Arsenal: The story begins here | Giroud’s bad attitude | Cazorla dive shocker

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Arteta steps up for the second

A game of two halves is quite frankly a horribly unoriginal way to open a post but it perfectly positions the match report. The opening 45 minutes were so painfully flat the serial moaner behind us could barely muster the passion to abuse Gervinho as he struggled to stay balanced running without the ball (the moaner still left at half time).

There were occasional reminders there was a top class football match going on. Gervinho dragged a shot wide when hitting the target would have resulted in a goal. Cazorla fired a volley wide after connecting with a very precision Chamberlain cross.

It was surprising how much space the Spaniard was given and how little he was doing with it. West Brom played a very disciplined flat lined midfield. We lacked the confidence to turn and run with the ball which resulted in a very laboured process of working the ball up the pitch.

We were lucky not to go a goal down when Vermaelen fell asleep allowing Brunt a free shot on goal, which whistled just past the upright. I had the perfect view of it. It was close.

Gervinho was having a disaster. He finds space so many times in a game but his final ball and finishing is barely Championship most of the time.

Our opener ended up coming from a penalty. Jack played Cazorla into the box, the Spaniard cut the ball back and had his legs swiped (so I thought). Arteta stepped up, to much crowd trepidation and cooly slotted home down the middle

Our final chance of the half fell to Jack who failed to turn in a cross from 6 yards after Gervinho did well to craft a chance… Gazzaesque (Euro 96 semi).

The second half saw a different side emerge. A team full of fight, confidence and adventure. That had the fans on their feet singing and engaging in the match with far more passion.

The chances came thick and fast. Gervinho headed terribly wide after finding himself 8 yards out and unmarked. Jacks cross deserved more. The Ivorian was the centre of bad attention again, this time he was first to a Giroud knock down… From 7 yards he struck what looked like an air shot. His technique is so poor mainly because he has zero balance or poise.

Chamberlain who was having another anonymous game out on the wing helped secure our second. After losing the ball to the West Brom full back, he kind of pushed through their player, the West Brom chap toppled over, Chambo picked up the ball surged into the box and was badly tackled. Another penalty came our way. Initially Cazorla looked like he had it, then Giroud took the ball… Arteta took exception and wrestled it back and buried it. Giroud wasn’t interested in following in, he skulked off to the half way line. What an embarrassing show of ill discipline from someone older than 14. I don’t think they showed it on the highlights.

It was hilarious after that to see how much quicker Myhill was taking his goal kicks. Not as hilarious as Jack squaring up to Olsson who is about 2 feet taller and 4 stone heavier! The crowd loved it regardless of the mismatch.

The final talking point of the afternoon was Podolski missing from 6 yards out at the death! Wow. You don’t expect to see that from your £90k a week striker.


3 points is the most important thing that happened today. This is a big month, we simply have to capitalise on an easy run and start piling positive figures onto our miserable figures.

The first half was so bad the effort put in barely deserves a mention. What happened at half time is a mystery. Someone put a firework in the dressing room because the improvement was immense. Why can’t we start like that? Why do our players need to be reminded they have to turn up at home?

I’d say it’s an irrelevance, but it’s not, it’s an issue we’ve faced all year. Each turning point tends to just be an extra mile in a straight journey in the same direction. We need go break the cycle of bad starts and find our way from the off.

So onto the positives. Jack Wilshere has finally started to click back into gear. A hugely exciting performance from the young Englishman. What he gives you is bite and endeavour. If he can’t get to where he needs to be using finesse, he’s willing to go to war. His passing was slick today and in the second half he started to cover far more of the pitch than I’ve see all season. Left, right, through the middle… he was everywhere. When form is on its knees, sometimes the only way to gee up your team and support is to start some trouble… ruffle some feathers and see what happens. Jacks rough behaviour, though ill disciplined at times, had everyone on their feet. It showed he cared.

I didn’t find out until after the game that Cazorla dived. What can I say? I don’t approve of diving. I hate cheating, so it is what it is. Justifying it by pointing out other guilty culprits makes you look a moron. It’s bad he felt he had to do it and he’ll no doubt suffer with referees as a result. The media frenzy will be ridiculous as it always is when an Arsenal player takes a tumble.

Have we stopped talking about Pires yet?

