Wenger rules out two strikers, but insists one could be a secret in the making…

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First up on the agenda this morning is that Arsene Wenger has not denied that he is interested in David Villa according to John Cross…

‘Any interest we have in a player has to be kept secret at the moment.’

He has kind of shirked interest in Demba Ba…

‘I like Demba Ba, yes. Not the right place to speak about him. If you ask me ‘do we sign him?’ I say no.”

… and he’s kind of binned off Thierry Henry

‘Ive not lost interest in him. I’ve not ruled it out completely, but not spoken about it.’ (today)

‘I do not think it would be good for him [Thierry Henry] to play with us again,’

‘He should relax and prepare for the next MLS season.’

So what do we make of the movements in stance here?

Well, firstly, I’d like to take on the Theirry Henry story. He’s gone from a media exclusive for about 6 newspapers, to kind of being fobbed off in quite a negative way. ‘He should relax and prepare for the next MLS season’? That’s kind of like telling your wife she should relax and go and cook up a turkey soup.

My thoughts on this one are that Thierry has been punished for meeting Alisher Usmanov for dinner. I don’t understand why the manager would go from being super keen to not interested otherwise? I mean, even if you’ve got Theirry as third choice (assuming we’ll be bringing in one more), it’s still double the options we have right now. A few weeks ago the papers were talking about him coming here for the rest of the season. Now, nothing? I’m not overly bothered. Thierry left us in a hole a few years ago, these returns are mostly about his ego and Wenger’s prudence… which blocks a permanent signing.

David Villa hasn’t been ruled out. I remember him being quoted as interested in joining Arsenal before he left Valencia all those years ago. So he does have an affinity with the club somewhere along the way. The media re reporting we’ve lodged a £16million bid for the Spaniard. I can’t see this happening. The only way I can see Villa coming in is if Barca give him away for £8million or we nab him on loan. Can you really see Arsenal lumping out 66% of the Robin fee on a player who has just come back from a serious knee injury… who boasts 2 extra years on his passport?

I can’t…

Not that the money fusses me. More the fact of life that concerns over thirties… they never come back fitter.

The Demba Ba quote is also intriguing. If the manager likes him, and who wouldn’t with that goal record. Why wouldn’t he lodge a bid? £7.5million is a 1998 price for a man who has delivered at his last three clubs. On the open market, he’d be going for at least £18million. He’s Premiership ready, loaded full of the attributes we don’t currently have… and he speaks French.

The only problem he has? He’s too damn obvious.

In other, more fantastical news, Abou Diaby is returning to training next week. What a laugh. After months out of action, he conveniently returns during the month in which we could try and replace him. He’ll come back, Wenger can trot out the line ‘he’s like a new signing’, we’ll get to Jan 30th, then he’ll break down.

The sad thing about this Arsenal set up is that Diaby is EXACTLY the player we need to kick on to great things. If we had him fit all season, I’ve no doubt we’d be at least ten points better off. His ability to take on players through the middle would eliminate the problem we’ve faced with the man marking of our central midfielders. His physicality and pace when he’s on form is almost unplayable. He is the player who could take us to new, less predictable heights. However, the time has come to face facts. He’s never going to be fit for long enough. Wenger needs to replace him. No… he needs to give him competition. We can keep him, but we need to have someone level pegging him for ability so we don’t disintegrate when he’s out for 80% of the season.

Cabaye and Fellaini are the players I’d nominate in that role. The Belgian for me is one of the stars of the league, he has been for a few seasons. If there was ever a player I’d break the bank for, it’s this guy. Totally unplayable on his day. Aggressive  skilful and with an eye for goal. He’d be perfect for us. I’ve been told by people who’ve met with Wenger that the manager loves him… so why haven’t we gone in for him? Because they want £30million.

Here is where you need a strong independent voice in the corporate team to insist we make the purchase, or at least put together a case for that happening. That doesn’t have to be David Dein. That can be anyone who knows the economics of how a football club runs. Someone who isn’t mindful of a profit related bonus, someone who has come from the corporate world, or even the football world and just loves the club and the game. Someone who realises big sponsors love to work with big  names. Fellaini has all the attributes to be a big name.

Can I see that happening in January? Not a chance…

We should at the very least be bullying debt saddle Spanish and Italian clubs into releasing their players. What happened to M’Vila? Did he just suddenly become a bad player or could we put together a low cost rescue plan for a player Nike deemed good enough to star in their World Cup ad last year?

