Arsenal left side the best side | Theo proves speedy point | Arsenal defence still a cause for concern…

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All the buzz before the game was around  Theo Walcott earning his debut as a central man. Wenger stated after the game it was because of some sound performances in training, my feeling is that it was more about his agents and some serious arm twisting! Who cares about the reasons, as I said before the game yesterday, our problem for a while has been the lack of decisive movement from the front three. Wenger tackled this issue by opting for a front three of Podolski, Chamberlain and Theo. The midfield consisted of Jack, Santi and Arteta. The back line was our strongest… Sagna, Gibbs with a centre back pairing of Vermaelen and Mertesacker.

Reading gifted us tactically by opting for two central midfielders. When you’re playing against three of them, you tend to screw yourself straight away. Especially against technical fast passers. We controlled possession from the off. Chamberlain was the first to have ago after a winding run ended in a low shot Federici did well to palm away. Theo was next up to crack at goal with a freekick that just whistled wide. Continuing the pattern of having a pop, Cazorla also let rip from range.

Pogrebnyak reminded us that we still had problems at the back. He managed to work a one two between Cazorla and Gibbs, lucky for us his cross into the box wasn’t particularly effective.

Our first goal came from the left, Podolski and Gibbs interchanged nicely, the Englishman set loose down the wing whipped in a perfect cross that Podolski had time to bring down and bury low past the Aussie keeper. A well taken goal and a showcase of the talent he has hidden away.

We really took control of the game, Reading had no answer at all. Theo had his first chance to shine when he broke through one on one, he fluffed his lines though as the keeper saved and blocked the ball wide.

Pogrebnyak once again proved troublesome outwide as he roasted our back four, his cut back into the box was better this time, however, Vermaelen was quick to intercept the danger. A lot of our defending is last gasp, it’s quite frustrating that most of Reading’s breaks came from mistakes.

It wasn’t long before we were on the score sheet again. The assist coming from the left again, this time Lukas crossed a teasing low ball that Cazorla was able to get his head on (only a man that small would have got down that low)! He celebrated with the same shock Henry did when he bundled a ball into the net against Liverpool (I think?).

Cazorla banging in his second when he collected a Gibbs cross, turned and banged the ball into the net. The man was on fire!

Just before halftime, Chamberlain was close to getting in on the headed goal action as he beat everyone into the box to connect with a superb Sagna cross, sadly, Federici was equal to it and pulled off a masterful save.

The second half was a bit more eventful, Reading switched to a three man midfield forcing us into using Mertesacker as an outlet, the tactic most teams have used against us this season. This put more pressure on us at the back and made for a slighlty more competitive second half. Only slightly…

Theo and Mertesacker both went close before Cazorla stepped up to the plate again to finish off a lovely passing move that involved Chamberlain, Wilshere… with Podolski teeing up the Spaniard to slot into an empty net! A great goal with all the hallmarks of an Arsenal team with the handbrake fully released.

Too released perhaps?

Le Fondre spoiled the party when Reading capitalised on a a hospital ball from Gibbs… Jack slipped, the ball was picked up in midfield by Tabb, Vermaelen didn’t fancy following Le Fondre instead opting to chase the ball, the striker was slipped in, took it round Chezzer and tapped into an empty net. A catalogue of shoddy errors and no clean sheet.

On 70 minutes, we conceded yet another poor goal. The defence transfixed by the ball failed to check the run of Kebe, Podolski played him onside and we conceded yet again. Bad news. Could we concede another massive lead again? Was this Newcastle except a bit worse?

Thankfully not, Wenger brought on Ramsey and everything was ok.

Theo Walcott had the final say when Cazorla played him in with a lovely reverse pass. His first touch was into space, his second was a low curling shot into the bottom corner. Henry-esque and well deserved.


5-2 is a bit of a cricket score, but one that I can live with. I wanted us to spank Reading out of sight and we did. The over the top noise from Sky around Wenger being in the clear pressure wise was ridiculous. It shows the agenda explayers have both sides of the coin (Robson wanting revenge / Quinn possibly wanting a job). We just beat the team rooted to the bottom of the league. We didn’t dismantle Barcelona 4-0 at the Camp Nou. Still, it’s progress. Two wins in a row is always nice and it moves us up the table and improves our goal difference. I believe we can go 3rd this weekend, even if only for a little amount of time. I think we’ll be there by January. That’s a worry, because you know that will give Wenger all the ammo he needs to say, ‘we’re better off this year than we were last year, I believe in this super serious squad’.

Anyway, that’s a conversation for another day.

What about today?

Well, we learned that mobility, pace and control seem to be very important ingredients to a front three. Injecting pace into the front line with the lead being Theo made the world of difference to the game. Whatever you think of the Englishman, he scares defenders. He makes them think twice and he creates space. Throw in a more adventurous Chamberlain into the mix and a motivated Podolski… well, you have a recipe for chances and creativity. You’re giving the midfield something to aim for and you give everyone confidence.

I also thought we saw another very solid contribution from Gibbs. His understanding with Podolski was used to great effect last night. Both can cross, which is a big problem for defences and an advantage we haven’t had for years. If they can build on that as the season goes on, we’ll have a very effective left side of the park.

In midfield, Cazorla was electric. If you give him time and space, he’s unplayable. I still think the challenge is how we operate when we’re being man marked in midfield. I think we’re still a Diaby away from being a threat to the top teams in the league. I think we still need some top quality cover because those three are being run into the ground at the moment. Still, even though it was only Reading, it was nice to see the trio work the ball to devastating effect. Jack was throwing himself around the pitch like a terrier. I love the fact he’s a loose cannon. It’ll lead to red cards, but you’ll never get anything less than 100% effort from the boy. Keeping him fit is imperative. His fight gives us an edge we don’t have without him.

The defence is still giving me nightmares. We shouldn’t be conceding goals to teams like Reading. 2 goals against them is 4 against Chelsea. It’s why we’ll struggle in the latter stages of the Champions League and against the top 4 teams. The error prone Vermaelen is still a massive problem as far as I’m concerned. His decision making has been poor of late. Too much of his defending is last gasp and based on gambling. The back 4 is still not a cohesive unit. More worrying is how we defend as a team. It needs addressing if we ever want to challenge for major trophies.

Anyway, overall… I’m pleased. We have Wigan at the weekend which should be another three points in the bag. The West Ham game on Boxing Day looks like it could be doomed because of a potential tube strike. That really wouldn’t fuss me. A nice rest for the players. A nice rest for the fans! Boxing Day games are always a bit sterile when it comes to atmosphere.

