Tying young Arsenal players down is good / How we’ve done it? Well…. read on

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Gooooood morning world. Today is a good day. Arsenal tied down their core of English players to long term deals. Well, 5 of them at least.

Now, first thing’s first. Tying young players down to long term contracts is a good thing. You never know what’s going to happen with upstarts. They could explode onto an upward curve and become the next Cesc Fabregas. They could meander along and end up like Alex Song, incredibly landing a move to Barcelona. Or they could join the ‘not good enough’ pile like Senderos, Merida and Aliadiere.

Being a good player when you’re young does not mean you’ll be a good player when you’re older.

So these are my thoughts on this situation. If you disagree, tell me why, but don’t cloud your judgement because these players are British and extremely likeable. Don’t steam in with ‘all you do is moan’ because plenty of things we moan about at the start come to fruition. Like, say, having British players… which, as someone pointed out was a xenophobic chat a year ago, now Arsene is preaching it, it’s genius

He’s looking at passports now eh?

(and as someone said on Twitter yesterday, on cold nights in Bradford, we’ll be much bett… ahh… right).

Long term BIG deals

Players rarely sign on for less money. In fact, they never do if they’re Premiership players. Word on the street is Jack has taken £85k p/w, Rambo £60k, Chambo and Gibbs £52k p/w with Jenkinson on the £30k p/w.

That’s £15million a year we’ve just spent on new deals (which counts as investment in the squad for loan stipulation purposes).

Now, again, put aside your love for English media hype. Who has delivered anything of note out of those players? None of them. Not even Jack Wilshere if you’re brutal. I’d say, bar the superstar of the pack, they’re all being paid well above their stations here.

Jack Wilshere for me is a slightly different story. He sits in the English Cesc role for me. He’s clearly got bundles of raw talent. He’ll make it. At worst, he’ll be a very,very good England player. At best, well, who knows where his talent could take him. Essentially, you’re paying him on future appearances because you can be almost certain he’ll deliver them.

Kieran Gibbs has looked pretty good this season. His crossing has been excellent and in the main, he’s been a bit of a shining light in defence when he’s managed to string a set of games together. However, his fitness is questionable and he’s half a season into his break through season. Since 2007, he’s never managed more than 20 games a year. For me, that’s a worry. He has problems fitness wise, and we’ve just tied him down to a long term deal. This could work out. Clichy had the same issues, but surely you’ve got to tie something into that deal around performance? Otherwise haven’t we just opened ourselves up to another Diaby situation?

Jenkinson. Well, again, he’s looked solid in parts this season. Is he the answer long term to our right back position? I still can’t quite make up my mind. One minute he’s dazzling, the next he’s falling over himself against Swansea. Both players have potential, both are part of a terrible defence. £30k a week isn’t going to kill us as a club, but what rankles me is that as soon as a player has 10 good games we’re slapping a new deal on the table. No work goes into more money when you’re at the lower levels at Arsenal.

Alex Chamberlain is a player who I took a stinging amount of abuse over when  I said he wasn’t the answer to our problems two years ago. Since his arrival, he’s offered nothing more than a good performance against Milan. Has he got potential? Absolutely. Is he delivering? No. He is anonymous in most games. Compare his impact to that of Sterling at Liverpool and you’ll see what I mean. He’s been the same for two years. He started 15 games last year and he’s started 8 this year. His goals and assists aren’t impressive nor has his contribution been. That’s not to say it won’t be going forward. That’s just to say… how the hell have we sanctioned a massive pay rise off the back of that?

Aaron Ramsey. Now here’s a player who could spark a debate on any North London street corner. I like him. I think he gets a rough ride from the crowd… but generally in the main, it’s totally deserved. He’s not really improved since he came back from injury, if anything, he’s regressed. He holds onto the ball too long, he runs into the back of players, he still has the youthful ignorance with his passing and he’s not decisive. He has something though, somewhere within him to become a good player. Much in the same way Senderos did. Now, arguably, he’s been our worst performer consistently over the past two seasons (of the regular starters). Now, I’m not saying I’d want to see the back of him, but what I am saying is I’d rather him not be given at £3million a year contract. What does that say about us as a club? We’ve just given an under performer a massive pay hike. We’ve rewarded mediocrity with a massive deal. What does this say to players underneath him? Because please don’t tell me professional footballers watch him and see something else.

Now we can all debate the merits of the above players until we’re red white and away kit blue in the face. That’s what we do, we’re football fans. My position on it is this… if you pay the average players massive money on long term deals, you can’t afford to pay the best players the best money when the average players make the leap. Our wage bill last year was nearly on par with City’s from the year before. We only have one person at the club on plus £100k… the manager. What does that tell you about our wage structure? We give ourselves no wiggle room when it comes to great players because Wenger is obsessed with buying love, where a manager like Ferguson puts people on aspirational wages. If you want to make it, work for it, prove yourself over a season or two, then we’ll talk big money.

The way Arsenal work is like a Government agency. You get paid according to length of duty. It’s not based on merits really. You’re just put up to a certain bracket when the time is right… and we all know how efficient the public sector are.

