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Ahhh, writing when there’s nothing to write about has been the story of many blog posts this year. When the papers and countless awful websites set up to harvest your clicks give up, you know there’s nothing going on. Even the muppets on Twitter who use this period to gather a following off the back of making up inside info have lost their imagination.

I took in Match of the Day yesterday. Spurs spanked Villa in the most unstylish way. I was sitting with two Spurs fans watching the goals. They were almost as school boy as the punditry offered up by Alan Shearer…

‘Villa aren’t scoring goals and they’re conceding them. This is a big problem’

Well I’ll be damned Al…

Spurs still aren’t convincing me. However, if they add the quality of a motivated Sneijder to their set up in January, I might start paying attention. It’s moves like that which push you above the mediocre pack for fourth place. Not quite sure how a club with a wage ceiling of £90k will manage to persuade a player on £170k to move?

It’s worth mentioning the United game. Newcastle and them played out a monster 4-3 in favour of the Mancs. Hopefully the mental fatigue associated with losing a game like that will work in our favour on the 29th! I also enjoyed watching a poor Liverpool side taken apart by Stoke. Poor old Rodgers. What can you do with bad players and little money?

The only news that I haven’t spoken about Arsenal wise is the stuff about Chamakh not making the Moroccan African Cup of nations side. Ouch, what a stinger. That’s a pretty big slap in the face for a player who probably quite fancied sitting on the bench in a hot country over the winter period.

Why Arsenal don’t just give him a free transfer is beyond me… the worst Bosman since Bogarde? Not far off…

That’s about it for today. Perhaps I’ll thrash out some highlights of the year tomorrow?

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  1. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    What can one say about Chamakh? And others… If it was Wengers own money I’d say he would be out the door and now saying in Morocco’s finest establishment; “would you like chips with your burger Sir?”

    I’m having difficulty believing the whole Sneijder thing.. Simply because his wages appeared to be the stumbling block with his move to Utd and now it’s a dispute over Inter reducing his wages.. Can spuds afford his salary… Or will he take a substantial cut to move when he is refusing to take a cut to stay at Inter???

    Pedro, small point! Can you get back onto the habit of writing “new post” on the old post when you put up a new one please?

    Some of us have the habit of loitering around the old one waiting for the new one to appear! 🙂

    Keep up the good work Sir. Good Job Batman

  2. bankz

    You can’t possibly be serious.we are linked to every possible name in Europe.we are either targeting,pursuing or snubbing names after names. There has to be a story somewhere..there must be some “exceptional” or “super super quality” player we’d certainly get in January.

  3. Globalgunner

    “Routine car crash here . Nothing new. Same time, same type, same place for the last eight years. Nothing to see folks, Just move along please”

  4. Ash79

    Havent posted in a while, thought i’d try and fill out the comments section with drivel.

    Overland trains to paddington are hit and miss – “late finish to overnight engineering works” – yeh bollocks, lazy cnts. District line was a mess. Strolling into the office at 9.55 is passable during the festive period. My colleague has just text me that she is running late as her gas-man has not yet arrived…hmmm sure love.

    On to football. I hate Gareth Bale, I hate his face, his ears, his overly developed torso, his impish haircut, I hate that defenders can’t deal with him. Surely he must be on his way soon? he is certainly playing himself into the shop window. Here’s one for those Grovers who can be bothered – since leaving Southampton’s academy, who has achieved more – Theo or Bale? Define “acheive” how you want.

    Man United will walk this league, City are out of sorts and everyone seems bored up there. Chelsea are the only credible challengers. For me player of the season is without doubt Juan Mata, then Van Persie second.

    Nothing much to say about Arsenal, hopefully the rest does the lads some good and i hope they havent used the extra time off to trip over a turkey bone and get injured. I hope Diaby had a shit Christmas.

    Lots to do at work but can i be fucked?

  5. Bade

    How about Fat Frank?

    I think he worth a punt, but not as our main man for midfield, as we need another top midfielder, but he will certainly make a better option in midfield than, say, Ramsey or even the OX

  6. SUGA3

    Chamwank not getting a berth in the vuvuzela cup team says it all,given the level of football on display there!

    and Pedro, I know you have your obligations as a prominent AFC blogger, but I would stop short of going on how you would ‘start paying attention’ if Sp*ds were to sign Sneijder…

    face it mate, they have a better team as it is, as things stand, us finishing above them is less than 50% probable IMO…

  7. El Pige

    Spurs cannot afford Sneidjer. They had to ask Man City to cover the cost of Adebayor. I can’t imagine Inter being so complimentary to that request. Let’s hope we can pick up 3 points against Newcastle and put in a performance also.

    Will also be nice to get the wage bill trimmed down with the impending departures of Arshavin and hopefully Djourou and Chamackh. Who knows we could see Squillachi leave and that would be a positive start to 2013.

  8. Bade


    People usually praise Arsene for making “stars” but they ignore the many howlers he makes so so often

    Take Chamakh for an example

    When he came to Arsenal he was a leading striker in a team that just won the title in France, he was a formed star & captain of his national side

    Now Chamakh is nothing, he’s a bench player at best, he’s not even in the squad of his national side

    Why don’t people blame Arsene for this?

