only some fans are boycotting and the numbers aren’t enough to make a statement yet but it would if the numbers increased.

    Atmosphere – how long have you been supporting Arsenal? You think the Emirates has atmosphere? Dear me!

    Qualifying for Europe – why do we need European football? So top players will come to us? News for you we don’t buy top players so it makes no difference. The Spuds and Liverpool have brought in better players and they not in CL. The only thing left is the money. Why would money matter to a club that has a transfer deficit since the PL began? We are money hoarders. So you want us to qualify for Europe for the sole purpose of seeing the bank balance increase and be the whipping boys of Europe because well never win it with a tactically inept manager.

    Sponsorship – we may lose some income as a result of clauses if we miss out on CL. But the way things are going its going to happen anyway under Wenger so we’d deal with it in the same way.

    Usmanov – The conditions I have outlined make us a much better proposition for Usmanov. Quite frankly it doesn’t matter where we end up in the league, he’d be able to bring the right people in to recover his investment. He would also get the shares cheaper.

  77. Bade

    Djourou, Squillaci, Chamakh & Arshavin out of the club this window?

    Too good to be true

    I bet you bar Djourou, all others are out in loan, meaning we’ll be subsidising a bit of their wages. We shouldn’t though. Those should be told if they don’t accept a permanent deal, they will rot our of the squad so in the summer they will be looking for a clubs in 3rd division at best.

    Though I still have a soft spot towards Arshavin, there’s no way he’s staying. Arsene just can’t stand him.

    I hope Ramsey & Gerv follow sharpish

    Also, who’s going to replace 4 players in a joint wages of 260k a week when all those barely made the bench?

  78. Gunner2301


    They are already fringe players so it is like they are rotting in the reserves. Remember what Almunia said, he didn’t mind because the money was so good.

    Arshavin was ruined by Wenger like he’s ruined many in recent years. I liked him too but if he’s not contributing he should move on.

    Ramsey just got a new contract (another Wenger fuck up) considering he’s shit who would take him on on his wages? Nobody. Wenger is creating another Denilson situation.

    I’d rather we saved the money for a new manager but if we do replace them we need to bring in better than our current first team CB I.e TV, Mert and Koz anything else is just going backwards.

  79. Phil

    I certainly commend your views and approach to rid us of our owner. Would love to see him gone immediately and take his executive team with him.
    I suspect that as we still have players with currency, it will be some time before we turn into a loss making entity. its amazing how much money you can make when you sell your best players on a annual basis. Whilst the sponsors may reduce their commitment once ECL is gone, there will also be a decline in wages to slightly offset.
    Whilst we can’t get the best players to join us anymore, we pay stupid enough wages to attract the next level down. Sufficient to remain top 8. Wow. That’s exciting!
    Assuming you could get 10% of people to boycott matches, that still leaves about 55k who will attend and pay sufficent money to keep Stan interested.
    Not trying to be a cynic or kill joy, but the only possible white knight is a Uzbek, with deep pockets

  80. SDE

    So Demba Ba is off to Chelsea it seems..

    Another one bites the dust….

    So OGL says he will only buy,if there is better than what we currently have..
    Only super,super quality..exceptional talent..

    So in recent times,we’ve missed out on..

    Di Maria
    Luis Suarez

    That’s just a few to list..& you’re telling me those above are not better than the current crop of dross that litters our squad


    All you can do is shake your head..From the sublime to the ridiculous..
    The comedy continues Series 5..2013..OGL”The Point Of No Return”..

  81. pharo9ja

    wow! You are as confused if not even worse than Arsene. And that my friend is what is wrong with Arsenal.
    Not even the acquisition of 4 or 5 players this window will change the course of this team. Why? Because the lads are bought by the manager,selected on match day by the manager,and asked to play as instructed by the manager.
    Now if in the summer of 2011 we made 5 purchases and 2 in 2012 to replace 5 players that left between both windows,why on earth do we still think the solution to our problem is as simple as a player tweek here and there. For more analysis please consider united teams of the last 2 seasons pre RVP,would u say on average across the field they’ve had better players than us? Look at Everton,spuds,Swansea,West brom,do they have better personel? How come the likes of villa,QPR(for 2 seasons & ingnoring last nights results)and other lower teams always find that bit of “extra” against us? The frequency of occurence of this phenomena is on the increase. Hell,its been going on for over 4 years under this manager.

  82. pharo9ja

    My post in untold that probably got eaten up by the goblins.

    wow! You are as confused if not even worse than Arsene. And that my friend is what is wrong with Arsenal.
    Not even the acquisition of 4 or 5 players this window will change the course of this team. Why? Because the lads are bought by the manager,selected on match day by the manager,and asked to play as instructed by the manager.
    Now if in the summer of 2011 we made 5 purchases and 2 in 2012 to replace 5 players that left between both windows,why on earth do we still think the solution to our problem is as simple as a player tweek here and there. For more analysis please consider united teams of the last 2 seasons pre RVP,would u say on average across the field they’ve had better players than us? Look at Everton,spuds,Swansea,West brom,do they have better personel? How come the likes of villa,QPR(for 2 seasons & ingnoring last nights results)and other lower teams always find that bit of “extra” against us? The frequency of occurence of this phenomena is on the increase. Hell,its been going on for over 4 years under this manager.