Everton striker scouted | Thierry back in the game | Geordie’s come to town!

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These new later posts mean I’ve generally sapped all the news for today, yesterday.

So no post today. Go home people, there’s nothing to see.

Hey, that was just a bad joke. There’s loads to crack on with, it’s Christmas and I love writing so very much.

So, Wenger said he’s totally over Demba Ba. One would assume that’s because he owns a knee that’s failed him a medical at Stoke. I’m not sure what a medical entails up there, but I’m sure there must be an element of cage fighting and keepy up with explosives. Well, when I say keepy up, I’m talking about kicking a hand grenade really high once. Thats all you need. I remember being told Sam Allardyce didn’t coach using five aside football at Bolton as it encouraged short passing. He started this Stoke mess. I was looking at Ryan Shawcross stats yesterday compared to Mertesacker. The Big German averaged 90% pass completion over the last 3 games making about 40 passes a game. Shawcross managed 62% against Spurs… from 13 passes! What a shower eh?

Anyway, Ba must be an injury worry. We all moan about Abou, at least he wasn’t crocked when we bought him. So we’re looking at other middle men. One story that caught the eye is our reported Daily Mail linked interest in Everton’s Jelavic. He came down from Rangers for a tiny fee and he’s banged goals in quite frequently. He has fantastic technique and great movement, I’m just not sure Everton would feel the need to let him go in a season they’re contending Champions league places.

Wenger also reopened the door for Thierry. He is interested, it’s just the conversation hasn’t cropped up.

Yeah right!

Maybe Wenger will only sign him if he fails to land a striker elsewhere? If it’s only for 6 games, it’s a waste of time for everyone. Nothing more than a PR gimmick.

There’s also a weird story about Arsenal trying to use the good deal we gave United for Robin as a bargaining chip for luring Nani.


I’d be pleased if we signed the Portuguese winger, but I doubt we’ll be getting him for a bargain. He’s absolutely a £20million player. If we could force his best form, he’d be worth every penny. I’m surprised he doesn’t get more game time. He’s clearly not Ferguson’s cup of tea. Whether that’s because of ability or his greedy contract demand is up for debate. I can’t help but think if given the choice, Arsene would opt for Zaha… cheap, English to the core and 7 years younger.

Pat Rice had been put on the Queens honours list. He’s landed an MBE… for, errr… playing football and doing his job? I mean, compared to others, he totally deserves it and I’m thrilled. But jeez, what are these honours about? Do they have one for services to the insurance industry? I find the concept of being honoured by he Royal family for cracking on with life whilst being superbly compensated a bit bizarre.

Today Newcastle come to town for an evening kick off that I sadly can’t make. This will be a tough game for both sides. Pardew has been getting stick 24/7 from Sky Sports News after Fergie hammered him for cajoling referees. I wonder what the effect will be today? Especially after losing in an epic to United.

They have some really top players at Newcastle, however, it’s all unravelled a bit this year. Pardew has stolen Wenger’s gem unearthing strategy and he’s pulled through some blinders. He’s not too sharp though. He always gets found out in the end and I feel like that’s happening now. We need to kick the wee Geordie dog while it’s down. We need to play for the home fans this evening and we desperately need a result.

If Theo starts up front again, which I suspect he will, he needs the ball early. We need to give him the service he needs to be effective. That’s finding him in the box from low crosses and that’s over the top so he can run fast and stuff. He needs to learn to to hold the ball up as well. What he lacks in height, he can make up for in stretching the oppositions defence.

Our back four need to keep things solid. Quite staggering that leaking 18 goals in 17 games gives us the 4th best defence in the league and our best half season defensive total since 07! Not bad going and a clear sign Steve Bould is having an impact on our set up, albeit one that could improve. A clean sheet today would be a great end to the year.

The most important thing today for me is that we play our game. We had less possession against Wigan and a worse pass completion rate. Regardless of the win, that’s not good enough against relegation fodder. We need to boss games and we need to show we can dominate play. Once we start failing on our bread and butter, what’s left?

Finally, let’s end on a high not from Arsene…

“Yes, I will be busy,” he confirmed. “I don’t feel under pressure to name names because you [the media] find them on your own.

“We have the potential to be in the Champions League with what we have. We are open to strengthening the team, but the difficulty is to find what strengthens us. [You don’t always find that with] the players available on the market.

