Arsenal – CEO Quarterly Report – December 2012

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Dear Shareholders,

Welcome to the Quarterly Update for Shareholders covering the period up to and including 21st December 2012.

The topics covered in this update are as follows:

• Club overview
• Arsenal v West Ham United postponement
• Peter Hill-Wood’s health
• Emirates partnership extension
• Summer concerts at Emirates Stadium
• The Arsenal Foundation – update
• Premier League Financial Fair Play debate
• Arsenal membership on football governing bodies
• Interim Financial Results

Club overview
As we enter the Christmas holiday season and New Year with many important matches coming up, I’d like to update you on some of the key activities which are happening around our football club.

While our defeat to Bradford City on penalties in the Capital One Cup was a huge disappointment to everyone associated with the Club, we are confident that we are moving in the right direction and can compete for trophies on multiple fronts.

Our majority owner Stan Kroenke, Arsène Wenger, the board, players and staff all understand that no other club has higher expectations and we are completely committed to not only winning trophies, but winning them in a self-sustaining manner.

We are all looking forward to playing in the knockout stages of the UEFA Champions League for a remarkable 13th straight season with the forthcoming matches against Bayern Munich, and although we always aspire to be at the top of the Premier League, we sit only two points from fourth place with more than half the season to come.

I am also delighted to report that we have agreed long-term contracts with five British players who will be central to our success as we move forward. Kieran Gibbs, Carl Jenkinson, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, Aaron Ramsey, and Jack Wilshere have all committed their long-term futures to the Club. This is fantastic news for everyone associated with Arsenal Football Club. This is also a strong endorsement of what we are trying to achieve, their belief in our ambitions and our belief in them.

So we should look ahead to the rest of the season with excitement. It still has much to offer us and we will continue to stand together and drive for the success we all desire.

We are also pleased about many things we are doing off the pitch, related to our commercial and community activities, which I will discuss later in this update.

Arsenal v West Ham United – match postponed
As a result of the proposed industrial action on London Underground on Boxing Day, Arsenal’s Premier League match against West Ham United at Emirates Stadium, has been postponed.

This decision has reluctantly been made now to give supporters as much notice as possible and due to the preparation period needed to safely operate Emirates Stadium by all the relevant agencies.

The Club liaised closely with the Metropolitan Police, Transport for London, London Underground, The Premier League, West Ham United FC and Islington Council, before reaching this decision.

The paramount concern was always the duty of care towards the Arsenal supporters, West Ham United supporters, Matchday employees and workers and indeed everyone who was planning to attend the match on Boxing Day.

We apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused supporters. Tickets already purchased for this match are still valid for the rearranged date, which is yet to be confirmed.

Peter Hill-Wood’s health
I am pleased to report that our chairman Mr Peter Hill-Wood is now recovering after suffering a
heart attack at his home three weeks ago. He has undergone treatment in hospital and is now recuperating. Everyone’s best wishes are with him and his family.

Emirates shirt partnership extension
We have recently announced a new £150 million deal with Emirates which grants the airline a five year extension to their shirt partnership with the Club until the end of the 2018/2019 season.

As well as being one of the biggest deals ever struck in the game, the agreement, extends and deepens one of the strongest and most recognisable partnerships in sport.

We see this agreement as a testimony to our over-arching approach in terms of how we run the Club and to the capabilities and relationships we have developed in recent years not just in Europe, but around the World. It allows us to make more money available for investment in the team and the Club and I have no doubt this next phase of our relationship with Emirates will keep us at the top of the game in England and Europe.

Summer concerts at Emirates Stadium
The Club is in the process of seeking permission from Islington Borough Council to increase the number of concerts we can hold at the Emirates Stadium from three to as many as nine starting in 2014. We will hear the outcome of this application in the New Year.

This follows the success of last year’s sold-out performances by Coldplay which has resulted in significant interest from music promoters who see the Emirates Stadium as an outstanding concert venue.

We have announced three concert dates for next summer. Muse will appear on Saturday 25th May and Sunday 26th May 2013 and Green Day will play at Emirates Stadium on Saturday 1st June 2013.

Tickets for Muse can be obtained via the following sites: (or calling from the UK 0844 811 0051) (or calling from the UK 0844 826 2826) (or calling from the UK 0844 888 9991) (or calling from the UK 0844 338 0338)

Tickets for Green Day are available at the sites listed above plus:

The Arsenal Foundation – update
Earlier this year we launched The Arsenal Foundation, a fundraising and grant-making organisation which aims to transform the lives of young people through a variety of education and sport projects here in London and abroad.

