Wenger declares end of world has passed | Spanish striker loan | Zaha decision

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Today is a big day for Arsenal. We can go third for a few hours. Psychologically, that’s a lovely target to chase. We’re also chasing 3 wins in a row in the Premiership. If we’re looking at taking baby steps this season, that’s another sequence I’d like us to build out on. At some point we have to break out of our stuttery cycle, hopefully today will be a continuation of us doing well.

Team news hasn’t really changed. Santos is still out due to being massively out of favour with the manager, outside that, it’s only Diaby missing. Who knows where he is or what he’s up to. Surely his deal doesn’t have that much longer to go?

Wigan are absolutely shot to pieces when it comes to their injury list. Even Ryo Miyachi is out (ineligible regardless). A man who seems to have really failed in his bid to make an impact at a Premiership club. All that pace and little else it would seem. Things looks so good when he joined. I guess making the leap from school championships to one of the best leagues in the world is a big one.

Wenger has been on the back foot again, once again defending his record.

“I am never satisfied. I just try to do my best,”

“I have been the most criticised in the last seven years (without a trophy), but I feel for a manager it was more difficult in the first years.”

He even had a bit of time for some press banter…

“The Mayans were wrong – the end of the world came at Bradford!”

I don’t want to keep hammering him, he has transformed our club, beyond recognition. You can’t dine out on that for forever though. Once your stop building,once your stop performing, it’s time to hand over the control pad to someone who can deliver a modern day equivalent to what you once did. You can’t be great forever. Arsene has had restrictions and he’s performed well under them, I guess the problem now is most of the restrictions he faces are self imposed.

Theo Walcott has a piece in The Times about how ‘disenchanted’ he is with Arsene Wenger trying to push him into signing a new deal. I think when you see these rumours falling out of the papers, it’s time to hold your hands up and accept that maybe Theo knows there’s a better deal elsewhere. It’s a tough decision to make when you keep a player when they’re heading into the last year of their deal. We’ve given him a platform to sell himself and he’s done a great job. I wonder if Fergie or Mourinho would have allowed this to happen?

Either way, it’s looking very unlikely he’s going to ink a deal within the next month. I guess you’d probably want to see what Arsenal were planning on doing in January. You’d probably want to know whether there was Champions League football and you’d be pretty curious to find out what the deal was elsewhere.

One deal people are talking about is David Villa on loan for the rest of the season. It makes sense if it’s true. He’ll probably cost us a few million in wages. He’s one of the best strikers around, trouble is, he’s back from a serious injury and he’s 31. I’m sure he’d do a great job for us, but I just can’t work out why we’re not looking at permanent deals when you have players like Ba available for an absolute pittance?

Other papers have us in for the Sunderland number one Mignolet. Chezzer really hasn’t performed over the last few seasons  and we don’t have a number two, three or four capable of pushing him. We all like our number one, but you’ve got to look at the stats. They’re not impressive. He needs competition or a few months on the bench. There’s also talk that Zaha has a choice between us and United. Being an Arsenal supporter, you’d have to say the decision will be an easy one. From all the Palace fans I’ve been speaking to, all I’ve had back is glowing reports. He could surpass Theo within in months. A work in progress, but a gamble worth taking if our incumbant decides life at Arsenal is just not fulfilling enough.

Right, it’s an early kick off… enjoy the game and I’ll see you in the comments a bit later!

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  1. gambon


    I remember seeing an interview with him where he said thats EXACTLY the reason he bought him so stop trying to be clever you thick cunt.

  2. Bade

    I’m happy with the 3 points though

    3 successive win in the league, something we’re yet to do this season

    The performance won’t be remembered, but it shows how fragile we are. We let a poor Wigan side look dangerous

    I hope the momentum & the rested players in the boxing day will help us topple Newcastle, but make no mistake this level of display won’t be enough to take them down

  3. kwik fit

    We played our ‘get out of jail free card’ today

    ‘Overall I feel against Reading we showed our offensive qualities and again today we showed our defensive quality. No need to bring anyone in’ Just wait for this Wenger comment.