Finally, rumbling around Zaha continue to gather pace… I was with a Palace fan the other day, he reckons he’s a much better prospect than Chelsea starter Moses was. That’s promising. I like Moses. If Zaha does come in, cheerio Theo Walcott…

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  1. Pedro

    Chi Gooner,

    Great training facilities
    Great pay
    Packed 60k stadium
    First team football
    About to become pretty rich

    Cazorla said the Spaniards are desperate to get over here because of the mess their country is in

  2. Bade


    Fellaini & Isco are different cases regarding the appeal of joining us

    Fellaini yearning for a football of the highest level & with Arsenal he should gain it easier than with Everton

    The case of Isco is different, as Malaga playing very well, they sit 4th in their league, they face an easier team in the CL & they’re a more ambitious team than us (which isn’t a hard thing to achieve)

  3. Jeff


    Some managers couldn’t care less about who’s going to be offended or worried about a new player or how much they are going to be paid. They have one and only one goal. Win and win again.

    Only at Arsenal is consistent dropping of points acceptable because we’re only interested in fourth. It is not where we want to be and how we want to and it certainly is not becoming of a club like AFC; be but there we are.

  4. Sean

    Why not Gary Hooper. Wenger wants a good amount of young English players. He is 25 and a Brit and scoring like no other. 16 goals this campaign I believe. I think we could grab him for around 10 and that’s a fair price

  5. Sean

    Why not Gary Hooper. Wenger wants a good amount of young English players. He is 25 and a Brit and scoring like no other. 16 goals this campaign I believe. I think we could grab him for around 10 and that’s a fair price

  6. Bade


    Those reasons you can sum up with one word, money

    I agree, as I said in my post, that if a player like Isco is going to come to us, it’s going to be only about the money

    But even then, if he fancies a ,move abroad, I’d say he’s most likely to land a better deal elsewhere, I think he won Spain’s & Euro’s young player of the year award

  7. Chigooner


    Players play for two things. 1. Money 2. Trophies. Yes we may be able to exploit the situation in spain but thats ONLY if the “big teams” aren’t willing to pay isco more money and offer him a chance of trophies at the same time.

    think about what your saying. we need to rely on a failing economy in spain in order to sign players because it means we can pay less in transfer fees and possibly less in salary to the player. this is not a recipe to compete for trophies anytime soon.

  8. TitsMcgee

    So Wenger is saying that points will come eh?

    More or the “don’t worry we’re fine” BS that he has been spouting year after year as the team gets worse years after year.

    He’s setting up the inevitable “we need no additions to our team” declaration.

  9. Peter

    Che… I too am impressed with your skills. Very impressive. Childish, but impressive.

    Chi, players play for the hope of trophies… not all of them can though.

    Why do you think Cazorla is with us?

    Plenty of great players out there who would jump at the chance to play at Arsenal.

    Once Wenger goes, we’ll be on the up in a big way… should the right manager come in.

  10. Pedro

    Bade, you can also come to a club like Arsenal as a platform.

    If we become successful off the back of the player coming in… they win.

    If the player shines and the team don’t, again, the player wins because they can move onto better things.

  11. Ché C Cheriton

    Arsenal are not a feeder club and I’m sick of them being run like one. It’s a fkin disgrace. There is no need for it. We are cash rich, we have a huge fan base and we have a potential owner in Usmanov who wants to take Arsenal to the next level.

    Seriously the fck are we doing signing the likes of Giroud and Gervinho and still championing Diaby and Rosicky (Pedro). It’s a fkin sick joke isn’t it?

    Yes I talk Gambon up because he is one of the few who speak complete sense.

  12. Chigooner

    We got Cazorla bc of the sitution in spain and bc none of the “big clubs” were in for him. This isnt a bottomless pit of talent. We may be able to pick up another player or two but then what? We need a progressive, competitive, long term transfer policy that put us in position to compete with Man U on a yearly basis.

  13. Incesc

    “Yes I talk Gambon up because he is one of the few who speak complete sense.”

    Or maybe because you have nothing of interest to say that comes from your own brain bobby charlton

  14. Pedro

    Che, you champ up anyone who backs even half of one of your points.

    Giroud was a French international and last seasons Ligue One top scorer. In 20 starts he’s bagged 9 goals and 9 assists. Hardly a ‘how can we accept signings like this’ category of striker.

    As for Rosicky, not sure how you can call him average. He’s a top player and a seasoned international, he just has average fitness. Diaby isn’t average either… he just has a shite injury record.

    How you have the cheek to suggest anyone is average when you suggest players like Shawcross is beyond me.

