Adrian Lopez smoke has some fire | Cazorla commits verbally | Alex Song – voted worst signing!

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Welcome to 2013… the Mayans said this year would never come, what do they know eh? We took on the calendar and demanded another year. Well played world, well played.

So, football. What have we today bar an absolutely atrocious hangover and a shed load of bo*locks chatting shame from the night previous?

Well, we’ve got the hilarious news that French President Hollande is pushing for a 75% tax on top earners. Honestly, can you think of a more ridiculous policy? Such a crowd pleaser in any country.

‘Ahhh, the rich are bastards, lets tax them the most because they owe the rest of society’

Good luck with that one France. I’m not sure how many countries in the world thrive from punishing the rich, but I’m pretty sure that unfair taxation isn’t the way to go. From a footballing perspective, it’s certainly not going to help Ligue One kick on. In fact, it could easily bankrupt clubs if they’re forced to take care of their players tax. Gabriel Marcotti reckons the hike in tax, if pushed through, will increase PSGs wage bill 50%. For Ibrahimovic to take home the same as he is now, they’ll need to pay him a whopping €825,000 a week! Wow…

Still, bad taxation laws certainly present an opportunity. Any player based in France this summer with a half decent agent will be looking to move to a country that won’t hammer their stars wages. Time to start putting the feelers out Arsenal… PSG are loaded with great players as are a number of other clubs like Marseille and Lyon. I think the rumour was that our top tax rate was going to come back down next year? So again, the UK becomes more attractive to free spending footballers and French businesses looking to move over.

In other, more mega LOLZ news, Alex Song has been voted the second worst signing of the summer by Spanish paper Marca.

Barcelona paid 19 million euros for the Cameroonian to solve their problems in midfield and to help out in the centre of defense. So far, he’s helped neither one thing nor the other.’

A big fat ouch… how humiliating. The last person I remember winning that award was Alex Hleb. Where’s he playing now? Totally hilarious. Geoff will love that. I love that as well. When he was at Arsenal, over the last year, he was reportedly quite an obnoxious guy to be around. Apparently he’d regularly make reference to the clubs he could be playing for, he also disrespected the clubs fining policy (for being late for training etc). His ego clearly inflated by his entourage and agent. Well, now what does he have? A place on the bench every week… when he’s not hanging out there, he’s playing as a centre back. Bad times. Being a bit part player in a great team surely can’t be that satisfying if you’re a man of any ambition?

News of an Adrian Lopez bid has hit the newsfeeds. Now, I don’t know the veracity of the story, however, that name has been mentioned a few times and I think it might just have legs. He fits the bill in so many ways. Firstly, his contract is up at the end of the season, so we’ll get him on a very good deal. He’s only 24, which is young enough to improve, but old enough to be classed as experienced. He’s also quite out of favour. Wenger used to love picking off talented players who’d lost their way. The fact he’s going after Lopez in this way excites me, you’re talking about a very talented player if he comes good. Things haven’t really worked out this season. He’s often used on the wing because let’s be honest, who’s going to get in the team ahead of Falcao? He’s only managed 4 goals in 18 appearances… last year he did pretty well, especially in the Europa cup in which he managed 10 goals in 15 appearances… which ultimately led Athletico to the final. His total stood at 23 in 49 games… he doesn’t suffer fitness problems.

The other reason he makes ‘Arsene sense’ over Demba Ba is that he’ll come in for less than £100k a week. He’ll have a fully working set of knees and he can play outwide and through the middle. Essentially, by signing Lopez, you’re giving Theo every opportunity to stay on in the middle. Demba Ba would probably stifle that ambition. Wenger is opting for versatility over specialism, which rarely seems to work out, but there you go. Michu came from Spain last year with a similar goal scoring record, look how he turned out…

From what I’ve seen of him, he has great feet and superb control. He looks like he has a burst of pace, though far from electric. Considering what Wenger said about Ba being similar to Giroud, I’m surprised he’s looking at Lopez as he also looks very similar to the Frenchman. For a Spaniard, he’s very good with his head and he certainly has the ability to sniff out the second ball in the box. All in all, I’d welcome him…

Become an expert like me…

There’s a nice interview with Santi Cazorla on

“But I think that with Arsenal, I was offered an opportunity that I could not turn down, being 27 years old [at the time], it was like a train that I had to take, and I am very satisfied.

