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You know when a manager is struggling when he has to quantify thing that don’t really have any tangible meaning.

Sorry Arsene? I’m not exactly sure what that’s supposed to mean? Even when you dig into it, it’s quite difficult to decipher the spin.

‘I’ve had groups who had fantastic results [but] were less serious than these players, believe me,’

Errrr, still struggling here. Are we supposed to be grateful for this seriousness? How does it manifest itself? Perhaps it’s gauged by training ground laughter levels?

‘We prepare for games seriously. It was a cup game on an English December night in Bradford. You have to give Bradford credit.’

‘Unfortunately we paid the price – they knocked Wigan out as well. That shows they have something and that they are difficult to beat.’

Oh dear. They knocked Wigan out? Wow. Cluctching. At. Straws.

I might log all of the crazy statements the manager has come out with over the past few season in his poor attempt at justifying his outdated and stubborn ways. We’ve had the ‘best squad’ comment two seasons running, we’ve had Eboue the ‘pass master’, we’ve had ‘Barca are average without Messi’ and we’ve had a stinging attack on Spain’s possession football. Oh… and my absolute favourite was when Wenger said Theo was further ahead of Messi development wise at the age of 20.

The problem with these statements is the players read them. If you can’t instill confidence in the fans, chances are, you won’t in those guys. They’re not reading those articles and thinking, ‘jeez, he’s right, we’re really serious’. How we’re performing at the moment has nothing to do with the seriousness of the players, it’s all about the serious lack of attention to details we exhibit pre-game. Obviously there’s other things that factor in. Low confidence, fatigue and tactics… but I honestly think the players are far better than the league position is showcasing.

In transfer news, there seem to be a lot of stories bubbling along.

Raheem Sterling is interesting Arsenal. He won’t sign a new deal with Liverpool for £20,000 a week which has alerted us (he wants £50k). Liverpool don’t want to pay a player who has achieved precisely zero in the game senior wages. I think that’s fair. I’m not sure why we’d be interested in a player who clearly has zero values. He might look good, but so do plenty of 17 year olds. We’re also interested in Luke Shaw, the Southampton left back. Who is also 17 years old.


The other winger who is courting interest is Nani of United. If we can match his £130k a week wage demands he’s ours for about £20million. Again, I like him, he always does well against us… but you have to ask the question. Why doesn’t Fergie fancy him? What’s the deal behind the scenes?

I think Wenger is in such defensive mood at the moment, that it wouldn’t surprise me if he didn’t move for anyone in January. I like the noises that we’re after Begovic, I think everyone saw what a good keeper he was before he moved to Stoke. I’m just not sure I can see the manager making things hard for our current under performing number one. He doesn’t like competition.

He came out with some pretty churlish comments yesterday…

‘Don’t worry — we will buy Lionel Messi in January and we will surprise you,’

Come on Arsene, no one is asking for Messi. We’re just asking for players of a decent standard that come with pedigree.

‘If you look at the players who have started at Arsenal Football Club over the past 15 years there will be more than all the clubs put together in the Champions League. ‘I don’t know where you get your statistics from but you should check them.’

The above comment was in reference to the poor record of the academy, that has now been running 15 years. It perfectly demonstrates his lack of focus when it comes to what he should really be doing. Who cares if we’ve produced lots of professionals. When you’re hoovering up the best talent from around the globe just as they’re old enough to sign pro terms, you’re bound to create careers.Who is that down to, Arsenal? Or the club we pinched the player from? Our youth production rate is something Geoff has raised countless times before.

He was also taken to town over Gervinho.

‘Gervinho is a good player, but I don’t want to get into individual assessments,’

‘You accuse us of not  paying the wages, but then you accuse us of giving them the money they want.’

Wenger was keen to point out he cost us £8million. Terrific Arsene. It’s like being taken out to a sh*te restaurant for your birthday.