  15. Ché C Cheriton

    Pedro, yet again you miss the point. Giroud was always going to be fkin average and deep down you know it – we all said it. Rosicky and Diaby are perma crocks yet you still tow the party line on them two.

    Re. Shawcross – I asked who you would rather have Ramsay or Shawcross. For me Shawcross ALL DAY LONG! Because we need strength and basic players who can do basic jobs in defence! I also wanted Joey Barton too.

  16. Bade


    Agree in principle, BUT

    1. Isco is already a big name, he doesn’t need us as a platform
    2. I’m not sure Isco sees something different than what many others see, and it’s that Arsenal isn’t an ambitious enough club. He knows Arsenal is a club that think as a motto that 4th is a trophy. He knows it isn’t. So the only chance for us to land him is to offer him mega money deal, which I highly doubt we’ll do, and providing no other top club would come knocking

    That’s why, for an already formed star-in-a-making, there are very few temptations to move to Arsenal those days, bar the money (if generously offered)

  17. Pedro

    Che, you talk such a load of nonsense? I tow the party line on Rosicky and Diaby? What does that even mean? It’s like you don’t even read the posts…

    Even Arsenal’s PR team are more perceptive that you. They said they thought I was creul for demanding he be outed last year. Towing the company line? Jeez…

    Shawcross all day long… seriously, he’s absolutely dog average.

    Joey Barton? Again, do average and sacked by QPR. All the fans hated him because he was that useless.

  18. Pedro

    Bade, club ambition is a massive problem…

    I think it’s also an issue for sponsors as well. Someone I know works closely with Nike and reckons they’re very much take it or leave it.

  19. Chigooner


    I am not talking about players that Barca and Madrid are after. I’m talking about competing domestically. We should be competing with Man U for players.

    19 pts off united last year. looks like it will be worse this year. its unacceptable.

    I see no reason we shouldnt be competing with them every year. do you? it only requires an owner more concerned with results than markets and a manager with ambition and skill.

    i don’t want to get started on kroenke again. but look at the teams he owns. they are all a disgrace.

  20. Pedro

    Agree there Bade… Desailly raved about him last year.

    Interesting that Thierry had his head turned by Real when at Monaco… he went off the boil, but came good when given a chance.

  21. Pedro

    Chi, money wise, we should be able to compete with everyone in the league.

    Well, bar Chavski and City.

    Once Wenger goes and the wage bill mess is sorted, we’ll be up there with the best.

  22. Pedro

    Chi… I think Usmanov will get us at some point.You can’t run a football club the way Kroenke does and succeed.

    We’re not as regulated as American teams. If you get out spent, you get beat over here.

  23. Bade

    Indeed Pedro

    Sometimes it’s the timing you catch those steals, when they’re in the decline but the quality still there & they want to prove they worth it, you can double win it

    I feel if M’villa ever going to fulfil his superstar adds image, it’s going to be in the coming year

    For 8m ‘ he’s a steal. It’s 4m’ less than Gerv!

  24. Bade

    I agree with Pedro, once Arsene is gone, we’re going to be in the up certainly

    We have a fantastic platform for that. The money & the legacy are already there

    Hence why I think any top manager would be interested to take our managerial job

  25. Incesc

    Carzorla moved from Malaga to arsenal bade

    You could probably say arsenal are a bit of a sleeping giant at the moment and hugely under performing our potential. Malaga don’t have the same long term potential as us currently…

    I don’t think any player sees arsenal as a club that thinks 4th is a trophy.

    When Wenger says 4th is a trophy I’m sure he doesn’t mean it the way people make out.

    It’s something he’s had to say to appease people and to defend himself, when its made out that all of his work has been bad for 7 years.

  26. Jeff

    Yep, agree with Pedro 100% on this.

    “Once Wenger goes and the wage bill mess is sorted, we’ll be up there with the best.”

  27. Ché C Cheriton

    Wrong again Pedro and on so many levels. Let’s go through it.

    Shawcross: My point on him is that he doesn’t have to be the best in the world, he just has to defend which he does pretty well. He strong, a little bit of a c*** and likes to tackle. Flamini wasn’t the best player ever but with him in the team Cesc shone brightly. Sometimes you need a basic player to do the basics right.

    Secondly on Shawcross. Don’t say he is dogshit when you champion the likes of TV5 and Kos. How far are Stoke away from us in the table? Right – not too far at all.