  4. gambon

    Isco just names Europes best U21 player. Malaga in trouble.

    We should be right in there.

    Man Utd, City & Chelsea arent really in need of a creator. Barca certainly arent.

    He has a €20m buyout clause.

  5. gambon


    Utd wont buy him. Fergie doesnt really know what to do with these technical types. He signed Kagawa but finds it hard to accomodate him.

    City – who are they gonna sell?
    Barca – who are they gonna sell?
    Madrid – Maybe, but again, who are they gonna sell?

    If we wait too long then yeah, we will lose him. If we go in for him in january then we can get him.

    Your attitude fucking stinks. We will never get anywhere if we rule ourselves out from signing anyone thats top class “cos other teams will get him”

  6. Keyser

    “I remember seeing an interview with him where he said thats EXACTLY the reason he bought him so stop trying to be clever you thick cunt.”

    Who gives a fuck what he said, he’s a top quality player that CAN take set-pieces,

  7. kwik fit


    Its not my attitude that fucking stinks its Wenger and the Boards attitude that fucking stinks. Do you really think the tight fisted wenger can (even if he wanted to) sign a player such as Isco.
    If Isco is that good he will fit into any team . Its the teams that show the ambition an pay the big money that will land him.

  8. gambon


    Just imagine if City had said “theres no way we can get Toure/Tevez/Silva”

    They would still be chasing top 4.

    If we are gonna improve we need to buy big players. Not loads of them, but a spine of absolute class.

  9. Nasri's Mouth

    We made hard work against Wigan, but they put a big big effort into the game. Ref was all over the place.

    Szcznesy looked pretty good again, though didn’t have a massive amount to do. Walcott experiment didn’t work today. Early days of course but if he’s off why bother ?
    Would love to see another striker signed in jan, plus either a fit diaby or his replacement.
    Loving Wiltshire, Gibbs did well, some positive signs of defence improving
    Important 3 points today.

  10. gambon


    If thats true i wouldnt want him, as we dont want another Reyes.

    That said Malaga are in trouble so if we offered £17m upfront, no installments, we could get him.

    Get Cazorla & Cesc to sell the benefits to him.

    Isco, Strootman and a great CF and we are far more formidable than we are now.

  11. Harry Redknapp

    your only as formidable as your manager. we cant beat bradford with the players we have what difference would a few stars make? we would still get rolled in the big games

  12. Incesc

    David villa if he can stay fit would be amazing for me.

    Fuck off Henry

    Felliani (sorry keyser) in the middle. Big game player IMO

  13. gambon


    Wasnt their Euro ban for exactly that, not making payments? Or does it relate to the past?

    We need someone creative to halp Cazorla. At the moment everything comes from him, which teams will start to work on.

  14. Incesc

    Quite like to see the ox play for the rest of the season ahead of Ramsey and gervinho.

    Forgot how young he is, think he’s gonna get a lot better

  15. gambon

    Playing in a 4-3-3 Ox doesnt contribute enough.

    Id like to see him play second fiddle for now to a better player.

    He will get better, but right now he absolutely shouldnt be playing 40-50 games per season.

  16. gambon

    For me we urgently need a CF, right sided attacker & a CM.

    Sure we could blood Oxlade, but when we have £70m to spend id rather go out and bring 3 good, ready mades in.

  17. Keyser

    Hadn’t read about the ban, I thought they’d met their responsibilites over the summer, maybe Isco for the summer then, but he’s not really that dominant yet and quite inconsistent, I know defensively they’ve been very solid though.

    We need power in midfield or anywhere really, Wigan aren’t even that tough and they bullied them,

  18. gambon

    Thats why id sign Strootman.

    6’2″, making 7.5 tackles per game and completing 92% of his passes.

    Also like Ki Sung Yeung.