“I am learning a lot, I am adapting more and more as days go by, and my aim is to learn the English game, and hopefully I will spend some good years at this club.

“I really enjoy the league, the atmosphere at the stadiums, the respect of the people, their kindness, it is incredible.

“Regarding the collective, we have dropped some points, and we hope that from now on we can all improve. That is what we all want, to see Arsenal further up the table.

“It has been a positive year for me. It is true that there are always ups and downs throughout the year, that is normal, but if I look everything that I have achieved, everything that I have experienced, I am very satisfied.

“I have achieved great things, I am still growing as a football player, and for next year I will aim for more of the same, to be successful with Arsenal, and to continue learning and growing every day.”

What shines through from that interview? When you hit 27, you’re generally entering your best years as a player. Arsenal don’t pick up enough players around the age where they’re looking to settle. Cazorla isn’t going to push for a move in the next few years unless things go really badly. That gives Arsenal an element of stability there. If we can add more players like him in January and start building a team we can rely on being together for more than a season, maybe we can start to actually progress rather than slowly regress.

Today we have a game against Southampton away, it’ll be a 1730 kick off, so plenty of time for people to get some sleep in!

Team news looks pretty positive. No Diaby, as ever, but bar that, we’ve a full squad to choose from. I personally can’t see the boss making many changes from the team he put out against Newcastle. That Boxing Day rest has meant we don’t need to rotate, which is always a good thing. Southampton shouldn’t be taken lightly, they’ve given plenty of good sides headaches this season. Things aren’t really rubbing the way of Nigel Adkins teams and hopefully they won’t tomorrow. That all depends on who turns up. It’s Arsenal roulette. If the team fancy it, we could end up dishing out another mauling. If the team don’t fancy it because Southampton are a side you could easily take a complacent attitude against, then we’ll struggle and probably concede a couple of goals.

For me, I’d like to see an attacking perfromance as adventurous and bold as the one against Newcastle, combined with an early season resolute defensive display. Is that too much to ask for? A clean sheet and 7 goals? Maybe. A win is all that really matters. We need to continue to build on the sequence of winning games we’re putting together. It’s obviously a special game for Theo Walcott and Alex Chamberlain. Hopefully those two can show Luke Shaw what life could be like. Half of me wants him to get ripped a new one… the shame of that will be that we’ll all be put off if that happens! Ahhh… what a conundrum!

Anwyay, I’m sure it’ll be an exciting game whatever happens.

2013 eh? We’re deeply excited about writing another 365 posts for you… from what I can see, we’re the only daily Arsenal blog that attends the games, goes to the AGMs and makes most of the supporter group meetings. Tune in for more of the same this year!

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  1. azed

    Wenger has lost the “they packed the bus ” excuse. Teams like Southampton, Swansea and Wigan now try to beat us “playing football”.

  2. Jeff

    I have no idea why Wenger is agonising on the bench. Why? If your players are second rate what do you expect? I mean does he come out expecting miracles every game? Sometimes things go our way, we win. But this is a league of 38 games; it’s not going to work if you only win “occasionally”. It is stupid. Utterly insane to expect anything.

  3. Keyser

    Arteta is possibly the worst defensive midfielder we’ve ever had.

    You’d need a massive Dung Beetle to move this ball of shit around.

  4. useroz

    I can hit a better FK

    Verm is hopelessly wesk

    No guts in the team’ may be Wilshere

    No fucking urgency

    Wenger fuck off

  5. Keyser

    Jeff – Seriously what are you watching, he wasn’t agonising, he actually looked like he’d accepted it, hopefully he knows and we buy ourselves a proper midfield,

  6. Johnty79

    Wenger out. But to be honest all you coward fans r to blame. Wenger has never had his job called for. I blame u season ticket holders. Half of you on this post. Laudrup or martinez in.

  7. Joppa Road

    Truly woeful. Stick that performance in with the other Wenger horror shows of the last few seasons. The annoying thing is that this little run against weaker teams was a complete false dawn as many of us knew it would be.

    Some of these players are not fit to wear the shirt. Southampton were the better side today.

  8. patthegooner

    How much did Gervinho cost!!!!!

    That was a complete and utter load of fucking shit.

