Two English left backs linked | Striker ruled out despite price | Theo looking good…

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Well good morning and welcome to the last post of 2012. Hey, you know that’s a lie. I’ll be writing a second one later today so you have something to digest tomorrow morning… if any of you are up for it of course!

So, what have we for you this morning?

Loads of exciting stuff. This window sounds like it’ll have at least one purchase attached to it… who that will be is a mystery.

First up, the stories that make little sense. The Mirror has us linked with Leighton Baines for £10million. How can anyone think we’re going to sign up one of the best left backs in the country after we’ve just nailed Gibbs down to an expensive long term deal?

No chance.

I think Baines is a very solid player, but bringing someone in to kill the career of a Wenger love child is a definite no…

A player I think looks entirely a possibility is the Southampton teenage left back Luke Shaw. He’s burst onto the Premiership scene this year amassing 10 starts. Pretty good going for one so young. He’s a talented prospect, and his English, which totally fits in with Arsene Wenger’s new, more racist strategy of recruitment. My hope is that this guy is actually really good… because as much as I admire Gibbs going forward,  I think he’s a bit of a nightmare at the back and I think he’s an injury disaster waiting to happen. Signing someone young and hungry that is capable of challenging is exactly what he needs.

In other news, things are hotting up on the Theo Walcott front. Three things are swaying me into thinking he’ll sign a deal. 1) All the rumblings are about the position over the monetary value of the deal (and there are no front runners making noise) 2) He’s a clever lad, I don’t think he has the sort of family around him that would sacrifice his football career for a big contract… ala, Nasri / Adebayor 3) His bestest mate in the whole work, Claus Lundekvam has come out and said he thinks he’ll stay on.

Think about it. Theo’s whole life is in London or further south. Name me a club that would have a requirement for him in a central striking role? I’m struggling. Chelsea, United and City are totally stocked there. Spurs is a no go. Newcastle and Liverpool are no goes… He’s in the best place to develop. If he stays, he’ll get his £100k a week and he’ll no doubt get a signing on bonus as well. It’s win, win… plus he’ll have  senior role in a squad that suits his xenophobic nature.

I might have the totally wrong… but fingers crossed.

In other news. Wilfried Zaha had a nice piece in the Daily Mail yesterday. I’m not sure how I’d feel about his whoring if I were a Palace fan, but football is football… you can’t expect to keep your best players when you’re in the Championship. According to the article, he’s a very down to earth type of chap. His brother recounts the time he refused to go to the swimming bar with his family in case he was tired for training the next day. He’s dedicated. No one turns down swimming otherwise. He’s also from an Ivorian background… I know, there was me thinking Zaha was a traditional Victorian name. Don’t worry though people… he’s still very much English… he fits the strategy.

If Theo moves into the middle, it makes perfect sense to bring in tricky wideman. I’m concerned that his stats are pretty weak. He’s playing for a top Championship side and he’s managed 5 goals and 3 assists in 25 appearances. Still, Adebayor had pretty poor tallies before he moved over. If players are physically able with good technique, we’ll probably be able to coach him into the player he needs to be.

Talk of Nani coming to the home of football is well and truly off. Ferguson described him as an ‘incredible talent’ and Wenger doubted the need of United to sell one of their stars. Interesting that the Portuguese only has 18 months left on his deal. Not often United get into those situations. I think it was slight fantasy to think we’d ever land him. Even if he was available for £20million, I highly doubt we’d have bid…

The Daily Hill-wood reported that we’re interested in signing Cabaye this January. Well, that’s gone to the wall with the news the French midfielder, is in fact, French. We don’t like those sorts anymore, so we’ll be turning our attention elsewhere. Jokes aside, he’s out until February. Chek Tiote is a bit of a beast as well, I’m just not sure he’s worth £20million for what he does… which, in a nutshell, is bulldoze people and have really long range shots.

There are still other options available. I’d love for us to move for Fellaini, even if it was to just upset the Everton apple cart. A cheeky £25million bid would turn his head and it would make the poor half of Merseyside seriously think about what they want out of this season. The big Belgian is without doubt the best player outside of the top four. Well, bar Luis Suarez…

Another player we could rekindle our interest in this window is Capoue. The Toulouse midfielder is another midfield general with under 21 pedigree. He’s a bit of a terrier and I’ve no doubt we could pick him up for a relatively low fee. Then there’s the old classic, M’Vila. Sure he’s had a few incidents, but who doesn’t like slapping teenagers who disrespect you? Sometimes, shipping people with discipline problems off to other countries works out well… Australia did ok, right?