  19. Keyser

    Ox is getting games, apart from the period he was injured, otherwise he’s almost first choice.

    We don’t have any balance or any real consistent gameplan.

  20. Keyser

    It’s not his size especially, he needs to be mobile and hard to shift off the ball, just tenacious and hard working and can pass, like Song but quicker.

    Coquelin can do it, but he’s young and struggles to be as cohesive going forward.

    Even then we’re pretty short. Nasri was quick, strong, and kept the ball well out wide, neither Cazorla or Wilshere are as effective in the same quantities.

  21. gambon

    City keep the league open. Wouldnt have wanted UTD to wrap it up before Jan.

    The fight for 4th looks to be more interesting than ever.

  22. The JD Flick!!

    whoever decided to bring gambon’s mum into this, too far. too personal mate, if you can’t veat the man himself, accept defeat and move on.

    Also, how the fuck are we third? we just can’t suck properly nowadays, can we?

  23. Gambons mum

    Its not about ”beating” him, my sons an odious little oik that spurts abuse constantly to anyone with a differing opinion to his so he deserves everything he gets.
    Until he’s more respecting of others he deserves nothing back

  24. pliget

    kudos to you gambon for not rising to the rather childish bait. Some good comments too and I got your point about Sneijder even if Keyser didn’t.

  25. Cesc Appeal

    What’s this about a Wenger Out banner resulting in a punch up on the terrace?

    Really annoys me that no one is allowed to voice that kind of opinion.

    Fuck the excuse of, it’s not good for the team, there’s a time and a place – well what time? What place?

    When the twat is standing 30ft away seems the perfect time and place!

    People will say, well we’re 3rd, we’ve won another game but ffs, clutching at straws, we weren’t good today against another relegation side.

    I’ll take the win and obviously be happy to be above Spurs but, talk about sinking ambition, Arsenal fans being ecstatic to be above Tottenham says it all!

    Let’s see some real ambition in the window. You can get Ba for £7.5M and Diame for £3.5M bargains and instantly improve your CM/CDM and ST positions. Then let’s make a marquee signing, a real signing of purpose and intent.

  26. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    If you can hang a banner saying “In Wonga we trust” then you absolutely should be allowed to hang a “fuck off Arsene” banner.

    Anyway, Strootman & Cavani for me.

    The rest of the rebuilding (LB, Keeper, wide AM/forward) can wait til summer if need be.

  27. follow the money

    I would be willing to bet that the ONLY reason they pushed the “five signings” right now is they know Bac and Theo are leaving. I think it was purely a move made to counter fan unrest. Our club is run like a Goddamned circus

  28. Dan Ahern

    Gonna go out on a limb and say I was the first person on this blog promoting Isco. Which makes me ever more right than gambon.


  29. gambon

    Jovetic scored 2 more goals. Thats 22 in his last 39 league games.

    Cavani scored another, thats 19 in 19 this season, and 85 in 114.

    Both of these guys could run riot at Arsenal.

  30. Cesc Appeal


    You think we make two marquee buys, signals of intent, say Isco and Cavani, then we can pick up Ba and Diame for about £10 Millionish I’d say that’s enough to put us into a seriously good position for the Bayern games….barring Wenger’s total tactical ineptness

  31. gambon

    Cesc appeal

    Buy: Strootman, Jovetic in Jan

    Agree fees for Diame, Zaha, Shaw, but leave them at their current clubs for the rest of the season.

    Then sign a keeper in the summer (too difficult to sign a top level keeper in Jan)

    Strootman is a beast, Jovetic is free to play CL football.

    Shaw replaces Santos and pushes Gibbs from next season. Zaha replaces Walcott whos gone, and both keep with Wengers “british project youth”

    As much as I want Isco it aint happening, Wenger loves running players into the ground and Cazorlas next.

  32. Cesc Appeal

    I’d take Villa on loan AS WELL as that lot as well.