    I’d say the same pattern was imposed with Arshavin, who came as a star & goes out as a nothing player

  9. SUGA3


    seriously, come to think of it, Wenger has ruined more players that brought them through:

    – Arshavin (brilliant, grossly mis-managed)
    – Chamakh (one trick pony, but had his uses)
    – Vela (joy to watch, but not in the Wenger choir boy type)
    – Senderos (part of the record breaking back four, given a cold shoulder once he said how much more professional the setup at AC Milan was)

    …and I could think of many more players…

  10. Bade


    Mancs have two major strengths this season

    The usual one is their manager, who’s the best in the business by far

    The second is courtesy of our disturbed manager, RVP.

    I can’t see them winning the league honestly. I think Chelsea will nail it eventually. They have an unbelievable squad & they will add what needed in January, while Mancs have a horrible defence & it will come back to bite them in the dying moments of the season, but they will certainly be up there for the fight (not for 4th eh …)

  11. El Pige

    Can’t wait till the end of the season for the open top bus to show off our 4th place is a trophy. The fans should be out in their droves.

  12. Bade

    Yep Sug

    The AKBs have a certain habit, Arsene is ONLY & SOLELY responsible for the success, any success

    The players / Board / Owner / CEO / Injuries / Bad luck / Refs / Doom posters / insert any other fantasy you wish to be, are all in joint responsible for the failures

    Arsene is never responsible for a failure

  13. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Bade, the last time Arsene made a star was helping his nephew with his Nativity Crib..

    What is appalling about Chamakh. And the rest, is the amount of time it takes to offload them. What a waste of wages..

    With those 5 new contracts last week, and all the other built in rises in the rest we are heading for a 160m wage bill this year.

    In the last year we’ve bought in 10-11 players or so.. Art, Pod, Gir, Caz, signalling a shift in his policy. Sadly, most of them have failed to become stars. Cazorla excepted. We could say now Fab has been adequately replaced with a class player. I don’t believe the rest are all that bad. But Wenger simply fails to get the best out of them.

    I remember our goal against Liverpool when Pod and Cazorla swept the length of the pitch in lightning speed to score a cracker. AH I thought, we’ve finally got our terrifying counter-attacking speed back.. False dawn!

  14. Globalgunner

    Tell the truth i would be quite gratified if Chelsea won it. They are no longer defined by the tossers such as frank and JT plus Cashley who all seem to be on their way out and it would vindicate Rafa who as we have now seen was on a hiding to nothing at the Pool. a club even more screwed up than ours. In our case know what our problem is….. its one man, but at Pool, no one has a bloody idea. It must be in the water, i guess.

  15. Bade


    Hahaha, funny

    The pathetic side of it is that AKBs will always look at how $ity, Mancs & Chavs are ahead of us in wages, while totally ignoring the fact that with the same wage bill as ours all those sides won major trophies, while we’re lurching between 4th or 3rd with ZERO aspirations to win the EPL or the CL

  16. Bade


    Add to that, our best performers, Arteta & Cazorla, are likely to be run into the ground during the run-in to 4th, as they have no adequate replacements

    We only escape with the 4th due to a total shiteness of the competitors, Everton, Spuds, Liverpool & Co are so bad we’re getting away with it each year. But this won’t last forever you know. Sometime you just run out of luck

    We won’t be having a Martin Folup to rescue our season every last match of season …..

  17. bankz

    What about the “super super Quality”?
    I honestly think it would be a miracle if Arsenal nailed a top4 finish as I seriously doubt Wenger buying anyone of note in Jan’.
    A good manager uses the 3months before a season starts to prepare for the next.Wenger has used his for God knows what in the last two seasons. We are in dec'(5months after the start of the season) and we still look unprepared..that fellow gooners is pathetic management and that goes too in the number of dross we’ve piled up as a club.we have dross on wages close to £650k weekly..who does that?
    Yet we are the first to preach “finacial prudence” to the football world.

  18. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Yes Bade. And they also triumphantly declare that our finish last year was very acceptable, and the best that we could do…

    1 point more than spuds for a cost of an extra 50m in the wage bill is a great achievement!

    But Man U with a 20m bigger wage bill = 19 point difference! That’s acceptable! Oh and don’t mention RVP!

    Fuck me! I’d have Ken Dodd and Lester Piggot manage our money before Wenger.

    If you ever want to have a one-on-one chat with Wenger, head on down to Kentucky Fried Chicken on Tuesday nights when there’s a two for one offer on snack boxes.

  19. kwik fit

    Sneijder 2/5 on to sign for Spuds WTF.

    If your listening Sneijder ……Don’t do it ! Don’t ruin your career and sign for those lot down the road! Give Arsene a ring as he’s crying out for ‘exceptional talent’ like you.