The race for Demba Ba looks like it’s over before it’s begun. Chelsea are going to take the plunge which is a real shame. Wenger has ruled himself out because he’s too similar to Giroud…

‘He is a similar type to Giroud and you will see Giroud develop into that kind of player”

I’m not quite sure I’d agree with that? I mean, Giroud has his talents, but he doesn’t have the pace or mobility Ba boasts. I do hope the manager has other ideas with regards to strikers. I think we’ll be making a mistake just to stick with the two. If Demba Ba is the player we hope Giroud will be, is there any harm in having two that can bang in goals? We’ll always have injuries… and Theo will certainly pick them up. For me, £7.5m and a bolstered front line is too good a deal to miss out on… but you know how Wenger hates competition right?

The final Arsenal story is about Brian Marwood coming in as a Director of football. Mainly to solve our problem signing players. Now, I’m not sure of the history, but according to Geoff, Brian Marwood hates Arsenal…

‘Since he left Arsenal, every opportunity he’s had to talk about Arsenal, he’s slagged us off’

I’m pretty sure Mancini fell out with him because he missed out on a load of deals? I like the fact he’s an ex-footballer with experience in the board room, I just wonder whether we should be picking up someone who has been marginalised at City?

Onto QPR. Harry Redknapp is finally being exposed for what he is… a not so very talented manager. He’s looking for money to sort out the issues he’s inherited at his new club, which I find hilarious. Any manager worth their salt should be able to turn a team of talented players round. He’s started on a baseline of literally zero and he’s had hardly any impact. QPR were a shambles yesterday. If he can’t get the basics right, like shape, formation and effort… why would anyone give him money?

Highlight of the year?

I have two…

5-2 x 2 against Spurs!

Yep, we’re beating them 10-4 on aggregate at home this year, which amongst the nonsense we’re dealing with elsewhere is an absolutely beautiful way to end the season! I was there for both, I’m sure I’ll be talking about both games in years to come… Here’s my mates tattoo to commemorate the result in ink forever.

Anyway, a lovely way to see out the year!

Happy New Year everyone, thanks for swinging by every day… make sure you do next year as well!

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  1. David Bolo

    Where is everyone? Read the whole post, looked up some info to verify the truthfulness of the info came back to post and I still make it to Europe!

  2. maroc

    bring them aboard. however we need 1 more prolific striker. man u r set to get ronaldo back and boast an final third of :
    rvp rooney ronaldo
    we need an attack to compete with the standard of this one. and of course a defence that can withstand such an attack. by the way qpr a lining up a bid for m’vlla we need to hijack this, it shouldnt be to hard.

  3. Gunner2301

    Pedro – pubic hair at this time in the morning?

    I could see Shaw coming in if we can get rid of the joke that is Santos in the Summer. I can’t see us buying anyone this window, we are in too good a position and the display against Newcastle will further bolster Wengers ego. So I’m not holding my breath.

    So Wenger expects Giroud to be like Ba? Well why wouldn’t you buy the finished article that would have been cheaper instead? Because Wenger can’t claim that he made Ba. The arrogance of these is astounding.

  4. Cpt BlackBeard

    I dont feel that we need Demba Ba if we have Giroud, Giroud is actually a very good player, good in the air and good at holding up the ball and linking play. We dont really need a Demba Ba up front and knowing our luck we would buy Ba and then he would injure himself. The only positive of that signing would be that BA has EPL experience,but in all honesty Giroud has a hat-full of goals and assists in his first season, and amazingly many pundits were calling him a flop.

  5. Incesc

    Sagna ha said he won’t leave in jan but is unsure what will happen in the summer

    So more departures this summer, more upheaval, is gazidis a spud?

  6. AJ

    We need a midfielder. We are playing the same 3 week after week. Do not want to see any of them injured, nor do I want to see Ramsey there.

  7. Al

    Would like Demba Ba but apparently he and his agent are being money whores hence why even chelsea have pulled out the deal.

  8. ANU Gunner

    Hopefully Walcott will sign, but its amazing how he’s exposed the folly of Le Prof to play Gervinho as a cental striker. Theo is clearly saying, I can do a far better job and he has.
    I hope the new year brings us the cleansing we desperately need to make room for the kind of winning quality we so crave. Getting it right means we close the gap on the top two, have a good cup run, and enjoy success in Europe.

  9. Matt

    A half decent run, a large part of it down to luck and all of a sudden people seem happy with the prospect of one player coming in in January!? I don’t get it. We need so much more than that!

  10. Al

    Anyone Remember that West Ham bought Savio for £9m in 2009 january window……..apparently he has no club and was arrested for faking his own kidnapping.

    Dodgy deal if i ever saw one

  11. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    We’re all at London Colney on an open day.

    As part of the Arsenalisation programme Gazidis has opened up the facility for stressed out Gooners now that we’re injury free with the squad.

    But there’s been a few problems.

    JOPPAAAAA refuses to come inside; he’s out in the car park strutting around shouting, “I’m the man, Yeaaaaah baby”

    Gambon and Royal Bludg took off to the Pub. Turns out they both like pies and pints.