The Arsenal Foundation has already supported a number of projects, including those of our global charity partner, Save the Children, and other local good causes and Arsenal in the Community programmes.

In addition we continue to work hard to raise more money to support these initiatives. Our recent home match against West Bromwich Albion on Saturday December 8th was dedicated to The Arsenal Foundation and via a range of fundraising activity, we raised a fantastic sum in excess of £200,000.

As well as players and many staff donating a day’s wages, the matchday also saw generous donations from supporters through bucket collections, as well as raffles, online giving, sales of Arsenal scarves and 50 pence from every matchday programme sold contributing to the fundraising total.

We look forward to seeing the work of The Arsenal Foundation continue to grow and support more exciting projects throughout 2013 and beyond.

If you wish to make a contribution to The Arsenal Foundation, you can donate at or by texting AFCF12 plus the amount (e.g. £2) to 70070.

Premier League Financial Fair Play debate
You will have seen that the Premier League Shareholder board, on which I sit, is currently debating the introduction of Financial Fair Play rules. There is broad consensus around the Premier League table on the need for rules to be introduced to bring some form of financial control to bear and the debate is now centred on the detail of those rules are and how they should be enforced.

As you know, we are strong supporters of the adoption of FFP rules akin to those adopted by UEFA and there is a developing consensus around this concept in the Premier League. These rules effectively preclude clubs from spending more than they earn over time and are designed to help rein in ever-spiralling expenditure on players’ wages and transfer fees. I believe this approach is good for the game as it will help assure financial stability for clubs and maintain levels of competition across Europe. I expect more developments on this in the New Year.

Arsenal Membership on football governing bodies
I am pleased to report that I have been appointed to two influential posts at the top of the game in Europe.

I have been named by the European Club Association (ECA) as their representative on UEFA’s primary policy-making body – the UEFA Professional Strategy Council. This comes as a result of my appointment to the ECA Executive Board. The ECA represents the interests of Europe’s top 207 teams. This includes 10 Premier League sides.

These latest appointments are in addition to my roles on the FA’s Professional Game Board (PGB), the FA Council and FIFA’s Dispute Resolution Chamber. I also continue as the chairman of the ECA’s Legal Advisory Panel and as a member of the Premier League Working Group for Elite Player Performance.

I believe these appointments are important for Arsenal as they provide us with a strong and influential voice at the decision-making table as the game faces up to the challenges of the future.

Interim financial results
The Interim Financial results for Arsenal Holdings plc will be announced in February.

The announcement will be made to the ICAP (previously PLUS) market and we will also issue the results simultaneously on the Shareholders’ Portal. All Shareholders will receive an official copy of the results document shortly after the announcement.

Although we haven’t announced a specific date yet, the announcement should be made within the last two weeks of February. Full details will be confirmed to all Shareholders in due course.

On behalf of the Directors, players and staff of Arsenal Football Club, I would like to wish all Shareholders an enjoyable holiday season and a happy New Year. Thank you for your continued support and here’s to a successful 2013.

Yours faithfully,

Ivan Gazidis
Chief Executive Officer

21st December 2012


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  1. Lordbergkamp

    Blah, blah, blah, blah. No wonder Gazidis is fucking up running the club, he’s got like a gazillion other jobs to focus his limited talents on…

  2. the_real_andy

    blablabla … right. nothing new, everything remains the same.

    but who would have thought there´s something like “I would like to announce AU joining the Arsenal´s board” … 😛

  3. Arsenalone

    Interesting stuff pedro

    But this fucking clown should concentrate on he’s own job before going of and networking him self for uefa.

    Is this the fucking clown that extended Johan djourou contract and bentdeners contract and that injury ridden cunt diaby.

    Whilst letting Nasri and RVP and walcott let there contracts run until the last years,allowing them to have hold of our bollocks.

    Id take David dein back any day over this mug of a man.

    And the same man that let the mad French man sign chamakh and santos
    And the other shit signings we have mad in the last few years.

  4. Will

    Just a reminder, that Dein was on loads of these types of committees as well and they served the purpose where he could make friends with those at the highest level at the biggest clubs across Europe.

    I have a feeling some of you slag off just for slaggings sake.

  5. Will

    Not as good as Dein but that wasn’t my point. IG is being slagged for joining the very same committees Dein joined and was worshiped for being on.

  6. Dan

    Some of you on here are a bunch of muggy cunts slagging off for the sake of it. Pedro not getting at you cos at least you have valid reasoning behind your arguments but some people on here are just thick as fuck keyboard warriors, haven’t got an opinion of their own and just jump on the bandwagon. Doom and fucking gloom here we come.