    Barton. Again what’s wrong with having a nasty c*** in the team? He’s not a bad player at all. Marseille are doing well and I would say Marseille are roughly as good as Arsenal at the moment? Secondly you champion that league and Giroud so don’t go knocking Marseille.

    Rosicky and Diaby: Should of been outed LONG LONG ago. Espiecially Rosicky – yet you agreed with the long contract extention. WTF????
    Diaby. Yes he can be good but he can also be fkin lazy and wasteful – PLUS!!!!!!! he is permanently fkin injured.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Chigooner

    The policy comes from the top. Finishing 4th makes Stan the most money with the least risk. They already have safeguards built in for when we inevitably miss out on CL.

    I do think Wenger is the key to the whole thing. He’s built up so much goodwill (rightly so) that you can’t even have a banner saying “wenger out” without starting a fight.

    I think it’s much more likely that Wenger leaves on his own terms. Some chump gets named manager. He can’t come close to replicating what Wenger does for Stan. And then something akin to liverpool happens and we get usmanov.

    could be awhile folks. buckle up.

  29. Bade


    The sad thing, that I would want to think the same as you re Arsene, but then I judge him by his actions, and those actions scream 4th is our main trophy. All the other targets are a surplus

    Players do know it

    With Cazorla we were hugely lucky & took advantage of the Malaga finances back then. But it doesn’t tell what’s in general

    I can see very few top players that will take us over Chelsea, United, Real, Barca or Bayern, to say the least

    Once we we’re a top club in Europe, even though we failed to win anything of note there. But nowadays we should accept it that we are a 2nd fiddle club, not 1st row one in Europe.

  30. Pedro

    Che, this is where you make yourself sound like you don’t really know what you’re talking about…

    One minute we shouldn’t be signing average players… the next, you’re championing an average player saying it’s ok?

    Joey Barton, not good enough for QPR. Good enough for Arsenal? How many caps does he have for the most average England side in 50 years?

    Rosicky… a Czech international, Champion twice and once and £18mill transfer
    Diaby… a player Deschamps, world cup winner, wants to build a team around

    Hardly average.

    Giving Rosicky a contract was exactly the right thing to do. He’s a great squad player. I wouldn’t give Diaby another deal… but if I could guarantee he was going to be fit 50 games a season I would.

  31. Ché C Cheriton

    So are QPR betting than Marseille? And WTF? Deschamps has prob said the same about many players. Fck me Diaby doesn’t even play (kind of crucial).

    Shawcross is as good as TV5 and Kos, Djorou, Squid etc. Am I wrong?

    No didn’t think so.

  32. Pedro

    Che, you are totally wrong. As usual.

    Barton and Shawcross… honestly.

    ‘We don’t want average players’

    Well, your suggestion would kind of point out you do.

    … Deschamps probably says he wants to build his side around lots of players?

    Nice one.

  33. Jeff

    It’s very sad don’t you think that it has come to this. An increasing number of fans (though not necessarily the majority yet) convinced that the only light at the end of the tunnel cannot shine until Wenger leaves and someone with a bit of passion comes in with the necessary charisma and ambition to make us competitive again. If, coupled with that, we also have an owner that is willing to support us financially; we can be the best club in the league and probably Europe for the foreseeable.

    Under those circumstances the best players in the world would be queuing up to sign for Arsenal and any we might already have will not try to jump ship. The lesser players will be sold or given away and we will once again be a force to contend with, just like the phoenix rising from the ashes.

    As it is, we have nothing going for us and Wenger’s time was up years ago but he didn’t and won’t go until real disaster strikes our shores. But I do not believe dropping out of the top four will count as a real disaster. Wenger will carry on for one more year whatever happens under the pretext that “he has to honour his contract”. The fact that nobody really wants him to honour it will be neither here nor there. I know it is a very depressing thought but they are our realities.

  34. Incesc

    What’s the obsession with shawcross on here?

    Just trying to come up with the most controversial player possible?

    Imagine what he’d do to the spirit in the dressing room, not to mention the fact he’s shit

  35. Bade

    The problem isn’t with Rosicky’s 2 years deal

    It’s the absence of a 2 years deal for Sagna

    Rosicky should be our weakest link in a 6 midfield players

    Right now he’s ahead of Le Coq & Ramsey

    Though if you push those two out on loan & bring in Fellaini & Cabaye, you’ll have a hell of a midfield

  36. Pedro

    Shawcross… against Liverpool, where Stoke won… had a pass completion rate of 68%.

    Mertesacker, arguably our worst passer, had a pass completion of 91%.

