Adrian Lopez smoke has some fire | Cazorla commits verbally | Alex Song – voted worst signing!

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Welcome to 2013… the Mayans said this year would never come, what do they know eh? We took on the calendar and demanded another year. Well played world, well played.

So, football. What have we today bar an absolutely atrocious hangover and a shed load of bo*locks chatting shame from the night previous?

Well, we’ve got the hilarious news that French President Hollande is pushing for a 75% tax on top earners. Honestly, can you think of a more ridiculous policy? Such a crowd pleaser in any country.

‘Ahhh, the rich are bastards, lets tax them the most because they owe the rest of society’

Good luck with that one France. I’m not sure how many countries in the world thrive from punishing the rich, but I’m pretty sure that unfair taxation isn’t the way to go. From a footballing perspective, it’s certainly not going to help Ligue One kick on. In fact, it could easily bankrupt clubs if they’re forced to take care of their players tax. Gabriel Marcotti reckons the hike in tax, if pushed through, will increase PSGs wage bill 50%. For Ibrahimovic to take home the same as he is now, they’ll need to pay him a whopping €825,000 a week! Wow…

Still, bad taxation laws certainly present an opportunity. Any player based in France this summer with a half decent agent will be looking to move to a country that won’t hammer their stars wages. Time to start putting the feelers out Arsenal… PSG are loaded with great players as are a number of other clubs like Marseille and Lyon. I think the rumour was that our top tax rate was going to come back down next year? So again, the UK becomes more attractive to free spending footballers and French businesses looking to move over.

In other, more mega LOLZ news, Alex Song has been voted the second worst signing of the summer by Spanish paper Marca.

Barcelona paid 19 million euros for the Cameroonian to solve their problems in midfield and to help out in the centre of defense. So far, he’s helped neither one thing nor the other.’

A big fat ouch… how humiliating. The last person I remember winning that award was Alex Hleb. Where’s he playing now? Totally hilarious. Geoff will love that. I love that as well. When he was at Arsenal, over the last year, he was reportedly quite an obnoxious guy to be around. Apparently he’d regularly make reference to the clubs he could be playing for, he also disrespected the clubs fining policy (for being late for training etc). His ego clearly inflated by his entourage and agent. Well, now what does he have? A place on the bench every week… when he’s not hanging out there, he’s playing as a centre back. Bad times. Being a bit part player in a great team surely can’t be that satisfying if you’re a man of any ambition?

News of an Adrian Lopez bid has hit the newsfeeds. Now, I don’t know the veracity of the story, however, that name has been mentioned a few times and I think it might just have legs. He fits the bill in so many ways. Firstly, his contract is up at the end of the season, so we’ll get him on a very good deal. He’s only 24, which is young enough to improve, but old enough to be classed as experienced. He’s also quite out of favour. Wenger used to love picking off talented players who’d lost their way. The fact he’s going after Lopez in this way excites me, you’re talking about a very talented player if he comes good. Things haven’t really worked out this season. He’s often used on the wing because let’s be honest, who’s going to get in the team ahead of Falcao? He’s only managed 4 goals in 18 appearances… last year he did pretty well, especially in the Europa cup in which he managed 10 goals in 15 appearances… which ultimately led Athletico to the final. His total stood at 23 in 49 games… he doesn’t suffer fitness problems.

The other reason he makes ‘Arsene sense’ over Demba Ba is that he’ll come in for less than £100k a week. He’ll have a fully working set of knees and he can play outwide and through the middle. Essentially, by signing Lopez, you’re giving Theo every opportunity to stay on in the middle. Demba Ba would probably stifle that ambition. Wenger is opting for versatility over specialism, which rarely seems to work out, but there you go. Michu came from Spain last year with a similar goal scoring record, look how he turned out…

From what I’ve seen of him, he has great feet and superb control. He looks like he has a burst of pace, though far from electric. Considering what Wenger said about Ba being similar to Giroud, I’m surprised he’s looking at Lopez as he also looks very similar to the Frenchman. For a Spaniard, he’s very good with his head and he certainly has the ability to sniff out the second ball in the box. All in all, I’d welcome him…

Become an expert like me…

There’s a nice interview with Santi Cazorla on

“But I think that with Arsenal, I was offered an opportunity that I could not turn down, being 27 years old [at the time], it was like a train that I had to take, and I am very satisfied.

“I am learning a lot, I am adapting more and more as days go by, and my aim is to learn the English game, and hopefully I will spend some good years at this club.

“I really enjoy the league, the atmosphere at the stadiums, the respect of the people, their kindness, it is incredible.

“Regarding the collective, we have dropped some points, and we hope that from now on we can all improve. That is what we all want, to see Arsenal further up the table.