That’s legally binding Arsene!

Have a good one people!

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  1. NoMoreCesc

    This performance by Theo just spiked his transfer fee which also means bonuses for AW and IG!

    As an Arsenal fan, I am of course very proud when we can sell our players for high fees.

  2. Radio Raheem

    Our last 4 goals came in the last 20mins. Newcastle tired? Arsenal fresher?

    This match showed Theo is better suited on the wings than up front…nothing wrong in him being a goal-scoring wing-forward. All he needs is a mental adjustment.

  3. Joppa Road

    Ian Wright is of the same opinion. That’s enough for me. I have said for years now.

    Wenger can be a stubborn prick sometimes but well done today especially Theo and Podolski.

  4. Reality Check

    ok, i’ll admit it, theo the winger.. is shit

    theo the striker.. is all of a sudden, so dam obvious!

    well done theo, today you are the man.

    “wenger wenger sign him up!”

    The fans are calling for it, unfourtunately, i remember an even better striker that all arsenal fans loved and wanted to keep, end up leaving last year because Mr 7.5 didnt want to pay him or assure him AFC will be competitive.

    I dont think wenger will give theo 100k and like so many others, theo will walk out the door, get his pay increase somewhere else, and the AKBs will say, “greedy cunt”


  5. andy1886

    A bit churlish of those saying Theo still isn’t a striker, the stats and the results say different. Seems stubborness to the point of stupidity isn’t the sole preserve of OGL.

    Anyone want to bet that Wenger claims all the credit saying it was all his idea all along?

  6. NoMoreCesc

    “The first half we were a bit lacking focus because of the stupid zipper. But my halftime coat substitution was inspired and we showed our speereet”

  7. ritesh

    The guys on Canal+ saying earlier that Wenger is fighting with the board to get Walcott his pay rise but the board not forthcoming.

  8. Dannyboy

    NoMoreCesc – HAHA brilliant. ‘We came out 2nd half with much more qualidee… I didn’t buy one of those shit ones from the club shop this time, £100, are you mad? I got zis replacement coat for a fraction of the price, and it has much better stats.. and a better zip’

  9. Arsenal 1886-2006

    The Signing of Theo is more than signing a Goal Scorer it is more about a signal of intent from the Board. If he is allowed to leave then they will have confirmed that they care only about the money and to hell with the football.
    If Theo leaves then I expect Jack and a couple of others to be sold within two to three years.

  10. marxdrive

    A while back there was a debate – Theo vs Gervinho. Which promted these comments:


    “At least Gervinho has skill, pace, makes nice runs, can pick a pass………and Walcott? Only has pace”


    “theo is utter dogshite where as all I think is missing from gervinhos game is that killer instinct”


    “gerv comes into positions to score, walcott does not. ”

    With half the season done, lets take another look at the stats:

    Leauge only
    Theo – Mins = 866……… Goals = 8…….. Assists = 7…….
    Gerv – Mins = 752…….. Goals = 3……. Assists = 0……


    Theo – Starts = 11…….. Subs = 9………. Goals = 14………. Assists = 9
    Gerv – Starts = 14…….. Subs = 4………. Goals = 5………. Assists = 2


    Theo – Not bad for someone who “only has speed”……..”does not” get into postions to score…………”is utter dogshite”

    Gerv – He does have a world class player in him……….no wait…………. Hazard just took his cock out.

  11. stevethebrightongooner

    We live in interesting times fellow gooners, the next month will see where our Arsenal is going … Onto better things or back to square one again?

    No one with a brain is going to deny Theo his pay rise after that or are they?

    Will the board pay up or is it already too late?

    Was Theo’s after match clapping the crowd a sign of celebration and appreciation or a thanks and goodbye?

    Wengers given everyone else at the club a pay rise lately and stated how important it is to keep the English core players together … Will he put his money where his mouth is?

    After Girouds performance, is it time to switch to 2 upfront?

    To Dave Clark … wherever you are … http://www.playtheowalcottupfront.com … At last!!!

  12. Radio Raheem


    Interesting our subs came on at that time, including, the important Giroud who was better at holding the ball up

  13. Johnny5

    If theo isn’t signed up then the board need to go if theyre blocking the contract. He’s been shit for 7 years now he’s starting to come good and they want to let him fuck off despite putting in £100m+, thousands of hours whilst we have shite who don’t even play getting 70 grand a week.