  20. azed

    kwik fitDecember 27, 2012 10:53:04
    Sneijder 2/5 on to sign for Spuds WTF.If your listening Sneijder ……Don’t do it ! Don’t ruin your career and sign for those lot down the road! Give Arsene a ring as he’s crying out for ‘exceptional talent’ like you.

    You mean exceptional talent like Gerboue?

  21. bek

    Oh, this blog and the comments are unbelievable, you always moan about the club being obsessed with the money side of things, yet nearly 90% here always talk about money (just like the club)

  22. Arsenal 1886-2006

    What we need at Arsenal is a ruthless bastard on the board, somebody who will tell wenger, “you never play x,y,z so i am selling them or releasing them from their contracts”. If wenger throws his toys out of the pram he should be told that if they are not starters or important squad members then they are a hindrance to moving the club forward and a severe drain on resources.

  23. kwik fit

    The Fulham fans last night were giving Senderos an awful amount of stick. They don’t tend to get stuck into players but Senderos was certainly an exception. Yet another of Wenger’s exceptional talents .

  24. TOLI83

    Chamakh everyone was raving about not just before he joined but after he started playing for us, what was it? 9 goals in his first 12 games, not a bad return at all. Trouble was that RVP came back to the fold, Wenger NEVER rotates and the rest is history.

    Im not saying that he was out and out Arsenal starting XI class but he could have been usefull for us that’s for sure in a bit part way if he was used and managed properly. He certainly isn’t shit…

    I think Coq is a very decent player for example, our most natural Defensive Midfielder is the squad, he barely gets any game time and he will start to regress in the same way as the others unless he gets shown some confidence to have a run of games to become an established player.

    If Wenger does buy someone to be his number one striker, then Giroud is f*cked as he won’t change his starting XI unless of injury or the player is on his hands and knees needing an oxygen mask through tiredness.

    Im hoping this Sneijder to Sp*rs is all bollocks from somewhere close to him to try and drive his price up.

  25. ST

    Who cares about Chamakh? He was signed on a free so Arsenal saved money.

    Besides the guy has scored 14 in 36 starts (8 in the EPL, 3 in the CL 1 in the FA and 2 in the league cup)

    The tone around the player is like he played 150 ones for Arsenal and scored 5.

  26. Arsenal 1886-2006

    Don’t think Sneijder will go to Utd either, RVP and him hate each other with a passion. You almost get the sense that Fergie bought RVP out of spite towards Sneijder, sort of two fingers up saying “You blew your chance”.

  27. TOLI83


    In wages and other add ons Chamakh has actually cost the close to £8 million by now, which for a club so obsessed by money is a comical waste considering how much promise he had when we acquired him.

    I can see Sneijder ending up at PSG, theseare almost as stupid as these Kaka to Sp*rs rumours.

  28. dennisdamenace

    Quite simply, the deluded French fraud will no doubt be singing the praises of the equally fraudulent French “forward” by way of justfying not having to spend yet again on improving the team/squad.

    Remember, this is his best ever squad of players.

    If we are to believe this drivel, then does that make the manager the weakest link in our pitiful efforts?

  29. Dan Ahern

    If Sneijder goes to Spurs I’ll eat my hat. Hell, I’ll eat a Gervinho-sized hat!

    I am happy they’re linked though. Always good to get the hopes up before reality comes to crush them.

  30. dennisdamenace

    Wesley Sneijder = exceptional player/top top class player/super class player = would kill Diaby = No Sale.

    Contradictory, two-faced bull shitter of a no intention of buying, lying bastard of a fraud, masquerading as a football manager.

  31. Dan Ahern

    Wait a tick, if Chamack’s staying here, does that ruin Wenger’s plan to bring in Henry again? His built-in excuse won’t work.

    Oh wait, I forgot Wenger considers Gervinho a striker. So we do need 35-year-old reinforcements.

    Not that I can complain much–anything is an upgrade on the Sham.

  32. Dream10


    Tell us how you really feel about Arsene. lol


    Sneijder is type of player Wenger would avoid, because in addition to being one of the 10 or 15 best players in the world, he is opinionated and assertive.

    Even if he was on 50 or 60k, he would not be signed.

  33. gambon

    “Spurs cannot afford Sneidjer. They had to ask Man City to cover the cost of Adebayor.”

    This is just lazy thinking.

    You are assuming you know Sneijders wage demands for a start. You are also ignoring the fact that Spurs will have an extra £35m next year from TV money, and the fact that Sneijder getting them into the CL would bring an extra £30m pa.

    They, we, and any top team could easily afford him.

  34. dennisdamenace

    The reall issue with signing players of the ilk of Sneider is NOT whether we can afford him, it’s whether we WANT to……..

    Wenger and his yes-men will baulk at paying anyone £20m+ for ANY proven player, but will gladly piss £20m+ up the wall on any number of unproven kids or any prick that can speak French…..

  35. Cesc Appeal

    Turan to Arsenal is the latest one off the presses.

    ‘Though it would take a significant amount of money to persuade Athelitco to sell one of their star assets in January’….wow, a club that doesn’t just sell it’s best players and holds out for their actual value and sells at a time expedient for them ….interesting way to do things.

