Adrian Lopez smoke has some fire | Cazorla commits verbally | Alex Song – voted worst signing!

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Welcome to 2013… the Mayans said this year would never come, what do they know eh? We took on the calendar and demanded another year. Well played world, well played.

So, football. What have we today bar an absolutely atrocious hangover and a shed load of bo*locks chatting shame from the night previous?

Well, we’ve got the hilarious news that French President Hollande is pushing for a 75% tax on top earners. Honestly, can you think of a more ridiculous policy? Such a crowd pleaser in any country.

‘Ahhh, the rich are bastards, lets tax them the most because they owe the rest of society’

Good luck with that one France. I’m not sure how many countries in the world thrive from punishing the rich, but I’m pretty sure that unfair taxation isn’t the way to go. From a footballing perspective, it’s certainly not going to help Ligue One kick on. In fact, it could easily bankrupt clubs if they’re forced to take care of their players tax. Gabriel Marcotti reckons the hike in tax, if pushed through, will increase PSGs wage bill 50%. For Ibrahimovic to take home the same as he is now, they’ll need to pay him a whopping €825,000 a week! Wow…

Still, bad taxation laws certainly present an opportunity. Any player based in France this summer with a half decent agent will be looking to move to a country that won’t hammer their stars wages. Time to start putting the feelers out Arsenal… PSG are loaded with great players as are a number of other clubs like Marseille and Lyon. I think the rumour was that our top tax rate was going to come back down next year? So again, the UK becomes more attractive to free spending footballers and French businesses looking to move over.

In other, more mega LOLZ news, Alex Song has been voted the second worst signing of the summer by Spanish paper Marca.

Barcelona paid 19 million euros for the Cameroonian to solve their problems in midfield and to help out in the centre of defense. So far, he’s helped neither one thing nor the other.’

A big fat ouch… how humiliating. The last person I remember winning that award was Alex Hleb. Where’s he playing now? Totally hilarious. Geoff will love that. I love that as well. When he was at Arsenal, over the last year, he was reportedly quite an obnoxious guy to be around. Apparently he’d regularly make reference to the clubs he could be playing for, he also disrespected the clubs fining policy (for being late for training etc). His ego clearly inflated by his entourage and agent. Well, now what does he have? A place on the bench every week… when he’s not hanging out there, he’s playing as a centre back. Bad times. Being a bit part player in a great team surely can’t be that satisfying if you’re a man of any ambition?

News of an Adrian Lopez bid has hit the newsfeeds. Now, I don’t know the veracity of the story, however, that name has been mentioned a few times and I think it might just have legs. He fits the bill in so many ways. Firstly, his contract is up at the end of the season, so we’ll get him on a very good deal. He’s only 24, which is young enough to improve, but old enough to be classed as experienced. He’s also quite out of favour. Wenger used to love picking off talented players who’d lost their way. The fact he’s going after Lopez in this way excites me, you’re talking about a very talented player if he comes good. Things haven’t really worked out this season. He’s often used on the wing because let’s be honest, who’s going to get in the team ahead of Falcao? He’s only managed 4 goals in 18 appearances… last year he did pretty well, especially in the Europa cup in which he managed 10 goals in 15 appearances… which ultimately led Athletico to the final. His total stood at 23 in 49 games… he doesn’t suffer fitness problems.

The other reason he makes ‘Arsene sense’ over Demba Ba is that he’ll come in for less than £100k a week. He’ll have a fully working set of knees and he can play outwide and through the middle. Essentially, by signing Lopez, you’re giving Theo every opportunity to stay on in the middle. Demba Ba would probably stifle that ambition. Wenger is opting for versatility over specialism, which rarely seems to work out, but there you go. Michu came from Spain last year with a similar goal scoring record, look how he turned out…

From what I’ve seen of him, he has great feet and superb control. He looks like he has a burst of pace, though far from electric. Considering what Wenger said about Ba being similar to Giroud, I’m surprised he’s looking at Lopez as he also looks very similar to the Frenchman. For a Spaniard, he’s very good with his head and he certainly has the ability to sniff out the second ball in the box. All in all, I’d welcome him…

Become an expert like me…

There’s a nice interview with Santi Cazorla on

“But I think that with Arsenal, I was offered an opportunity that I could not turn down, being 27 years old [at the time], it was like a train that I had to take, and I am very satisfied.