    Face facts we are a 3rd/4th place club….you’d think we were in the relegation places. 6th or 7th place club if you listened to the so-called experts year after year. We don’t have any entitlement to be higher in the league at this moment in time. We all have high expectations but there needs to be an element of realism and not get dragged into the so-called weekly crisis a lot of people buy into. We will get better, strengthen this january and give me an FA cup and a 3rd place finish that’ll set us up nicely for next year. Wouldn’t be such a bad season after all would it?

  7. Arsenalone

    Under David Dein

    Our player buys were better,it just felt better.

    Dein sanctioned





    In terms of player sanctions we have gone backwards since dein left.

    The fact AW has made the signings (poor signings) were the fuck has IG been,allowing us to sign this car crash of a squad.

  8. Ramsey's backpass

    this guy is a clown(gazidis) along with his joker of a boss(stan) although i dont know if arsene is his boss

    if anybody offended arsene,he should face the person instead of destroying arsenal on purpose

  9. RodneyK

    are completely
    committed to not
    only winning
    trophies, but
    winning them in a
    Something we all know is impossible… at least while Wenger’s still in charge.
    “We’re only two points away from 4th.”
    Hmm, and so are Everton and WBA. Norwich could also beat their chests and say “hey look, we’re only two points away from those chasing 4th.” The rot deepens.

  10. Arsenalone

    Our expectations should be bigger than a FA cup win and finishing 3rd.
    I don’t think we have the squad for a FA cup win or to finish 3rd.
    The trouble with AKBs,we have accepted that we are a top 4 club and every now and again win the FA cup.

    That is not the Arsenal FC that I know or want

  11. Dan

    Arsenal alone
    Agree Dein was a one off and exceptional in his role and Gazidis is a step down in terms of pedigree, experience, contacts and nose for a player. We have not compensated sufficiently since his departure. Im not disputing Gazidis hasn’t been as successful as his predecessor but slagging off a quarterly report for the sake of it is just bollocks.

    I do get to games home and away and do realise and understand the quality has drastically reduced in the first team and the squad and it isn’t near good enough to challenge for the top top prizes. But I can put things in perspective.
    My point is that our situation isn’t as good as it could be but its certainly not as bad as some would make out.

  12. Ramsey's backpass


    “we will get better,strengthen this january” lol.

    You really believe arsene for all his wisdom would strengthen this january?

    were you born yesteday?
    or did you start supporting arsenal like from today?

    or are you just going to believe your manager would change his “ways”?

    Isnt it your manager who made you believe we are not a top 2 side anymore,that competing for fourth place is a trophy.when would you learn pls?

  13. Cesc Appeal

    Did anyone else actually read it? Or just read to the bit about Stan, Wenger and the board being fully committed and then just scroll down saying ‘yeah yeah blah blah fucking blah’ to themselves?

    Load of horseshit they probably spent a week putting together, trying not to piss anyone of by putting any of their ACTUAL values in there and also trying not to use language that could come and bite them at the AGM’s.

    Fucked up club.

  14. Dave


    I don’t think people are slagging off this particular report, more like we’ve heard it all before. It’s got to the point where supporters are demanding radical change. The club seem to be banging the self sustaining / ffp drum and its wearing really really thin now. I could understand your comments more if we were still sat at Highbury.

  15. Ramsey's backpass

    Bayern munich players believes the tie against arsenal is an easy one.can we say that?NO

    “Its not as bad as people make it out to be” you are funny.

    27points is the lowest point after 17 games under wenger,next season would be 20points,upper would be 12 and you would also say “its not as bad as people make it out to be” what makes us different from man.u

  16. Dan


    We should have higher expectations than 3rd and FA cup. But when you lose the best striker in the country you need time to readjust and redefine your expectations for that season. As an arsenal fan this happens far too often and Im not happy either far from it. We have had constraints and through all this we’ve kept at the top table. I’m not AKB or a doomer more a realist. Wenger has clearly made mistakes, tactically, persisting with players we don’t deem good enough, and buying players that clearly aren’t good enough. Which manager doesn’t though. Thing is we will still get top 4 which is minimum requirement and without losing anyone next year push on and with reinforcements challenge for top honours. We need at least 3 world class proven, ready made winners

  17. Dan


    It was more a reaction to the general consensus on the site tbh. Everyone has the right to their opinion but when little troll start spouting shit the surrounding comments lose credibility even though they may well have a valid argument.


    We will strengthen if we identify top top top quality!