    Awful performance and that is why this is the year the cunting spuds WILL finish above us.

    Champions League we are having a FUCKING LAUGH.


  9. Keyser

    Lastly ffs can people actually watch Walcott for once and tell it like it is.

    Right now if he doesn’t sign another contract and consider himself lucky he can fuck off like the cunt he is.

    Maybe Ian Wright can beat himself with a dead trout and tweet how poor Walcott is as a striker.

  10. Paulinho

    “Hopefully he knows”

    That’s where you have to catch up a little mate. He hasn’t known for a while.

    The midfield is all fine and dandy according to him.

  11. Lordbergkamp

    You can smell the lack of desire and complacency from a million miles away. The players body language is just sooooo wrong. They know wengers lost it, they won’t play for him now…

    This could turn into a real car crash season…

  12. K.C.

    This looked exactly like the Wigan game. Truly a shameful performance. Wenger obviously has no effect whatsoever on these players. He is utterly useless in every way.

  13. Joppa Road

    Arsenal fans are just as much to blame. We go on a run where we win four games but still cannot defend and all is rosey.

    Build from the back and the rest follows.

    Get this c*** out. Vote with your feet, don’t go.

    And ffs Usmanov get your fkin finger out and get hold of this club.

  14. patthegooner

    At least there should be no concerns that Wenger will be convinced this shower of shit dont need strengthening.

    Not saying it will make him sing players, but he cant come out with any ‘best squad’ shit after that performance. We got away with it at Wigan, but not today.

  15. patthegooner

    It makes you wonder why we are selling Arshavin and keeping Gervinho.

    I know who I would rather keep.

    How the fuck did that useless fucker end up at our club.

  16. Cesc Appeal

    Once again the opposition was just hungrier than us, more organised and had a game plan.

    Comes to something when the entire back four of a relegation side is better than your own.

    Sagna really was the standout poor performer today, not really usual.

    Shaw looks decent, better defensively than Gibbs.

  17. HerveDeNerve

    Thought Wengers substitutions were a lot better today, bringing on Ramsey and Beanhead secured us a fully deserved point against a resurgent Southampton.

  18. Keyser

    Jamal – Bullying the water bottle ? Ahaha, maybe he’s got a little voodoo doll of Walcott in it, drowning slowly.

    Paulinho – According to you Arteta just about to hit his physical peak, I know he hides in midfield well, but surely even you see it now.

  19. K.C.

    This just is not a top four side anymore. We were honestly luck to even get the one point today against one of the worst teams in the league. Pathetic.

  20. HerveDeNerve

    Dont know why you are all blaming and moaning at Wenger for todays performance, he picked a team we would all have picked, its down to the players, its their fault.

  21. Goldinho

    Fuck off johnty you cunt, I was here long before wenger and I’ll be here long after, so fuck off calling me a coward you know nothing cunt

  22. Keyser

    PattheGooner – Seriously mate, Walcott was fucking shite today, Gervinho came on for 15 minutes and did more than him, and he’s still shit.

  23. Brokenshackle

    No offence to Saints who were terrific and deserved the point maybe more but…… A side in the bottom 3, 4 attempts, 1 on target (a ridiculous effort from THEO) and relying on an O.G. The ridiculous negative, pet project, pandering subs are beyond a joke now. It’s time to do the honourable thing #5yearstolate

  24. bergkamp63

    Need I remind anyone that we have Man City at Home and Chelsea away in the next 2 PL games !!

    Expect 0 pts from those and the gap between us a Spuds to widen !!

  25. Arsenal 1886-2006

    When you look at ours (City, Chelsea, West Ham and Liverpool), and spurs (QPR, Utd and Norwich) fixtures for January we could well be out of the 4th place trophy race, we could be about 8-10 points off them.
    This transfer window will be quiet but the summer one should see us off loading some of our more talented players to make up for the lost CL money.

    Happy new year by the way.

  26. Paulinho

    Keyser – I can see it his limitations, but what the fuck he’s got to do with Cazorla, Podolski, Walcott, Ox being shite going forward is beyond me,

  27. Honest Bill

    Walcott didn’t work as the lone striker in the first half at all. His movement was non existent and Southampton were able to freely cut off the wide channels because Walcott was static in the middle. Had Giroud played in that first half we might have been able to play in their half a little bit more.

