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Arteta steps up for the second

Morning best friends, plenty to crack into this morning, not least the story that Arsenal are 126 years old today! Congratulations! That’s only a few years older than Peter Hill-wood! Hurrah!

Wow, 126, 98 years older than me. Who’d have thunk after inception that we’d now be rocking a brand new stadium and commercial deals that are probably the sum of global GDP way back then. It’d be nicer if we could have celebrated our 125th year with a trophy, maybe we can make it this year instead? How about we start the ball rolling with a win in Bradford this evening? Ok… sounds good to me. Let’s crack into the match preview!

Wenger reckons he’s rolling up north with a strong squad. Players we know who won’t be partaking are Giroud, Theo, Sagna and Diaby. I’d imagine we’ll be giving starts to the players that sit outside the squad because they won’t leave. Up front, I’m seeing a start for Chamakh. The out of favour Moroccan had a blinder against Reading banging in two very well taken goals. We need to hit him with crosses and we need to use his strength. A striker who has the record for scoring the most consecutive goals in the Champions League should be taking Bradford apart with the same flair he calls upon to grease up his hair in the morning.

Feeding him the crosses from out wide isn’t clear. Will he opt for Andrey and Gnabry outwide? Or will he move Eisfeld in place of Andrey and stick the Russian through the centre? (A pal of mine informed me Gnabry and Yennaris took the tube to the game at the weekend, good lads). Hey, I might be totally wrong here, I haven’t a clue who he’ll start. Maybe The Ox will have his chance to shine. Where though? Through the middle or outwide?

Our versatility is killing this post…

Through the middle, one player I demand we see start is Rosicky. The Czech needs to get some minutes under his belt and he needs to get some confidence in those bones. I’d like to see him play alongside Eisfeld. Wenger is keeping the little German a secret. He’s smashing it in the reserves yet Wenger seems to be very reserved about giving him a go in the first team. If you remember correctly, it was Eisfeld who came on and turned the game on its head against Reading. He’s a fast passer, he likes to move the ball forward and his work rate is typically German!

I’d like to the think the man anchoring the midfield will be Coquelin. He needs to put in a performance. Like Chamberlain, we don’t seem to inspire the youthful power performances you used to have to put in to win more games. It’s all very mature and very uneventful. He needs to take control of a game and dominate if he wants to be considered over the rest of the season. The last person I want to see out on the field in Bradford is Arteta. Rest him Arsene.

The backline is always going to be a nightmare. Johann Djourrou normally finds himself carted out for his two or three appearances a  year. He’ll get a game today I’d imagine. Paired up with who? Again, I don’t know. I’m guessing Squillaci with Miquel at right back and Meade at left back. I could be wrong though, we might put Miquel in the middle and throw Yennaris in at right back. That seems quite inexperienced in a game Wenger must, must win.

Maybe we’ll see this Chuba Akpom chap at some point? When was the last time a home grown striker came through?

A good cup run is exactly what the club needs. I think this is something ridiculous like our 14th appearance in the quarter finals of the competition under Wenger. Seems quite sad that we’ve never won it. A bit like our dismal record in the Champions League. Wenger needs this trophy, hopefully the boys know it.

If you’re not from England, you’re not a real fan.

Just kidding.

What I meant to say is that if you’re not from England, you might not be aware of exactly how miserable and depressing Bradford is.

People live in those sheds...

It’s like an instagram picture with a seventies effect layered over it. It’s exactly the sort of place a team of pampered Premiership superstars will despise. I know when I had to do business there, it really put me off my selling game.  We can’t let that play into their hands. We need to ignore the people, ignore the desolate concrete scenery and ignore the food. Let’s get out there and play them off the park. No going 4-0 down in the first half. No feeling sorry for ourselves. Plenty of playing for the right to be in the first team. If we do that, I’ve no doubt we’ll have a fruitful evening.