  37. Bade

    Barton & Shawcross aren’t the sort of players we need at Arsenal

    Give it a rest people

    Barton? The man is a walking farce. He’s more known for his outrages & non-footballing activities than for his on pitch displays

  38. Johnny5


    I don’t think we should sign him he’s just a much better player than Ramsey and koscielny I’d have him for a third choice cb ahead of kos squillaci etc and agree Barton could have been a fucking excellent player but the fact he’s an utter cock lets him down

  39. Marko

    Nice one johnty you idiot.

    And shawcross really? Cause he plays for a team who generally have 9 men behind the ball and draw most of the time that makes him a great defender? Fucking please. What’s the rumour on Yilmaz? He’d be good he’s a big reason for Galatasary getting to the knockouts in the champions league

  40. Pedro

    Che… just to make things worse… shawcross manages to fuck up 38% of his 13 passes. Per managed 41 passes.

    See, if you have defenders who are shite on the ball, you suffer as a great team.

    Stoke have a good defensive record because their whole set up is geared around defending. Arsenal don’t.

    We’ve the joint 4th best defensive record in the league… so how you think our defence are shite is beyond me.

    Could it be better, yep. Has it improved… yep. This is our best run since 07-08.

    To suggest we bring in a defender who is average and shite on the ball is dim at best.

  41. Chigooner

    I can’t even believe this guy is serious about Barton. Guy can’t even get a game in ligue 1 and has been problem everywhere he goes.

    Shawcross, not necessary shit but can’t see how he can help arsenal. unless it’s replacing djourou as our 4th CB. everything he does mertesacker does better.

  42. Bade


    Barton might be now a better player, but I’m almost certain at his age Ramsey will be a much better player than Joe

    As for Shawcross, he isn’t better than Kozzer. Maybe this seasons form of both makes all the perplex, but Kozzer still a much better player than Ryan

    He might be better than Djourou & Squillaci, but then seriously, how many you know are worse than those hapless pair?

  43. Chigooner

    Garry Hooper is someone who was suggested over the summer and it was generally mocked. Never seen the guy play so I can’t say. But it’s a huge jump from the spl to the prem so i would be hesitant.

  44. Bade


    It can be the case but not necessarily so

    The case of Cazorla (and many others who not only play for us) suggests otherwise

    He might have an attitude problem, this should be checked, but as a football player he has it all to make it in the big clubs, and the timing seems about right right now


    Ba upfront,but like someone mentioned ,too good to be true or to take advantage of go figure.
    Mvilla in the middle,shit just buy him already,and let Diaby be HIS back up.

  46. Doublegooner

    Che @ 18.33

    How anyone can be promoting Shawcross & Barton is beyond me.

    They’re both thugs, cunts & shit / no more than average.

    Whatever we all think of our club now, the last thing I’d ever want to see is vermin like them here.

    Try & find something else to say.

  47. Cesc Appeal

    Nothing infuriates me more than listening to people on TalkSport say ‘well we can’t afford the wages for the Sneijder’s of this world.’

    £140 000 a week?

    Chamakh £70 000 pw
    Squillaci £50 000 pw
    Djourou £55 000 pw

    Total £175 000 pw

    None of them play, literally throwing £175 000 a week down the toilet, and that is just three examples, I’m sure we could sit here all day listing them.

    So, we could get shot of these three, however we have to, and have £35 000 a week left over having signed Sneijder, who would be a star in our team?

    Go figure…honestly….go figure.

  48. Johnny5


    I don’t think Ramsey is ever going to be a good player I just can’t see it he has gone way backwards I know he was out for a long time but he’s ridiculously bad at times as for shawcross I concede he’s not better than kozzer just have it in for kozzers form of late. With Barton I think his rep has fucked him now I don’t think there’s a top prem team that would have him anywhere near their team I just think its a shame really he could have been one of the best players around if he had discipline and wasn’t a complete muppet.

  49. Johnny5

    Cesc appeal,

    I know it’s infuriating that some fans actually believe we’re too skint to afford proper players. With the deadwood we’ve got we could probably afford ronaldo and messi too if we fucked them all off lol

  50. Bennydevito

    Going back to a point Pedro said earlier I remember just before Graham got the sack he bought John Hartson, Chris Kiwomya and Glen Helder. They were all shite and quickly off-loaded by Wenger. If this is Wenger’s last season then unless the board sanction players for the incoming manager like they did when Rioch was in charge I see little point in Wenger spunking up the wall what the new manager will need to salvage something from the shit Wenger’s left us in. And as others have alluded to if he doesn’t sign Ba then he really is a cunt.