I also think it’s worth noting that we’ve been here before. I remember when Djourou, Nik Bendtner, Denilson and Carlos Vela were all young and all loaded with potential. We still have all of them!

Now, I think there’s a slight difference with foreign players and English players. If you play your cards right with young English players, you tend to have more loyalty. The English are ignorant lazy creatures when it comes to certain things. We have our friends in a certain place, so the thought of moving somewhere else isn’t appealing. We don’t do ‘other languages’ because it’s hard work. Also, we like playing football, regardless of cash, unless we’re called Wayne Bridge. If these players weren’t being played, they look like the sort of characters who’d go elsewhere.

So, to sum up, I’m pleased we’ve signed a group of players with bag loads of potential to long term deals. I’m pleased we have an English spine to the team. My main worry out of all this is we haven’t learned lessons of the past 5 years. We’re still trying to buy love at the beginning of players career journey’s, forgetting that you skint yourself out doing that, forcing the end of the journey to be played out at more wage efficient clubs. I say wage efficient, because the simple fact is you can have elite player salaries at a club that can afford a £160million wage bill. It just depends how you want to  structure things.

A case study for this is Theo Walcott. He wants £100k a week, because he’s used to getting payrises for doing very little. The baseline for his salary has always been set higher than his ability. How can we give him stick for wanting £100k a week when Ramsey just managed to bag £60k a week? Big salaries for players starting out stores up problems for the future. We’ve seen that played out enough times over the past few seasons.

Wenger hasn’t changed. This is a massive gamble for him. Let’s see how it pans out, I pray it’s for the good, otherwise that potentially iconic picture above could look like the one below.


P.S. Champions League draw. What are the odds it’s NOT Barcelona? Low I’d imagine. Also, the West Ham game has been cancelled. Good times.

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  1. wenker-wanger

    These are good young players with the potential to improve and become key players for arsenal. They need specific training which they wont get with one-dimensional clueless wenger. They dont develop any further because of the lack of coaching individually…look at walcott, hes hardly improved.
    Wenger has signed them up to secure a bigger value when the leave mid-contract….thats his priority; money money money.
    how i wish that gaunt looking prick would just resign and piss off to france,

  2. Guns of Hackney

    Too many cliques on here with grotesque ‘leaders’ inciting all sorts of nonsense…

    Only a couple of days ago, one poster was insulting another posters wife. I mean, really?

    Faceless cowards who threaten violence when there is little to no chance of ever meeting each other – tough guys.

  3. Guns of Hackney

    I do not, and never have considered Spurs a threat or rival, so I don’t care one jot if I want Arsenal to lose to Spurs. Spurs were in North London before we were – that is a fact – they are like any other team…they happen to be close to us, that’s the only reason I can see to ‘hate’ them.

    Anyway, Spurs’ firm alway give us a pasting.

  4. Guns of Hackney

    wenker wanger is a Dilly Boy.

    Merely an agreeable idiot who jumps on a bandwagon. There is strength in numbers.

  5. arsenesabemejor

    Wenker its just that you speak as someone who has actually been there and watched a number of sessions, otherwise it would be rather stupid to comment on something you have never seen wouldnt it?

  6. marxdrive

    Guns of Hackney December 20, 2012 15:08:36

    I can’t speak for anyone else but I’m damn proud of the way Arsenal Football Club is run. Yes I get frustrated that we lose the easiest of matches at times, but the league is growing more competitive at the bottom of the pack every year and obscene amounts of money are being thrown at anyone who can kick a ball at the other end. “Silent Stan” is perfect in my books, I know he has cash but I don’t want a single cent of his being poured into Arsenal as then we’re no better than the City’s, Anzhi’s, PSG’s, Malaga’s and Chelski’s of the world. I can’t say this for certain as I love my beautiful Arsenal wholeheartedly but if Usmanov ever takes over and throws cash around like Abramovich then I may have to start supporting another team. It’s not how I want my Arsenal to operate, not now, not ever. Wenger will leave two major legacies at Arsenal, the beautiful game on the pitch, and the financially responsible game off the pitch. In Wenger I don’t just trust, I live.

  7. Lee Pace

    Guns of Hackney

    Are you happy with us selling our best players every season and Theo and Sagna possibly going this season?

    Are you happy with Wenger making bizzare subs?

    Are you happy being lied to season after season?

    Are you happy with our 4th place ambition?

    Are you happy with our trophy cabinet?

    Are you happy we have gone from Invincibles to laughing stock?

    Are you happy we have gone from being one of the most feared teams in football to having teams like Bradford and Norwich saying they look forwards to playing us?

    Are you happy with our performance against Bradford, Norwich, Swansea?

    Are you happy with our slow tippy tappy, side and back passing?

    Are you happy with Giroud and Forehead missing sitters?

    Are you happy Van Persie is scoring goals and will win a trophy?

    Are you happy players like Ramsey, Santos, Forehead and Chamack represent Arsenal?

    Are you happy Kroenke is not an Arsenal fan?

    If you say yes to the above then you have truly been Wengerized.

  8. Guns of Hackney


    Oh, that one…

    I found it on football 365 and posted it here to get a reaction.

    Those are not my thoughts.

  9. TitsMcgee

    Titsmcgee when did Wenger tell you that there would be no additions?