“I am learning a lot, I am adapting more and more as days go by, and my aim is to learn the English game, and hopefully I will spend some good years at this club.

“I really enjoy the league, the atmosphere at the stadiums, the respect of the people, their kindness, it is incredible.

“Regarding the collective, we have dropped some points, and we hope that from now on we can all improve. That is what we all want, to see Arsenal further up the table.

“It has been a positive year for me. It is true that there are always ups and downs throughout the year, that is normal, but if I look everything that I have achieved, everything that I have experienced, I am very satisfied.

“I have achieved great things, I am still growing as a football player, and for next year I will aim for more of the same, to be successful with Arsenal, and to continue learning and growing every day.”

What shines through from that interview? When you hit 27, you’re generally entering your best years as a player. Arsenal don’t pick up enough players around the age where they’re looking to settle. Cazorla isn’t going to push for a move in the next few years unless things go really badly. That gives Arsenal an element of stability there. If we can add more players like him in January and start building a team we can rely on being together for more than a season, maybe we can start to actually progress rather than slowly regress.

Today we have a game against Southampton away, it’ll be a 1730 kick off, so plenty of time for people to get some sleep in!

Team news looks pretty positive. No Diaby, as ever, but bar that, we’ve a full squad to choose from. I personally can’t see the boss making many changes from the team he put out against Newcastle. That Boxing Day rest has meant we don’t need to rotate, which is always a good thing. Southampton shouldn’t be taken lightly, they’ve given plenty of good sides headaches this season. Things aren’t really rubbing the way of Nigel Adkins teams and hopefully they won’t tomorrow. That all depends on who turns up. It’s Arsenal roulette. If the team fancy it, we could end up dishing out another mauling. If the team don’t fancy it because Southampton are a side you could easily take a complacent attitude against, then we’ll struggle and probably concede a couple of goals.

For me, I’d like to see an attacking perfromance as adventurous and bold as the one against Newcastle, combined with an early season resolute defensive display. Is that too much to ask for? A clean sheet and 7 goals? Maybe. A win is all that really matters. We need to continue to build on the sequence of winning games we’re putting together. It’s obviously a special game for Theo Walcott and Alex Chamberlain. Hopefully those two can show Luke Shaw what life could be like. Half of me wants him to get ripped a new one… the shame of that will be that we’ll all be put off if that happens! Ahhh… what a conundrum!

Anwyay, I’m sure it’ll be an exciting game whatever happens.

2013 eh? We’re deeply excited about writing another 365 posts for you… from what I can see, we’re the only daily Arsenal blog that attends the games, goes to the AGMs and makes most of the supporter group meetings. Tune in for more of the same this year!

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  1. buchi

    Happy New year to Geoff,Pedro and all faithful Grovers.Thank you for your insight on our Great Club Arsenal.You have kept the Dictators on their toes all year round.Legrove is like my morning shot of caffeine to get me through the day.Lets hope Wenger serves up some crazy exciting surprises over the next few days to kick on in 2013.

  2. Al


    Adrian Lopez is a different player to Giroud…in the sense that he is faster especially his first couple of steps to get away/infront of players, doesn’t really play with his back to goal/or hold up play as much and he thrives on his movement and making runs in behind centrebacks ….

  3. jay

    Wenger could move into his Paris flat
    By Myles Palmer

    Southampton and Arsenal will both score.

    Especially if Gibbs plays as he did in that 7-3 victory over Newcastle, who had lost seven of their previous nine games.

    I backed Arsenal to win but it was 1-1 at half- time and they didn’t go two goals ahead till the 84th minute

    By then Newcastle had run out of gas, after playing three days before while Arsenal rested and sharpened up.