  14. roaaary

    @marxdrive stats are one thing but its just blatently obvious how shit gerv is compared to theo there. gerv just stumbles down blind alleys.

    i even noticed other players halt their runs when gerv gets the ball coz he is so useless and they know he wont pass.

    we havent seen the end of him though. wenger is protecting him from the media. soon he will be back leading the line……….

  15. Johnny5


    Be honest mate he was utter shite and noone could have predicted his impact this year but he does look like he might be coming good. About fucking time too. And in my defence before he got injured after like the first 6 games was gerv not our best forward player. I think he was and I do believe that he’d be great if he was more clinical and didn’t run down blind alleys so often.

  16. Royal Bludger

    Hahaha – Isn’t it funny how when everything Gambon says is a proven crock of stinking shit, then he disappears.

    Other than that, he lives on the blog like a schoolboy with his playstation.

    Go fuck a woman Little Boy.

  17. Johnty79

    What a cunt wenger is turning down ba. I see spurs signing ba and him getting 20 plus goals. Why oes wenger turn down the most obvious signings. He is a disgrace. Walcott will leave and wenger is to blame. Ba, strootman, samba. And we would be titLe challengers. That’s why we’re 16 points behind man u.

  18. Gunner2301

    Arsenal 1886

    I think we already passed that point when we sold the leagues leading goal scorer to United.

    Well done to the team for the win. “I didn’t see it so I can’t comment” Arsene Wenger.

  19. Relieable sauce

    We should be 1st on motd because we were involved in motd.
    I remember bbc switching the schedule after the 5-3 (i think) with charlton…..

    Walcott would be utilised to the max by a top club & manager, well worth 100k pw.

  20. Keyser

    Theo’s performance last year at home against Newcastle was probably a lot better, Newcastle were shocking, no Ben Arfa, no Cabaye and with us having just as poor a midfield, and Newcastle playing mid-week it was inevitable that they’d leave the space they did.

    It was just a dis-jointed scrappy game where the odd bit of skill or good play lead to a goal.

    It’s simple what is Theo doing differently ? His cross was quality, and that he went high into the roof of the net was instinctive, he was still put through 3 times, where he underhit a crossfield ball, took a weak shot that dribbled 10 yards wide from just outside the box and 1 vs 1 against Krul went first time for a pretty pathetic left foot shot.

    He needs to show more..

  21. Relieable sauce

    Wonga does actually know that Ba has a 7 mil ish buy out clause doesn’t he?

    You just don’t know after his Berbatov admission.

  22. BacaryisGod

    Royal Bludger

    Your relentless pursuit of Gambon is quite impressive. Keep up the good work.

    At this point, even with reservations we have to sign Theo up for 100k a week. Let’s say at the end of next season things go a little sour. We still will have plenty of buyers at 10 million minimum, and that is two years of salary at 100k per week. If Arsene loses Theo (after all the warning signs that have gone before) he might well lose the fan base.

    As enjoyable as today was, we still look far more vulnerable than Chelsea and Spurs right now. We need to buy well next month without doubt.

  23. patthegooner

    Well credit where its due

    I am not sure what Wenger said at half time, but it worked.

    Firstly getting the plop out the way.

    Our full backs were defensively (they did ok going forward) awful today. Sagna for the silly freekick for the first and for being mugged off by Obertan for the 2nd, and Gibbs for poor positional play for the 2nd and 3rd. I would actually give Jenkinson a shot in the next game. I would also consider punishing Gibbs but as our only option is Santos, he keeps his place. Santos should not even be allowed to pull on a shirt in the Armoury.

    But going forward 2nd half, wow, Excellent

    Theo is playing out of his skin at the moment. The worry is he either does not sign and leaves, or he does sign and goes back in the comfort zone. IMO he would be one player to leave in the last year too much. Wenger and Arsenal can’t let it happen.

    And Podolski, that was his best game in an Arsenal shirt so far.

    Also great to see Giroud bang in another couple. He is way past the point he could even be thought of as being the new Chamakh. He is a class above.

    Well Done Arsenal…

  24. Relieable sauce

    I guess the most pressing question is, how much is enough to buy walcott?