Other positives were the defence. There were only two dodgy moments, one from Thomas and one from a handball in the box from Mertesacker. Outside that, the midfield did a really good job protecting the back 4. I thought Arteta had a very solid game and his cool head under pressure for both penalties was impressive. He’s the real leader of Arsenal. A clean sheet… nice one.

My other thoughts about today centred around Giroud, now, forgetting the sulky behaviour, I wonder if he’s enough for this Arsenal side? I like him. He is definitely a plan b striker. The sort we could have done with last year. Is he a number one? Does he offer enough to merit being a lead man in our system? Would I prefer him over Adebayor (once with all the nasty bits chipped away)? It’s a tough question. He would certainly look better playing alongside someone. He could make Theo a superstar, but that would involve Wenger conceding we perhaps don’t have the players for our current set up. He’s a good player. Is he every going to be a great player? He could be. I just feel a little underwhelmed with him at the moment. It’s hard to make your mark on this league without explosive pace or power.

I think one thing is for sure, we need a Diaby this winter window. We miss someone with pace in the middle. We miss a power house who can turn and lose 2 men in one slick move. That man will never be Diaby over a season. So we need to act sharp and bring in someone who can give us the same. A big ask, but that’s why we have a scouting network and a manager paid to find players like that.

This story finishes with a start. We need to build a run from here. Points, wins and guts is the only answer to the questions we’ve asked of the players and the management this season.


If there is anything factually wrong in the above, it’s because I don’t get replays and I don’t watch match of the day in the evenings. It’s difficult to take notes when you’re in the heat of a game.

Christmas cards anyone?

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  1. Cesc Appeal

    L’Equipe has us signing Huntelaar in Jan for £4 Million – deal already in place and terms agreed apparently. Good deal if that’s the case.

    Does anyone know anything or has ever seriously seen much of Luis Gustavo? He’s not getting much of a look in at Bayern and that has pricked Arsene’s ears apparently as he sniffs a cut price £10 Million deal for the CDM.

    Anyone know if he’s any good? From what I’ve read today he sounds a bit like Ramires…but I have never seen the guy play so…

  2. TOLI83

    Matt I’m at a loss to, I can’t see it either and looking at how much we spend on players he is relatively expensive.

    Even more oddly Eden Hazard described Gervinho as best players he has played with or against, he has played against Messi before as well?!

  3. gambon

    Man Utd finished 2nd behind Man City last season, and Fergies reaction was to go out and buy Van Persie, Kagawa & Buttner for £40m. They are now huge favourites for the PL

    Bayern Munich finished second to Dortmund, Their reaction was to go out and sign Martinez, Shaqiri, Mandzukic & Dante for £50m+. They are now huge favourites for the league

    Barcelona finished second to Madrid, their reaction was to go out and sign Alba & Song for £27m. They are now huge favourites for the league.

    Arsenal finished 4th in 2008/9 and our reaction was to sell Adebayor & Toure.

    We finished 4th in 2010/11 and our reaction was to sell Cesc, Clichy & nasri

    We finished 3rd in 2011/12 and our reaction was to sell Van Persie & Song.

    Hmmmm….noticing any correllation here between buying good players and being successful, and vice versa?

  4. Thomas

    gambon @

    You forgot Shitmack.

    The problem with Arsenal fans is that when we get a win like this everyones is back to the “In Wenger We Trust” bullshit. This changes nothing. I still want the cunt out.


  5. gambon

    Cesc Appeal

    Gustavo is a good player, remember him being very good against Madrid.

    Like Gilberto but more of an athlete. Cant really see that happening.

    Huntelaar is OK, but for me a level below what we need. I wouldnt mind signing him.

  6. SUGA3


    I hate the fact that we are a part of Kroenke’s sports team portfolio, if you want to know why, check the record of his teams for the last decade: mediocrity, more mediocrity and then some!

    and he brought a bunch of out of touch unemployed Yanks to run the joint, the moment Gazidis was appointed I said he was out of his depth, when we hired Fox I pointed out that with his background (self selling goods like Nike and Gatorade) he has no idea how to market a pro sports team, let alone a top one…

    fast forward a few years and looks like I was right again, eh?