Transfer stories…

The main story on everyone’s lips today is the one about Arsenal making a move for Nani. He’s out of favour at United. He hasn’t quite lived up to the ‘next Ronaldo’ hype and as far as I know, he never put pen to paper on that £140k a week deal he was after. Now, this is what I was talking about yesterday. Signing top players who are not in the reckoning. Only problem here, is that he’s out of favour because of his lack of discipline and a bad attitude. You have to wonder if Fergie can’t get the most out of him, what are the chances Wenger can? He’s struggled with anyone who has had an opinion over the years. I like Nani, he can score, he’s creative, he can go at players and he’s fast. I just wonder whether Wenger could handle him. The last top player to leave Fergie was Tevez. He’s had spats of success, but he also caused Mancini countless headaches.

I’d be excited if we landed him, but I think it’s highly unlikely we’d pay his fee or salary.

It’s quite hard to sift through the nonsense at this time of year. Everyone is seeking to build out their name as a transfer supremo and there’s a lot of nonsense being peddled. I haven’t got anything of interest to share, I think we’ll be looking to raid Spain in some way if we can make a deal happen. There are a lot of players looking to move out of their homeland. A players whose name I hear a lot is that of Adrian Lopez. I also wouldn’t be surprised if we landed Wilfried Zaha. The Theo Walcott deal looks set to expire in the summer without a last minute pen to paper move. I also wouldn’t be surprised to see us move for a keeper. The chances of that being Reina are pretty low I’d imagine. Big money, poor form are not a favourable combo!

Anyway, I’ll have an ask around and find out of there’s anything concrete in the 4000 rumours that come from people who have nothing to offer the Arsenal community outside of the transfer windows.

See you in the comments, wrap up warm if you’re heading up north this evening!

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  1. K.C.

    This has to spell the end for Wenger. Not only has he lost the dressing room, he’s lost his grip on reality as well. To make a comment after that pathetic display like, “We’ll get over the loss, it’s what we do.” Shameful. Hey remember win winning is what we used to do?! The worst manager in the league by far.

  2. Guns of Hackney

    that’s got to be it, right? No self respecting person, let alone a person paid £7.5m per annum should be able to look at themselves after 8 years of bullshit. WRONG! This is Arsene Wenger – the man who walks on water, the unsackable manager, the ‘professor’…I’m guessing the majority of you, like me, want this maniac gone, removed, locked up…but the truth is, fans don’t actually sack managers, boards do. We know fans can put pressure on a board to have a manager removed, but this board is so entrenched with Arsene, there is no chance of an early xmas pressie. Losing to Bradford??? Who cares? We’re still only 2 points off the coveted 4th place and we all know that it’s the CL that matters.

    There can be no more defence for Arsene. None. This was not an unlucky result/fluke…Arsenal we’re outplayed, and out-thunk by a team costing £7,500 (thanks Daily Mail)…and 64 places lower than Arsenal in the league. Wenger loves to play the big bad club bully card at every opportunity when Chelsea and Man City are buying players…he loves talking about how Arsenal are saving the world with sustainable spending and FFP is the only way Arsenal can compete. Well, Arsenal were last valued at something like £800m with a transfer kitty somewhere around £70m-£140m with a wage bill of £140+m per annum. Bradford is worth about £5m and has a wage bill around £500k per annum. FFP really works, eh?

    Do not make the mistake and think this is a knee-jerk reaction to another shocking performance…no, no, no – read my posts, I have wanted this maniac removed for 6 years. He is single handedly destroying the club and leaving it is such a poor position that any future manager has literally no chance of recovery.

    Thanks Arsenal but it’s all over now.

  3. SDE

    The worst thing about OGL,right now..Is that the fornicator won’t even allow us fans to give him a rousing sendoff..Allowing us to remember his glorious years..

    Nah..I think the fornicator want’s us to mount some mutiny,or something..

    He’s a crazy man..Really ill…

    I think the man is intent on screwing this club over,before he departs..