    I think mancini would love that pace as an option, chelsea too…man u?….why not, fuck it.. they got a great deal with rvp, why the hell not. could be the difference between 1st & not 1st.

  25. Incesc

    So glad oxbo scored

    Really wanna see him start from now on, he can be anything he wants really, forget he’s 19 sometimes.

    No where near the finished article yet but bags of potential

  26. Paulinho

    Keyser – Walcott has been absolute dogshit for about five years and yet you never had a bad word to say about him. He’s continuing to flatter to deceive but is scoring alot of goals(more decisive ones) and now you’re saying has to improve and show more.

    Is it because he’s leaving you’ve become all objective?

  27. Samir

    Great performance from us in the second half 😀

    Gibbs was at fault for two of their goals…We need a new left back for sure.
    I’d buy Baines, Ba/Llorente a winger and Fellaini in January.

    In the Summer I’d bring Cabaye in to replace Arteta.
    Rosicky replacement.
    Diaby replacement.
    Djourou replacement.
    Fabianski replacement.
    Whilst also bringing a few youngsters into the team (Eisfield etc)

  28. Keyser

    Paulinho – Mate I was always objective. Haha, what did I say about Theo ?!

    “Walcott has been absolute dogshit for about five years”

    Fucking hell mate, this is the shite you come up with and then talk about being objective.

    He wants to be a striker, if he wants to lead the line and be as good as the top strikers around are of course he has to show more, he needs to hold the ball up, at least be adequate in the air and needs to show more initiative,at the same time he’s scoring, he’s assisting and that’s in spite of us still being pretty poor by standards of even two years

  29. Samir

    Great performance from us in the second half 😀

    Gibbs was at fault for two of their goals…We need a new left back for sure.
    I’d buy Baines, Ba/Llorente a winger and Fellaini in January.

    In the Summer I’d bring Cabaye in to replace Arteta.
    Rosicky replacement.
    Diaby replacement.
    Djourou replacement.
    Fabianski replacement.
    Whilst also bringing a few youngsters into the team (Eisfield etc)

  30. St Freak

    Today we celebrate 7 good goals and 3 points in the bag. I genuinely enjoyef that game. I lost a lot of heir in the first thirty minutes of the second half, but it all turned out pretty ok. I only wish olivier’s third had gone in. That guy is something else.

    And Theo….man was he in the zone when he scored that last goal. it reminded me a bit of thierry against liverpool and charlton. I think if he’d tried to fly he’d have pulled it off.

    When it dawns Tomorrow though, I will be reminded of those two unacceptably soft and embarassing goals we let in.

    and the questions will start pouring in.

    Scz shouldn’t be beaten at his near post and by God what the hell was going on with our fullbacks today? Is it because per wasn’t there to organize the defence or is gibbs finally getting found out?

    Why did sagna have such a disgustingly horrible game? he is arguably the best right back in the country?

    What will happen when we cannot outscore the other team?

    Why oh why does wenger keep playing ramsey? Podolski played with desire today. Why take him off for ramsey? Arsene, for the love of God tell us why?

    Does ramsey have compromising pictures of you and….in a hotel room? Is he blackmailing you to play him? Help me out


    Thrilling game.
    thirty four goals scored on the day. Half the season gone and we’re close to half what we conceded last season. This league season is going to have more twists than an arsenal match.

  31. SG_Gooner

    Must have been tough for some people on this site watching Arsenal win today. They had been sooooo hoping for a Christmas implosion but instead got 4 wins on the trot. Oh you poor miserable Arsenal fans wanting so badly to kick the old man out. Now he won’t buy any one during the January window for you to be able to jerk off…

  32. SG_Gooner


    Ramsey came and made so many tackles and tried to keep the ball in their half. Would be good if you can see that without the prejudiced eyes of yours. Reg Sagna, actually it is becoming increasingly obvious that since his two leg breaks, Sagna has lost bit of his pace and perhaps that confidence too.


    Read comments from first goal to Girouds missed hat trick,people are right when they say we are coo coo for coco puffs.
    fuck you theo
    theo is worth the money
    Girouds a cunt
    well done gir
    so on and so forth
    shit is funny to see ,alls i’m saying.