    Finances and spend on players dictate the top 2 and I can make my own judgement rather than reading the Sun and taking in their wisdom.

    Bayern Munich one of the best european club sides ever. We would be underdogs anyway. When were we ever realistically going to win the Champions League? Seriously.

    Van Persie is what makes us different from Man U. And the reason we are drawing games and not winning them. Its really quite that simple simpleton

  18. Doublegooner

    Gazidas failed to mention he is also an advisor to Karl Heinz Rummenige.

    That’s what he told a shareholder at drinks evening last wednesday.

  19. bergkamp63

    “But when you lose the best striker in the country you need time to readjust and redefine your expectations for that season”


    Have you ever thought of asking yourself why we keep losing our best players ? Maybe they don’t believe in the Manager & club’s ambition ?

  20. Arsenalone


    Don’t be so sure we will get 4th it ain’t a guarantee.

    This optimism from you is good,but don’t make these conclusions because of our outstanding performance against the team at the bottom of the league.
    There are bigger games to come mate which will test our squad.

  21. Spanishdave

    Think about it Wenger and the board, we lost to Bradford with our best team.
    Until these dick heads get it we are dooooooomed

  22. theopants superstar

    “Emirates shirt partnership extension: We have recently announced a new £150 million deal with Emirates which grants the airline a five year extension to their shirt partnership with the Club until the end of the 2018/2019 season. As well as being one of the biggest deals ever struck in the game,..” So Ivan brags. Yet was it really that good when you consider that PSG – who have a smaller history and fan base than Arsenal – are about to sign a new contract with the same company for a whole lot more?

  23. SUGA3

    fucking hell, all it takes for the apologists to surface is a win against fucking Reading, some people are easily pleased, eh?

    Dan, my dear, it is so lovely of you to have such belief in the abilities of the management team despite witnessing years of asset stripping and butchering each and every single transfer window in the last few years…

    ‘We will strengthen this January’ – bollocks we will, prepare for the annual ‘we could not find better than we already have’ on 1st February, we are talking about a manager who would rather play Arshavin in the middle rather than go for the obvious option and buy a striker because he waited for Chamakh to become a free agent, that worked out well by the way, hasn’t it?

    and your argument about other managers also buying duds is pathetic, thought Wenger was supposed to be exceptional? if he ain’t, what’s the point in keeping him here on this ridiculous salary of his?

  24. Voetstoots


    Thank goodness, so nice to see a sane voice here, for a change.

    As I’ve said before: I wish more of the comments would reflect the constructive spirit in which Pedro writes the posts on a daily basis, rather than always seeking fault for its own sake.

  25. Voetstoots

    Please tell me, do any of you guys have a real job in a real business out there (and please don’t tell me that Arsenal is not a business, but your own little pet dream project).

    What do you actually expect someone like Gazidis to say in a report of this nature? (except of course for Wenger out… yeah right)

  26. Trickeygooner

    Fuck off Ivan you ugly bald cunt.
    If I’d achieved as little as you in my field of so called expertise then I would be without my family and on the streets.
    The only profession that gets to keep their job for getting as much wrong as you are weathermen.
    Oh and waste as much money as you that big eared socialist cunt Blair for the Millenium dome.
    Fuck off IG I hope you die in your own bullshit.

  27. Cesc Appeal


    You miss the point.

    The point is this is the same bullshit he comes out with every year, yet some arsenal fans still swallow it and think a new horizon is round the corner.

    When allt hey need to do is go have a look at Stan’s other franchises and see we are headed straight in that direction.

  28. Arben

    Arsenal FC is run by American Twat a French Monkey and South African Hore
    it can’t be any worse than this, RIP, Arsenal FC.

  29. Trickeygooner

    Football isn’t about business.
    It’s about passion, excitement, winning,losing, loving, hating. Have you ever seen Ian Wrights face when he scores a goal? Have you ever scored a goal? The fucking feeling. Nothing like it. Nothing.
    I have a wife whom I love with all my heart, but I can change her. My kids, my club, will be with me forever.
    Now you do the sums.

  30. luke

    Gazidis, Piss off one and for all. I am sure that Aaron ramsey, gervinho, and diaby all “understand that no other club has higher expectations [than arsenal]” while they get rich, while seeing their talent regress, or by not even playing. What fucking team does IG watch week in week out? What a sad state this club is in…We are in limbo. Nothing is going to change unless there is pressure put on Wenger to win trophies and put together a squad that can compete NOW, not in 5 years. We’ve waited 7 already…

  31. Graham O'Keeffe

    dave you are full of it mate im afraid and its people like you that wenger and gazidis are still getting away with it. Even the reading result wasnt great (the first half performance was the second half showed just how defensive inept we actually are. 2 things bayern will tear us a new one and secondly it was totally avoidable if arsene had actually played a senior team in greece.