“It has been a positive year for me. It is true that there are always ups and downs throughout the year, that is normal, but if I look everything that I have achieved, everything that I have experienced, I am very satisfied.

“I have achieved great things, I am still growing as a football player, and for next year I will aim for more of the same, to be successful with Arsenal, and to continue learning and growing every day.”

What shines through from that interview? When you hit 27, you’re generally entering your best years as a player. Arsenal don’t pick up enough players around the age where they’re looking to settle. Cazorla isn’t going to push for a move in the next few years unless things go really badly. That gives Arsenal an element of stability there. If we can add more players like him in January and start building a team we can rely on being together for more than a season, maybe we can start to actually progress rather than slowly regress.

Today we have a game against Southampton away, it’ll be a 1730 kick off, so plenty of time for people to get some sleep in!

Team news looks pretty positive. No Diaby, as ever, but bar that, we’ve a full squad to choose from. I personally can’t see the boss making many changes from the team he put out against Newcastle. That Boxing Day rest has meant we don’t need to rotate, which is always a good thing. Southampton shouldn’t be taken lightly, they’ve given plenty of good sides headaches this season. Things aren’t really rubbing the way of Nigel Adkins teams and hopefully they won’t tomorrow. That all depends on who turns up. It’s Arsenal roulette. If the team fancy it, we could end up dishing out another mauling. If the team don’t fancy it because Southampton are a side you could easily take a complacent attitude against, then we’ll struggle and probably concede a couple of goals.

For me, I’d like to see an attacking perfromance as adventurous and bold as the one against Newcastle, combined with an early season resolute defensive display. Is that too much to ask for? A clean sheet and 7 goals? Maybe. A win is all that really matters. We need to continue to build on the sequence of winning games we’re putting together. It’s obviously a special game for Theo Walcott and Alex Chamberlain. Hopefully those two can show Luke Shaw what life could be like. Half of me wants him to get ripped a new one… the shame of that will be that we’ll all be put off if that happens! Ahhh… what a conundrum!

Anwyay, I’m sure it’ll be an exciting game whatever happens.

2013 eh? We’re deeply excited about writing another 365 posts for you… from what I can see, we’re the only daily Arsenal blog that attends the games, goes to the AGMs and makes most of the supporter group meetings. Tune in for more of the same this year!

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  1. Relieable sauce

    I’m starting to warm to the idea of wishing death upon this imbecile.
    These endless lame excuses aren’t acceptable from a man that is paid 7.5 a year to make sure these fundamental mistakes don’t happen.
    The bod’s failure to sack him is also a failure of AFC & all it stands for.



  2. Ché C Cheriton

    If you think Walcott isn’t a good player then it’s not me who is clueless it’s you lot.

    So bollx, we are shite, our manager is shite, our board are cunts, our fans are mostly sheep – we deserve all we get.

    I’m off to watch the darts.

  3. Keyser

    Paulinho – What is Arteta exactly good at ? Penalties ?!

    Don’t turn this into tit for tat insults because your prides been hurt, let it go.

    Arteta was a good player about 3-4 years ago, good not exceptional, and now all tha I’ve said is being shown, it’s nothing against Arteta, it’s not even about your pathetic defence of him, I just can’t understand why you clearly favour him over others.

    What were you saying about emotions ?!

  4. gambon

    Walcott is a good player, hes no centre forward, and i dont understand this obsession he has with copying Henry.

    he wears 14, he wants to be a CF, he wants to take free kicks even though he cant.

  5. Ché C Cheriton

    Mark Bright
    BBC football pundit on Radio 5 live
    “I have seen Arsenal a lot over the last few years and this is the worst I have seen them play. Their passing was terrible, they were shambolic today on the ball.

    “This is supposed to be a team that is competing to finish in the top four. I think Tottenham and Chelsea are stronger, Arsenal have left themselves too much to do.”

  6. Keyser

    Joppa -“If you think Walcott isn’t a good player then it’s not me who is clueless it’s you lot.”

    Difference between being a good player and not a good striker, Like I said I thought you were genuinly taking the piss on Saturday, because anyone who’s watched Walcott regularly would know what he does well and what he struggles with, overall it’s consistency.

  7. bergkamp63


    I have said many time on here Arteta is not even average, it’s al sideways or backwards passing with him.

    A real manager would have got Fellaini (which I called for in July 11) and not Arteta.

  8. Poldobi

    Van Persie: “This is a special team. I feel like I’m surrounded by champions. They know how to win & that makes it really easy for me.”
    Says it all!

  9. Paulinho

    “Don’t turn this into tit for tat insults because your prides been hurt, let it go.”

    Ha ha, cause you know you would get absolutely mullered.