  34. patthegooner


    Agree with you on Ramsey. I am 100% convinced there is a great footballer in there. He showed today that he can break up play and distribute well. He could do with some consistency but it will come. The problem is, how does he get into the team? and in the right position. Wenger does not help him out by playing him up front on the wing.

  35. St Freak


    Fair enough. Ramsey wasn’t nearly as disappointing as usual and I think he set up what should have be olivier’s third.

    But let us be honest here

    Can you say with a straight face that ramsey hasn’t been absolutely frustrating this season?


  36. patthegooner

    St Freak

    The frustration for me is that he is better than what he is showing.

    I think he will come good, but I am not convinced it will be at Arsenal. If Cardiff maintain their form and they come up this season, it would not surprise me if they bid to take him on loan.

    He needs games to get his consistency, but I don’t see where he gets enough of them at Arsenal. Hopefully we will get on a run in the FA Cup as I can see him getting some in that.

  37. SG_Gooner

    Of course he has been frustrating but so have been Gervinho, Cazorla, poldi, arteta, verm, Giroud, Kos and Gibbs. So why the need to make scapegoat of Ramsey?

    All the players I have mentioned have frustrated us fans one way or other in different matches and one main reason is lack of playing time together. Even today we saw Santi give a beautiful through ball but Walcott made the run the other way. This understanding won’t happen overnight.

    Ramsey is a player who is very much like Theo in his initial years. Consistency will come to him and will come faster that it did for Theo. Personally, I don’t believe this whole debate about playing out of position. In the modern game and the way Arsenal team is setup, Ramsey can play in a lot of different positions. In fact that is his strength and Wenger is doing it so he can develop his game all round. Today we saw the benefit of Theo’s training as a winger with that delightful cross for Giroud. That did not come about just like magic. It took years of hard work and today theo is a better striker precisely because of that.

  38. patthegooner


    That is pretty good stats from Giroud.

    despite the slowish start, he has been a season highlight for me. Much better than I thought he would be.

    If you were at the game, you probably missed another batch of ESPN mugs on the panel who clearly don’t read up before they speak. John Barnes was especially embarrassing stating that most of Girouds goals in France came from his head and that is why he has struggled at Arsenal as we don’t cross that much. It turns out only 1 of his 21 goals last season came from his bonce.

    Then there was Kevin Keegan stating that Theo did not have it in him to be a central striker suggesting he does not have the composure. I think he needed a hug and cry at the end.

  39. Arsene's Nurse

    Arsenal’s shape was slightly different today. They played in more of a 4-4-1-1 formation with Cazorla in behind Walcott and Walcott looking for space behind the fullback on the wing (e.g his goal from the left) or between fullback and central defender, ala Henry. It’s no surprise given reports that Henry has been coaching Walcott.

    You could see this shape more clearly when Newcastle had the ball. At times Podolski ended up in the more advanced position and Cazorla dropped into midfield to defend.

    Two soft goals against Arsenal came from players getting wide on the right (NUFC’s left) and the scorer being in behind Gibbs. That’s a deficiency due to inexperience, coaching, communication and midfield support.

    Wenger got a lot of it right today including the substitutions which are normally predictable and on the 67th minute.

    The defensive shape of the team was far better today, however, the fact that we let in soft goals whilst ahead and dominating possession is a concern.

    Newcastle were poor overall, but they have some gems in the forward line.

  40. patthegooner


    The problem for me is the over-use of the 1st team to train these players in those roles. Personally I don’t see what value there is in playing Ramsey forward on the right, especially when it is at the expense of overall team performance. You see he looks uncomfortable out there.

    For me, he is going to Frank Lampard-like in the years to come.

  41. patthegooner

    What did people think of Demba Ba today?

    Personally at the price it is a no brainer and he took his 2nd goal very well, but will he accept a lesser role and rotation at Arsenal?

    I hope we buy him, but still think we have more pressing needs. DM being the standout one, a LB and a Winger. I would still look at Craig Gordon on a free to provide cover for Chesser too.

  42. SG_Gooner


    True it hasn’t worked out at times but it did work wonderfully at Man city earlier in the season which gave Wenger the encouragement to try Ramsey on the wings. I also feel that one day Ramsey will be there in the middle. He needs to try and keep things simple and not try to do too many things. I feel that since the leg break he feels the need to do extra stuff to justify his selection. He should watch Arteta more often to see how to handle pressure and keep things simple. At least he never shirks from responsibility and that should be lauded as not many young players would want to step forward . Anyway, it is better to fail trying than go missing.