    Sagna, Mert, Verm, Gibbs
    Isco(20 Million), Arteta/Diame(3 Million), Wilshere
    Cazorla, Cavani(25-30 Million), Podolski/Villa (loan)

    I like the idea of testing Villa for half a season in the Prem, if he can cut it buy him in the summer, spread the expenditure out.

    Still talking a lot of buying in Jan, Isco/Sneijder, Cavani, Ba and Diame would be about £55 Million worth, but that’s the sort of money United spend so should we.

    Aside from Wenger’s weaknesses as a gaffer that’s a pretty good squad

  33. Cesc Appeal


    I agree.

    Either of our wishlists would do wonders.

    But alas I think we’re both long enough in the tooth having known the Wenger reign to know that this isn’t going to happen. £70 Million in the bank, another £30 Million on top of our commercials, another £25-30 Million next year from the new/renewed kit supplier…but we’ll still shop like Saints

  34. BacaryisGod

    Have to say this result looks even better with Tottenham dropping 2 points.

    Ramsey still terrifies me, but Coquelin helped steady the ship.

    Knowing that Arsene has a good relationship with Martinez, here’s hoping that he can agree to a deal for McCarthy if Wigan go down (he’s got 4 years left on his current deal). He’s a monster and would be a great long-term partner for Wilshere. Unfortunately he a) is Scottish and b) looks like Rooney so he’ll probably end up at Man United. It’s a shame because he is going to have a seriously great career.

  35. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    You never know. I think this is the last chance Wenger has to win any respect from the fans, if he doesnt make something happen in the transfer window he will be hounded out IMO. The AST, the fans, the ex players will be all over him.

    We know we have a lot of money. We had £155m in the bank in May, we made £26m from selling land, a fair bit from selling remaining properties. TV money goes up massively next season, we get the sponsorship money front loaded from May and we left £70m in the bank this summer that was available.

    As i say, there is no excuse.

    Just beating Bayern will get us an extra £6m alone.

  36. BacaryisGod

    As for Theo, there’s no doubt that the ‘disenchanted’ talk came from his camp with the player’s tacit approval. You can tell by how he’s trying to protect himself with the fans by saying he still wants to sign a new deal but Arsene is trying to force him into signing.

    Unfortunately, Arsene has played this all wrong (again). You can tell he’s getting desperate and trying to reach the player through the media. Big mistake. When Arsene is quiet, it usually means things are going to plan. When he starts talking too much about trying to keep a player, it usually means the lines of communication have broken down and we’re losing that player. No amount of spin is going to keep Theo this time.

    He also let it be known he needed assurances about transfer activity and where he would play. That’s straight from the Van Persie playbook.

    Regardless, I still think we’re better off bringing in Zaha and adding a centreforward. Zaha has no desire to play through the middle. Long-term neither Podolski, Gervinho or Walcott are the answer but they all probably sense Giroud can’t be fully counted on either. Much better to get a player no-one can dispute as our main goalscorer and have Podolski and Gervinho get used to a fairly decent life on the flanks. It includes playing with Wilshere and Cazorla along with plenty of goalscoring opportunities…

    According to the betting sites, Villa is not favoured to join us, but Demba Ba is. Still at around 1/2 it means he’s still expected to stay with Newcastle. I only take those transfer odds seriously when a player goes to 1/5 on or greater. (for example, Ince 1/7 to join Liverpool).

    Having said that, I do like the ring of us signing Ba and Zaha.

  37. Leedsgunner

    Zaha good prospect at best, nowhere near the finished product we need if we are by some miracle going to pick up some silverware this year.

    We need a good keeper, a strong defender and a defensive midfielder. We re the Arsenal, we’ve always built for success from the back… but in my opnion given Wenger’s track record of defenders I reckon he doesn’t really know how to do that. If he had any defensive awareness about him either with players or with tactics we would have bought and brought in key defensive replacements by now instead of persisting with shockers like Djourou and Squillaci — just to think, Squillaci was brought in to be the sound head of experience in our defensive corp. If that doesn’t tell you that Wenger really knows FA I don’t know what will — 50000 subs or no 50000 subs.