  7. bergkamp63

    Huntelaar will not be a cut above what we already have, the only thing he will add is £80k per week to our already bloated wage bill for another 3 years.

    You might as well go and buy Falcao and add shitmackh & Arshavin’s wages wages combined if we wan’t to improve.

  8. TOLI83

    I’d want Ba all day long ovet Hunterlaar, he is what we need and roughly the same price due to his clause . Knows the prem game as well, I think Huntelaar is to slow and like Podolski has bombed when playing at big clubs.

  9. Thomas

    gambon @

    It’s a fucking joke how this club is run.

    “We didn’t have any chance to win the league so let’s weaken our squad”


  10. GoonerHart

    i am in america at the moment and there is ridiculous opportunities to create sponsorships im in new york and the jets are sponsored by bud light, they have a dominoes pizza deal literally anything and everything they can get there name on is sponsored and the jets are bad. but its common place in every sport ive seen since ive been here. its ridiculous you even get a sponsorship from dorito’s and do a row of seats get a bag of dorito’s kroenke needs to just put his money in or at least go to games and communicate with fans

  11. jay

    Cesc Appeal

    I believe his absence was the reason why Bayern Lost the final..he’s that good a DM but apparently they spent 40million on Javi Martinez so he has to play

  12. tippitappi

    Agree Thomas the problem is too many of our soft underbelly of30 40 & 50s somethings and overseas supporters take one win as all is well , its not for instance on Tuesday Arsenals biggest problem will be Arsenal

  13. azed

    So RVP gets the goal that puts UTD in pole position for the league!!!.

    Yeah for footballing reasons you muppet(Ivan) and all the akb’s who said 24mil for a “crock” 29 year old player was a good deal.

    Fuck you all very much

  14. Cesc Appeal

    Where are all the AKB’s saying that he wasn’t worth £200 000 a week?

    That’s what you get.

    I bet you any money that Wenger takes a pride in Arsenal players scoring for other teams, that it somehow makes us look strong.

    If RVP scored the winning goal to clinch the league he’d probably bring it up in a press conference as if Arsenal fans should be proud of it.

  15. Joppa Road

    Pedro – defended the RVP sale rather than give Wenger and the board stic – disgusting. Now today in his post is saying what most of us have known for ages the Giroud is a good back up striker and nothing more.

    What other top club (yeah of course we are that) would sell their best player to a domestic rival. Wenger you are a cunt.

  16. azed

    If RVP scored the winning goal to clinch the league he’d probably bring it up in a press conference as if Arsenal fans should be proud of it.

    You can bet you life on that. The cunt was taking credit for Song playing for Barca while Diaby gets 60k/w to wear a spud shirt in our day care!!!

  17. GoonerHart

    suga if we miss out on top 4 it will only damage us, we dont get the best players now and we have cl league, imagine how hard it will be if we dont, the club wants a clause in contracts that the players get a paycut if they do not achieve top 4 so im afraid if we lose top 4 then were looking at a long time without cl football

  18. ikon

    I still think selling RVP was a good decision… only if we bought Cavani/Falcao.

    Replacing him with “Cant dribble my legs out” Giroud is one of the funniest jokes of the century.

  19. Zeus

    There still people that want Wenger to see out his contract crazily.

    1 good decade = good to condone 1 bad decade it seems.

  20. tippitappi

    GoonerHart I hope your joking.Also its a nice warm feeling those scum bags wenger gazidis PNW and wiggy squerm

  21. SUGA3


    er, do I give a fuck about a competition where we merely make up the numbers and have no chance of winning?

    and do we need to have the pulling power to attract top players if we don’t use it?

    if we are out of CL, Kroenke may fuck off a bit sooner, so if you couple this with focusing on the domestic competitions, it’s a win-win situation as far as I am concerned!

  22. azed

    For those who tweet, pls put up Gambons comment at 14:27:17

    Also make it your facebook status. We need to spread the word about those cunted re-/tards duping us in the name of FFP.

  23. Dhruv Seth

    The Manchester Derby is finally decided by the actions of 3 former Arsenal players.
    1)Clichy the idiot that he is loses the ball at the left hand side which puts City under pressure resulting into a freekick.
    2)RVP takes the freekick.
    3)Nasri like a coward hides behind the wall sticks his leg out which deflects the ball in the back of the net

  24. Relieable sauce

    Wonga still believes we have a chance of the title doesn’t he?