    El Tel was seen poking his finger in Gazidis’ face shouting; he’s a cunt, I tell you, a cunt. He’s ruined this fucking club”. “Now please,” said Gazidis, “that’s no way to talk about our manager. No! Not him,” said El Tel, “I’m talking about that cunting Jock Prick Ferguson!”

    Turns out the name badges was a bad idea. “keyser’s in the corner alone shouting; “will anybody fucking talk to me please?”

    WillyBilly has a crowd around him. The club psychologist is taking notes; right after he asked him; “So, tell me again, why do you still believe in Mister Wenger?” DanFox wants to use him in a promo video.

    SDE is still introducing himself. The tea lady said; “listen mate, get to the fucking point, do you want coffee or not?”

    Kwikfit is having a ball.. He found a projector and large screen. And a connection to YouTube. “hey, hey, check this out. 80’s music is just the fucking biz lads.”
    We’re now on the 7th playing of Come on Eileen.

    Other than that it’s all fun down here.

    Happy new year Grovers to all. No offence intended in the parody. Respect for all Gooners on here. 😉

  12. Johnny5

    I’m not even going to speculate on who might come in or go out this window the summer was bad enough I’m not doing that again so I’m just gonna wait and see what happens then bitch like fuck on LG till it makes me feel better. But just in case wenger or gazidis are reading here’s my wish list.


  13. maroc

    AVB: spurs r good enough to finish in the top 4.’

    moyes: everton must finish in the top 4 to keep fellani.

    rodgers: top 4 key to keeping suraez.

    all of them are targeting to knock us out of our place in the top 4. we must be ready to a least take 3rd place minimum. this walcott business is masking the fact we need more signings especially in the defence sector

  14. ArsenalJoe

    I think we’ve got into the mindset as Arsenal fans that ‘oh giroud is pretty good, now we have Walcott, we might be fine’ where really they should be out second two strikers, for rotation. If we had a top class striker leading the way for them to follow, we would be an attacking force to be reckoned with again. I’m not talking Ba, I mean someone world class like RVP was.

  15. bankz

    That tattoo is gay….who in their senses paints a face of Arsene close to their pubic hair?
    Looks like Henry’s been signed on loan again….beginning to hate Henry for agreeing to these deals.

  16. Mr Briggs

    I see us buying just one player in January. Anything else will be a surprise. I just hope that player is a defensive midfielder and not Theo Walcott. As i can hear Arsene saying how he feels like a new signing having switched his position!

  17. Mr Briggs

    @ Bankz hate Henry? I guess u need a dictionary. He agrees to help his club out and all u can say is u are beginning to hate him. How old are u?

  18. Gunner2301

    Cpt BlackBeard

    Considering we have about 60 games to play league and cup, Ba would be a good addition going far in the cups is partly about having the squad over the season that isn’t fatigued and we don’t have that and haven’t for years.

    We can forget about Chamakh and Gervinho up front plus those on loan so we only have Giroud as a recognised striker out of about 6 we have on the books and that’s to cover for injuries and all competitions. That simply isn’t enough.

    We need another quality striker to share the burden up front. Walcott is not useable strategically for all games so he should be rotated (were still a winger short if you move him up top) depending on who were playing. I would take Ba for the money. He’s a lower risk than many others we have paid more for.

  19. bankz

    Mr Briggs

    I think old enough to say I’m older than you.
    And I will rather have have NB52 back than Henry. Don’t get me wrong here,I love him & the things he’s done for the club but he should train with the lads and teach them a trick or two but not on loan. Did you see his workrate last season or his defensive duties? He isn’t tailor-made for the EPL anymore.
    And one more thing,he isn’t doing a pro bono job in case you don’t know, he gets a massive cheque every week for the weeks/months he stays on.
    If I were the legend he is,I’d be telling wenger to go get a permanent solution to his striking dept and not looking for loans for some 35yr olds.

  20. Samir

    We bid 20M for Reina a few years ago…He said it himself in his autobiography!

    Apparently he’s desperate to leave Liverpool this transfer window…So much so that he’s prepared to take a wage cut.

    Reina – 12M
    Shaw – 5M
    Zaha – 5M
    Fellaini – 25M Or other decent DM (Capoune/M’vila)

    Then, buy a lethal striker in the summer (Llorente on a free)
    Cabaye to replace Arteta.
    +bring a few youngsters through.

  21. TitsMcgee

    This result, while great for the boys and for us just kind of sets up Wenger to use the excuse that we are fine and that we don’t need any reinforcements doesn’t it?

    It’s the perfect platform for him to jump up and say we don’t need anyone besides Walcott and Giroud.

    Ba is there for the taking. Dirt cheap. Just like Berbatov was. I don’t think he’d be a “great” addition but he’s at least a “good addition”.

    Then we won’t sign anyone and go Walcott will get injured and Giroud will disappear for a month at a time.

    Hopefully we have somebody in mind but I won’t be shocked if Wenger stays with the status quo.

  22. salparadiseNYC

    Happy New Years boys!