    Did I say “he told me” there would be no additions?

    He went into this season with Giroud as a replacement for RVP when we all knew that even if Giroud turned out better than Chamahk he still was far from an RVP replacement.

    RVP’s don’t grow on trees but go out and throw money around when it is needed. Our main problem this year is scoring goals and anyone with two eyes can see this team lacks quality up front.

    Nobody saying you need to be 200 million in debt and I’m sure nobody here wants that. But when you get 40 million between RVP and Song and don’t reinvest then you are penny pinching your way.

    Notice also that YOU are the one(s) calling names…

    To sit up and mock Chelsea and Man City for their money-spending ways and then praise us for our penny-pinching ways screams of just being a blind HOMER. Even CITY has won more than us in the last 8 years. So what good does it do that we have qualified for the last 16 13 years in a row if we haven’t won anything?…

    Arsenal are stuck in a vicious cycle of mediocrity right now and doing things the same way is not the answer.

    The first sign of being crazy is doing the same thing over and over and over and expecting a different result. Foolish.

  10. arsenesabemejor

    Tits “Wenger will use these contract extensions as “signings”. How he can look at this squad and deem that it needs no additions is mind-boggling.” correct me if I am wrong but that looks like the statement of someone who has had a conversation with Arsene otherwise how could you make such a comment,

  11. arsenesabemejor

    tits many have been moaning the same things over and over again on here and we havent seen any different results so I see where you are coming from with them being crazy

  12. Guns of Hackney

    Tits is stirring up anti-Wenger sentiment.

    There is a lot of that going on. Ignore it and let the real Arsenal fans enjoy writing about Arsene Wenger – sensibly and calmly.

    Merry Christmas everyone – find help in Job 3:16 – bless you.

  13. arsenesabemejor

    Tits those that want Wenger gone are a small minority , even those that are not happy with the board didnt number 1000 so even you must be able to see that?

  14. Guns of Hackney

    58,000 every week still believe in Arsene!!!!

    I doubt if more than 30 people write into this blog.

    My answer is in the numbers.

  15. arsenesabemejor

    Guns its true though what they say about empty vessels, just a bunch of keyboard warriors, those that want to start a revolution need to be able to get their points across in a way that doesn’t make them look like a bunch of school children, seems that many are incapable!!

  16. arsenesabemejor

    Does wishing death on the manager or calling some of the players names convince anyone that they are right, it says a lot about the people who write such stuff thinking that they will influence others, I suppose they are assuming that other people are on the same intelligence level.

  17. TitsMcgee

    Tits “Wenger will use these contract extensions as “signings”. How he can look at this squad and deem that it needs no additions is mind-boggling.” correct me if I am wrong but that looks like the statement of someone who has had a conversation with Arsene otherwise how could you make such a comment,

    Now you are just arguing about semantics.

    You know damn well that nobody on this blog speaks to Wenger.

    Now that we have that childish response out of the way.

    Wenger went into the Fall just having lost RVP, Song and didn’t do a thing to replace them. Sure Cazorla was a quality signing and Podolski(signed long before RVP bolted) is a decent player but we have too many “decent” players and not enough “good/very good/great” players…..As a matter of fact we don’t have one great player on this team. Not one.

    So we have established that he went into the fall without replacing the ONE player that was solely responsible for us even being in 3rd place last year

    i.e he thought what we had on the team was good enough…
    i.e he looked at the squad and decided it needed no further signings


    He is in the press saying he is more concerned about developing the players he has than signing a new player and will only sign an “exceptional” player…

    Well when we the last “exceptional” non-project-youth, non-experiment kinda player we have signed? Cazorla maybe? Ok

    He may sign somebody in January but I’m quite sure that it would shock absolutely NOBODY if we didn’t sign anyone or if we signed some no-name squad player.

    That is the problem. There is no urgency and it reeks of stubborn arrogance. Fans,media pundits all see what is wrong with us but somehow, some way the delicate genius does not.

  18. Guns of Hackney

    I do like that saying ‘keyboard warrior’…

    The truth is, we all support Arsenal but we have differing opinions on how best we move forward.

    If Arsene started winning again, all would be forgotten, le grove accounts deleted and “I knew it” would start up…

  19. arsenesabemejor

    Tits you clearly stated that he deemed it that we needed no additions, how can you even say that before the window has even opened without some inside knowledge or are you using what you think will happen as a stick to beat him with?

  20. TitsMcgee

    Tits you clearly stated that he deemed it that we needed no additions, how can you even say that before the window has even opened without some inside knowledge or are you using what you think will happen as a stick to beat him with?

    The past 8 years…..and his own words.

  21. Guns of Hackney


    Tits has you there. What are you going to get to prove him wrong?

    I’d start with 3 doubles!

  22. arsenesabemejor

    Tits why only 8 years hasnt Wenger been the manager for a little longer than that, although I suppose the previous years dont really help your argument do they? so just put it out of your mind, it will create more room

  23. TitsMcgee

    So tits you are prepared to have a go about an event that hasnt even happened, are you always premature?

    You are stuck arguing about semantics first of all.

    Second of all it was a comment that was made. Nobody is/was “going on” about it until you decided to argue about that one statement.