    As for the second half, throwing the kitchen sink at it clearly didn’t work, and confuses our players even more than their’s.

    Defensive flanks were pretty poor too, although Southampton didn’t start much down the right thanks to Podolski’s pressing in the first half. and their reluctance to let Gervinho in behind them..

    Goal keeper was a bit suspect too. I genuinely fail to see what’s good about Szczesny. He’s not a top keeper yet in my opinion, and i’m not sure if he ever will be.

  28. Phil

    he takes Caz off and replaces him with that gifted creator of chances- Ramsay.
    meanwhile AA is frozen out, and Rosicky warms the pine.

  29. bergkamp63

    HerveDeNerveJanuary 1, 2013 19:24:29
    Dont know why you are all blaming and moaning at Wenger for todays performance, he picked a team we would all have picked, its down to the players, its their fault.

    Who bought those fucking players into the club exactly ?

  30. gambon

    This team is so ridiculously flawed. Over a 5 year period Wenger has just fucked completely with the team and where we once needed 2 or 3 players we now need a whole team.

    We have no ruthlessess (Gibbs pathetic cross as an example, a Fergie team would never be crossing in such a position)

    We have no squad at all. Just a first team and a bunch of players Wenger is terrified to put in unless its absolutely necessary

    We have no variation, all our players are small & technical. We have no power in midfield, no pace in the middle.

    We have no flair players that can individually make the difference (a la RVP, Rooney, Nani, Yaya, Aguero) just a bunch of players that rely on “the system” to work.

    We need a GK, 2 fullbacks, a DM, a B2B midfielder, a winger and a top striker. Thats £100m, which is nothing compared to what we have sold in recent seasons.

  31. marxdrive

    Keyser January 1, 2013 19:25:15

    “Gervinho came on for 15 minutes and did more than him, and he’s still shit.”

    We must have watched different games. Gervinho was a complete joke………..Although Theo was piss poor.

  32. K.C.

    This has turned into a team of rejects and it’s easy to see why. Just look how we’re chasing Lopez instead of his team-mate the Super-Star Falcao. It’s Gervinho instead of Hazard all over again. Wenger’s philosophy is killing this club.

  33. Paulinho

    Keyser – If Walcott signs a new contract I hope you continue to ‘tell it as it is” in regards to his performances.

    He’s been equally as bad as that before many times and yet somehow escapes your wrath. I suppose that was back when he was nice, subservient Theo who never looked like leaving.

  34. kwik fit

    That was a pulsating game. No quarter asked nor given. Players playing with heart and pride. A special mention to Sagna and Gervinho. Top draw performances. Were good to go as far as the transfer window is concerned. Wenger put at chicken away missus!

  35. patthegooner

    Next four

    Man City, Chelsea, West Ham and Liverpool!!!!!

    Could get messy really quickly

    And why oh why did we not shoot from distance against that overweight pub team keeper!!!!!

  36. Dan Ahern

    The squad was jaded
    The pitch was greasy
    We were a bit unlucky
    The ref allowed too little stoppage time
    We were just lacking a final bit of quality
    We’ve made 50,000 substitutions
    The transfer market is not like a grocery store
    We cannot afford a £100m player

  37. gambon

    “Dont know why you are all blaming and moaning at Wenger for todays performance, he picked a team we would all have picked, its down to the players, its their fault.”

    What a fucking clueless statement

    I wouldnt have bought most of them players, I would have a squad not just a team, I wouldnt create a team with so many flaws, I wouldnt play the same players week in week out until they fatigue & get injured.

  38. Keyser

    Paulinho – Ah, nah just reminding you, he’s not even helping out going forward now, he literally offers nothing apart from a half-decent penalty and our midfield is key to this whole fucking team. Just that you were adamant he offered us something, he’s been woeful for the last 5 games now.

    The others were shite aswell of course.

  39. HerveDeNerve

    bergkamp63January 1, 2013 19:28:06

    Wenger did, but surely a midfield of Jack, Santi, Arteta & Podolski are good enough to beat Southampton???????? Cant be Wengers fault all the time, its the players today

  40. HerveDeNerve

    Come on Gambon, be real, a front 6 of Santi, Jack, Arteta, Podolski, OXO and Walcott is easily enough to beat Southampton, cant be Wengers fault all the time!