    Theo Walcott and Giroud then blew the Magpies away with some thrilling goals.

    In truth, Arsenal got a bit lucky.

    The Walcott contract situation is a joke, an embarrsment, a shambles that has made Arsenal a laughing stock.

    How can any club talk about building a core of British players but lose Theo Walcott on a free?

    Apparently, in July the club told Theo to sign or go – and if he didn’t sign he’d be dropped.

    Wenger does contracts, transfers, training, all media – everything.

    Will Brian Marwood join from Man City?

    To me that looks like a Gazidis idea. The club must claw back power, bit by bit .If they don’t do that soon, Arsenal will continue to fail.

    Wenger has bought a luxury flat in Paris and it’s whispered he has a clause to walk at the end of this season.

    We don’t know exactly what that clause is. It might be: If Arsenal finish fifth, I can go.

    With Ben Arfa and Cabaye back soon, Newcastle should be OK.

    Demba Ba is on £20,000 a week and another £20,000 if he plays, as he has a knee condition.

    I reckon Newcastle want the £7m transfer fee ASAP. That’s why Pardew said Ba’s agents are sharks who want £2m commission when their man moves.

  4. Danny

    So we’ve reached January 2013 and Wenger’s still here.
    FFS. Enough is enough.

    Happy New Year to all Gooners – even to the AKB’s…..I guess.

  5. Arsenalone

    Happy new year pedro and Geoff.

    That boy lopez looks good be a great sigining if its true.

    And would help cazorla settle in to the English life.

    What sort of money is this boy gonna cost

  6. Lurch LeRouge

    Ready for the pelters but I recon Zaha would have more impact than Lopez. His experience of the physicality of the Championship might yield dividends faster., we really need a tricky wideman who stays wide.

  7. higz

    Happy new year all. Surprised we aren’t moving for holtby who will be free in summer. There are so many players who can improve our squad that are available

  8. marxdrive

    Arsenal end their ‘ambition-less, no trophy plan’ in 2014 and what striker’s do they want to carry us into the next 3 year plan?

    Theo ????

    Is the next phase of the plan to challenge for the title or are we content with the Wenger cup?

    Mancini has 3 quality strikers, a wild card and still he tried to get RVP.

    Man U have two strikers sitting on the bench that are of the same caliber as our starters.

    And to truly take the piss, Lopez could end up being Theo’s replacement.

    At least he scored 10 goals in the Europa league. That should help when our ambition takes us there.

  9. bankz

    Happy new year Pedro and all le grove gooners..hope this year be the one we all get our desire for AFC. A trophy and an ambitious board who’d do the right thing with Arsene.

    I totally disagree with you on that. Lopez is twice the player Zaha is at the moment and has been tested on the big stage. I follow la liga alot and I’ve followed Lopez since 2010. He won the golden boot in the U23 world cup 2 seasons ago I think.
    He is talented and a good retainer of the ball. He’d be massive for AFC if signed. Zaha is maybe an Ox or a tad higher than Ox but don’t compare him to Lopez( and before you ask,I follow Zaha alot too ever since we got linked to him earlier this season).

  10. Radio Raheem

    Happy New Year guys.

    The team will benefit from the players posters have suggested but I think what we need is a ‘brain’ someone who can control the pace of games and give us direction. Or a player when combined with what we have yields the same results.

  11. El Tel

    Arsenal one

    Hi Mate.

    How can Lopez help Cazorla settle in England when Cazorla looks like He has already settled? It would be the other way round Mate.

    Arteta is guiding Santi at the moment in my opinion.

    Happy New Year Pal

  12. Relieable sauce

    Happy new year to one & all! 🙂

    1st new years day in a while that i don’t have a murderous hangover.
    I remember getting an early morning call one year from a mate, asking if i wanted to see Arsenal at the valley for the days early ko. I keenly excepted the offer, even though i would have to drive the 100ish mile round trip hungover & probably still over the limit. Anything to see the Arsenal.
    I don’t remember the scoreline but we lost with a whimper, Kanu & Parkers performances where a complete contrast & we just didn’t show up as a whole team. Still a great day though. I’ll always remember my mate going into full tourettes mode at anyone & everyone on the pitch whilst be seated in the Charlton’s players friends & family section. Hilarious to see the shocked faces around us but great to see a fan get completely lost in the game.