    Nobody who has followed this team doubts that there will be very little activity from Wenger in January.

    The last 8 years and Wenger’s own words prove that but argue semantics and carry on about choice of words and ignore the bigger picture of the argument.

    Something tells me you DO realize that but are just “carrying on” about it because it’s the only thing you can remotely disagree with.

  24. marxdrive

    Playing devils advocate and looking at it from a purely Arsenal point of view and not a fans view. Arsenal are achieving everything they set out to do, up until 2014.

    1) Achieve CL football in as many of the season’s as possible.

    2) Use player sales to keep the club profitable.

    3) Keep player wages down.

    4) Remove certain players from the wage bill (still working on).

    Us as fans have had no choice but to go along with this (regardless of the kicking and screaming) as the truth is, It’s there business and in small numbers we are nothing more than pompom waving cheerleaders.

    We have seen the hard times and now it’s time for the club to pay back. I don’t know why but I honestly think we will start to see a few quality Spanish players joining the ranks, in the next few transfers. Whilst the likes of Arshavin will see out their contracts.

  25. TitsMcgee

    Tits why only 8 years hasnt Wenger been the manager for a little longer than that, although I suppose the previous years dont really help your argument do they? so just put it out of your mind, it will create more room

    So now we are ignoring what he has done the last 8 years? and concentrating on his “glory” years?


    Trying to take the argument off on a tangent. LOL

    Rafa Benitez won a Champions League title with Liverpool.

    Why don’t they just re-hire him then?

    You just exposed yourself with that statement and it’s quite apparent to me now that arguing with you two at this point is well, pointless.

    Thank’s for the non-biased “debate” chaps lol.

  26. arsenesabemejor

    Marx excellent point and all this was done so it would give access to many more fans to see the game at the ground and in the long run make the club financially independant and secure, which will in turn lead to success and trophies

  27. arsenesabemejor

    Tits I was pointing out hes been here for more than 8 years its you who was ignoring the glory years, dont think Benitez could even get pool into the CL every year otherwise he would probably still be there!

  28. marxdrive

    arsenesabemejor December 20, 2012 16:36:59

    The success and trophies wont come though unless the powers that be, start to show ambition and not start to think that ‘the plan’ has become a sustainable way to run the club.

  29. arsenesabemejor

    Tits you still havent explained what you meant by your comment that Wenger has deemed we need no additions this January

  30. arsenesabemejor

    Marx I fully expect as things progress that their will be funds in place to buy better players , still unsure though whether the long term wage structure will change

  31. marxdrive

    Jeff December 20, 2012 16:33:23

    “I like this a lot. Usmanov says more about Arsenal than Kroenke thinks about it. He says he would like to buy Kroenke out. That’s music to my ears.”

    Whilst I agree that Usmanov would be better for Arsenal. I don’t think he’s well timed comments have anymore merit than an election candidate.

  32. marxdrive

    Josip Skoblar December 20, 2012 16:45:21

    “The man is very critical of Gazidis and Kroenke but he backs Wenger. Puzzling stuff, but this is where we are at present.”

    If the majority of fans wanted ‘Arsene out’ he would be all over it.

  33. Jeff


    That last bit in the article you posted about the Usmanov interview where it says:

    Aasked about his influence in the transfer window, Usmanov said: “I never interfere with things over which I have no control, this question [about buying players] is for Wenger. I never ever give instruction to chief executive of my plans I only ask you need my help or not.”

    “I only ask you need my help or not”?

    Wow. How telling is that? Does that not mean that he could have underwritten Van Persie’s demands in a stroke if the board or Wenger let him? The actions of the board or Wenger (I suspect six of one and half-dozen of the other) smells of just empty bloody minded pride. Van Persie would have been instantly on a bigger salary than Wenger (as he is now at Man U). I wonder if that is what lies at the bottom of all this? It would not surprise me one bit.

  34. arsenesabemejor

    josip it only a few that want him or the board out why do you think that less than 1000 attending the march against the board? The only place I have seen people even calling for his head is on forums and not all of them, most of the posters on here wouldnt be taken seriously as all they do is name call,insult and even call for the death of the manager, why would anyone with half a brain listen to them?

  35. marxdrive

    Josip Skoblar December 20, 2012 16:52:05

    Can you imagine what the Emirates would sound like if it was made up of Le-grove visitors. Trust me the board are the reason behind most of what is wrong at Arsenal, according to the majority of fans.

  36. Cesc Appeal


    It’s merely because the mongol hordes that are the AKB seem to shout loudest and angriest with little to no substance to their arguments.

    First he needs to get into power then he can deal with Arsene/if he chooses to and there isn’t anything the AKB’s can do about it…in fact I’d be quite happy to see them off.

    I don’t want the type of fan at a club who is willing to see our reputation dragged through the dirt our quality diminishes all because of some misplaced loyalty and love to a man drawing £7.5 Million a year from a club that funded mainly by the same fans they fob off.

  37. Jeff

    Without wishing to be negative, I really don’t fancy our chances against Bayern at all if I’m honest. If our strongest team can’t bear Bradford, how the hell are we going to beat Bayern?