  41. o.j.

    We need a new midfield.
    Why is it that whenever we had the ball all 3 of our midfielders were standing right next to each other.
    We need more mobility!

  42. Keyser

    Paulinho – Seriously it’s like you pay no attention at all, Walcott’s not completely useless, he hasn’t been ‘dogshit for 5 years’, or whatever other bollocks you want.

    But him saying he wants to play up front and people using that as a reason for him not signing a new contract is clearly rubbish, he can finish, he has pace and he has had decent stats for the last 2-3 years, but he’s nowhere near as good as he thinks he is.

    That’s what I’ve always said, you just interpret it for what you want.

  43. Lordbergkamp

    Totally clear that he’s lost the team. They won’t play for him anymore.

    Sagna should be dropped. Verm should be dropped. Will they? Will they fuck. They’ll play next game, and rest of squad will see that an inept performance has zero consequences. I mean could you see old red nose putting up with those performances? Would he fuck.

  44. Paulinho

    Keyser – Our midfield was fucking shite last year as well with that big fat tranquilzed buffalo in the midfield as well so not sure why now it’s such a big concern to you.

    Your view of what a defensive midfielder should do getting skewed by the said big fat buffalo deserting central midfield and attempting 50,000 lofted throughballs in the hope a few would come off.

    The main problem is that players ahead not being good enough in the first place, not Arteta trying to be another Song. Although I agree he is too cautious.

  45. Joppa Road

    Whoever’s fault it was the buck stops with Wenger. We are so far behind the likes of Man City, Man Utd and Chelsea it’s untrue.

    Please get this fkin board and manager out. They are a disgrace. I don’t mind the result when I see we are at least up for it and trying. Today I lost count of how many challenges we bottled out of (JW the exception). It nothing short of pathetic.

  46. gambon

    “Come on Gambon, be real, a front 6 of Santi, Jack, Arteta, Podolski, OXO and Walcott is easily enough to beat Southampton, cant be Wengers fault all the time!”

    Its Wengers fault that they play every game without rest

    Its Wengers fault that we have no alternatives to throw on if they play badly

    Its Wengers fault that they can play terribly and get a payrise and a pat on the back

    Its Wengers fault that they know they wont be dropped regardless, so theres no motivation to play well if its a tough night

    Its Wenger fault that our only option to save the three points is a headless chicken cunt that cant kick a ball properly

  47. Harry Redknapp

    i agree the players should take more responsibility but wenger should be more critical instead of hiding them behind excuses. and as for Tv he is not any kind of leader he did not even demand better at one point durin the game

  48. bergkamp63

    HerveDeNerveJanuary 1, 2013 19:34:22
    bergkamp63January 1, 2013 19:28:06Wenger did, but surely a midfield of Jack, Santi, Arteta & Podolski are good enough to beat Southampton???????? Cant be Wengers fault all the time, its the players today

    Two of them are squad players & two of them should not be at the club at all !!

    So yes, it IS Wenger’s fault !!

  49. HerveDeNerve

    Gambon, yes, we know all that, but the quality of players that we have compared to theirs, still should mean that even without a manager we should be wiping the floor with Southampton tonight

  50. K.C.

    ENOUGH fucking lies already. Anybody with the gift of sight and a brain can see Wenger has complete control of this team. He is picking the players he wants on the field and in the transfer market. I’m sick of you idiotic Wenger apologists trying to defer the blame away from the man really responsible. Kroenke bought this team to make money not footballing decisions. Wenger Is the problem.

  51. Keyser

    Paulinho – It’s hilarious the lengths you go to, I told you how poor the midfield was last year and you were quoting bullshit stats like we’d never won a game without Arteta, where’s those stats now, I almost feel dirty gloating but you just refuse to accept how wrong you were.

    Song’s long gone, he’s off doing a ‘kLEB’

  52. bergkamp63

    HerveDeNerveJanuary 1, 2013 19:42:08
    Gambon, yes, we know all that, but the quality of players that we have compared to theirs, still should mean that even without a manager we should be wiping the floor with Southampton tonight

    We probably would if our Manager did tactics and had a plan B ?

  53. Arsenalone

    1 step forward,2 steps back.

    Piss poor again saints deserved to win.