    Now go out and get properly drunk.
    Fellaini the will be with us tomorrow, hungover, unkept and ready to ROCK.
    He’ll tear Wengers balls off before ripping into the rest of the league.
    2013 kicking off with a bang.

  23. Ben Hardy

    AKA Bennydevito:

    I’m still having problems posting from my mobile Android, unless I log in via Facebook I can’t post. I used to clear cache and cookies and it would let me post once but each time after had to do the same thing again but now even that’s not working. Anybody else having problems?

    Thomas grabs, great parody really funny! And Willy billy, there’s a name from the past. He and A the stalwart AKBs.

    I love this blog it’s the best by far and some of the posts are so funny. I find it funny how when Gambon gets on one he renames the poster he’s rowing with. Royal bludger has been royal budgie and royal todger and radio Raheem became radio rentals! Fucking hilarious!

    This is the best blog with the best writers and the best commenters.

  24. marxdrive

    Arsenal table £10m offer for Adrian Lopez

    “The Londoners have submitted a formal offer of around £10 million, which is lower than the £14.7m release clause in the forward’s contract.”

  25. Gunner2301


    I won’t be applauding him until I see a ready made team out there that can challenge not just ones for the future on massive wages. Also a wage bill that is reflective of the squad we have an that’s not gonna change any time soon, with the willy nilly contracts being handed out e.g why get it wrong (twice) with Santos and Gibbs when Baines is ready?



    For some reason,DUH,i have this sinking feeling we will see Unree for six weeks,with a promise that we will buy big in the summer..wink,wink.

  27. iffy da goon

    “Adrian was not a success at this summer’s Olympic Games, where Spain were ever so poor in the group phase and the bad news for the 24 year-old has continued into the current season where his playing time has been heavily restricted Atletico Madrid.

    His poor beginning and the competition of Diego Costa, who has been very reliable for Diego Simeone, has left Adrian to play a secondary role in Atletico’s squad. He’s still very young and his leaving for a Premier League club could be a very wise move.”

  28. iffy da goon

    Pedro it still smacks of Wenger trying to fix something/ get credit for turning a players career around. We need to sign sure bets for once now there’s some money in the bank


    I’ll say it again…..
    In the case of little Arsenes paternity results……
    Ebenezer Scrooge, YOU…..ARE THE FATHER.

  30. Marko

    Maybe likely to be Zaha, Adrian and some sort of defender if Djourou leaves. Even though we still need another left back and box to box midfielder (fernandinho is awesome) and I had my hopes for Arda Turan he’s super.

  31. Incesc

    We need a midfielder though most IMO

    Wigan out fought us in the middle and for a half against Newcastle we couldn’t get the ball

  32. marxdrive


    If you take out the excellent Europa League goals (11) last season and he had these stats in the league:

    Starts = 27……….Sub = 9………goals = 7………Assists = 2

    58 shots with 30 on target.


    Starts = 24……….Sub = 8………goals = 17………Assists = 1

    79 shots with 43 on target.

    I’ll take the free player please…………..

  33. Harry Redknapp

    i really hope we aint after nani, its like goin from united unwanted grandads such as sylvestre to united most incosistent pretty much hardly wanted player


    People why would Arsene look for another front man when he’s trying to encourage Wally boy to stay.Walcott fits the old saying,it’s cheaper to keep her.

  35. gambon

    Bearing in mind Zaha is from South Norwood, so we arent just talking about turning down swimming, we’re talking turning down swimming at Water Palace in Purley Way!

    Now that takes will power!

  36. marxdrive

    BERMY BOY December 31, 2012 13:49:29

    Option 1 – Lopez to be a direct replacement for Theo, in-case he does not sign.

    Option 2 – Lopez to be a wide player If Theo Is to be played more up top.

  37. gambon

    I hope Wenger knows what hes doing regarding Adrian.

    Theres way too much smoke not to be fire in this case.

    If he cant hold down a place at Atletico how is he good enough for us?

    The dumbing down continues it seems.

  38. Pedro

    Gambon, I think it’s a few things…

    1) He can play striker and wideman
    2) Wenger can take credit for rescuing a player
    3) By signing an out of favour striker, Theo won’t feel threatened enough to leave…
    4) He doesn’t have dodgy knees

  39. Marko

    Disagree about Adrian Gambon he is good it’s just he had a bad start to the season (maybe cause he was at the olympics) and they generally like playing Falcao on his own with Turan and Koke playing on the wings and occaisonally Costa behind but in the last couple months he’s gotten game time and some goals too. I’d prefer Arda Turan but considering what we got Adrian would be welcomed he’d do a better job to some of the forwards we’ve got now.

  40. gambon

    One thing Adrian doesnt look like at all is a wide player. Ive only seen him play i think twice but he just isnt a winger.

    Hes scored about 50 goals in 250 games. Thats the last thing we need.

    We’re just chasing bargains as always.