‘Don’t worry Pete, it only cost me £14’

Gervinho is a poor player. I remember commenting before we signed him saying how glad I was that Newcastle were going to get him. Then he landed on Arsenal.com. He has pace, but clearly zero balance and a very low level of technical ability. Who looked at him and thought he’d be worth the punt when Eden Hazard was playing on the other wing? Who sat there watching all those Lille games and didn’t notice Cabaye bossing the midfield. When negotiating a deal for Gervinho, why did no one ask how much that France international midfielder was worth?

It’s not about the price for me. Anyone can collect an average group of players on the cheap. What Wenger has failed to do, which is something that’s gone of for a while now, is pick out exceptional players on the cheap. When your knack for unearthing gems fails you, perhaps it’s time to start spending a bit more on players who come with a bit more of a robust quality guarantee?

I saw that we’re close to signing Jack onto a new, even longer term deal. No problem there. What I do take offence to is Aaron Ramsey getting the same treatment. Why are we giving a player who has been consistently poor a new deal? Isn’t this the issue that’s had us in trouble the past few seasons with deals that are just ‘too good’ to leave for?

Rewarding mediocrity. Buying love.

Two things that have plagued us for far too long. Would Aaron be getting a new deal at United? Highly doubtful. He wouldn’t be playing and he’d be on half the salary he’s picking up right now.

No Arsenal today, enjoy your weekend and indulge yourself by buying me a Christmas present. I like beer, Mila Kunis and season ticket renewals.

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  1. Joppa Road

    Leedsgunner “I see him as a Terryesque thug”

    Hate it when I read that kind of thing from Arsenal fans. What we badly need is a bit of passion and Terryesque thugness in our team to shake things up ffs.

  2. Joppa Road

    My tweet (JOPPAAAAAAAA)

    “About time the Arsenal players started taking responsibility for their performances and stopped hiding behind Wenger. Pathetic”

    My wishlist


  3. Cesc Appeal


    I think a lot of Arsenal fans have stopped even wishing for players.

    A lot now have come to the conclusion our best signing would be a new manager, and every since Pep’s agent said we were his first choice in England ahead of Chelsea, City and United so many more Arsenal fans have turned on him.

    No longer does the…who would we get to replace him question seem relevant.

    I want Wenger out, for me there isn’t a way he could redeem himself. Make signings like Sneijder and Falcao – I still wouldn’t be convinced that he could win something because of his inept tactics and stupid decision making.

    I don’t think many top players would even WANT to sign for Wenger having listened to him over the last year….Vertonghen said no based on a conversation with Wenger about how he was going to play him…you’ve got an average player like Giroud basically coming out and saying ‘I wish I hadn’t signed for Arsenal right now.’

    Who can blame them?

  4. Arsenal 1886-2006

    What the fuck has Usmanovs appointment to the board got to do with weener,
    Should he not be concentrating on the team and footballing matters instead?

    What is even stranger is that David Dein, one of weeners friends, is part of Usmanovs Red And White group, why wouldn’t he want Mr Arsenal back at the club to take some of the load off his back. I am starting to believe that even though they are friends weener got Dein pushed as he was seen as the man driving Arsenal forward, weeners jealousy seems to know no bounds.

  5. midlandgunner

    i feel the same about wenger,what on earth has it got to do with wenger who is on the bod he should be concentrating on managing a football team,he dont want usmanov on board cus he will be out of a job so will ivan.

  6. NotACunt

    RvP: “Apologies to AFC, but I’ve never been happier than I am. I finally found home and peace. I’m happy at Old Trafford.”

    “I’m home. I hope the Manchester United fans forgive me for being late.”

    He’s a special kind of cunt that one. Quit firing jibes back at us, you left… for the money or the trophies or whatever, maybe the showers with Shrek. Don’t think we forgot you said that about Arsenal less than a year ago… “Oh how lovely ze stadium is… Everyones lovely…blah blah.. my grandafther walked on the pitch blah blah…” Oh well I hope the Mancs will do you a testimonial for your years of service. They can play it against Feyernoord because Arsenal has never been your home. Now shut up about us.