  38. arsenesabemejor

    Cesc appeal dont think you will find many there is such a thing as an AKB, its just a term made up as an insult, do you seriously think that Wenger is still the best man for the job believe that he always knows best, theres not a manager in history who hasnt made mistakes, but the fact that many on here thinks that AKB´s exist says it all really, I suppose you have to believe that they do or you would appear really foolish!!But what you dont see is them wishing death on the manager or even hoping we lose games, what sort of supporter would do that?

  39. arsenesabemejor

    Jeff was it our strongest team against Bradford then? Many thought that the side against Reading was stronger

  40. Jeff


    I don’t know if you signed the AKB register yet because I didn’t see your name in there. Perhaps you’re leaving it for us to guess: people here do that sometimes.

    Wenger has so many illogical, inconsistent and stupid decisions to his name that it should not surprise you or anyone if one of the factors that determine his actions is hubris.

    Simply contradicting someone else’s opinion or theory because you just don’t like it is not an argument or a debate. It is at best juvenile and at worst irrational faith. I wonder towards which end in that narrow spectrum you would care to place yourself?

  41. Gunner2301


    “Arsenal are achieving everything they set out to do, up until 2014.”

    When were these goals announced? And what’s been announced for beyond 2014?

    2) How does this point match up with statements over the years of money being available by various board members and Wenger saying he didn’t need it? This doesn’t sound like player sales are necessary.

    3) Keep players wages down? Did you read Pedros post? The wage bill is still increasing year on year with the quality of the team decreasing. The only players wages we are keeping down are top players of which we don’t have any anymore. So sell your top players “because you are required to” to help you keep your wage bill down which is increasing because you are paying average players way beyond what they are worth? Doesn’t make sense.

    4) Remove certain players from the wage bill? The only ones that have been removed are the top ones and the ones that have ambition, whilst the unambitious average ones remain. We couldn’t sell all those who we have loaned out. Why? Because they were average and we paid them way beyond what they were worth (see fantastic 5 photo above) and nobody wants to pay those wages.

    Why should the likes of Arshavin be seeing out his contract when he was one of the few that could have been sold? Almunia is the template the club are following where players see the wages as too fantastic in order to move on even if they are not playing.

    We are becoming a haven and developing a squad of mercenaries, players who come for the money and wouldn’t come otherwise and others who won’t leave because of the money because football is not their first love (meaning they need to play at any cost), money is.

  42. Jeff


    The term “values” is an ethical one. The spectrum does not depict ethics it depicts a belief system – namely your faith in AW. Only to an AKB would that not be palpable.

  43. arsenesabemejor

    Gunner2301 no one has ever been able to prove what the individual players get paid its all speculation as for deadwood theres not a club in the land who doesnt have some, you talk like we are the only ones,get in the real world not every signing by every manager works out, mercenaries dont make me laugh, that would be most footballers, they all want as much as they can get the loyalty thing is long done unforunately!

  44. Gunner2301


    Apart from JW – Who would be kicking down our doors for the others who have been given new contracts? Nobody. So this is the negotiating position you should take. Nobody is interested in you and if they were they wouldn’t be paying you what Arsenal is doing. Given this there is no reason whatsoever to increase the salaries of the other 4 especially as they have proven nothing to deserve such contracts.

    This can only serve as a poke in the eye for better players who see a disparity in the reward they receive for their contribution and the reward others are getting for contributing very little.

    Arsenal is rotten and self serving from top to bottom. The sooner Usmanov comes in and fucks everybody up the better.

    Arsenal is being raped from the inside out and all the playing and coaching staff have their fingers in the jar under the guise of sustainability.

  45. arsenesabemejor

    Gunner2301 all the players signing are international so they are rated not just by Wenger , why do you think you know better than experienced managers as for the contracts you dont know any of the details only that they have signed new longer ones

  46. arsenesabemejor

    Jeff where are all these people who want Wenger gone, there certainly not that visible in the real world, are they mythical and only exist in cyber space?

  47. Gunner2301


    There are some people who are better than you and me with Arsenal finances such as Swiss Ramble who inform us enough to allow sensible extrapolation. It is a fact that Wenger prefers a flat wage structure.

    Yes we aren’t the only ones who have wastage, however we are the only ones who have massive wastage, but then preach sustainability (to fool the Arsene sheep like you) as if we are more efficient in how we spend and use our finances than anyone else.

    If you don’t know that your being fucked over I can’t help you. Keep believing what Arsene and Ivan spin you.

  48. Jeff


    You are beginning to sound remarkably like Keyser (I don’t know if you’ve met him yet) but I think you and he could keep fill this blog with a thousand posts before the night is out. So in the interest of avoiding a pointless game of Q&A ping pong, I’ll just ignore you if you don’t mind.

  49. marxdrive


    These goals were as I see It, playing devils advocate. As I’m not privy to what goes on behind closed doors.


    2) The money was only available due to player sales.

    3) How do you know that the new contracts are beyond what someone else is willing to pay them?

    4) Still working on getting rid of the dross.

    We can’t sell Arshavin because no-body wants him and the wage’s he’s on. The best we can do is let his contract run out.