    Would also like to see us sign Zaha (& shaw also) but would like us to get 2 Belgians in, Fellaini the most popular, essential & therefore unlikely. The other is Mignolet, looks like a top goalie to me & he will surely be playing at a big club soon, lets make it us.

  13. El Tel

    The Mancs bench strikers are the same calibre as our main strikers.

    The New Year has started in the same vein as the last with ridiculous comments.

    So the Mexican pea and Cleverley are great all of a sudden. Agree they are good quality but come on.

    Werent they looking at Walcott too? Why if they have better or the same on the bench?

    The thing is Citeh didnt sign the traitor and if they did then they would have outed one of the four supposedly great strikers they already have.

    Did the traitor choose the scum because He might have struggled to get in the Citeh team?

  14. Gav

    The same ones (Gambon) saying Zaha over Lopez are the same idiots that Said Kagawa was a better signing and Player than Santi Cazorla when we bought him.

    All in all, People that know nothing about football and just say things to have a pop at the club when they have not seen the player play

  15. gambon

    “Did the traitor choose the scum because He might have struggled to get in the Citeh team?”


    Alcoholic El Tel starts 2013 as he ended 2012, talking utter bollocks.

  16. marxdrive

    El Tel

    Who said Cleverly?

    I think you mean Welbeck.

    Man U wanted Theo as a winger. He would not replace RVP or Rooney as first choice striker.
    So If it was as a striker he would be a bench option. Much like Lopez and Giroud.

    The RVP comment was alluding to the ambition shown by City.

  17. kwik fit

    Happy New Year Grovers.

    News coming through that Arsenal have cancelled fee talks with Palace to take Zaha, United now the most likely. Zaha agent not told why sudden loss of interest.
    Well I can tell Zaha’s agent.
    Arsene Wenger is a cheapskate who doesn’t do price wars.

  18. sixx pac

    As is the norm, whenever a player is seriously linked with us, the experts of the LeGrove comment section deem him shit. Plenty of you have never even seen Lopez play

  19. marxdrive

    sixx pac

    “Plenty of you have never even seen Lopez play”

    Who called him shit and told you they have not seen him play?

  20. Cesc Appeal


    Wenger’s whole ‘you should want to play for us and no one else, and not for the money’ you know, like he leads by example on that front, is really irritating.

    That’s why they won’t attempt Sneijder or Villa, or even go in for Nani because they’ll be shown up for what amateurs they are in the transfer market.

    If a certain Uzbek was in charge right now, players we’re being linked with would be quite different.

    TalkSport have done the 10 most exciting young talents in Europe for 2013 – how come we’re not linked with any of them? Not seriously.

    We’ll never buy youth that has the biggest chance of being a star, for a club that says ‘we make stars’ we always seem to buy a whole truck load of cheapos knowing out of the 30 bought 2 or 3 might cut it. But it’s OK because all 30 only cost us £4 Million.

    So we can then sell those 2-3 for a combined total of £100 Million and make £96 Million profit so Stan can buy another ranch.

    Nothing will be any different this window. People are saying ‘Arsene has realised’ blah blah

    We said that last year.

  21. Arsenalone

    EL TEL
    The manc strikers are the same calibre as our lol lol lol.

    Mate what was you drinking last night,come on tel ffs,we have a in form Walcott who is playing shop window football.

    Giroud v RVP. Fail
    Rooney v Walcott. Fail
    Hanandaz v chamakh. Lol lol lol
    Wellbeck v gervinho. Lol lol lol

    Come on tel

  22. sixx pac


    No its not. And you know it. I wonder what the comments would be if we were linked with Michu last summer…

  23. sixx pac


    Well obviously they’re not gonna say they haven’t seen him play but seeing a few youtube vids is hardly enough to deem a player shit. Admittedly, the reverse is also true.