    As said above city,Chelsea,Swansea,Liverpool.hammers. It’s gonna get messy
    I bet Bayern are fucking shitting them selfs

  54. maroc

    i think we are the only team to benefit from the afcon. . . we lose gervinho! i wish some1 class can come on instead. was impressed with luke shaw though, would like to see him in gunner red. sagna was terrible. . .

  55. bergkamp63

    Harry RedknappJanuary 1, 2013 19:42:11
    i dlike to know which 2 of jack santi pod and arteta are squad players, they are the best we have

    Jack & Santi are squad players the other two should not be at the club.

  56. Keyser

    “One club continually produces talent from their academy, guess which one.”

    Come off it, we’re playing with two of their biggest talents. Which one would you rather keep ? Walcott, OX, or Wilshere.

  57. Simon mcmahon

    Once again on New Year’s Day the red and white circus comes to town! What a fucking joke !!! Seriously bar jack who on our team gave a fuck today !! That was another Norwich display from wenger s clowns! Seriously this team and manager clearly show a don’t give a fuck attitude!! No fucking passion,no fight, no tactics, this was a team third from bottom FFs people.
    This fucking clueless money grabber is taking us backwards in hyperdrive, midfield is to fucking small , obviosly lacking physical power , playing with no real wingers out wide and Sagna and Gibbs are offering nothing with crosses,.

    Why the fuck we bother with corners is beyond me we create fuck all when we get them. We really need 5 quality ready made players now ,not more overpaid young prospects.
    Even with a fit diaby which is a fucking rarity we have no power and thrust, people judging giroud , take a look at the fucking supply to him today and for most of the year from our fullbacks, fucking shit,

    I really hope the forehead stays in Africa a fucking disgrace of a player who thinks he,s messi and plays like a 6year old!

    Wenger out!!!!!!!!!

  58. HerveDeNerve

    Are you lot trying to say that them players who played tonight need Wenger to give them tactics and ideas on how to beat relegation fodder like Southampton?? Stop making Wenger the scapegoat here, the blame lies solely and squarely with the players tonight and you know it

  59. K.C.

    Wenger is the Manager of the players. It is his job alone to get the players up and motivated. If he can’t do that, and he isn’t, then he is FAILING at his job!!!! Wenger Out.

  60. jlp

    Arteta,Walcott and Ox
    certainly not world class
    Poldolski and jack closer but not world class
    Cazorla is the only one and then there’s the defence.
    Awesome, as always.

  61. Honest Bill

    I don’t think the midfield really had a hope in this game.. Walcott just didn’t move enough in the middle, and the wide players had no space, so the midfield didn’t really have anywhere to go with it. And then in the second half the plan was clearly to go 442 and use the wings, but Sagna kept duffing his crosses, still hasn’t learned to cross and he’s a wingback…

  62. Keyser

    HerveDeNerve – Come on mate, be fair, let it go, people are just beyond being fair, and you can blame Wenger for the cause of frustration at least at the moment.

  63. bergkamp63

    HerveDeNerveJanuary 1, 2013 19:46:40
    Are you lot trying to say that them players who played tonight need Wenger to give them tactics and ideas on how to beat relegation fodder like Southampton?? Stop making Wenger the scapegoat here, the blame lies solely and squarely with the players tonight and you know it

    Sums up a lot of Arsenal fans these days !!

    So now we don’t need Managers at all. Why do we pay them exactly ?

  64. marxdrive

    I get board of saying It but we don’t have the strikers to play with one up top. Giroud and Theo are both suited to a 4-4-2.

    Buy big or change system………………At least use 4-4-2 as a plan B

  65. jlp

    What a fucking drag it is having to endure ‘Wengerisms’ after a game.
    Deserves a fucking smack across his face.

  66. Paulinho

    Keyser – I was responding to your nonsense about Song covering for Arteta’s deficiencies, which was complete and utter bollocks. Both are mediocre players but I would take the Spaniard any day over that dope of a footballer.

    Gloating about what?

    I suppose I’ve been gloating at you for years about Wenger. Of course your such a thick twat you still can’t accept it.

    “Hopefully he knows”

    Ha ha, you dipshit. You’ll never learn.

  67. Arsenalone

    Herve the nerve
    The manager chose those players that let Arsenal down,the manager mate.
    Our squad has not enough quality,the only quality we had the mad French man sold to our rivals.look who we had on the bench,Ramsey,Gervinho,Chamakh.