  50. arsenesabemejor

    Jeff is that because you dont want to answer the question as to where are all the people who want Wenger gone?

  51. arsenesabemejor

    Gunner2301 the swiss ramble doesnt have the individual players wages and if you have never seen a players contract how can you say its a fact that Wenger prefers a flat wage structure, it could be performance and incentive based in fact I would be amazed if it not. We arent the only one with massive wastage you only have to look at the Citeh,Chelski and Utd squads to see that

  52. Gunner2301


    “Gunner2301 all the players signing are international so they are rated not just by Wenger ”

    What a weak argument

    Chamakh – Morrocan international, Wenger rated barely plays
    Djourou – Swiss international,Wenger rates barely plays
    Bendtner – Danish international, Wenger rated on loan
    Denilson – Brazil international, Wenger rated on loan
    Rosicky – Czech international, Wenger rates squad player
    Park – South Korea international, Wenger rated on loan
    Santos – Brazil international, Wenger rated – a liability
    Squillaci – French international, Wenger rated – In the dustbin running down his contract
    Arshavin – Russian international, Wenger rated – doesn’t want to play him
    Chesney/Fabianski Poland international 1 & 2 – Average
    Ramshit – Welsh international, Wenger rates – Stripped of the international captaincy because th

  53. Gunner2301

    Ramshit – Welsh international, Wenger rates – Stripped of the international captaincy because they realised he offered nothing.

    Quite a list.

    Of those in the picture none are established apart from maybe Wilshire.

  54. arsenesabemejor

    Gunner2301 its not an argument its a fact, is that the best you can come back with? No answer to the salaries or contracts that you have never seen yet like to use as ammo? Are you saying that you know more than all the international managers who pick our players?

  55. Joppa Road

    Gambon. It’s other Arsenal fans that are actually pissing me off now.

    “We don’t want to become another Citeh or Chelski” -thick *****

    Defies belief that want to carry on this bullshit. Rich American or Rich Russian with passion – I know who I’d rather have.

    And what’s this bollx from Pedro?

    “Bayern – could of been far worse”

    Are you kidding Pedro? Short of Barca this is by far the toughest team we could have got (Real form patchy at best).

    Progressive change: Wenger and ***** out. Usmanov IN.

  56. Gunner2301


    I’m just showing you the facts, or is there anything in that list that is untrue?

    The list shows that the international title means very little either a player is a quality player or they are not regardless of whether they have caps or not. Arteta has not been capped by Spain would you say he’s quality or average? But he’s one of our better players.

  57. Gunner2301


    Even though Chelsea made a profit this year (which they tend to omit) they will still find some reason to back the status quo. Like we’re taking some kind of noble stance. It’s all propaganda they just can’t see it that’s what makes me laugh.

  58. SUGA3

    can’t believe you are even arguing with this poor man’s Keyser who will question for the questioning sake, just without the fatman’s wit…

    some people 😆

  59. luke

    The only two players that stand a very minimal chance of fixing this team without adding any other players are messi and ronaldo and even then our defense is still shit.

  60. kwik fit

    And how is he going to get these ‘one or two exceptional players’ when he will pay neither the market price or market wages.

    Wenger enough of your complete fairy tales already.

  61. Jeff


    No one of any note is coming in January. I can guarantee it. We might get one player or offload a couple but nothing that is going to make us write home about. It’s the same old “we have to be seen to compete” illusion that they try to create which only the weak minded followers of AW rather than the club itself fall for. It’s pathetic and sad but it works.

  62. kwik fit


    I bet you anything that Wenger was trying to get Huntelaar but offered him well short of his demands…hence he’s signing on at Schalkle 04. I’m not saying that he was the answer but no one of any quality will sign when their offered peanuts. Players can now hold Arsenal to ransom because of Wengers errors in builing his ‘best squad ever’

  63. Jeff

    Just to put it into some sort of perspective: Bayern Munich have a staggering goal difference of 37 after 17 games and sit at the top of the Bundesliga with nearest rivals Leverkusen 9 points behind and goal difference of 11.

    Meanwhile Schalke who beat us 2:0 at the Emirates are currently 7th with 17 points behind Bayern and a goal difference of 2.

    We have drawn Bayern in the last 16 of the CL. Do you still feel lucky?

  64. kwik fit

    I also think that the Henry deal had been rubber stamped until Wenger realised he could be shooting himself in the foot and cancelled the idea.
    It will be Zaha and Luke Shaw and that’s our lot. A squad ready to fight for 4th and take on the might of Bayern…..not.

  65. Jeff


    I completely agree. He may well have offered to buy Huntelaar and no doubt one or two others as well but was probably rejected out of hand because he wants to buy quality but at dirt cheap prices. People are not stupid. We wouldn’t sell Van Persie for less than £24m but I bet you anything that we would never offer that much for him if he was one of the players on our radar. We’d start with something like: “ah well he’s nearly 30 and past it, how about £11m” upon which they would use some expletives and put the phone down.

    We would have to be extremely fortunate to land a world class player for £11m and we won’t. So in desperation he will do the usual and gamble what money there is on some no-hoper in the hope that they suddenly become all the rage. It’s a fairytale and only works inside Wenger’s brain.