  38. Lee Pace

    Stan on talkshite reckons if we spent we would still be getting the same results and still be where we are with the Manchester clubs.

    Does he think City and Chelsea would be where they are without spending and bringing in Quality players?

  39. Leedsgunner

    LBK – Come on I was trying to be festive, it’s Christmas — in all probability we will end the year as we started it — our two best players gone (Sagna and Walcott) will nothing in the trophy cabinet to show for it.

    More chance of Santa appearing at the Emirates for Christmas than real ambition being shown in January — no matter how much money they have in the bank.

    Mark my words, AW will not tolerate any dissension to his authority. The Dear Leader is working his best to sell Walcott to Juventus so that he can’t hurt us in the league. (Although with the p****ks we have at the club who care more about the bottom line than the goal line I can see Walnutt following RvP to the Scum. Imagine what he is going to do under proper coaching? If he scored and assisted well under Wenger’s incompetent coaching, it’s proper frightening to think of the possibilities).

  40. gambon

    The Sagna thing is ridiculous. Hes one player that absolutely would get into our rivals teams.

    Wenger always gets the “succession” thing wrong. He sells players too early and brings players through too young.

    What Wenger will do is sell Sagna cos hes not willing to give him the right contract, make Jenkinson the first choice way too young, and like he said in the paper “results will suffer”.

    What a decent manager, or any fucking fan sitting at home in their armchair, would do is give Sagna 3 years, by which time Jenkinson would be 24, and Bellerin 21 as a perfect 1st and second choice combo.

    Im not even a huge Walcott fan but the fact is this constant fucking rebuilding is killing our chances of ever winning.

    Every year when we lose games wenger defends bad form by saying “we had to rebuild the team” – well start keeping hold of the fucking players and we wont fucking have to you stupid cunt.

    He sold Hleb, Diarra, Gilberto & Flamini then told us we had to rebuild

    He sold Adebayor & Toure and pulled the “rebuilding” card.

    He then did it again with Cesc, Nasri, Clichy

    And then again with RVP & Song.

    Its fucking simple….sell the dross and sign quality.

    So why the fuck has Wenger been selling the quality & signing dross for years?

    He is desperate to reinvent a game that need no reinventing.

  41. gambon

    Isco scored tonight againt Madrid

    Would love to think we are looking at him, but no chance with Wonga the Wanker incharge.

  42. lamia

    Isco is looking some player. How are spain managing to produce these outstanding MF players (I could name at least 10) who could walk into the England team when all we’ve got is Jack.

  43. zeus

    Real Madrid dead and buried. Only L Liga to fight for now. Barca looking likely to an invincible season ala Arsenal and Juventus. Crazy. Numbers better than Pep.

  44. Royal Bludger

    1. “Any fucking fan sitting at home in their armchair” = Gayboy.

    2. English player dives: Penalty.

    3. English player hand-balls: No Penalty.

    Corrupt league.

  45. Doublegooner

    Gambon @ 20.11

    It doesn’t take no Phd thesis. You’re spot on.

    He’s been obsesses with this building a winning team with kids.

    Thats why I turned against him in 2006.

    He’ll never change. Young Ramsey is proof.

  46. Thomas

    We need to make some quality signings in January but as we all know we will buy some cheap twat from Ligue and loan back and ex player. After all it’s the cunt Wenger in charge.

  47. Cesc Appeal


    Utterly agree.

    However I fee we’ll get:

    ‘You say we signed no one but I think we signed 5 players in December.’

    ‘Diaby is a new signing.’

    ‘Rosicky is a new singing.’

    ‘The transfer market is not like a shopping market.’

    And there will still be fans that agree with this imbecile.

    And again, agree with your succession point, Look at what Fergie did keeping his veterans around, we should have done that with Pires, Freddie etc.


    Because the Spanish do things a little differently to us, smaller pitches at a younger age, different training methods at grassroots. Different appreciation for them game.

