Two English left backs linked | Striker ruled out despite price | Theo looking good…

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Well good morning and welcome to the last post of 2012. Hey, you know that’s a lie. I’ll be writing a second one later today so you have something to digest tomorrow morning… if any of you are up for it of course!

So, what have we for you this morning?

Loads of exciting stuff. This window sounds like it’ll have at least one purchase attached to it… who that will be is a mystery.

First up, the stories that make little sense. The Mirror has us linked with Leighton Baines for £10million. How can anyone think we’re going to sign up one of the best left backs in the country after we’ve just nailed Gibbs down to an expensive long term deal?

No chance.

I think Baines is a very solid player, but bringing someone in to kill the career of a Wenger love child is a definite no…

A player I think looks entirely a possibility is the Southampton teenage left back Luke Shaw. He’s burst onto the Premiership scene this year amassing 10 starts. Pretty good going for one so young. He’s a talented prospect, and his English, which totally fits in with Arsene Wenger’s new, more racist strategy of recruitment. My hope is that this guy is actually really good… because as much as I admire Gibbs going forward,  I think he’s a bit of a nightmare at the back and I think he’s an injury disaster waiting to happen. Signing someone young and hungry that is capable of challenging is exactly what he needs.

In other news, things are hotting up on the Theo Walcott front. Three things are swaying me into thinking he’ll sign a deal. 1) All the rumblings are about the position over the monetary value of the deal (and there are no front runners making noise) 2) He’s a clever lad, I don’t think he has the sort of family around him that would sacrifice his football career for a big contract… ala, Nasri / Adebayor 3) His bestest mate in the whole work, Claus Lundekvam has come out and said he thinks he’ll stay on.

Think about it. Theo’s whole life is in London or further south. Name me a club that would have a requirement for him in a central striking role? I’m struggling. Chelsea, United and City are totally stocked there. Spurs is a no go. Newcastle and Liverpool are no goes… He’s in the best place to develop. If he stays, he’ll get his £100k a week and he’ll no doubt get a signing on bonus as well. It’s win, win… plus he’ll have  senior role in a squad that suits his xenophobic nature.

I might have the totally wrong… but fingers crossed.

In other news. Wilfried Zaha had a nice piece in the Daily Mail yesterday. I’m not sure how I’d feel about his whoring if I were a Palace fan, but football is football… you can’t expect to keep your best players when you’re in the Championship. According to the article, he’s a very down to earth type of chap. His brother recounts the time he refused to go to the swimming bar with his family in case he was tired for training the next day. He’s dedicated. No one turns down swimming otherwise. He’s also from an Ivorian background… I know, there was me thinking Zaha was a traditional Victorian name. Don’t worry though people… he’s still very much English… he fits the strategy.

If Theo moves into the middle, it makes perfect sense to bring in tricky wideman. I’m concerned that his stats are pretty weak. He’s playing for a top Championship side and he’s managed 5 goals and 3 assists in 25 appearances. Still, Adebayor had pretty poor tallies before he moved over. If players are physically able with good technique, we’ll probably be able to coach him into the player he needs to be.

Talk of Nani coming to the home of football is well and truly off. Ferguson described him as an ‘incredible talent’ and Wenger doubted the need of United to sell one of their stars. Interesting that the Portuguese only has 18 months left on his deal. Not often United get into those situations. I think it was slight fantasy to think we’d ever land him. Even if he was available for £20million, I highly doubt we’d have bid…

The Daily Hill-wood reported that we’re interested in signing Cabaye this January. Well, that’s gone to the wall with the news the French midfielder, is in fact, French. We don’t like those sorts anymore, so we’ll be turning our attention elsewhere. Jokes aside, he’s out until February. Chek Tiote is a bit of a beast as well, I’m just not sure he’s worth £20million for what he does… which, in a nutshell, is bulldoze people and have really long range shots.