    Once again cannot answer question because you have nothing to answer with,

  10. Keyser

    Arsenal1886-2006 – I think the coaching things bollocks, Walcott isn’t consistently shit, or good, he’s just inconsistent, his finishing, his movement, and his intelligence have obviously improved, he just struggled to put it together.

    We’ve got two of Southamptons biggest products. Which one’s good enough for us ? Wilshere could be the only one we’ve produced and he’s one of the better players in the country.

    Who did we produce under Graham or the rest that came through every stage of the club.

  11. kev

    fucking city chelsea west ham and pool in the next four games. could all end in tears. we could well be in 7th by the end of the weekend – joke of a season so far

  12. Bade

    Happy new year Grovers

    Kudos to Geoff & Pedro for the daily blogging & the great info & chance to debate the Arsenal throughout the year

  13. Deano

    What a boring game that was ! We created virtually no cha ces. There was no leadership, no guts, physically weak. With our fragile squad, it was always going to be a season of ups and downs. I think that the only way of exacting change at the club is to stop attending matches. Those dedicated fans who travelled to St Mary’s today must have been wondering which Arsenal would turn up today – well it was the mediocre one ! Another 2 points dropped in our quest for CL football next season and a tricky cup tie on Sunday – our struggles continue.

  14. Stu2323

    What a despicable person RVP is,we have stumbled to our level now,I think we will finish 5th or 6th.
    I expect no stellar signings in Jan,and Wenger to go at the end of the season,afraid like the recession,we are going to wait at least 4 years before we start to improve.
    I have the horrible feeling we are going to turn into Villa,with SS not putting any funds in.
    Oh well,I shall be forcing myself to have a break from our beloved Gooners as I dont think my wife can cope anymore.
    Thanks Wenger for your interest in our affairs!!

  15. Keyser

    Paulinho – Mullered ? Hahah, by you ? The man who still pines after Hleb.

    What question ? What do I have to gloat about ? I told you how limited Arteta was and you sat there saying that we’d never won a game without him, you sat there saying he was about to hit his physical peak, that you’d wanted him for years, this great ball playing midfielder that’d instantly take us to the next level.

    Seriously what does Arteta do ? Bar the odd penalty ?! Why would I get mullered ? You’ve been a bit of a loon for yonks now.

    Think back to the weekend, you said ‘Walcott’s been dogshit for 5 years’ and then questioned my objectivity.

    It’s like you have no self awareness at all.

    At least I know when I’m reacting emotionally. Are you doing it now ? What’s this hold these players have over you ?!

  16. EG Smith


    FFS Man, we just sat thru that shower of shit and then I get some right wing political bullshit on your blog. Worry about their crosses, not their fucking taxes. This isn’t fucking Lazio mate.

  17. Paulinho

    Keyser – I’ve explained numerous times my defence of Arteta was in response your embarrassing assertion that Song was covering for his deficiencies. I don’t I actually ever said he was a great player and actually said he was limited at the time of the original discussion.

    So I ask again, what are you gloating about?

    Try and answer the question numbnuts.

  18. LeMassiveCoq

    @ Marxdrive 19.58..

    I totally agree. I only watched a few glimpses of the last 25 minutes, and I am not saying this for effect but every time I looked at the screen Gervinho either fell over, got tackled or passed it to the opposition, culminating in passing it to their CB from a potentially goal scoring break down the left wing. I basically swore at the TV and walked off, because that silly cunt is not good enough for the reserves.

  19. Keyser

    Paulinho – It’s the natural tone you take because you can’t carry your argument any further, and you become childish.

    Song was basically the only defensive midfielder we had and ended with 15 assists, Song’s long gone, what does Arteta do exactly ? That’s all you have to answer and I understand why you can’t.

  20. kwik fit

    AW on transfers: “We are looking everywhere. We are open-minded. We want to strengthen the squad everywhere. We are finding it difficult to find the right quality at knock down prices”

    Arsene…… ever thought of throwing in an extra lager and packet of crisps.

  21. gambon

    Thank fuck for that, for the first time in 16 years Wenger has said “Yes im looking for players” rather than pathetically trying to protect his failing players.

  22. Paulinho

    Keyser – It’s the natural tone because you are a certified lunatic who I’ve long given up having a normal discussion/debate with. It’s also more fun just winding you up and you trying to pretend like your all calm and “just asking questions” like some curious newcomer to the game. “Residual oddity” is what Radio said, and it’s quite an apt description,

    “Song was basically the only defensive midfielder”

    Pity he wasn’t very good at defending, and yes by that, I think Arteta is better positionally, reads the game better, is a cleaner tackler, and in general puts the team before himself. We’re pretty solid at the moment, despite our whole attack being completely impotent. Get the attack sorted out, Arteta’s role becomes easier and he suddenly looks more effective.