Final bit, Sagna looked like he’d lost the plot at the end. I think it was over an issue with a decision  not a ingrained hatred of Vermaelen. Also, I saw that ‘Wenger out’ banner that was unfurled at the end of the game. First rule of football protest… don’t do it after a pretty thumping win. It’ll mostly get ignored.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got. Have a great day, see you in the comments!

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  1. Keyser

    gambon – No, it’s in the context of the wagebill of one or two clubs within a league that’s amongst the richest and teams that have spent absolute shitloads on transfer fees.

    You’re sitting there trying to focus on the wagebill when they’ve spent even more on players.

    Citeh last year turned the biggest loss in football history and you’re wondering why we can’t keep up, it’s possibly the dopiest thing anyone’s ever typed out on here.

    Yeah we could re-structure the wage bill, yeah we could trim some of the lesser deserving players, but there’s still a fucking 60 million disparity.

    ..and that’s before you add in transfer fees.

  2. Keyser

    Arsene’s Nurse – Remember when you waded in about Arteta and didn’t have a clue about what we were talking about.

    Wouldn’t it help if you actually tried to add something to the discussion.

  3. Keyser

    SDE – “A smaller squad with the players of the ilk Man City,or Bayern have on their wage bill,would easily be within our remit..”

    Sorry for me ? Mate when you come out with stuff like that, what’s the point.

    So we re-structure the wagebill a little, and we can have a squad like Man City ?!

    Do you not see how wrong that statement is ?!

  4. gambon


    Man Utd cant compete with City, but guess what, theyre 6 points clear of them in the league?

    How have they done that? According to what you just said its impossible to compete with City, So by your definition City should be top right now, Chelsea simply have to be second, Man Utd should be 3rd, Us 4th, Liverpool 5th, Spurs 6th.

    Why isnt this the exact order of the league?

    How did Madrid win the league last year with a smaller wage bill than Barca?

    How did Dortmund win the league?

    How did Juve beat Milan & Inter to the league in Italy?

    Check Man Utds wage bill in 2006/7, 2007/8, 2008/9, 2010/11, I think you’ll find it was never the top of the league.

    You dont need to pay the most to win things, but you do need world class players, which means some will have to be on a lot.

    So i’ll ask again:

    How can Man Utd, Bayern, man City pay players far more than us, with a similar sized wage bill?

    This is getting embarrassing, your evading left right and centre like your old man Wenger.

  5. Keyser

    gambon – Where did Citeh finish for their 151 million, still more than we paid and they weren’t in the Champions League.

    That’s what it comes down to doesn’t it ?!

  6. Thomas

    The problem with Wenger is that everything he does is based on the thought that he is “special” and doesn’t want to follow the mass on how to do things. It’s nothing wrong with that itself, it’s just that he fails so completely with it and he’s do deluded and demented that he doesn’t even realize it. He’s like a mentally ill patient. It has now become embarrassing and the world are laughing at us.

  7. Keyser

    Gambon – I’m not evading the question, it’s fucking stupid, it’s the mong shit you post up on here because you think people won’t know any better.

    We’re not Man United either, Man United’s wagebill was 30 million more than ours that same year, Chelsea’s 40-50 million, and then on top of that there’s the money spent on players.

    It’s not even one off years, find the last time our wagebill was more than all of those clubs in any one season ?!

  8. gambon


    I think you can be pretty sure that he is pretty mentally ill. One day people will look back and wonder how they didnt realise. I can promise you within months of retiring it will be revealed he is in a looney bin,, and he was heavily medicated in recent years.

    He lives in his own reality.

  9. Thomas

    It’s like it has become a sport for Wenger to do thing the hard way and the opposite of what he should do. Gah what a senile fool he has become. Sad.

  10. SDE

    Good day Keyser..See you later…My missus is calling me..Getting rid to go for a meal..

    You..Preparing to incite a riot on here today?

    She seems to have a better grasp of football & finance than you..

    Oh by the way,do you know her IQ is 169..

    We have riveting talks & I learn a thing or two from her..

    By the way,she saw one of your posts..& immediately she pointed out that this guy Keyser is a bit of one-handed jerk..Also mentioned that you have behavioral issues & that might originate from a lack of affection& attention being shown to you in your formative years…

    I don’t know,if she was right..Call it female intuition..!!

  11. gambon


    Just to confirm that for the 34,000th time Keyser has failed to answer a very simple question as he knows the answer is pretty simple, and he doesnt want to slag off his father figure.

  12. Ikki

    I just cannot believe how/why Theo hasnt been given a chance up top top until yesterday.

    Tactically, with Theo up top, Reading showed they had to defend very deep. When Giroud is up top, defenses are able to hold a high line and our most advanced player doesn’t have the pace to get in behind.

    What playing Theo up top does is that is makes defenses defend deep, allowing Cazorla to get further up top – where he does most damage. This all makes a difference, because with Giroud up front, Cazorla is automatically 10-20 yards further from the opposition goal. And it is quite apparent that he is not as effective this far away from goal.

    Whether Theo stays or goes is irrelevant, because we still need a quality striker. But it is pretty nonsensical to go after someone like Llorente because what we need is someone who can finish, and someone with pace. I just cant fathom why AFC negotiators didnt ask for Chicarito or Wellbeck as part of the RvP deal.

  13. the_real_andy

    gambon and keyser

    the truth lies anywhere between your statements guys. saying we can´t compete although we are more or less paying the same wages is not correct, otherwise other teams like gambon already mentioned wouldn´t be able to beat financially better equipped teams.

    on the other hand keyser is right regarding the fact it´s not correct to think we just have to trim our wage bill or stuff like that.

    there are several actions necessary to get us back on track. we definitely HAVE to pay better wages to better players and lower ones to squad players. we HAVE to start buying players who can really improve our squad (not just for our first line up but squad players too). we need to let them be competitors for starting places and not gifting guys like ramsey who´s totally out of form places on the bench or even in the line up. and, of course, we need to get our most important players on long term contracts – I think we are realizing this right now.

    who´s the next player who´s really important and will be out of contract soon? I know many of you may point out sagna and rightly so. but to me all others like caz, arteta, wilshere (soon), pod, ox, vermi, merge, koscielny, szcz are on long term contracts, aren´t they? of course we need one or two additions but the core is on long term contracts or will be soon which is a very good start for our future IMHO

  14. Keyser

    SDE – Not too bothered, but please, just ask her to explain this one comment for you.

    “A smaller squad with the players of the ilk Man City,or Bayern have on their wage bill,would easily be within our remit..”