  43. Paulinho

    Keyser – I agree with you but you barely ever scrutinized him(or the team) to the extent you do now. When people were slating him last year(basically what you’ve just outlined) you were defending him and talking about how lethal his pace was….”imagine him against Santos or Mertesacker…..”

    Just wondering why. It’s like since Wenger bought a few experienced heads and you labelled it “giving up” you’ve used it to try and distance yourself from Wenger and the team when the the diversion from youth isn’t as dramatic or pronounced as you like to make out.

    This team has glaring flaws but then so did the other teams(08/09, a team you made excuse after excuse for), but you were just bit too emotionally invested in them to admit them or be as clinical and dispassionate in your assessment as you are now.

    Just an observation.

  44. Joppa Road

    Baines, Shawcross, Reina, Zaha and a DM. Or how about TV5 as a DM?

    I don’t care what anyone says (I have said it for years) but it’s so good seeing top English players in the red and white of Arsenal.

    Baines would be such a good signing for us.

  45. Samir

    Would love to see:
    Baines, Shawcross, Reina, Zaha and Fellaini come in next month.

    With that squad I’d feel we’d have a chance in the CL and FA cup…

  46. Keyser

    Paulinho – It’s all in your head really. you only think in extremes, I’ve said from day one he’s the quickest player in the league (not really sure that’s actually true, but he’s one of them at least), that if you create space for him or get others to do the thinking for him his pace is lethal.

    I dunno about Sagna, but Mertesacker’s painfully slow, and players we sell have a habit of haunting us years on, in terms of Walcott a team would buy him because they see his pace as an asset and rather than see his overall potential might actually just accomodate the player he is and use it to their advantage, Considering you could see the same end-to-end style that you see now because of the lack of prescence in midfield, this is exactly the type of player that we’d be troubled by,

    He’s showing consistentcy in that he racks up the numbers, we know he needs to improve because we see every minute of every game and all the other things he does. The Tottenham game last year he was non-existant and then scored 2 excellant goals.

    It’s when we’ve lost the players that are really holding the team together that you see what others are capable of and Walcott last year for the second season in a row got the same numbers and again this year minus Van Persie he’s scoring and assistsing again.

    So who lacks objectivity here ?!

    Walcott is 23, Arteta, Mertesacker are close to or have hit 30 but because of their experience and their stature are likely to be played, they simply aren’t going to improve much but at the same time are playing consistently despite obvious weaknesses ofset by the experience they’ve gained over the years.

    “This team has glaring flaws but then so did the other teams(08/09, a team you made excuse after excuse for), but you were just bit too emotionally invested in them to admit them or be as clinical and dispassionate in your assessment as you are now. ”

    This is pretty pointless, I simply understood that it takes time and consistentcy for the younger players to reach their potential, and the next year they did improve, whereas you decide to categorise them instantly and usually without much thought.

    Likes aying Walcott’s been dogshit for 5 years, I should’ve just posted that as a response really.

  47. Dannyboy

    there’s literally 0% chance of us getting Baines after Gibbs new contract.
    Shawcross is a shit clogger who would completely kill our footballing style with his 46% pass success rate.
    Don’t think we need Zaha, although wouldn’t complain about it as I haven’t seen enough of him to cunt him off. (Although i’d be pissed if that was all we got).
    Would love to see Reina and Fellaini, along with Ba, think that would instantly guarantee a title shot next season.

    Thought Giroud was quality when he came on today and unlucky not to have a hat-trick of his own. Ramsey also did well when called upon, Good subs all round from Wenger today so credit where it is due.
    And of course Theo’s hat-trick was a joy to watch. He should give his monkey looking mate at Spurs a call and tell him to watch MOTD tonight to see what you should do if clipped in the box!

  48. Royal Bludger

    ardentgoonerDecember 29, 2012 21:05:54
    Gambon calling Giroud shite and Giroud scoring two goals in the next minute.

    Hahaha – apparantly the Gayboy will take a job at the club if one is offered to him. Hahaha – so which will it be Gambon – Manager, Director of Football, or Chief Scout?