  23. kwik fit

    talkSPORT understands Arsenal have dropped their interest in Wilfried Zaha – because Theo Walcott is set to sign a new deal.

    Thats the official line. The real reason is because Crystal Palace would not accept Wenger’s 500k offer.

  24. Keyser

    Paulinho – Come off it, the sites a means to an end for both of us, don’t pretend you’re above the petty and trivial because you thrive on it.

    Arteta is weaker, just as slow, he’s not a clean tackler, he’s just a weak one, he can’t impose himself at all physically so has to pick and choose the moment to go to ground, which as you’ve seen in the last 5 games is almost never because he can’t get close enough to a player or in good enough a position to do it.

    We’re not solid at all, Arteta isn’t quick enough to help out defensively, which is why Cazorla drops deeper and deeper, and he’s not quick enough to push forward so there’s no connection to the attack.

    He’s literally doing nothing at the moment bar scoring the odd penalty.

    Solid at the moment ? It’s the same as last year, Arteta’s role needs to be easier because he can’t handle it.

  25. Relieable sauce

    Is this part of the polar shift thing?…..we turn into tottenham & vice versa.

    It is definitely happening

  26. Paulinho

    Keyser – I never claimed to be above it. It’s all fun and games. Your unbelievably tedious inquisitive innocent act is is so fucking transparent though so I suggest you just cut the crap in that regard.

    All the rest of your guff is just conjecture. Cazorla played in deep midfield for Malaga last year against Madrid, so there’s no way of proving that he’s dropping deep because of Arteta. In recent months everytime he gets the ball in advanced positions he loses the ball. One of the biggest reasons for coming deep is lack of confidence/ability to protect and transition the ball in tight areas. Hence why Ramsey does it continually.

  27. Relieable sauce

    Serious question if anyone can help. At 40 mins in the 1st half when TW was taking a free kick on the left wing, the crowd were chanting “Theres only one ?????? ??????. IT wasn’t Arsene Wenger as far as i could tell, anyone know what it was?

  28. Keyser

    Paulinho – It’s how you percieve it, it usually takes a few posts for you to resort to insults because you’ve been left with nowhere to go. Or read on.

    I mean seriously you’ve been coming up with stuff like you did on the weekend for yonks now, I indulge you, we’ve probably been here too long and in fairness I should just be outright abusive to start with because you see the same arguments time and again.

    It wasn’t new found objectivity on the topic of Walcott, it’s that people seem to be soo frsutrated now that they’ll say anything, or they genuinely expect to see a notable change in a player from one game to the next. How do you ‘make it’ as a striker because of one game ?! or Even several.

    Guff ? Mate, we started off the year as a team that made the most tackles from one game to the next, Seriously this is desperate for you now, Arteta’s barely made any tackles the last few games, watch him ffs, he runs in bursts realises he isn’t getting anywhere near the ball and then jogs to hold position hoping others can get back in time in numbers.

    Cazorla might’ve dropped deeper to look for the ball, not half as much knowing Arteta and the midfield were going to struggle. Arteta is a passenger right now, and a passenger in a pretty poor team, he’s not helping and he doesn’t know how to help himself.

    Heh, funniest thing is this is the type of annihlation you’d provide as genuine opinion of a player. It still doesn’t get through to you.


    Keyser and Paulinho are at it,Theo, the team and coach are shit once again,doom and gloom abound.Ahhhhhh the club of come to depend on to disappoint me,follow that with no aquisitions…..i’m home.

  30. Craig

    Pedro, as always, great incisive analysis on the team and the game (writing this after the Southampton debacle). However, please stick to the football – your increasingly ill-informed and, in some cases, stupid rants about politics is not why I come here everyday.


  31. Paulinho

    Keyser – So it’s how me, SDE, and Radio ‘perceive’ it?

    Yeah right.

    You are a bit touched mate. Accept it, self awarness and all that.

    You’ve just repeated the same unfounded conjecture about Arteta AGAIN.

    We nearly always start off the year with the best this the best that, and it all goes to shit. You’ll never learn,

    “Hopefully Wenger knows”

  32. Paulinho

    “you’ve been left with nowhere to go”

    We’re usually left with nowhere to go because you can’t substantiate a single word you say.

    What were gloating about again?


  33. Keyser

    Paulinho – Conjecture ? What like he’s about to hit his physical peak ? Or just downright lies in that We are ‘Solid at the moment’.

    Ask whoever you want how ‘Solid we look’.

    Fucking hell mate, it’s bad enough to try to lump yourself in with others. It’s me you’re talking to, I know how obsessed you get with players and you’re just following the same cycle.

    Anyone out there want to agree with the notion that we look ‘Solid’ ?!

