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It’s Boxing Day and we’ve all been given a rest. Hey, even the train drivers have taken one today. So kind of them to take some down time and ruin everyone’s festive period. I wonder if there will ever come a point when they say, jeez, we get paid pretty f*cking well. It’ll probably never happen, but for me, they’re storing up zero sympathy points for when automated trains come into action.

Not my problem. You’ll never automate blogging.

Anyway, there’s hardly any news floating around the web today. The only interesting bits I saw were around two Russians. The first is that Andrey Arshavin is rumoured to be on his way to Reading for £4million. I can’t quite believe they’d give us that in fee for someone who earns a fortune but there you go. It’s a shame we’re flogging one of the few creative players we have in the team, but there you go. He never made it easy on himself and he was a shirker when it came to pulling his weight.

I’ll always have a soft spot for him… he’s the most talented player that never was.

The other tidbit I picked up on as I was scanning The Times Business section for my next major global financial investment, was the story about the Chief Exec of Megafon sweeping up £96million of shares in his own firm. Megafon is part owned by Usmanov. Shows you how much money is sweeping around certain parts of the world eh? Megafon is listed on one of the London exchanges. These Russian firms want to be globally recognised and they want the credibility that generally comes from being listed in respected markets.  How long before Usmanov gets to 30%? When he launches a full takeover bid, will Stan take the money and run?

I seriously hope so… we need an injection of ‘I give a f*ck’ into the boardroom.

Wenger has dropped the first cliche of doom early this year.

“We are in the market, but only if we find players who will really strengthen us because we have a good squad. But if we find an exceptional player then we will take him.”

What that means, is unless Messi becomes available for £2million, we won’t sign anyone. Wenger and his ‘exceptional players’ line is almost as tired as his ‘mental strength’ pearler he busts out after we’ve been tanked by a lowly team. Simple fact here is that Wenger doesn’t really know exceptional talent unless it’s blatantly obvious these days. His record over the last few years has been pitiful. Cazorla has been the best buy in a long time, but come on, the man Xavi said was the best right and left footed player he’d played with… is hardly a diamond in the rough.

When you think of finding exceptional talent, you have to wonder what Wenger was thinking when he turned down the chance to sign Michu in the summer. Now, I’m not saying I knew he was going to explode, but Wenger and his team are supposed to be excellent judges of player attributes, why didn’t they think a £3million punt on the Spaniard was worth it when they’re prepared to gamble £12million on Gervinho? Quite amazing.

What I’m trying to say here, is that Wenger doesn’t seem to have the knack for spotting exceptional talent these days. If he does, he dithers and loses out anyway.

I’m not expecting a busy January… we’re sitting in third now, if we beat Newcastle, that’ll be all the encouragement he needs to refrain from purchase.

Final piece of news today is around David Villa. The papers are reporting that Chelsea are in for him for £11million. That move makes sense, I’m pretty sure he was brought through under Rafa Benitez. I’m also pretty sure Chelsea will be able to pay him the cash he’d likely want. It’s worrying though… Chelsea are going to bolster a squad that needed £70million worth of TLC in the summer. We’re holding fire unless there are exceptional players.

If you can’t find better players than a whole host of Arsenal players we have… you really don’t merit a long term contract at a top club.

That’s me done.

Have a good day!



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  1. patthegooner


    I think the Bayern model is that Corporate tickets subsidise the cheaper seats, hence why their lowest ticket is still cheap.

    They have certain advantages over us though

    1) They are the only real team in the City so can monopolise corporate interest.
    2) Their team is laden with superstars which of course attract corporate interest (Something Arsenal dont seem to want to grasp).

    There was a very good article on the Bundesliga here

    We could learn a lot.

  2. Joppa Road

    Bringing back standing is such an important step for the game here. But they won’t do it. All they see is that it would mean cheaper tickets and clubs would rather have empty seats than cheaper tickets. It’s pure greed.

  3. TOLI83

    Interesting . Iv been Dortmund before and the atmosphere there was great, didn’t look At prices though. Seemed to be large standing areas around the ground.

    Go there if you get the chance, great stadium.

  4. TOLI83

    Royal Bludger,

    I am hoping that it could be because we have sold him and that could be why he’s not going. Normally he still makes the squad.

    A club wouldn’t buy him with him going away so that could be the reason, if he’s negotiated it with his country.

  5. Doublegooner

    BBC News reported London’s shoppers numbers were a 1/3 up on last Boxing Day.

    Amazing how about half a million got to the west end. Wonder how the staff at the Armoury Shop diced with death and got the shop opened today !

    And before ‘Kill Will’ comes on and says the Police made the decision. They did not. The club consulted the Police which is different.

    I’m sure Arsene probably enjoyed his meal at his regular whetstone restaurant drawing up a list of “exceptional players” whilst all his contemporaries were winning 3 points.

  6. gambon

    The fact is im not a commercial strategist but i could point out the huge peoblems with the way we have been run in the last few years.