    Tells you all you need to know about the man.

    Wenger, Gazidis, PHW, Kronke & all AKB’s out!

    BTW, the christmas card should have wonga pissing on Highbury, an old shirt with the proper crest, the fans & Herbert Chapman. Its far more apt.
    AKB’s are not fans so should not appear in the card!…they think he pisses channel no5 anyway : /

  25. GoonerHart

    suga so your saying you don’t enjoy the CL nights vs barca or milan? also we may not use it now but when we get a new manager we might and then he can use it, if we drop out of top 4 you want us to be competing again but for that we need new players better players that will not come due to no CL

  26. Arsene's Nurse

    I hope all those cunts calling RVP a crock who contributed only one season so we shouldn’t keep him or pay him big bucks are now eating their hats. He is going to win Man U the premiership at this rate.

  27. Cesc Appeal

    Why do people still say selling RVP would have been alright if we’d replaced him…have you just started supporting Arsenal?! We don’t replace people, we give the money to Stan.

    If Sagna goes it’ll be alright as long as we replace him…guess what?

    If Walcott goes it’ll be alright as long as we replace him…guess what?

    Evidence? Henry, Hleb, Fabregas, Nasri, Song, Van Persie, Clichy, disassembling the invincible – Sagna and Walcott will soon be on that list of departures with no replacements.

    People need to wake up, we are in big BIG trouble. We are heading for Liverpool’s situation.

    Still regarded as a ‘big club’ but totally irrelevant.

  28. TOLI83

    RVP Arsenal legend for two reasons.

    A) what he done for us last season.

    B) calling the club out before he left, outlining how we are going in the wrong direction. The club couldn’t shut him up and stop him from announcing the reasons for him leaving before they put their cunning spin on it.

  29. Joppa Road

    Realiabe Sauce says:

    “BTW, the Christmas card should have wonga pissing on Highbury, an old shirt with the proper crest, the fans & Herbert Chapman. Its far more apt.”

    Never a truer word spoken. Don’t worry though guys we all is great as we beat WBA and look like making a CC semi this week.

  30. SUGA3


    it used to be enjoyable when we had a team to play in the competition and give the opposition a run for their money, this time around we got dicked by Schalke, yes Schalke, do you know what Barcelona is going to do to us if we draw them?

    with respect, do you have any idea?

  31. Dannyboy

    Was sat at the front of the Clock end yesterday right behind the goal and someone started off a ‘There’s only one Arsene Wenger’ chant a couple rows back, don’t know what was more fucking annoying, the fact that they started singing that after our first win in 5 games, or that next week they’ll be calling for Wengers head if we lose to Reading! Another thing aswell, there was a guy sat in row 1 who had a broken neck! surely that’s not the best place to put him when we had gervinho starting?

  32. marxdrive

    gambon December 9, 2012 14:45:17

    “Love Yaya Toure, hes a monster.”

    It’s amazing what a “scumbag” can do.

  33. SUGA3

    and I beg to differ as far as attracting top players is concerned: with Usmanov being the owner and a new manager who is not a complete fucking lunatic there is a lot of good players who would jump at the chance of bringing the glory back to the club of our stature and become instant legends if paid the going rate…

  34. azed

    kwik fitDecember 9, 2012 15:59:16
    RVP has got 6 wining goals for united this season. 12 Points.

    18 points kwik!!!

    Nice one Wenger you complete and utter fucker!

    Completely agree

  35. marxdrive

    kwik fit December 9, 2012 14:44:24

    “As I said a stonewall 2/2!”