  34. Keyser

    Oh shit wait you put ‘Pretty’ in front, so another little Paulinho special, fuckall point, but enough ambiguity to work your way out.

  35. Paulinho

    Keyser – Solid considering that we have no attack or ability to keep the ball high up the pitch, so we have to deal with the breakdown.

    Do try and show basic knowledge of the game for once.

  36. Paulinho

    Keyser – Oh wait, you misinterpreted something again and made a massive dick of yourself!

    You have quite a knack of doing it.

    Oh look, I said “quite”!

  37. Doublegooner

    Just got home from a wasted day out watching that shit.

    Whose the cunt – Me or Wenger ?

    Answer – Both !

  38. Keyser

    Paulinho – Haha, yeah we look ‘pretty solid’.

    We can’t keep the ball anywhere in midfield, we either score leaving our midfield vacant, or we concede because we’ve got players like Arteta just running aimlessly around.

    Basic knowledge should tell you how weak Arteta is and that all you’re doing is providing him with a crutch unless you replace him.

    Think we should end with ‘pretty solid’, you can continue by trying to get people to agree with you.

  39. Paulinho

    Keyser – Kooking for a way out as usual.

    “Hopefully Wenger Knows”

    Maybe that will replace the “Arsene Knows” banners the Emirates.

    You tit.

  40. Jeff

    Whatever we say and however we analyse it, the one simple plain truth of the matter is that we have neither the team nor a manager that is capable of taking us to where we want to be. We can discuss and argue about individual players, their performances their skills, contracts and transfer rumours till we go blue in the face but it’s really all very inconsequential when in the final analysis we all know that the club’s greatest aspiration at the start of any season is to finish fourth and you can tell how uneasy lies the head that wears the crown because this time even that lowly target is beginning to look remote.

    The squad is bursting at the seams with average to below average players. None of them look like they’re ever going to improve. It’s not really a matter of just adding a player here and a player there. We have serious problems all over the pitch and AFC has no idea how to proceed. I don’t think we can remedy the shortcomings without a complete overhaul and that is about as improbable as us signing one single world class player; never mind that we need about six. We can only watch as the raft meanders helplessly toward the falls.

  41. Keyser

    Paulinho – ‘You tit’

    There you go mate. Don’t worry.

    ‘Paulinho thinks we’re Pretty Solid’

    The kind of thing you say just before your doctor tells you, you need more fibre in your diet.

    ‘Pretty Solid’.

  42. charlesbronson

    I think Wenger has to go now, its clerar the players aren’t playing for him.
    There is no way we should struggle to beat relegation teams like today.

    I think he has too much power, and I don’t think Stan & Ivan will shed any tears when he goes.

  43. Zeus

    I honestly fell asleep. When I opened my eyes I closer to the end, I was so confused. This black guy was subbed (he looked like zaha) and I was perplexed. How the hell are we playing Palace

  44. Samir

    I can guarantee you all that we won’t win anything or challenge the top teams until something BIG changes.

    Finishing where we deserve to finish this season will do us good. I.E. 7th.
    Hopefully both Wenger and Kroneke fuck off at the end of the season…

    Usmanov comes in…Sacks Hill Wood and Gazidis and starts again.

  45. charlesbronson

    Kronke cannot be that stupid not to invest in the squad to at leadt keep us challenging for a CL place?

  46. Zen Warrior

    He’s got that 30+m from Sky coming.. Takes some of the pain away from missing out on CL… I don’t give 2 fucks about what they got or lose, money wise.. As long as we’re above those fuckin Spud cunts

  47. goonerboy

    Making the rich richer in the vain hope they will invest some of their money in this country-then hammering people on benefits-clearly hasn’t worked here- not unless the aim was to go back into recession.
    At least the French actually voted for these measures.
    Maybe they learnt from us.
    No the French have got it right-the very rich caused the GFC and can afford to pay- more especially PSG.
    When it comes to football:
    Whats clear is that our midfield just does not work-the team and the formation, Wenger plays, is regularly overrun by any organised, large tough outfit. If our forwards lose possession we have no one in midfield who will win it back. We need more than one-and playing the current 3 far more sparingly in their right positions.

  48. salparadiseNYC

    Sir Alex Ferguson: “Robin (van Persie) is a completely rounded footballer. He has great international experience, he’s played for Arsenal for seven years and he came to us at the very peak of his career. We knew we were getting a top player who would make a difference to the team. That is why we went for him. His ability to make and take goals is fantastic.”

    Added salt to the festering wound that is the Arsenal 2012/13 season.

