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Ahhh, writing when there’s nothing to write about has been the story of many blog posts this year. When the papers and countless awful websites set up to harvest your clicks give up, you know there’s nothing going on. Even the muppets on Twitter who use this period to gather a following off the back of making up inside info have lost their imagination.

I took in Match of the Day yesterday. Spurs spanked Villa in the most unstylish way. I was sitting with two Spurs fans watching the goals. They were almost as school boy as the punditry offered up by Alan Shearer…

‘Villa aren’t scoring goals and they’re conceding them. This is a big problem’

Well I’ll be damned Al…

Spurs still aren’t convincing me. However, if they add the quality of a motivated Sneijder to their set up in January, I might start paying attention. It’s moves like that which push you above the mediocre pack for fourth place. Not quite sure how a club with a wage ceiling of £90k will manage to persuade a player on £170k to move?

It’s worth mentioning the United game. Newcastle and them played out a monster 4-3 in favour of the Mancs. Hopefully the mental fatigue associated with losing a game like that will work in our favour on the 29th! I also enjoyed watching a poor Liverpool side taken apart by Stoke. Poor old Rodgers. What can you do with bad players and little money?

The only news that I haven’t spoken about Arsenal wise is the stuff about Chamakh not making the Moroccan African Cup of nations side. Ouch, what a stinger. That’s a pretty big slap in the face for a player who probably quite fancied sitting on the bench in a hot country over the winter period.

Why Arsenal don’t just give him a free transfer is beyond me… the worst Bosman since Bogarde? Not far off…

That’s about it for today. Perhaps I’ll thrash out some highlights of the year tomorrow?

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  1. Dan Ahern

    Özil…what a signing that woulda been. He was well within the price range too, reportedly €15m. Problem is our continued water-treading below the ambitious clubs left him no reason at all to choose us when Madrid, Barça, Utd were in the hunt.

  2. TOLI83

    Gunner 2301 here you go! All star line up for JD testamonial game.

    Richard Wright




  3. Thomas

    “We have Diaby and Rosicky back from Injury, so I believe we have enough quality in midfield and upfront aswell”
    “But If we find the right quality player on the market we will do it”

    What a cunt he is.

  4. Stan Donkey


    I’d hope both the club and JD would recognise how unpalatable a testimonial would be!

    Besides, your midfield is way to strong.

    Malz, Alberto Mendez & Bischoff would be gutted!!

    Perhaps Luke can provide a ‘here’s what you could’ve won 11’?

  5. gambon

    In terms of players that shouldve played for Arsenal, but Wenger fucked up:





    Now that is absolutely ridiculous. That is a true world class team that we didnt bother to sign mainly due to the wanker wenger.

  6. TOLI83

    What a line up – Wenger also said he could have signed Drogba, he can make Gambons bench.

    Them vs the JD’s testomonial boys would be fun to watch.

  7. Zen Warrior

    Diaby will be fit, just in time for us to buy no one.. Plus we’ve got Denilson coming back… Looks like we’re sorted….

  8. kwik fit

    Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie , the ging gang goo, the ging gang goo, sing it ,the Ging gang goolie goolie goolie goolie the ging gang goo etc etc etc

  9. kwik fit

    Sir Alex Ferguson will not face any FA action over his angry touchline protests towards match officials on Wednesday.

    Fair play to Sir Alex He’s got them all licking the back end of his crutch and I for one loves what the guy has done. I just wish I could do things such as him and get nothing but respect . You know what I mean ? 😉

  10. kwik fit

    Had a few pints with a Newcastle United fan tonight. He is convinced that Ba is going to Arsenal. Make what you will of that information. I only pass on what I hear.

  11. gambon

    Adil Rami is a beast, would be an amazing signing.

    Not happening though cos we’re not letting Mertesacker, Vermaelen or Koscielny go.

    Twitter is pathetic.

  12. SDE

    I ask myself this question..

    If RVP had stayed & we had gone out & bought say Cavani,or Falcao..
    We would even consider Demba Ba?

    Now we have no other alternative,but to consider him,because of his price tag & our systematic dumbing down of high-level expectations & standards over the years..

    Don’t get me wrong-Demba Ba is a good player..
    But against the benchmark of the invincible’s..?

    The club will pay for this dumbing down in the long run..No doubt..

  13. iffy da goon


    Same thing Wenger tries to do in the CL with all the rants but those gentlemen are having none of it. Especially from someone who never won the competition before

    They’ll give him a 6 week ban if they think he sneezed in the wrong way

  14. El Tel

    Never mind that the Jock cunt is a cheat. He picks His own Refs He picks His own fixture list He gets His own way.

    And some of you wankers think He is great. The dirty no good Scottish shit cunt will retire soon. Apart from a decent striker that mob are already a couple of injuries away from disaster.

    That defence makes ours look great and their midfield are nothing special. Take away their attack and weekly penalty and they are very average.

    He will leave them in a mess so His replacement fucks up.

    Not long now before this happens.

  15. goonerboy

    All we are seeing at Arsenal- year on year is the last 7 years repeating themselves- every year-same old nonsense about only buying super quality-when over half the squad are substandard. Over-reliance on injury prone crocks.

  16. de nis

    @El Tel:
    “weekly penalty ”
    are u talking about arsenal?? wont ranting about the ref favouring utd too much after all penalties we got games after game.

  17. kwik fit

    Yesterday was ‘April Fools’ in Spain. Hence all the crazy transfer rumours …Rami , Turan etc

    Fancy that …having April fools in December. They ‘ll be having Christmas in April next.

  18. kwik fit

    Wenger said: ‘I like Demba Ba, yes. Not the right place to speak about him. If you ask me ‘do we sign him?’ I say no.”

    Now let me get this right…….He likes him……He’s available for 7.5m……He wants to sign for Arsenal……..We need a striker pronto…….But We Don’t Sign Him WTFF!

  19. dennisdamenace

    Kwik – Because it will mean eating into the ‘profits’ generated by this fraud, the profits that ensure his tenure as our ‘manager’…..

  20. simon mcmahon

    well surprise surprise diaby is back in training next week just in time for the opening of the transfer window !!!
    another attempt by wenger to say he’s like a new signing so why should he buy , anybody who buys into this has a brian of a slug !

    it’s another statement of spin from the master himself , it’s a horrible thing to write but I hope he pulls a hamstring , everybody knows that there will be know major signings … the only signings will be kids under 16 …

  21. GaryC

    Do me a favour. Even in OGL’s current mental state, he’s hardly going to say “Yes. we will be signing him in January”

  22. dennisdamenace

    simon – i said pretty much the same yesterday.

    He’s become so transparent lately, bending over backwards to hold onto the money, so in effect to hold onto his £7.5m+ a year job.

    No matter how much the club suffers, no matter how much money is available, no matter who is available in the market, the shameful way they the money is continually accrued and held onto beggars belief….

  23. SDE

    Kwik Fit
    Wenger said: ‘I like Demba Ba, yes. Not the right place to speak about him. If you ask me ‘do we sign him?’ I say no.”Now let me get this right…….He likes him……He’s available for 7.5m……He wants to sign for Arsenal……..We need a striker pronto…….But We Don’t Sign Him WTFF

    You forgot to add,because everyone to a man,is calling out for Demba Ba..

    Wenger must show us whose boss..”The Dictator “never does the obvious..
    To him,it would be like bending over & getting shafted by all the fans..
    He must be the shafter,we as fans must bend over..

    The Predictable Genius,whose won fornicating all for almost a decade..

  24. sam

    are you moaners really serious? demba ba would have been a great signing but we don’t really need him.
    the newcastle player that can improve arsenal is ben arfa