    Kissing his own arse, then…………………………………… he farted. lol

  36. GoonerHart

    suga i understand the frustrations and i feel them to but i like watching arsenal and the big european nights are my favourite, yes the getting torn to shreds is bad but the excitement of milan last year thinking we could go through after that start thats what i love about european competition. and yes barca will probably screw us over but thats why i want to have an easier game this round so the further we get the more the players have to play for and hopefully we will win. seriously i support arsenal and they give me a way to relieve stress when i watch them and it will be very unlikely wenger will turn us around but as long as we can keep the status quo until he goes we will have a good chance of success we have money in the bank and like 150m coming in the next few seasons we can then give that money to the new manager and compete and win but to get them players and managers we need to be in the CL

  37. Relieable sauce

    I’m not comparing Wonga to Jimmy Saville at all here.
    I’m just reminded of the lame excuses for the wall of silence & the lack of courage or moral backbone from any person to accuse or even question the disgusting behaviour of an egotistical madman.
    Just saying

  38. SUGA3

    you know that unless we spend some serious money in January, we won’t be, don’t you?

    the club is so deep in shit, there is no way we will achieve the long term gain without any short term pain and it is as simple as that, I could go on and on regarding reasons for this, but I simply can’t be bothered, as it is pointless, Wenger will just spend more money on some shit kids and has beens in the vain effort to clinch the top four spot, expect nothing more…

    I seriously believe that Wenger should not be given a penny more to spend, given how he can’t even use what he already has…

  39. SUGA3

    I think there are many managers who would get more points with the players we have as it is and they are not necessarily household names…

    Wenger is a limited coach who got lucky up to this season as he had a good number of class players to bail him out, now?

  40. useroz

    On Cazrla feeling the swipe and tumbled…again, if a referee red carded Veira for taking a similar ‘air’ swipe at RVN (can’t remeber if he fell or jumped), it shows it an offence. So what if Cazorla dropped its still an offence taking that swipe and in the box it’s a pen…referees can’t have it both ways.

    Look at it the other way, that’s refs’ standard. And if refs could award Utd with so many doggy ones, why should we take the moral high grounf and say no?

  41. gambon

    The amount of people trying to justify Santis dive is frankly embarrassing.

    Its like Eduardo all over again…”There was a tiny bit of contact” HAHAHA

    When we next lose a game due to a bad decision i expect all these morons to keep their mouths firmly shut.

  42. marxdrive


    Wenger’s likely to be here for at least 3 more transfer periods. If we can get some of the dross off the books, he will spend. We have to just hope it’s more Cazorla than Gervinho.

    Spain seems to be the new bargain bin.

  43. jay

    can’t we just go all out and sign Wesley Sneijder and Luiz Gustavo..then get huntelaar and build on from there..we need to get rid of people like gervinho..he shouldn’t even be on the bench if Arshavin doesnt make it

  44. Incesc

    So Geoff arsenal who likes to think he is in the know said after the kiln friendly rvp said he wanted to stay. But the board said no and sold him.

    Not sure how reliable that is?

  45. gambon


    I argued all summer with a lot of idiots on here that the club wanted to sell RVP as its part of the business plan to strip all assets.

  46. jay

    Frank Mclintock said Rvp really wanted to stay but he wanted top players around him and he got no assurances about that..either way you see it RVP going to the mancs is definitely Wenger and the boards fault

  47. kwik fit

    You have to use a Diaby in the proper context suga.
    A Diaby is usually prefixed with words like’ fit’ or’ useless’ but it’s most popular use is with the prefix’ two to three weeks’.

  48. Incesc

    I dont for one second think Wenger, after developing rvp for years, wanted to sell him to Man U.

    But the club is now being run in his image and it is a fucking mess

    We can’t even hold on to fucking jahmene Walcott

  49. marxdrive

    All Diaby needs is one good season and well sell him for £24m. He would of paid for his own wages, we earn a couple of mil and get one good season for nothing.


  50. K.C.

    Not sure how anyone expects Arsenal to spend big money on top talent after they just let the best Striker in the world just waltz out the door and head to an in-league rival. Especially one who was the Captain and loved the club. Wenger has destroyed this squad for profit. Shameful. Getting sick and tired of having to try and explain why we sold the guy after he produces legendary moments like today.

  51. kwik fit


    If Walcott wins tonight we’ll never see him grace our right wing ever again. Sad really but we’ve got to be happy for the boy as he’s found his true talent.

  52. kwik fit

    Diame’s just gone down injured. He’s looking more and more like an Arsenal player with every passing moment.
    However nothing’s certain that he will sign cos he would still have to pass the blow job test.

  53. Thomas

    Geoff Arsenal ?@GeoffArsenal
    Before the Koln friendly he changed his mind. He wanted to stay. Happy with Podolski and Santi signing. The board told him “you are going”.