  51. Bade

    Indeed Kush, hence the attitude background should be checked well

    Though it’s safe to say half of the French squad were banned this tournament ot the other in the last few big tournaments

    Many turmoils

  52. Chigooner


    Great point. Thats why the first thing that needs to be done is to get rid of whoever is surplus. I read an article (don’t know how true) that reading offer 4m for arshavin but that wenger might hold out for 5m. We need to sell these guys for whatever we can get if they aren’t playing. holding out for 1m when a guy is making 80k ? 90k? a week is counterproductive on several levels. give chamakh away for free, give the squid away for free they are taking up spots and money that , as you say, when combined could mean us bringing in a player like falcao and not see our wage bill go up at all.

    i realize it’s easier said then done but when i read arsene is holding out for 5m instead of 4m i want to throw the laptop through the nearest window.

  53. Bade


    I think with Ramsey one of his main problems is miss-management

    He;s played way ahead of his progress curve, so that backfires on him & us, he’s losing confidence, he’s the fan favourite to give a stick & boo, we’re slowly killing any chance to make out of him a good p,layer, and I still think there’s one

    But he needs an immediate loan away of the lights & heavy burdens

    There he can progress better & find his form, then we should bring him in for the final refine

    But throwing him in such a vicious way & play him constantly out of position, is just deeming him for a failure

  54. Bade

    Bermy Boy

    What kind of question is that? How many more than 7.5m a year is going to top manager to cost us? This is not your best questions mate 🙂

  55. Jeff

    But does anyone really think it is neither here nor there even if we do sell the deadwood? I mean do any of you honestly think that Wenger will go out and buy a player for £25m and pay him £180k per week? He won’t do it on principle regardless of whether we have these useless players or not. In fact having them gives him the perfect excuse to not buy anyone that is going to cost that much. He simply will not move with the times, adapt and play the game like everyone else. He thought Cahill was too much. He probably thinks Demba Ba is too much. Anyone who appears on the horizon as a proper candidate will be discarded straight away.

    The big question is why? That you will have to ask him; he might tell you about FFP but I for one wouldn’t believe a word of it. This is more than likely a personal little venture and he will make sure we stick to it to the bitter end.

    If he signs anyone, it will be someone that nobody thought of, didn’t appear on anyone’s radar except Wenger’s and all because “he knows best”. Well he hasn’t known best when it comes to almost all of the recent signings and the phrase should be revised to read “he knows nothing and he’s not from Barcelona”.

  56. Johnny5


    A loan away might do the world of good. it couldnt be any worse. I just fear he might be beyond salvage now. The same can be said for Walcott where being played out of position is concerned and he’s finally coming somewhere close to good. I don’t get how wenger gets away with piss poor player management we have had some players who should if guided in the right way would have made us the EPL Barcelona but because of his sheer stupidity we are where we are.

  57. Arsene's Nurse

    Cesc Appeal December 28, 2012 19:33:03

    Nothing infuriates me more than listening to people on TalkSport say ‘well we can’t afford the wages for the Sneijder’s of this world.’

    £140 000 a week?
    It’s the greatest trick the club has pulled. The AKBs lap that shit up.

    Wage bill went up £19m last year, some £365,000 per week. We could afford to buy Messi for £100m and pay him £350k per week if we wanted. The money is there.

  58. Cesc Appeal

    Arsene’s Nurse


    It’s something in Human Nature that we need to be told what to do, what to think. All these Arsenal fans…it’s so much harder for their poor little heads to actually think outside the box to ask questions like:

    Wenger has gone 50% of his tenure as manager winning nothing…is he really THAT good a coach?

    In 12 months Arsenal have made £117 Million from player sales, is that where their priorities lie?

    Arsenal wage bill is £40-50 Million higher than Spurs, are we seeing the quality to justify that? Having only finished a point above them last year? Them looking so much better on and off the field?

    Does having an owner who’s teams are ALL mid table profit makers, who barely attend 5 games a season really the best way? When we have the richest man in the country wanting to take over who has to BUY his won executive box at the Emirates? Who makes more in interest a year than Stan Kroenke is worth?


    Easier just to believe what the mad Frenchman says….I’m just waiting for him to say



    Heard it on the Maury Povich show
    with the results of little Arsenes paternity test,Ebernezer Scrooge……

  60. Lordbergkamp

    Usual predictable crap. Every decent player that would actually improve us and the club/Wenger spends all the run up to the window pissing on our expectations..