    Never going to happen but the Gunnersphere would explode with that. Imagine if the club persuaded by fan discontent, the Emirates UCL clause and the ever present shadow of Usmanov actually spent some serious money.

    Getting M’Vila, Turan, Cavani etc

    We do need a fast strong winger as well. I was hoping Ox could do the ‘Bale job’ but he’s more a middle man really.

    That’s why I’d take Nani – United/Fergie clearly don’t want him in the camp, their relationship is beyond repair so as a fix for them I’d offer to take him on loan and see how he fits with us, with an agreed price to buy at the end of the season if we want.

    I’d also look at an English CB, maybe Jags from Everton who Wenger has always liked, if their was an English CB he’d go in for it’d probably be him.

    So thinking cheaply if it were me in that club, Jags £7 Million, M’Vila £10 Million, Ba £7.5 Million, Nani on loan with an option to buy.

    Sagna, Jags, Verm, Gibbs
    Arteta, M’Vila, Wilshere
    Nani, Ba, Cazorla

    £24 Million expenditure with Nani’s cost to buy (if we choose to) in the summer.

    With a reported £50-70 Million transfer budget you could still get a massive buy in there, Fellaini or someone to start taking the reins from Arteta as the pace setter of the team.

  36. El Pige

    Okay assuming Spurs can afford him then why would he want to go there? They have not done anything of note for however many years and if a player of that quality is available wouldn’t a team with more pedigree be attracted to the prospect of signing him?

    Plus I would just like to add that being on the end of a Gambon cuss that didn’t include any swear words has completed my 2012. The spirit of Christmas and goodwill to all men is still alive and well.

  37. dennisdamenace

    The ONLY way that book keeper will bring anyone in will be if he can get Ba for £2.5m, or some random fucking nobody for some random third tier French club, so long as the prick is 16, or some over the hill 35+ year old loanee….

    Pitiful for a club of our resources.

    But, our club isnow a direct reflection of the character, dynamism and ambition of it’s manager.

  38. Stan Donkey

    The likes of Serge Gnabry, Jernade Meade and Thomas Eisfeld have already had senior debuts this season, and Wenger says Kris Olsson, Jon Toral, Hector Bellerin and Martin Angha are among those who also have the potential to progress.

    “We have a good group coming through at the moment and I believe in one or two years you will see them more,” Wenger told the Official Arsenal Magazine.

    “They have done well in the NextGen Series so far this season, and there are five or six players in there you can identify who will join the group in the future.

    “That could make a very strong bunch of players who have been educated with our philosophy and can build the long-term future for the Club.

    “[The competition] is a very interesting experience. First of all the quality of the games are very good.

    “Also they are confronted with the best young players from all over Europe, and so we can compare our players with the best from other big clubs, and they can compare themselves too.

    “It helps you see who can make it at that level. The games have some pressure on them too, which helps to work out which players have a chance to make it. That’s very important for us.

    “We have seen people like Kris Olsson, Jon Toral, Hector Bellerin this season – I don’t want to forget anybody – Martin Angha too who has already played for the first team.

    “There are many interesting players in this group. I would say there are seven or eight who have a real chance to play for Arsenal.”

    >>> don’t want any new signings to kill this lot who scraped through the Next Gen first round!

  39. IvoryGoonz

    El Pige: like Lloris going to Spurs to sit on the bench like? Yeah, totally impossible.
    It’s not all in the transfer fee and wages.
    Theres the signing bonus and other boni.
    As long as the overall package suits him, he’ll sign. Especially in uk regarded as a “financial safety net”.

    Wenger’s a cheap bastard.
    End off.

    Have a nice day grovers!

  40. GUNNER786

    Shee Tall
    Guys, Wenger wants to buy these players in January.

    T Watt
    Ben Chod
    Pu Dee
    Tez T Cole
    Wan Kerr
    C Rum

    They are all ‘exceptional’ talent

  41. El Pige

    If Sneidjer goes to Spurs then fair play to them, just that i do not believe they will get him, but at least they are actively pursuing quality. Thing is how long can they hold onto Bale without Champions League football. Arsenal are on the slide and have been for a while and the only way that will change is either with a new manager with fresh ideas or a chairman and board who assert a little more pressure on Wenger to achieve or risk losing his job. The big problem has been we have been winning so everything has become rosy again and the pressure alleviated some what.

  42. gambon

    “Okay assuming Spurs can afford him then why would he want to go there? They have not done anything of note for however many years and if a player of that quality is available wouldn’t a team with more pedigree be attracted to the prospect of signing him?”

    OK so where should he go?

    Real Madrid….been there, wont be going back.
    Barca…..Dont need him
    Bayern……a realistic shout but the way Ribery, Kroos & Schweinsteiger are playing they just dont need him
    Man Utd…..That ship has sailed, they signed Kagawa instead
    Man City….Do they need him?
    Chelsea……probably his best alternative to Spurs, but if they dont bid for him then he cant go there
    Arsenal……do me a favour. We win nothing, dont want to win anything, wont buy quality players and will pay him the same as Chuba Akpom.