    Meaning our best players look jaded and tired,meaning we rub them in to the ground and end up getting injured,
    Those very players the boss purchased. Are now on the way to helping the boss lose he’s job (hopefully)

  68. Joppa Road

    Underestimated Southampton he said?

    Fck me I watched them play Stoke at the weekend and knew they would be tough. How the fck can he say that and not be sacked – gross misconduct again.


    Pedro will be defending it in the morning.

  69. Jamal

    When will Wenger learn.

    Why should we underestimate teams. Are we Barcelona?

    If Losing to fucking Bradford didnt change anything then i dont know what will.

    Wenger is a fucking cunt.

  70. Dan Ahern

    Did anybody see Arsene post-game? He looks defeated. Ill even. I mean… he looks bad, man.

    I always laughed off gambon’s mental illness jabs, but they might not be that massive an exaggeration.

    I feel bad for the guy.

  71. HerveDeNerve

    Wenger didnt say HE underestimated Southampton, he was hinting that he hoped our PLAYERS didn’t, he cant be blamed for tonight, no way!

  72. Keyser

    Paulinho – Hahaha, there it is, let loose mate, you don’t have to dress it up anymore. You know the truth hurts.

  73. bergkamp63

    He said WE,

    If you look that up in a dictionary (assuming you can read ?), it means US !!

    i.e Himself & the players !!

  74. maroc

    hopefully AW and the board see that several signings must be made now. we must clinch a top 4 place or this will be the darkest and bleakest year in arsenal history.

  75. telarse

    Totally sick of shortarse impotent midfielders!
    All of them were shit today – Jack included!

    Theo’s not a centre-forward, Ox is not a winger, Pod is not a winger, Arteta is not a defensive player.

    It’s not their fault they’re shit in these positions and or team plays like it did today.

    I like all those players – even the ball control-less, decision making-less Theo!

    Wenger hasn’t got Barca players and Arsenal is not playing in La Ligua so FFS buy power, height and strength to win midfield battles and let Cazorla or Ox or Pod take it from there!

    Fellaini in today’s team ahead of either Cazorla or Jack would have made a huge difference in our favour.

  76. kwik fit

    Wenger: “We were not very good offensively, we didn’t create enough chances. I felt we lacked sharpness and desire”

    The old fucker has just admitted that his team lacked DESIRE.
    Your team had No Fucking Desire Arsene? Do my ears deceive me, you’ve just said your team had a lack of Desire!
    You should walk for that admission.

  77. Joppa Road

    Keyser…not at all. He had fck all service tonight and Wenger refuses to go 4-4-2 against relegation fodder. Theo has the talent to play there but he needs service. The whole fckin team barring JW was shocking and the blame lies with Wenger.

    To be honest I’m ending up hating the team, the fans – it depresses the fck out of me.

  78. Arsenal 1886-2006


    I personally feel that Walcott would have progressed further under Fergie or most other top managers, Ox is still young and will hopefully improve, though he may well have to leave to get the proper coaching he deserves.

    And I was talking about how Southampton continually turn out good young players, their academy has been on a par with West Ham for decades.
    We on the other hand have not really produced good homegrown talent since Don Howe and George Graham. Most of our youngsters under wenger have come from other clubs at 16-17 years old, not what I would consider genuine products of our academy system.

  79. Paulinho

    Keyser – Our midfield was shit last year and it’s shit this year. What are you gloating about exactly?

    Just come to terms with your own stupidity first before attempting to get above your station.

    You’ll be going on about Wilshere’s attitude next.

  80. HerveDeNerve


    You know I can read and I know you can too….

    So, why don’t you go upstairs and spoon the cheese off of your cock and then feed it to your mum!

    I’m off to watch the darts….Bye!

  81. Keyser

    Joppa – He needs service because he’s not a good striker, he basically needs someone to give him a defence splitting ball with 40 yards to run into it. He can’t hold the ball up, he isn’t good in tight spaces, doesn’t have the best shot on him and can’t do any of the things he did against Newcastle consistently.

    The formation doesn’t matter at all.

    With the fans ? Mate that’s childish, I don’t hate you even when you type up the kind of things you did about Walcott.