    Leaving the club in pieces before the new manager comes in..

    Insane man,with only his interests at heart!!

  4. Guns of Hackney


    Cheers, buddy – nothing good is coming from Arsenal right now and the worst bit…I just have a feeling that Arsene WILL be given money to piss away…Nani? Oh please, no. I mentioned yesterday that if Ferguson couldn’t get the best out of Nani, what f-ing chance does Wenger????

    If Arsenal give arsene money, they may as well give it to a degenerate, alcoholic gambler – they would have more chance doing something useful.

  5. Doublegooner


    I’m in block 101 row 8

    I need more fans to join me who are prepared to hold up WENGER OUT banners.

    I’ll print them .

  6. paul mc daid

    Complete sweep now,no self respecting manager would work for this board or ownership,just as no player with any ambition would play for Wenger

  7. Pity_the_fool

    During pre-season two seasons back, AW suggested he was dragging his feet in the transfer market because he and his scouting team could hardly find the right player with right attribute skills. Then later at that time he brought in Gervinho
    we have now witnessed what he meant with agony for two seasons trophyless.

  8. Pity_the_fool

    During pre-season two seasons back, AW suggested he was dragging his feet in the transfer market because he and his scouting team could hardly find the right player with right attribute skills. Then later at that time he brought in Gervinho
    we have now witnessed what he meant with agony for two seasons, trophyless.

  9. Jay2oh

    Didn’t celebrate our equaliser, I feel nothing but disgust and accepted failure towards Arsene and this bunch of mediocre shambles.

    Laughed at Chamakh all night, Gervinho ponders around like a baby elephant, Ramsey trots round pretending knowing what’s going on, Podolski just clearly isn’t interested… And Wenger!? Well, deluded and dreamer come to mind.

  10. daniel

    Poor game, poor attitude. We’ve been playing badly for a few weeks now. This one was coming. We were lucky to beat Spurs and that win calm the waters for a while.

    About Wilshere. Its way too much pressure on his shoulders. He started to show some great touches and good vision but he is far away from being a great midfielders.
    He needs 2 great midfielders around him. Those 2 should be world class, Wilshere should be nothing more than a prodigy, a kid who gets the last 20 minutes or starts in easier games.
    Right now he starts every single game and its asked to push us forward. This mentality will get him in injury troubles again, like last time when AW played him at 18 years old a whole season.
    He is not Messiah, he’s just a promising player. Stop asking him to take Arsenal on his shoulders.

  11. Mach III

    I’ve always liked Arsene Wenger, but I really think that something is fishy. Like he died a few years ago and his twin brother took over. Or it was one of those weird mind swap movies, and he swapped with Ramsey…

    Several years ago it was easily predictable in a logical sense; as soon as our tempo started dying, I would say, we going to bring on so and so. So and so would come on in the next 5 minutes.

    Not last night, Coquelin was having the game of his life! He was flying around the field making every tackle. He even went forward. He was the quickest mind, quickest feet, most physical on the pitch. Wenger takes him off.

    Seriously, Gervinho up front? Give me a fucking break. Anyone could see after 20 minutes that it wasn’t working. He is not a striker. He hasn’t trained to play as a striker. He is not a striker.

    Ramsey on the wing? In the first 3 minutes he burst into the box, the goal was there to be hit. He looks to the left and bullets a cross into Gervinho’s body?
    I really think that his biggest problem is quite a big problem. He is NO goal threat. In the box, the ball lands to him, and it rockets 40feet above the goals.

    Podolski is a striker. He has even said to the press that he wants to play striker. We only ever gave him a chance in one match as a striker.

    Tom Fox, Gazidas, you are fools that are living in a hole! A fucking hole! Do they honestly believe we are in the top 5 teams in the world.
    We are worse than 40th that is for sure. We can’t even beat Bradford. We are a joke to football supporters, analysts, commentators.

    I don’t think we would be able to win the championship, never mind the league.