    So Spurs isnt a bad shout at all. They are ambitious, they spend money, if you remember they signed VanDer Vaart a few years back, so its not such a strange idea.

  43. gambon

    El Pige

    Youre right, they wont be able to hold on to Bale for long without CL football, but at least they are trying to do something about it.

    If we fell out of the top 4, all you would hear is

    “We are proud to finish 6th”

    “We cant compete with Everton, Spurs & West Brom”

  44. El Pige

    PSG would be another alternative.

    Only at Arsenal could you possibly hear the phrase “We are proud to finish 6th” Only thing is people would still ask you to trust Wenger. How bad would it have to get for people to get their heads out of their backsides and realise that Wenger is the problem.

  45. Biodun

    Shitmack is so full of shit, Morocco doesn’t want him anymore. Wenger is so full of shit, he will allow a very exceptional play maker like Schneider go to the opponents.


    Arsenal better hurry and win some more games,because without the winning this blog is not very interesting.Fact in point,you’re kicking a dead horse like Chamakh to make up space.Everyone must be worn out bitchin,myself included thus far.Well it seems we are back in our predicted spot with nothing to look forward to but January let downs.MERRY NEW YEAR, no in this country we say HAPPY new year.Said in my Eddie Murphy voice.

  47. Gunner2301

    Pedro difficult getting blood out of a stone, but nice try. Perhaps at times like this it would be good to throw in a guest poster who might have been waiting half the year to post something and has plenty to say?

    On the transfer front if you look at every window through the millennia of who we’ve been linked with and who was actually bought we might have a better idea because if we do get anybody it won’t be any of the names being mentioned.

    I don’t know why we do this to ourselves? To give Wenger a hard on?


  48. Jeff

    I think it is fair to say that without Van Persie, Man U would probably have been 3rd or 4th in the league now. It is becoming more and more obvious that we basically handed Man U the EPL title by selling them Van Persie. I really believe that had we kept Van Persie with all our current players, we could have been first or second at this time and Man U could be below us.

    Another huge mistake slips under the radar and all is fine and dandy because Wenger managed to keep his principles intact. But do you know what the real tragedy is? If Van Persie, in some parallel universe, wanted to come back to us now and Ferguson wanted only £20m, we would refuse to pay it. That is the real tragedy of Wenger’s era.

  49. TOLI83

    EL Pige I can see him at PSG to be honest, perfectly set up for him. Money, champs league football and will win trophies. Although on the other hand It’s not all about money for some of these players and they want some kind of guarentee of been on the big stage. Sp*rs havent had any history of getting into Europe on a regular basis and players coming into their late 20’s prob won’t risk it if they have better offers.

    Funny Ba coming out and saying transfer is a long way off. Wenger seeing him shoot from distance wouldn’t have helped his cause yesterday by any means.

  50. Stan Donkey

    Wenger speaks:

    “But the ideal model we want at Arsenal is to produce the core of the team from within our system, and then add exceptional talent from outside.”

    Sounds like a dream Arsene, wake me up when it happens.

    “We have an advantage here because many young players choose Arsenal for two reasons. Firstly, because they feel they will get a chance here. Secondly we are known to play a positive offensive game and that attracts young players especially.”

    and thirdly, £££££

    “Chuba is not far from the first team squad now. We will look to integrate him into the first team squad very soon. He needs to work on his finishing but that’s a quality that’s easy to work on.”

    Finishing is easy to work on? Maybe Chuba isn’t the only one who could do with a bit of extra work then.

  51. gambon

    “But the ideal model we want at Arsenal is to produce the core of the team from within our system, and then add exceptional talent from outside.”

    Yes Arsene, exceptional talent like:

    Gervinho, Giroud, Diaby, Ramsey, Santos, Squillaci & Fabianksi

    What the old cunt is completely ignoring is that be having a system based around kids you automatically have a team that is too young to win anything.

  52. TOLI83

    This is Wenger at his best eh Stan,

    Perfect example – Ramsey, very average young Cardiff player when we got him

    Chose Arsenal as he knew we weren’t as strong as Man U so would get game time, and we offered a shit load more cash than they did. Put those in whatever you order you wish, it’s not great for the fans that want to see a team win trophies!!!

  53. gambon

    So Mancini is sitting in second, having won the PL last year, and he says there are “big problems” at his team.

    Wenger is in 7th, but nope, all is well.

    The difference in mentality is staggering, and the root of all the problems at this club.

  54. Stan Donkey


    yes, the fact that we are not that great so kids think they’ll get in the team seems to have bypassed Wenger.


    Mancini is a bit of a joke though. We should have been taking advantage of an average ManU team, a Chelsea managerial merry go round and the fact that Mancini cannot stroll this league with that squad.

    What chance next year when Maureen & Pep arrive at City & Chelsea?

  55. Thomas, it's up for grabs now..

    Gambonaa.. Re Sneijder..

    If he wants a bumper pay out there’s always PSG and Anzi!