    Just wondering ….

  49. Keyser

    Also in terms of scrutinising the team you could see where Wenger was going with players like Nasri, Fabregas, Van Persie, Walcott, Song, Wilshere, Gibbs and so on.

    Where’s he going with Arteta, Mertesacker, Santos, Park Chu Yung ?!

    He’d refused to budge when a little bending of his principles could’ve won us a cup or two, but then ‘gave it up’ when he brought in all those players.

  50. Paulinho

    Keyser – They improved? Really? All of them had been there since 2005/06 and there you were in 08/09 still treating as if they were 17 year olds in their first season. Fabregas had incredible six months in 09/10 and did it all by himself, the youth project type player’s contribution was neglible.

    Denilson improved much since 08/09 then? That’s where you made a mistake, assuming that players average in their early 20’s would just improve and improve to when the vast majority do not. They stay mediocre.

  51. Keyser

    Paulinho – Mate, first you say be objective, because Walcott’s been dogshit for 5 years, and now you’re saying Fabregas did it all himself.

    Fabregas was Project Youth leader, founder, visionaire.

  52. Paulinho

    Keyser – Well Fabregas did do it all by himself. The rest was all a mirage. A load of crap youngsters riding onto his coat tails. Hence why Wenger ‘gave up’, at least for a little while eh. Give him enough time to start another one, so not quite giving up after all.

    Youth project started in 2005/06. Fabregas had the misfortune of being associated with the losers because Wenger’s stupidity. He was a product of an era of winners and not the self-entitled creche fest that came after.

  53. bazza

    I enjoyed the game today, not only because we won but because we showed passion and fight and because the fans got behind the team (and the serial complainer that sits behind me didn’t turn up).
    The Ox was full of fight and I thought is emerging as a very good player, Theo added a completely different dimension – he might be shit with his back to goal but he has good movement and absolutely terrorizes defences. Will he ever be world class? probably not, but I promise you he will develop into one of the best in the Prem., but more importantly he is perfect for Arsenal’s style of play. I hope that Arsene will stop mucking around and sign him up in the next few days. Arsene needs to be loved (as do all dictators and I suspect the fans making clear their views will have the desired effect) (it reminded me of the “one more year” chant for Denis Bergkamp)
    It was interesting watching Ba up close. He clearly has skill and intelligence and is definitely worth buying at £7.5m. In fact we would be mad not to buy him at this price. Walcott, Giroud and Ba would be fine.
    The defense today wasn’t bad, except for Newcastle’s second where the whole of Arsenal’s left side went on holiday.
    In short a great performance. Arsenal’s third goal summed it up for me. Jack forced an interception , powered past the Newcastle defence and produced an great lobbed cross which Podolski the battering ram converted.
    Well done boys and well done Arsene. I hope both keep it going.

  54. Keyser

    Paulinho – Mate,Wenger’s used Youth from Day 1, actually before that think he designated Vieira before he’d officially become manager, could be a myth it was soo long ago.

    Not including Fabregas is just silly, he was the figurehead, along with Van Persie the poster Child.

  55. sam

    nasri is so stupid, Lol!!!
    he’s down injured for only 2 seconds then got up to headbutt bassong.
    why didn’t he stay down? oh he’s stupid

  56. Marko

    Well if we are serious about moving Walcott centrally then a winger is a must in Jan someone like Willian, Ben Arfa, Jesus Navas or Schurrie.

  57. kwik fit

    Just back from the game. What a game. A game that showed everything good and everything bad about AFC. Firstly Walcott was fucking brilliant and his lap around the pitch said to me the little diamond is going to stay.

    Negative; Ist 70 mins we were second best 3/3 at the time. Ba looked fucking brill. Positive; Then we took over . fucking played them off the pitch 4/0 . How much was down to our game at West ham being cancelled or down to Ramsey coming on the pitch. We will never know.

    Never mind 7 Fucking goals and a thierry esque performance in his prime rejoice!

  58. kwik fit

    Missed MOTD cos I was still celebrating 7/3 against the might of Pardew. Three cheers to the Arsenal Hip Hip Hip !
    Giroud and Walcott I lke what I see. We still need 3/4 players mind Wenger!

  59. Samir

    You luck bastard Kwik.