    The other thing is that he’s terrible at negotiating. He procrastinates and messes people about which is another reason why people are generally disinclined to do business with him. He is a sad bloke; what can I say.

  66. marxdrive

    stefan – on sky’s web site.

    Hey Arsene, you can sign me cheap! I can run for 90 minutes and shoot much more accurately than Chamakh. My transfer fee is zero and my wages are 2,000 pounds a week plus a couch to crash on at Highbury. Deal me in? Its the most expensive buy I see you making this January and the best Wage to Performance deal you will ever make. I never argue or smart off to officials either, because I play to the whistle. I do want the #7 shirt but, I don’t have to play in the middle.

    made me laugh……….

  67. Ramsey's backpass

    Lol “they are international players and rated by wenger”
    ramsey wouldnt get a minute in the german under 21/23 squad.

    As for gibbs,he has potential but that is probably what we’ve being saying for the past 4yrs also a reasonable manager would know baines is miles ahead of him.but not arsene who believes his oldest son is better than roberto carlos

    jenkinson…..one day he plays like alves the next he plays like djourou who is about to trip.

    chamberlain…..under a better management he would improve.

    wilshere…..so so

    p.s as long as their daddy wonga is with them,they wont improve Daddy wonga

  68. Cesc Appeal



    get ready for ‘supermarket’ quote, the ‘we already signed 5 players’ quote, the ‘we have a new signing in Diaby quote’ and the ‘super, super qualidddddy’ quote

  69. Gunner2301


    He’s said the same things in so many windows he’s becoming a parody of himself but still the faithful believe whilst their being arse raped by Arsene with a smile on his face.

  70. Ramsey's backpass

    If he doesnt buy anybody which by 99% he wouldnt,he should should just leave with gervias to ACN and start a new life with gervias entertaining him with his “individual ability” that would be ok

  71. Gunner2301

    Ramsey’s backpass

    I think he used to say the same about Eboue. LMFAO 😆 Eboue would actually look good in this team. How far we have fallen.

  72. Leedsgunner

    Wenger is so myopic it is unbelievable… Asked if he’s happy with the club’sbestintrest form “We had a good game last game, it matters how we develop from there. “. Funny it appears like the lessons of the Bradford debacle have been forgotten (or brushed under the carpet). Asked if he’s going to sign anyone in January he stated “if there are exceptional players we will do it…” How that man can say that whilst the Deadwood are at the club is beyond me.

    Wenger is so up his own arse he’s double backing on himself.


  73. Cesc Appeal

    Santa if you love me get Usmanov to buy out Kroenke and give us a well deserved exciting transfer window for once

  74. kwik fit

    Wenger: “We have money. Why should I not spend, if it is to find the right players? We’re in a strong position, we can come back.”

    WTF is that supposed to mean?

  75. Johnty79

    Worse team to support in the whole world. No hope or ambition. If we got relegated it might be good as we could probably just about compete with other teams in the league.

    Remember people arsenal current wage bill 156m (2012-13) lost to Bradford 3 m per year wage bill. For that alone wenger should be fired.

  76. Ramsey's backpass

    Gunner 2301

    i dont know where le senile gets his sets of substandard players and yet he talks of their individual ability like they are better than what they’ve shown us.
    am betting the two exceptional players he is talking of would be ba and zaha and the AKB’s would believe those are the best players available cos that is what their Godfather would say

    arsene has succesfully downed our expectation that we talk of buying average players,zaha,gervinho,sunzu like they are world beaters.
    I want this madness to stop.


  77. Ramsey's backpass

    BOB N7

    wilshere is “good” but not what what we think he is “yet” so giving him the rumoured 85k now means in the next 5 yrs he would want 285k.
    And to your question,the answer is no i was not joking

  78. gazzap

    Something struck me about Arsenal ownership today. And that is the influence of Wenger.
    Wenger responded to Usmanov’s promise to provide funds if he ever gained control. Wenger said he didn’t want more money and didn’t want to be put under pressure to spend.
    “We have worked over the years in respecting in what we did, which is to always work within our financial resources. What we do not want to do is add players just because people put us under pressure.”
    This struck me hard since Wenger has said in the past he doesn’t want to comment or get involved in the owner of the club, and it doesn’t concern him. Suddenly he comes out with what I consider to be an anti-statement to the man that could EASILY be his next owner – and in a matter of months.
    Wenger actively wants to have the financial restrictions that we currently operate under (since it places less pressure on him to win trophies and he can continue with his tippy tappy/player development vision), and I think he has spoken to the board and Stan about keeping it that way, and so Stan is simply keeping his word. Stan is in no rush – AU is going nowhere fast.
    In other words, Stan won’t sell the club to Usmanov until Wenger is gone. And I don’t think Wenger would work under AU for very long even if their reigns did overlap. It is not his style. When Wenger goes, expect BIG changes to the way the club is run.

    From what AU says he doesn’t want to throw money at it like City/Chavs anyway, and he likes steady growth, and stability. He likes the idea of players staying at the club for many years, and bleeding Arsenal. I get the feeling that AU is more of a football man than people may have assumed at first, and he will understand what makes a team tick. Having said that, if a manager comes in that likes to throw money around, then I’m sure AU would back him!