    Van Der Vart, who declares Sneijder to be one of his best chums, says Sneijder would love to play in the PL. Why didn’t he do it last season when Utd wanted him? It’s gotta be the money.

    If he landed at the spuds it would be a major surprise.

    Levy, I have no doubt, is saying well why not. Let’s go for it.. But I cannot see Sneijder in his peak (28) landing there. He’s in dispute with Inter over money so whoever opens negotiations with him is going to be faced with a large opening wage demand. And I really can’t see Inter accepting 12m as has been touted around.

  56. Pollux

    Spot on Gambon. The old cunt is too accustomed to not winning and getting no pressure from the board. Mediocrity has already set into arsenal. The mindset of this team is nooner that of a winner. We are just as good as Fulham or Everton…albeit with a bigger and modern stadium to shout about.

  57. TOLI83

    Pretty much the same as Ferguson Gambon.

    Despite winning yesterday, he still took time to admit his team cannot carry on defending the way they are and said it needs to improve massively if they want to win things this year. I couldn’t imagine us hearing that from Arsene.

    One interesting point about Saturday is that this is the only game I can remember Arsene not possibly been able to have a ready made weak excuse. All of the others he has pointed mostly to a busy schedule, injuries, rotating the team, the Bradford game he put down to bad luck mixed with it been a cup game so anything can happen.

    We are fresher than Newcastle, have few injuries of note and need a big win, we have put more pressure on ourselves after cancelling boxing day, and left Wenger excuse-less if we don’t win.

  58. zeus

    “Arsenal……do me a favour. We win nothing, dont want to win anything, wont buy quality players and will pay him the same as Chuba Akpom.”

    Lol. Man Utd and Man City are so far ahead that we are gonna have to make a signing like RVP (sorry) to put us back in contention.

    Kagawa? Is he still alive. Was banging on that we shold sign him, in the end, I’m glad Santi is the guy we got. Kagawa has not taken to the league very quickly.

  59. Dan Ahern

    You have to remember, you and I hear “exceptional talent” and think “world-class”, but AW’s definition is “sub-£12m player who will not ‘kill’ the development of anybody who might make the team in the next 3 years and who is hopefully injury-prone for a nice built-in excuse”.

  60. TitsMcgee

    It may be controversial and I will certainly get the high s school response for saying it from some posters on here but falling out of the top 4/getting hammered by Bayern Munich might not be the worst thing to happen to us.

    Might be the hammer-blow we need for at least the board(not Wenger, he’s senile) to see that their money pit might be coming to an end(no CL next year, no further CL this year).

  61. the_real_andy

    after holtby´s rejection of a new deal we really should try to get him. he won´t cost us that many he will join from bundesliga which wages are far less than EPLs. shouldn´t be a problem at all and he´s a good footballer and young. a must

  62. TOLI83

    Zeus – Was actually chatting to a few Man U fans about him the other day, they actually think that Kagawa is technically more advanced than their current midfield is. They said he was lightening quick, very intelligent but his one touch passing was almost to quick for the others as they werent reading his game as he was looking for one – two’s etc.

    He has an injury and is back now, but they said once he adapts he will be a superstar for them, ive always thought he would be great for our team, such a talent.

    STD – Strootman would be god send. Very classy player within our price range (obvious signing), you know what that means though!!!

  63. TitsMcgee

    As far as transfers it seems that we only/always go for teenagers/guys widdling down their career.

    i.e the cheapest options available. Never pay top-dollar or even market-dollar for a guy in his prime.

    Seems like anyone between 22-27 is just totally out of the question.

  64. Dan Ahern

    Turan? Isn’t he busy being in 2nd place, above Real, in La Liga?

    Well, to be fair, Barcelona absolutely dominated them last game. Hard to say they really have a chance at the league. Plus there’s the whole Falcao imminently leaving thing.

    But anyway, hard to see that move.

  65. gambon

    Holtby isnt good enough, a small, technical playmaking CM is the last thing we need.

    We need a great CF, a great wide player, a great box to box athlete, a DM, a left back and a keeper.

    Holtby would be ridiculous.

    Arda would be great, Fellaini or Strootman would be amazing.

    Still, we NEED, abdolutely NEED a top centre forward.

  66. El Pige

    Players that I believe could be available if we wanted them:

    Sissoko (Toulouse)

    There are many others but most of those listed would make our team stronger

    Not to mention those who we will never bid despite being available at a price Wenger will never pay


    There are so many players and most would be an improvement to those we have picking up big wages and not considered good enough.

  67. gambon

    Atletico need money, no doubt, so Arda may well leave.

    But i dont think we’ll buy him.

    A creative force of Turan & Cazorla would be impressive. We could also play 4-4-2 with these guys, where as right now we dont really have the personnel.