  49. SG_Gooner

    I think the RVP sale would ultimately be the downfall of Wenger. That lure of $24M was ultimately too much for our club’s management. For sure, his replacements have been decent but his competitive sprit and wonderful touch has sorely been missed in this season, not to mention his last minute winners. I don’t anymore hate him for going to Man U. He totally deserves to be in a team of winners. Pity it was not Arsenal. I think Fabergas leaving pretty much meant that RVP was not signing any extension. I feel that dithering over Mata cost us dearly as he was the closest replacement for Fab. Ah, life of Gooners is full of What Ifs nowadays…

  50. iffy da goon

    Dithered over mata, then signed the wonderful Gervinho who keeps falling over his own shadow. Wonder what Wenger’s legacy will be when he’s gone.

    Frankly i couldn’t care less who comes in this window

  51. iffy da goon

    SG gooner i don’t see how i can get over the rvp sale when the guy keeps scoring goals, and not getting injuries that plagued his arsenal career. I just want him to be done and retire but i know that will be a long wait. I suspect he will go on scoring till he’s something like 36 years old or beyond that even.

    It was obvious to the world and his mother when Rvp was being sold that the player is one of a kind. Top 5 in Europe. His first touch is beautiful, better than Lionel Messi’s. The way he curves the ball is beautiful. He practically takes points from teams regardless of how much fight they bring to the game. There is no other footballer i can think of with the technique of van persie. Only Arjen Robben comes to mind i guess.

    In my mind Arsene Wenger needs to resign for what he has done, there is simply no forgiving or forgetting this van persie issue until someone pays dearly for it.

  52. dennisdamenace

    The unforgivable sin is that Wenger sold RvP to ManUre, totally unforgivable in my mind.

    These fuckers love a £ too much, everything else is subservient to that. They have no sham, no scrupples, no morals when it comes to ensuring their personal salaries and bonuses.

    RvP (i am told) changed his mind at the last minute, and wanted to stay. Whether there is truth in this is neither here nor there. The guy had a year left on his contract, make him stay, even if he had no intention of re-signing. Make the decision to leave and go to ManUre his and his alone. Come away from the contractual debacle that is our management team with some credibility.

    The simple truth is that we (Wenger) made the decision to take the money at the expense of strengthening ManUre, utterly unforgiveable, fucking shameless.

  53. Gregg

    Wengers right in his post match comments; Lack of desire, lack of sharpness, creativity etc. How many times do we hear that ? You can coun’t the number of times a season on one hand that either Ferguson or Moyes would ever bemoan desire. It’s an absolute given. Yet at Arsenal lack of desire is accepted,, no punishment, no dropping to the bench. Yesterday was shambolic but it’s modern Arsenal – this is what we are, The bench full of average players with no desire to improve or to get in the starting eleven. Modern Arsenal. Could Arshavin have given us more off the bench than two players that we brought on ? again though, Arshavin has been happy to not contribute. This is the squad that Arsene built and whilst I have some sympathy on the resources front, there is no excuse for continually getting outplayed and outworked by sides that have a fraction of our resources and that have had to play their ‘A’ team more than we have.

  54. gambon


    It has got to be just about the worst decision in the history of top flight football.

    We scrape CL football by 1 point, entirely due to RVPs outstanding performances, and Wenger decides to sell the best CF in world football to a (former) rival, to make them the best team in the country.

    My own personal opinion is that Wenger is an egomaniac, and there are 2 reasons he constantly sells top players.

    1- He refuses to let any player earn more than him
    2- He refuses to let any player overshadow “the great Wenger”

    Lets face it RVP was the main man at Arsenal last year, he became bigger than Wenger, so he had to go. Ditto for Cesc & Henry previously.

  55. dennisdamenace

    Gambon – Don’t forget it was for ‘footballing reasons’…….. you couldn’t make this shit up could you, footballing reasons, what to weakend us and strengthen ManUre.

    That is singularly the biggest fucking piece of shithouse lying that’s ever come out of that fruad’s mouth. And, yet certin morons swallow it whole, it’s gospel to them, and they are as pathetic as last nights ‘performance’. A ‘performance’ that just mirrors the Wenger management style – insipid, lacking imagination, lacking pro-activity, lacking decisiveness, just fucking lacking.

    For me all of Wenger’s good work went down the shitter with his decision to offload RvP to ManUre, the bloke (along with Gazidis, Fox et al) is just a self-serving cunt.

  56. goonerboy

    Real Arsenal fans are enduring a torture by United- far worse than that of Stapleton.
    For selling Van Persie alone and failing to buy a replacement- Wenger should be fired- and the wanker AKBs who called this good business have no right to call themselves Arsenal fans. These wankers will call relegation a success if it means spending less money than Chelsea or City.
    Selling your soul for 24m- when you are a club with Arsenal’s resources is pathetic.

  57. gambon

    If RVP had stayed, and scored 19 goals for us rather than UTD, he would be fourth in the all time Arsenal scorers list on 151

    He would be closing in on, and certain to overtake, Bastin & Wrighhty.