  7. NotACunt

    He’s like that bitch that leaves you for some richer guy, yet it’s so obvious he’ll jus use her and leave… People defend him saying he left for the trophies like that’s a good thing. Real men saty and fight, not go where it’s easier. In the USA for the NBA, Lebron James is hated all round just because he left the Cavs for the Heat so he could get him some titles… So if United fails to win and CIty wins everything, what then? City offer 300k and boom, he crosses the city. As if he was going to turn down 250k with a 10 mil signing on to take the 130k and 5mil offer from Arsenal. Personally, I understand on some level… But throwing jibes back… Nahhhhh, Prick. Get on with it.

  8. Joppa Road

    Two points:

    1. RVP – Top 10 Arsenal player of last 30 years.

    Why Arsenal fans get so bitter and twisted at him and not the board is not only beyond me but dumb.

    2. In hindsight, given a choice between Ramsey and Shawcross – who would you of signed for Arsenal? And who would you rather have now in the squad?

    Shawcross on both for me.

  9. sam

    thats the man who robbed us!

    that gum chewing whiskey face scottish bastard
    he took our goal scorer from us,
    now we are left with a fake rasta dread skinny ass ivorian with fake brazilian name.

  10. Gunner2301

    And Shawcross is probably on about 10k pw. Arsenal are a joke. Wenger has made it a haven for
    No hopers looking for a big payday. Play a few games show how hit you are and then just sit on the bench for 3 years only turning up with your agents for a big fat contract renewal. Almunia said it right the contracts are too good for you to leave even if you aren’t playing.

  11. sam

    kenwyine jones can replace gervinho
    first they look alike and also play alike
    one good goal then 15 misses for the rest of the game

  12. sam

    referees will love us if we sign that belgian nutter
    we will be playing with 10 men most of the time, he won’t get away with that in a arsenal shirt.
    hey! its showx who cares?
    just don’t do it in an arsenal shirt

  13. sam

    replace wenger with that zambia coach, herve renard.
    at least he can sign that zambian record scorer guy, he’s old but he can still score better than our strikers.

  14. goonerboy

    What has to be faced is that the whole Wenger regime has been dependent on a few exceptional individuals- nearly all of whom have been sold off or retired-whose skill and flair covered up Wenger’s organisational shortcomings in teams tactics and team play. For example Henry and RVP were not only exceptional they were were a one man forward line- pretty much all forward moves went through them- they added the structure which is now missing from our attacking game.

    The problem is Arsenal FC has brought the Wenger self-deception hook line and sinker- and decided that it could afford to let them leave and not replace them.

    The Norwich, Swansea and Bradford results and numerous near misses including the Reading festival show that without exceptional individuals- this Wenger run Arsenal team are very beatable -by literally ANYONE. Anyone who thinks that the Bradford result was a one off is in for a rude awakening.
    For the past 10 years a few exceptional players were just enough to keep us qualifying for the ECL- but in big games our lack of organisation- at the front and back, and lack of resilience let us down time and again.

    Wenger has had free reign over the tactics and the type of players at the club for over 10 years. He alone is accountable for how the team is set up and plays.

    Players brought by Wenger in the past 5 years usually start off well-then deteriorate badly-Gervinho and Chamakh, Arshavin for example. Is Cazorla the latest ? Why does anyone think that if Wenger buys anyone else they will not go the same way?
    Face it we need a complete revamp- tactically,motivationally and organisationally, in leadership. I agree 100% in what Stewart Robson says when he says this set of players is under-performing big time under Wenger.

  15. S Asoa

    A Real ray of hope
    Real could pickup Wenger next season. Good riddance to nightmare of 8 years running or ruin
    Wenger out

  16. SDE

    S AsoaDecember 16, 2012 06:09:30

    Wenger will never go to Real Madrid,as manager..

    He knows,we know..In fact we all know why..!!

    Zindane-Real Madrid’s Sporting Director,will be breathing down his neck & effectively kill his fragile confidence..HAHAHAHAHAHA…!!