    I honestly think Tom Fox & Ivan Gazidis are good at what they do, but at every turn this club is hamstrung by a lunatic manager that is terrified of competing. He is also completely protected by Stan. The amount of times ive seen Gazidis apologise for results and effectively call Wenger out in public says it all. He is powerless to actually remove the man.

    The big 4 clubs i mentioned will be hard to catch, but just 4 years ago we were just as big off the pitch as Man Utd so we know we can match them.

    Since then UTD have invested in order to succeed, have been massively successful, and have adapted with the times.

    What is disgusting is that we have allowed Chelsea & Man City to overtake us off the pitch as well.

    The only thing that is even keeping us anywhere near UTD, City & Chelsea financially is the disgusting exploitation of the fan base.

    The only way we will ever make the leap back to the top is to

    1- Start paying big wages. UTD have shown you dont need to match Citys wage bill, but you do have to match their wage ceiling
    2- Sign top class, marketable players. Did any fans in the far east, or USA get excited when we signed Giroud? Like fuck did they.
    3- Win trophies. In the last 3 years man City have won 1 FA Cup, and 1 league, and their commercial revenue has ballooned. Successful teams earn much more than teams that come 4th and bail out of the CL the second they face a good team.

    Now Gazidis has said over and over again that we need to win things, that the ambition is to win every season. He has said there are wage bill issues, and he has said that its Wengers stupid socialist wage policy. Tom Fox has been quoted over and over saying the best way to market the club is to win.

    Like I say, at every turn the clubs plans and the clubs only route to true self sustaining success is blocked by an owner that doesnt care about winning and a manager that is terrified to compete, and likely very mentally ill.

  7. Joppa Road

    See there was a time when I would come to LeGrove because they said exactly what I was feeling. Since then Geoff has stopped posting and Pedro takes more of ‘politician’ type role.

    Now days it’s Gambon who tells it how it is. Spot on as usual.

  8. zeus

    Napoli reject £45 million bid for Cavani
    The Serie A side have turned down an offer for their star striker as they see the Uruguayan as an essential part of their recent resurgence.

    Despite being linked with Chelsea and Manchester City earlier this year, club chief Aurelio De Laurentiis has confirmed the forward will remain at Stadio San Paolo for the foreseeable future, hailing the attacker’s impact on their recent return to form.

    “Cavani is a warrior who embodies all that’s best of the Napoli spirit and our supporters,” he told Radio Monte on Wednesday. “It is because of this I turned down an offer of €55m.

    “Cavani has become the symbol of our resurgence. If I have kept him here it is not because of money, but a love for the club.”

    The 25-year-old’s goals have assured the Partenopei sit fifth in Italy’s top flight after 18 games, 10 points behind league leaders Juventus.

    We can stop mentioning him now.

  9. gambon

    Absolutely no way in the world he turned down £45m bid.

    He will end up going for £30-35m, something we can afford.

    We just arent interested in competing, so we have absolutely no need for Cavani.

  10. Bade


    Mate stop this 3rd nonsense, we have absolutely ZERO chance to catch anything above 4th

    1st to 3rd will split between the two Manchester clubs & Chelsea

    I think Chelsea will win the league eventually

  11. Jeff


    We can spit razors till we go blue in the face but I’ve lost all faith in what Wenger can do for us from here on and that regression began a decade ago; we just didn’t realise how deep the hole was when Wenger jumped into it taking Arsenal with him. All this talk of 3rd and 4th is nothing more than a consolation prize to furnish with bragging rights those who wish to peddle excuses for Wenger’s gross underachieving teams over the years. He did it by buying or nurturing dud after dud, wasting millions in undeserved wages and to counterbalance the cost of those mistakes, selling our best players. He has managed to create the mother of all lose-lose situations.

    A lot of people here and elsewhere cite all sorts of reasons about the stadium, the debt, the lack of transfer fees and so on in order to explain Arsenal’s fall from grace. Of course those are factors that add to the overall decline but for me the biggest factor of all is Wenger.

    You both know and have implied on here many times that unless and until he goes AFC will continue to decline and you are right. He keeps talking about exceptional players but we all know that’s just his way of keeping the masses quiet while another transfer window closes.

    I am persuaded now that we have reached the stage where we need a complete overhaul at managerial as well as team level if we are ever going to be competitive again. Almost all of our first team players are not good enough to win major trophies. That situation has to be remedied and it won’t be under Wenger. But when he does eventually go, that situation will still remain and it will have to be remedied. People just don’t realise how far we are away from any sort of a team that is capable of challenging the top teams.

    So until things change dramatically, as I’ve hinted above, we will never see another EPL title and we will have zero chance of winning the CL. That really is the bottom line and the current state of affairs.

  12. peanuts&monkeys

    Jeff! Cracker of a comment from you. Again.

    That dramatic event is nothing but Arsenal losing 5 more games on the trot from hereon. Guys, we have to bear that pain for a while. And, then the supporter pressure should yield both Wenger and Gazidis quit. But, with Silent Stan still holding the reins, will anything improve??