    Infact, he almost certainly wouldve gone on to break TH14s record.

    This is the calibre of player we sold……our future record scorer.

    Wenger is an utter embarrassment.

  58. Mike

    Most amusing. I assume you believe, like that idiot Cameron, that people should get to keep most of what they earn and that people should not just sit on their arses getting money for nothing. Good so do I, The problem is mate that when you come out with a silly statement like “Ahhh, the rich are bastards, lets tax them the most because they owe the rest of society”. It is a total contradiction. With just a moments thought or a bit of basic research you will find that most wealth is made by rich people by sitting on their arses. People like Cameron and that other inbred, Osborne, inherited most of their wealth (or will do). Over 90% of wealth consistently sits in the pocket of less than 10% of people and gets passed from old public school boy to their children with no work having taken place at all.

    The problem is mate, you shouldn’t believe everything the Daily Mail tells you. Cameron says that people shouldn’t get money for doing nothing but swept under the carpet without a second thought, the idea of increasing inheritance tax. Most Conservative voters are duped by the idea that people like Cameron are helping them. People like Cameron only care about the few people who have real wealth and who actually control things. Let’s face it, if voting actually changed anything, they’d abolish it.

    As for your theories on taxation and football, Ibrahimovic, not unlike Cameron, shouldn’t be such a greedy bastard. How many Ferrari’s can one person drive at any given time.

  59. Jeff

    And I’m getting fed up of this Walcott saga about him signing or not signing his contract. What is the hold up? It is clear we’re going to need better players than Walcott to turn this season around anyway and yet here we are going round and round in circles as the precious window begins to close. Utter madness.

  60. Gunner2301

    Happy New Year everyone.

    This post is long so I’ll apologise for that now so skip it if you don’t like reading and don’t complain if you end up reading it!

    Where do we begin?

    For about 3-4 years now I have not attended any games. Why? Because I recognised a change in the ethos of the Club and the team Arsenal were putting out, the character or lack of character in the players, the glaring problems that were never fixed and the arrogance of a manager who pursued his own ambitions before that of the Club. Hence we saw players who were not nor ever would be good enough to pull on the shirt for Arsenal paraded in front of us and talked up by a manager in such an arrogant manner, who could not see further than his own nose in pursuit of his own agenda. The bar of quality was removed to allow him to indulge his favourites introduce inferior players that he pushed to promote and we have been declining ever since. Ask yourself honestly who out of the current squad would have been considered during our last years at Highbury and you get the picture. Jack Wilshire and I’m struggling beyond that perhaps a few more as squad players.

    I figured if I was going to speak out against it I couldn’t justify supporting the Club financially because our financial support is what is fuelling the madness that is going on at the Club. Finance or the starvation of it is the only voice that will make them sit up and take notice.
    I have steadily watched things get worse since then year on year. We have not only declined on the field but we have declined in our values to a point that I have no idea what our club stands for anymore, not in footballing terms anyway.

    For years players have been trying to make us aware of what was going on at the Club but we were either too faithful to Wenger or too blind to see and castigated players who had some ambition for leaving calling them money grabbers amongst other things. Understand one thing. A players career is short. If you are going to make an impact you have limited time to do that i.e. your peak years. Would you stick around to support a cause which contradicts everything you have been taught about competing? i.e. 4th is a trophy, if we miss out on the CL it doesn’t matter, the Cups are mickey mouse, we’re not interested in them. Players want a glowing decorated CV to look back on when they retire. For sportsmen they are in it to win it not to participate or come off as second best, that’s what drives them to be the best. Wenger who did nothing as a footballer, has a much longer career as a manager so whilst he may want to pursue his philosophy this does not fit in with that of an ambitious player with limited time.

    So you see why players we have had with ambition looking for that decorated CV have realised that they would have to leave in order to fulfill that. In contrast to that you have players who have been plucked from obscurity thrown onto the biggest stage payed a fortune without proving anything, without being pressured to perform and can’t actually believe their luck, it’s like a perpetual lottery win every year they are there. These are the players who have no ambition are comfortable with that and don’t really aspire to anything other than the next pay cheque.

    Lets look at the RVP situation. He said before he left “Out of my huge respect for Mr Wenger, the players and the fans I don’t want to go into any details, but unfortunately in this meeting it has again become clear to me that we, in many aspects, disagree on the way Arsenal FC should move forward” so the explanation why he is leaving. Now we get another message from RVP “I feel that I’m surrounded by champions. Everybody wants to help each other. Everybody’s keen for everyone to score. Defenders are working their socks off for the midfielders, the midfielders are working for the strikers. Everybody wants to run and everybody has one target in their mind”. He is basically laying out the contrast between a Club like United who have the right footballing strategy, ambition and mentality with a manager who enforces these values and a Club like Arsenal where we have a manager who has no values or ambition whatsoever.