    The thing is YOU obviously can’t, and maybe next time you should just let HER post for you, because I’m tired of trying to help you out.

  15. Keyser

    gambon – How about you give the answer ?!

    What do you want me to say, that we can pay that ? That we can re-structure the wagebill or something along those lines ?!

    It’d be typical of the mong shit you post up on here and hope people don’t realise.

    Are you going to post up your Socialist experiement bollocks, or any of the mong reasons from the previous page ?!

  16. SDE


    Listen you fornicating imbecile…

    Just remember this post from Cesc Appeal…

    It sums you up in a nutshell…

    Cesc AppealNovember 8, 2012 17:09:13
    KeyserI sleep and work. You?

    You never ever make any points.

    It’s kind of irrelevant to argue with you as you quickly realise you’re arguing with no one but yourself.

    You seem to just ‘have a go’ at what people say and then offer little if nay points of your own.

    Do you have a view on anything or do you get off on conflict?

    What is your view on tactics then because you just rambled through a barley literate statement there of ‘bollock’s’ and ‘shit’s’ etc and I don’t understand why you’re so confrontational.

    Is Arsene Wenger your Uncle or something?

    Stan Kroenke an unnamed benefactor for you when you were young?

    If i say, I think Wenger is rubbish at tactics…you’d say BOLLOCKS look at this game and that one and the other.

    If i say, I think Wenger is a tactical genius…you’d say BOLLOCKS look at this game and that one and the other.

    You are an angry, angry child.If you want a debate fine, but stop assuming your vile little rants are the only correct ones on the site, that you are right and everyone else is some fucking moron with no real grasp of football.

    Because I doubt you’re any kind of aficionado, work for the FA? Work for a football club? I doubt it.

    Your point is no more or less valid than anyone elses on here.

    don’t deliver your comments like they are the absolute truth.


    Once again G’day…

  17. Keyser

    SDE – Typical really another post from someone else because YOU don’t have it in to articulate it yourself.

    “A smaller squad with the players of the ilk Man City,or Bayern have on their wage bill,would easily be within our remit..”

    Seriously with your wifes IQ it shouldn’t take long for her to post a reply.

  18. SDE


    I don’t answer to idiots…

    Go find a fornicating job,you bum..

    If you are the all knowing connoisseur of all subject matters..

    Begs the question,why are you unemployable?

  19. Keyser

    It’s like WTL’s released his demented brother on Le Grove.

    The thing is there probably aren’t many people left who remember him either.

  20. mystic

    Gambon. not a good idea to bet on something you harbour doubts about: ‘While he could become the next Kagawa I will bet anyone he doesnt’ – you think he might be, but then again you are prepared to bet he won’t.

    As for the wage bill, we all know the answer so why is it in debate. Arsenal pay stupid wages for dross, so it is hardly a surprise that they can’t afford competitive salaries.

    Regards to Bayern, not sure I quite understand why they are in the equation? Last season they came 2nd to a team that spent less than 1/2 the amount on salaries. In other words it is not how much you spend, but how wisely you do so – in Wenger’s case it is too much, too unwisely.

    Until the dross are ejected / their overpaid contracts come to an end, Arsenal will remain uncompetitive on wages because they do not have a policy that allows adequate expenditure – even though the money is there.

  21. Keyser

    “If you are the all knowing connoisseur of all subject matters..”

    “A smaller squad with the players of the ilk Man City,or Bayern have on their wage bill,would easily be within our remit..”

    Just get her to explain it.

  22. SDE

    eddie mcgoldickDecember 18, 2012 15:56:38

    & how many trophies have Man Utd,Man City,Chelsea acquired b/w them over the past 7 years..? A few CL winners in there too as well,I hasten to add..

    & us..AFC..bugger all..!!

  23. Ric#2

    Keister I wrote a long reply explaining how you’re a moron and how all of us are actually de-evolving simply by associating with you, but apparently Pedro won’t let me post it or something.

    So another time ey.

  24. SDE


    Yep she’s just commented that I should ignore the jobless closet homo..

    Probably hasn’t been rear-ended over the past 2 days& is suffering from withdrawal symptoms..

  25. the_real_andy

    I´ve just watched the post match conf. AW pointed out he thinks young players need to pay something back to the club they got developed at.

    I think he´s right there. the players don´t think so though ….

  26. Keyser

    mystic – This was the starting point.

    “I’ve asked this a million times and no-one has been able to give me an answer…
    Our wage bill is now the same as Man Citys was a year before. So how the fuck can our top earner be on £90k per week, yet they had Adebayor, Tevez, Silva 7 Toure all on £180k per week – £220k per week?”

    It’s a fucking pointless question, we could
    re-structure our wagebill, we could pay players those wages, but those 4 players cost more than a 100 million for Citeh and they finished 3rd that year, weren’t in the Champions League but managed to win the FA Cup against Stoke.

  27. Keyser

    SDE – Haha, with an IQ of 169, she came up with that ?!

    “jobless closet homo..”

    She couldn’t explain your comment either, thought so. Enjoy dinner mate. You shouldn’t get yourself so het up.

  28. gambon


    But you cant win anything without absolute top class players. Simple as that.

    When we last one a trophy our major players were Campbell, Henry, Vieira & Pires. 3 of them were on £90k+ per week. We dont currently have anyone that earns what Henry & Sol earned.

    Man Utd are flying this year, they payed £24m for the best player in the PL, who we surrendered like pussies cos we dont want world class players, so we sell them off when we do discover them.

    Man City won the league last year, their success was unquestionably built around a world class core of Hart, Kompany, Toure, Silva & Aguero.

    Yes Dortmund were great last year, and the year before, based around a high class team of Subotic, Hummells, Kagawa, Sahin, Gotze & Lewandowski….,.guess what they are struggling to keep that team together, and Bayern have overtaken them and will walk the league this year. The only way they will keep the team together is by paying them huge money, and the only way they will sustain success is to keep their best players and buy top class players.

    So like i say, you dont have to pay the most in the PL to win it. Do you think it matters if Citys second choice LB or 3rd choice GK earns more than the equivalent at Arsenal? No.

    However can we win the league without a smattering of world class players that demand £120-£200k per week? No, absolutely not.

    There are 2 ways of getting this kind of players, you can develop them (RVP, Cesc) or you can buy them (Silva, Yaya) but at the end of the day once they realise that potential you have to find big money for them.

  29. SDE

    the_real_andyDecember 18, 2012 16:09:54

    I´ve just watched the post match conf. AW pointed out he thinks young players need to pay something back to the club they got developed at. I think he´s right there. the players don´t think so though ….