There are still other options available. I’d love for us to move for Fellaini, even if it was to just upset the Everton apple cart. A cheeky £25million bid would turn his head and it would make the poor half of Merseyside seriously think about what they want out of this season. The big Belgian is without doubt the best player outside of the top four. Well, bar Luis Suarez…

Another player we could rekindle our interest in this window is Capoue. The Toulouse midfielder is another midfield general with under 21 pedigree. He’s a bit of a terrier and I’ve no doubt we could pick him up for a relatively low fee. Then there’s the old classic, M’Vila. Sure he’s had a few incidents, but who doesn’t like slapping teenagers who disrespect you? Sometimes, shipping people with discipline problems off to other countries works out well… Australia did ok, right?

The race for Demba Ba looks like it’s over before it’s begun. Chelsea are going to take the plunge which is a real shame. Wenger has ruled himself out because he’s too similar to Giroud…

‘He is a similar type to Giroud and you will see Giroud develop into that kind of player”

I’m not quite sure I’d agree with that? I mean, Giroud has his talents, but he doesn’t have the pace or mobility Ba boasts. I do hope the manager has other ideas with regards to strikers. I think we’ll be making a mistake just to stick with the two. If Demba Ba is the player we hope Giroud will be, is there any harm in having two that can bang in goals? We’ll always have injuries… and Theo will certainly pick them up. For me, £7.5m and a bolstered front line is too good a deal to miss out on… but you know how Wenger hates competition right?

The final Arsenal story is about Brian Marwood coming in as a Director of football. Mainly to solve our problem signing players. Now, I’m not sure of the history, but according to Geoff, Brian Marwood hates Arsenal…

‘Since he left Arsenal, every opportunity he’s had to talk about Arsenal, he’s slagged us off’

I’m pretty sure Mancini fell out with him because he missed out on a load of deals? I like the fact he’s an ex-footballer with experience in the board room, I just wonder whether we should be picking up someone who has been marginalised at City?

Onto QPR. Harry Redknapp is finally being exposed for what he is… a not so very talented manager. He’s looking for money to sort out the issues he’s inherited at his new club, which I find hilarious. Any manager worth their salt should be able to turn a team of talented players round. He’s started on a baseline of literally zero and he’s had hardly any impact. QPR were a shambles yesterday. If he can’t get the basics right, like shape, formation and effort… why would anyone give him money?

Highlight of the year?

I have two…

5-2 x 2 against Spurs!

Yep, we’re beating them 10-4 on aggregate at home this year, which amongst the nonsense we’re dealing with elsewhere is an absolutely beautiful way to end the season! I was there for both, I’m sure I’ll be talking about both games in years to come… Here’s my mates tattoo to commemorate the result in ink forever.

Anyway, a lovely way to see out the year!

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for swinging by every day… make sure you do next year as well!

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  1. maroc

    a friend has just told me this, i dont knw if its true but he was rite on a number of transfers. apparently zaha has expressed intrest in only joining arsenal but a 12m price tag has been lumped on him.

  2. maroc

    kwik fit, lol ! someone said that man u had a bid rejected, so my friends news dat he told me made sense and sounded true!

  3. Piotr Juszczyk

    “There will be business opportunities like never before,” ex-Liverpool and Tottenham director of football Damien Comolli told BBC Sport.
    “With the new £3bn TV rights deal starting in July, Premier League clubs have a clear vision of their income for the next three years and know they’ve got a big ability to spend a lot of money.
    “In addition, the rest of Europe is struggling financially. Teams in France, Spain, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy are all looking at the Premier League and saying, ‘You can have any of my players’.
    “I’ve never seen a seller’s market as it is now – you’ve got sides in Europe who are ready to write off their seasons and clear their wage bills. They are literally saying, ‘everybody is for sale’.”

  4. Joppa Road

    “I love it when you call me Big Poppa”.

    Pedro sounds like Reznuk and Ladyarse in this post. Liberal do gooder.

    It came late but comment of the year from Roaary.

  5. LeMassiveCoq

    My parting thought for 2012 is this.

    I played 6 a-side the other night, like i do every Thursday, but this time round i invited my mate from work who is actually pretty good compared to most of the old farts i play with. Aaaanyway, i played out of my skin, and our whole team moved the ball around quickly and had some nice touches…

    My point is…(something Arsene fails to see), is that if you bring in a player with a big reputation, who is world class (not like my mate from work…who is about conference standard at best.., but still better than the other muppets), then it raises other players games, because they all have an ego and want to impress each other the same as us mugs down the park.