  54. Kushagra India

    December 9, 2012 16:48:02
    I dont for one second think Wenger, after developing rvp for years, wanted to sell him to Man U.But the club is now being run in his image and it is a fucking mess
    We can’t even hold on to fucking jahmene Walcott
    Same thing happened with Nasri…

  55. Demon

    I bet rvps gonna mug a fewof our platers by sending them xmas cards sayin wish you was here…better luck next year.

    Ive already written of this season..
    I refuse to waste my time on watching dross who are overpaid vast amounts.

    Secretly i wanted west brom to win so we would have a new manager by january!

  56. Demon

    Oh and by the way as things stand..nO money will be spent in january because were saving that money for when we miss out on the cl…any other team would do the opposite but not fruity frugal arsene french rap fucking tightwad!!!l

  57. Arsenal1886-2006

    Had a bit of a laugh with an arsene loving friend online the other day, here is a little snippet of what was said.

    I reminded him that he was on the protests to out George Graham.
    “So what” he says, I then ask him why he condemns the current protests and he says, “they are anti wenger and are therefore anti Arsenal”,
    I asked him if that was not the same for the George Graham protests then?
    Cue a torrent of abuse about how I am destroying the club we love by going against the man who made this club what it is.
    I then asked him, what is the club that Arsene has built? his reply was “we play the best football in England and some of the best in Europe”, I started laughing and asked him if he believed that, his reply was, “yes I do, and all this while we are building an even stronger team”.
    I then asked him how long it takes to rebuild, “you just fucking hate wenger, you are a c**t of the highest order how dare you question somebody who loves this club with a passion and has given his life and soul for the club”, I asked him the question again, how long does it take to rebuild? “why don’t you fuck off with the same questions, all the fucking time you pick away at him, no wonder we are playing shit at the moment with pricks like you supporting the club”, I replied, ‘I thought you said we played the best football in England?”
    Then for some reason Skype went dead, I don’t know if it was an internet related reason or he blew a gasket.

  58. gambon

    Falcao is amazing

    We will never see players like this while Wengers at the club. He would rather sign 3 Gervinhos than 1 Falcao

    The mentally ill old cunt is a cancer killing the club.

  59. Matt

    I used to comment on here quite a lot, but I just can’t be arsed most of the time now. To put it simply, I just don’t care very much anymore. I’m not that upset when we lose because I see it as one more nail in wengers coffin, and I am not that happy when we win for the exact opposite reason. That for me is now the legacy that Wenger will leave at this club and I think the true impact of it will only be realised in years to come.

  60. gambon

    I remember after UTD beat us nearly a year ago, Gary Neville tore Arshavin to shreds, saying hes the most disinterested player in the PL

    How the fuck is he still at the club? I liked him as a player, and i think Wenger managed him very badly, but the fact is he is earning £90k per week for nothing, and the only person who doesnt seem to care about this is Wenger.

    Wenger goes on anout not being able to compete with City while we have Arshavin, Chamakh, Bendtner, Park, Diaby, Ramsey, Santos, Djourou and Squillaci earning £500k per week, or £25m per year, not to mention Wengers ridiculous salary.

  61. Confidentgoner

    We all know that Wenger is not what we need now. The question is what do we do? keep moaning on Le-grove? Folks need to take action

    a) Join a protest anytime one is called
    b) Boycott merchandise
    c) Boo when you do make it to the Emirates
    d) Don’t renew Season Ticket

    Do something, Don’t just moan. Get our Arsenal back

  62. SUGA3


    a) gladly
    b) the last thing they got the money for from me was the Red Membership on the back of a few signings I wanted to see in action in pre-season, my friends and relatives have been told that I don’t want any AFC related gifts
    c) idiotic idea, booing is only an expression of merited criticism if the team does not pull its weight
    d) see b)

  63. SUGA3

    and to add to the previous point on Arshavin, Wenger has grossly mis-managed him and he continues doing so, we could do with his ability to create something out of nothing, hopefully he will get a runout in the cup at least…

  64. salparadisenyc

    Abramovich is going to go in for Diego Simeone who will bring Falcao with him.
    Money will find the chemistry.

  65. BOOZY

    That legend would make history this night.

    players are going to be so pre occupied with stopping him, they might put 5 players on him today.