    Fair enough..Similarly,why doesn’t Wenger repay the fans, who have shown tremendous loyalty over the years & help pay his vastly inflated wages..

    By,attempting to compete on the field,if not with trophies..But at least trying..Instead of urinating the money up the wall on dross& pursuing his one man mantra to implement his flawed footballing philosophy..

    It works both ways..A classic myopic view from OGL..

  30. gambon

    “those 4 players cost more than a 100 million for Citeh and they finished 3rd that year, weren’t in the Champions League but managed to win the FA Cup against Stoke.”

    What happened the year after?

  31. gambon

    Wenger is a complete mug, and utterly wrong about everything he does.

    Why do they owe him fucking anything?

    In his own weird mind he thinks he plucks these players from non league football or something. Theo was wanted by everyone, ditto Chamberlain. If we hadnt bought Ramsey then he wouldve gone to Man Utd, and had a much better manager & set up.

    So why do they owe the cunt a thing?

    I love the way he preached loyalty while staying at Arsenal for the largest salary in the PL.

  32. SDE


    That was me paraphrasing her words…!!

    Either way..When are you going to get a job..?

    We surely don’t pay all our taxes,for the likes of you to sponge of the welfare state 24/7..Arguing relentlessly,aimlessly..With no direction,strategy to improve your lot..

    Is this what society has come too..?
    Funding work-shy unemployable twats like you,who spend all day,all night fermenting riots on the net..

    Make it a new year’s resolution..
    Get a job..!!

  33. Keyser

    They won the league.

    Their wagebill supposedly hit £200 million, they turned the biggest loss in football history and failed to make it out of the group stages of the Champions League.

    I mean where the fuck are you going with any of this ?!

  34. SDE

    KeyserDecember 18, 2012 16:15:35
    SDE – Haha, with an IQ of 169, she came up with that ?!

    Mocking my missus for having an IQ of 169..?
    At least she contributes to society in a meaningful way..

    Pay’s her taxes to fund argumentative,inconsequential non-entities like you..

    Has a mortgage,runs a car,runs her business,plus has a full-time job& an education..

    What about you?

    A 24 hour jobless bum..

    & you have the audacity to even mock her IQ,as a starting point..?


  35. Keyser

    SDE – You were paraphrasing ? How about you just leave her out of it, I don’t want to insult her, I can’t be bothered to trade insults with you either, you’re simply not worth it not much of challenge either.

    I don’t mean to denigrate you there, I even feel bad when I write that, because you obviously have a very high opinion of yourself.

    The thing is I don’t, I mean a high opinion of myself, I’m not especially worthy in the greater scheme of things, but what it does matter we come here to talk football.

    “A smaller squad with the players of the ilk Man City,or Bayern have on their wage bill,would easily be within our remit..”

    So after about 10-15 posts, how about you explain your comment, I’m guessing you can’t.

  36. Voetstoots

    Some very sad people here… Get a life, guys – why can the comments never reflect the balanced approach & the support for our club that the main article manages to achieve each and every day (including constructive criticism, where justified, of course). Why all the personal insults, gratuitous swearing & meaningless innuendo?

    Now please go ahead and call me names for posting this. I’m switching off, until another day.

    PS pretty decent performance last night, even though some of you couldn’t see it (or didn’t want to – more likely). And may our boys beat Wigan by 3 or more as well this weekend… Cheers

  37. gambon


    Their wage bill was £178m. They increased their commercial revenue to £97m (£45m more than us)

    They won £5m more in prize money, and £3m in extra CL TV money as a result of finishing 3rd in the league the year before rather than our 4th.

    So if we copied their model and grew our revenue by £53m for the sake of £30m extra wages…..well you do the maths?

    Our revenue has stayed still for 4 years, Man Citys has gone from £80m to £231m.

    They are now £4m behind us in revenue, despite taking £75m less from gate receipts.

    So what would happen if we were to invest in similar quality of players, and win trophies?

    Well, im guessing that we would add TV money, prize money & commercial money, which would pay for the increased wage bill in the first place??

    Hmmmmmmmm tricky one.

    Man utd have grown their commercial revenue by £80m in the last 5 years.

    Chelsea have now overtaken us in terms of revenue.


    So Man Utd, Chelsea & Man City have grown their revenues massively, we have remained flat for 4 years.

    What have them 3 teams done in recent years that we havent?


    Dortmund have grown their commercial revenues massively in recent years.

    Hmmmmmm? What have they done in the last few years?

    Hint: You have to invest in order to make more money to cover that investment….NOT sit back and pray that at some point you find loads of money buried under the emirates in order to invest.

  38. Keyser

    If it helps I pay taxes, have never been on the dole or on welfare, not that there’s anything wrong with that, and I have an IQ of 33, but I’m better than you at football and obviously on football related matters.

  39. Keyser

    gambon – That’s been your spazzy point all along ? Fuck off, after all that, really ? That’s SDE territory there.

    “So if we copied their model and grew our revenue by £53m for the sake of £30m extra wages”

    Their model relied heavily, when I say Heavily, completely on someone to invest shitloads into their club, to give them that safety net that if it didn’t work out they’d be ok, it didn’t work with Shinawatra either, so lets not pretend it’s just Sheikh Mansour.

    That’s all really, just say that next time, rather than asking spazzy questions you should be intelligent enough to answer for yourself.

    Also please leave out the Bundesliga stuff, come on, look at how they’ve invested into the infrastructure to begin with, 700 million went into developing and upgrading youth academies across the country.

  40. Voetstoots

    By the way, one more thing: can I suggest that everyone clicks on the “about” tab above, for what’s clearly a very important reminder about the mantra of this blog site (and specifically the suggested rules of behaviour for people who want to post comments)?

    Adieu, my friends.

  41. Keyser

    Buns of Hackney is either a baker from Greggs, where upon I put you on par with royalty.

    Or he’s an American with the tighest arse in Hackney.

  42. SDE

    December 18, 2012 16:34:12

    “but I’m better than you at football and obviously on football related matters”

    If that’s your claim to fame,then run with it..

    I don’t care if you feel you are better at football related matters..

    For you to even come up with that..Show’s just how infantile you are..

    Why should I care,does football earn me a wage..?No..

    Does it earn you a wage..?I doubt it..

    But you carry it around like a banner to bestow around,on all & sundry..
    “The king of football related matters”..

    There’s an old addage..Empty barrels make the most noise..!!& your empty barrel noise is the loudest on here..