    And Doublegooner:

    I’m British…I want British players in the squad. Shawcross would be alot better than Djourou or Squid.
    British steel wins you things.

  60. Dannyboy

    Samir, fair enough you want British players in the squad, but come on, aim a bit higher mate! Saying you want Shawcross in our back line is like saying you think we should sign David Bentley and Peter Crouch to solve our Winger/Striker problems..

  61. Waldo

    Nani??? Are you F-in serious??? Fergie does not play him because he sucks. If the goals were in the second or third tier seats then he would be the second coming of Renaldo. But they aren’t, and he isn’t.

  62. El Tel

    To many people over rating Sagna. He got ripped today time and again and the same last week v Wigan. In fact He gets beaten so often it isnt funny.

    He was once a good RB but never has been a great one. Gibbs getting stick for two of the goals and maybe rightly so but Sagna let them get the crosses in on both of them. TV was also fucking in no mans land too but at least He can head the ball clear bet than the Kosser.

    Our Keeper must go see an optician as there was another long range effort that he had covered which had him twitching last second and luckily went over the bar, He is also so nervous from crosses.

    For Me a Keeper is number one priority with a quality right back then a striker to rotate with Giroud,Walcott and Podolski.

    We also missed Merteseker today He might be slow but positionally He is excellent and He is also better at winning the ball and distributing it.

    We played well today in parts against a very powerful Newcastle side so no moans for me this weekend.

  63. luke

    El Tel. Couldnt agree with you more about sagna. Think that second leg break did him in. To be honest, I’d rather give Jenks some time. Sagna isn’t getting any better, Jenks is showing great potential and is an amazing crosser. Gibbs has to be the most frustrating players in the team (besides ramsey). Beyond his injuries, he’ll concede two goals, but then get forward and create two goals. I dont know what to make of him. He really has absolutely no positional sense whatsoever and doesn’t appear to be gaining any. I think if we got another Central Midfield option more in the mold of a tiote/mvilla/fellaini, who brings strength, aggression and power into the midfield and got some proper full backs our defense would massively imrpove.

  64. Jeff

    I think there is a very big hurdle in front of the Board, Wenger or whoever it is that has the greatest say in wage matters (my money would be on Wenger – no pun intended). What is this hurdle? If they decide that 100k for Walcott is going to disturb the wage structure (because of the fear that others will also want similar wages) they may decide his services still aren’t worth the money. Don’t forget, even Van Persie wasn’t deemed worthy of breaking the wage structure although he would have not only broken it but smashed it to smithereens.

    So the dilemma of paying Walcott 100k and keeping him or letting him go and getting someone else who will happily accept 70k has to be decided? Well our track record for replacing like for like is to say the least, abysmal. Maybe even this board, owner or Wenger aren’t stupid enough to risk the wrath of the fans again by opting to let Walcott go for the sake of preserving their precious wage policy.

    There is also the theory that would point to a reason as to why Wenger gathered all the other British boys and made them sign a new contract so that they can’t ask for any more money in the short term if they decided to give Walcott the amount he wants after all. Thinking of it that way would certainly be in Walcott’s favour. I don’t really believe that Walcott’s desire to play central is that much of a stumbling block but certainly the money he’s asking for must has to be the biggest hurdle.

    The bottom line is the question on which Wenger and the board will be chewing very hard and finding even harder to swallow. Can we afford to put a slight dent (if not completely break it) in the wage policy this one time only or do we risk the backlash of another round of scathing criticism from every quarter by letting Walcott go to a rival? A very big question and yesterday evening Walcott threw in a very large cat amongst the pigeons by giving the performance of his life. I love thinking about what is going on in the boardroom now as they debate this and it might actually throw up a few disgruntled hardliners with regard to the wage structure.

    The big question and hope for us fans is this: will Walcott be the catalyst or even a start in the right direction that will change the insane wage policy that has been largely responsible for the club not being able to bring in world class players and losing the ones we have? A very big question indeed and a major headache for the board: good.

  65. maroc

    jack butland or froster of celtic is who i’ll like to see between the sticks. maybe zaha down the wing also. belhanda is avaliabe for round 10 m which aint bad. still need solid full backs but only baines springs to mind. hell- i say he nick man shitty duo dzeko for attack and micah richards for defence!