    So please Mr. Wenger….spend some fucking MONEY.

  6. roaaary

    haha so easy to wind people up on here with some below the belt banter.

    anyway as if im a rapist……its easy to get kids to change their minds

  7. Dan Ahern

    Happy New Year LGers!

    You’ve helped make it a fun year despite our increasingly listless performances. Cheers!

    Here’s to hoping Wenger resolves to buy real talent this year.

    And Theo (and Bac too) — sign da ting!!

  8. sam

    Lemassive coquelin,

    you forgot the important part, marketing
    man utd spending 24 millions on van persie did increase their shirt sale ect…..
    if they can spend on neymar now will attract worldwide support, marketing and a chance to win something. i am begining to doubt wenger’s degree in economy.
    he totally fucked up club’s value by selling our best players and refusing to spend. right now they are haggling with theo and hanging on for few quids when his agent knows that they are also cashing in on his image, there are other clubs ready to pay him more and he will keep his image right. at least smart people would have given him a contract in the summer then sell him later now arsenal risks losing him for free.

  9. andy1886

    Waddya mean no signings yet???? For £7.5m I’d expect a freakin signing at 0:00:01 you lazy muthafecker!!!!!

    Seriously, only 30 days 22 hours and 47 minutes until we sign a 16 year old French-African prospect that no-one has heard of or ever will again.

    Happy New Year!

  10. Moray

    “A cheeky £25million bid would turn his head”. chuckles…

    happy new year, grovers. fuck them all. here’s to a Guardiola and trophy filled 2013!

  11. Dax

    AFC has won nothing since Jens the Mad German retired. While Szczesny shows great potential, we won’t win anything until we have a Top-Class Keeper. With Pepe Reina unhappy, I think we should snatch him while we can.

  12. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Hmm. Mancini admitting they were very close to signing RVP and that he is the current difference in the title

    . Well that puts down the toilet the notion that Robin would not have gone to City! Bollox to ‘he would never sigh for them.’


  13. Dream10


    RVPs agent Kees Vos was invited to a Man City match in February by the executives. He made up his mind long ago. That statement on his website just tried to put blame on the club

  14. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    You are probably right there, in that he made up his mind. However, it sickens me to see him in that red shirt. (with you there El Tel! 😉 )

    I’m still pissed at the club for allowing this to happen.. But it’s clearer now that Robin had pretty much made up his mind to go also.

    I was a bit on his side when he left.. Now having seen him sing ‘Glory glory Man Utd’ at their Xmas dinner I’be lost the man love for him! 😉

    We royally fucked up there. With him and Cazorla in the same team we could have been onto something with a few more astute signings..

    Oh well, 31 days of hope and prayers to come!

  15. goonerboy

    Happy new year Pedro- yet another insightful post. You manage to remain upbeat and philosophical despite Arsene Wenger and the club he manage’s best efforts to disappoint. Only the pathologically sycophantic can fail to seriously question his judgement.

    Lopez looks a very French kind of forward to me-clever, some skill, plenty of movement-but the question always remains how he will cope with the climate and physical intensity of the EPL-and most of all, the lack of protection from English football thugs . Saying that,he looks a better bet than Chamakh TBH. Nothing like the the worldie we need though.

  16. Gregg

    Roll on the 31st Jan to see if we make that signing. Hmm if he thinks Theo & Giroud are enough then he is seriously deluded. Perhaps he thinks Villa is on his way as he can play across the front three. Left back is essential as is a keeper. However keeping Theo and signing up a not overly talented bunch of british players will result in us hearing that the transfer funds have been spent on keeping what we have. How the team that stays together plays together and all the other favourite Wenger Cliche’s. Spare a thought for Gilles Grimandi as our current recruitment process is seeing us operate out of France, he could be on the dole this year. And Finally, no malice towards an ex player; It was Great to see Robin Van Persie had recovered from staring death in the face like he had. I was glad that Fergie rested him from an overly waterlogged Old Trafford the other day. As Fergie said “the boy could have drowned out there” – Happy new year folks