    I could come on here & belittle you in other non-related football matters,that I assume you have no knowledge about..But what does it serve..?Nothing..

    Why don’t you do something useful,with your football related knowledge..

    You know,become a journalist,write for some magazines..
    Earn a crust..Turn your negative,vile rants into a positive..

    You might start to command some respect from the majority of people on here..

    Instead of using it as a forum,to incite arguments,belittle people,chastise them & get off on it..

    Just admit,you are jobless & fill your days trolling..

    Make it a new year’s resolution..Keyser..Get a job?It’s not hard..!!

    How do you pay your taxes,if you don’t work?

  43. Guns of Hackney


    Neither. I told you, I am King.

    What with all the fighting? Sheesh. Support the club and have an opinion but resorting to insults including: IQ’s, family, wives etc is a bit lame.

    Arsenal have signed Downing. £300k pw – 12 year deal.

  44. arsenesabemejor

    Funny how the likes of SDE,Gambon etc always resort to childish name calling and insults when they are losing an argument, no wonder this blog is on a downhill slide most of the decent posters have deserted

  45. Keyser

    SDE – “I could come on here & belittle you in other non-related football matters,that I assume you have no knowledge about..But what does it serve..?Nothing..”

    Exactly, thank You, Hallelujah, Praise be to the Glory above.

    We’re on a football blog, we support Arsenal, we come here to talk about one or both together.

    I couldn’t care less about what else you do, and derive no satisfaction from learning more about you.

    Yes, at times we talk about film, or music, books maybe, but if I wanted an indepth discussion of Dostoevsky I’d go to a forum devoted to it.

    I don’t understand why you get soo upset when you get your opinion questioned on here, just try harder mate.

  46. SDE

    To everyone ……(bar Heil Keyser)

    Apologies for the last set of comments on here..I bit the carrot..

    Just wanted to share footballing opinions on here today..Or at least learn something tangible from the various commentators on here.

  47. Keyser

    Radio Raheem – Do you read a lot of them ?!

    Always think of ‘I bid you adieu’, I think I’ve read it somewhere in Shakespeare texts, or it’s used in certain films, maybe ‘Poirot’

  48. arsenesabemejor

    SDR I think it was your wife who despite an iq of 169 had to resort to calling keyser, who I think its fair to assume she has never met a ” jobless closet homo..”

    are you sure that 169 is her IQ not weight ?

  49. Guns of Hackney


    “Buns – Come on, there’s plenty of porn out there.”

    Gambon has downloaded everything there is…nothing left for the rest of us.

  50. SDE

    “I don’t understand why you get soo upset when you get your opinion questioned on here”

    Go screw yourself..You are the only one that winds me up on here..No-one else…People question my opinions & I don’t get upset with them..

    I don’t suffer fools gladly & I don’t write for idiots like you..

    Where every line,every sentence must be broken down into minute pieces.
    If you’re busy looking for crumbs,within a post to incite arguments..

    Book yourself into a nursery school..You’ll fit in there wonderfully..

    Your overgrown adult-self,can argue to your heart’s content with your fellow infants as to the colour scheme of Thomas the Tank Engine..?
    Or what kind of satchel Paddington Bear wears?

    Just leave it!!

    Get a job..!!

  51. gambon

    So this whole “we cant afford big players” Keyser you fat cunt.

    Fabianski £2.5m pa – Zero PL games in 2 years
    Djourou £2.5m pa – zero PL games so far
    Squillaci £2.5m pa – zero PL games so far
    Diaby £3m pa – 5 PL games so far
    Rosicky £3m pa – 1 PL game so far
    Chamakh £3.5m pa – 0 PL games so far
    Arshavin £4m pa – 5 PL games so far

    So thats £21m in wages, for a combined total of 11 appearances, many as a sub.

    That could be 3 or 4 top class players that Wenger wouldnt be terrified to play every week.

    So who could do more for us 17 games into the season, 4 players in the Cavani/Cazorla mould or that collection of cunts that are either always injured or just too shit to trust.

    Gervinho is on £60k per week for fuck sake, thats 50% more than Cavani.

  52. Keyser

    Thomas the Tank Engine was blue, and I don’t think Paddington Bear had a satchel, he just carried around a little suitcase with P.B. on it.

  53. Keyser

    gambon – “So this whole “we cant afford big players” Keyser you fat cunt.”

    Wtf are you on about you dippy twat ?

  54. Josip Skoblar

    Posters used to discuss Spanish, Italian, German, French football on LG. It was often interesting and informative. It’s all become narrowly EPL/Wenger-orientated now. I know, we’re not doing well at present, but I’ve seen our club in this situation so many times before…

  55. Keyser

    The P.B. I’m guessing stands for Paddington Bear, it’s only a guess though don’t hold me to it.

    It could be Pig Bollocks or something for all I know.

  56. SDE

    I hope you wake up,with a pair of dead legs tomorrow..
    No blood circulating in them..

    & tell us,how you can’t get out of bed..

    Then again,you not being able to get out of bed,is nothing new..
    It’s your full-time occupation..

  57. Keyser

    SDE – I hope you and your wife have a great dinner together, I truly hope she is that smart and you do have wonderful fulfilled conversations about life and the cosmos together.

  58. Royal Bludger

    When Gayboy’s talking about football, he’s usually laser sharp. When he strays off-topic, he’s a stupid cunt.

  59. Slade

    “Or he’s an American with the tighest arse in Hackney”..
    Ahhh..flirting a bit with your English pals by insulting Americans?
    This guy (?) K–ser thinks this is a dating site..

  60. TOLI83

    Not that I like to start speculation as can often come back to be wrong and everyone remembers the c*nt that said it, but my mate is fairly well connected and is adament that Walcott & Strurridge are both done deals to Liverpool. All pretty much done on the personal front for both players.

  61. Guns of Hackney

    TOLI83December 18, 2012 17:34:48

    “Not that I like to start speculation as can often come back to be wrong and everyone remembers the c*nt that said it”…

    He shoots, he scores!

  62. SDE

    Heil Shyster
    & I hope your homo lover splits your rectum,whilst trying too rear-end you into submission,tonight for staying up past your bedtime curfew of 8.00pm..!!

    Come tomorrow morning,you definitely won’t be able to get out of bed..
    2 dead legs & a split rectum..All in a night’s work..

  63. arsenesabemejor

    SDE dont they say that if someone is obsesssed with anothers sexuality its usually a good sign of their own repressed feelings, is this a prelude to your coming out party?