    Jovetic & Schurrle are much better players, but nope, they cost £20m, so Wenger wont go near them.

  41. Marko

    Oh yeah I’d much prefer those 2 Gambon I’m just saying Adrian Lopez isn’t shite he’s better than Gervinho and Oxlade and he’d more than likely be a good signing for us but yeah obviously I’d prefer a whole raft of others.

  42. El Tel

    Nice one Thomas, very accurate regarding my Red Nose rants. Happy New year to you and all the Gooners on this site.

    Things do get a bitter and twisted on here but in truth it looks lime we are all in it together.

    Arsenal through and through.

  43. gambon


    Buying average players because theyre cheap wont get us anywhere.

    Outside of scoring 11 goals in the UEFA cup, Adrian has never done anything in the game. Guess who else scored 11 in the UEFA cup last year? Nacer Barazite, ex Arsenal kid who was rightly let go cos he wasnt good enough.

    If we want to compete against Spurs/West Brom/Everton then fine, Adrian is a pretty good signing.

    If we want to compete against top teams who have the likes of Rooney, Aguero, Tevez & RVP (Not sure where he came from), then we need to buy higher level players.

  44. marxdrive

    I still love Zaha’s comment:

    I tell defenders,

    “Don’t take It personal, It’s just business”

    Cocky little bastard…….

  45. Johnny5

    How is it were tabling offers before the window even opens? I think it’s gotta be rubbish everyone knows that wenger always does his business late to get all the shit players noone else wants lol


    The players we are looking at for January…
    May have a problem trying to afford thier wages though,also are they even available.

  47. gambon

    That Tony Atwood cunt is at it again.

    Saying we dont need to sign anyone cos Cuba Akpom, the guy who just turned 17, is waiting!

    Oh and we dont need a DM cos Coquelin is just as good as any in the world.

    Oh and finally Man Utd buying RVP was a terrible bit of business.

    This guy isnt an Arsenal, or even a football fan. Hes just a mouthpiece for this pathetic Wenger experiment.

  48. Cesc Appeal

    I don’t want Zaha instead of someone like Nani.

    £10 Million for an untested teenager, or £15-20 Million for an international level star who has bags of ability but needs a team that will allow him to be the star. I want Nani. We got his Number 17 shirt all free as well.

    No to Tiote, too mistake prone.

    Story in the Mail today that Xabi Alonso in the same boat as Nani with 18 Months left on his Madrid deal and is wanting a return to the Premiership…this is a player we should have bought years ago before he moved to Madrid.

    This is a player who should have been playing with Fabregas…alas. But I think a bid around £12 Million for a player banging on a bit and one approaching the last year of his deal might tempt Madrid who don’t really need the money from Transfer sales.

    I still believe M’Vila at £7.5 Million is a must! Wenger clearly rated him enough in the summer to try a £15 Million offer. So that priced has halved now! Wenger Hard On Territory!

    So you got Alonso and M’Vila as options but what about Jack Rodwell?

    When I saw that transfer to City go through I though ‘that’s the end of his career’…and he must be thinking that too.

    He said ‘I didn’t know anything about it until it was a done deal, Everton had agreed and that was that.’

    I always saw him going to United…again a chance for a bargain here…they’ve told Scott Sinclair he can leave, they’ve told Lescott he can leave…we could and should test their resolve over Jack.

    To be honest I’d take all three if the price was right, Helen Flanagan’s boobies at the Emirates would be most welcome.

    But I like Rodwell.

    Shaw…fine…but only if he’s cheap, £5 Million or below for a 17 year old. I know he’s ‘the next Gareth Bale’ yeah yeah yawnnn.

    There are so many options out there. I’d make Nani my big purchase, still think we can get him for under £20 Million.

    Then test the water on Alonso, M’Vila and Rodwell see which one bites and is the best catch.

  49. Cesc Appeal

    So frustrating reading columns about who’s on the move and thinking, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope, Nope to them all.

    Spurs get mentioned in two of the big five movers….us? Our only mention is that Theo Walcott who they think is moving currently plays for us!

    £8 Million for Sneijder! And Arsenal aren’t interested!! Jeeeeeeeeeeez!!!

  50. vicky

    I just hope that we do not sign Lopez. He is not that good. There are many good players out there. Jovetic,,Lewandoski ,Ba,Djagoev,lorente ……….the list goes on. May be even Michu.

  51. makay

    BIG SHOUT OUT to PEDRO. you Made my year, reading your post everyday. love you guys in the comment. I never seem to be the same after reading the comments. We would all be in 2013

  52. Cesc Appeal


    But we know what Wenger is like. £11 Million for Gervinho – or £18 Million for Mata. He chooses Gervinho.