  24. bankz

    Sixx pac!
    You are so right with that was the same with cazorla over the summer. Lots of grovers called him cheap and this is someone I had watched 2 seasons prior to that(as I’m a big fan of the la liga) and outside barca & madrid,he is about the best player that excites me.
    Giroud is also a player I’d give my words on.watched him through last season in montpellier.if he settles in,y’all will see the beast he is. He is confident and scores great goals.
    As for lopez, I’d have him twice over zaha….more experienced and has been tested in the big stage(I know the europa league isn’t the UCL)..

  25. gambon

    “was the same with cazorla over the summer. Lots of grovers called him cheap”

    Lol, you dont know what youre talking about.

  26. marxdrive


    If the game is not being shown live on TV in your country there are plenty of ways to see the full game of pretty much any league game.

    I like a lot of people on here watch far too much football and If a player in the German, French and Spanish league’s is linked with Arsenal the chances are we have seen them to some degree. Lopez has been linked with us for ages and I for one took a keen interest.

  27. bankz

    Gambon……its a new year..and I don’t seriously need to take that statement of yours serious.
    I bet I will have witnesses on this blog who remember you slating him for not being a Mata/Hazard…..I remember vividly.
    You said yest’day,you’ve only watched Lopez maybe twice and here you are writing him off. Its not like we are sure Wenger is going to sign him but I repeat,I will have Lopez at Arsenal twice over Zaha….you know why, because I have seen him play for over 2 seasons and I have seen Zaha play too for some half a season or so.

  28. Radio Raheem

    Pulis must have a good sense of humour assembling a team of avatars. He used to play Etherington and Pennant, now he’s just on some eugenic-type experiment.

  29. gambon


    1- Mata is a far better player
    2- Hazard will be better than both
    3- Adrian is very average

    Top strikers dont score 1 goal with every 8.5 shots.

  30. bankz

    Stoke City passing the ball around like thEy are Barca….they’ve really improved their rugby playing tactics this season.

  31. sixx pac


    I think its Pedro who coined the term the other day. IWHIP. Not for one second am I saying you are an IWHIP but whenever a player is linked a lot of people come out with the “I’ve Watched him play” line.

    Btw, what would your comments have been liked had we been linked to Michu in the summer?

  32. bankz

    Like I said Gambon,its a new year and we may end up not even signing him so I am not getting into a fight with you.
    You said, you have only seen him play twice and yet write him off…that is enough for me not to take anything you say on Lopez serious..not even the stats you obviously would pull all over the place.
    If we sign him, then we can fight over who is better between zaha & lopez.
    Zaha may end up being another overhyped english/african player but with lopez, I am certain he’s going to deliver.
    And for cazorla and Hazard…I will take Cazorla over Hazard anyday anytime.
    Throw in Mata & I will have mata instead…but at least you know now,Cazorla isn’t shit because he didn’t cost £25mill.

  33. Dream10


    Cazorla is a terrific player. We got him for a ridculous bargain. A player of his quality. However, if Malaga would have asked for 20million, I highly doubt he be playing for the Arsenal.
    Wish we got Borja Valero as well.

    Adrian Lopez a Freddie Ljungberg type?

  34. tippitappi

    Thats twiced they’ve duffed barca with signings in recent times makes up for the Cesc shafting , GOOD. Its no reverlation as to wonder which side will turn up today but this could be one of those howelers that is bound to happen befor the seasons end it the current Arsenal way still fingers crossed but no more no more being sucked in but we know they should win so 2 1
    Whats this about wonger & PSG if he WAS to go the club must be very careful of him wasting money on wenger type fanciful duds difficult situation as we do need recruitments

  35. Zen Warrior

    Arsenal have pulled out of the Zaha talks.. No reason given to Zahas agent….
    Is Wally gonna sign.. Can be the only reason surely

  36. marxdrive


    How much does he cost?

    Can we get better?

    M’vila is available how does he compare?