    However, I think with the FA’s new grass roots policies (e.g smaller pitches) we’ll see more Jack Wilshere’s with deft touches, quick passing and quick brains.

  48. charlesbronson

    I agree with gambon’s posts here. We need to sign class players, not half decent prem quality.

    Fuck Walcott off and buy someone else. I remember not so long ago he was criticised by all and sundry for not being good enough?

  49. Cesc Appeal


    Wouldn’t surprise me.

    Some people will literally defend Wenger to the death. Wouldn’t matter if we finished a point away from relegation/got relegated. Sold Wilshere, Sagna, Ox and Walcott and promote a load of 16 year olds, if he never spent another penny. They’d say he was a visionary and because he won once he’ll eb able to do it again.

    I don’t go in for that.

    Michael Schumacher was once the most prolific F1 driver going, he retired when he should’ve, came back and couldn’t keep up with the new boys.

    Every sports generation is superseded by the next, inescapable truth.

    Fergie will go down as one of the greatest managers of all time because he won and then rode the wave of Jose and the new generation of tactics and superstar players.

    Why? Because he knew he had to delegate his workload to those with more knowledge in specific areas.

    Wenger, will not be remembered in such a way.

  50. Incesc

    Haha I didn’t see it

    Gibbs handball was a pen though

    Can’t help but think with citeh looking inconsistent we’d be 2nd if we’d kept rvp

  51. Cesc Appeal


    Doesn’t work like this but…if you transferred RVP’s game winning goals to us we’d be first and United would be 11th

  52. Keyser

    Rode the wave of Jose ? Has Mourinho lost his surfboard now ?!

    incesc – Who, what now punched a kid ? Maybe it was someone who was seething and frothing at the mouth.

  53. Incesc

    Aye I’m sure united would still have got results in those games somehow

    But we’ve had a few 0-0s, rvp could easily have won a couple of those for us.

    Need a striker brought in ASAP

    If Arsenal were really serious it would be falcao. Under usmanov I bet we’d try. Kroenke I’m sure has no idea who he is

  54. Cesc Appeal


    Jose killed Wenger, he invigorated Fergie.


    Kroenke does not want to spend, look at his franchises, he has no interest in it at all. Mid Table profit makers.

    Doesn’t sound like fans are as interested in this window as they were past ones…think we’ve finally learnt to expect nothing or worse and you won’t be disappointed.

  55. Keyser

    Yeah, but who said he got punched ? Have Sky interviewed the kid ?!

    Lol like the accent they’ve put on the E, in Arsene.

  56. gambon

    Yep, we desperately need a world class striker.

    No top team can function without one. We dont have a single top class goal scorer in the squad

    I dont care whether we absolutely break the bank for a Cavani/Falcao or if we bring a totally obscure forward in that ends up being just as good within 12 months, but its inexcusable to go from Henry to RVP and to having no idea who your CF is and playing 4 different guys in the absolute desperation that one will come good.

  57. Cesc Appeal


    I didn’t hear about the kid but I did hear from a few on FB that there were punch ups in the terraces…sad state when you get to that

  58. Keyser

    Was going to say it sounds like something gambon had made up.

    If he’s fat, maybe he nicked someone’s twix, I wouldn’t punch him for that, maybe a Cadbury’s Whole Nut.

  59. Cesc Appeal


    No but Fergie raised his game.

    Wenger rested on his principals and slowly skulked into obscurity, lost all his fire and fight, gave up in the transfer window trying to battle anyone and found nice comfortable excuses in Roman’s Billions…

  60. gambon

    Kroenke doesnt want to invest, but hes also not taking money out.

    Wenger didnt want to touch £70m in the summer, now ive said numerous times what needs to be done and we dont need to spend a ridiculous amount.

    The wage bill is a big problem, and thats Wengers fault. To do what needs to be done we need to clear out the over earners, something Wenger doesnt want to do.