    He has totally lost it in the transfer market. And no one else at the club is anything else aside from a bean counter

  53. Johnny5

    Just had a butchers on I couldn’t resist. We’re linked with almost everyone already and the window isn’t open yet apparently we’ve put in 2 offers and are also in talks regarding another random foreign player whilst also being linked with cabaye zaha Mvilla isco and a couple of young unknowns. It’s madness

  54. andy1886

    If IG has come out and said we have the cash and can actually compete now why the feck is Wenger still fishing in the slightly stagnant pool rather than going for nailed on winners? Either there’s some sort of psycological problem there or Gazidis is a lying turd – trouble is either or even both could be true!!

    Oh, and even if we do sign someone it’ll be the same old brinkmanship right up until 11:59 on the 31st to try and get a few quid off, never mind the points we might drop while we wait.

    New Year, same old Arsene/Arsenal.

  55. Johnny5


    I’m expecting nothing that way I won’t be disappointed. With man scum and Chelsea also interested we ain’t getting zaha and I doubt he will get anyone good. Diaby is what we have to look forward too lol. There’s some good news jd could be on his way out for £1m

  56. Al

    Before you spout rubbish about Adrian not being good enough for athletico Madrid maybe do abit of research….

    He refused to sign a contract, hence why he is being frozen out. I mean last year after Falcao he was the most important player for them. Maybe watch the guy before spouting nonsense about him as it fits a certain agenda…

  57. Johnny5


    It’s a clever little trick though most of the fans won’t even notice they’re being hoodwinked then will be moaning like fuck when arsene says ‘ we were so focused on tying theo to a deal only for him to leave that we’ve left ourselves with no viable alternatives but not to worry our team has the mental strength needed to be competitive and we’ve also got Diaby and gervinho coming back into the fold they’ll be like new signings’ lol.

  58. Michael Fournier

    It makes sense for Walcott to sign a new deal but when has “Making Sense” and Arsenal player deals ever coincided? If making Sense ruled in these things then RVP should have stayed to repay the loyalty Arsenal showed him when he could not put in complete season in 8 years without injury. (even his wife said as much in a interview) Nasri should have stayed as only Arsenal had a starting 11 role for him (as he sees now) Cashly Cole would have retired as a Arsenal legend. Mikael Silvestre would never have been signed and Song should still be at Arsenal as well. AND lastly when has Arsenal’s board ever made sense lately when it comes to retaining our top players?

  59. Johnny5


    Everyone thinks he’s going to sign I don’t though I have a feeling his agent may have already put the feelers out and got some quite impressive figures and money talks in football. Everyone keeps saying its not about money with theo which may be true but whack £120k a week contract down which for the likes of city and Chelsea isn’t much and he will snap there hand off me thinks

  60. FCArsenal

    Bring back Flamini!

    But wait, not as a defensive midfielder but as left back. in the 2006 season when Arsenal went many games without conceding in the road to the final, Flamini was superb at left back.

  61. Al


    Similar stats to Walcott… Also look at the variable as stats don’t tell the story… Do the stats tell you it was his first season with Madrid, that he played in an unfamiliar position on the wings, that he played for a team that was solely based on providing goals for Falcao..

    I know for a fact he is a quality player because I’ve seen him for a couple of season and his finishing and movement is exceptional so those stats I take with a pinch of salt

  62. kay

    Theo is gone and thats why we are linked with Adrian Lopez…
    He ain’t a addition for our attack..

    anyways happy new year folks..

    nice one Thomas!!!!

  63. gambon

    Fuck me, Xabi Alonso only wants a 12 month rolling contract.

    Sign him up, and do a Bergkamp on him. He could stay for 2 years, could stay for 4, either way hes a top player.

    He and Arteta would be a fantastic pair in the middle.

  64. Arsene's Nurse

    You lot are just like the poorest of the poor kids at Christmas. You can hope and pray and dream and cling onto every possible sign that you are getting that new bike or xbox, but in your heart of hearts you know that a lump of coal is the order of the day. You might get surprised and delighted to get a satsuma, but the effect will rub off quickly once you see Jimmy riding by on his flash new bike.

    People say Wenger is mad for doing the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome. You lot are doing the same thing. When are people going to learn?

    Expect nothing, ignore all rumour and bullshit and maybe, just maybe, you might get a nice surprise.

  65. marxdrive

    Theo got 8 goals and 8 assists and that was not good enough.

    “he (Lopez) played for a team that was solely based on providing goals for Falcao”

    And yet he only got 2 assists.

    Ba is better and cheaper.
    Llorente is on a free
    Arsenal have real money available to spend.

  66. marxdrive

    Lopez the season before got:

    Starts = 31 ……….. goals = 8 ……………(2 from the penalty spot)………….Assists = 3.

  67. Al

    How many assist did Bendtner have when we stuck him on the wings? Also since when did one guy consist of the whole team and setting up all the goals when I say the team was set up for Falcao to score goals.

    You’ve obviously made up your mind about him based on stats so let’s agree to disagree.

  68. marxdrive


    Your reading me wrong mate. I’m not saying he doesn’t have ‘potential’ but Arsenal have more ‘Potential’ in the squad then do, the finished article.