    I have been saying for years that Wenger had less to do with our successful years than some of us might think. People have laughed and ridiculed this saying I should give him some credit. I do but I give him the credit he deserves and no more. He with the help of Dein brought the players in he even changed some of them positionally, Lauren and Kolo come to mind, but I am very realistic in my recognition of the way in which the team worked previously and this was mainly down to key players who took charge of matters.

    Wenger told his players to (Cesc Fabregas) “Go out and play your game” directed at flair players particularly midfielders and strikers who were allowed to express themselves, Fabregas told us during the World Cup that he had never viewed video of the opposition until he went to the National team i.e. little direction from the manager. Wenger doesn’t do tactics according to Tony Adams and doesn’t say much in the dressing room at half time. So you have a manager who is pretty hands off when it comes to preparing for games and turning games around on match day.

    Do you know of any top manager who appears to be this hands off? You see Fergie at matches either sizing up opponents or scouting players and he’s the best. Wenger doesn’t feel he needs to why? Because we don’t really buy players from our league and he doesn’t care what the opposition will do on a match day because his teams are sent out to play the same way every time regardless of the opposition. You may call this arrogance or even careless, but the fact remains that this is what the man we are paying 7.5 mill believes is what is needed in todays game to be competitive.

    Do you see the difference between Wenger and other managers or lets just look at top managers on a match day? Mancini, Ferguson, Benitez, PeP, Maureen, You name them they are actually directing the game in-play. Yes IN-PLAY remember Ranieri the tinkerman, yes a little erratic but he recognised when something needed to change in a game and he would react to what direction the opposition manager was giving or what he was doing. Wenger doesn’t do this he will sit and wait regardless of what is going on and change on 65-70 minutes. This is a fatigue measure. He will rarely change to react to what is happening in real-time and if he does often makes the wrong decisions i.e. puts on a defensive player when we need a goal. His decision making has been shocking for years to a point where he is even being out smarted by the younger managers hence the results against smaller teams.

    So what’s happened?

    We Got rid of experience
    We let our standards drop and allowed anyone in
    We lowered the bar
    We failed to invest
    We had no strategy and no plan B
    We sold our best players instead of building on the quality we have
    We have been constantly re-building
    We rewarded mediocrity
    We sacrificed our principles
    We lost our ambition
    We tolerated complacency
    We failed to improve

    Wenger basically got left behind because he has not kept pace with changes as the PL has evolved.

    We all know the above is true so how can we fail to understand why we are where we are? There is nothing in that list that says we should be champions material or we are aspiring to be that quite the opposite.

    The truth is Wenger has lost his ability, partly because he has always been a weak manager, which works ok with disciplined committed, self motivated players as we have had in the past, but now he is faced with a new type of player who aren’t disciplined, committed or self motivated and don’t have some fundamental understanding of the game and has no idea how to instill these things in them. He has never been a great tactician and the game has got more tactical because of the small margins of error required between a win and a loss. Instead of delegating so he can focus on various aspects of the team he has grabbed more power in order to enforce his view of what the Club should be. What does somebody do who doesn’t really know how to do their job? They pre-occupy themselves with anything else but the job in hand i.e. their way of burying their head in the sand. Has Wenger not given this appearance over the years?

    Given we know all of this we cannot carry on supporting a manager who

    A. Doesn’t give the appearance that he knows what is wrong and how to fix it
    B. Keeps repeating the same mistakes over and over hoping for a different outcome
    C. Will not recognise that the lead for the team comes from him and if he thinks through his words and actions that 4th is a trophy, so will his players.
    D. Will not act decisively with under performing players
    E. Enforces a wage policy that supports mediocrity and has taken no steps to change this (with the latest round of contracts for nothing)

    We don’t need Wenger spending any more of the Clubs money, anyone coming in will continue to paper over the cracks. We should deal with the squad we have until a new manager can be brought in and give him that money to re-build because it will take years no less than the length of a contract 3-4 years to turn this around and cleanse the club of Wengers wasters. If we don;t make the CL or win anything so be it as long as change is happening. Maybe Kroenke will sell up to Usmanov and we can be competitive again.

    There are many managers out there who could get this team working better and build on this in future years to get us challenging, so this should not be an issue or anything to fear.

    We need to make 2013 the year we get our Arsenal back because what we have seen over the last 7 years is not Arsenal. Those who want change if you have a season ticket rent them out, boycott matches and make the stadium appear empty, don’t give them any financial support, starve them of the oxygen that is keeping this madness going. We have to start making the short term sacrifices for the longer term benefit if we want our Club back.