    Can he play in our system?

    Why does he cost only £2m?

  37. bankz

    I know we got him for a bargain fee but like I said, I already much about him before we signed him. So I never made comparison with another player because he cost us way below his market value.
    I just rated him on his talents and 2 season knowledge of watching him play.
    Its united’s title to lose,I still see them struggling once/if RVP gets injured.
    Unless Man city falls apart,they’d be right there to pounce at anytime as the season continues.

  38. gambon

    I guess El Tel was right

    No way RVP, with his 63 goals in the last 77 games could get in the City team


  39. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    rvp has put his injury days behind him now, it must have been late growing pains, good luck to him he deserves a medal for last couple of years.

  40. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    have any of you tried marstons resolution beer? its absolutely lovely, really is a good light tasting beer,

  41. Zen Warrior

    Wenger said RVP wasn’t a greedy person.. He went to Utd. For less money than Citeh offered.. For ‘footballing reasons’…

  42. marxdrive


    Seeing as your one of the people who have also watched him play.

    Do you think he’s better than what we’ve got?

    Do you think we can get better?

  43. Relieable sauce

    I’m just hopeful with it being silly season we can offload some of the dross. There’s plenty of desperate teams out there that need to take a gamble & a chamahk or Arshavin could be the difference for a QPR or Reading.
    Wenger needs to get rid of the injury prone, undelivering & overpaid average players or we will remain hamstrung when or IF going for the top players.
    Signing a couple of kids for 20 mil & 50 k pw & not selling anyone isn’t really gonna help us.
    I will watch with great interest but sadly not much hope whilst Wonga remains.

  44. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    There are two types of posts generally. One that’s thought out and logical and then there’s the emotional type..

    This one is emotional.

    When I read this I want to smack someone from the club full in the mouth. Many times. And then club them with a lump of Oak.

    “His first touch when he took control of that ball there was world-class and I don’t use that term lightly. There were two mistakes in the build-up but there was also a bit of magic from Robin van Persie.” Pat Nevin BBC 5 Live

    “Manchester United striker Robin van Persie reminds me so much of his countryman Dennis Bergkamp. He moves towards the ball in a decoy manoeuvre that defenders always fall for and then just curls it into the back of the net, a sensational goal.” Garth Crooks, on Final Score.

    Plus Twitter in overdrive over his goal.

    When you have one of the three best footballers in the world you do everything in your power to keep him. You don’t replace him with other footballers costing 15m or less unless you uncover the next Messi.

    I don’t care if he’s considered a cunt now. He was OUR cunt and our true world class player who we let go.

    Anyway, rant over. I’m not looking for debate. Just dumping some steam! Where else to do it but LG! Otherwise I’ll head out and look for some prick wearing an AON shirt and punch him!

    Next topic!

  45. Relieable sauce


    I know you were just ranting but i must agree.
    How all gooners did not demand wenger resigns after committing the mother of all footballing sins is deeply, deeply concerning to me.
    Are they Arsenal fans???
    No, in my humble opinion. Not really wolves in sheeps clothing but spuds in sleeping bags

  46. bankz

    You are right.this is my tweet just after he scored united’s second to the AKB’s on my timeline trying to play down the effects of his sale to united.
    “You break the bank to keep a gem(unless ofc a selling club like we are)you don’t see Barca ever selling Messi unless unresolved shit happens”
    You don’t pick world class players in the dustbin…especially after investing so much time,emotions,money and squad space on them. We stood by him for 6 seasons of injuries and he gets fit and you sell him for “footballing reasons”..c’mon.
    That’s why Theo’s sale would be another dagger in the back. We’ve invested too much on him not to reap the goods now that he is finally coming good.