    Oh and dave to say “we need time to adjust after losing RVP ” thats the point isnt it if wed invested in the squad with players of a quality that improved the squad and gave players who actually deserved pay rises and not every player etc etc we wouldnt have lost robin,nasri etc because we would have actually been competetive for Every trophy including the champions league….

    It seems too many Arsenal fans just accept the crap fed to them and have gradually reduced their expectations to the point where the expectation level is for us to be shite. We arent even great to watch most of the time now….

  32. goonerboy

    Gazidis like Wenger is employed by this Board-unlike Dein who was a Board member. He is simply doing their bidding-trying to put an acceptable face on a totally failed policy (“sustainablity”)- this Board will continue to pursue a failed policy and ignore all evidence that it is failing- in the vain hope that one day other clubs owners will stop spending big bucks and the market will sell players like Cavani and Isco at Wenger’s bargain basement prices and salaries. It will never happen- and Arsenal will never experience success again on the field until they drop this policy.
    The reality is this Board cannot keep even moderately promising players like Theo.
    Arsenal will not achieve success on the field just by wanting it- they have to invest in top players and top salaries.
    The only shareholder worth a place on this Board is Usmanov who at least realises that we have to pay market prices to get top players.

  33. Samir

    Arsenal should really think about employing me as Arsene’s successor.
    Just won the Carling Cup, FA Cup and the Premier league on football manager 2013.

    My team;

    ————Leandro Damião——-

  34. IvoryGoonz

    And I still want to know how on earth in Wenger’s communistic regim, is he allowing himself to work for tv channels, and Gazidis allowed to work for FA and others?
    Only word that comes to mouth is lobbying.
    Oh, and btw, Lady Nina not being on the board is still in touch with reality, contrarily to rest of the board.
    The FFP was fucked same way equality rights were done, first by Man City, then PSG, then Man U, then PSG again.

    150m more for PSG.

    Wenger is trying to impose Communism in a Capitalistic world, using propaganda, but still profiteering from the capitalist system, and telling them to stop pouring money for inflation sake, while getting the same shirt sponsor as PSG to pour money to us, but blaming them for bypassing FFP enforcement.
    First he should live by his own law if he’s to keep giving lessons to people.
    Second, if he wants a FFP rule to actually work and not be manipulated by people, or bypassed, it needs to be tight. But no lawyer will tell me any law is not created keeping in mind a way out for rich money.
    So if its to shoot plastic ducks, I’ll let him do.
    They aint gonna kill the golden goose.
    While you need a complete educational change in all countries playing at pro level on European level to be able to do an equivalent of American soccer league and keeping level high.
    Hopefully the Maya falsifications were right and it won’t matter anymore.
    I really can’t take more of that bollOcks from the board.

  35. IvoryGoonz

    I think I’m drowning
    I wanna break this spell
    That you’ve created

    You’re something beautiful
    A contradiction
    I wanna play the game
    I want the friction

    You will be the death of me
    You will be the death of me

    Bury it
    I won’t let you bury it
    I won’t let you smother it
    I won’t let you murder it

    Our time is running out
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    You can’t push it underground
    You can’t stop it screaming out

    I wanted freedom
    Bound and restricted
    I tried to give you up
    But I’m addicted

    Now that you know I’m trapped sense of elation
    You’d never dream of
    Breaking this fixation

    You will squeeze the life out of me

    Bury it
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    Our time is running out
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    You can’t stop it screaming out
    How did it come to this?

    You will suck the life out of me

    Bury it
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    Our time is running out
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    You can’t stop it screaming out
    How did it come to this?

  36. IvoryGoonz

    I hope Muse will sing it at Emirates.
    Awesome picture. Bring your banners double faced!
    Unless the song has already been censored by the WaffenWenger selection committee that is.

  37. bazza

    Really good to have a couple of sensible posters here in Voetstoots and Dan, rather than the vile nonsense that is so prevalent on this site.

    Anyone that doesn’t unreservedly condemn Wenger is automatically branded an AKB and subjected to idiotic abuse.
    Some of you really need to get a life and maybe a hobby to vent your frustration.

  38. IvoryGoonz

    Bazza: and you should really tell us why the fuck you come on here apart talking about us.
    I thought you were an Arsenal fan and that always came first?
    You want to stay with a bunch of morrons who’ll have your mental strength and a slave kind to be controlled, go support Spurs.