  64. Arsenalone

    Where Is the love,why are you lot fighting Talking about each overs wife’s and mums.

    Pack it in FFS

    It could be worse you could be spurs fans,no history,moaning,horrible cunts,having never seen a title.
    And oh no foreskin.

  65. Bazza

    bazzaHow many languages do you speak..?

    2 languages. My first language if French. So why don’t you “va te faire foutre”
    or alternatively you can “avale mes couilles grosse pute”

  66. rehan siddiqui

    We must stop shit talk on one player walcott who is highly over rated. No doubt with players like walcott’s calibre england has not won anything like arsenal who are still waiting a trophy for the past seven years. sell him along with donkeys diaby, cezney, chamak, gervino, mannone, fabianski, arshawin, djourou, squallachi and save millions in wages and buy a drogba type beefy centre forward, a class act like viera only then gunners could hope for better days.

  67. Ché C Cheriton

    Not read the comments but just goes to show what happens when you pick the right players in the right positions and they go out there with urgency.

    I have long called for Walcott to be played centrally and the team looked better for it. I don’t rate Giroud or Chamakh or Bendy.

    What I would say is we badly need a DM and a LB (Gibbs at fault for both goals). And like I’ve always said a team which has a good few English players in along with top world talent is ALWAYS preferable.

    Go and get Baines – a must signing. Get a top DM (not sure who though).


  68. gambon


    Dont think Walcott will ever really reach the heights as a CF. The fact that weve gone through Podolski, Gervinho, Giroud, Walcott in the middle is ridiculous.

    I would rather we went out and brought in anyone from Cavani to Demba Ba or even Benteke.

    Walcott for me isnt really a winger, and is too small/weak/poor with back to goal to play upfront in our system.

  69. AA23

    SDE is such a dopey cunt, I swear its Ethan.
    Got the same style, the same manner of someone thick that thinks they are clever, tells the same lies about being married etc.
    Ethan is that you mate?

  70. Gunner2301


    Chelsea made a profit of 1.4m end of financial year June 2012.


    There’s many factors that go into success so it follows that spending whilst one of the key factors can be offset by a manager who is totally clueless with tactics for instance ie Wenger or a team that decides they’re not going to play ie Chelsea under Vilas Boas.

    If spending was the determining factor Porto could never win the CL.


    I know you’re a big fan of Walcott but I think we have to see what he can do in that position against quality sides or good sides that sit deep. I think that’s when he’ll get found out.

    Reading was gifting us space yesterday it was like Sunday league. So although you can only beat whats in front of you I don’t think Reading was a reasonable measure to judge capabilities.

  71. reality check

    What.. The frig?

    Pedro show some balls and control your blog man, we scored 5 goals the other day. Nobody talking about walcotts touch, santi’s vision, how (player) took the LB on or how (player) lost the ball and chased back? Who showed signs of improvement ect ect?

  72. Gunner2301


    I agree with your Walcott assessment. He’s an anomaly and potentially an expensive luxury that is limited in how he can be deployed, which is why nobody has really come in for him.

  73. Ché C Cheriton

    All, I agree it was only Reading and there is even an argument that if we platy with Walcott on his own up front against better opposition we will look toothless. But argument there would be we always looks toothless against better teams – Wenger needs to perhaps trial Giroud and Walcott up front in a more flexible formation rather than always sticking to the same one.

    Whatever any one says Walcott is a player we should be looking to hang on to because of the pace side of things – other teams hate it. Wenger’s best teams have always had pace.

    Problem is we have all been here before with Wenger. Three or four wins and Wenger won’t be signing anyone. Get to end of Jan, we hit a bad run and it’s the same old same old.

    Like I said before though this Arsenal team is good enough to regularly beat 90% of the EPL – despite our teams flaws. I would strengthen with Baines and a world class DM.

  74. Gunner2301

    Reality check

    Are you an imposter 😆 because your name suggests that you wouldn’t get carried away by one result against a bottom of the league side. There are deeper issues that a one off victory isn’t going to resolve.

  75. AA23

    Reality check
    Most People only seem to come here for a row these days
    Keyser gets battered by most of the mugs on here yet makes very good points
    Gambon is a loon but makes some quality posts and is consistent
    Most others fall somewhere between those two.
    Take it or leave it.

  76. Bazza

    Gambon & Gunner2301

    I don’t fully agree about Walcott. Firstly I’d let him have a few games at CF before passing judgement and secondly one of the reasons why Santi and Jack had more room against Reading was because of Walcott’s movement (yes I do know that Reading were short in midfield). Whilst maybe he will never be world class, he’s the best we have at the moment and he gives us a different angle.

  77. Gunner2301


    I think given the options we currently have Walcott should be an option and he definitely with Ox and Podolski gave our forward line pace which we have been lacking. I wouldn’t want to bank our season with Walcott as our main striker.

    I just think he’s too limited. He’s a luxury who could be backup at City or Chelsea and it wouldn’t matter because of the other options they have. Our funds and spending is limited so we need to spend on quality and that goes for transfers and wages. Better efficiency in those areas is what I’d like to see.

  78. GUNNER786

    AA23 December 18, 2012 21:24:14
    SDE is such a dopey cunt, I swear its Ethan.
    Got the same style, the same manner of someone thick that thinks they are clever, tells the same lies about being married etc.
    Ethan is that you mate?

    Or it could be Mayank.

  79. gambon

    I would agree we should keep hold of Walcott, but its obvious he is trying to hold us to ransom, so its not realistic.

    For me we are always unbalanced these days, not that we have poor attackers but poor balance.

    Either Podolski or Theo should play every game alongside a top striker, but they shouldnt both play as they dont hold possession well.

    I would like to see us play with another Cazorla or creative player wide.

    For example

    Podolski – Striker – Cazorla


    Creative – Striker – Walcott

    This would mean we dont give away posession as much and the creator can make a 4 man midfield with 2 upfront when we attack.

    If Theo is gonna be our CF we have to change everything, play deeper like we used to in the TH days. This wont suit Cazorla/Wilshere as they dont cover ground quick enough and are more possession based players than quick breakers.

  80. Ché C Cheriton

    I think Theo will leave anyhow. What was interesting for me was the post match interview. Wilshere (at present because it will no doubt change) is Arsenal through and through. It’s beautiful to see. Theo’s body language to me had the look of a player who will be leaving. I may well be totally wrong but I think Arsenal have fkced up yet again.

    Install JW as captain as soon as possible – don’t even fck about with TV5 or Arteta – they are not in his league.