    There was a time when we could believe that the expectation dampening was designed to throw the world off the scent of a great new signing. Now it’s just sadly true. Don’t expect anybody that could actually help.

    Depressing shite from the club. Depressing. And diaby coming back just in time to justify no midfield signings. Totally cynical shite. Shame on the club. Shame on Wenger.

  61. Jeff

    van Persie: “More than doubled my wages which was ace”. It doesn’t sound to me like he went to Wenger in the 11th hour to ask to sign as was rumoured. He looks and sounds very happy to have left and clearly thinks it’s the best thing he’s done.

  62. Jeff

    This bloke got it absolutely right. The video was published just after Van Persie’s departure but in hindsight, absolutely right. Bank accounts don’t win football matches.

  63. Royal Bludger

    So here’s a quiz:

    Is it –

    1) Mental illness from being a dictator for too long (the Gadaffi/Wenger Syndrome)

    2) Corruption (Wenger and Co. are siphoning off money)

    3) Asset Stripping (The Board and Co. are siphoning off money)

    4) All of the above

  64. iffy da goon

    @Royal Bludger

    I think it’s 1) Mental illness from being a dictator for too long (the Gadaffi/Wenger Syndrome) as well as being let down by other shareholders like nina bracewell smith, fizman and indeed dean who didn’t see fit to ensure that the transition was into the right hands.

    Also, some of these people built Arsenal’s new home. They obviously feel that they are obliged to do as they wish for this reason as well

  65. Jeff

    This is really funny. I’ve not actually seen this from behind. This is how Nasri hides behind the wall from the Van Persie free kick and just sticks a leg out. You will roll on the floor.

  66. Gunner2301


    Gerard Houllier said weeks ago that Henry would not be playing for us so I think this was already decided by Henry I think. Maybe that one slipped under the radar.

    Diaby? How can you still be entertaining him? We don’t need another player like him because we don’t know what he’s really capable of. Why should we keep him for 60k? It’s a waste of money. We need to bring someone in that can do what we want them to do and if its for 60k so be it but we don’t need Diaby.

    If that’s the case why not keep Arshavin and bring in another player on 80k to do what we need him to do? That’s what Wenger has been doing for years and all that its done is stack up the dead wood.

    A sea change is needed. He needs to start being accountable for who he’s spending money on and what we are getting back in return.


  67. Dan Ahern

    Why is Shawcross’s name even appearing here? Jesus. There are like 5 other positions we need to tend to before we worry about adding hopelessly average backline backups.

  68. Lordbergkamp

    Dan seems like club pr. mention enough average crappy players and the foreign shite we actually get will be welcomed with open arms. Cynical bullshit believed by the weak minded.

  69. Jeff

    You would think that after the 8:2 beating at Old Trafford in August 2011, only two possible outcomes could result. Any sane, rational, ambitious and hungry manager would vow to return the favour by arming himself up to the teeth with world class players, ensuring he never gets humiliated like that again.

    The second option is to put your hands up and resign, especially if you know that you are responsible for bringing in the defensive players that let us down so badly that day. Of course he does neither. Instead he goes out on the last day of the transfer window and buys a load of bargain basement players ranging from substandard to medium range ability.

    One thing is for certain. He will never learn a lesson. He will never change his ways and he will eventually leave in disgrace; I can see no other ending to this tragic story.

  70. Jeff

    Of course the same pattern is presenting itself this season. We put out our strongest team against Bradford City with the hope of staying in at least one real trophy competition and guess what? This team can’t even beat a division 4 club. That is the signal to act. Another example: we are drawing 3:3 against Fulham and in the dying seconds we get a penalty. We miss and drop two points.

    This season he’s had more than enough occasions where the alarm bells should have been ringing and we should have been so anxious for January to come so we could strengthen. What do we do? Ah well, Diaby is coming back to training, Santos is going to return and we’ll have a jolly old try at keeping Walcott.

    What about new players? We tried very hard to find a top, top exceptional player but in the end it was not possible. Which brainless nitwit actually believes this tripe any more? Plenty is the answer and that is why he’s still the manager of Arsenal Football Club. He can always count on the die hard AKBs to provide the support he needs to carry on.

  71. AA23

    I’ve heard it all
    Diaby is good
    No he isn’t, he’s fucking crap, the only reason anyone says he’s good is because he’s been constantly injured since 2008.
    Gambon talks sense
    No he doesn’t, he talks fucking shit. He’s mentally ill.
    Happy new year you cunts

  72. kwik fit

    Wenger: “Yes, I will be busy (in January). I don’t feel under pressure to name names because you [that fucker kwik fit always puts me under pressure] find them on your own.”