    I can understand Zaha but please no more ‘potential’.

  69. Al

    Since you like stats did you know llorente hs never broken 20 league goals and it was only in the last 2 years he scored more then 14 in the league, check out his stats its not that impressive.. However, I agree with you demba ba is better and I would have him over Lopez but I’d like both

  70. gambon

    “How many assist did Bendtner have when we stuck him on the wings?”


    So the sum total of our ambition should be to sign someone of the same calibre as Nik Bendtner?

    Fuck me Arsenes done a number on you hasnt he!

  71. DaleDaGooner

    “Because Wenger can’t claim that he made Ba. The arrogance of these is astounding.” What a tit comment, these are the kind of comments spouted out of nonsense and unnecessary Wenger-obsession

    He can’t claim to have made Giroud either moron! Giroud was a 21 goal striker for the last French champs! Try again.

  72. Zeus

    Relax. I can’t take this Adrian Lopez rumours seriously. Just a rehash of a previous rumour round.

    Wenger wouldn’t do that, would he?

  73. NEEG


    If you follow the statements made by IG over the past two years you will note that he not only wants success but continually confirms the large pot of gold available to a certain AW for new players. Clearly there is a power struggle not only with AW but the board which apart from SK consists of 4 old codgers – all of whom back AW.

    IG has his own agenda – why be a toothless CEO when you can leave your mark on what still is (just) a household name in the world of football. I believe IG is slowly feeding the rope to AW – now the noose is sitting on Wengers shoulders and he is really looking uncomfortable. Reading his body language and facial expression coupled with gibberish responses when interviewed should identify his awareness to what is going on. Will Wenger respond to this threat – we can only hope he has seen the light but I doubt it.

  74. marxdrive

    Arsenal would never buy both.

    Llorente is on a free and worth around £30m. He’s got:

    10/11…………starts = 32………..goals = 17……….Assists = 1

    09/10………..starts =38………..goals = 18………..Assists = 2

    He also plays in the same formation as us.

    So to summarize Lopez would cost between £10m and £15m more and take twice as many season’s to score the same amount of goals.

    He’s not better than Falcao but he’s out of our price range.

  75. Johnny5


    Relax. I can’t take this Adrian Lopez rumours seriously. Just a rehash of a previous rumour round.

    Wenger wouldn’t do that, would he?’

    It was probably wenger who started the rumour mate. Smoke and mirrors that’s all it is the arsenal PR machine earning their wonga.

  76. maroc

    jack rodwell is a good prospect, but man crappy dnt wanna lose anyone in this window. mvila is one to get. need a sum proven full backs to help us out especially vs bayern munich. i dont fancy getting humilated in the cl. lewis holtby isnt too bad either. zaha on the wings is a move i dont object to either. holtby,ox,theo,zaha,gibbs, wilshere, rodwell,baines a talented english side.

  77. andy1886

    NEEG – I don’t believe Wenger will change or even can change. If push comes to shove who would the board back? Gazidis has a cushy little number, I can’t see him rocking the boat, too much to lose. And if Wenger did go do you trust IG to find a replacement? I honestly think they believe we are all stupid and they can string us along as much as they like. Every season is like deja-vu, all over again.

    I hear Mervyn King is leaving the Bank of England job, could be the ideal option for this board if Wenger goes, great on finance but knows f*ck all about football – therefore perfect!

  78. maroc

    wish david dein could return. . . or at least usmanov become a board member. at least he aint afraid to spend (or it appears so) with stan krook and ivan we aint goin anywhere fast at all. . .

  79. luke

    Please take note Grovers as last night I had some revelations about this AFC team after discussing the Newcastle result with my brother. This result to me summed up why Wenger needs to get rid of his dream of turning us into Barcelona. Arsenal FC is at its best with loads of pace upfront, (Theo, Ox, Poldi at the weekend) and (though it sounds obvious) when our XI is well rested. We have all seen for the past 5-6 years a squad which has so many youth players and reserves and yet only 11 (if that) top quality players. Wenger does not have ANY rotation options. He burned out Wilshere, he plays Van Persie half fit against barca (2nd leg), 2-3 years ago Villa @ home, Fabregas is injured and on the bench but out 2nd string midfield couldnt beat a poor aston villa at home. What happens, Cesc comes on, scores a cracking free kick and another goal and then injures himself for a month.

    WENGER DOES NOT ROTATE and that leaves our first eleven absolutely exhausted. The past 2 years weve seen: arteta, cazorla, van pussfuck, song, etc play week in week out. They get tired. Anyways back to my original point: Newcastle at the weekend facts:

    1. Newcastle played midweek and were fatigued. We didn’t and were well rested and sharp.

    2. We destroyed them in the last 20 minutes because we were still sharp and energized.

    3. The Striker competition between Theo and Giroud is GREAT! Theo-best game ever. Giroud a near 10 minute hat trick and looking hungry to prove he should have started.