  81. Gunner2301


    Walcott will do well against teams who play a high line that we can break against quickly (and of late we have been slow counter attacking) or if he can be played in behind if Cazorla can find the pass and he hasn’t been able to often enough with Walcott playing wide (he’s no Fabregas).

    What will happen with teams that sit deep? he would either have to Find a way through which hes not good at or shoot from range which hes not good at.

    What will he do when top defenders mark him tight? Hes quite effective at being anonymous in these situations. Can he hold the ball up so others can join the attack ala Drogba? Not really.

    So that makes Walcotts effectiveness fairly limited and like I said we don’t need limited luxuries eating up the wage bill when we can have a very effective dynamic Demba Ba for far less than the cost of Walcott.

    We have let ourselves fall into the Wenger trap of we’ve invested so much time an money in him we have to see it out till the end and see his ability come to fruition.

    That’s the joke. We don’t, we didn’t buy him Wenger did and talked him up. It his reputation on the line. We owe Walcott nothing in fact it’s the other way round and from what I’ve seen over the last 7 years I’m prepared to cut our losses and move onto someone who can do better instantly at a lower cost. That’s logical to me.

    Face facts if Walcott was as good as he is talked up to be there would have been irrisistable offers an he would have been sold a long time ago. Wenger was waiting for Walcotts talent to peak along with his value then sell him, but that one blew up in his face didn’t it.

  82. kwik fit

    Lets see how Walcott does against a team that defends and gives no space to our playmakers in the middle. Jury’s well and truly out with Wally. One positive is that with him on the shoulder of the CB it keeps the opposition thinking and wary of the ball over the top. He would be best deployed in a 442 with Giroud up top.

  83. Samir

    Fuck Walcott…Let him leave and bring in a proper, proven striker+winger.
    Llorente or Huntlaar.
    (I’d prefer Llorente)

    Walcott isn’t a striker or winger…
    If we got Llorente in…I’d like to see a proper winger brought in aswell along with this Sunzu fella…
    January transfer window.


    Ben Arfa/Ayew/Yarmolenko/Isco/

    I’d also love to see Reina,Fellaini and Baines brought in…But that seems too unrealistic. Wenger only does just about enough to secure fourth. Buying those players would mean challenging for trophies…Which Wenger sadly doesn’t do anymore!!!!

  84. gambon


    Jack is absolutely 100% Arsenal. That said it suits him to be at the moment. He is still learning, he is gonna be on big money despite not being that productive.

    Wait til he reaches Cazorla levels of productivity. Thats when big clubs will get agents to make contact. If we are still fighting to get top 4 he wont hang around.

  85. BOOZY

    This jack captain talk should be put on hold for a while, and i won’t vent my spleen if it never happens, even though i think he’ll make a very good capo.

    but lets first get him to a top consistent level.
    lets get to know what jacks’ game really is.

    right now jack’s has not clearly defined his game yet.
    All these should come before any captaincy talk.

  86. jaroda

    Same old…same old…
    If Theo were not English would he be this hyped???
    He is a good footballer but is not great or excellent or exceptional or world class. He is probably marginally better than average in the Premier League.
    I can honestly say I would lose not sleep about him going elsewhere.Chelsea and Man City would only buy Mr Consistent in Patches to prevent Arsenal from playing him. If anyone thinks that he would get into either of their squads then that’s as deluded as believing that he would win more trophies at Liverpool than Arsenal which represents a step down which ever way you spin it
    Anyway now he’s got to go on tour with the rest of the X-factor finalists
    Go Jahmene!

  87. the_real_andy

    gambon I read your last two or three comments and I have to admit you´re right in 98 %. but your last comment about LJW looks to me a little bit off – you can bet everything there were several teams already asking for him … it´s not that nobody wants to cash in on him like (at least to me it looks like) you want to point out. it´s just a small conversation between a chav, shitty or mancs and him/his agent.

    Hi Jack, here´s Mr Gill from Manchester United.
    Hello? Hello? Are you still there?

    maybe that´s the reason we don´t see any rumors around him – not because nobody wants him or wouldn´t bid 30 million for him but the simple fact he doesn´t even think 1 second of leaving us. wonderful feeling, didn´t have this feeling since TA

  88. BOOZY

    scholes was never groomed to become captain one day, even giggs, they all just got on with their jobs, and became manure legends.
    Even rooney who has been a great servant for them, would probably have to wait for evra and vidic to leave before he’ll even be considered for the arm band.
    And when the time for that decision comes, manure would access his game to determine if it is best playing him in their first 11 consistently, only when all this conditions are met, would rooney get the band.

    but arsenal a

  89. gambon

    Real Andy

    Dont agree with that at all.

    Hes just come back from a long term injury that nearly ended his career. Hes been back just over a month… is asking about him right now.

    Teams scout players over a lot longer than 4-5 games.

    Even taking that out of the equation, Jack is still only a talent, he is far from proven or productive.

    James McCarthy is just as good as him, Cabaye is a better option for the short term.

    Big teams wont be in for Jack until he shows he can deliver week after week.

  90. mystic

    Gambon, you might be right about Jack, but I don’t think so.

    People need to stop judging all players the same. For some it is the money that drives them, others the fame, but some are driven by the fact that they want to play for their boyhood club.

    A lot of people have assumed that Cesc left to go to Barca because they were his childhood club AND were successful – chances are that given the opportunity he might well have gone there even if they were hovering around relegation.

    In the same way that most people on here support Arsenal and will do so through the highs and lows (no matter how pissed off most of us are, supporting Arsenal is ultimately a form of addiction), so there will be some players who actually put their allegiance first and foremost towards the team they always dreamed about playing for during their boyhood.

  91. arsenesabemejor

    mysticDecember 18, 2012 22:12:09
    arsenesabemejor December 18, 2012 17:22:08Gambon where do you get all the players salaries from, I have never seen them published anywhere?
    Try this link, some disturbing reading.

    Mystic its guesswork just like Gambons, the club dont divulge players salaries
    so totally unreliable, plus I have also read that our wage bill published includes all staff not just players and directors

  92. Ché C Cheriton

    What is this obsession people have with Huntelaar. Three years ago when I said on here about Huntelaar and Suarez I was shouted down. So 3 years later how has he suddenly become so important? He is way too slow for what we need. I know since Wenger’s early days at Monaco is has always like a target/tall striker e.g. Hateley/Klinnsmann (i think) and for me his best one has been Ade but I certainly don’t want Huntelaar. I want pace and movement. I think Theo can give us that but I think he will go to Liverpool or Chelsea.