  73. kwik fit

    Them greedy fuckers down at the emirates should put up a Charlie George and Liam Brady Statue cos John Radford ( Bradford boy)told me it would be appropriate. But I wont name names’s!

  74. kwik fit

    Can’t wait for the crack at the Emirates tomorrow. Really think our guys should be up for it . Wenger doesn’t need any of his motivational qualities tomorrow. Arsene I think you should stay at home tomorrow!

  75. kwik fit

    Patrick James Rice – MBE well he has dedicated almost 50 years to football. Well earned reward .
    You deserve it for putting up with Wenger for all those years!

  76. kwik fit

    Last of the night from Arsene;
    Wenger: “I always tell you the truth. I do not always give you the complete truth!”

    This is why we as Arsenal fans are all nervous wrecks and enjoy blow jobs!

  77. iffy da goon

    I like a good blowjob every now and then but kwik how do u know we’re gonna be serious in the transfer market

    (If you don’t actually know, just make up anything and i will believe u)

  78. ArsenalisYourDaddy

    “Once Wenger goes and the wage bill mess is sorted, we’ll be up there with the best.” All wankers in line with Pedro wanking.

    Wenger is going nowhere, He will leave Arsenal only if he wishes. No one at Arsenal will demand he leaves, so all the lusting after some Russian criminal’s genitals is in vain.
    Wenger and Purple Nose are the two best managers in England period ! So stop the useless drivel about getting rid of Wenger. You have no one to replace him.
    Let me explain slowly Arsenal’s problem. World class players are beyond Aresene’s pocket book. We cannot buy a Falcao. Plain and simple!
    Big money has removed those players from our grasp, you all know this. Once in a while a smaller team can find a Michu.
    Simply, there are good players, first class players and world class players.
    Arsenal has good players and a couple first class players. Our front line of Poldi, Theo, Gervinho, Giroud are good players. None of them are world class.
    Arsenal has only one player edging to world class and that is Carzola, and we got him because Malaga was adrift. Injuries robbed Diaby from becoming world class.
    I will agree with you all that Arsene needs to search high and low for first class players because “good” will never will Arsenal a title. Can we wait until Wiltshire and the Ox become first class? No!
    Arsene is still the best at finding talent, he just had to let the best players slip because we DID NOT HAVE THE CASH TO BUY FIRST CLASS. Arsene now has the cash now for two “first” class additions. Let us see who is avaible in January and summer.
    Now feel free to restart the pity party!

  79. goonerboy

    Diaby is not a fraud-its not his fault that Wenger tried to build the midfield around a chronically injured player. Its not his fault that Wenger decided to gamble and not even try to sign a DM after Song left. Some gambles are worth taking and if you lose its bad luck.
    This is not one of those.
    Its poor judgement on the part of the Arsenal management team- mainly Wenger himself- who thought he could save some money.
    The reason we miss Diaby so much is because Ramsey is out of form (again), and the 3 midfielders are all too similar ( technical attacking mids who lack physical power and tackling capacity).

  80. gambon

    Joppa, Wrighty was my hero. I will always love TH and hes our best player by a mile, but IW8 will always be the man…

  81. kwik fit

    Harry Redknapp “I was a Gooner, Me and my dad were fanatical Arsenal fans, I couldn’t let that be known when I was manager of Tottenham”

    I always had a soft spot for old ‘arry

    Iffy I Heard Ba, Turan and wait for it M’villa

  82. popcorn

    Sorry Henry but if you come back in January i’d prefer you to stay on the side lines giving advice to our current strikers and hopefully the big named striker we so desperately need, not to mention a CDM to help protect the back four so we can actually hope to not concede a goal every game.

  83. ricardo

    Diaby is fucked – but I guarantee we won’t be buying a midfield player – in case it stops ‘project wenger’ playing kids that are clearly out of their depth

  84. Arse&Nose©

    Stoke pulled out of a deal to sign Ba because of a long term knee problem showing up on a medical. West ham then signed him on a pay as you pay deal because of injury concerns. Thus is probably why Newcastle are trying to tout him about while his stock is high.

  85. blazon


    you have misunderstood Wenger’s Ba quote…

    it simply meant that the only proper thing to say a day before Newcastle was no…

    Monday all bets are off, Ba will be no more or less likely to come then…