    As someone said earlier Wengers like an old mental bloke who collects things but gets to attached to them to clear them out. We have so many people earning money for nothing (good song) at theclub.

    Diaby earns £60k pw to literally NEVER play, the club absolutely have to force his hand here and cancel his contract cos Wenger never will.

    Rosicky earns £60k pw to hardly ever be available, and hardly ever play when he is.

    We have Gervinho, Chamakh, Park, bendtner earning over £200k per week, when we could have 2 top players on that.

    We have Arshavin, a guy wenger has absolutely zero trust in, on £80k per week.

    We have 78 players on the payroll, yet Wenger trusts maybe 14 of them.

  61. Keyser

    Cesc Appeal – Mate, United were one of the biggest clubs in the world, he simply went through the same cycle he’s been through several times, what new generation of tactics did he employ ?!

    Look at it, he’s basically invested in youth, while also spending big on key players, just on a greater scale than us.

    It’s got fuckall to do with Mourinho

  62. gambon


    I would say he has changed certainly.

    He used to be able to win the league fairly easily with silly points totals.

    After Jose the standards definately raised, needing 90 points etc to win the league. Wenger just hasnt been able to get anywhere near the level required. Fergie also became much more tactical. His old teams used to go out and attack, but in recent years hes been more willing to concede possession when playing good teams in a way the old era teams never wouldve done.

    For all Wengers talk about City/Chelsea having money, Fergie has been outspent since 2004 and has still been massively successful, which is testament to the fact that he did adapt.

    Wengers fallen away, testament to the fact that he hasnt.

  63. Keyser

    “After Jose the standards definately raised”

    Heh, I think if you were a lowly peasant back in Russia saying that around town Abramovich would have you shot.

    Reminds me of Di Matteo on his way up to collect the Champions League trophy.

    Di Matteo – “I won it”

    Abramovich – “Who the fuck is ths cunt”

    You can’t really blame him, 1 billion pounds of his own money into a club that was going bankrupt and you can’t even get some priase.

  64. Keyser

    Fergie said he had to change approach back when he played teams like Juventus in the Champions League, or when Real Madrid rolled up and destroyed his team in 2000.

    Fergie’s also had that concede possesion approach for yonks, before Wenger even got here, United were rampant and didn’t really have anyone to compete, Kanchelskis one side Giggs the other, he’s always used pace and agreession, as soon as he goes up against a team he can’t dominate, he resorts to snarky, atritional tactics knowing that if his team’s drilled well enough, he’ll always have a chance to win.

    He was Mourinho before we even knew about him.

    Look at the comparison, how many times would games against United just turn into bitchfests, likewise as soon as Chelsea or Inter felt the heat, they’d literally go as low as they could to win.

    Even Mourinho’s Porto team, most United fans despised him for those games because of the way Porto played.

  65. Cesc Appeal

    First time I’ve watched the Arsene post-Villa interview and fair play to the reporters, three times they said

    ‘Arsene, they pay a lot of money to come here, they have to travel all the way here and all the way back again and they asked what you were doing…do you not think they deserve you to answer them?’

    ‘Arsene why do you want to create a rift with the fans?’

    He answered ‘have I not already answered that?’

    You could hear the reporters getting audibly annoyed with his disrespect, was nice to watch, he came across as total shit head

  66. Cesc Appeal

    I would love to think Wenger will actually go for Isco – Malaga are still in financial trouble and having seen Cazorla explode perhaps he could be persuaded.

  67. Dan Ahern

    Know what else? What the fuck is with our inability (or lack or desire?) to sell players? The only ones that actually go are the ones we want (excepting Song in my case, but it still ended up being a bad sale as we didn’t replace).

    Even the hopeless total shit somehow live on, loan deal to loan deal, or hanging around the bench because the money’s so good. Shameful.

  68. Cesc Appeal


    Who on Earth is going to take Chamkah for example on £70 000 a week?

    That’s why West Ham will get him on loan and we’ll end up paying 50% of his wages.