  68. DaleDaGooner

    The talk is sooooooo unimaginative, just like the man you lot are obsessed with….jeeeze! The board sucks, the manager is sucking, the players are sucking, and THE FANS SUCK nowadays! YES I WANT THE OLD ARSENAL BACK! resorting to jeezing over Spurs and their team or the likelihood of them getting Sneijder, Chamakh (who scored 14 in 36 games but had to be benched for that disloyal cunt)….you guys are boring…..i see why Pedro could only muster a short post, you guys are not worth writing a whole lot make up your own brilliant-proof posts!

  69. TitsMcgee

    Apparently Cavani has a 63 million EURO buyout clause:

    He told them: “Last summer I was offered €55m for Cavani and I decided not to sell him.

    “Instead I gave him a new contract by offering him some important money and then in September, we sat down and decided on his rescission clause.

    “If someone wants him now, they’ll have to give me €63m!”

    …so forget about him totally. We’ve never spent more than 20 million pounds on anyone and I don’t think Wenger ever will. He has some misguided “morals” regarding dropping that much coin on anyone.

    The way he acts is like it’s his own money(that statement might not be too far off at this stage).

    (In fairness I don’t know if I’d pay that much for any player not named Messi,Ronaldo. Even Falcao at that price would be a stretch.)

  70. the_real_andy

    gambon I don´t think we need holtby at all but he´s a talented guy wanting to play in EPL and is at low cost. he´s not the one I want to see joining us only but I wouldn´t mind it at all. I still think caz would suit us better on the wing like nasri did during his best time with us. having holtby playing no10 wouldn´t be that bad I think.

    still I think you´re right. there are several players for several positions we need more than him.

  71. El Pige

    I will agree with all but two. Reina has been pretty awful this season letting in some soft goals. And as for Shaw he is young and still pretty raw. Would not be an upgrade on the current left back spot. Perhaps less injury prone though.

  72. Stan Donkey


    I agree with the list of requirements, but a top top CB has to be near the top of that list.

    Wenger’s failure to buy a decent CB (post Sol) & GK has been our biggest downfall over the years. Our poor attack is a much more recent feature!

  73. DaleDaGooner

    arguing/debating a point that is baseless, rehashed OVER AND OVER, reinventing the problems Arsenal has or don’t have, or the hypocrisy of it all, yeah..a well-bred, well-informed “Gooner” usually just stays away, no point, nothing to debate/argue about

  74. TOLI83


    What the fuck are you on about. In relation to Chamakh, a lot of people said he was alright but mis-manage, Pedro mentioned Sp*rs so no doubt people will in the comments.

    The best bit is so far no one uses words such as ‘jeeeze’ or ‘soooooo’or ‘the fans suck’, which makes it less likely any of us unlike you are a 14 school boy positng on here because your X-Box has packed up.

  75. zeus


    Not sure I agree with Turan and Isco being on same level. Haven’t watched him in a while, but he seems to have a touch of the Nasris about him. Talented undoubtedly, but hides and is often ineffectual.

  76. gambon

    It would seem Dale has been hitting the alcohol a bit early, thats drunk ranting if ever ive seen it

    He’s probably had a falling out with his crackhead mother.

  77. dennisdamenace

    And, of course, let’s not forget that the Moroccan masquerading as a CF, now that he’s surplus to requirements for the mighty Morroco in the ACN we’re saved in having to spend yet more money on better players…….long live the free transfer, long live exceptional talent…..

  78. DaleDaGooner

    Gambon, I was asking, say we get all those, do you think they’d gel quick enough and do you think we’d actually win anything (FA Cup at this point) Cause Arteta, Mertesacker, Poldi, Cazorla, Giroud aren’t all that bad and we aren’t better than last year….i mean wouldn’t these new guys take time to get in the flow of Arsenal?

  79. gambon

    Stan Donkey

    We arent conceding that many chances at all. IMO we need a better keeper, Begovic faces less chances but Stoke have outperformed us defensively.

    I think with some power in the middle, and a natural DM (Capoue) as well as a top keeper we would concede less.

    I would love a world class CB, but there are very few about, we’re talking about 6 in the world.

  80. El Pige

    Zeus, swap Pato with Diaby or Rosicky. It happens just that other clubs look to move them on when they offer very little in the way of game time.

  81. DaleDaGooner

    ignoring the keyboard warriors….gambon don’t be a piss head, I’m at work and don’t do what you do, yeah, get pissed and get into arguments with your whore mom.

  82. TOLI83

    Gambon would you have Lescott?

    6ft 2″, big game experiecne, knows the prem and no slouch either? Not bad witht the ball at his feet and also pops up with the odd goal.

    Doesn’t seem to be getting much game time at all at the moment?

  83. Bade

    Arsene is tempting me to wish us to fall out of the CL football with his crazy management, but I won’t go that road

    I think though if Spuds strengthen wisely & we don’t, we might found ourselves well out of the CL with Arsene fucking of on the back of his worst year with us

    Some achievement that would be

  84. Stan Donkey


    I agree power in midfield will help, but i’d put the lack of chances we’re conceding down to the quality of the opposition, not the strength of our defence.


    Not a big fan of Lescott.