  47. sixx pac

    Kushagra India
    January 1, 2013 15:31:18

    sixx pacc
    How many times you get abducted
    each year

    Haha happy New Year to you Kush

  48. tippitappi

    Selling VP was always an irresponsible piece of self endulgent business by wenger and the other greedy tossers for money reasons, good business for footballing reasons by manure not sure how gadzoots saw it that way for us but theres plenty here who are happy to be fed the lies and they know it

  49. peanuts&monkeys

    @Sixx and Marx, i had followed LG intently during the summer. I cant remember having read that kinda comment about Cazorla. You guys are stubbornly trying to support the senile French’s decisions by slinging mud at unknown enemies.
    The only footballer that is making a difference in this EPL is the player who was making the difference for Arsenal last year. Agree on that? If there ever was a capital punishment for such an act Wenger would have breathed his last by now.

  50. sixx pac


    Undoubtedly we can get better players than Lopez. That’s not the point I’m making. The point I’m making is that he is not shit and at this moment he’s twice the player Zaha is.

  51. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    the list is too long to print for those that need to go juniors included, but surly top of the list is diaby! am i right in thinking that he is out of contract this year?

    how is afobe doing at bolton getting chance? what abou ryo, not getting a look in is he?

  52. peanuts&monkeys

    @ Pedro

    A lot of grovers can’t figure out why you are so obsessed with Song????? Are you trying to proclaim Wenger’s astuteness in the selling market by taking potshots at Song and Barca’s poor decision making?

    The only footballer that is making a difference in this EPL is the player who was making the difference for Arsenal last year. Agree on that? Would you want me to open up gaping wounds in all our hearts (even in yours) about the RVP issue?

  53. leon

    happy new year to all i think any signings that may happen will very much depend on if they can off load chamakh aa sculachi dj off there wage bill these are players that just dont play at all so it makes sense to off load them. however until the club changes its tranfer polocy and wage cup there hands are tight on the level striker they can get

  54. marxdrive

    “@Sixx and Marx, i had followed LG intently during the summer. I cant remember having read that kinda comment about Cazorla. You guys are stubbornly trying to support the senile French’s decisions”

    I have not mentioned Cazorla at all today……………..You can’t get today’s comments right, let alone every comment In the summer….

  55. Cesc Appeal

    What do you rekon about a triple raid on City?


    Sinclair and Lescott would go for peanuts and both have been told they can leave? Decent enough players?

    Rodwell I think could be levered away, they bought hiim then bough Garcia and now want De Rossi?

    All play in his position.

    I rekon you could get all three for £25 Million…probably less.

  56. marxdrive

    sixx pac

    That all depends on what your looking for. Compared to Gervinho he’s not shit but compared to Falcao he Is.

    Yes he’s better than Zaha now but we would buy them for different things. Lopez would be an integral part of the team where as Zaha would be an apprentice.

  57. Nick

    I love the news about the Song vote! Possibly proving the reasons we let him leave. A DM who doesn’t want to play defense and most likely has a very lazy work ethic & attitude toward training. I honestly think if you aren’t Spanish & Catalan you shouldn’t even think about playing for Barcelona.

    For me Santi has been the best signing we’ve made in a very long time. I think he’s been remarkable and will Only get better as we go. Once the rest of the players have finally caught on to his genius and are truly hearing the symphony he’s conducting the opposing defenses won’t stand a chance.

    I truly hope we sign a Spanish striker like Alvaro Negredo or Llorente. I hope Chamakh, AA23, Djourou etc find new homes and Theo gets himself a nice new contract to see out a long number of years playing alongside all the other Arsenal youngsters who’ve signed new contracts. We need to keep our core of players together for the long haul if we’re gonna have the type of success we want.

    Happy New Year fellow Gunner!!!!!!!

  58. sixx pac

    Well you put any forward player bar a few, against Falcao and it doesn’t really hold does it? Atleti wouldn’t have got to the Europa finals last year if it wasn’t for Lopez.

    Are you really sure Wenger would buy a 20 year old Zaha as an apprentice when we had an 18 year old Chamberlain starting against Milan?

  59. Zen Warrior

    I’d just like to start the new year in a positive light..

    Wenger is a cunt… There I’ve said it..!!’

  60. sixx pac

    Radio Raheem
    January 1, 2013 16:41:11
    Marca is a Real Madrid biased paper I
    won’t put much weight in their
    assessment of barca players.