    I can’t get my head round Ramsey being offered a new deal, or Ox being on £60 000 a week!

    Jenkinson on £25 000 or Gibbs on £35 000! They either want to play for Arsenal and sing long term deals or they don’t…bribing them means we breed disloyalty from their teens.

    I’d put all those guys like Ox, Jenks, Gibbs, Ramsey all of them on maximum £20 000 a week until certain targets were hit both quantitative and qualitative.

    There are exceptional ones like Jack, but still £80 000 a week is a bit strong. I’m all for us starting to pay £150 000 – £200 000 a week but that’s crazy. If we can afford to do that, we can afford the wages for guys like Sneijder and Cavani in January…we could’ve afforded RVP’s wages then.

    For the youngsters i’d make a wage ceiling as I’ve said, they have to learn and earn their pay and place, if not they can be sold easily, no Twitter, no outside advertisement unless it’s through the club.

    If they’ve got a problem they can fuck off elsewhere. Of course you have to use your noggin and know there are going to be exceptional talents. But Ramsey? Gibbs? Jenkinson? Exceptional talents? I think not.

    What other club would pay Ramsey £60 000 a week? What on Earth has he done at Arsenal? Is he an asset, absolutely not. We wouldn’t even get the value of his four year contract if we sold him.

    Who would pay £12 Million for Ramsey and then £12 Million again for his four year deal? Not even Liverpool would be that thick.

  69. Dan Ahern

    CA – No doubt AW will have become aware that he should’ve got Isco along with Caz like some of us said. But now? I don’t know. He’s having another good season, so it would seem he’s too much in the spotlight for AW to pounce. Maybe he’ll take a look at Beñat? I’d say Muniain too but that’s just wishful thinking. Maybe Llorente works out after all? …Hm, no, he’ll just convince himself he can pull a Chamakh and get him for free in 6 months anyway.

  70. Dan Ahern

    CA – Couldn’t agree more. Except the bit about Liverpool–they would be that thick 😉

    Only Wenger would create a war policy that completely hinders the club, and then attempt to reconcile things by doing more of the same. It’s like the captain of the Titanic responding to crashing by ordering the crew full speed ahead to break the iceberg.

  71. Incesc

    Think of what Milner is on, Wayne bridge, chamakh, Garcia, balotelli

    Not sure the wages for Gibbs or jack are out of

  72. Cesc Appeal


    Haha, yes!

    Full speed ahead.

    But Sir that last Ice Berg almost sank us!

    Nah, we just didn’t hit it fast enough, full speed ahead damn it I’ve made 50 000 voyages, when you’re Captain I’ll come and tell you you don’t know what you’r doing!

  73. Dan Ahern

    Haha. When you have captained a ship that shows respect to icebergs and accommodates them for seven years, even to the detriment of the passengers, you expect the iceberg to show loyalty and move out of the way.

    Alright off to bed, night guys.

  74. Keyser

    I seriously don’t get why people are surprised by the wages, it’s like you don’t pay any attention to the league we play in at all.

    Andy Carroll’s at West Ham on 80k a week, Sturridge was on 60k at 19 odd, Wellbecks on something similar.

    Inter want to offload Sneijder because he won’t accept a pay decrease, 200k after tax ffs.

  75. S Asoa

    Looking at substitutions in Wigan game gives an indication. Chamberlain ,in 2nd half was the most effective player . When Ramsey was lined up Podolski mood slumped . But it was worse since Madman took off the Ox . Later there was a good interception by Podolsky at the back , although a slight offside decision rescued us . Predictably Podolsky was off .
    Apparently , either Wenger is putting himself in line to ensure defeat and teach the b–tards on the Board a lesson for selling the jewels and buying cheap trinkets for last 5 years or else Wenger has become demented , lost his confidence , lost his marbles , and bleeding the club with his non-sale able dross which he soon will be adding to
    My friends the clear refrain is WENGER OUT ASAP