    GK, DM, LB, CB needed IMO. Sort out from the back and work forward.

  93. mystic

    arsenesabemejor, you might be right that much of it is guesswork, though chances are there is also a fair bit of reality around the figures. It is worth bearing in mind that at an absolute minimum the following will be aware:

    1) Club official who signed off the contract;
    2) Club Lawyers who wrote the contract;
    3) Player’s agent who agreed the contract;
    4) Player;
    5) Who ever is involved in policing club wages;
    6) People involved in putting together annual accounts;
    7) Receiving bank.

    In addition to the above, it is reasonable assume that many of the players and agents families could also know. Imagine that a number of friends might also be aware. List probably goes on and on.

    Many, most, will in theory be subject to confidentiality agreements, but as we all know ‘insiders’ exist at clubs. Friends and families will be trusted not to say anything, but………

    It is more than reasonable to believe that whether the club chooses to put information in to the public domain or not, when sufficient interest exists there are numerous ways in which the information can be obtained.

  94. arsenesabemejor

    Mystic agreed but still highly speculative and it looks like the guy hasnt taken enough pèople into account, personally I rely on actual evidence rather than made up figures from people who may have an agenda

  95. mystic

    arsenesabemejor, you also mentioned the point that the wage bill the club advises is for the whole staff and not just the players / football staff – which I assume is what the ‘Peripheral staff’ @ £8.3m p.a. refers to.

  96. Gunner2301


    You’re missing one factor, the Arsenal profit machine that must be fed. Jack isn’t attracting attention but rest assured the club have a plan to extract maximum value out of him.

    If they can sell RVP to a rival they can sell anyone to anyone there aren’t any no go areas as we as fans have say down and accepted it. So anyone is for sale regardless if they want to leave or not. Clubs can do many things to force a player out. Andy Carrol reckoned he didn’t want to leave look what happened there? The money was too good to turn down and isn’t that how Arsenal basically operate? We will listen to offers on anyone. Unlike Man U where if the phone dare ring it’s not answered and if it is by the off chance the receiver is promptly dropped.

  97. Abdulla


    I’m not going to go down to your level, but it’s nice to know all you can do is bash people. Man, that comment really hurt me there!

    Sarcasm aside; it’s always sad seeing your team lose, but I’d rather be sad for a few games than all season knowing they can’t challenge for anything. You say I’m a misguided fan? So forgetting how bad your team currently is and how bad it’s managed due to ONE good result, not to mention against one of the worst teams in the EPL is not being misguided? Ironic.

  98. SDE

    AbdullaDecember 19, 2012 04:09:25

    I feel your angst..But one thing you need to learn,or take it into account..

    Is that half the time,you are talking to a lot of misguided bigots..

    Half of them illiterates/ bone heads,some just mere neanderthals..

    Who see football as an emotional crutch..It’s the one religion,that they worship fanatically,without recourse to reason,or rationality..

    It’s a form of escapism,from their mundane lives of the week..

    To attend matches & pursue their dreams through players,or vent their frustrations at the team..

    By & large football as an industry,albeit ex-managers,ex-players,pundits & bloggers is littered with boneheads..Who would rather bury their heads in the sands,than face reality..

    Point them to reality..& expect a backlash of criticism & the ‘ole language of “you are not a fan”,or “you know nothing..”

    In any other sport,albeit athletics,cycling,rowing,swimming,rugby union..
    Much of the debate amongst seasoned critics,fans,ex-players,ex-managers is more measured,more rounded & more balanced..

    Unfortunately the beautiful game,seems to think it is beyond criticism & reasoned debate..

    Rally against the consensus,expect a tirade of abuse..
    A lot of poster’s on here are just a microcosm of the beautiful game..

    It’s nothing personal,just the way the majority of the footballing fraternity are..Beyond reproach & criticism..

    I point you to this link(See below) by a well respected Ex-Rugby Union England player & World Cup Winning Player Brian Moore-who is a Qualified Solicitor & a Qualified Referee of RFU..

    Who talked about the mentality & intelligence of the beautiful game..
    Though in this article,it’s within the confines of the FA & EPL..
    i.e. friction b/w the FA& the domestic game..EPL & it’s intolerance to change /advice from outside of the game..

    Once you understand this article,then you begin to understand the actors in the beautiful game,you are dealing with..

    Just don’t take it personally..!!
    It’s the nature of the beast you are effectively dealing with..

    Have a good day..

  99. bazza

    “……..It’s always sad seeing your team lose, but I’d rather be sad for a few games than all season knowing they can’t challenge for anything. You say I’m a misguided fan? So forgetting how bad your team currently is and how bad it’s managed due to ONE good result, not to mention against one of the worst teams in the EPL is not being misguided? Ironic.”

    OK so lets follow your logic. You want Arsenal to lose a “few games” as you think that this will by some miracle turn Arsenal into the team you want them to be. I assume you share the idiot SDE’s view of also boycotting games and refusing to financially support the club in any way.

    Now what will this achieve? Certainly it will make you unhappy, It would marginally reduce the club’s attendance revenue, it would reduce the morale of players (there’s nothing worse than playing in front of a hostile home crowd), it would increase the chances of those players that do bust a gut to seek pastures new, as would not qualifying for Europe, it would make signing new players more difficult, it would ruin the atmosphere at the ground for real supporters and I could go on.
    The one thing that it will not do is to remove Wenger or the CEO or the Board and certainly not the owner. Stan will sell when he can maximise his profit. Do you really think that losing a few games will encourage him to sell or Wenger to resign? and if we were to lose a ton of games Stan would be even more unlikely to sell.
    I don’t want to be patronising, but try to think it through. SDE has carried your argument a bit further. He would like Arsenal to sink to the depths and out of the ashes Arsenal would miraculously rise like a phoenix. It’s a bit like the Marxist theory “creative destruction” i.e. communism as a natural consequence, being born out of the destruction of capitalism.

    I’m not blind to the shortcomings of Arsenal and I also believe it’s time for Wenger to go and certainly I have not said everything in the garden is rosy following the Reading win. But listen m8, wanting your own team to lose, crosses the line and in my view is misguided.

  100. sam

    Last time we played wigan even van persie didn’t have a shot on goal. tonight podolski had 3 shot in the first half.
    i am not saying it was a great game but we got 3 points tonight. can you grovers please wait till our next defeat so you can moan?
    in my opinion, he only made 2 mistakes.
    1. he should have started with giroud up front instead of walcott.
    2. First sub should have been giroud for chamberlain then move walcott on the right. then again his welsh enfant cheri has to play somehow.