    Song was 2nd, Modric was first. Not all that biased.

  61. marxdrive

    I used Gervinho and Falcao as extremes. I hoped you would get the point.

    Llorente Is available on a free at the end of the season and compared to him Lopez is shit.

    Make no mistake OX is an apprentice. Nowhere near his full potential.

  62. Harry Redknapp

    i wouldnt call zaha an apprentice, he has played 100 first team games . ox should never have been a apprentice either, not a starter but not treated like a baby. he has gone backwards.

  63. marxdrive


    “A person who is learning a trade from a skilled employer”

    In football the employer can also be another player. OX and Zaha have not yet learnt their trade. i.e the finished article.

    Enjoy the game boys.

  64. Harry Redknapp

    well end of the day an apprentice should not be put under pressure. wenger took ox from a enviroment where he was learning and then stopped him playin for best part of a year. apprentice is more chuks aneke than ox.


    Crystal ball says,AFC gonna do a 4..6..9 ,and sign Unree to help Wally boy settle in to his new position(part of signing agreement).AFC will then put out a statement which Arsene will mouth ,that they will be making significant signings this summer.

  66. Al

    I remember gambon telling everyone on legrove that kagawa was a better player than santi cazorla and would prove a better signing .. Even though people who have seen both told him santi was on another planet to kagawa, he still professed to anyone that knew nothing about the players that kagawa was the better player

  67. Harry Redknapp

    but which players are good and better than others is down to personal opinion, whats happened to kagawa aint heard his name for a while?

  68. gambon


    You might wanna check your facts you lying cunt

    Stop getting angry cos you were shown up as a clueless prick yesterday!

  69. Relieable sauce

    Lets hope Ramirez doesn’t know how shit at stopping long shots Sir Chesney is.

    2-4 to Arsenal, Walcott & Girooooud to score again! : /

  70. gambon

    Same team again

    Its a total embarrassment that Wenger has no idea how to rotate and ALWAYS runs his teams into the ground.

  71. Al

    LOL i was really shown up in a civil debate with two people who have different opinions on a player.

    Regulars will know you said that so don’t get angry with me because you actually said something as stupid as Kagawa being a better player that Santi…

  72. Evan

    Wenger does run players into the ground, they did have boxing day off and they didn’t train Xmas day, they are fresh, no requirement for rotation today. Come on Arsenal

  73. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Reliable sauce; Bankz.

    RVP was an exceptional case. It was time for exceptional solutions!

    Rooney expresses his ‘discontent’ at Utd. Within 2 weeks he was on a new contract and 250k! Now if that was Nani or Anderson or Carrick etc Fergie would have helped them pack their bags and kicked them in the arse on the way out.

    He recognised that they simply must keep Rooney. And did. RVP has outperformed Rooney this season and last.

    Players like Nasri are replaceable ultimately. Robin should have been the catalyst for significant change in our wages policy. 6 years after our move, generating huge income AND the board had the knowledge in Aug that the new deal with Emirates was in the pipeline. They announce after that deal that we are now on the way to being the best! Eh.. Hold on… You could have demonstrated that with RVP. Pricks.

    We could have paid him. It might have taken some hard decisions to let others go (theo for example) and to trim back on other rises.. But..
    He was too good to let go.. And to fucking Utd! arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 🙂

    Personally I would have called in his agent and said: “There’s 2m in this for you mate if you convince Robin to stay with us!” 😉

    With Utd without RVP, us with him, Cazorla et al and 1-2 more top class we could be up there challenging.. Well closer than 19 fucking points with 2 in hand anyway!

  74. iffy da goon

    Six pzc its not just reading, they seem to be playing better with more confidence.

    Anyway the game is off to a slow start as usual….don’t remember the last time arsenal had a good first half

  75. FCArsenal

    “Alex Song has been voted the second worst signing of the summer by Spanish paper Marca.”

    That’s sad for a player who is genuinely a complete midfielder, good in attack and good in defence.