  79. kwik fit

    Wenger “What we do not want to do is add players just because people put us under pressure to buy players”

    This is typical Wenger ….everything around him is crumbling and yet he refuses to do what is plainly needed because it wasn’t his idea!

  80. Hunter

    Your Comment HereI am sick to death of hearing about WENGER,seeing WENGER,talking about WENGER in fact anything about that arsehole WENGER!we all know whats coming and to be honest we all deserve it!we do nothing to rid us of this idiot apart from write on blogs!that isnt going to move him,DoubleGooner tried to rally some support but nothing came of it either.He is going to do it his way and persuade the owner the CEO and the board that we have enough in the squad to deliver and we cant do anything about it!We have to accept that WENGER is a dictator and NO_ONE will rebel against him who have the clout to do so.HE decides everthing that happens at AFC and it seems to me that everyone are frightened rabbits and wont oppose him.I despise this french twat for all that he has brought to our demise over the last six years,he is like a festering maggott that wont go away!I love AFC but we are DOOMED to failure all the time he is at the club.NO star players,NO trophies and a mediocre team is all that we will get and if we do nothing but moan on blogs is probably all we deserve. BLAH BLAH BLAH and on that note I am off to bed SOD IT!!

  81. tippitappi

    I think the problem with this latest round of mega contract renewals is that apart from Jack and the Ox the other three could go the other way, it goes to show wenger takes no previous errors into consideration just ambles on in his own sweet obstinate way and what with the usual crop of crap (if any) from France or French Africa in January, and so it goes on

  82. kwik fit

    My last Wenger quote of the night……I’ve saved the best to last……See you all tomorrow guys….or maybe not!

    Wenger: “I feel that I bought Walcott at 17yo and spent a lot of money on him. He has always looked to me like he is an Arsenal man.”

  83. BOOZY

    gazzap your not far from the truth there, but you last two paragraphs may not be close to it.

    but you are right wenger wants financial restrictions, as a matter of fact, he created this financial restrictions.

    Arsenal are a cash cow, but wenger has managed to deceive the whole world that we are just having cash now.

  84. R.S.P.C.Arsenal

    we will beat bayern, the reason is the arrogance from rummenneger read what he has said… we will beat them .on the football pitch like we beat them on the beaches….

  85. o.j.

    Wenger is trying to sign the wrong Frenchman. He should forget about Henry and do all he can to beg zidane to come out of retirement.

  86. dennisdamenace

    kwik fitDecember 20, 2012 22:43:07
    My last Wenger quote of the night……I’ve saved the best to last……See you all tomorrow guys….or maybe not!
    Wenger: “I feel that I bought Walcott at 17yo and spent a lot of money on him. He has always looked to me like he is an Arsenal man.”

    Nice to know that Wenger’s spent his own fucking money on Walcott……….

  87. Cesc Appeal

    I just want Arsene gone, he’s just plain boring now, the whole board.club is tiresome. The new contracts for the 5 Brits was a slap int he face, told RVP to fuck off, hasn’t been able to negotiate with Theo since last year but has no problem giving more wages to a guy like Ramsey or putting untested youth players on £60 000 a week! And around and around we go.

    I just keep imaging the club run by Usmanov, in his interview he said he dreamed of signing Messi – that those are the type of super super quality players you should aspire to.

    Even with Usmanov it’s doubtful we’d signed Lionel but I like his way of thinking, no bargain basement French or Africans, bought for under £10 Million then they show us exactly why…real established quality.

    12 more shares is it to 30%? Come on Alisher!!

  88. Gregg

    TBH theres just so much contradictions in Arsene’s interviews these days, it’s best never to listen. As for signing the fab 5, yeah why not. However none are world beaters. Gibbs and Jenkinson will only ever be steady Eddies but every succesful clubs need those types. The Ray Parlours if you like, I think people are harsh on Wenger sometimes, he hasn’t completely lost it as some would suggest. Yes we’ve signed some real shit, thats a concern but he has developed players recently aswell. The reason RVP came good as a central striker was clearly influence by Wenger. I think theres no reason to think that cannot be the case with Chamberlain, who will end up in midfield. Ramsey ? difficult to say, he has ability but he is struggling to make an impact. Having a core of what I’d call ‘club men’ is great, what we now need is to supplement it with real quality. Cazorla cannot do it all and we need a couple more of that ilk.

  89. Obo Inyang

    Obo Inyang

    It’s pretty nice to see Wenger do what he knows how to do best(Tying down the young guns to a long term deal).The question is how many of such deals are honored to the end.He is only nurturing them to be sold to his rivals on a high.Gone are the days of players like Tony Adams, Martin Keown ,Lee Dickson etc who truely showed what loyalty and commitment is all about.

    We will continue to be hopeful of the future for our darling club ARSENAL FC.I hope Theo boy will stay because on my own opinion he is arguably the brightest young star in arsenal outside jack wilshere.If Wilshere is on £85k/wk and Chamberlain on £52k/wk then i think Walcott deserves £90k/wk wages.This is a player which in two to three years to come will be a super star like C. Ronaldo.Wenger is aware of this and will definitely not let him go on a cheap.