  85. TitsMcgee

    There goes signing any midfielders this TW. Then Diaby will get injured 2 weeks later and he’ll use that as THE VERY SAME REASON why the fans can’t be too upset because we had injuries.

  86. Bade

    Arsene gambled with the squad & lost real trophies

    Now he’s gambling with 4th place. Time & time again we managed to fluke in the last minute. Once it was the sacred Martin Folup with a monstrous howlers to give us 3rd. Twice it was a Spuds howler, losing ground to Westham & Everton.

    I fairly think we used all our luck credit there

    Hopefully I’m wrong though

  87. Stan Donkey

    Diaby will return in the 4th round of the FA Cup (if we make it that far), have a stormer against Liverpool on 30th Jan, then hobble off against Stoke on 2nd Feb, never to return, well August probably.

  88. Dream10

    Stan Donkey

    We don’t concede many chances because we keep the ball a lot.
    But we don’t score enough because we dont create enough.

    – Cazorla is not a CM. He needs to be a number 10 or on the right wing. He needs to be free of defensive responsibility and be put in attacking areas to do damage.

    – We need a winger to provide service.

    – One CF: Demba Ba please

  89. TOLI83

    Iv been undecided with him but last season he done well for City and he’s powerful in the air and a leader. Im struggling to think of others we would part money for and are available.

    Power in midfield and stiking options are a must, especially if we want to have any chance against Munich as they are built around physical dominance in the middle.

    Stan, spot on about Diaby. No doubt after Stoke we will hold a press conference to announce a contract extension for Diaby, £70k a week for five years 😉

    Such is the need for other areas of improvement the keeping situation isn’t raised. Chesney isn’t my first choice number 1 at all, I actually think he is very average but the others are so so bad we are desperate for him to return when injured. He takes risks, doenst command his area and has let a lot of long range efforts drift in, distribution wise he likes to chip a ball over the strikers head to our full backs which again is risky. Worse thing is that he knows without him we are realy f*cked.

    We need an established GK.

  90. Stan Donkey


    I’d just like to see some organisation and leadership in the back line.

    We don’t create chances because everyone is too scared to take a risk because there is no defensive solidity.

    Imagine how may times pervy Pleat would have to say “backwards of square” if he was still commentating on our matches!

    I’m not sure any player is excused from defensive duties.

    I’d love to see wingers, but we play with a front three supposedly, so the full backs are most likely to provide the service. Not sure Theo & Podolski offer enough technically to retain possession and allow the full backs to overlap.

    I’ll plump for Strootman in CM with Jack & Mikel, Santi & Isco replcaing Theo & Pod and leave them to fight it out with Giroud for CF.

    Ba is an accident waiting to happen!

  91. Cesc Appeal

    Lescott is a good shout, though I don’t know what his wages are like.

    QPR are said to be trying to bid £7.5 Million for M’Vila. We should jump on that, sometimes you have to deal with a players ego, that’s Wenger trying to make his life easier again, players with no opinions.

    You notice this week that we’ve had Podolski, Wilshere, Gibbs and Cazorla come out and ‘hail’ the ‘genius’ of Wenger…it’s sickening they are forced to do these interviews.

    Lescott will have to move for his England career so it’s worth a punt

  92. Stan Donkey


    Don’t joke about Diaby renewals!

    I guess I had Cahill above Lescott. Maybe my view of Lescott as error prone is harsh. I don’t like TV5 & Kos as a pairing. They compliment Per, but should he be first choice?

    I just want a tall, tough, no nonsense CB who loves a clean sheet, a battle, knows how to read the game and the flight of the ball at set pieces and can marshal his colleagues (keep TV5 on a leash). Is that too much to ask?

    I like Chesney, but a kick up the arse in the form of some competition would do him the world of good.

  93. TOLI83

    Cahill we missed a trick on I feel, he doesn’t look out of place at Chelsea at all.

    Lescott would add value to our first choice XI, dominant in the air, strong and a good overall man – marker when needed. Not over the hill and an international as Cesc says, fighting for his place. Again, has prem experience.

    Stan sounds like your describing the great TA6, if only eh!

  94. Stan Donkey


    Or even Bouldie…. I can’t believe he isn’t itching to bring in a proper defender. It may not be a priority right now, but it’d be good to have a #1 CB and push JD & Squid a bit further down the pecking order.

  95. TOLI83

    Or get rid of them altogether mate . If JD is here next season he is line for his testomonial, 10 years of service to the club.

    Speak volumes. How he has hung around for that long is unbelievable. Wonder who we would play against for his testomonial, Barnet, Camden all stars anyone?

  96. luke

    Just think if Wenger wasn’t such a fucking twat–

    Xabi Alonso: 2008
    Cahill: 2012
    Mata: 2011
    Ozil: 2010
    Mark Schwarzer: 2011

  97. GUNNER786

    So,Diaby will be back in a few weeks time.

    Get ready for ‘Diaby is like a new signing’

    Wenger has got it all sussed out my friends.


  98. Dan Ahern

    Diaby’s back to fitness? That’s great news! Now we can cancel his contract without the guilt and buy Strootman!