    4. Loads of pace upfront is what we do best. We dont have cesc, nasri and RVP anymore so lets fuck off with this want-to-be barca pass pass tippy tappy ding dong bullshit. This is england. Give me a front 3 of pace and we will have chances.

    5. Our defensive weaknesses are rooted in our fullbacks and our lack of a mobile, aggressive, strong, powerful central (defensive) midfielder.

    Whatchya think grovers???

  80. El Tel


    I used to also have a soft spot for Villa as they are historically one of the top sides, however this has changed in recent seasons as their fans are garbage. They sang crap about Eduardo following his leg break and also harp onabout thier European cup even though they won it when it was much easier to win.

    Fuck em Mate. Let them drop.

  81. Al

    ambon December 31, 2012 17:33:30

    “How many assist did Bendtner have when we stuck him on the wings?”


    So the sum total of our ambition should be to sign someone of the same calibre as Nik Bendtner?

    Fuck me Arsenes done a number on you hasnt he!
    1} you know i mean that playing a striker out of position (bendtner) is going to result in poor return of goals/assist but in your weird little world you like to make misconstrue points to fit your weird requirements.

    2) Don’t get involved with your petty bullshit when men are talking football

  82. NEEG


    I agree on the Wenger front – he will never change. IG is still relatively young and has ambition. If he sits back and takes the money he will be tarred with the same brush as the other board members. I may be wrong but I believe he has another agenda – he wants to move in the same circles as a certain DD. He has identified changes in 2014 – there are several factors that come into play in 2014 – not only the increases in revenue.

  83. Al

    All i am saying is don’t completely rely on the stats as their are a number of variables…

    But i guess it is down to your preference of players…I would like Adrian as he gives us a completely different option to the strikers we currently have which is something we have lacked for years and is something that makes man City and United unpredictable as they have 4 quality strikers who all have different strengths

  84. El Tel


    If Usmanov wants to spend why isnt he owner of the Club yet?


    Agree with some of what you say but we could have had two goals early on against Newcastle even though they were on top for spells.

    Bringing Giroud on was a good tactical move by Wenger but we musnt give him praise for this must we.

  85. luke

    I dont really see the Giroud sub as tactical…well atleast not Giroud’s performace. That Striker role is the only spot in the XI with any competition really. Giroud looked hungry man!!!

  86. marxdrive


    “All i am saying is don’t completely rely on the stats as their are a number of variables…”

    I could have just given you my opinion, based on what I’ve seen and told you he looks shit. But instead of giving you my own personal view based on what I think is good, I gave you the hard data (which also shows he’s

    Stats do not tell you the hole story but when your looking at adding a striker that will help take us to the next level he must have stats that are closer to RVP and not ones that Gervinho can compete with.

    He’s a good buy If your looking for potential. We need someone who can score goals playing in our system, as the lone striker, now.

    Not in 3 years, the season before he leaves for bigger and better things.

  87. maroc

    el tel.
    understand your point. despite usmanov having a large share, he needed to be voted on to the board by the boardmen who are kronke and gazidis and hill wood. they chose NOT to vote him in. i believe its something like that, our they raised the share amount to become and board member (or chair member im not to sure) either way, they teamed up and blocked usmanov. funnily enough, usmanovs share was previously deins. he neves sold it to stan

  88. Al


    OK if your opinion is he looks cant really argue with your personal view on a player but i thought you was just going of stats…

    Anyway have a good one

  89. Alex James

    Quite right about Villa. It still irks that they have won the EC,albeit in much easier days. Their one saving grace is when they stopped Man U winning the double in 1957, which a Lancs uncle of mine nearly choked on his cup of tea because of this. Villa are another club with a cautious US owner. Oh dear!

  90. Johnny5

    I’m with Marx we need now players no more potential players we know wenger will just mismanage the fuck out of all their potential anyway. We need players who can do the business at the top level. We need RVP fabregas cole etc oh wait we had them all but sold them I think ba michu Fellani cabaye and baines would do the trick

  91. marxdrive

    Kwif (no not a mistake)

    I’ve loved some of the links you’ve supplied over the year and then you go and ruin it with a song I (now) can’t get out of my head……….wanker….lol

  92. TOLI83

    Have a good NYE Grovers.

    Cheers Pedro for top posts everyday…

    Anyone out of Strootman, Fellani, De Rossi, M’villa would do me fine in the transfer window.

    Plus a decent striker and Lescott.

    This Lopez doesn’t seem to have what we need to be honest… Llorente would be a good shout, yes he’s not the quickest but he is class and knows where the goal is. Siem De Jong would be great for us, a second striker / attacking mid for Ajax, their new number 10. Battler with skills and a great finish.

    Alonso – absolutely. He should be in his 4th year with us now.

    Enjoy yourselves tonight chaps, although I wouldn’t suggest we all follow Roarrry’s values ; )